Thursday, January 29, 2015

Human - ─░nsan [┼×iddetle Tavsiye Edilir] T├╝rk├že Altyaz─▒l─▒ Belgesel

Nocona got ash-sham Jamal move too
how does a dragon - I got a man's owner
for Sheila
push it
I remember my my you know my stepfather
you know would beat me and he you know
he would beat me with an extension cause
and and and hangers and you know pieces
of words and all kinds of stuff and you
know after every beating he would tell
me you know it hurt me more than hurts
you and you know I only did it because I
love you it was kind of you know it
communicated the wrong message to me
about what love was I so for many years
you know I thought that love was
supposed to hurt and I hurt everyone
that I love and I measured love by how
much pain someone would take from me and
it wasn't until I came to prison in an
environment that is devoid of love but I
began to have some sort of understanding
about what it actually was and was not
and I met someone and she gave me my
first real insight into what love was
because she saw past my conditions and
the fact that I was in prison with a
life sentence for murder not and not
only for murder but for doing the worst
kind of murder than a man can do
murdering a woman and a child and it was
Agnes the mother and grandmother of
Patricia and Chris the woman and child
that I murdered who gave me my best
lesson about love because by all rights
she saved me
but she didn't and over the course of
time and through the journey that we
took that's been pretty amazing
she gave me love and
she taught me what it was
digital zoom by shiro kuroh Tenga Maddy
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I'm gonna him yeah I'm reading out of
watching each other on our team in oh my
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him give me help on the helper raccoon
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massification Panetta Muto tsuzuku
virtue since a casual affair
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woman Trey Trey Trey siripuram she still
could die getting unit was Rashad
software on it a cotton Maya material
sky gesture she has decayed emotional
wanted to do by it's a pathological
special treats through God's honest get
the torch edge to machete returns K
Jessica W Kimball goodness Latrice very
monkeys can go sandwich and a Pescara
what America the Bobby screech a tiny
bubbles occur depositors lived and the
tortures chest yet
Jessica donor abou top licorice
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child Arado itself so what trishla much
motion a pop shots at the tourist chest
here Jessica the haughtiness tire shoot
been yet to bully spoke it and ballets
knee it's a torture she se Cheska the
doors II could use natural a budget
chest Naga if totally Mia an odd no Josh
not cheslav just my experiences from
being in a wheelchair and traveling the
world new wheelchair I've seen life from
a different angle and that taught me on
a spiritual level to just accept and to
be happy what say whatever's coming next
I'm so mentally strong and the only
reason that has come is because of
losing my legs physically you know my
eyesight sharper my ears are I can hear
much better so that's not a physical
sense but I feel I'm lucky as in I don't
analyze or question life too much I can
I can cruise through life and and always
be in the right place at the right time
I always have amazing things happen to
me I'm really lucky in that situation
but that comes from believing in in luck
or believing in the power of attraction
or believing in in attracting the
goodness into one's life and I think
that can be seen as luck so if God
Himself jumped down in front of me right
now and said to me
Bruno I'll give you back your legs but
I'll take away all that you've learned
over the last 13 years
I'll tell God keep your legs
a barrel rolling you can look up which
alone record our tiny enough we will
give in a luchador L AM LM returning a
pair of telekinetically because a
narrator : with that hero here another
thing another thing rather lucky Judy
moaning man oh man got cool down little
kotrina gonna call my name de quoi - I'm
I'm already knocking on door get
mechanical Bordeaux gonna grab a beer
ever holiday I get a potato mani padme I
gotta be burning hot lava Hamill
fearlessly can phenomenal hoof l
corrosion and kaliesha
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sister Hannah or soft baby
yeah niemann marley Madras a domicile a
speciai overlay and if he FEMA Navarro
Rodney Harrison a new pair of car no
Baba I feel horrible : of it isn't a
novella published a lot fallen after I
let I me I'm a dancer loosen up some
massage in the oven I mean they're
finally here for human howl diamond lot
fall and banal cool no more I Yan in
Norse I animal Tesla
sam'l to fish a lot edge Bartonella
handle open no article where you know I
will them be
Lara with Hema Delhi our has we then
even run a cattle concern Lama had to be
happy often in CERN I will always see
the every demand maccaption ahmad
al-hassan in what best a Julia - what
agile abou you are all much more
Yamaha from new master my husband would
only meet volume Oh Tony federal Callie
favor harsh mom and old hag ago world
anew Peoria
Meechum ham but I mean there was a
botanical a lot a bioengineer a well I'm
a stuck-up I'm heartily - little bit
video but come they say meow huh but
that honky tonk oh okay so who would eat
it yeah we do know each other
I have an idea telephone you know - no -
its Canadian bees okay John chapter 14
which is the hundred okay Jenna -
mo video and yeah I come for Congo will
go to zero ribbon are would put it on
the Ferengi okay I'm good over nobody
around us
go do your best around or someone you
tell my agility great night you will of
course take my agility then I'm going to
my house de go home but I just a tiny
I'm a selfish child mother course Thomas
awesomest challenge it'll call you know
one master cream color I want just a
hosted find your mother name it on bail
bondsmen you mean I'll be about who I'm
asked Lord is the home got a headset we
shot on the here
Mallory what the shock then I didn't
Manohar Coker
Albert I'm a little berm of
Thomas Lewis alia who can fever ahora
set in columbia foot a neglect a boy my
dad awkward even what are Eric no I want
her to Hannibal bit
can a boy who fat a little bird a fish
and the fish animal fat lien Aaron fibro
can also finish without her with me I
want the rows of non who are burdened
they still ballot Larkin are da matta
logic dejara a lab but none are as a
mere equity and it was myself determine
you can shop llama Camila orti anemic
entire factor in the occur a nurse
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on had a pilot of kir theorem or a
Nutella the will be happy will be
crony win the analysts are especially at
the traffic ever been here - Latonya and
the Hubble karahi Hubble intercom more
thorough economic on some inside mama
Lou oh I sure learned Hebrew thermal
were Tom I'll share with Sarah overseer
who can hobble karahi there are some
henna done it'll be okay
Oh mark up my freakin own a submit most
the character of Samhain ent Sam Haney
adonai alayich Samhain it away ik our
mech I keep my Roxanna Heaney and hey
him mother saw a lot of the order of
tomorrow huzzah a chair of a high beams
that go Fatima gluing novelty coax EDA
if it actually it was my haben meet Abed
big fell without a frame Mercutio valdi
Toccoa I not in the suit ov er in wala
quwata illa schooi - and I'm Okazaki
it's Amira by tisha email Dalia time we
induct Anna yet - I lost if not vocal by
and our baby holla that's a Ducati no
Pahadi she puts it alive at a high limb
it's acted on that so velvety lot here
it Academy Allahu Allah yet sir about
organ it's a gamma should be with a
