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Monday, January 30, 2017

2016 North Carolina gubernatorial election November 8

The 2016 North Carolina gubernatorial race was hung on November 8, 2016, to choose the Governor of North Carolina, simultaneously with the 2016 U.S. presidential decision, just as races to the United States Senate and races to the United States House of Representatives and different state and nearby races. Essential decisions were held March 15.[1] Both significant gathering hopefuls won their primaries by overpowering edges. Occupant Republican Governor Pat McCrory was running for re-appointment to a second term in office.[2] Roy Cooper, the officeholder Attorney General of the state and the second-longest-serving Attorney General in North Carolina history, was the Democratic candidate. Lon Cecil, an advisor and electrical designer, was the Libertarian chosen one. The gubernatorial race was relied upon to be among the most aggressive in the nation in 2016.[3] On decision night, the race was a genuine cliffhanger, with Cooper driving by less than 5,000 votes out of more than 4.6 million cast.[4] That lead has since broadened to 10,263 votes. Cooper guaranteed triumph that night, with a huge number of temporary tickets still yet to be tallied, saying "We have won this race." However, McCrory declined to yield, asserting that the race was still a photo finish and the victor had not yet been
Gov. Roy Cooper.jpgGovernor McCrory cropped.jpg
resolved. He give occasion to feel qualms about the validness of 90,000 late-arriving cast a ballot from Durham County, which place Cooper in the lead.[5] McCrory's crusade recorded objections asserting voter misrepresentation in more than 50 counties.[6] Both battles foreseen an extended fight in court over the results.[7] On November 22, 2016, McCrory formally asked for a statewide recount;[8] once all votes are checked, North Carolina decision law permits either contender to ask for a describe if the edge is less than 10,000 votes.[7] On November 30, 2016, the North Carolina State Board of Elections requested a relate of specific votes in Durham County.[9] The relate was slated to be finished on December 5, 2016. In any case, when early outcomes made it obvious that the edge would not change, McCrory surrendered the race to Cooper on the evening of December 5. This was the first run through since North Carolina governors wound up qualified for prompt re-appointment in 1976 that a sitting officeholder was vanquished in his offer for a second term.[10]

Full text of "Johnson, Hindi Dictionary" (PUBLIC COPYRIGHT)

Full text of "Johnson, Hindi Dictionary" See other formats Digitized for Microsoft Corporation by the Internet Archive in 2007. From University of Toronto. May be usedJor non-commercial, personal, research, or educational purposes, or any fair use. May not be indexed in a commercial service. DICTIONARY, HINDUSTANI AND ENGLISH, WITH A COPIOUS INDE^ FITTING THE WORK TO SERVE, ALSO, AS DICTIONARY 4 ENGLISH AND HINDUSTANI. By JOHN SHAKESPEAR. /// THIRD EDITION, MUCH ENLAKGED. LONDON: PRINTED FOR THE AUTHOR, BY J. L. COX SON, 75, GKEAT QUEEN STREET, LINCOLNs-INN FIELDS ; AND SOLD BY PARBURY, ALLEN, & Co., BOOKSELLERS TO THE HON. EAST-1NDIA COMPANY, LEADENHALL STREET. — MDCCCXXXIV. Digitized By Microsoft ^ Digitized by Microsoft V HENRY ST. GEORGE TUCKER, Esq., Chairman. WILLIAM STANLEY CLARKE, Esq., Deputy Chairman. William Astell, E^ Campbell Marjoribanks, Esq. Hon. Hugh Lindsay. John Morris, Esq. John Thornhill, Esq. George Raikes, Esq. Sir Robert Campbell, Bart. John Goldsborougit J^^enshaw, Esq. John Locii, Esq. JoSTAS Du PrE ALENANDEiftis Neil Benjamin Edmonstone, Esq. Charles Mills, Esq. John Masterman, Esq. Henry Alexander, Esq. Sir William Young, Bart. Robert Cutlar Fergusson, Esq., M.P. John Forbes, Esq.; *; • Henry Shank, Esq. Russell Ellice, Esq. si Richard Jenkins, Esq. ~ ton, Esq. UTTERWORTH BaYLEY, Esq. FAIR* London , 18^/i December , 1834. # Digitize i 4 v t * ’ ' * Digitized by Microsoft® PREFACE. r -4- “ A Dictionary, Hindoostanee and English, originally compiled for his own private use ‘ c by Capt. Joseph Taylor, revised and prepared for the press, with the assistance of learned “ natives in the College of Fort William, by W. Hunter, M.D.,” was published at Calcutta in 1808; and, subsequent to the decease of those authors, when their production had become out of print and rarely to be procured, the first edition of the present work, founded on Capt. Taylor and Dr. Hunter’s, and intended to meet the urgent demand of the publick both at home and in India, Mas passed through the press, at London, in 1817. But, though a great part of the materials of this publication was taken from the stock which Capt. Taylor and Dr. Hunter had collected, yet such alterations and additions were made as could not be attributed to those authors. Certain portions of their work M ere, for the sake of brevity, remodeled and curtailed; a different method of denoting oriental vocal sounds by roman letters was adopted ; and additions of words, which a farther acquaintance with the language proved to be necessary, were abundantly made in the first edition as well as in the subsequent one of 1820 : to this third edition, moreover, besides a still greater increase of words in the body of the work, a copious Index is subjoined, by means of w'hich the publication will prove well fitted to serve, also, as a reversed, or English and Hindustani Dictionary. In India, extensive as it is, and peopled by many different races of men, variety of dialect must be expected to occur in the most prevalent colloquial language, whether denominated zabdn-i-urdu, rekhla, hindi, Hindustani, or Dakhani ; and M'ords of common use in ! some parts may appear strange, or be even unintelligible, to the inhabitants of others. Thus, though the language here treated of, and which most generally prevails in Hindustan proper or in the Dak- han, at Delhi, Agra, Hyderabad, or in the Carnatic, is essentially one and the same; yet, through so wide a range of country, differences will present themselves in various particulars of speech. With a view, therefore, to extend the utility of the work, many words, gathered from Dakhani compositions in manuscript or in print, old or modern, are now inserted; and, when they are supposed to be peculiar to that dialect, they are marked as such, for the purpose of distinction. Of the productions in print from u’hich extracts have been made, besides Dr. Hunter’s above stated, may be especially mentioned the “ Prem Sagur,” printed at Calcutta in 1825; “a “ Dictionary English and Hindostany” (by Dr. Harris), printed at Madras inl790; “ an Intro- “ duction to the Study of the Hindostany Language, as spoken in the Carnatic,” printed at Madras in 1808; “ Dukhnee Umvari Soheilee,” printed at Madras in 1824; and “ Qanoon- “ e-islam,” published by Dr. Herklots, at London, in 1832. It may here be noticed, moreover, that the “additional ” portion will be found to relate chiefly to the dialect of the Dakhan: and, collected as it was from various sources, whilst the principal part of the work was passing through the press, it is hoped that indulgence will be shewn both VI PREFACE. to the manner in which it is submitted to the publiek, and to the want of certainty existing in some cases, which is indicated by a mark of interrogation, to shew that in these particulars further inquiry is needed. Before the words herein explained, the initial roman letter of the name of the language from which each appears derived, if known, is marked ; thus H. for Hindi, s. for Sanskrit, A. for Arabic, p. for Persian, T. for Turkish, g. for Greek, E. for English, and the like; but, where the derivation is unknown, u. is prefixed: and, if the word has varied in form from the original or is doubtful as to derivation, a slanting or italick letter is, by way of discrimination, generally adopted. In denoting the pronunciation of words by italick letters, the vowels a , e, i, 0 , a, are intended to represent the Italian powers of the same letters; and the consonants, for the most part, con¬ vey the sounds commonly appropriated to them in English : thus. a corresponding 1 to the Arabic vowel fat'ha is sounded as in “ America.” a ..... alif’i-mamduda , is sounded as in “ all,” “ ball.” a or a ..... the alif-i-maksura, and sounded occasionally, as a or a. ai . the yd-e-sakin md kabl maftuh, as i in “ niglit,” or uy in u buy.” nu . the waw-i-sakin md kabl maftuh , as ou in “ our,” or as the German au. b . c-j as in “ babble.” bh . or the Sanskrit^", as b with an aspiration. ch .. ~ as in “ church.” c /^ . ^ 5 - or the Sanskrit^, as ch with aspiration. .. for the Sanskrit 5f, as ch with aspiration. d . o as d uttered with the point of the tongue pressed on the upper fore teeth, nearly as in “ dew.” dh .. *0 or the Sanskrit ^T, as d above described, with an aspiration. d ... J or the Sanskrit vS sounded with the point of the tongue struck back on the palate, as in “ dull ” nearly. dh .. *3 or the Sanskrit uttered as d above described, with aspiration. e ,. the yd-e-mafhul, sounded as ei in “ neighbour.” f . eJ as in “ fill.” g .as in €t good,” “get.” gh . -t^or the Sanskrit as g above described, with aspiration. gh ,. ... a peculiar guttural sound, like that made in gargling, or like the Northumbrian r. . . a as in “ house,” “ horse but when following c, g, k, $, or z y it may serve with each of those letters to denote a peculiar sound. See ch,gh, kh, sh , zh . ]i .. ^ sounded as h above described, or more forcibly in the throat. h . with ch, s or h prefixed. See chh, sh, and kh. i . the yowc* Jcasr , as in “fin,” “ sit.” i . the hamza-i-malaiyana, and sounded nearly as i above described. i . the ? ja-c-ma x ruf 9 as ee in “ peel,” or ea in “ tea.” vii % PREFACE 'tVM- X 1 y corresponding to J h . k . kh . kh . kh . A . / .. m .. n .. n .. h ... n ... o . P . ph ... r ... r .. rh . ri . . s .••«•••••••• sh .. s .. sh t , thi t ( th t , u . u . w . V • as in “judge,” “joy.” *#>- or the Sanskrit as j above described, with aspiration. C/as in “ king,” “ sunk.” ^ or the Sanskrit^" as k with aspiration. £ a peculiar guttural sound, like the Scotch ch in “ loch,” or the German ch. the Sanskrit uttered as k with aspiration. j as k uttered by pressing back the root of the tongue on the throat. J as in “ lane,” “ cowl.” • C( ,, <( ,, ^ as in mar, sum. ^ as in noon, rang.” tanwin in Arabic, and sounded as n. the Sanskrit anuswara, being a nasal tone like that of n in the French words “sans,” “bon.” the Sanskrit OT, having the power of n uttered with the point of the tongue pressed back on the palate. the waw-i-mafhul, as in “ bone.” as in “ pun,” “ up.” or the Sanskrit as p with aspiration. j as in “ ran,” “ bur,” with a sensible vibration of the tongue. J or the Sanskrit 3*, having the power of r uttered by striking the point of the tongue on the palate. or the Sanskrit being the r sounded with aspiration, the Sanskrit sounded as in “ river.” i as in “ sin,” “ sun.” (Jt as in “ shine.” u°as s above described, by the people of India. lD as in “ sin ” by the people of India ; but, by the Arabs, as th in “ thin.” the Sanskrit as sh uttered with the point of the tongue reverted to the palate. ey as m “ tube,” “ to-morrow” nearly, being uttered by pressing the point of the tongue against the upper front teeth. -P or Sanskrit uttered as t above described, with aspiration. or the Sanskrit S' as in “ tub ” nearly, or as t uttered by striking the point of the tongue on the palate. "i r 1 or Sanskrit sounded as t above described, with aspiration, k as t above described, in India. the vowel zamm, sounded as in “ full ” or as oo in “ foot.” zamm, followed by the waw-i-ma*dula, which latter is not sounded, the waw-i-ma K rvf, asoo in “ fool.” , as in "™*>~ Dignized by Mjcrosoft @ Vlll PREFACE. v: corresponding to j having a power between the English v and w; but, when following a vowel or n in a syllable, it is sounded nearly as o or v slightly. xp ... the waw-i-ma^dula, and but very little, if at all, sounded. y .. as in “year.” z .. j as in ‘‘zeal.” s . as in “ zeal ” by the people of India. z . k as in “ zeal,” by the people of India. z . J as z in “ zeal,” by the people of India; but, rather as dh by the Arabs. zk . j as s in “ pleasure,” or as the French j in “jour.” * . ^having a guttural sound peculiar to the Arabs. After the example of Meninski, this*, when initial in a syllable, is placed over the vowel which follows in pronunciation ; and when not initial, it is placed after the vowel which precedes. So Jic aid, j-* via*. The initial letters or abbreviations for the parts of speech, grammatical terms, and other purposes, are generally such as are common to dictionaries, or as are well known : thus, s. or sub. or subst. for substantive, v. for verb, adj. for adjective, conj. for conjunction, adv. for adverb, part, for participle, pron. for pronoun, prep, for preposition, postpos. for postposition, interj. for interjection, m. for masculine, f. for feminine, a. for active, n. for neuter, trans. for transitive, intrans. for intransitive, poss. for possessive, sing, for singular, plur. for plural, caus. for causal, compar. for comparative, sup. or supcrl. for superlative, cor. or corrupt, for corruption, dim. or dimin. for diminutive, comp, for compound or compounded, comp, or compos, for composition, contr. or contract, for contraction, inflect, for inflection, met. for metonymically, fig. for figuratively, sign, for signification, r. for root, v. for vide, or see, q. v. for quod vide, or which see, q. d. for quod demonstrat, or which means, i. q. for idem quod, or same as, dakh. for dakhani, &c. Digitized by Microsoft © CORRECTIONS. Column, line. 48, 1, for 46 read 48 69, 19, for Calatrapos read Calotropis 79, 6, for Untangible read Intangible 86, 18, for scite read site 88, 5, for asartu y read asart.u 116, 8, after insert a-kar 119, last, for ag read ag 142, last, for read ^TT^ftf^T 144, 39, for read 191, 2, for Conversible read Conversable -28, dele maize 205, 8, for sativa read sativus 215, 26, for conversilde read conversable -29, for convcrsiblencss read conversable¬ ness 216, 17, for butfi read battl, and remove the phrase to the next line but one pre¬ ceding. 220, 5, for kill read beat 231, 32, for read b^Jo 236, 15, for fbeces read feces 245, 29, for Ocymum read Ociinuni 262, 2, for baghhlcina rca 1 baghlana —•— 2, for away read way 274, 3 (and elsewhere), for chcsnut read chest¬ nut 291, 24, for jee read jeer 294, 2, for adj. Very erect (?) read Ijj) s. Large pot. 318, 29, for bahot read bhot - 31. for bahutad read bhotad 320, 15, for v. a. read v. n, 349, 12, for blsak read baisak 387, 10, for read 390, 34, for arbat-i read parbat-i Digitized b i Column, line. _ 391, 21, forypR^R read R^JcR 418, 37, for 2 read 2 2 419, 33, for v. a. read v. n. 434, 2, after clove insert of 438, 28, for Spread J £ 470, 15, for j\paisan-dur read andaz 515, 33, for read 555, 17, for vitrol read vitriol 581, 28, for aim'd read taku 9 a 589, 9, for thusakud read tkasaknd 594, 6, for therdnd read thairdna -7, for thernd read thairnd 627, 31, for explanation read exclamation 640, 28, for 3F%3PI read 3T 5 T^'3T^r 642, 35, fo r^^5>- read <*—>L:>* 646, 37, for fom read from 696, 21, for read 701, 3, for fit rank, read fit, rank, 718, 20, for read 724, 26, forj^l read i 786, 6, for track read tract t 789, 10, for LSU readLliJl 827, 33, for Stupefied read Stupified 890, 9, for L^-j*-:read 904, 22, for p. read w, 1006, 5, for dccrcpid read decrepit 1 1012, 21, fore, read a. 1049, 29, for decrepid read decrepit 1064, 33, for Afrayisdb read Afrdaiycib 1065, 37, for scris read sirisa 1084, 35, for read l5 ~Xo 1092, 30, for samdnata read samdnutd 1097, 33, for martin read marten 1108, 13, for entrenchment read intrenchment 1115, 2, for spendour read splendour 1138, 5, for sikhna read slkhni y/Midi bsoft (?) CORRECTIONS. Column, line. 1143, 7, for sevat read.slw^ 1160, 5, for saran read saran 1176*, 4, for entrenchment read intrenchment 1228, 40, for ami read amal 1279, 17, for centinel read sentinel 1283, 18, for read 1300, 11, for caravansera read caravansary 1304, 22, for Ocymum read Ocimum 1306, 21, for uncontrouled read uncontrolled for chace read chase 1335, 37, for kirp read ldrpan 1345, 12, for \j\€ read 1353, 10, for read 1392, 18, for konpali read koupli 1399, 7, for Jaimalni read Jaimini 1404, 34, for kharoj read kharuj 1435, 30, for dea read idea 1445, 33, for disscntion read dissension 1450, ’2, for venemous read venomous 1451, 7, for centinel read sentinel 1453, last, for Embankment read Imbankment 1455, 12, for flaggon read flagon 1466, 5, for gaicakh read gaxodkh 1469, 21, for tattaowing read tattooing 1484, 36, insert A at the end 1488, 33, for read V%T 1489, — for read 1495, 18, for read 1497, 40, for bud read ludd 1503, 38, for read ! 1522, 11, for Espousal read Espousals 1543, 16, for lay a read kiya 1566, 5, for bigotted read bigoted 1567, 40, for read 1612, 2, after marond read or perhaps mirond 1647, 22, for a, rchitect read , architect 1753, 5, for Banquetting read Banqueting - 18, for successour read successor 1760, 14, for ijja read hijja - 29, after nikhalas insert or perhaps nikhdlis - 3*1., for chace read chase Column, line. 1760, 37, for baz read bdz 1771, 18, for read ^ 39, for Stile read Style 1804, 2, forlCjJ read UCo 1806, 35, fori read rill 1807, 27, for read 1812, 8 , for tjread 1843, 42, for^j read^-j 1854, 38, for shyness read shiness 1861, 16, for karkat read harkat 1867, 6 , for v. a. read v. n. 1913, 4, for a. read A . 1916, 15, for read l 1921, insert s. uJol ek-muth 9 adj. (dakh.) See muttajik. 