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This is how Amazon robbed me

Hidden Meanings In Tech Company Logos - Business InsiderIn todays post I will be telling you what happened 30 minutes ago when I received an email from amazon about my affiliate account. First of all, anything I did to promote their products were the ways I learned from a UDEMY course on amazon affiliates. Here is the email I've got:

Amazon Associates


Effective today, Amazon is terminating your Associates account as well as the Operating Agreement that governs it (link below).

We reviewed your account as part of our ongoing monitoring of the Amazon Associates Program. During our review, we determined that you are not in compliance with the Operating Agreement, found here: <>. The violations include the following:

-You are bidding on or purchasing Amazon’s proprietary terms (for example, 'Amazon', 'Kindle', or 'Audible') for use in a search engine and, as a result, your ads are appearing in search engine results when users search for our Proprietary Terms.

-Your Special Links are appearing as paid/sponsored links or advertisements on search engines or social media platforms. These types of advertisements may be used to send users directly to your Site but cannot be used to send traffic to Amazon.

What’s next?
You must stop using the Content and Amazon Marks and promptly remove all links to the Amazon site.

Because you are not in compliance with the Operating Agreement, Amazon will not pay you any outstanding advertising fees. Please be aware that any other related accounts may be closed without payment of any fees. Amazon reserves all other rights and claims.

In limited cases this closure may be appealable and you can write to us at

Warmest Regards,


I spent tons of money to promote their products and get a commision and this is what I have gotten.
They don't warn you, they never ever warn you about anything. They just kick you out even if you were spending tons of money for THEIR BUSINESS. Amazon robbed me, no more amazon!

- Yunus Emre Vurgun

Paenhufen 2 is now live on Google Play Store!

Paenhufen 2 is now live on Google Play Store! It's free and easy to play! Catch falling fruits and earn points!

Google Play Badges – Google

History of Writing Books

Writing pertains to the physical manifestation of spoken language. This is believed that humans developed languages in 35,000 BCE, as evidenced in the cave carvings and paintings that were cited and documented. These appeared to be expressions of concepts that concern daily life. These are also images that suggest a language simply because, in some instances, these seem to tell a story instead of being just mere pictures of people and animals.

Writing originated as a way of record-keeping, but as years passed, this was used in writing books. Every written book back then was unique and handcrafted. Writing books has also been personalized by means of scriptures, design features, and more. During the earlier years, ancients write books about religious and ideological beliefs.

Back in the years, the history of writing books was also linked in the use of the earliest form of writing, which was pictographs or symbols that represented objects. But with time, the ancient learned how to write and express themselves in writing using the oldest literature. Following the completion of the first written book, the history of printing also took place.

History of writing books is said to be linked with a very rich and interesting origin that individuals of these modern times should learn.

- Yunus Blog Team & Friends

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Some Udemy courses not worth it

Udemy for Business (@UdemyforBiz) | TwitterI don't want to mention the course name but I have faced some pretty ugly situations. What happened is, I bought this Udemy course on molecular biology and the title was similar to this (I don't want to give the real course title): "Exploring what molecular biology is". First of all, such title makes the viewers or potential customers think of the course as if it is a "introduction" or teaching "what the concept is". I bought the course, started watching, and got shocked. It jumped right into the details about amino acid and protein bonds with the DNA and very hard to understand details about things related to nucleotide. This is an insult on the students, this is not acceptable and Udemy has to delete lots of courses from its system. Udemy should stop letting bad teachers and out of topic courses go live.

Thank You

-Yunus Emre Vurgun
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