Auriga Kesava orbital bhai I got Danny
Shara bhai the gamma initially behind a
vato Vega made my shoe mich Nino the
eligible women of mushroom it and allow
a terrible mushroom it mfu Garcia where
the led - you met a famous roommate
Masuka - Masuka - I have the invalid
cuchara Bashar atiba
Susilo cave Bacolod who shall should
Pyrrhic it's ba ma ba D means anesthetic
you're tired elder joseph easily could
see Masuka - really valid
one of the most impactful things that
will occur after being in combat is the
feeling of killing another human being
once you've experienced it you'll see
that it's not like anything else that
you've experienced before and
unfortunately that feeling
your body will want to experience again
it's it's really difficult to try to
explain to somebody explain to somebody
what that feelings like right now I
still feel like experiencing that again
and it's probably why I keep a lot of
weapon in my house I your nor desire for
someone to try to to hurt me or to break
in or to give me an excuse to use that
violence against somebody else again
in the 16th of January 2007 an Israeli
border police shot and killed my ten
years old daughter a beard in front of
head school in honor of a relief she was
with her sister and her girlfriends 9:30
in the morning in her head in the back
from a distance of 15 to 20 meters by an
apartment a beer wasn't a fighter she
was just a child she don't know anything
about the conflict and she is not part
of this conflict unfortunately she lost
her life because she's a Palestinian I'm
an Israeli Velocity's daughter to a
suicide bombing on the 4th of September
1997 and I'm a product of of an
education system these are two societies
at war and they socialize the younger
generation to make them being able to
sacrifice themselves when time comes and
this is true the Palestinian society and
this is also true to Israeli society
because we are human beings sometimes
you think if I kill the killer or anyone
from the other side from the Israelis or
maybe 10 this will give me back my
no I had caused another pain and another
victim to the others I decide to broke
the circle of violence and blood and
revenge by stop killing and revenge and
support revenge by myself
my definition of sides have changed
dramatically today on my side are all
those who want peace and are willing to
pay the price of
said the other side are those who do not
want peace and are not willing to pay
the price of peace many people told me
that it's not your right to forgive in
her name and the answer it's also not my
right to revenge and hefney I hope she
she's satisfied I hope she rest in peace
I suppose market in Germany the madea's
is lucky to the Berlin
the son had email murder of cartel - Lee
the who even miss a party Mary Margaret
I BMO's a letter that indicates an elder
Kamui idea but no time variety they
believe could ever separate Shima
virality Laird I'm she is no flaw babe
Maday is romanovna team so - Adam I lost
the flavor
she read but the value of my neck saya
Viborg with your Manya FL MSA Locati
Lamia slow ethnicity little homie is
locating locate the mobility el lugar
Manya pull in Libya to have the hem
agreed limit even sufficiently beat oh
hello who keeps them a good limit a of
remotely not react atole
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is a mixin is a yard macheted javea so
it needs to total orbital for him
swimmingly claim the wolf in a suit i'ma
new table the malleability leash alerted
me I am an ENT Oh hallo Leute
Beto hadami como la pelea conservative I
made you whole re Obama comb she looked
all cuts in Germany
Nautilus a Lhasa also an ero mommy
Messiah a cohort an official Ellis OTT
II municipality that medicine well I can
you know where does the Cavallo me Oh
Darcy years with aho parameter bream you
know to Vega omit chef Charlotte leave
it attached maja it rehired him Lamanna
me show a national illuminae la se la
rioja Lula Natalya I will secure mid but
Cassie solids
l'amour L'Amour cell audition years
elfin I modeled it on the venomous yeah
donde vamos a la que pasa mousse in me
do l'amour está de amor la palabra more
among significant even Jeremy or acondo
selenium or Robert a todo a more lower
cathode over de donde no I am on my Nava
is Tom over see you owe me siento Vasya
amor koukla more el amor que en el alma
creo que la male Delia
sorry a totally and then yell Amalia
look isn't even talking to a kabah hey
multiplicate data MIDI e que the road of
meteorology my poster Hoonah is when I'm
ready but I see a Vieira Familia pero
again with a manila suit a no tienes
sexual ooh Telemachus and oh oh yeah
being porque I travel a lot more be a
nurse's fracas and okay Lisa Rinna
may the sexo mm or may not comida made a
hope I'm a todo para my so he was a your
name Philippa Davis el Rogan ela Garcia
body to ear por que puede la more XS o
ESO y por ESO bien el amor de lo
contrary oh my mother
si Senor
no no she was in question
Sikhism Rosa poorly moodini
Fatima's are very poor what was good for
elevate a tremendous Inland Sea you see
amazed how much people a revenue me
Posca corny push Carroll County push can
tell chilly but on Astarte or lamb
becomes a juicy tuxedo she Peapod feed
blood pajama Allah pipe from the
occupied by petramco book Marrakesh open
are uncertain pack didn't ekwa satin
Denis a use carry between no no specific
way you're going diverse a helical
occurs for the manual vehicle either it
was or posture is the sitrep tilt was on
it would wash machine he made two
appearances result to consider in debug
for vigilance his short a net transid
the Hawkins he Jamie cuvette that could
happen that that Louis it associates
office but apparently apparently a
doctor a victim or equilibria slant on
it but emotional Samadhi KPBS India -
Cassandra - Adagio Samadhi cap George
Lucas Rosanna era level CC received the
most is 50 we talk on awesome Suzanne
Alex a trophy Mike Milligan song on a
shebang Kasia a question on what I see
in one family all completely my Tootsie
perceive limited in the well for
symmetry for most museums real mystery
semantically at general new social for
us really blue tinder we had to choose
to retain a grouch nigga where each
ideology yeah Bruno cut green dog
community because the turkey
yep Aristotle you bitch we had the moon
over the consumers part was no postulate
what's Italy so Trojans Costner because
I'd seen yet so cm
yet it's costume
yomo yomo coq10 attack Rubio would
suggest he will blue talk I just got the
money at yevo if you lose I will show
both syllable you
e Kedavra spotty it's not really me void
Ramon if they were included young ni
doing good
after being married for 50 years 49 51
years but my wife took seriously ill
just before we celebrated our 50th
wedding anniversary
and she suffered terribly for about two
years as an invalid for the last two
years of her life I was her nurse I was
a doctor was her friend I was alive I
was her husband everybody wanted me to
get a nurse full-time nurse daya not
nurse and she begged me not to she only
wanted me to look after her and I loved
doing it for her and I did it on myself
I carried it to the car I carry the
oxygen tank I carried her wheelchair
pected in the car took it out I pushed
it around I put it back I took her home
a bother I put it abate and I loved it
that I was able to do it for her without
anyone else and she appreciated it let's
love the magic moment that I have with
my grandfather was right after my
grandmother died and I went to go see
him and I knew that he was hurting but I
wasn't sure what kind of state he would
be in and she was his partner 65 years
as well as his driver and I went to see
him and said grandpa how are you doing
he said did you know that for four