1928, 32, for adopt read adapt 1952, 27, after Blister dele , 1973, 22, for lay read lie 1990, 16, for Jchoprd read khoprd 34, for khatir read kfiatir 2023, 23, for cSJs read CiljS 24, for z d read zdk 2026, 8 , for faggot read fagot „ INDEX. Page. col. line. 2058, i, 4, f or ]642 read 1643 2075, 1 , 52, for 1538 read 1838 2081, ], 47, for Citrus, 134, read Citrus, 1341. 2100, 4, 28, transpose 1484, 1485, to line 27 next preceding. 2116, 1 , 28, for 1315 read 1316 2121, 1 , 56, for 1073 read 1573 2128, 4, 35 , for 1637 read 1638 2129, 3 , 60, for 1592 read 1386 2143, 3 , 33, for 1370 read 1371 2156, 3, 48, for 1248 read 1249 2165, 1 , 42, for 1309read 1310 2176, 1 , 15, after Sealingvvax insert 2042, 2043. 2177, 4, 16, for 1803 read 1863 - 4, 17, for 1804 read 1864 2178, 4, 7, for 2015 read 2014 Digitized by Microsoft ® A t J . j i till II < DICTIONARY, HINDUSTANI AND ENGLISH. 1 \ 4 Alif is the first letter of the Arabic and Persian I alphabets. At the beginning of Hindi words, denoted by the characters of these alphabets, \ with the vowel fatha y written or more common¬ ly understood, represents the Devanagari letter a) with kasr, the letter ^ i ; with zamm, die letter 3 u ; and with the sign madda the letter 3TT a : at the beginning of Hindi words, moreover, when \ is followed immediately by the two letters together, according to the vowel written or understood with \, stand for <7 .="" 1="" 3tt="" 5t="" :="" a="" according="" accusative="" adjectives="" adopted="" adverbs="" afshdn="" afsun="" after="" afzal="" ahkam="" ahkar="" ai="" alif-i-jam="" alif-i-tafzll="" alif-i-tanis="" alif-i-waslz="" allusion="" also="" amp="" an="" and="" another="" arabic="" are="" article="" as="" astronomical="" at="" b="" be="" beginning="" ber="" brave="" but="" by="" case="" certain="" comparative="" compose="" con="" construction="" cut="" day="" degree="" deity="" denote="" descriptions="" digitized="" dustani="" e="" either="" end="" fazil="" feminine="" figure="" first="" followed="" fonn="" for="" form="" from="" fusnn="" gender="" hakir="" hamra="" hence="" hin="" hubla="" if="" in="" is="" it="" its="" j-jil="" j="" jlli="" junctive="" lam="" letter="" letters="" liable="" like="" lj="" long="" maksura="" mamduda="" man.="" manner="" may="" mean="" middle="" moreover="" naked="" not="" nouns="" num="" numbers="" o="" of="" off="" one="" only="" or="" persian="" plural="" precedes="" pregnant.="" pronounced="" radical="" red="" represent="" representation="" rijal="" second="" short="" sign="" signifies="" simple="" sjj="" so="" sometimes="" sounded.="" stands="" straightness="" subsequent="" such="" sunday="" superlative="" symbol="" takhmznan:="" takslr="" taurus="" termed="" the="" these="" this="" to="" together="" too="" two="" u="" umard="" unadorned="" used="" variably="" vowel="" wa="" wasli="" week="" when="" whence="" which="" with="" word="" words="" written="" xjyajl="" zalim.="" zallam="" zodiack.=""> 3 b\ 4 fishan. In the middle, between two nouns, it denotes continuity, proximity or conjunction; as, shab-a-shaby sar-a-pdy y\& tag-a-pu : or, in the middle of a word, it seems in some cases redundant; as, sitamgar for sitamgar . And, at the end, it may be the \ sha- ha, O king! or, it may be used in an exclama¬ tion of disapprobation, praise, or grief; as, \oo baddy how bad! b£>^>. kJmshd, how good! blessed! UjjO dareghdy what sorrow! alas ! or, subjoined to adjectives, it may form abstract nouns; as, Uff garmdy heat, from ^garm , hot. In Hindi words, at the end, \ may be used to form the diminutive of a noun; as, Lj 5 a very small box, from : or, adjectives from substantives; as, hungry, from s. \ (for 3T) a, A name of Vishnu: also, when prefixed to a word, it is an inseparable particle, signifying negation or privation; so, Injustice, from ^d Justice; ^dl Poor, from ^d Wealth, s. T for (3TT) d } prep. To, at, until, unto, as far as. It is the opposite of ava y marks the limits of action; and, prefixed to certain verbs, reverses their meaning. s. ab (^T?T) adv. Now, presently, just now. a. c_. i\ ab (contract, ofjri) s. m. A father, p. cJT db (Sans. ) s. m. Water; splen¬ dour, lustre, elegance, dignity, honour, cha¬ racter ; lustre or water (in gems); temper (of steel, &c.); edge or sharpness (of a sword): mode, manner. s. <-a .="" 1dbt="" a-bdk="" a-bibek-i="" a-bibek-td="" a-bibek="" a.="" a="" ab-bazly="" ab-paikarariy="" ab-taby="" ab-tdby="" abadanriy="" abdbily="" abdd-iys.="" abddan-i="" abdriy="" abundance.="" adj.="" adv.="" ancestors="" and="" as="" at="" b="" belonging="" bid="" bjji="" bjld="" boil.="" boil="" bt="" build="" buildings="" c-j="" c="" caus.="" cjt="" creetness="" culti="" cultivate="" cultivated="" cultivation="" d="" db-i-basta="" db-i-bdrdriy="" db-pashly="" dbady="" dbd-ly="" dbdd="" dbdddny="" dbdy="" dbl="" dbt="" dca="" denial="" denying.="" descending="" discretion="" discrimination="" done="" dt="" dumb.="" eighth="" enters="" f.="" fathers.="" firtt="" from="" full="" giving="" glass.="" good="" h.="" h="" habitable="" habitation="" happy="" i="" ib="" ibdhat="" ibdy="" ii.="" ij="" ijldbt="" in="" inconsiderate="" indis="" indiscreet="" indiscretion.="" inf.="" inhabitants="" inhabited="" iv.="" j-jm="" jb="" jldbl="" jo="" jst="" karndy="" l="" liberate="" liberty="" like="" lj="" m.="" m="" make="" manner.="" month="" od="" of="" one="" or="" p.="" p="" paternal="" people="" permission.="" persian="" place="" plant.="" play="" pleasant="" plur.="" population="" populous="" presently="" prosperity="" prosperous="" q.="" r="" rain-water="" rain="" refusal="" release.="" rf="" ri="" s.="" s="" scorpio.="" see="" set="" silent="" sow="" speechless="" splendour.="" sport="" sprinkling="" stars="" sun="" swallow.="" swimming.="" t="" the="" thus="" tlad="" to="" u="" ubaknd="" ubalna="" ubdiidy="" ubdrrid="" ujb="" us="" v.="" vated="" void="" vomit.="" want="" water="" well="" when="" wt=""> u^O'c-d • ab-tab-hondy To be at the point of death. A. \oco\ ibtidd (inf. vm. of s. f. Beginning, commencement. Digitized by Microsoft ® 5 6 a. ^\xj\ ibtida-an, adv. In the beginning, at first, firstly, in the first place, originally. a. JIjcjI ibtizal (inf. vm. of Jio) s. m. Vile¬ ness, baseness, meanness; carelessness in pre¬ serving any thing. a .jy\ abtar (fromjSJ Was destitute of a tail: Heb. nm Cut short) adj. Ruined, spoiled, worthless, destitute of good qualities, dissolute, disorderly, disordered, wanton. abtar karnciy To ruin, spoil, disorder. A. lJJu\ abtar-1, s. f. Worthlessness. A. ibtisam (inf. vm. of s. m. A smil¬ ing, smile, gaiety, hilarity. s. ab-tak, 1 s. alhtalak, ( adv. Till now, hitherto, yet, $. ufj&\ ab-torl, ( as yet, still. -• ab-torly J a. h)\ ibtiluy (inf. vm. of h) s. Trial, affliction. a. ibtihaj (inf. vm. of ^r? Ch. pm It shone) s. m. Gladness, alacrity, cheerfulness, s. ab-taln, adv. Till now. s. ab-ten, adv. From this time, henceforth. s. CL-A ubat oxubtiy] . . J,\„Uan, •’ See^.l ?. Ubl uhtana, ) n & an - r . 5 . bJM ubatna (5IT3**T) y. a. To rub on the body a detergent application, called vptan . s. (srq; Water, and Born) abja, s. m. The nymphsea or lotus: the moon: a conch : a kind of tree (eugenia acutangula): the physician of the gods. p * ab-i-jariy s. Running water; a stream, a rivulet, a current, tears flowing. a. abjady s. m. A particular arrangement of the Arabic alphabet; the alphabet; a mode of denoting numbers by the letters of the alphabet, p. Ocsrl abjad-khzpan, s. m. One who is learning his alphabet. <-r>1 ab-jby s. f. A stream, a rivulet. p * ab-joshy s. Gravy, soup. Digitized by - & p. uJ\ abjo’e, s. f. See y>~ cJT cib-jo. ab- i-jo y e } The water of a rivulet. n. a-bach (^T and bacJina) adj. That which has not escaped. a-bichdr (3Tf^R) s. m. Want of consideration; injustice. -• a-bichardn (^rf^^TfT^) f. i 5 . a-bichar-i (3Tt%^Ttt) m. r dj< Destitute of consideration or reflection; unjust (woman or man). r.^cJT ab-i-chaslim, s. Water of the eyes ; tears. t—Zf ab-cha$luy s. f. The giving drink to p. a child for the first time (generally when about six months old) preparatory to weaning. S' a-Mchal from and r. Move) adj. Motionless, immovable, un¬ moved, unshaken, resolute, firm. p. ab-i-hardm y s. Wine: the tears of a person who weeps hypocritically and sorrowless. p. cJT ab-i-ha$raty s. Water of desire ; wish, appetite, longing. J\ ab-irhayaty s. Water of life; the p. fountain of life, p. <— d ab-iJiaiwan !, js. ~ly J Water of life; p. <-->T ab-i-Jiaiwan-ly J name of the fa¬ bulous fountain of immortality. p. uj I ab-khana, s. A repository of water. a. abkhiray s. plur. (of j\s^r or jf^) Va¬ pours, exhalations, perfumes, p. cJT ab-kha$t, s. f. A water-melon, musk-melon, or other fruit the. inside of which is acid and perished. p.^^t-Jf ab-i-khter, s. The water of life: in¬ spired knowledge. a. abkhaly adj. compar. (of J-££?) More, most or very covetous. p. <-jt 1="" ab-khurd="" aicrssbft="" and="" c-="" cib-khitr="" cjt="" destiny.="" djj="" drinking="" eating="" fortune="" p.="" tuals="" vic-="">7 ab-khura, s. A narrow-mouthed ves¬ sel for drinking out of, a cup for drinking water, p. ab-khez, s. 1. A soil in which water rises up if dug into but little. 2. A swell of water. - \ j f x. r a. Ju\ abad, s. m. Eternity without end. a. 1J c\ abadan , adv. Eternally, never, p .j\a ab-dar (<—>1 q. v. andjta Having) s. m. The person entrusted with the charge of water for drinking: any thing full of water or splen¬ dour, as fruits, jewels, pearls, swords, adj. Po¬ lished, clear, of a good water (as gems), well tempered (as steel), sharp (as a sword). p. AjU.jlJ db-dar-khana , s. The place where the ab-dar keeps the water for drinking. p. l-J\ ab-dar-1, s. f. The having water; the brilliancy (of gems), temper or polish (of steel), sharpness (of a sword). a. ibda* (inf. iv. of Heb. and Ch. pm To cleave, investigate, invent) s. m. The pro¬ duction of something new, invention. a. JIjjI ibdal (inf. iv. of Jjj Heb. and Ch. To separate, to divide) s. m. Change, exchange, substitution of one thing for another. a. abdal , s. m. (plur. of JjJo) A religious person, a devotee, an enthusiast, p. ajUc-jT ab-dana, s. m. Drink and food, p. J cJT db-dast , s. m. Water for washing the hands; washing the hands; a masterlike work-man who imparts lustre to what he exe¬ cutes; a guiltless fakir* adj. Having pure hands. p. J <—jT ab-z-dandariy s. Sharpness and po¬ lish of the teeth. ab-dandan, 1. s. Watering of the mouth ; weakness, trouble, crime or fault, a kind of pear, a kind of pomegranate, a kind of sweetmeat. 2. adj. Bad, weak, subjected, silly, base, in vain, useless. s. a-badh (^PT^T) adj. Not to be killed ; sacred, inviolable, s. xS)\ a-budh, adj. Ignorant. p. ab-idahan , s. Water of the mouth ; spittle. s. abdhut, s, m. 1 (^ ^ ^pT) One de- s. jo\ abdlmtriiy .s. f. J voted to God but not attending on ceremonies; a kind of Hindi! devotee who worships Siva. a. abad-i y adj. Eternal, without end. s, bjjl a-bidya, s. f. Ignorance, p. J cJT alhi-dida, s. Tears, ab-dida , adj. In tears, weeping. v.jA abr (Sans. H abhra) s. m. A cloud. abr-i-siyah, A black cloud. abr-i- ghaViZy A thick cloud. abar, adv. Now. p. \j)\ abra, s. m. The outer fold of a double garment (distinguished from jx~>\ astar, the lining). See Sj)\ abra . a ,j\jA abrar, s. plur. .(from y Heb. and Ch. “nn To polish, purify, select) Just, holy, pious men, dutiful (to parents)”. a. ibram (inf. iv. of s. m. Solicitation, entreaty, urgency, distressing. a. ibrahim, n. prop. Abraham. A. abrad 9 adj. compar. (from Heb. and Ch. m3 To freeze, to hail) Cold, very cold. a. abras (from adj. Leprous, having the leprosy. a; abr ok y 1 (from Heb. and Ch. p33 To S' cSj>\ abraky J lighten, to shine or sparkle. Sans. abhrak ) s. m. Talk, mica, p; }j>\ abra (Sans. ^ bhru) s. f. The eyebrow. U abru par girih mama, v. a. To frown. p.j^T ab-ruy s. f. Honour, character, reputation, renown, elegance. Name of a poet. abru utarriiy v. a. To dishonour, to disgrace. jj(\ abru bar-bad deni, v. a. To lose on&’s own character, to destroy that of another. ^ abru deniy v. a. To impart honour or reputation to any one, or to lose or surrender one's own. )J\ abru kanii, v. a. To treat Digitized by Microsoft ® 9 10 j\ il&\ s . p. p. p. S. with respect. jJ\ abru lent, v. a. To take away character or reputation. , <_>T ab-i-rawan, s. Running water; a fountain, the sky, a sort of extremely fine muslin. a-birodh (srfsrdv) s. m. Without contention ; tranquillity, quietness. l a-birodh-i (3T^Tt^r) m. ) a-birodh-inl( 
si 1 *Tl)f. j Quiet, tranquil. Xj)\ abra , s. m. The outer cloth of a double garment. See \j*\ abra . abr-i, adj. Clouded, variegated. abr-i kaghaz, A kind of thick and shining paper, clouded (from Cashmir). abresham or abresharriy s. m. Silk, sew¬ ing silk* raw silk. abreshm-i, adj. Silken, of silk, j ;)j}\ ibrlky s. m. An ewer. JUj c-M ab-i zulaly s. Pure, limpid, wholesome water. Lr j\ (3f and ^ Power, will) adj. Powerless, without choice. JLjT absaly s. m. A vineyard, a garden. abisty ) abistariy > adj. Pregnant, with young. abistariy) aj;_/T abista, adj. Pregnant, with young (a woman or animal) : new-born (a child). (Sans. 3TTf^ Occupied, engrossed). JcJjUsta-gi, l f Pregnancy . abistan-i, j jpj l-M ab-i-sardy Cold water. a-bisan (^T and Calamity arising from desire) adj. Without desire, indifferent. a-basan (^T and Cloth) adj. Without clothes, naked. ubasniiy v. n. To rot, to putrefy. a-biswas s. m. Want of confidence, distrust, incredulity. Digitized by s. a-bisicas-in : 1 5. a-biswa$-miy j v ' v 5. a-biswas-iy ra. (srf^mft) j adj. Without confidence, distrustful. s. p. rfwr (an expression of those who, after reciting past misfortune, pray to be preserved from a return of it) Far be it from us! p. ab-shar, s. m. f. A waterfall, cascade, ca¬ taract. p. T ab-shinasy s. m. The sailor who heaves the lead in sounding. ab-i shor, s. Brackish water, salt water, seawater. r. XjjJ* cJT ab-shoray s. Water cooled with salt¬ petre. s. ujCjud abishek from srfr and r. Sprinkle) s. m. Bathing, baptizing, sprinkling with the water of the Ganges, ini¬ tiation, royal unction; purification by means of sprinkling water and pronouncing certain prayers. a. absar , s. plur. (of j^i) Eyes, sights, un¬ derstanding. a. JlkA ibtal (inf. iv. of Heb. and Ch. ^3 Procrastinated, did nothing or did in vain) s. m. Abolition, act of destroying or annihilating ; confutation, refutation. a. Ji iA abtaly adj. compar. (of Jkb) More, or most vain or fruitless. a. A*j\ aVad y adj. compar. (of from Aju Heb. and Ch. Was distant) More or most dis¬ tant. p. c Ujts. c-d ab-i-asliraty Wine, sherbet, semen genitale. a. \b\ ibka (inf. iv. of ^Ji>) s. m. Rendering permanent, confirmation, establishment, preser¬ vation. s. l£A ab-kHy adj. m. 1 • > Of the present time, i s. ab-iCiy adj. f. J p.jI^jI ab-kary s. m. A water-carrier, a sprinkler, Microsoft ® , now. 11 12 J*' a distiller (especially of spirituous liquors), a wine-merchant or seller of spirituous liquors, a drinker of wine. p . ab-kar-i, s. f. The business of a water- carrier, &c., the business of a distiller, distilla¬ tion, a duty levied on distilleries, n. ubkfft (see bid) s. f. Act of vomiting, s. ability from and Evi¬ dent, distinct) adj. Hidden, unintelligible; any invisible principle, c abikt ganit, s. f. Arithmetick of unknown quantities, algebra, p. uJ\ db-ka$h , s. m. A drawer of water, n. ubahna , v. n. To vomit. ab-i-kausar , s. The water of the river Kausar , fabled to flow in paradise with milk or nectar. s. abikhek, s. m. See abishek. s, ab-ke, adv. Now. s. abkesln from and Hair; fruit) adj. Without fruit, barren (a tree). p.j!hfc _.A db-guzar, s. m. A water-passer, an expeditious messenger, a courier, a passage of a river, a ford. p. c—>7 abi-garm, s. Warm water, p. <-jt .="" 1.="" 2.="" a-bal-d="" a-bal="" a.="" a="" ab="" abala-i="" abglna="" abila="" ability="" abla="" adj.="" an="" another="" any="" arrive="" b="" been="" bid="" bm="" boil="" boiled="" broom="" broth="" by="" c="" caus.="" cause="" causing="" conveying="" d="" db-glr="" diamond.="" ditch="" down="" dressing="" drinking="" f.="" for="" from="" glass="" gravy="" h="" hands="" has="" iblagh="" in="" inf.="" instrument="" irgo="" is="" it="" iv.="" j="" jl="" ju="" l="" less.="" like="" looking-="" m.="" meat="" mirror="" of="" on="" p.="" p="" pond="" power="" puldos="" q-balar-pa="" ra.="" s.="" see="" sending.="" sjt="" slit="" spilled.="" sprinkling="" stands="" stretched="" such="" that="" the="" thing="" to="" ublana="" used="" v.="" violence="" wane="" warp="" water="" weak.="" weak="" weakness.="" weaving="" which="" with="" woman="">) adj. Piebald, black and white, party-coloured. a. bid ablaka, s. m. A bird of the maind kind, a starling. S' a-bilamb (^T and Delay) s. m. Quickness, diligence. H. bid ubalnay v. n. To boil. ^ \ abalokan ( ) s. Sight, seeing. p. abila, s. m. A blister, b aLT abila-pa, adj. Having blisters on the feet, ^/b bj ibn ziyad, n. prop. A govemour of Kufa and a great enemy of the sect of Ali. Digitized by Microsoft ® 13 14 *A p. y53 cJT ab-i-nukray Quicksilver, silver reduced by any menstruum to a liquid state, p. abnus, s. m. Ebony, p. abnus-ly adj. Made of ebony, p. licJf ab-naiy s. The perpendicular tube of a huhha on which the chilam is fixed. s. abinai (^T and Humility) s. m. Pertness, wantonness, want of submission. s. abam (^T^FfT) s . f. The earth. s. abiriit (3T and Modest) adj. Wanton, pert, petulant. a . j)\ abu, s. m. Father. a . abu-lrfazl (father of excellence) n. prop. The secretaiy of the Emperor Akbar. A.jLsy\ aba baler (lit. father of the virgin) n. prop. The father-in-law and first successour to Muhammad. a . abu turaby n. prop. Ali, the son-in-law of Muhammad. a . jA abujahl (father of ignorance) n. prop. An uncle of Muhammad. a . xjj* abu huraira (father of the cat, because he was in the habit of carrying a cat with him) n. prop. One of the companions of Muham¬ mad. a . abwaby s. plur. (of Doors, chapters. -• a-bujliy adj. Stupid, void of understanding. (3T and Understood) a-bujha , adj. m. Not understood, incomprehensible. h. (jy\ (^T and Speak) a-bol, adj. Silent. h. SjjI a-botdy adj. m. Disposed or accustomed to silence. p. wT ab o hawa, s. f. Water and air; cli¬ mate. a . c abwi (from^l)adj. Paternal. s.t>\ abhiy prep. Before (in time and place), against, with respect to. It is the re¬ verse of^rg anu. S. *>\ TW ibh, s. m. An elephant. s. 1^1 ^ IHT a-bha, s. f. Splendour, beauty. Digitized by s. j\$\ a-bhar, adj. Light (in weight). ubhar (3>r^and r. Fill, support) s. m. Swelling, plumpness, tumefaction, prominence. s, ubhar-na, v. a. To plump up, to raise up, to excite, to persuade. h. ubharna, v. a. To take away, to steal. s. a-bhag (^T and Hl^F or HPF Fortune) s. m. Misfortune, adversity. 