dollars I can get a shuttle anywhere in
the city nothing huh that's great
grandpa you said well I went to save on
I went to the grocery store and went to
the woman behind the counter and said I
have this list of things could you help
me find them my wife has recently
changed her residence to heaven and I
said grandpa man you hope he's helped me
see the glass is half-full and he leaned
back and he looked me in the eyes and he
said it's a beautiful glass
this the edema I love
I lost even that hard moves in love was
that Mormons you come with your mouth
the last war
yo MS Sally a las dos menos de la casa
mi Sol alito's or melt righto entonces
my fee a la caja entertainment my horse
Chico me camino para que pasaba seem
appealing independece yo mismo no kanata
podr├şa poner for Syria mi madre
porque however when you know no phone
away need a por que somos he ho he read
earlier tenderness he possesses wrote an
entire burden Aria LaMotta fizzes para
me the place the term maybe de la if I
see mentally me papa for capiz st fir
gonna come up whatever much old place
you know Sakhalin Tommy Serrano's yummy
Yo no tengo miedo yo nada por que vivir
me just cause his face he just here
custom Bravo pero no eating all that
Samira missing no they were my superior
Arcata we have met that let's see you're
not no less tengo miedo he sisters are
awesome no knowledge we had anemia or
losses see I mean one of em you me papa
Misaka episodes it to the low-key the
mistletoes mister mister pieces Katanga
CM preparing says he meant Koval Verma
levanta yes easy make I voluntarily
wanted to possess a look at my Judah me
you please cb1 el pasado y siempre
stereo Rondo simplest area DeMarre gotta
know I miss dosa say another say no
please no tea no sir
who hey Tony there's some general but
cuz you wanna Penelope's the nominee way
to make you a little present
la familia para me SST
communion is his third chakra to Casa in
controlling Katie abre city que bueno
que estas aqui I use other Mis hermanos
de hacer algo keys nope anything to you
yeah pudding porcelain no it was my URIs
in Z nearly Bhairavi papa you got the
trabajo satisfied chosen tones physician
it was utterly saloon cafe pro camera
Centurion algo que como que tiene por
dentro y CT fault oh no tequila no can
work going in El Corazon a second okay
ah Diablos few persons on this tour creo
que la familia es algo Feliz no table so
tre cosas de en er um I think when I was
young I didn't think I was going to stay
in the community of religious that I was
had joined and I suppose I didn't
understand what I was actually doing and
that I was maybe making a decision which
meant that I wouldn't have children and
I wouldn't have a family as other people
had I didn't think I don't really think
I understood that but later in life I
had a sister who died of cancer and when
I saw her family I realized - when I
died there wouldn't be anybody to mourn
me in the same way
it is a time goes on then you recognize
that you are a parent to other people
who you work with or who are friends or
who are related to you in some way so
even though you haven't your own family
you have family so I think that's
important to me it's a delicate OS
D'Agostino's dal-su reasonably starts
with a chunky ears DoCoMo's Nika you
suggest it's just a Jewish show
telescope abbu Miya Miya mostly from
stony but castrating mulch it's all
smooth with Dominion Kodama seem stupid
um to it the investor games twitching
you may be same if your girl is a
preacher can you just put C do it was
pretty low come accordion Kakaako assume
you operate on us in a favorite gospel
she fought with servitude for Philippine
today there is a new unit in
international would just live on the
children with some great turning data
off the birds and the bug lips even the
mysterious yeah bill aesthetic Nigeria
theater yep stayin preggers value
oh I do my honest miss Lee could not you
didn't come here to the quiz do you
still our religion is not in the yeah
trust me translate the purpose was to
shield Cristo dual Kathryn you reviewed
the magazine in young individual midget
minion nephew see you DJ a patent data
caches today anybody statically over
entire globe of Libya the most relative
stability missed and the repeat Sevilla
treble tibia whispers oh no repeats
validity touch the Stars trim it's very
fruity at Italy tell it in my room
ubiquity repetitive
as we don't know
- turkey liubov or its best heated
I'll feel a lot to baby booty more
acceptable vigil I know fears about the
die Amelia
ha ha to die
under the booty Mushka mature
but the dark pollute there
- uh tomorrow John
love colic tomorrow
Lulu their luck and luck Satsuma
: if a dog
Oh No
you know nobody my pencil to em no
miserable my cash with us Sarah mom okay
la vita e woman artificial and the beta
facility personal allen oil a fatty
large under Adobe TV professionally a
fortune KP faseler a ginger olive tree
the sentimental but no Donna to top it
pero caller difficult arcade fashion of
the river a lamentable difficult down a
queen the periphery score Sanford
dubious Arizona Sunnah
so in potentia lo que siento bundling e
pn sahaja yoga Emma giggling I'll movie
my behind are kioku a algo Ultima DC I
have a Savino November no coffee
I won't be able homebrew have any they
come to me I beg on Sarto in in the Java
man Oh me me vas a ver de hombre Kahuna
recording me da mucho para mi Mucha Raya
si me no me gusta que no me gusta que la
mujer a no gira no me siento bien cuando
intend and a criminal my boss my
our amici enter libram por que puedo
hacer diferentes Casas see me dear el
además estoy de ver SI anna it's cool
you can okay some really romantic no
Jellicle baguette reveals esta be
your second was badass already they stop
it oh promising copying or is in the DVD
more money I do fob in the polygamy in
alpha where zero Seneca diva la polygamy
you have the jerk your casa the addition
Tiant Rafa
yeah Kiowa do for me Yong Yong chol in
self am jealous wah
me me me Arad chaos this sudden you know
just got design me mama Maria diva the
fam you see la premi├Ęre lol odyssia
every maneuver even pajama c'est Mon Ami
Saddam la Rama L AM LM a modular it is
monkey she knew the polygamy Sheila
forms the papacy Oscar there is no
Papa's Cosima from the very anime and
not Prisma it is Lucas and allopatric
vida Selectric completely pascal module
extreme emotion extra me man Shalu Jin
Parappa support Akuma from past love me
deliberate and not Mississippi will and
America near Percy not to me I become
Jean supported a sham essa supposedly
charisma que la polygamy Sheila from the
facility would give aqua posture ma voix
Jimmy magenta
when I went and stayed with my with my
with my wife at her house in San
Francisco she's not my wife of the one
of mine with woman with she this was
about a week after we started dating and
I woke up in the morning and I said so
you know I ask this of you and this of
you and this of you and you know you're
but like the woman almost can't have an
a list of knows like it's gonna be
pretty much all yeses or we don't have a
I mean that's just where I'm at and it
took her about a month after I pointed
that out to her to realize that these
knows could not exist and so that's how
very little shitty my woman is she's
she's freaking very unique
very amazing she gives me like she was
raised to like adore her man like
old-school Mexican like know when to
speak up and that doesn't mean you can't
tell me something doesn't mean you can't
share that doesn't mean I don't want
guidance but in my household the man is
the man of the house okay I live in the
lubricant so much you feel like using it
and I'm even before eternity my diamond
give me
it could a sensitize you fellas in gdb
create a familiar melody do you know any
pamela give me a pseudo fool
could you get a funfair like treason a
treaty philippine panna cotta form
pseudopodia doc do you email at Ella
business model Rupa a medulla my
foundation Raja matron visits are two
sampling of asking to evaluate the CD
al-amin advanced nanotech it can't
evolve in our Amazon she did the
villages in Muncie they did not eat my
forgot to comprehend past competitors on
business to do fula man took a summer
place you so much that's why she
fellated input would love for me
and she reach out to me on phone whoa
Nicola Chaminda Andy quick Romano canal
new manga
nozawa something Danny Saucony condom to
gamma mu V van Ganga corner Narita
Nagasaki : bonanza - watch our name na
well the Karuna cupola which macho singh
impose on us where immeasurable even no
bateria theology - terrible being a
nation of grandeur for each image she
measures you won't say no homo education
silence Valentina ha ha comments on my
surely aunty the tender in her magazine
I my own guru doctor I said missing our
lodging about income and the either way
out of being abused for me it was tough
because I used to have the worst abuse I
would have a gun put to my head and it
told to go on my knees and beg for my in
my life and I would do it just my kids
used to be watching or I'll get put out
out of the house I get kicked out of the
house and have to sleep outside on the
steps and if I move from there we'll get
a hiding the next day it was tough
because I thought it was me I was the
one that was doing something wrong in
our marriage you know when I started
talking about my kids those are the most
important thing of my life and I thought
if I don't move on out of here I'm
either gonna be dead or my kids are
gonna be dead so I need to move on I
need to do something and I went home
that day and I said to him from leaving
um nothing's more got a bit of a shock
because he didn't realize that I was
leaving and he said no you never leave
me you've never will you will never
leave me you love me too much and I said
well you know what that's what love is
leaving and I gave him two choices and I
only gave him two choices I said to him
you hit the girl for counseling
I leave and you know what today he's a
bit of man he's never lifted a hand up
for me
ever since the day it's about nine years
ago so nine years ago was still an
abused woman so
I am gay and I've known I've liked girls
ever since I was a little girl and I
kept it a secret for my family and my
dad I remember when the Ellen DeGeneres
came out is the first time ever heard of
the word gay before and my parents were
talking about it and I asked my dad dad
was gay and he goes it's a girl who
likes another girl and they're going to
hell and so I said okay and I walked
straight up to my room closed the door
very quietly and then I bawled my eyes
out into my pillow
and I prayed to God every day to please
let me like boys please make me straight
I knew I liked girls and so I tried I
tried pretending I liked boys and stuff
but I never did and then I met to me the
love of my life
her name is Jen and gosh it was just
like my world changed and I didn't
really care about anything else I just
knew I wanted to be near her and that
was love to me mm-hmm you know lesbian
it's not a choice mean something that is
inside you and that is that no one can
excel can help oh it's not terrible oh
it's not a disease actually because they
always say we seek we say the other
families even take us to the doctors to
the sangomas but ah it's just a day I
even had to force myself with guys to
get my friends approval and it hurts
cause had to do stuff that I don't know
I really really didn't want to do even
though I did that even as a friend of
mine who is a dude to pretend as if he's
my boyfriend but I what he did
he forced himself to me and then he left
me with HIV and that was in 2003 I did
all this just to get my Chinese approval
but now I know that I don't have to do
any one thing to please someone else in
the powers I ve done with a vitamin pill
customers expect to control it
he's from family yeah lemme see my
positive history from delayed signal
2007 a couple SEC's subdue from Ray she
becomes a genealogist you know
complicated without mama bear not really
no cure you seem more greedy I'm clearly
unhappy and you're I'm Geoffrey sector
passionately resected to rock cancer I'm
just such a fool my girl why should she
tell you an affair it's Roberta not
non-systematic empty her flippity
she paid to insulin sure but I have a
son who's near 31 years old who I love
very much his guy a gay man and a day
that he came it was quite significant I
knew that he was struggling with
something he'd been suicidal and he was
18 years old and he said to me one day
dad I've got to tell you something and I
said okay son
tell me what is it and he's he went what
he went pale Ezra he really went white
and he said I feel sick and my heart
really went out to him and at that
moment I kind of knew that he was going
to tell me he was gay
although I hadn't made that connection
because he's quite masculine and his in
his traits but just at that moment I had
a sense that that's what he was going to
tell me so I said to him son let me
let me make it easier for you I'll guess
he said yeah okay and I said you're
going to tell me you go yeah Annie
he went yes I am and and I I just I just
really really felt for him because it
was such a struggle for him to tell me
that and everything sort of made sense
because he didn't want to be guy
and that's why I'd been suicidal and so
I just got in a big hug and said I love
Vienna you I son it doesn't make any
difference how much I love you and I
think that a relationship has really
been a lot stronger since then so that's
been a journey in itself that they undo
me enough enemy homosexual como ellos
que la da la da de la anterior than the
lucemon terre des hommes villagio le
remember remember Cartier in La Raza
Melanesia de la carta de jan de cartier
is on party awesome india could be PA so
call and leave it attached it it trainee
comes and Larry in the major you have a
septa media Keitel actively Meza la
police every app relaf America PLO Quran
core ally auntie Rae locker is from
party and condottieri only deteriorate
Rafa - illuminati el loco Don Lockwood
disappear Oscar on detail Larry Lee John
Mitchell Mandy come on a homosexual see
tumor or NEPAD row a Dupree a they can
call on a Pedroia de panne Theory
danlucy media mogul ma say sir l DZ I'm
a gay man from Lebanon and it's I have
we have no rights over there and we have
no rights in the Arab world in general
over there and I think what I can do
more is what I've started to do is I
think I should come out even more
um I am out to my parents I am out to my
friends I am out to my work but I think
I want to encourage other people like me
which have nothing to lose because I
have a salary because my mom it's proven
with time it took a time but she's gonna
love me anyway now she knows she knows
my boyfriend she
loves me for the way I am my dad as well
my friends as well I think if you don't
tell anyone the other moms won't know
that it's okay to be gay people should
be less shy if it should be more daring
when you have nothing to lose because
some people have a lot to lose and those
are not the people that should do the
change but the ones that have nothing to
they're not shy
and in Iraq one of my friends was hit
with a car bomb in front of me and I
chased after the triggerman with my with
my squad with one of my teams and we
were just we wanted to kill that guy
cuz I can hear my buddy screaming you
know he was hurt and so we're running as
fast as we can and we're just just full
of hate and fury and we just want to do
whatever we can to just you know he hurt