1 ac [i Unfortunate, destitute. s. ^ Ud a-bhag-1, ) a . ibham (from ^ Heb. Dnl Close d by pres¬ sure) The thumb : suspicion, ambiguity, equivo¬ calness. adj. Covered, concealed, unknown. £. ubhana (3f^ and caus. of r. Ht Fear) v. a. To alarm, to disturb. s. a-bha’dy s. m. Non-existence, an¬ nihilation, death. s, abhibad (3ff>FTK from and r. ^ Speak) s. m. Obeisance, a bow or pros¬ tration to a person addressed by name also, an opprobrious or unfriendly speech. s . ^oUsd abhibddan (STfW^) s. m. Same as ^L*d abhibad, q. v. s. abhipraya (3rt5mi3r) s. m. Mean¬ ing, intention, design, purpose, wish, desire. s. u U> §' a-bhar am (^T and Reverence) adj. Without credit or respect or character. s. a-bharan (or abharan ), s. m. Jewels, ornaments, decoration. S' \jjA)\ ubharna (see Id^zd) v. n. To swell, to rise up, to overflow, to unlade (a cart or boat). s. tf,L*d abhi-sarika (^rPTMlR^T) adj. f. Microsoft ® 15 16 U Going to an assignation with her husband or lover (a woman). s. 1^,1 abhishek, s. m. Bathing, baptizing; installation. 11 . ubhak, s. m. A bear. s. a-bhakt (and Service) s. f. Want of desire or faith, disregard, indifference. •v. alhi-lak s. m. Wish, desire. s. abhilakha, s. f. See CJX#\ abhilak . s. ^TfW^T abliiman , s. m. Pride, haughtiness, self-conceit, arrogance. s. abhiman-z, adj. Proud, haughty. s. 3TfSpr^ cibhimanya , adj. Proud, haughty. s. abhinav, adj. New, recent. s. and r * ^ Exist, be) a-bhut, adj. Non-existent, not existing, not past. a-bhoj, (3P^32f) adj. Unfit to be eaten, not eatable. s * ^TT^nil (^EfJ and Y Adorn) a- bhukhan , s. m. Jewels, ornaments. 5* a-bkog (3pfr3^ from ST and r. Enjoy) adj. Unfit for use, unpossessed. -• abliuii, adv. Hitherto, yet. $• ab-1u y adv. Just now, even now, imme¬ diately, instantly, presently, already. s. a-bhai (•^PT^T) adj. Fearless, without fear. s * abhyas , s. m. Practice, ex¬ ercise, study, the frequent repetition of a thing in order to fix it on the mind. s, (or for 3T^U) a-bhed, adj. 1. In¬ divisible, inseparable, impenetrable. 2. Known, publick. -• abhew , adj. See a-bhed . r. aJ-7, adj. Aquatick, of or belonging to water, watery, aqueous, moist. Digitized by h. ^ ale, inteij. (used by . way of contempt) Holla, you fellow, you rascal! sirrah! £. ^ ab-i, adv. Now, exactly now. (Little used). a. abyat , s. plur. (of u^-j) Houses; distichs or verses (most commonly). p. abyar-i, s. f. A species of pigeon: a sort of very fine garment or cloth, p. ab-yar! , s. f. Irrigation, watering, p. <_>! ab-i-yakhni, Water in which meat has been boiled down, gravy. s. abyab ) s. m. Limb, member. a-ber, s. f. Delay, lateness, li. j+>\ ablr, s. m. Powder used in the hoti. See ablr . a. abyaz, adj. compar. (of f^L: r. ^ob Heb. and Ch. fO Shone or was exceeding white) White, whiter, more or most splendid or shining, s. c-ri ap (Sans. '&\ \ KM I Soul, self) pron. Self, selves, yourself, you Sir (used, instead of the personal pronoun of the second person, by an inferiour when addressing his superiour), liis worship, &c. t —A apswarthl, adj. Selfish, seeking tlie interest of self. s. v T3TR ap, s. m. Water, s. c-d apa , prep. Under, below (denoting inferiority, secrecy, disappearance, slyness, &e.) ill, amiss, bad. The reverse ofsrftr. s. c-d upa , prep. Near, by, by t he sid e of, with ; secondary to. The opposite of • s. bT apa (see lJ\) s. f. An elder sister. Self, s. v bj3prirr a-pap, adj. Sinless, innocent. s. u-ri e-d ap ap, s. Selfishness, egotism. s.yy wn? a-patr, adj. Incapable, unfit, unworthy. s. 3>*TT^T vpadh, s. f. Violence, injury, injustice, tyranny. s. vpadh-z, adj. Violent, unjust. s. Jj\ (3T and ^TTT The opposite bank) a-par, adj. Boundless, excessive, p. jb\ ipar, s. Thyme, wild marjoram. Microsoft ® 17 18 Ji £. 5 . 5 , S, S. H S. s. II uparjit, adj. Acquired, vfrM vin M (3*T and r, Earn) uparjan, s. m. Earning, acquirement. bjW nparna (3^T[2^T from and r. Go) v. a. To root up, to extirpate, to eradicate. (contract, of q. v.) upas , s. m. A fast, fasting. LM upas-5 , adj. Hungry, one who fasts. upasana (3Q |R*T from and r. Sit) v. a. To reverence, to worship. (see U^W)adj. Serving, worshipping. . bbl upana, v. a. To create, produce, earn, get. jM vpa’o, s. m. Remedy, redress: see upaban (3M^«1 ) s . m. A grove, an artificially planted wood or garden. 3bfL[fcr upapati, s. m. A gallant, a paramour. 3 TT I T^ apat, s. f. Misfortune, calamity, fault. apat, s. Discredit, disgrace. aputraky adj. Childless. bj^l (3T and ^trTSirn A virtuous, faithful wife) apativrata, adj. and s. f. Unchaste (a woman); a courtezan.' Digitized by s. \ uparna (3^ and r. Go) v. n. To be rooted out, to be pulled out, to be skinned. h. bjj} uparna y v. n. To be imprinted with the mark of any thing. s. ij~j\ apas or apas (see c-M ap ) pron.recip. Self, selves, one’s self, themselves, one another m y (hence) s. f. Kindred, brotherhood, fellowship. Digitized by Microsoft ® 21 22 Ji' ^ <^1 apas men rahna, is applied to signify adultery, &c. (in the dialect of women). s. n P as (^^and r. RR Destroy) s. f. Stink, staleness, putrefaction, rottenness. S. 3 s. SfTT ut-tung, adj. High, lofty, tall. n.yl itau (in Braj) adj. This much, so much : see lol itna. ii.jj’l uttu s. m. Plaits of cloth, bbj Jl SK< markar uttu banaya uske ta’tii, He beat him to a mummy (lit. till his body became marked like the plaits in cloth). \jj> y\ u ttu karna, v. a. To plait. jSy\ uttUr/cash, or j> y\ uttu-gar, A plaiter. H.y I dtu, s. f. A female teacher or a governess. 5* j'yl itwar (from I ^ | ^ The day of the sun) s. m. Sunday. S’ Jyl a-tol, adj. See Jjl atul. s. ^i\ ath, or atha, conj. (or inceptive par¬ ticle used to introduce a remark, question, affir¬ mation, &c.) Now, thus, so and so, further, moreover. s. \y\ atha (3T and ^T*T Place) adj. Deep, unfordable, unfathomable, out of man’s depth. a. 1*1^1 ittiham (inf. via. of s. m. Suspi¬ cion, impeachment, accusation, censure. s - (jjv’l ut-than, s. Effort, rising up, manly exertion, battle, joy. 3^TT*T utthan ekadasi , or devathdn, The eleventh of the sukl paksh of Kartik, when Vishnu awakes from sleep. (During the four months that he sleeps it is unlawful to marry). S’ a-thdh, adj. Unfathomable, bottomless, very deep. s. An abyss. See \y\ atha. S- trtV' atha’ln (^ and r. ^7 Remain; q. d. not to remain or reside in) s. f. A place where people meet to converse and amuse themselves. s. athit (3T and IWrT Placed, stood) adj. Unstable, unsteady, wavering. < s * ^ ^ atharlan or atharvan, s. m. Name of the fourth Veda. £. athak (^T and Weariness) adj. Unwearied, untired, insensible of fati\ atti, s. f. A hank or bundle of thread ; a cant word for a turban. H * ^ a i er > s * £ Name of a town. a. 1 ateran, s. m. 1. A skein or bundle of thread, a reel. 2. The lounge (in the manage). a. 1 3jJ\ aterna, v. a. 1. To make up thread into skeins, to reel. 2. To lounge a horse. H. JJJ\ a-tek, adj. Without support. A. asasy s. plur. Household furniture, wealth, goods, money, slaves, cattle, effects. a. asasu-l-baity *) TT . . _ _ *i»» * - r Household furniture. a. \ asar, s. m. A mark, sign, trace, impression, effect. \j£ j\ asar harm , To operate, affect. a. J &i>\ asial, adj. compar. (of JJi5) Heavier, heaviest, very heavy. A.U1 asna (from Heb. ruttf He turned, bent, doubled, &c.) s. in. The middle, interstice, in¬ terval : folds or plaits. *\j asnd-irrdh, or *\) asna-i-rah men, In the middle of the road, whilst travelling. bl isna ashar, Twelve; the twelve Imams. lSt+z b \ isna-asharjy adj. Relating to the twelve (imams). A.^1 a fir, 1. part. Marking, marked, chosen. 2. s. iEther. a. aslm, adj. Sinful; sinner. s.^3T3T aj, s. m. A he goat. §- aj (or aj, from ' 3 T?T ) adv. To day. aj-kal. Nowadays, to day or to morrow, of late, in a few days. aj-kal karnd or bb J^T dj-kal batanhy To procrastinate. ^-7 Digitized by Microsoft -) s. f. Answer¬ ing (of prayer or of a petition), consent, appro¬ bation, compliance. s. (3T and ^TTrT Kind, sort) a-jat , adj. Expelled from his cast (a man). s. ajat-iy s. m. A man who has lost his cast. a. sjc?\ ijara , s. m. 1. Hire, rent, a privilege or income of variable amount sold or let for a fixed sum. 2. A farm. a. p.jh 8j\pA ijara-dar , s. m. A farmer of land or of revenue: one who has purchased the la¬ bour of another: the holder of a monopoly. h.JW ajar, s. m. Canvass (cloth made of hemp). s.jW ujar (see adj. Desert, desolate, ruined, ruinous, demolished, deserted, aban¬ doned. s. UJW ujarna (caus. of Uj>-\) v. a. To lay waste, desolate, demolish, injure, expose to loss. a, ClJjWl ijazat (inf. iv. of jfr) s. f. Permission, leave, dispensation, sanction, commands, orders. ijazat-khzoah t adj. Asking per¬ mission. bjJ ijazat dena, To permit. vjagar, s. m. Splendour, brightness, adj. Bright, splendid, famous. ?. ujald ( and r. Shine) 1. s. m. Splendour, brightness, light. 2. adj. See ujjal. f. ujalna (caus. of q. v.) v. a. To cleanse, to polish (metals or jewels). S' ujafi, adj. f. Bright: see ujjal s. U LW ajamil , n. prop. Name of a great sin¬ ner and penitent. 8. ajan (^T and Knowledge) adj. Ignorant, simple, innocent, indifferent, careless. ujan y s. m. The direction or part of a gn eel c river which is opposite to the course of the stream, up the stream. S' lit>T djana (lj| and bU- q. v.) v. n. 1. To come suddenly, befall, happen. 2. To come. s, -) s. m. Exer¬ tion, effort. a.^IjcJ ajdad , s. plur. (of jaddt) Ancestors, s. T ajudh (3TT^T from and r. 3V Fight) s. m. A weapon (in general), n. vjadd, adj. Inconsiderate, rash, ignorant, clownish. a , J s r \ ajr , s. m. Retribution, reward of good or bad actions, hire, fare, fee. UjO j>\ ajr dena, To reward, recompense. (3T and r. ^ Grow old) ajar , adj. Exempt from decrepitude or the infirmi¬ ties of old age, undecayable. s , jzA fcl K ajir , s. m. An area, court, yard. A.\fr\ ijra (inf. iv. of s. m. Performance. \j£ \j*A ijra kamdy To perform. ajram , s. plur. (of £/r) Bodies. a. ujrat, s. f. Reward, wages, hire. S' u. Vpsr ujra pujra, part. In ruins, desolate. §' \jJ>-\ ujarna and 3T5T A fibrous root) v. n. To become desolate. s. njarwana (caus. of lij^) v. a. To lay waste by the hands of a third person. a. ajza, s. m. plur. (of^) Parts, portions. S' ajas (3T and ^T^l*)adj. Infamous. a. ajsad, s. plur. (of Ju^-) Bodies. a. ajsam , s. plur. (of Bodies. D 2 Microsoft ® % V; »V? 39 40 \ a-jukt, 1(3T. and United with, ajugat, J fitted) adj. Unfit; s. f. Violence, oppression, compulsion. If ajgut for adbhut, q. v. s 'J^r\ (' 5 T3T A goat, and r. Swal¬ low) aj-gar, s. m. A large serpent, the Boa constrictor. a. ajal, s. f. The term of life, fate, death, the hour of death, the predestined time of death, a stated time, delay, respite, period for the pay¬ ment of a debt, ajal raslda, Over¬ taken by fate. ajal-girifta, Seized by fate, on the point of death, in a situation that leaves no hopes of life, in the jaws of death. a. JW ajally adj. com par. (from JJ^) More or most glorious. s. ujjal (Ifs^R 3 *}) adj. Clear, pure, shining, luminous, bright, splendid, blown, expanded. $. vjldy adj. See ujjal* ijlas (inf. iv. of ^-L*-) s. f. Seating, causing to sit. a. uJLpl ajlaf, s. plur. (of Vile, ig¬ noble, unjust people. a. JiW ijldl (inf. iv. of J^) s. m. The bestow¬ ing or acknowledging of greatness; magnificence, glory, honour, respect. s'. U5U-1 njlana (caus. of UJU-1) v. a. To cause to cleanse, to brighten. s. tijjalit ('$>*%and Blazing) adj. Pure, clean, clear. s. ujalnd (3sS^H?5*T from -5^ and r. Shine) v. n. To become clean, to shine, to be bright. a. ds>-\ ajilla, s. plur. (of JA>-jaUl or ajall ) Illustrious men. a. ^Up-1 ijma? (inf. iv of s. m. Act of as¬ sembling, an assembly, senate, council, court of justice, a crowd, collection, amount, whole. ijma*-i-4immaty s. in. General as¬ sembly of the people, unanimous consent. a. ijmdl (inf. iv. of J^) s. m. An ab¬ stract, compendious account, synopsis. a. ijmal-ly adj. Abridged, compendious. A. ajma’ln, s. plur. (of g-*>4) The whole, all together. a. ajmaly adj. compar. (of u L*=»-) More or most beautiful. ley (apium involucratum), common caraway, a kind oflovage. s. ^ff3T*T a j biy s. m. A hide used as a scat, bed, &c. by the religious student; generally the hide of an antelope. . ajnaSy s. f. plur. (of Lr ^) U Kinds, sorts, species. 2. Goods, chattels, merchandise. a. <->4 ajnaby ) adj. Foreign, strange, un- a. ajnably S known (person). a. (jnablyaty s. f. Strangeness, the state of a foreigner. s, ^>-\ (3f an( l *S\ r H Birth) a-janm, adj. Un¬ born and unbegotten. a. ajinndy plur. (of j^rr^) Embryos, foetuses. h. vjwana, v. a. To cause a person to pour from one vessel into another. h . ajwayan, s. f. The seed of a plant of the dill kind. (Ligusticum ajowan, Roxbj). s. L^fAajoty adj. Without splendour, dull. s. ajuthd (3T and sec VL*^) ad j- Un¬ touched, untasted (victuals). a. ajura, s. m. Hire, rent, wages, fare, re¬ ward, fee. ajura-ddry s. m. A la¬ bourer for hire (whether by time or by the job), a hireling. (^ and Junction) a-jor , adj. With¬ out joining; peerless, scarce, s. ^^>4 ajon (from ^T) adv. Hitherto, to this day. s . ujhdlna (caus. of Li^-1) v. a. To pour from one vessel into another. H.Jf=4 ujjhaTy adj. Ignorant, illiterate, clownish. Digitized by Microsoft ® 42 41 lr>4 <* h. \^LpA.xtjhalcna, v. n. 1. To peep, to spy* 2. See uchakna . a. afhal, adj. compar. (of JaW) More, most or very ignorant., s. ujhaly s. See ojhoL s. vjhalnd ( 3r( and Water) 1. v. n. To flow or be poured from one vessel into ano¬ ther. 2. v. a. To throw or pour quickly from one vessel into another. s. aj-hu (^T and ys) adv. To day too, even now, just now, yet. S' ajhol (3T and <0 a="" adj.="" adv.="" aj-hun="" an="" and="" elephant="" of="" pace="" s="" seejf="" steady="" swing="">-\ aj-hu. h. ^j>-\ ajly An interjection to call or bespeak at¬ tention. (In Bengal, it is used to an inferiour or in cases of great intimacy only; but, in the western provinces, it is often addressed to a su- periour as a term of respect). Holla! Good sir ! Hear me, sir ! s. L y?\ ajax (3T and *^RT Victory, success) adj. Not victorious, unsuccessful, subdued. 5. r^ a jit and r^lfT Vanquished) adj. Invincible, unsubdued, impregnable. s. ajlt bar an (v^Hsiri ^rof) s. m. Leprosy (of a bad kind). a.4Xo4 aj'yad , adj. compar. (from Ay?) Very good, excellent. \.jfpA ajir , s. m. A slave, hired servant, hireling. -* a-jiran (3T3ffrf from and r. Decay) s. m. Indigestion; surfeit, flatulence. S' ^y?\ ifjjain s. m. Name of a city, formerly the capital of Vikramaditya. s. a ‘jT° (^" and'-sfN Life) adj. Lifeless. S. 3fr3fTl%cffT a-jlvika , s. f. Means of supporting life, livelihood, subsistence, s. -1 ^ uchcha, adj. High. See undid. -* uchcliatan , s. m. ) (3r^ and r. s. uchatjy s. f. S Break, pierce, in- * jure) The act of vexing or rendenng sorrowful, vexation. s, L5W uchatna (caus. of Li>-1 q. v.) v. a. To divide, separate. Uy> uchat bond, To be tired, to be disgusted. s. j\*A 3^TT uchchar , s. m. Pronunciation, utterance, articulation, expression. achar (improp. achar) s. m. Established rule of conduct, custom, practice, institute, religious observance. n. .U-l achar , s. m. Pickles. V r S' achdraj (^ ) s. m. A spiritual guide or teacher, a learned pandit. s. 3^1 uchchar an, s. m. Pronun¬ ciation, utterance, articulation. s, UjW uchchdrna , v. a. To pronounce, speak out, utter, articulate, express. S. achar i , adj. Practising (what is good), strict in the observance of reli¬ gious ceremonies. s. d-chdrya , s. m. A spiritual preceptor or a teacher in matters of religion. ^ uchchdn (from 3^* ) s. f. Height. S' UU-1 achdnd (^TT and r. Eat, drink) v. a. To rinse the mouth after eating. ^ UU4 uchana (3rJ^ and r. Gather) v. a. To lift up a burden. h. achanchakyl adv. Suddenly, una- ii. cl£iU4 achdnak, J wares, unexpectedly. S' achpal, m. f. j (from ) adj. Rest- S' achpaldy m. > less, inconstant, playful, s. achpaViy f. ) brisk, wanton. s. achpala-haty *) s. f. Restlessness, play- lsW' achpal-ly J fulness, vivacity, in¬ constancy, wantonness. s. 3l%fr (r. Speak) uchity adj. Proper, fit, suitable. s. achchut ( from and r. Digitized by Microsc IJ5 43 44 fck*' * Go) adj. Fixed, permanent, imperishable, eter¬ nal; s. m. A name of Vishnu or God. h. s. achtana pachtana (see Ub^*?) v. n. To repent, to lament some neglect, to grieve. s a-chatur, adj. Stupid, inactive. s. uchatna (3rJ^ and r . Separate, break) v. n. To separate; to be separated (as plaster from a wall) ; to slip, slide, rebound (as a sword striking a hard body obliquely) ; to be broken or interrupted (sleep). ( 3T and Moveable) a-char , adj. Im¬ movable ; inanimate. $?. achraj, . achrach, (2L>» 7 J(3rwsjf) s. m. f. Wonder, admiration, astonishment, adj. Astonishing. s . 3n^r acharan , s. m. Manner of life, conduct, behaviour, custom, practice, insti¬ tute, religious observance, s. U uchcharna ( 3^ and r. Go) 1. v. n. To separate (as the skin from the flesh, &c.). 2. To be uttered, spoken or pronounced. 