our friend we're gonna get him back and
we're just running sprinting as fast as
we can with all that weight just sweat
pouring off of us through orange fields
and then we get to a clearing and yeah
it hit me I mean this blue sky it was a
old man and white robe and a child just
fill in a field you know and that just
bring me back to reality and like what
am i doing you know I'm a human being
I'm not I'm not some instrument of
revenge I guess I don't know I hate it's
just like you stop and you're like just
people doing people things here where
I'm supposed to you know all this
violence is happening and you stop and
you're like um yeah I don't know makes
you human again
you know November me I forget you boy
you know Hasan do what kind of card you
said owe me on this Peter give me from
you to me I go outside - no she gets
Asia my dude AFC and me or only do I
just press Q Victor I'll kill her
alligator ground you can't shake it off
shake it down today is the Italian a
definite must hide you mean you must
hide you somewhere beneath my stutter
didn't you see calm eyes Garagiola Ronan
man another Lenny Lingam our finish
merit Elledge a solid Gouda Ramona
Mombasa of rebel Allah anyone dim
but I in a Val mallet so
I won't cry Lisa sort of Burton Ashim
Dalai Lama Terrell then another enabling
the cabbie to steal a tow and the door
of each on atelic versa uncle al
catalyst will CJ CJ will search all
manner and Vitello on a teachable each
other alone the cacophony nerman mana
bloggers annealing suppress acaba
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playa Putin a lobotomy moment a meaty I
am bat a puta when Pavel a madame au
a la palma de boa not a haka Fukuzawa
patrol alpha Bob Gallucci subarashii
pasa Cabo okay - occasional odd a ho
oppa when Opaka a poem a poem by teaming
teaming up Lenape o AO papua new oman
palette we do have a motion
misako cabeza boo peddanna pea-jacket
open a possible new movie pass Calaveras
attila Lavinia what to push allow up to
a club a guy vitamin oba oba oba guy who
became wound about a blow up to show Mui
del Sol la fille jolla who Familia our
go back to one oui
well a puffin unit we see it is pretty
cleanly the scar upon s la perla
suppressor pedal were Marla so turtle
Peloponnese lolani - Alec Len Amato
cotta res mother and daughter TB that so
does alone a van is a night Turkish car
as a college are solid either it is a
lot thought about this because of
calsilica Carlo Thorton jaws open yet
learn at Theory commentators a tibia
attack Katelyn a oneness at acu├▒a Kurds
idiotic eraser on a Turkish asana here
EXO devotee definitely fan is an I
assume on the carpet as a cassava no
this year I was covering a very severe
drought in western Maharashtra in this
country and on the one hand I was
looking at people you know facing
destitution due to a water crisis on the
other hand I was looking at
multi-storied buildings coming up with a
swimming pool on every floor we're not
talking about buildings with three
floors of four floors there is a plan
for two twin towers in Mumbai even now
under construction
37 floors each which means there are 74
swimming pools
it's a twin tower and then I went in
looked at who are the people doing the
construction who are these labourers all
the laborers were landless laborers and
marginal farmers who had left their
villages as refugees of the water crisis
and they're in the city's building are
swimming pools the sheer humiliation of
it the sheer injustice of it
I think the fastest growing sector in
India is not software or IT it is
inequality so yeah it makes me furious
it is completely unacceptable to me to
see how closely the fluence of the few
is the misery of the many I'm only like
the world like nobody bar
the body politic Alejo Carpentier ah
only cotton Oklahoma nakum yellow car
named Veronica possible Pentagon I'm dr.
Saroyan I care sir carcass is like
Allison Waianae key Bonnie whatever cut
the hominid maternai king
I mean Perry Dominical and uh
mini : then nahi nahi no Yardley and
Lahore nor well Homer one live a year
I'll over
and you know over
hello honey
I wonder over what live a year
and over an hour
and uh
the job Pakistan semantically at all
Jesse halat developing okay especially
Merrifield potassium are a lot I
wouldn't happen it by chopper sport
niggas like that a cheetah Liam safe
need a frittata was Kiko bunny merrily
merrily killing Mary bigger bunny Mary
family cubicle bunny bunny mojo each
other he cannot buy a cake which a shock
after who will come and come up in a
patch of the limb disciple achieved
ethical orangie what Imam Banja
destroyeth kocourek a Cebu or just did
my Pakistan Nicolas ah who didn't able
time that a toast America which mean the
gates a very amiable nickname only mera
beta what Hertha oh god me too much up
guarding about how asado me Roberto and
very cold Malaga ricotta much of all of
that it could be a panic of next dealt
with had a Giga the mutiny bootlegger VV
O'Mara badger marry a chimera attack
Mooji another RS a matter of the pseudo
nation hakuna Mariana cut the rope cool
Oh Nana's ass who could not have to
borrow my theory or has another right
beside me him I'm costly
machine ducroix a robber ah miss a done
Pororo more was was of the head of he
for answered well I don't have the lab
but at nyhamna 0 is Arabic FINA when
they're behind masha'Allah and injury
Baha behind mashallah
Yamaha romantic scene I'm an ugly scene
vo - if he anarchy but how they learn
Hannibal to help another I've been out
good I kind of Omar I had no coma wanna
get dummy cadastre so hard to get that
mono da da da da Gama's cause somebody
to get da moneh one who could hi another
robot caffeine pel├ęzinho
when I was in the booth
I was really scared because I don't see
nothing absolutely well Lea what up and
they both also it's not a quality bull
we have 110 people inside the hood I'm
nobody comfortable there was no food to
it no one of the three
yes hidden in that film you know
destroyed all my body it was hard for me
so when I when I see the Italian the
commonest course yeah I'm good yeah I
know that now I'm safe young Dominican
said the not a FIFA League a among no
Fulani des will hear more from and I
guess curriculum oh it was edited by
could you the gay I'm Alfie bottom will
get kind of mad after her or a new buddy
them giant the CGG Amanda Hanuman
Hanuman another one expand the Italy now
Istanbul down a focus on murder them
like directly galley them do you freedom
did you edit them damn rock now I am
living in jungle of Kali the police come
and they just disturb us and they said
you have to leave the jungle
I said VII I have to go where I have to
go show me the place we want to go to
that he said you have to go back to your
country I said where is my country I
don't have a country man it's a killing
ground it's a ground of killing the
people it's a ground of fighting it is
not a country it's a Afghanistan is not
a country now it's a killing ground man
37 countries come to control that
country but they cannot control these
people the Union cannot control these
people how can I do you have to send me
back to that country and they kid then I
lost my family in that country how can I
go to that country back I was refugee in
Pakistan I was refugee in Iran
was refuge in Dubai I was refugee and
the turkey
I was refugee in Bulgaria I was refugee
and European country and Greece and I
now I'm a refugee and France but let me
to live man I don't want anything from
you I don't want anything from you
I don't run want any anything from you I
don't need help but let me to live no
fabula nova nephron Italian ham the
dinette are eventually chosen he began
generating and want odo maybeyou canal
handle on a continental Addison Hokkaido
ro7 only permanency new moon be a