3. v. a. To speak, utter, pronounce. h. uchrang, s. m. A moth. h. uchakka , s. m. A thief, a pickpocket. s, blG-l uclikana , v. a. To lift or raise up. h. achkart, s. f. Wantonness, lascivious¬ ness, wickedness. s. (^T and Eye) a-chakshu, 1. Adj. Blind. 2. h. s. f. Spectacles. s. (^T andf^WJT Bland, soft) a-chikkan , adj. Rough, unpolished, s. uchakna , v. n. To rise, to be raised or lifted, to leap, bound, spring up. h. uchakki , s. f. A female thief or pick¬ pocket. s. JgjarSES a-chal, adj. Immovable, incapa¬ ble of motion; s. m. A mountain, an aged person. J-J achal, The blue mountain near Balasore. s. 5U-I 3TW achala , s. f. The earth. 5. uchlana (from Ui^4) v. a. To order a person to separate (one thing from another). £. (3r|^and r. Move ) uchalna , v. n. To separate, to be separated. n. achambha , s. m. Wonderful thing, astonishment, cause of astonishment. s. ^TTWT achaman, s. m. Act of sip¬ ping a little water from the palm of the hand by way of purification. a-chin (^T and T^l A mark) adj. With¬ out note or consequence. n. U^o-1 achambha , s. m. Sec v p. v £. a-chint (^R" and T' G l*TlT Thought) adj. Thoughtless. _ s. (3T and Moving) a-chanchal, adj. Fixed, unmoved, firm, inactive. ii. a-chuk ( and l 1£=- Errour) adj. Un¬ erring, sure ; (hence) a good marksman. s. \^\ achchha (^p^ Clear, transparent) adj. Good, excellent, pleasant, righteous, healthy, well, sound, lucky. achchha karna , To cure, recover, llfl \^A achchha lagna, To be¬ come, beseem, please, be agreeable, achchha hona , v. n. To recover. s. ichchha, s. f. Wish, desire, lf>*1 ichchha bhojan, Desirable food, or food to the utmost desire. s. (^TT and r. ^^3 Cover) achchhadan , s. m. Cloth, garments. uchhalna (caus. of L4j4) v. a. To throw up, to toss up a thing (as a ball, &c.) and catch it in the hand. h. ^>*1 (^Tand Strain) a-chhan, adj. Not strained, impure. ii. uchchhah, s. m. Joy, gladness. s. ^f^rT (3f an( ] Broken)’ achchhat, adj. Uninjured, unhurt; s. m. Whole or un¬ broken rice used in oblations. achchat tilak , The ceremony of putting a few Digitized by Microsoft 45 4 46 6j>-\ grains of rice on the forehead of an image when addressed, or of a Brahman when invited to an entertainment. h. ackhat, part. pres. Remaining, exist¬ ing, continuing. h.£. achlitanapaclihtana (seeU\^^) v. n. To repent, to grieve, to be sorry. achckkar (or akshar) s. m. A let¬ ter of the alphabet. s. uchkarnd, v. n. See uckkalna. s. achkraufi (from 'M ) s. f. Ortho¬ graphy ; a mode of playing on a stringed instru¬ ment so as to express the words of a song. s. 4 achclihar-i (from j&A 'M ) adj . Scien- tifick, lettered, writing an elegant hand. s. uch-chhisht , s. m. Food left or rejected, crumbs, fragments, leavings, orts. £. 1)^4 uchhlana (caus. of UU=4) v. a. To or¬ der another to throw up any thing. s . 14^4 (^^\ and r. Move) uchhalnd , v. n. To leap or bound, to spring or spout up (as water in a fountain), to spring or fly up. -• iiTr?^ ichchkan ( ) s. m. Seeing, sight, eye. s. ^ (Strand r. Cut) uch- chhinn, adj. Ruined, laid waste, destroyed. h. \^-\ achhnd, v. n. To be, exist, become, con¬ tinue. n. ac hliwdm 9 s. f. Caudle. -• ackhuta (see l$y4) adj. Intangible (vic¬ tuals dressed for saints, &c.), inviolable. -• achchhodan ( ) s . m . The chase, hunting. s. j£j4 ( A carriage, and 3f^TT Collection) achkauhinl , s. f. A com¬ plete army, consisting of 109,350 foot, 65,610 horse, 21,870 chariots, and 21,870 elephants. s. a-chhaiy adj. Unpcrishable. Digitized by s. ackheti ( ) adj. plur. Good. See \z>-\ achchkd . * V . s . u^d4 a-chet, adj. Out of mind or senses, senseless, thoughtless, stupified. s. \^»4 a-chitd , adj. 1 . (^T and r. f^cT Think) Unwished for. 2. (3T and r. Paint) Not painted (paper, &c.). s. U^K^.and r. Shake, move) uchelna , v. a. To separate one thing from another. h. ^^4 a4 ihtirdz (inf. vm. of^p-) s.m. Absti¬ nence, regimen, abstaining from improper actions of any kind, forbearance, controuling the pas¬ sions. ihtirdz karnd, To abstain (from), to keep one's self with care (from), to guard one's self (from), to avoid. a. ifrtirak (inf. vni. of s. Burning, conflagration. a. ihtirdm (inf. vm. of s.m. Act of honouring, veneration, reverence, attention, treating with respect. a. <—>L^4 ihtisab (inf. vm. of i_ Heb. and Ch. He thought, computed) s. m. 1. Ma¬ king up accounts, estimating. 2. Superinten¬ dence of police: prohibition. Microsoft ® 47 46 a. ihtisham (inf. vm. of s. m. Pomp, parade, retinue, magnificence. a i/itilam (inf. vm. of j*L>- Heb. and Ch. D^n He dreamt) s. m. Nocturnal pollution. a. JUa=-l ihtimal (inf. vm.of Heb.and Syr. $Dn He bore) s. m. 1. Act of bearing or sup¬ porting. 2. Doubt, uncertainty. 3. Proba¬ bility, conjecture. \jj ihtimal karna, To doubt, to impute. ihtimal hona, To be probable. a.~-L is*] ihtiyaj (inf. vm. of s. f. Neces¬ sity, want, occasion, need, exigence. a. ihtiyaj at, s. plur. (of ~.L^>4) Requi¬ site things, wants, necessaries. a. ihtiyat (inf. vm. of U^) s. f. Caution, circumspection, foresight, scrupulousness, care. a. ihtiyatan , adv. Cautiously, with cau¬ tion, circumspectly. a. JcJ ahad, s. Unity, one, an unit. a. dd.X>4 ihdas (inf. iv. of Heb. Pin He renewed) s. m. Act of making or producing any thing new, production, invention, innova¬ tion. r. ahd-i, s. m. A sort of soldier. a. ahadiyat, s. f. Unity, the being sin¬ gular. a. ihrak (inf. iv. of s. m. Act of burning or setting on fire. a. ihram (inf. iv. of s. m. Act of for¬ bidding or interdicting, putting on the pilgrim’s habit at a certain distance from Mecca, determi¬ nation or resolution. (At a certain distance from Mecca, the pilgrims interdict themselves all worldly enjoyments, &c. There their reso¬ lution is fixed to complete the pilgrimage; and, hence, the word means the determination then formed), jama-i-ihram, The gar¬ ment worn by pilgrims on entering Mecca. A. ahzan, s. plur. of huzn, q. v. a. sA ihsan (inf. iv. of cr ^>-) s. m. Bene¬ ficence, benevolence, benevolent actions, benefit, Digitized by r’ favour, courtesy, kindness, the conferring of obligation, ihsan karna, To confer favour or benefit, to oblige. ihsan- mand, adj. Obliged, bound (by favour), grate¬ ful. a.p. ihsan-i, s. f. See ihsan . a. ahsan, adj. compar. (of More or most beautiful, excellent, preferable, agreeable. A . ahsant, adv. Thou hast made excel¬ lent ; bravo! well done ! a. ahsham, s. plur. (of ^->.) Followers, at¬ tendants. ^ ihsham (inf. iv. of s. Re¬ verencing. a. jUb-1 ihzar, (inf. iv. ofs. m. Act of caus¬ ing to be present; summoning; a summons. a. ahakk, adj. compar. (of <££>-) More or very proper or deserving. a. jUrJ i/ikak (inf. iv. of Heb. ppn He pre¬ scribed, &c.)s. m. Act of proving or establish¬ ing the truth of a doctrine, restoring to rights, administration of justice. a.j£z>A ahkar, adj. compar. (of^b»-) More or most contemptible. (A self-humiliatory expres¬ sion). a. ft i>A ahkam, s. plur. (of hukm ) Orders, commands, decrees. a. +(s>-\ ahkam, adj. compar. (of Strong¬ er, firmer, more stable, or very strong. a. ahmad, adj. compar. (of 0 w4j>-) More or most praiseworthy or commendable, n. prop. Name of Muhammad '•nd of others. a. o.u>i ahmad-i, adj. Belonging to Ahmad. a.p. ahmad-abad, Name of a city in Gujrat. ahmar, adj. Red. a. ^£*>4 ahmak, adj. Very or most foolish, fool, blockhead, dunce. A. h. ahmak-apan, s. m. Folly, stupb dity. a.p. ahmak-ana, adj. Foolishly, stupid¬ ly. (Figuratively) this word is applied to the Microsoft® 49 50 money which an amil is obliged to pay to make good the deficiency of the revenue. a.h. ahmak-pan, s. m. See * A. ahmak-i, s. f. Folly. a. ahwal, s. m. (plur. of Jl>- hat) Con¬ dition, circumstances, events, occurrences, state, account, ahwal batlana, To state one’s condition. ahwal-pursan, Ask¬ ing after health, &c. ahwalpursl, s. f. Inquiry after health, circumstances, &c. ahwal puchhna, To inquire after health, &c. a. J fA ahwal , adj. Squinting, one who sees ob¬ jects double. a. Lo-1 ahya, s. plur. (of haiy) The living. %ihya (inf. i v. of Heb. rvn He lived) s. m. Vivification, giving life, saving, preserving. a. bLr>-l ahyanan, adv. Sometimes, now and then, from time to time; in the event, in case, should. a. akhy s. m. Brother, vkh, Imitative sound of coughing. a kh akh, An exclamation of joy, ah ! a. U-l a khkh a , An exclamation of surprize, ha! A. akhbar, s. plur. (ofNews, a news¬ paper. ^ ikhbar (inf. iv. ofs. m. Act of giving intelligence or information. a. akhbas, adj. compar. (of Very impure or contemptible. p. akhpaldi, s. m. Understanding, wisdom, intelligence. a. ikhtitain (inf. vm. of Heb. and Ch.onn He sealed, closed, finished) s. m. Finish¬ ing, end, conclusion, completion, fulfilment, p. j^\ akhtar, s. m. 1. A star, a constellation. 2. Good fortune, good omen, horoscope. a. ikhtira* (inf. vm.of s. m. Inven¬ tion, inventing, fancying. I jJs ikhtira x karna, To invent, devise. a .ikhtisar (inf. vm. of s. m. Abridgment, abbreviation, brevity, act of con¬ tracting, reducing, curtailing, l! \J> ikhtisar karna, To abbreviate, abridge. a. ikhtisas (inf. vm. of J^) s. m. Ap¬ propriation, peculiarity. a. \h&*\ ikhtifa (inf. vm. of tk>- Heb. HDn He concealed) s. in. Act of hiding, concealing, covering. a. ikhtilat (inf. vm. of LU- Ch. D^f7 He mixed)" s. m. Act of mixing, mixture, confu¬ sion ; intercourse, friendship, conversation. A. uJlbfiU ikhtilaf (inf. vm. of cJU- Heb. He passed, changed, succeeded) s. m. Differ¬ ence (of opinion), opposition, discord, disagree¬ ment, misunderstanding between friends, breach, coolness. (Plur. ikhtilafat). a. ikhtilal (inf. vm. of J^) s. m. f. I. Interruption, disturbance, obstacle. 2. Need. p. akhta, or akhta , adj. Castrated; ageld- ing. akhta murgh , A capon. a,j\cJA ikhtiyar (inf. vm, of‘^o-) s. m. Choice, will, option, election; authority, power. \jJ$ ikhtiyar karnay To approve of, to adopt, to choose, by* ikhtiyar mert hona, To be in the power of, or dependant on. a. ikhtiyar-u 1. s. f. Approbation, choice; authority, power. 2. adj. In one’s power, sub¬ ject to election or choice, voluntary, at one’s disposal. a. akhz (Heb. tnx) s. f. Taking, seizing, intercepting; objection, cavil, hostility. dcU \jj£ akhz-harna . To take, seize, assume. a.j>-\ akhir (Heb. inK After) adj. Last, latter, s. m. End, termination, issue, adv. At last, finally. akhir karna, v. a. To end, finish, conclude, terminate. U akhir lia¬ na, v. n. To end, to be ended, &c. a. ikhraj (inf. iv. of s, m. Drawing forth, derivation, expulsion, evacuation. a. ikhrajat, s. m. plur. (of ^.^U) Ex¬ penses, disbursement. E tized by Mic 51 52 4 U a.^^T akhiru-l-amr, adv. At the end, finally, at last. a, CJp-T akhirat, s. f. Futurity, a future state, the world to come. A. P. ^>T akhirash, adv. At the end of it, at last, finally, after all. a. p. akhir-i-shab , s. The end of the night, before dawn. s. akhrot ( ^ ) s. m. A walnut: the fruit of the Aleurites triloba, also, is so called. a. akhir-t, adj. Last, latter, final, extreme. a. akhassy adj. compar. (of More or most avaricious, mean or very mean. a. u c>~\ akhass, adj. compar. (of More or most especial or excellent. a. bbU ikhfa (inf. iv. of s. m. Conceal¬ ment. a. akhfashy adj. Having small eyes, weak- sighted, seeing better at night than by day. akfigar , s. f. Live ashes, a spark of fire. a. ikhlas (inf. iv. of s. m. Since¬ rity, affection, friendship, love, b \jj> ikhlas karna or rakhna, To esteem, &c., to be sincere. a.p. ikhlas-mand, adj. Sincere, friendly, affectionate ; a friend. a.p. ikhlds-mand-i, s. f. Sincerity. a. t^U-\ akhlat, s. plur. (of khilt) The hu¬ mours of which the blood is composed in the bodies of animals. a. akhldk, s. m. plur. (of Miulk) 1. Manners, disposition, the good properties of man¬ kind, virtues. 2. Ethicks, morality, politeness. p dkhor, s. f. Refuse, offals, filth : a stable. a. ikkwan, s. plur. (of ^ akh) Brothers. oj ikhwan-i-zaman. Contemporaries, people of the same religion. p. akhnn . *\s. m. Tutor, preceptor, school- p. akhundyj master. a, akhvi y adj. Brotherly. a. akhyar, adj. plur. (ofThe good, the better (people). a. alchyaft; adj. By the same mother but by a different father (a brother or sister). akhlr, adj. Last, final, latter, s. m. The end, accomplishment, completion. s. u d> prep. See cd\ '^T s ut . S. d-diy adj. First, prior, pre-eminent; (in compos.) other, et cetera: s. Beginning, ori- _ ginal. ad-ant (for ^ I?IcT) l.adj. From the first till the last, from the beginning to the end. 2. s. m. The beginning and the end. ddi-furushy (The first male) a name of Vishnu . s. iM ad or ad (in compos, for U J>7 q. v.) Half. ^b) ad-zabdn, Half pronounced. A .\c\addy s. f. 1. Performance, execution, dis¬ charge, payment. 2. Blandishments, coquetry. 3. Expression. \^\ ada-band, Composer or describer of blandishments, &c. W add - band-iy s. f. Description of blandishments, &c. ^ \d\ ada-fahm, Understanding by signs. \S\ add-fahm-iy s. f. The understanding by signs, or of the arts of blandishment, b^ add karna, To perform, to discharge (a debt, See.), to pay; to coquet; to pronounce, utter, to express (by language), bp add hona , To be performed, to be discharged (a debt, &c.). s. add (^n£ or sn&o s. m. Ginger in the undried state. a. <— addby s. m. (plur. ofc_^ adab) Ceremo¬ nies, devoirs, etiquette, politeness, forms of ad¬ dress in writing and speaking, salutation, respects. a. adaty s. f. An instrument; a particle (in grammar). s. bU a-ddtdy adj. Illiberal, avaricious, stingy. s ,jU\ uddr, adj. Liberal, generous, mu¬ nificent. Digitized by Microsoft 1 53 54 caM s. \jj\a\ udar-ta , s. f. Liberality, ge¬ nerosity, munificence. s. udas, s. Retiredness. adj. Re¬ tired, lonely, forlorn, dejected, sorrowful, sad. s. udds-Z, 1. s. f. Solitude, loneliness, sad¬ ness, dejection. 2. ( Sitfifr ) adj. Lonely, retired, dejected. 3. s. m. An hermit, anchorite; a class of fakirs . a. adama-Udhj May God preserve (him). s. jbi sr^Fft a-dani, adj. Avaricious, stingy. a. (Jb\ adarii, adj. plur. (of
 Microsoft ® • • 57 58 ijl s. r-'\ adhu, prep. Down, downwards, below, j The reverse of ut. s. s^\ 3rf^r adhi, prep. Over, above, upon. It implies superiority (in pl ace, q uality, or quan¬ tity) and is the reverse of 'HM apa. s, UjT adha (^) adj. Half. In compos, it becomes iS\ ddh or adh or adha or ol ad; as,ibr *«>T ddh-jald. Half-burnt; \yM>\ adh- mud or ad-mud , Half-dead. s. adhdr, 1 I ITT Food, or for'^TT^TK S' adhdr , J Support) s. m. Food, aliment, victuals, nourishment, support, s. jIsjT ’3WK ('M l and r. ^ Hold) a-dhdr, s. m. A patron, supporter, one on whom de- pendance is placed for assistance. S. (3C and r. V Hold) udhdr or ud-dhdr, s. m. Debt (especially not bearing interest), deduction, discharge, deliverance, sal- vation, raising up from any place or state. s. udharna (seejlfc^ udhdr) v. a. To libe¬ rate, to discharge. s. ljJ&S] ddhdr-i (in compos.) An eater; as, dudk-ddhdrl, One who lives on milk. mas-adhan, Elesh-enter, carnivorous. s. adhd-sisi (Half, and Head) s. f. Pain affecting the half of the head, hemicrania. s. 3TWFT ( ^TT and r. ^TT Hold) d~dhdn, s. m. 1. A ceremony practised as conducive to conception. 2. Conception, pregnancy. adlirbar , adv. Half-way, in the middle. s. adh-bichy adv. In the middle. S. ^rftFTfrT adhpat or adhi-pati , s. m. V A prince, a commander, a master. s. Uj *l>\ adh-pakkd ( ) adj. Half-ripe, s.yol adhar , s. m. Tire lower lip, the lip. h adhar , s. m. Empty space, the space be¬ tween heaven and earth. Digitized by i-dhar, adv. Here, hither, on this side. idhar udhar, About, around, up and down, here and there. u-dhar, adv. There, thither, on that side. udhar se, From that, or the other, side. H . udhrd, adj. Opened, undone, unrolled (as the seam in a garment, or thread which was rolled up in a clue). s. adhi-rdj, s. m. A great king, a sovereign, an emperour. s. adliaramrita, s.m. Nectar of the lips. s. adharsa, s. 1. A half piece of cloth. 2. Name of a sort of cloth. 5. a-dkarm, s. m. Injustice, irre- ligion, impiety, immorality, sin, crime, adj. Un¬ just, impious. adharma-pana, s. m. In¬ justice, crime. s. loop'd ' 3 TV 3 TT a-dharm-t, adj. Unjust, sin- ful, criminal, immoral, impious, s. (l&o! adhik, adj. Exceeding, exces- sive, greater, more, most, additional, augmented. 5. uddhak s. m. Asthma, act of gasping or panting, plethora in the vessels of the head, headach, indigestion, s. 3rfWT adhikdr, s. m. A kingdom, a government, an estate, a right, a privilege, an inheritance. s. ^rf^RTCt adhikdr-i, adj. Posses¬ sing a right or title to. s. m. A proprietor, one invested with power and authori ty. s. adhikand (from <—) v. a. To augment, to increase. s, $iM>\ adhikaTi "(from UKwl) s. f. Increase, augmentation, abundance, excess; oppression. s. adhkapali (^rS Half and Skull) s. f. 1. A pain affecting half the head; the hemicrany. 2. A nut of Areca shaped like a hemisphere (so named, probably, from two kernels being contained in one shell; and, to licrosoft® . 59 60 such a nut the virtue is ascribed of curing the disease of the same name). s . h . adk-kachcha, adj.m. Half-ripe. s . h . adhrkachra , adj. ra. Half-dressed (victuals). adh-kar (^T^^R^)s. m.» Half the tax or duty of any kind (the other half being remit¬ ted). s. adh-kaha, adj. m. Half-spoken, half-, uttered. a. adham , s. m. A dark coloured horse. s. adham, adj. Inferiour, low, mean, vile, despicable, contemptible. o s. adh-maran ( ^ ) adj. Half¬ dead. £. adh-mua, adj. Half-dead. h . adhan , s. m. Water set to boil for dres¬ sing victuals. s. fj&A] 3T*PT a-dhan , adj. Poor, destitute. s. cScadhang ( from 3^? Half, and _ :3 PT Body) s. m. Palsy affecting one side or half the body, hemiplegia. S' adhang-i , adj. Affected with hemiple¬ gia, palsied, paralytick. s. r a-dharii, adj. Poor, indigent. s. j\^\ adhwar (from 3T# Half) 8. f. A half. (Generally applied to pieces of cloth). adhotar , s. f. A fine kind of cloth. S' adh-ura, adj. Half-ready, half-dressed ; immature (a foetus), unfinished. UU. ad - hurajand , To miscarry (a female). S' Ljj&^adh-aurlfS.f' Half a hide (of U thick strong kind). s. (3ftT^ Down, and Face) adlio-mukh , adj. With the head down¬ wards (as the Hindus practise in the tapatya), looking dowilwards, drooping the head (from grief or shame), headlong. ( from s. adh-wan , adj. Half of anything. S' \ addhi (from ) s. f. Half a damn (a small coin), half a piece of cloth. s. adhyaya , s.m. A section or chapter of a book, a lecture. s, bLbjl adhyand (from ddha , q. v.) v. a. To halve, to divide. s. adhyachh , s. m. Superinten¬ dent, master, govemour, lord, chief. s.