listener never called belladonna Joro
Okanagan a diamond buoy in anus or
maravene or the umbrella feigning facade
a near France or Elaraby Amma along a
Talib origin for America and one diamond
really be second tier fallen and one
diamond way the Brazilian wonderful
my letter sir
it's not
American varnish equipment garments
kamyshev a data set of Germany or groans
Oh collagen a mother company owner
mother marketing site is our assets are
embarrassed at their price negotiation
abortion act haven't even shown you that
I do not know this a joke on Tata priced
negation carbonyl dishes from a short
from when cinta graduate they price take
to slowing Judy Barra entity Takara Ava
bay AR shall equality full garment
quality full garment evangelistic Ajay
tell nature moon look I know I mean deep
Allah tell little amber from abilities
Oh Chi Cygni
they taught the editor of the World'd ie
the jonatha basically q ik oppa Vanina
and it'll generate Joshua I'm at the
final customer che a market for God's
sake Tamaki Godavari what can what we
can how will be happy how a woman's
honeymoon equated to Endora someone put
an alien
someone Putin Satan farm I'll Santa
Santa Soto high yo-yo some summoning
doubt your pending how saw it she Tai
Chi Chi Yong su angry and typically she
may see hi Oleg Artemyev and our third
Tommy girls acquaintance as han young
Tameka shall civilians are you ready
bayaud once and no heart
Howie solid oh ha you're so high mother
honey hi Seany know how fun make us all
see the house in somehow cinta even wa
sultana how later so Julio
I'll see me Pantha
in person kid Hawaiian Etna bhavish para
ayudarnos associate a pirated on her
please read carefully the photography
the fishes Tori the million did the
waters in on trapeze Formosa generate a
vapor is under a boy from the signatures
for the travail associate and a vodka
since you're a certain elusive mapa
makan she confirmed it away up almost
like a pink distress perimeter here are
key key key valve common FEV de trabajo
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carry percentage photons jeweled emoji
whenever 3 V 3 V 2 limiter so J account
encompassing I polish ever try to
tighten a polymer gallo-roman lasagna
sustainable cotton and a gastrula here
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protons nesting Mahanta penis Levinas
pappu Shikari secretary coney
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educators sto cazzo poly cotton
Sena Gosnell sot oriya ms r adept Afra
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university potala escapes is second
Nanami suspicious anomalous phenomena
bostonia costa-gavras t es su see Sarah
melaka pecans pecans April's ferry
disaster yet any sales yet novelist
Olivia's Tina's tops a connie cris
mementos of Toto Toto bordellos
opposition ya tiene gasps Canopus Sahara
deference - 84 Fisichella mr. Ramu never
visited a melodrama
after Tofino cimetidine teryi in
Togliatti success passes a cup is
mmmm me say no poof modify a pave team
no Tisa Fumio poverty salem visual
likkle mechanical measurements
bacha bazi wizard ami bacha donnie pizza
madam a two types of fish la vega univ o
intellectual t averse a consulting
assiduous Rumia nemo a lamb something
came up off a physical improvement a lop
off mmm fish captain do dis i can move a
poly Davila so I I know that I'm less
happy with more money and I know that I
still want more I like things and I sue
the things but the things only make me
happy for a short period of time and and
and then I go back and I have the
challenges of my family and I and I
don't know how to to make a depressed
person happy you can't you can't give
them a thing and make them happy because
their brain is not happy so I feel
frustrated that the cures don't exist
and I can't just wave a magic wand and
make my son
better mo lova gnorga I want Arisaka
Digimon sois llamo ravine Barako yo sabe
que las personas vases Raghava comida
for militia yajante Oprah's pimento
conforming queriendo poco de comida
proper mayor tram in a pub Reza me Trish
Tessie my mentor Stacey Paco de Lucia
por que se todo mundo Seveso elemento
pelo menos alimentos en casa el poder
hast Rosina hast racino Intelligencia in
town pod area say padre en Casa de
snoring Barako masked area intelligence
on a cabeza Rapada Zaire Dali a Oh
gracias adios
Jochen say given series mas de puntos
ultras no conseguimos atomo in police s
mo to Trisha Praveen lingsha sapore now
e it when a girl could report a attorney
table Donna tells us we actually know
Nia Falls do the vivo but he said mom no
par uncivil play they all see a bitch -
sup logo
an Apple watch it on it have a sit on it
did you
April book
all right Jack know what the hell I'm
doing here
why can't your beauty of a child y'all
go you why I'm see what the hell going
on this which one minute that's which
you come here beat me and I gonna envy
you you know we meet up in Izmir land
equator here we big of it
we don't know how a possibly she end it
would open some of mucho possum Oh My
yes I knew this earlier Nikolas you
doing more temple de Mesquita you seem
very liberal he doing mucho tiempo para
yacumo 800 lo herself really calm poco
Olivia no Iggy barking porque la
felicidad intro to Joe Kahn Elohim nada
yo moon apology Adela parisa y es una
pareja de la so Breda y pro komomo in
ventana sosial consumo con few missed ax
yurikano mia tiene que crecer porque si
no creases una tragedy invent ahmo's una
montana de consumo SuperFlow yeah Katie
r re y vb r comprendo Delta Gondo yo
okay Tom o Gaston doe tiempo de vida por
que cuando su compro a go o to know la
compra complot ax
lo comprar con el tiempo de vida que t├║
viste que gastar para de mesa plata pero
con esta diferencia la ├║nica cosa que no
se puede comprar la vie de navidad
segata y me sail a guitar la vida por a
perder liberty'
- Miyabi
they looked a man
yo Mikey
definitely my dad prefer simple affair
to Sun or the el murfi matere
while at the Opera
Tapan Murphy makeup of a sink or death a
he to loosen
but appearing on a table at Le Tissier
shamova Molina panic Somalian Ipanema
you ready me Noah so someone Juanita
ecology separately not a tequila back
Matata Kerala me know if me now puja me
know Neeta me where 2/4 D at the moon
two more Missy one nanny feet so one hit
a walk
oh yeah hey the only although yell where
Oprah pong balls over there yeah owww
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a warm body to other consumers alike
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sample lessons will do lively Toscana
fella Eskimo poco a poco Jerusalem
principe pr├şncipe Chris Koos lustrum
holistic and Kazooie shamballa same
in class
el sitio de la vida que me voy por la
virgen de berry oh no me siento muy
importante no creo que se Austin
important Zeus's no le Veon novio la vie
de Camargo levee decision positive Ihram
toss a tan yo ho Sahara
Pera valentim jinda le Avani
ham Roger say if de Vecchi our Vanya ol
kubernetes of ginger Rica for West be
hung but panzerj├Ąger attack Lakota
humble Korea Baha Mar person who can
Villa Capri on Percy say dead person
Savitri El Segundo de passive our case
go fella questa Sara see some souls the
dunes audience government Australia
Velma embolism Chiapas Walker became
dynamic in yourself a seizure of a party
seven busy
Chevy Nova departed destroy 20
me being 15 with my sentence what can be
the meaning my life
that is our question but I think the
meaning of my life could be you know
happiness making everything right
helping night young and older people you
know just help one another you know and
stand for song and just stay out of
trouble don't come pretty I know that
ain't no meaning in life say no place no
ya know everybody had their own purpose
so I don't know what my purpose is I