^-Jtol (^T and VTT Steady) a-dliir , adj. Hasty,precipitate, unsteady, irresolute. S. 3T\ffi7TT adhir-ta , s. f. Haste, pre¬ cipitation, irresolution, unsteadiness, want of firmness. S' -y+bl] adhiraj (3{^f from ^mK) s. m. Confusedness, perplexity, unsteadiness, adj. Perplexed, confused, unsteady, impatient. S' adhirja, m. (3rWf) > s. adJurjl, f. () ) WT) adj. Confused, perplexed. ad-her , adj. Middle-aged, just past the prime of life. (Applied most frequently to women). h. udlxer , s. Unravelling, unweaving, ^ udher-bun, Perplexity. h. udhernd, 1 v. a. To undo, unravel, n. udhernaun , J unfold. s. adhyaksh , s. m. See adhyachh . 5 . adh-ela, s. m. Half & paisa (a small coin), s. ^LjsoI adh-eli , s. f. Half a rupee or gold mohur. s . ^ srtffar (3rf^r and A master) ad - or adhin, adj. Obedient, dependent, sub¬ missive, subservient, docile, subject, humble. s. sroHcTT (from adhi- na-ta or adhina-td, s. f. Submission, obedience, obsequiousness, servility, subjection, humility. S' adjunct, s. f See adhinadd. Digitized by Microsoft (S 61 62 s. ij?a\ (3><^ and r. ^ Go) udai or udaya, s. m. The eastern mountaiii behind which the sun is supposed to rise. udai honti, To rise (the sun, moon, &c.). a. u b adyan , s. plur. (of ^0 din ) Religions, s. ^FT udytin, s. m. A royal garden. a. oscflJ, s. m. A teacher of polite manners, urbanity, 8cc. s. 3TKST tides, s. m. f. An order, a com¬ mand; a salutation of Jogls. s. udyam, s. m. Effort, &c. see . a. ad7w, s. m. Perfumed leather, p. adina or tidina, s. Friday. s. (^5f anc [ r . Throw up) a-doJ, adj. Immovable, unshaken. a. \j\ izti, adv. When: behold. A.jlil aztir or tizar, s. The sixth of the Chaldean or Syro-Macedonian months; March. A.r. tizar-i, adj. Of the month aztir, vernal. a. aztin, s. f. The summons to prayers (ge¬ nerally proclaimed from the minarets or towers of a mosque). t. uzbak, s. m. Name of a Tartar tribe or nation. n. ,^£^1 uzbak-anl, s. f. A female Uzbak . p. jiT tizur, s. m. 1. Fire. 2. The name of Abraham’s father (Terah). 3. The ninth solar month; winter. a. iz y an (inf. iv. of ^o) s. m. 1. Obe¬ dience, submission. 2. Confidence, belief. a. azktir, s. m. plur, (of zikr ) Praises, praises of God, recitals, commemorations. a . azkiyti, s. plur. (of zakt) People of discernment, the acute, the ingenious. a. J azall, adj. compar. (of JJj) More or most vile, base or abject. a. izn, s. m. Permission; dismission. a. az y han, s. plur. (of zi/in ) Geniuses, intellects, capacities. a. aziyat, s. f. Wanton injury, oppression, distress, vexation, trouble, suffering, torment. bjJ aziyat denti, To injure, harass, annoy, torment. \Uj\ tir , s. f. A goad. s. j\ ur , s.m. The breast, the bosom. \j^j\ nr lanti, To caress, to fondle. (r. ^5 Go) ari, s. m. An enemy. p .Js ar (for J>\ agar) conj. If. ii. j\ aru, conj. And, also. s.^T^rru tir a, s.m. 1. A saw, a shoemaker’s knife or awl. 2. The name of a district. p. \J\ tirti, part, (in compos.) Adorning, adorner, arranger, preparer. I p. *j\j\ artiba, s. m. A wheeled-carriage, a gun- carriage, &c., a cart. s. tirtiti, s. m. Enemy. h. 151^1 arrtita, s. m. A loud and prolonged sound (as from the discharge of artillery or the fall of a building). a.cujI^ irtidat, s. f. T(inf. iv. of Jjj) Desire, a. irtida, s. m. J inclination, wish, pur¬ pose, design, plan, intention, meaning. xj\j\ l irtida karna, To form a design, to make an attempt, to design, intend or purpose. s.^T^TTTT^ (3TT and r. TTV Accom¬ plish) tirtidhan, s. m. Accomplishment, grati- fying; worship, devotion, supplication. s. tirtidhna or artidhna ( ^HjM^T) v. a. 1. To worship, to adore. 2. To accomplish. ». joy artizil, s.plur. (of J Oj\) Base, low, mean people. n. \j\j\ ar tirti, s. m. Marks of nails left after scratching. A • Jjb' ^tizilifor Jjl^plur.of JJ>I) Low, mean, rude people. p. artista-gi, s. f. Preparation, decora¬ tion, ornament, regularity, arrangement, disposi¬ tion, improvement, refinement, amendment. 'tized by Microsoft ® 63 64 it p. arasta, adj. Prepared, dressed, adorned, embellished, arranged, regular, improved. A. ^>\j\ arazl , s. plur. (of Lands, s. (^TT and r. T^T Sport) a-ram, s. m. A pleasure-garden, grove, p. p\j\ dram , s. m. Ease, rest, health, relief, re¬ pose, comfort. bb dram pdnd , To recover. L> J p\J\ dram dena, To ease, appease, assuage, relieve, repose. f\j\ drdm-talab , adj. Idle, slothful, a lover of ease. b^ ^1 craw karna, To rest, to repose. r. \\J\ dram-7, adj. A lover of case ; idle, sloth¬ ful. p. drdm-gali , s. f. A resting-place ; abed- chamber. *1 f*\j\ firdaus-drdmgdli, Rest¬ ing in paradise (an epithet applied to Muham¬ mad Shah). p. ~^Lo\j\ aram-gah, s.f. See x\Lo\j\ aram-gah. p. drumlda, adj. At rest, at case, ii. \j\j\ arrdndy v. n. To produce a continued sound (as a mill; the word being an imitation of the sound). p. ara-i (in compos.) s. f. Adorning, p. ara'ish , s. f. Ornament, embellishment, preparation, dressing, equipage. cn s. l->j\ arb ( ) adj. One hundred millions. arb kharb, Innumerable. a. e_>b^ arbab , s. plur. (of u-)jrabb) Lords, pos¬ sessors, masters. aU- <_>b^ arbab-i-jah , Pos¬ sessed of dignity. c_>b^ arbdb-i-sukhan, Eloquent persons; poets. blU arbdb-i- nishdt , Dancers and musicians. r s. c/y (^^) 1. adj. Low, in- feriour, vile. 2. adv. Former, prior in time. H. arbardnd , v. n. To hurry, to be con¬ fused, confounded, perplexed, agitated, embar¬ rassed, 8cc. See bllfe and bV^fc. s. (-5^ Great, and r. Will) urbasi or urvast, s.f. 1. Name of one of the courtezans of swarga or Indr a’s heaven. 2. An ornament worn on the breast. a. j\arba *, adj. Four. a. urba’un, | ad j. Forty . A. arbafxn , J JjJT arJnZ ( ) s. f. Age. s. arbhak, s. m. A child. arpan , s. m. An offering. 5. bjj\ arapnd (from ^j\) v. a. To present an offering. r drat (for 'M Irl ) adj. Distressed, grieved, afflicted. If arti (for STTfff) s. f. Pain, dis¬ tress, affliction. s. I jj\ drtd (^rnjf^fD s. m. A ceremony attending marriage. When the bridegroom first comes to the house of the bride, he is received by her relations, who present to him, and move circularly round liis head, a platter painted and divided into several compartments ; in the middle of which is a lamp made of flour, filled with gKi and having several wicks lighted. a. bbJjt irtibat (inf. VIII. of L^)s. m. Connexion, friendship, familiarity. a. Jbx^ irtihdl (inf. vm. of J^) s. m. Act of marching or travelling ; departure, death. a. j\ irtidad (inf. v hi. of 3;) s. m. Return¬ ing, refusing, opposing ; apostasy, recantation. a. fLJji irtisam (inf. vni. of Heb. and Ch. D*2n He marked) s. m. A distinguishing mark, plan, painting, writing. A. irtYas, Kinf. vni. of u-x-j and A. irti’ash, ) Heb. ttfln He trembled) s.m. Trepidation, trembling. a. irtifa* (inf. vni. of jJ>) s. m. Eleva¬ tion, exaltation, ascent, height. A. irtikdb (inf. vni. of j Heb. He rode or mounted) s. m. 1. Perpetration or commission (of crime). 2. The commencement Digitized by Microsoft® 65 66 or undertaking (of an enterprize). 13 f irtikab karna , To perpetrate, to commit. n.^1 artala , s. m. A patron, a protector. ii.y )\ urtu } s. m. Crimpling, plaits (as of clothes). See y\ iittu . urtu-gar , s. m. A crimpler or plaiter (of clothes). s . *1 3^ arM, s. m. 1. Meaning, signification, acceptation. 2. Intention, design, motive. 3. Cause, sake. 4. Property, wealth, substance. tapasyarth 9 For devotion’s sake, for devotional purposes. _p. s. arthaty s. m. 5th case sing. That is to say, viz. __£/\ s. ar^-i, adj. Self-interested, de¬ signing. ii. arthiy s. f. A bier. s. arthiy a (r. Seek, beg) s. m. A fol¬ lower, a client, a protegee, a person recom¬ mended. s. dj\ arti (STKTfsrsR) s. f. A ceremony performed, in adoration of the gods, by moving circularly, round the head of the image, a plat¬ ter containing a burning lamp with several wicks. a. ir$, s. m. Inheritance, heritage. s. ~j\ araj (3TF5T) adj. Respectable, vene¬ rable. a . arjaly s. m. 1 . A horse with one white foot. 2. A large-footed man. p. arj-mandy adj. Possessing worth or dignity; beloved, dear, noble, excellent, wise, learned, unequalled. s. (r. STS Gain) arjan , s. m. Act of acquiring, gain, acquisition. P s - arjuny s. m. 1. Name of a ce¬ lebrated hero, the third son of Pandu and friend of Krishna . 2. Name of a tree. (Terminalia alata glabra). Digitized by 0,1 s. arjana ) v. a. To gain, to ac¬ quire. h. arajhnay v. n. To be ravelled or entan¬ gled, involved (as the hair, or met, the heart) ; to quarrel without cause or unreasonably. s. ~ j\ aruchiy s. f. Sickness at stomach, nausea. If STM archiy s. m. Flame, light, splendour, radiance. s. \^j\ archa, s. f. 1. Worship, adoration. 2. An image. -• archa, s.f. See l >-j\ 3T^T archa . s. u^1 ^ pc|r1 (r. Worship) archity adj. Worshipped, adored, reverenced, saluted. p S. cU-j\ arcliaky adj. Worshipping, a worshipper, an adorer. *• ^ archana, 1. (^T^^T ) v. a. To worship, adore, honour, treat with ceremony. 2. 3T#TT s. f. Worship, the homage paid to deities, &e. a. r U,1 arham, s. plur. (of|*>^) 1. Wombs, matrices. 2. Relations by the mother’s side, uterine kindred. a. arhamy adj. compar. (of More or most merciful. arhamu-r-rahimlny The most merciful of the merciful (an attribute of God). a. irkhari~inan f s. m. Letting loose the reins; unruliness. p. Jj\ ardy s. m. Flour, meal. h- urdabegani, s. f. A female armed at¬ tendant in the haram . ii. ardaSy s. f. Representation, offering to a deity. (Perhaps a corruption of c^wljw^c). h. ardawa, s. m. Coarsely ground meal. s. dr dr a, s. f. Name of one of the lunar mansions, which see under \jS\ adra< t. jJ Urdu, s. m. An army, a camp, a market, urduri-mu*alldy The royal camp or " f~ Microsoft ® 67 68 army (generally means the city of Dihli or Shahjahanabad, and ^ urdu. i-mu’alld k~i zaban, The court language). S. Increase) ardd/i, adj. Half. h. xAj\ urdh , s. m. A kind of vetch. S. Half, and^PT Body) ardhangy s. m. Half the body; palsy affecting one side or the upper or lower part of the body, hemiplegia. UyfcJ ard/iang dharna , To assume a body half male and half female. s. SnflJft ardhang-ly 1. adj. One af¬ flicted with hemiplegia. 2. s. f. A wife. n s. urdhag ( s * m * A disease oc¬ casioned by the mounting of wind upwards, p. LiOjI urcfiy s.(for The second month of the solar year, when the sun is in Taurus. A. J arzal, adj. compar. (of JJ,) Very or most mean or ignoble. p .jj\ arzy s. m. Price, value, esteem, veneration, honour, quantity. j\j\) jj\ arz-i-bazary Price ^ S ' current, market price, (s. Earn). a. jj\ uruz or ttrz, s. m. Rice. A. J \jj\ arzal (for JlJ;l)adj. P^ ur * (of J Sj\) Low, common, mean (people), the vulgar. p . arzariy adj. Cheap. p. arzdn-iy s. f. Cheapness ; abundance of provisions. \^j J,\j\j\ arzanl rakhndy To pre¬ sent, to give gratuitously. A. JJjI arzak (corrupted from azrak ) adj. Blue, azure, cerulean, cat’s-eyed. £jj\ ar¬ zak cliashiriy adj. Blue eyed, cat’s eyed, p. arzariy s. m. A kind of grain, millet. (Hind, china . Panicum pilosum. Roxi.}. P.jjjjT arzUy s. f. Wish, desire, hope, want, dis¬ tress. b /jjj\ arzu karna y To wish, to desire. arzu-kashy adj. Desirous, p. arzu-mandy adj. Desirous, longing, r. arzu-mand-ly s. f. Desire, wishfulness. s. s. s. L> ] arziZy s. f. Tin. , arzhangy s. The picture gallery or cave of the celebrated painter l]U manly q. v. (^T and Juice, taste) a-ra$, adj. Without juice, sapless, tasteless. (j~j\ arus () s. m. Name of a me¬ dicinal plant or tree. (Justicia adhatoda and gandarussa). ls~j\ aras (for from Idle, lazy) s. m. Idleness, laziness, inactivity. JL il irsal (inf. iV. of J*^) s. m: Act of seed¬ ing (especially, a writing, letter, &c.), mission, remittance. OyJ ars-pars Touch) s. m. 1. Par¬ tial bathing (throwing a very little water on the head with one’s hand instead of bathing), sprink¬ ling or aspersion. 2. Act of touching. arsatta, s. m. 1. Guess, conjecture, va¬ luation, appraisement. 2. A mediator, a broker, jk sj\ aristu, n. prop. Aristotle. arslan y s. A lion. ^j\ aras-i ( ^ l^^ft) adj. Idle, lazy, in¬ dolent, inactive. <^-^1 arsly s. f. A mirror (particularly, a mirror on the thumb). $. \xJ arsile naina, adj. Having weak eyes, with eyes as if just awake. irshad (inf. iv. of s. m. Direction, command, order. sJLj\ arshad, adj. compar. (of ) Most up¬ right, most tenacious of the right way ; a person who explains orders, commands, &c. (especially, of the deity). t arzy s. f. The earth, a portion of land. arz-iy adj. Terrestrial, earthly, relating to the earth. Jib/ artaly s. plur. (of JCertain measures of weight so called, pounds. , arghanun (o pyavov) s. m. An organ. d rgh awan , s. m. A plant whose flowers and fruit are of a beautiful red; a red colour. Digitized by Microsoft ® p. a rgk awan-i . adj. Of a red colour, pur¬ ple. a. x\*j\ irfah (inf. iv. of Heb. Was loose or remiss ; lived at ease) s. m. 1. Bestowing affluence, comforting, cherishing. 2. Enjoy¬ ment of peace and affluence. a. arfaz, adj. An obstinate heretick; par¬ ticularly, a bigotted SkVa. a. fJ>j\ arfa*, adj. compar. (of j-J;) Most exalted, very high. a. ^ Ujl irkam (inf. iv. of jJj Hcb. Dp") He marked or punctured) s. m. Act of writing. \jJ irkam karna , To write. pj\ irkam hona, To be written. a. iJjj] arkan, s. m. Jaundice, mildew or blight in corn. s. CJ>J\ ^ °ll ark, s. m. 1. The sun. 2. Name of a plant (swallow-wort. Asclepias or Calatra- pos gigantca). h. arkat , Name of a city in the Dakkhan. h. arkcit-1, 1. s. m. A pilot. (So named perhaps, from the city or territory of Arkat). 2. adj. Belonging to Arkat . arkati rupiya , An Arcot rupee. a. (jl $j\ arkan , s.plur. (of ^J) Pillars, props, sup¬ ports. ^j\ arkan-i-daulat, Nobles, gran¬ dees, ministers of state. s. a-rakt, adj. Red. arkat, s. f. Vigilance, activity, clever¬ ness, ingenuity. s. <*£j\ Breast, and r. Go) urag, s. m. A snake. s. \£j\ arga ( ) adj. Separate, apart, distinct. s. \j^j\ arga-na, 1. v. a. To separate, to put on one side. 2. v. n. To be separated, to be set apart. h. \J?j\ argaja, s. m. Name of a perfume of a yellowish colour and compounded of several scented ingredients. * Digitized by argafi, adj. Dyed with argaja (as gar¬ ments, See.). h. (j£j\ arganz, s. m. A rope stretched, or a wooden rod or bamboo placed horizontally, for drying clothes on or for similar purposes. s. 4} m argh, s. m. 1. (or aragh) Mode of worship; an oblation of eight ingredients made to a god or brahman. 2. Price, cost. s. \£j\ argha (3rm> s. m. A vessel shaped like a boat, used by the Hindus for making li¬ bation in their devotions. a. | *j\ iram, s. m. A fabulous garden in Arabia ; paradise. p. ^ v. a. To strangle. kantli - drundhan, Strangulation. arohan, s. m. A ladder, staircase. ii * lS$j\ curvoly s. f. A species of Arum, the root of which is used in food. (Arum colocasia: called, also, ghoyan, and in Bengal ys$ kachu). $. £fjj\ arvTi (corruptly for ) s. f. Sickness at stomach arising from pregnancy. * s. xj] ara, s. m. A saw. See s. \J\ sign. 1. p, xj\ array s. m. A saw. xj\ arra-kash, A sawyer, xj\ arra sir par chaldnd , To oppress any one, to commit violence. ±$j\ j\ J to or addressing, commonly in a disrespectful way) Holla! ho ! O ! hear you ! sirrah! p. csj I are , adv. Yes, ay. h. \jj\ driydy s. m. A plant of the gourd kind. H. j\ ureby s. f. Complication, deception. ^rCtf^r (^r and ttfrT Usage) a-riti, s. f. Impoliteness, incivility, bad manners. ii. jT ar, s. f. 1. Askreen, shelter, concealment, protection. 2. An horizontal line drawn across the forehead. 3. Prevention, stop, hinderance. h ,j\ ar, s. f. Contention, contrariety, obstinacy. h. \j\ ara , adj. Oblique, crooked, across, athwart, cross, transverse. n. \J\j\ ardrd, s. m. High steep banks of a river or tank. s. urdk (from Ujfl urria) adj. Capable of flying, fledge. S. uran (from l3j\) s. f. Act of flying. s. nrana (caus. of bjfl) v. a. To cause to fly ; to squander or spend extravagantly, dissipate, blow up or away, disperse, filch, to entice, blj! bljj urdna purdria, To squander. ii . \j\j\ ardnd (caus. of \jj\ arna, q. v.) v. a. 1 . To make to stop. 2. To fasten one thing to another. 3. s. m. Name of a tune. h. J,\j\ ardniy s. f. A large fan or parasol. s.JJjt urdu (from urana) s. m. A spend¬ thrift, an extravagant person, prodigal. H.J$ arbor, s. m. Words without meaning, adj. Uneven, rugged. U& yj\ arbor bakna, v. a. To speak inconsiderately or without meaning, to rave, talk absurdly, babble. ii . arboTang, s. m. Foolish actions. Digitized by Microsoft® 73 74 h. arbarang-i, adj. Inconsiderate. H. $. Jcojl arband, s. m. A cloth worn by Hindus, passing from the waist between the thighs and fastening behind. H. arbanga, adj. Crooked, uneven. 5 . l urap ( ) s. m. A raft, a float. 11 . artala, s. m. Defence, protection. x. nr-chalna (from l3j\ with v. n. To walk with a stately or affected gait. H. u-jl nras , s. m. A bug. s. ^j\ vrgan ( A constellation, and A multitude) s. plur. The stars; the starry firma¬ ment. s. uran (from Ujl) adj. Flying. «. Ujl urna ( and r. Fly) v. n. To fly. h. lijl arna, v. n. To stop, to hesitate, ar karna , To stop. ». eyr 5rna (caus. of lJjl apia) v. a. To prop, shelter, protect, defend, stop. h. g£jj\ arang , s. f. A manufacturing town. _ _ s. \f^ aranga (r. Strive, and ^PT Body) s. m. 1. A mode of wrestling with the feet. 2. An obstacle. 11 . jj\ ara , s. m. A peach. h. \*j\ aru'Ja (from Ujl) adj. Obstinate, perverse, mulish. H. JhJI ar-war, s. f. A prop. adj. Stopping. -• aros paros (see s. m. Neigh¬ bourhood. 5 . Ubbjl vrhana (from LfcJI) v. a. To cause to clothe. o - • 4*^ ^ 1^55^1 ) adj. Two and a half, (when used with a noun of number) twice and half (the aggregate number), s. f. A full gallop. 11 . arhaty s. f. Agency, commission, broker¬ age, sale by commission. h. s. \jJ* urhak karna, v. n. To seek or cry for an absent person. (Applied to a child only). Digitized b ) 11 . urhakna, v. n. To overset, urhak par , Abroach, atilt. s. L&Jl urhnd (r. Cover) v. a. To put on clothes. See Uj^I orJina. s . urhangan (^ Rise, and ^PT Body) s. m. Any thing placed under a vessel to prevent its oversetting; a prop, a support. 5 . urhauna (from L&^) s. m. Clothing. s. LjbJ\ ztrhaiya, part, (from lu&y) A wearer or putter on of a dress. r £. Lj *j\ arhaiya (^TTm^T) s. m. A weight of two and a half sers, a measure containing two and a half sers. h. an, s. A tone or tune in musick. h. lJj \ apt (see Jl) part. A protector, defender, supporter. 11 . $. bT ufj] are-and, v. n. To protect, to become a protection. »• aryal (see jl ar) adj. Obstinate, perverse, mulish, restiff. h. ^j\arainch (seejl ar) s. f. Enmity. v.j\az, prep. From, of, than, by, with. az an-jumla, Of that number. ^ j\ az has, From the abundance, sufficiently, notwithstand¬ ing, although, tejj j\ az khud rafta or j] m az khwesh rafta , Absent in mind, out of mind, distracted. Ap-jl az khud raf- tagi, Departure from one’s self, distraction of mind. az khud shudan , To be out of one’s self, the being out of one’s mind. x\jj\ az rdhy By the way. az sar-i-nau. Anew, afresh. It may, also, be prefixed to Persian words beginning with a vow r el; as, az-dn, From that; az-in, From this. p. jf az, s. f. Avarice. p. T dzacl, 1. adj. Free, unfettered, liberated. 2. Solitary, lonely. 3. s. m. A kind of fakir who shaves his beard, eye-lashes and eye-brows, and vows chastity; a hermit. azad 75 U. 76 karna, To manumit, set at liberty, emancipate, deliver, free. azada-gi, Is. f. Freedom, independence, p. azad-i, J release, manumission, con¬ duct, life or practice of an A\j\ azad or hermit, p. xd\j\ azada, adj. Free, noble. (Plur. jT). p. j\j\ dzar , 1. s. m. Sickness, disorder, disease, trouble, affliction, injury. 2. Part. act. in com¬ pos. (of Troubling, afflicting, as in j\j 1 mardum-dzar. azar-dih , adj. Vexa¬ tious, troublesome. j\J\ azar-dih-1 , s. f. Vexatiousness, troublesomeness, p .j\j\ izar , s. f. Drawers, trousers, p. izar-band, s. m. The string with which drawers are tied. izar-band-i risk - ta, Connexion through a wife; petticoat interest. p. azdrd, adj. Sick, a sick person. a. A\j\ izdla (inf. iv. of J^j) s. m. Removal, abolition; (in grammar) elision of a letter or of a vowel point from a word. p *Jj\ az-bar, adv. By heart, by rote, by me¬ mory. a. izdiham (inf. vm. of ,s. m. A concourse, a crowd, a throng, a rushing together of people. p. azdar, adj. Fit, becoming, worthy. for jJjM azhdar, q. v. p * cizdar-iy s. f. Fitness, worthiness. a. izdiyad (inf. vm. of Jjj) s. m. Increase, augmentation. p. azurda-gi, s. f. Displeasure, vexation, affliction/sorrow. p. xAjj I azurda, adj. Afflicted, sad, dispirited, sorrowful, vexed, displeased, weary. Jb It*. dzurdorkhdtir or *J,j7 azurda-dil, Vexed, troubled in mind, offended, disgusted, dejected, sad. uykU- x£jj\ dzurdaddmtird, s. f. Sad¬ ness, &c. \jj> x£jj\ azurda karna, To afflict, vex, displease, offend. a . Jjjj\ azraky adj. Cerulean, blue, azure. A. &ij\ azuka, s. m. Food. See &jj\ azuka . t. cSjy CJ)\ uzak tuzak, s. m. Pomp, splendour; the habits or fashions of a king; the king's seal. a. Jjl azaly s. f. Eternity without beginning. a. ^Jj\ azal-i, adj. Eternal without beginning, from all eternity. p. U)7 dzmdy part, (in compos.) Trying, proving, p. li. OUjT azma-na, v. a. To try, to prove, to examine; to touch gold, &c. on the touchstone. a. azman, s. plur. of or ajU; q. v. p. azmcCish (from^Jycj!) s. f. Trial, proof, examination, essay, experiment. a. azmina, s. plur. of or ajU} q. v. p. dzmuda-gi, s. f. Trial, proof, exami¬ nation. p. t&ycj 7 azmuda, part. pass, (of ^J^cjl) Tried, proved, examined. sdycj I dzmuda-kar, Ex¬ perienced in business. a. azwaj, s. f. plur. (of or terjj) Spouses, couples. A . ajiyl azuka (corrupt, from jji) s. m. Food, p. jL*j\ azlidar y s. m. A dragon, p. azhdahdy s. m. A large snake, a dragon. (Plur. tuUdjl). s. azhdlidt ( ^ Eight, and Me¬ tal) s. Name of a mixed metal, bell-metal. n. iSy pron. dem. sing, inflect. Thig. is talaky To this degree, (j-\ is par. For this reason, hence. ^ *- s P ar Moreover, nevertheless, yet. jSs ^~\ is kadr, To this de- gree. is men, In the mean-time, ii. u~\ us, pron. dem. sing, inflect. That, him, her, it. { j ir < ^\ us men, In that (time), mean¬ while, mean-time. a. <^.7 as, s. ' The myrtle. s. ^7 as, 1 (^fT3TT ) s. f. Hope, desire, trust, s. Ld asd, j reliance. (Affixed to other words Thirst, and LA-J piycCsa, Thirsty, from ^ pi, Drink), p. L7 dsa, adj. Like, resembling. Digitized by Microsoft 77 U 78 a . jAjU asatiza. s. plur. (of Teachers. s. i;U dsath Without society, i. e. good society) adj. Addicted to bad company. 5 . asdth-1 (from «$j'L 1) adj. Upstart, stran¬ ger, unknown person. s. a-sadh, 1. ( ) adj. Evil-minded, thievish. 2. (^T and Desire) adj. With¬ out desire or energy; lazy. s. a-sadhya, adj. 1. Unable, weak, incapable. 2. Impossible, incurable. s.jUl ^T^rnC a-sar , adj. Hollow (like a reed) ; foolish, weak of understanding. s. \JJ\ usdra (3r^ and r. Move) s. m. A porch, portico, peristyle, vestibule. s. bjlA usarria ( and r. Move) v. a. To remove, to put out of place. 5. asarh ( ^ f^TT? ) s. m. The name of the Hindu third solar month (June-July, during which the sun is in Gemini, and the full moon is near ^rr^rRT, more commonly called or ’SZTFUZt constellations in Sagittarius). -* asarh -1 ( I ^ lbA asam! (plur. of^l) s.f. Names; office, place, appointment, substitution of one person to do the duty of another; s.m. orf. A defendant (in a law-suit), a tenant, renter, client, p. dsdn, adj. Easy, convenient, commodious, facile. dsdn karnd , To facilitate, ex¬ pedite. h. \jLi\ usand, v. a. To winnow. h. ULA manna (trans. of bj~A) v. a. To boil, p. JLT asun-i , Is. f. Facility, easiness, p. asdn-iyat, i ease. s. asaicar 7, s. f. 1. ( ^TT^T^T^ff ) Name of a rdgint or musical mode. 2. A kind of pi¬ geon. 3. A sort of cotton cloth. t. JjU isdwal, s. m. A poursuivant. s. l^OjLoT (from^RT^TT Hope) asd¬ ic ant, adj. . Expectant, dependant, s. (^T and Brave) a-sawant, adj. Fearful, unquiet, pitiful. p. ^LT dsa\ish (from ^OjJT) s. f. Rest, ease, tranquillity, repose, quiet. a. c->LA asbdb , s. m. (plur. of 1. Causes, - motives, means. 2. Goods and chattels, effects, furniture, tools, apparatus, stores, baggage, ma¬ terials, necessaries. L5 ^>- asbab-iyangi, Warlike provisions or necessaries, ammunition. a. bLA asbat, s. plur. (of kw* sibt) Tribes (es¬ pecially of Israel). a . asbak, adj. compar. (from JU-j He out¬ stripped) More or most surpassing or excellent; past times, days of yore * p. asp (Sans. ) s . m, A horse; the knight at chess. it. cuL-A ispdt (perhaps from the Portuguese es- pada) s. m. Steel (of a tough kind). s. ds-pas (TTP^ Side) s. m. Vicinity, circumference, adv. Around, about, on all sides. s. Jm| ^TT^M ^ aspad, s. m, 1. Place, situa¬ tion. 2. Dignity, rank. u.s.jpJi is-par , On this. If us-par , On that. s . asparsi (r. Touch, or ^R" and r. if the \ is prefixed merely because the 'gitized by Mic 79 80 / Arabs and Persians cannot pronounce two qui¬ escent consonants at the beginning of a word, then it is) adj. Palpable, tangible; (but, if the initial \ stands for the priv. then the meaning is) Untangible. s. ispriha (for spriha) s. f. Inclina¬ tion, desire, wish. p. ispa gh oh s. m. Seed of fleawort or plantain. (Plantago ispaghul : see As. Res. vol. xi, p. 174). r. aspak (dimin. of u,^>') s. f. Bridge of a musical instrument. p, ispandy s. m. A seed burnt at marriages to drive away evil spirits: it is, also, burnt as a charm for the like purpose some days after a child is bom, particularly at the door; and when a child goes out or comes home. It is often mixed on those occasions with mustard seed, and hence has been confounded with the latter (Jjp*.). p. Ispahan , n. prop. See Isfahan . 5. ast, s. m. 1. (^rf^T) A bone. 2. (^RTcT) Setting (of the sun). ast honhy To set (the sun). h. kul usta (perhaps for Ac+A) s. m. A barber. s. astachaly s. m. The name of a mountain in the west, behind which the sun is supposed to set, p. ot J istad, s. f. The act of standing, part, (for * jLJ) Standing, raised up. a. AcJi ustady s. m. A master (in any art), an adept, teacher, preceptor, artist. p. JjU istada-gly s. f. Standing, stand, erec¬ tion, firmness, resistance. p. xAz*A istada, part. Standing, set up, erected, erect; (hence, sub.) A pole, ensign-staff, prop, See. particularly, a prop for supporting the door of a tent, and not the tent pole. p. ustad-iy s. f. Teaching, instruction, mastership, skilfulness, skill, art. adj. Mas¬ terly (as workmanship, 8cc.). p. ustaZy Same as vs tad } q. v. p. astern (Sans. Place, r. Stand) s. m. A threshold, a fakir’s residence. astan-bos-i, s. f. Kissing the threshold ; paying respects. stan, or ^Jz^A istan (in compos, signifies) Place. p. istamboly n. prop. Constantinople. p. ajliJT astana , s. m. Same as q. v. astana-bos-iy s. f. Kissing the threshold; paying respects. a. istibdad (inf. x. of 3S) s. m. Absolute dominion, despotism, insisting upon a thing’s being done. A. \ istibra (inf. x. of s. m. 1. Cleansing, washing one’s hands of a business or desiring to be freed from it. 2. The waiting of a woman after being divorced from her husband, to as certain whether she is pregnant or not, before she can contract another marriage. (The term is three months, according to the Muhammadan law). a. istabrak, s. m. Silk cloth or satin, the colour of which seems to change agreeably to the light it is seen in (particularly, green silk). s. astabyast or asta-ryastay adj. Confused, dispersed, scattered, hclter skel¬ ter, in confusion. s . ij^z-A astut Praise, eulogy, glo¬ rification, an anthem, hymn. A.jlisJ istitar (inf. vm. of Ileb. 1DD He concealed) s. m. Concealment. a. Jl&uJ istiskal (inf. x. of - Heb. t Dn Was good) s. m. Approving, praising, taking or considering as a favour. istihzar (inf. x. ofs. m. Calling, citing to appear, summoning before. a.jUsX-A istihkar (inf. x. of c^j!&=»-)s. m. Treat¬ ing with contempt, vilifying, scorning, despising. a.. jlibdJ istihkak (inf. x. of Heb. ppn Was prescribed or necessary) s. m. Demanding jus¬ tice, claim, right, merit, ability. a. istihkam (inf. x. of Heb. DDn Was firm, was wise) s. m. Confirmation, cor¬ roboration, firmness, strength, fastness. a. istikhdra (inf. x. of s. m. Judg¬ ing from omens, augury. a. istikhdam (inf. x. of s. m. Em¬ ploying, making use of the labour of another, asking or getting employment. a. istikhrdj (inf. x. of «jy^) s. m. Mak- ing to go or come out, expulsion, drawing forth, extracting, extraction; banishment. a. L-iUrsdJ istikhfaf (inf. x. of s. m. Making light of, despising, holding in contempt; indignity. a. istikhlas (inf. x. of Heb. fin Was free, separated) s. m. Seeking to liberate; liberation, liberty, freedom. p. ustukhzpdn (Sans. ^ ) s. m. A bone, the stone of fruit, &c. a. istidamcit (inf. x. of p\jS) s. f. Seek¬ ing to be permanent, quiet, steady, everlasting; assiduity. a. istidrak (inf. x. of Heb. q-n He travelled, overtook) s. m. Reaching, overtaking, obtaining; comprehending, understanding. A. UjoJ istid'a (inf. x. of CJjcS) s. f. Request, desire, invitation, supplication, application. a. istidlal (inf. x. of uuJlb) s. m. Seek¬ ing proof, arguments or reasons; demonstration, argument. s (r. Throw) astr, s. m. A mis¬ sile weapon, a weapon in general. p.^xJ astar, s. m. A mule, astar or astar , Lining. j^\ astcir-kar-i , Plastering. astar-kdr-i karna, To coat. a. istirahat (inf. x. of Heb. fin He respired; rested) s. f. Repose, rest, ease, tran¬ quillity, sleep. istirdad (inf. x. of J>) s. m. 1. De¬ manding restitution of any thing, whether given, deposited in trust, or taken without consent. 2. Repelling, driving or forcing back. a. istirza (inf. x. of Heb. n2n Was pleased) s. f. Seeking to please; willingness, alacrity. g. astarak, s. in. Storax. p. ustura, s. m. A razor. -• ^ I. istri or istiri (for Wt) s. f. A woman or female in general; a wife. 2. istri (r. Spread out) s. A smoothing iron, istri karna , v. a. To iron or smooth with an iron. A. istis'ad (inf. x. of Heb. and Ch. nyD Was happy, supported) s. m. Desiring happiness, being fortunate, considering any thing as a happy presage, conceiving well of any thing. A.liL^Ws*w£a (inf. x. of^iui Heb. nptP Was watered) s. m. The dropsy. ^Jsj is- tiskd-i-zikki, Anasarca. istiska - i-tabli, Tympany. istiskori-lahmi, A dropsy pervading’all the members of the body. a. istish’had (inf. x. of s. m. Sum- G 83 84 morning witnesses, bringing testimony or proof, taking evidence; falling a martyr for religion. a. i$ti$wab-( inf. .x. of c— >\j*) s. m. 1. Approving, approbation. 2. Consultation. a. istitaat (inf. x. of s. f. 1. Power, possibility. * 2. Submitting to, dependence. istiz'har (inf. x. of^b) s. m. 1. Im¬ ploring assistance. 2. Calling to memory, re¬ membering. a. istiara (inf. x. of s. m. Bor¬ rowing; using a word metaphorically; a me¬ taphor. \jj> sfxistiara karna , To beseech, to beg earnestly. a. istidnat (inf. x. of ^c) s. f. 1. Ask¬ ing assistance, imploring help. 2. Assistance, protection. a. isti x jal (inf. x.‘ of J^f) s. m. Wish¬ ing to make haste, ordering one to make haste, hastening, accelerating, despatch. a. isti*dad (inf. x. of ob) s. f. Readiness, preparation, proficiency, ability, means, capa- city. a . \LxzJ\ isti x fa (inf. x. ofyb) s. m. Asking forgiveness, deprecating. a. isti x ld (inf. x. of^Lc) s. m. Superiority, exaltation, seeking promotion. a. isti*mdl {inf. x. of Heb. He operated) s. m. Custom, daily practice, exer¬ cise, use. \$J JUxx-ji isti K mal karna, To use. a . isti*mdl-z, adj. Used, usual, s. m. Fine rice. ‘ .. a. istighasa (inf. x. of s. m. Ask¬ ing for help; demanding justice, complaining. a. c— isti gh rab (inf. x. of c-?yji) s.m. Great admiration, amazement, wonder. a. isti gh rak (inf. x.of jyi) s.m. Drown¬ ing, the being immersed, absorbed, or wholly engaged (many thing). adj. Drowned, im¬ mersed in thought, engrossed, wholly employed, drowned in sleep, &c. a. jUix-al istighfdr (inf. x. of ^Jyb) s. m. Beg- Digitized by ging mercy, craving grace, deprecating. \jJ> ist igh fdr karna , To crave mercy, to depre¬ cate. a. ast agh firu-lldh, I entreat forgiveness of God. (An expression signifying negation, God forbid!). a. istighnd (inf. x. of Ui) s. m. Content, independence (in point of fortune). adj. In¬ dependent, contented. a. istifdda (inf. x. of *JuU) s. ra. I. Seek¬ ing gain. 2. Profit, advantage, attainment. a. istiftd (inf. x. of ^Uyi) s. m. Consulting (a lawyer or learned man). a. istifrd gh (inf. x. of c^b]y) s. m. Vo¬ miting. A.jtJbJ istifsdr (inf. x. of^-i Heb. He ex¬ plained) s. m. Searching for information, ask¬ ing an explanation, inquiry, interrogation. b istifsdr karna, v. a. To inquire, interro¬ gate, demand an explanation, ask. a. istifhdm (inf. x. of j*^i) s. m. Desiring or seeking information; inquiry, interrogation. harfi-istifham, An interrogative pronoun. A. , istifhdm-i, ) T . ^ i . . J vadj. Interrogative. a. istifhdm-iya, ) a. istikdmat (inf. x. of s. f. Stand¬ ing erect; rectitude, integrity, continuance, sta¬ bility, constancy, residence. A. JUbJ i$tikbal{ inf. x. of Jb> Heb. and Ch. He came in front, he accepted) s. m. 1. En¬ countering, meeting, the ceremony of meeting and receiving a visitor. 2. Futurity. A. istikrd (inf. x. of Heb. jop He read) s. m. Reasoning from induction. a. Jlibd istikldl (inf. x. of u^Jj) s. m. Absolute power, absolute authority, sovereignty, indepen¬ dence,, absoluteness, intrepidity, resolution, per¬ severance, vigour. a. istikbar (inf. x. of Heb. "Dd) s. m. Pride, presumption, conceit. Microsoft ® 85 86 a* istikrah (inf, x. of if) s. f. Aversion, reluctance. a, t_il tXzJi istikshaf (inf. x. of i—a,.*.£) s, m. Seeking the manifestation, exposition or laying open (of any thing). a. istikmal (inf. x. of JU£) s. m. 1. Seek¬ ing the completion or perfection (of any thing). 2. Completion, bringing to perfection. a. istilzam (inf. x. of ^jj!) s. m. 1. Ren¬ dering necessary. 2. Necessity. a. istima* (inf. viu. of j-^) s. m. 1. Hearing, listening (to musick, &c. particularly). 