don't really I'm gonna know about that
as disappears from my phrase Cusco take
madam with God were to see enjoy amigo
Fallon oh sure a Aveda como que Haga
Mamiya he declares a give us f ing prove
value curve of ICAO attempt on Odessa
massaging sepia dishes fuzzy with us
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scene tone so cheese mice ostentatious a
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so trabajando para poder comprar who is
the attorney from NGO burning oil
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seizure session Alicia's a massage the
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uncle Nazanin Kili por la la sala Oh
jolly attina - Allah I'm okay
Baskin uncle Moo - Moo - as wanna wish
onaconda Martin deny my penis on will
kill Puna mission a nightmare
salmon I be when I don't
put on this Flores
- mother Amy Bousema am i I'm a digital
data kettle abducted Sita due to my
enemy only birth Balaji ask you will see
to me Jack tuxedo Jack Nova Luna mansion
surely only critical to me G gamma K
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Katra Sarah Mauresmo : on Sofia Sofia
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affair lucky Cheng's possible stuff Oh
Asuka nice a la mode de su casa para
para para Asahi
Jesus Carissa Tafoya i audible me a
Jamaican triggered early this has been
we Inc including some of her make about
a man by an inmate open who Nana's
azomite an elderly man in maternity home
attempting to land on died person on
that I had on you man so long we and
jason Ellis oh man oriental Joe behind
on number at an ode to bookmark Italian
so I tend to consume power yoga it I'd
even on the rent of Seoul Palma Majorca
Darien oh my god hang on - oh my god I
identified a Mary Sue general version
children Oh me me Ponyo so normally in
public again on her official in a bagel
home lick'em and don't forget who you
are and always smile because smiling is
the only language that everyone
you've you've brought up a lot of things
for me today you've made me feel
you've made me feel that I have
something to offer you made me feel that
I had a place to go you made me feel
like my stories were welcome and you
made me feel happy I think people need
to feel that they've done something
while they've lived they need to feel
that they've contributed and today you
made me feel like I contributed and I am
very grateful to you for that thank you
hey guys ever like that you move around
while I'm walking him without man I'm
without him
yeah man you know I never handle injury
no right wha no I him back when - no Ron
Paul you're on bangerra when can I meet
he's a woman though very weirdly study
group will ania Kay minagawa keenly
aware in eating ye canna start with Napa
Valley meaning who loved a man Huelva
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anonymous number yin and yang very rod
speakin of reply will rock una my
religion are abou tabh acaba movie man
Nicola and Ivana mahogany baklava
mccreaney ma troponin ambient rebellion
Avenue nali nasa Baba Yaga argument neva
Yamaha mossy ferny me
you go girl
welcome to dive in blah battery lock I'm
Livia God will you look at me you will
about your Charlie immaculate and I got

A Student Ate 5-Day-Old Pasta For Lunch.
This Is How His Liver Shutdown.
AJ is a 20 year old man, presenting to the emergency room with abdominal pain, nausea,
and diffuse bleeding.
Paramedics were scrambling because he kept vomiting in the ambulance until he fell unconscious.
AJ was a struggling college student.
Like most other people born in his time, he was looking forward to crushing student loan
debt that would wipe away his entire adult life.
The most affordable food for him was cheap pasta, cooked with premade sauce.
AJ would make all his food for the week on Sunday.
He’d refrigerate it into containers.
This way, he could ration it by day, but sometimes, he’d accidentally leave his food out overnight,
and then eat it following morning.
His friends loved to joke that one day, AJ would die of food poisoning.
Except this time, it wasn’t really a joke.
Earlier in the week, AJ accidentally left his pasta out for 2 days.
He typically would have thrown that away, but his roommate didn’t know.
He thought it may have just been out for a few hours so he put it back into the fridge.
As AJ reheated the now 5 day old pasta that was left out for 2 days, he thought it smelled
kind of strange.
But, he used a different brand of sauce this time, so he didn’t think much of it.
Immediately after finishing the entire plate of pasta, AJ’s stomach started to hurt.
He was bloating.
He could feel gas build up in his stomach and the flatulence was so embarrassing, he
had to go outside to air out his pants.
A stinging pierced through his cheeks and he could feel his eyes push out of his skull
as he suddenly vomited in a way like never before.
That pasta must have been no good, he thought.
It’s probably just a little food poisoning, he thought.
Back in his dorm room now, AJ in a world of hurt, joked to his roommate Bradley that more
than just pasta had exited his body from both ends.
Hoping that he’d feel better, he went to bed, but before that, he made sure to drink
an entire bottle of stomach medicine in hopes that it would do something for the nausea,
vomiting and diarrhea.
But it wasn’t enough.
3 am.
AJ, laying in a pool of cold sweat, runs to the bathroom to huddle over the sink for a
couple more hours.
As his roommate goes into the bathroom, he sees AJ passed out on the floor, his skin
and the whites of his eyes a sickly greenish yellow.
AJ gets up and weakly stumbles around before falling down again.
Bradley calls for 911 and AJ is brought to the emergency room where we are now.
Given this history of present illness, it’s clear that AJ is suffering from some kind
of food poisoning that is causing liver failure.
But to the medical team, that's not immediately obvious.
AJ is an otherwise healthy 20 year old man, who wasn’t taking any medicines.
Given that he’s coming from a college dorm, and he was vomiting and became unconscious,
then that sounds like it could be an alcohol poisoning case.
The yellowing of his skin and eyes is called jaundice and it comes from a chemical called
bilirubin something that makes poop brown and is produced from breaking down red blood
cells in the liver.
And if bilirubin is floating around in the blood making the skin yellow, then it means
the liver is probably damaged, which brings us back to the suspicion of alcohol poisoning
as that can damage the liver.
Similarly, another cause of liver damage and unconsciousness in a healthy, college-aged
person could be a drug overdose, of which even the roommate may not be aware.
Except, a blood test finds no evidence of alcohol or drug use.
Instead, it’s found that AJ has hypoglycemia.
Hypo meaning low.
Glyce from Ancient Greek (╬│╬╗¤ů╬║¤ů¤é) glykys meaning sweet referring to sugar.
and Emia meaning presence in blood.
Low Sugar Presence in Blood.
AJ ate his last meal of spoiled pasta about 16 hours ago.
Blood sugar levels spike after eating, and level off 4 hours after, wherein the human
body continuously works to maintain normoglycemia, but for AJ, that mechanism isn’t functioning,
meaning something that’s supposed to be releasing that sugar, isn’t releasing it.
Hypoglycemia by itself, is a relatively nonspecific problem.
It means you could have several different problems that could be causing it.
But given that the liver is the most immediate source of stored sugar, then this developing
developing hypoglycemia could give us a biochemical basis for explaining his fulminant liver failure.
You see, the liver is a highly metabolic organ.
You can’t live for very long without one.
Everything that enters your mouth, ends up in the liver, as it breaks down chemicals
and red blood cells, secretes bile for digestion, makes blood clotting factors that stop you
from bleeding, and processes proteins, among other functions, and it maintains blood sugar
levels, bringing us back to metabolism.
Sugar, or glucose is the cell’s primary source of energy, and the liver, to perform
all these functions, commands a high demand of cellular energy.
Given that glucose is no longer being released from the liver into the blood stream, then
it indicates that there is likely a metabolic problem developing inside AJ’s liver.
And because fatty acids are oxidized into glucose, which then results in ATP production,
then it means there is likely fatty deposits growing inside, stopping all essential liver
We can assume here that AJ’s food poisoning from rotten pasta is likely from some kind
of bacterial, maybe fungal source, but something’s wrong.
Typically food poisoning just causes stomach inflammation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
It doesn’t typically cause acute liver failure, and even worse, we can’t find out which
bacteria is causing the problem because culturing it would take days.
Days that AJ doesn’t have, because his liver is quickly shutting down.
His response to broad spectrum antibiotics is limited.
Additional blood tests find multiple liver enzymes, floating around in his blood at a
level 500 times the upper limit of normal, meaning parts of his liver have started to
die and are circulating now all throughout his body.
His kidneys are starting to fail because analysis of his urine finds blood in it.
In liver failure, especially with the presence of bacteria, the body signals to the immune
system that something’s wrong.
White blood cells and inflammatory markers rush to the site, and vasodilate the splanchnic
From Ancient Greek splankhnikos meaning entrails.
Because about 30% of systemic blood is in the splanchnic circulation, this volume expansion
decreases the effective blood volume.
The heart detects this and secretes hormones to tell the body to hold on to water and sodium,
and to constrict all other blood vessels, including the ones going into the kidneys,
preventing blood flow in and causing acute renal injury in conjunction to fulminant hepatic
If there is no available liver for transplantation within the next day, AJ has minimal odds of
The idea of liver failure arising from toxic compounds ingested orally was not understood
until recent times.
In 1778, the ackee tree was transported to Jamaica from Western Africa by the British.
In 1875, unripened ackee fruit was consumed by people, followed by a record of vomiting,
hypoglycemia, hyperammonemia, elevated liver enzymes in blood, and fat buildup in the liver.
This was named Jamaican Vomiting Sickness.
It was found 100 years later in 1976 that hypoglycin A is the chemical that inhibits
liver mitochondrial activity, leading to fatty acid build up, hypoglycemia, hyperammonemia,
resulting in liver failure.
A famous description of aspirin overdose in children in the 1960s was published and named
Reye’s syndrome.
It was noted that children who received aspirin for fever reduction from the flu had a syndrome
of hypoglycemia, hyperammonemia, elevated liver enzymes and metabolic acidosis, symptoms
that looked very similar to those who suffered from Jamaican Vomiting Sickness.
We know today that excess aspirin uncouples the electron transport chain in mitochondria
during ATP synthesis, leading to fat buildup and liver failure.
Today, any aspirin prescribed for a child is considered a mistake and at medication
dispensing will almost always be substituted for a different drug.
For AJ, no liver was available in time for transplant and autopsy opened the opportunity
for further investigation.
Liver histologies revealed diffuse microvesicular steatosis, that is small vesicles of fat that
had accumulated inside his liver.
The cellular necrosis, that is, dead cells suggested that mitochondrial toxins were at
play meaning that bacteria may not have been the only problem with his spoiled pasta.
Post-mortem laboratory experiments and bacterial cultures were developed.
Samples of AJ’s vomit were collected while he was admitted, in addition to bile and the
pasta he ate.
The bacteria Bacillus Cereus was identified as the causative agent.
It’s well known as a foodborne pathogen that causes gastritis.
By itself, the food poisoning that results from it is usually self-limiting, meaning one can
recover from it through intrinsic bodily function.
But for AJ, a second agent was found.
Additional lab methods were used to detect, extract, isolate and purify the toxin from
Bacillus Cereus cultures, revealing the protein known as cereulide, which points us to the
final answer of AJ’s case.
Certain strains of Bacillus Cereus produce cereulide in its microenvironment.
This protein is an ionophore, meaning it has an affinity for 1 specific electronically
charged ion, namely, potassium.
For the bacteria, excess potassium is beneficial in its survival locally, but in humans this
is highly toxic.
Cereulide easily diffuses through cell membranes.
Inside, they embed onto the surface (inner membrane) of the mitochondria.
Human intracellular fluid is potassium rich, meaning it gives this toxin sufficient resources
to perform its ionophoresis, incessantly pumping potassium into the mitochondria.
This eventually overloads the ability of mitochondria to perform oxidation required to produce ATP
and energy, therefore preventing the use of glucose and fats.
The gradual swelling of the mitochondria causes it to burst, killing the cell, and on a macroscopic
scale, allows fat to pool into the liver, and causing the entire organ to fail, leading
to regional inflammation, splanchnic vasodilation, leading to the heart to release hormones for
the body to hold on to water, and to constrict the blood vessels of the kidneys, causing
kidney failure, and releasing ammonia and glutamate, that leads to swelling of the brain,
ending in death.
All because AJ unknowingly ate pasta that was left out unrefrigerated for 2 days.
The final link in this case comes not from the pasta.
but that stomach medicine AJ drank after initially vomiting
Bismuth subsalicylate is a salicylate, or more colloquially known as aspirin.
Aspirin overdoses, just like in Reye's Syndrome also result in liver failure because aspirin uncouples the electron
transport chain in mitochondria, preventing conversion of glucose into ATP, causing backing
up of glucose and pooling of fats in tissue.
So adding this medicine overdose to cereulide poisoning resulted in a dual blockade of ATP
synthesis, and leading to acute liver failure.
It’s important to note that this is NOT a typical food poisoning case.
Many people eat pasta, or any other kind of noodle that is left over for a day or two and are fine.
But tragic cases such as this one have been reported in literature, and the fulminant
hepatic failure is sudden, with patient expiration happening within hours after presenting to
the emergency room.
Some particularly tragic published cases are from families who go out on a picnic with
their children, only to have multiple small kids under 10 years old suffer from sudden
liver failure due to spoiled pasta.
And the end of those stories, are the same as in AJ's case.
Be careful of food left out for more than a few hours.
If food smells funny, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and for cases like
cereulide poisoning, sometimes there isn’t much time left after initially eating the
spoiled food, just like for AJ.
This case was presented at a grand rounds in Illinois.
It’s based off some famous toxicology cases that all unfortunately had the same ending,
this one modified to teach residents and fellows about acute cirrhosis from microvesicular steatosis
hepatorenal syndrome, and the pathogenesis of cerebral edema in this particular
cereulide poisoning setting.
Thank you so much to all my toxicology colleagues in helping me structure this video to be palatable
for a general audience, and thank you for watching.
Take care of yourself.
And be well.