2. Tidings, report, rumour, what is heard. a. istimhlat (inf. x. of J^*) s. f. Con¬ ciliating, consolation, encouragement. s. FcT»T istambh or stambh , s. m. The trunk of a tree, a column, pile, post, pillar. a. istimtd* (inf. x. of j_x«) s. m. 1. En¬ joying, reaping the fruits of, being delighted; celebrating the solemnities of the festival of Mecca; enjoyment (of a woman). a. istimdad (inf. x. of<^x«)s. f. Begging assistance. a. istimrdr (inf. x. of j*j*) s. m. Con¬ tinuation, perseverance, perpetuity. a. istimrar-7 , adj. Continuative, perpe¬ tual. a. istimbat (inf. x. of ki) s. m. Drawing out, extraction, deduction. \)f istimbat karna, To draw forth, extract, elicit. a. I istinja (inf. x. of kr) s. m. Purification after the offices of nature; making water. a. istinshak (inf. x. of Jili) s. m. 1. Throwing water into the nostrils when per¬ forming the wazu. 2. Snuffing up the air or odours, 8cc. a. \jp~:\ istiwa (inf. vm. of Heb. nw Was equal) s. Parallelism, equality. ks- khatU i-istiwa, The equator. p * ttstuicar, adj. Finn, strong, stable, powerful; brave, resolute, solid. Digitized by p. ustuwar-7, s. f. Firmness, stability, strength; resolution, constancy. s. astavyast y adj. See s. (r. ^27 Stand) asthan or sthariy s. m. Place, abode, residence. (r. *27 Stand) isthir or sthir, adj. Settled, steady, firm, fixed. a-sthiTy adj. Restless, unsteady, unstable, uncertain. s. I? a-sthirata, s. f. Unsteadi¬ ness, instability. s. (r. Stand) isthirata or sthiratay s. f. Rest, tranquillity, steadiness. a. istihza (inf. x. of \j&) s. m. Derision, laughing at, joke, jest, scorn, scoff. s. (r. Stand) asthal or stkal, s. m. Place, scite, soil, dry or firm ground ; place or stand of & fakir. a. istihlak (inf. x. of cJhb) s. m. 1 . Seek¬ ing the death or ruin of any one. 2. Ruining, destroying, consuming. a. istihlal (inf. x. of Jk) s. m. The ap¬ pearing of the new moon. s. ^ srf&r asthiy s. m. A bone. S. HtM I (from ^ and W^-T True) a-satyi, adj. Liar, untrue. *[ 3TWcft (from an( j Wrft Virtuous wife) a-satl y adj. Disloyal or unchaste (a w r ife). P. cjwd dste } adv. Gently, softly. See s. a-satya-badi ( ) adj. False speaker. a. istisal (inf. x. of J-*l) s. m. Eradi¬ cating, pulling up by the roots, extirpating, des¬ troying, extermination. a. is flab (inf. x. of u^j) s. m. Taking the whole, extirpating; asking in a present. a. I Lz~>\ istifd (inf. x. of U.) s. m. 1. Satisfying completely, paying or receiving the whole of what is due. 2. Renouncing, relinquishing. 1 G 2 87 88 a. isiila (inf. x. ^!j) s. m. Predominance, conquest, p. astln, s. f. A sleeve. £^^7 as tin ka samp, A domestick enemy, an enemy who wears the mask of friendship. a. istlnus (inf. x. of ^.j\) s. m. Fami¬ liarity, intimacy, sympathy. s. AsJ ( and True) a-satya, adj. Un¬ true, false. s. ^ a-sajjan, adj. Not respect¬ able or of good family, not good or fit. h. Lsr 5 } usijna , v. n. To boil. a. is’hak, n. prop. (Heb. piw) Isaac. a. *±~s\ asad , s. m. The lion, leo (the sign of the zodiack). h. p. is-dam, adv. This moment, directly. s. xxJi (3f and fm Accomplished) a-siddh, adj. Not effected, invalid, false, un¬ ripe, s. xxA (^T and Pure, correct) a-suddh, adj. Incorrect, impure, inaccurate, mistaken. s. jJi (^T and A deity) a-sur , s. m. A demon. (The asurs are demons of the first order, and in constant hostility with the gods). s. \j^s\ asra (3TT5PT) s. m. Means of defence or protection, trust, reliance, hope, defence, asylum, retreat, refuge, shelter, abode, house. asrar , s. plur. (of^->) Secrets, confidential concerns. a . j\j^\ israr (inf. iv. ofJJ-a) s. 1 . Concealment, keeping secret. 2. Disclosure,, revealing of a secret. a, israf (inf. iv. of (-Jpj) s. m. Prodi¬ gality, dissipation, abuse of wealth, consump¬ tion, extravagance, ruin. a. israfil , s. m. 1. The name of an angel who, it is said, will sound the last trumpet at the resurrection. 2. A seraph. s, obpd asirbad tion, blessing. s. a-srit, |3nf5rrT( 3fj and r. S'JjJi asarta , J Serve) adj. One who relies on -another, a refugee, a protegee. s. fj~:\ a-sram, s. m. 1. Abode, resi¬ dence. 2. A religious order (of which there are four kinds referable to the different periods of life : as, 1st. That of the brahma - charl, or student; 2d. That of the grihastha , or householder; 3d. That of the vanaprastha, or anchorite; and 4thly. That of the fHW bhiksku, or beggar). s. (3f an( j Asylum) a-saran ^ adj. Unprotected, helpless. s, \jnsania ( from M and r. Go) v. n. To retreat, recede, shrink from. isrinj, s. m. Minium, cinnabar. s. t£r>T asur-1, adj. Of or belonging to the asurs, devilish, demoniacal. S' asrait, adj. Hopeful, trusting, confident. S. UL^T asuri-maya , s. f. De¬ ception of demons. A. J-U istabal, s. m. A stable. (Lat. sta- bulum.) h. A. is-tarak, This manner, (in) this man¬ ner, thus. h. a. ^jLJi is-tarah se, In this manner, thus. g. usturlab, s. m. An astrolabe. a. a$ y ad, adj. compar. (of iXouo) More or very fortunate or happy. A. jUd asfar, s. plur. (of jL> sifr ) Volumes, re¬ gisters. p. isfanaj, s. m. Spinage. A. J ii*A asfal, adj. compar. (of JiU) Inferiour, lower, the low r est, nether, nethermost. Jju-1 as/alu-s-sajUIn, The lowest hell. g. isfanj ((rnoyyo;) s. m. A sponge; a yeast dumpling. ( K ) s. m. Benedic- Digitized by Microsoft ® 89 90 s . s, A. A. A* S. S. S'. CtfJ JbiXJuA isfandiyar, 1 * prop. The son of kishtasb of the first dynasty of Persian kings. u^£-:T 1. as a Jet, (from 'M I and r. Adhere) adj. Fond, enamoured, addicted, de¬ voted to, strongly inclined to. 2. dsakti, s. f. Attachment, fondness. askat or asleat (Inability, from V ^1 Hlrfl Unable) s. f. Laziness, tardiness. (fromu^X-s! q. v.) askat and or askatana, v. n. To be lazy. askat-* or a$kat-T, adj. Lazy, remiss. j&£A iskandar, n. prop. Alexander. iskandar -7, adj. Of or relating to Alexander. tjj xx£A iskandh or skandh, s. m. A chap¬ ter, a division of a book. ( 3T and Ease) a-sukli, s. m. Uneasiness, restlessness, affliction. asikh (snfitrao s. m. 1. A blessing, benediction. 2. Instruction. ^c^A arsukhi , adj. Uneasy, unhap¬ py, restless, afflicted. a-sugan (and A bird) s. m. Bad omen. s. xx3L>\ asgandh or isgandh (f rom Horse, and Smell) s. m. Name of a plant used medicinally. (Physalis flexuosa. Pers. a. lJ&A aslaf, s. plur. (of v-JL>) Ancestors. a. j JLA islam (inf. iv. of Heb. and Ch. obv Was safe, entire, at peace) s. m. The Mu¬ hammadan religion, orthodoxy (according to Muhammadans), islamism. a. islam-T, s. m. f. A Muhammadan, a believer. (Pers. plur. islamiyan ). a. - ^A ism-ijamid, A noun pri¬ mitive. ^U- ism-iyalakl, The name of God. (A ism-i-jins, A noun appellative or generick. ^ ism-idi ally a, Present participle. ^A ism-i-sifat, A concrete noun or adjective. jy ^A ism-naicisl, s. f. A list or roll of names, a catalogue, file, muster- roll. (Plur. *l*A asma). p. asma, s. See ^UJT dsmein . asmar, s. plur. (of^^j) Nightly conver¬ sations. a. isma’il, n. prop. Ishmael son of Abraham. p. asmdn (comp, of ^1 as, A millstone, and «xJto Like) s. m. The sky, the firmament, heaven, the celestial orb. I dsman par kadam rahhna, To give one’s self airs, to aspire, to be vain, tm tized by Microi 91 92 asman par khainchna, To be proud, to affect greatness, \jJ> ^ asman se girna, To fall from the clouds, is applied, particularly by women, to signify an * acquisition that has been made suddenly and unexpectedly, without la¬ bour or care, and the value of which is. incon¬ siderable. jSs dsmdn-kadr, Vast as the firmament in size. p. tjUJT dsmdnJ, adj. Heavenly, celestial, from heaven, sky-coloured, cerulean, azure. cjUsJT *jJ asmdm tlr wa ghairali , An arrow, &c. shot in the air. s. UffcT (r. us Remember) ismirti or smriti, s. f. The Hindu law. S. a-samarth, adj. Powerless, weak. a. isma’il, n. prop. (Heb.^NyD^') Ishmael. s. (^T, HU. and ^PtT End) asamantat, adv. All around, on every side; wholly, altogether. _ s. a-samanjas , s. m. Doubt, suspense, uncertainty. s. a-samaiii , adv. Out of season. s. ^ (H*T (r. Sit) dsan, s. m. l.A stool, a seat, a small carpet on which the Hindus sit at prayer, a carpet to sit on. 2. Stay, abiding, posture, attitude, sitting (espe¬ cially, the attitudes adopted by jogls in their devotional exercises, of which they enumerate eighty-four). 3. The inside or under part of the thigh. 4. The withers of an elephant, the part where the driver sits. 1)7 ^1 dsan tale and , To come under subjection. dsan T U.S asan jorna , To sit on the hams. dolna , Spoken of a holy man, who perceiving by supernatural intelligence that some one in distress has called on him, interposes in his behalf, ^7 ^ ^7 dsan se dsan jorna, To sit close in contact with another person. l)l$] dsan lagand , To sit obstinately in a given posture till one’s request be obtained, l) dsan mama, To sit (particularly in an at¬ titude practised by jogls or devotees), to retain one’s seat firmly on horseback. ff-ur-T asin s. m. The sixth Hindu month, in which the moon is full near the stars in the head of Aries. September—October. s. ij~>\ (^PT or)-3[m dsan, s. m. The name of a tree on which the tasar silk-w'orm feeds. (Terminalia alata tomentosa). s. ^\ W (r. ^1X1 Eat) asan, s. m. Eating, food : also, the tree last described. H. bwsl usna, part, (from \x«Ji usanna) Boiled. a. jUJ asnad, s. plur. (of JCm-j q. v.) Grants, law papers in general, deeds, sanads, warrants. s. H I *1 isnan or sndn, s. m. Bathing. n. itsndnd (caus. of usanna) v. a. To cause to boil. s. a-santusht, adj. Discon¬ tented, unsatisfied, displeased. S. a-santokh or a-santosh, s. m. Discontent. s. i±fys^L\ a-savjog or a-sanyog, s. m. Want of opportunity. s. a-sansliaija, adj. Undoubted. _ s. cr-oo>1 asavgat, adj. Improper, ab¬ surd, bad. H. IwJ usanna , v. n. To boil. s. asanl, s. f. A small carpet, &c. on which Hindus sit at prayer.' See ^1 '^TUpT. aswa % s. m. A horse s. ul '-'1 'I aswa, s. m. a norse. ^P'HHTrT aswa-pati, Lord or master of horse, a horseman: see er —i ,^>1 ashca-pati. s. ,JT 3TTHq- asav, s. m. Rum, spirit distilled from sugar or molasses. p. aswar, s. m. Cavalry, a horseman: mounted, riding on (any thing, as a ship, &c). s v ' c l I^K<> astc-arurha, adj. Mounted on a horse. Digitized by Miorosof 93 94 p. aswar-i, s. f. Riding. s. ^TP^TTH (^TT and r. Breathe) a-swas, s. m. Completion, cessation, comfort. ii. a. yj\ is-wa$te, For this reason, because. S. Ujy-sl 3TS0Wt asobha , adj. Shapeless, ill- made, ugly. 5. asoj (3P^[) s. m. The sixth solar month. See ^\ as in. n. asujh, adj. Invisible, incorporeal. s\ asoch ( and ^ft^T To be regretted, r. Grieve) adj. Not contrivable, impossible to be effected by reflection or study, not to be regretted. * * * v ‘ - s. asocKi (from and To consider) adj. Careless, indifferent, unconcerned. p. I asuda-gJ , s. f. Quiet, peace, content. p. dsuda , adj. At rest, quiet, tranquil, glutted, satiated, satisfied, at ease, contented. JU- dsuda-hdly Full, at ease, affluent, in easy circumstances, comfortable, See. Plur. dsudagduy Those at rest or ease, the quiet. h. a. is-wakt, This time, now. n. a. us-wakt , That time, then. i asok , s. m. A shrub common¬ ly called asoca. (Jonesia asoca). See . s. s. asog (snffai) s. m. I. Ease, tran¬ quillity. 2. A tree, called also de- vaddru. (Uvaria longifolia, Willd). $. aswa-gandh ( ) s . m. Same as SJoO asgandky q. v. s. asog-iy adj. At ease, unmolested. ii. asoily adv. This year.' s. 4jj aswiniy s. f. The first of the twenty-four constellations in the moon’s path; hence, considered its mansions, (it consists of three stars in the head of Aries,'and is so named from 3pR A horse, because represented by the symbol of a horse’s head). a. Jl^l is'hal (inf. iv. of J^->) s. m. Loosening, opening, purging, flux, diarrhoea. s. asahajj (^T and Sufferable, from r. Bear) adj. Intolerable, insufferable. a. as'kaly adj. compar. (of J^~j) More or most easy. s. ^ (3T and r. Bear, endure) arsahany adj. Impatient, not bearing with. asst (^rsoYfft) adj. Eighty, s. (fT asiy s. m. A sword, a scimitar. s. dsai or dsaya y s. m. 1. Mean¬ ing, intention. 2. Asylum, abode. See p. LJT asiy a, s. f. A mill, watermill, p. &LJT dsiyanciy s. m. A whetstone, p. aseby s. m. A misfortune (generally meaning such misfortune as is the consequence of the shadow of a demon having fallen on one, and the like), trouble, calamity, damage. h. usijnay *) (caus. of usijnd .) v. a. ii. itsljhnd,j To boil. aslr, s. m. A prisoner, a captive. j+J\ Jzj lJ\ aslr-i-ab o gil y Attached to one’s native land. S. ' j ++*s\ 3sfrr uslr, s. f. A fragrant root of grass, used in making tattls . (Andropogon murica- tum. Pers. khas). s. asirbady s. m. Benediction, blessing: see jb^-d dsirbad. p. asir-iy s. f. Imprisonment, captivity. s. asis or cisis (STTfSFi; from and r. SIFT Rule) s. f. Blessing, benediction, return of compliment from a Hindu superiour. §• L... J ttsisa (3^t%) s . m. Pillow, cu¬ shion, head of a bed or resting place. s. 3TRK asiny adj. Sitting, seated. s. (3T and r. ffeR Sprinkle) ashicha, adj. Not watered, not irrigated (a field, &c.). Microsoft ® • 95 >1 96 s. Oj-J usevna ( and r. f^T^T Dry) v. a. To throw out the water from boiled rice, p. ash, s. f. Meat, victuals, viands, soup, broth, gruel, pottage. blO ash pakana, v.a. To combine in any design, to conspire or con¬ trive something against another. j>- ash-i- Jan, Barley-water, watergruel. s. til 3T^TT usha, s. f. 1. The wife of Aniruddha , son of Kamadeva . 2. Early mom, daybreak. a. isharat, s. f. 1 (inf. iv.of^A) Sign, wink, a. Xj\£\ ishara, s. m.) signal, hint, allusion. ism-i-ishara, A demonstrative pronoun. Xj\J*\ ishara karna, To beckon, make sign or signal, to hint. r. fUJ asham, part. act. (of in compos. Drinking, drinker. a. ashbafi, s. plur. (of ^y-0 Bodies. s. ^ ^ (3f and^JH Happy, well, right) a-shubh, adj. Unfavourable, inauspicious; subst. Unhappiness, distress. a. ishtibah (inf. vm. of s. m. Doubt, ambiguity, scruple. a. ishtibah-iy adj. Suspicious, doubtful. a. ishtidad (inf. vm. of s. m. Con- finning, strengthening, increasing in violence. ushtur (Sans. 3^) s. m. A camel. a. ishtira (inf. vm. of s. m * Buy¬ ing, selling, commerce. a. Cj\pJA ishtirak (inf. vm. of s. m. Partnership, fellowship. a. ishti’al (inf. vm. of ) s. m. f. In¬ flaming, burning, lighting a fire or candle; fo¬ menting or instigating a quarrel. a.p. ishti’alak (dimin. of JUaAl) s. f. A small flame; a quarrel. UjJ ish - tValak dena, v. a. To foment (quarrels), to encourage to bad actions, to abet. a. JUail ishtighal (inf. vm. of J*A) s. m. Oc¬ cupation, employment, study, business. a. ishtikak (inf. vm. of ) s. m. Deri¬ vation of one word from another, etymology. * Digitized by p. vshttilum, s. m. Fierceness, violence, tak¬ ing any thing by force, injustice, adj. Firm. a. ishtimal (inf. vm. of J^) s. m. Com¬ prehension, containing. a. \^Ai\ ishtiha (inf. vm. of t^v^) s. f. Appe¬ tite, desire, hunger. a. ishtihar (inf. viii. of e^^-£>) s. m. Pub¬ lication, divulging, fame, rumour, report, re¬ nown. ishtihar karna , To publish, divulge. ishtihar-nama, An adver¬ tisement. p. (JJjT ashtl, s. f. 1. Peace, concord, recon¬ ciliation, accommodation, agreement, conven¬ tion, confederacy. 2. Amour, intrigue. a. ishtiyak (inf. vm. of jy-£>) s. m. Wish, desire, strong inclination. \ (r. Desire) isht, part. De¬ s. sired, approved, reverenced ; adored, respected, beloved, s. m. A god, a deity, an object, a beloved person, any thing wished for. s. dw \ •'3P2" aslily adj. Eight. s. ashtadasliy adj. Eighteenth. s. ashtashitiy adj. Eighty eight. s. 3T2FT ( Eight, and Mem- ber) ash tang, Eight parts of man, viz. the hands, feet, thighs, breast, eyes, head, words and mind. ^13^ ashtang-pranam, s. m. Prostration, in salutation or adoration, so as to touch the ground with those eight parts. I-Lid SrSTfWfrT ashtavinshati, adj. s. Twenty-eight. s.^teAr^^lRxifrffPT ashtavinshatitam, adj. Twenty-eighth. s. ashla-pancha - shat, adj. Fifty-eight. s. JiiJL+SA ashta-trinsliaty adj. Thirty-eight. ashta- chatwarinshat, adj. Forty-eight. Microsoft ® 97 98 s. ashta-dhat (Eight, and Metal) s. m. The eight metals, said to be gold, silver, copper, brass, tin, bell-metal, lead, and iron. s. cishtadhat-i y adj. Of, or made of, the eight metals enumerated under ashta - dhat. s. lSU-M ashta-saptatiy adj. Seventy-eight. S. ashtorsiddhiy The eight siddhiy the name of a superiour order of beings, a personification of the powers and laws of na¬ ture. (When they are subjected to the will by holiness and austerities, whatever the fancy de¬ sires may be obtained; universal sovereignty may be acquired, and implicit obedience to any com¬ mands enforced; the magnitude, weight, or le¬ vity of the body may be increased or diminished to an indefinite degree ; and, it may be rendered invisible and transported in an instant to any part of the universe). s. uUil ashta-shashti, adj. Six¬ ty-eight. s. p* ashlam, adj. The eighth. s. ^*441 3RW ashtami, s. f. The eighth day of the lunar fortnight. ashta-nawatiy adj. Nine¬ ty-eight. a. ashjdry s. plur. (ofTrees. a. ashja x , adj. compar. (of More or most valiant or brave, brave, valiant. s. dshcharj (or I dshcharya) s. m. Amazement, astonishment, surprise. a. ashkhas, s. plur. (of Persons. a. ashaddy adj. compar. (of More or most vehement, severe, strong, extreme. s. a-shuddhy adj. See a-suddh . s. ashuddliiya (from xs£>\ a-sliuddli ) adj. One w r ho speaks or reads wrong. Digitized b a.j£\ asharr, adj. compar. (of ^ jtf) More or very vicious, malignant, atrocious, flagitious: or vi¬ cious, malignant, &c. asharrit-n-nas, The most wicked of men. a. ashrar, s. plur. (of Wicked, wretch¬ ed, criminal, seditious (people). A. ashrafy s. plur. (of Nobles, grandees, gentlemen, men of high extraction. a. ishrak (inf. iv. of j^) s. m. Rising (of the sun), splendour, lustre, beauty. a. ishrak (inf. iv. of u^)-£>) s. m. Parti¬ cipating, entering into partnership. S. c^T3TTl%cr a-shrit, See a-srit. s. ^HT’STT (3f and Desire) a-shrad- dhdy s. f. Aversion, disgust, loathing, con¬ tempt. a. ashrafy adj. compar. (of uJjj-£i) More or most noble, most eminent, s. m. A gentleman, a person of noble birth, a nobleman. culiuLsM ashrafu-l~makhlukat. The most excel¬ lent of created beings; mankind. c^UKil i_J ashrafu-l-makanaty The most eminent of places. p . ashrafi, s. f. A gold coin so called. (The Calcutta ashrafi is worth <£1. Us. 8 d. and the gold of it is better than English standard gold by five shillings in the ounce, or about tV. By the regulations of May 1793, it should weigh 190.894 grains troy). s. fj£»\ ashram, s. m. See asram. a. ash’ar, s. plur. (ofVerses, poems. a. astiaby n. prop. Name of a man noto¬ rious for greediness. a. ashi x (iy s. plur. (of ^U^) Rays of light. A. JU J*\ ashghaly s. plur. (of J*-£>) Labours, cares, occupations, employments. a. ashfaky s. plur. (of i JsS) Kindnesses, favours, compassion, tenderness. p. ashufta-giy s. f. Distraction, perturba¬ tion, uneasiness, misery. p. &JL£! ashufta, adj. Distracted, distressed, dls- H Microsoft © 99 100 j*-JI turbed, disordered, wretched, miserable, uneasy. JU- ashufta-hal y Distressed in condition. ashufta-halriy s. f. Distress of con¬ dition. iti\ ashufta-khatir, or Jj &JL£>7 ashufta-dily Afflicted in mind. 7 W ashufta-dima gh l, or \ ashk-bar, part. act. Weeping, shedding tears. ^sJj ashk-bar-1, s. f. Weeping. Jh, ashk- rawan-1, s. f. Flowing of tears. p. JLiA ashkar, 1 adj. Apparent, clear, reveal- p. \J£-L\ ashkara, J ed, known, publick. a. JlSLi! ashkal, s. plur. (of JiLi) Forms, figures, shapes, appearances, semblances. a. Jliliil ishkal (inf. iv. of J£i) s. m. Ambi¬ guity, difficulty, suspicion; painfulness. s. ( -3f and r. Be able) a- shakty adj. Powerless, unable. ! JS\ a-shugun , 1 §. 0 p,\ a-shagun,\ S - “* Bad omen ’ P ortcnt - s. JyCil ashagun-7, adj. Portentous, ill-omened. A. (J-A ashall (from J^') adj. Having a disjoint¬ ed, withered, or paralytiek hand. s. ashlok ( ) s . m. Verse, distich. s. | ashlekha (or ashlesha), s. m. The name of the ninth lunar mansion. (Stars near the southern claw of Cancer). p. JU»i>7 ash-mal, adj. Pottage or porridge rub¬ ber (perhaps one who lives by rubbing of pot¬ tage from vessels). a. ishmam (inf. iv. ofj^i.) s. m. 1. Dif¬ fusing odour, shedding perfume. 2. Giving to a quiescent consonant a slight sound of zamm or Digitized by ka$r, but so as not to lengthen the syllable or make a syllable more. a. ashmal, adj. compar. (of J^U) More or most comprehensive, perfect, complete, surpas¬ sing, transcendent. s. ^13E0T ( r . 3&r Bum, heat) ushn, adj. Hot, warm ; s. m. Heat, warmth. s. ^1 'SPT’T ashan, s. m. Eating, food. p. ashna, s. m. f. An acquaintance, lover, friend. bw&| ashna-parast, Friendly, at¬ tentive to friends, sociable. s. $FT ashnan or sitan, s. m. Bathing. p. ashna- 7, s. f. Acquaintance, friendship. ashna-l-karna, v. a. To associate, to be familiar, to unite. ashna-i lagna , v. n. To become intimate, to be united in friendship. p. <0l>LiT ashnayana, adv. In a friendly way, through friendship, like a friend. s.^^pq- ashwa, s. m. A horse. p. ashob or ashub, s. m. 1. Tumult, cla¬ mour. 2. Terrour. 3. Misfortune. 4. Storm, tempest. 5. An impostor, ashob-gah, Place of tumult, &c. s. Ifj&l ^ an d Splendour) ashobka, s. f. Ugliness. s. uuJjAt 3pq-qf?r ( 3T*q- Horse, and ^1% Lord) ashwa-patiy s. m. A person of rank at¬ tended by horsemen, a horseman. s * and r. ^ Become pure) Orshauchy s. m. Impurity ; mourning. S. c£t>\ spiNi (3f and SIN? Grief) a-shoky 1. adj. At ease, unmolested. 2. s. m. Ease, tranquillity, cheerfulness. 3. Name of a plant (Jonesia asoca). s. ashwa-medhy s. m. The ce¬ remony of sacrificing a horse. s.^srfSepfr ashwirUy s. f. Name of the first lunar mansion. See aswirii . Microsoft ® 101 102 J*' a. u>l islChad (inf. iv. of s. m. Ta¬ king to witness, bringing proof. A. ash’had, s. plur. (of Witnesses, eye-witnesses, they who were present at any transaction. A. ash’hab, adj. Of a black and white colour, in which the white prevails; grey (a horse), ash or dun-coloured (a camel or mule). a. aslChadu, v. 1st. pers. pres, tense, I bear witness. SI S ash’hadu an la ilaha illa-llak , I bear witness that there is no God but God. A ashhar, adj. compar. (from c^-fc) More or most celebrated or known. s .^T^n^(3n and r. ^TT Repose) a-shaya, s. m. 1. Meaning, intention. 2. Asylum. a. Ltd ashy a, s. plur. (of l5 -^) Things, effects. p. ^Lt>! dshiyan, 1 p. T ashiyana, j s. m. A bird’s nest. S. ^ wrtrf ashlti, adj. Eighty. s .^3S[flT usliir, s. f. See usir. s. ob jjy\ ashir-bad, s. m. See ob j~>\ asirbad . s. asklsh ( STTf^O s. f. See asls. a. js\*a\ asa gh ir , adj. plur. (of^Ld) Little, mean, contemptible, poor. a. Li-JW asalat or isalat (from J*d) s. f. Firm¬ ness, integrity, genuineness, the being well rooted, constancy, solidity of judgment. a. UU1 asalatan , adv. Originally, radically, firm¬ ly, entirely, absolutely. a. c_ afhaby s. plur. (of u-^>-L) Lords, mas¬ ters, grandees, companions, friends, apostles, (in composition the word signifies) Possessed of; as as’hcib-i-ilm, Learned men, &c. isdar (inf. iv. of s. m. Producing, appearing, issuing. 4. j\ja\ israr (inf. iv. of yS) s. m. Persisting, perseverance (especially in something bad), ob¬ stinacy. a. israf (inf. xv. of i-J^) s. m. Expendi- Digitized by ture, waste, prodigality. i§raf karna, v. a. To squander, dissipate, &c. a. istib agh (inf. vin. of Heb. and Ch. yix He stained) s. m. Imbuing, staining; dipping, baptism. a. u LLd istabal (vulg. astabat) s. m. A stable. g. usturlaby s. f. An astrolabe. a. istilah (inf. vm. of s. f. A phrase, idiom, technical term, figure in rhetorick. (PI. cyU-HUl). a. istilah-1, adj. Idiomatical, phraseolo¬ gical, technical. istilahi ma*nl, Idiomatical meaning or acceptance. a. a sgh ar . adj. compar. (ofLess, very little, least, little, mean. a. LS\ asaf, s. m. 1. The caper tree (Cappa- ris spinosa). 2. The name of a man considered to have been Solomon’s wa&ir . asaf ra’e, Prudent as Asaf ujLT asafu-d-daula, The Asaf of the state. a. JJu>\ asfar , s. plur. (p{jsu> sifr) Ciphers. k.jLA asfar, adj. Yellow. p. Isfahan , n. prop. See Isfahan.- a. LLd asfiya, s. plur. (of The pure, the just, the saints. a. asl, s. f. 1. Root, origin, original, founda¬ tion. 2. Lineage. 3. Capital, principal sum, stock in trade. a. Ld asla or aslan, adv. In the least, at all, by no means, never, not at all. ISlk^Ll aslan mutlaJcan, Never absolutely, by no means. a. islah (inf. iv. of ^ Heb. and Ch. Prospered, was fit) s. f. Correction, amend¬ ment, emendation. \jj islah karna , To correct, to amend. a. yA ashi-s-sus, s. m. Liquorice. A * adj. compar. (of ^L) Best, most correct, most advisable. H 2 Microsoft (!; 103 104 & A. asl-1, adj. Original, radical, essential, genuine, principal; noble, of a noble family. a. ^J\ asamm , adj. Deaf; a surd number (in arithmetick) opposed to muntik. jazr-i-asamm, The square root of a surd. a. asnafy s. plur. (of Sorts, kinds. a. aswat , s. plur. of iZJya saut , q. v. a . J y*\ usuly s. plur. (of tM) Roots, causes; a musical mode or tone. vsul wa furu x , f. Roots and branches, causes and effects. a. asll, adj. Well bom, noble, genuine: (in Hind.) s. f. A maidservant. a. izafat (inf. iv. of u-i^) s. f. Addi¬ tion, adjunct, reference, annexion; construc¬ tion of one noun with another. a. izafa, s. m. Addition, junction, annex¬ ion, annexation, augmentation, attribute. a. <—iztirdb (inf. vin. of c-ys) s. m. Agi¬ tation, perturbation, restlessness, distraction, an¬ guish, trouble, chagrin, precipitation. A. iztiralhl , s. f. Agitation, hurry, im¬ patience, precipitation. a, j\J^\ izlirar (infi vm* of J^) s. m. Violence, compulsion, codSraintj agitation, perturbation. A . iztirar-7 , s. f. See J\j . a. uJU*?1 az’af, adj. plur. (of zi*f) Double. a. compar. (of (J : w) Very weak or helple^|most impotent. a. ^U>\ azla x , s. plur. (of zil*) Ribs, sides ; districts, divisions (of land); convexities, arches. a. 4 ^wr'(inf. iv. of £^b) s. f. Obeying, obedience, sflfcpission, obsequiousness, observ¬ ance, reverence, worshipping, b £ c^dbl ita'at karna , To obey. a. \y>\ atibla y .s v plur. (of u-^-b) Physicians. a. s. f. plur. (of uJ^) Sides, envi¬ rons, confines, skirts, outparts, districts. a. at^ima, s. plur. (of^Ub) Viands, victuals. A.*^b\ itjd (inf. iv. ofUb Ch. HDD Was extin¬ guished) s. m. Extinction (of fire)* a. JUbl atfaly s. plur. (of Jib) Children. a. ittila* (inf. vm. of s. f. Manifest¬ ing, notice, declaring, investigation, information, informing, knowledge, insight. % itla* (inf. iv. of ^ylb) Information. ^lb| iMiZa* karna, To acquaint, inform, apprize. a. jllbl itlak (inf. iv. of & 105 106 a. i*tibar-t 9 adj. Of credit, creditable, trust-worthy; a confidant. a. z *tidal (inf. vin. of J¬ ness, equilibrium, moderation, temperateness, temperature, mean, moderateness, rectitude. a.j^A^I i^tizar (inf. vin. ofjj^) s. m. Excuse, apology. a. Ptiraz (inf. vin. of s. f. Oppo¬ sition, refusing assent, objecting, objection, dis¬ cussion, criticism, animadversion, by> i x tiraz karna , To object, to except. A. i*tiraz-i, s. f. Objection, opposition, displeasure. a. <_j .="" 1.="" 2.="" a.="" a="" abdication.="" abstaining="" acknowledge="" acknowledgment="" allow.="" and="" as="" at="" avowal="" b="" belief.="" c="" ch.="" con="" confess="" confidence="" continuing="" curbing="" dependence="" especially="" excellence="" f="" faith="" fession="" fidence="" from="" ftikad="" heb.="" i="" in="" inf.="" is="" ixajz="" j="" jjb="" karna="" lent.="" liance="" lur.="" m.="" mecca="" mosque="" motives="" of="" or="" p="" pas="" prevalence.="" ptizal="" ptizaz="" re="" religious="" restmining="" s.="" seces="" sin="" sion="" sions="" strong="" temple="" the="" tikaf="" timad="" tiraf="" tisam="" to="" trust="" tty="" unlawful.="" vin.="" vin="" vm.="" was="" what="" x="" yzs="">j i x timad-rakhna or -karna 9 To rely, to depend (on). a. i x tirnddriy adj. Trust-worthy. a. i x tina (inf. vm. of Heb. fity Was concerned or afflicted) s. £* Care, attention, study, labour. A. jWd i*jaz (inf. iv. of^sr) s. m. Disappoint¬ ment; miracle, wonder, astonishment, amaze¬ ment, surprise. jUfl i*jaz-i-masi/iarl, A cure as miraculous as the cures of the Mes¬ siah, a miraculous cure. Digitized b] a. U x juba, s. m. Wonder, miracle, prodigy. a. \<\z\ ai*da 9 s. plur. (of j*Xs) Enemies. A. i*rab (inf. iv. of s. m. The no¬ tation of the vowel points, the vowel or diacri¬ tical points. a. ijAjA i x raz (inf. iv. of s. m. Aversion, avoiding, dislike, averseness, b^ i x raz karna , To avoid, turn from, decline. a. uJl/d ci x raf 9 s. m. Purgatory, a wall inter¬ vening between heaven and hell. a. a x raj, adj. Lame by nature, lame. a. i x zaz (inf. iv. of CJJr) s. m. Honouring, magnifying, respect, attention, honour, esteem. a. xjz\ afizza , adj. comp. plur. (of y>'jz) The most excellent, worthy or dear. a. Liz] a x za 9 s. plur. (of Members, limbs. A -r^ u x zam, adj. compar. (of Greater, greatest. a. lz\ a x la 9 adj. for a?la, q. v. a. i x lam (inf. iv. of s. m. Proclaiming, indicating, announcing; a notification, a war¬ rant, citation, notice. a. ijk] i x lan (inf. iv. of (i ^c) s. m. Divulging, manifesting, publishing. a. | Sz\ a x lam , adj. (compar. of jJU) More or most wise. A. a x la f adj. compar. (of ^U) Higher, su- periour, highest, most high, most exalted, su¬ preme, lofty, eminent, excellent. A. \*z\ a x ma 9 adj. plur. of a?ma 9 q.v. a. JUs! i x mal (inf. iv. of u Us) s. Causing or teaching to act or operate. a. JU^d a x mal 9 s. m. plur. (of J^) Actions, &c. a. ^kc\ a x ma 9 adj. Blind. a. a x yan 9 s. plur. (of { ^+z) Eyes; grandees, nobles. t. \z\ agha 9 s. m. Lord, chief, master, p. jUl aghaz 9 s. m. Beginning, commencement. A. i gh rak (inf. iv. of Jyz) s. m. Causing to drown, submersion. 107 108 p. T dgh ashta , part. Moistened, macerated, mixed, polluted* a, jSil i gh lalc (inf. iv. of s. ih. 1. Tlie being abstruse or difficult to be understood, ab¬ struseness. 2. An obstacle. a. Jiil aghlal , s. pltir. (of Ji ghult) Yokes, chains. a. ighlam (inf. iv.of jJx) s. m. 1. Inflam¬ ing with desire, provoking to venery. 2. So¬ domy. a. aghlaby adj. compar. (of c-JU) Supe- riour, stronger. adv. Most likely. a. jUxl x gh maz (inf. iv. ofjAx) s. m. Detrac¬ tion : but, sometimes used for q. v. a. xgh maz (inf. iv. of s. m. Dissi¬ mulation, connivance, superciliousness, ogling, coquetry. xghmaz harm, To wink or connive at. A. h. igk maz-x, s. f. See u o\*z\ xghmaz. a. Uxcl aghniya , s. plur. (of ^x) Independent, rich. a. \ji.\ ighwa (inf. iv. of Heb. my Erred, acted perversely) s. m. Seduction, temptation, instigation. ighwa karnu, To seduce, lead astray, tempt. p. aghoshy s. f. Embrace, bosom. a. jLxl aghyar, s. plur. (of jS) Strangers, fo¬ reigners, unknown persons, rivals. a. JU/, interj. Fy! pish! for shame! alas! uf karna, To disapprove of, to lament. a. afaty s. plur. (of^-^iT) Calamities, mis¬ fortunes, evils, dangers. a. jUt afaky s. plur. (of^jil) Horizons, quarters of the heaven or of the earth, regions. a. cuSW ifakaty s. f. *) (inf. iv. of Jji) Conva- a. ifaka , s. m. j lescence, recovery. a. afaty s. f. Calamity, misfortune, wretch¬ edness. (Sans. 3TFTr*). afat- raslda } or ix-ii dfat-zada , Overtaken or oppressed by calamity; unfortunate, wTetched. Digitized by p. uJcS\ aftaby s. m. The sun, sunshine. dftab-parasty A worshipper of the sun. dftab-par ast-l 7 s. f. Worship of the sim. jJ> aftab-gir, A parasol, an umbrella. p. aftaba y s. m. An ew r er. p. aftab-ly 1. adj. Of the sun, solar, faded by the sun, yellow. 2. s.‘ f. A parasol of a par¬ ticular form, a target studded with gold. p. xiftady } ^ pass. ^ 0 f jbil) Fallen, p. uftada 7 y r v u p. ufiada-giy s. f. A falling, tumbling, p. j w/tan o khezan , Now falling now rising; with much ado. p. IjliiT aftawdy s. m. An ewer. See ajtiT. A.jlkul iftikhar (inf. vm. of js?) s. m. Glory, honour, elegance, gracefulness. a. \ju\ xftird (inf. vm. of s. f. m. Calum¬ ny, false imputation, scandal, fiction. a. 4\ji\ afrddy s. plur. (of Jp) Individuals, single ones, singular numbers, sheets (of paper). A. S\ji\ ifrdd (inf. iv. of Jp) s. m. Withdrawing from society. p afrciZy part. act. in compos, (from Exalting, raising. p. ujU-slyl afrasiyaby Name of an ancient king, who from Tartary invaded Persia, and was slain by Rustaxn . a. \s\y\ ifrcit (inf. iv. of bp) s. m. f. Excess, su¬ perfluity, abundance, biU-t blpl ifrdt-i-akhldt or blpl ifrat-i-khun , Plethora. p. afrokhta , part. pass, (of In¬ flamed, set on fire,, lighted, p. afrozy part. act. in compos, (from Illuminating, enlightening, kindling. p.jl^J Oji\ dfrid-gdry s. m. The creator. p. *jjpt dfrlday part. pass, (of^^.pT) Created, creature. p. ! afrln or afarln , s. f. Praise, applause, acclamation. interject. Bravo ! w f ell done ! Microsoft 109 110 part, (in compos.) Creating, creator; as ^ji\ jahan-afrin , Creator of the world. ^J\ \jJ afrin karna , To praise, to applaud, r. affinish or afarinish, s. f. Creation, p. ajojjyf afrinanda or afarinanda, part. Creator, p. afza, part. act. (of m compos. In¬ creasing. p, ^\Js\ afzarl (in compos.) s. f. Increasing. p. afza’jshy s. f. Increase, p. afzayanda , part. act. (of^Jjl/ 1 ) in com¬ pos. Increasing. p. jjjil afzudy s. m. Increase, addition, abun¬ dance. adj. More, greater, additional, p. afzun, adj. Increasing, more, greater, manifold, much. p. afzun-i, s. f. Increase, abundance, p, afsana , s. m. A fiction, tale, story, ro¬ mance. afsanarkhzpan, or jS afsana-go, A story-teller, romance-teller, p. afsar , s. m. f. A crown, a diadem, p. afsurda-gi , s. f. Dejection, melancholy, lowness or depression of spirits, p. jjpJl afsurda , adj. Frozen, withered, faded, benummed; dejected, dispirited, lowspirited, melancholy. Jo sJ,— i\ afsurdoMiatlr . De¬ pressed in mind, dispirited. Jj afsurda - cftZ, Faint-hearted, low r spirited, dejected, p. a/ 505 , s. m. Sorrow, concern, regret, vexation. inteij. Ah! alas ! \jJ afsos karna, To sigh, to sorrow, to regret, grieve, la¬ ment, bewail, bemoan, mourn, moan, p. afsun, s. m. Incantation, a spell, verses used in spells or enchantment, fascination, sor¬ cery. 1 jJL> afsun-sazd, s. f. Enchant¬ ment. I )J> afsun karna , To enchant, to use spells or incantations. v 'j> afsunrgar, s. m. An enchanter, one who uses spells, &c., a sorcerer, magician. a. U-il ifsha (inf. iv. of Heb. riWD Was spread abroad) s. m. Divulging, publishing, p. afshan , part, (of Scattering, strewing, shedding, dispersing, pouring out, scatterer, scattered, strewed, &c. (used in com¬ position chiefly; as gul-afslian , Strew¬ ing roses. j) zar. — S) s. m. Ac¬ quisition, gain. a. Ubt iktifa (inf. via. of (^.-Us) s. f. Suffi¬ ciency, contentment, li/ Ubl iktifa karna, To be or rest satisfied. s. -bl a-kath (^ from and r. Speak) adj. Not to be told or related, unutter¬ able, not fit to be spoken; obscene. -• iktis ( adj. Thirty-one. • libi uktana, 1 (perhaps, 3F|(and r. Break, . Ibl ukatna, j separate) v. a. To dig up slow¬ ly a thing buried in the ground, to extract a secret gradually and artfully, to pump. - • 1 — ik-tak (see U& takna) s. A fixed looking at any thing without closing the eyes. s. Ibl ikatha or ikattha ( One, and ^ M $ A - jir>\ iksir, s.f. for^bl Hear, q. v. s. ikehit (^ One, and f^nf Mind) Place) adj. Collected together, in one place. -• ik-than, adj. See Ibl ikattha. a.j£\ afoar, adj. compar. (of ^b) Most, very much, many, much, frequent; adv. Generally, for the most part, usually, frequently, mostly, chiefly, often, cb*/ j£\ akmr aukht, At most times, generally, frequently. a. akmriya, adv. Generally, often, for the most part, chiefly, frequently. adj. Of one mind. -• V 7L-> ik-chhat raj karna, To hold uni- versal dominion. £.p. ik-dam, One moment. s.J\ ^X (3T and ^X Tax, hand) adj. Duty free, exempt from duty, hand-less. s. /T and r. ^ Make) arkar, s. f. 1. Mine, quarry. 2. Multitude. u.j£\ akar, s. f. The den of a lion or tiger. h. 1/1 akra, 1. adj. Dear, costly. 2. s.f. A kind of vetch: see tf/jl ank fi. a. j*l/l akram, s. plur. (of (*/) Favours, kind¬ nesses, obligations, honour, respect. a. (*1/1 ikram (inf. iv. of (*/) s. m. Honouring, complimenting, treating with attention and ce¬ remony, veneration, respect. a. *1/1 ikrah (inf. iv. of */) s. f. Aversion, ab- horrence, detestation, horrour. a. (*/l akram, adj. compar. (of Very kind, merciful, generous, bountiful. s. (^/l a-karm, s. m. Bad action, sin, vice, wickedness. s. bb/1 a-karmak (^r and ^fAc- cusative) adj. Intransitive (a verb). s. a-karm-i, adj. Wretch, sinner. a-karm (3PTOJ|U| i. e. 3T and Fit to be done) adj. Inconsistent, indecent, unsuitable, not to be done. h . akar (see toj^) s.f. Crookedne*ss: strut, airs. h. \f \ akra , part. pass, (of q. v.) Stiff, &c. h.p. akar-baz (comp, of j£\ and jb) An af¬ fected person, a fop, a swaggerer. H .p. \ akar-baz-i, s. f. Swaggering, strut¬ ting, airs. H * * 1 ? akar-baTi, s, f. The cramp. Digitized by Microsoft ® 117 118 h. akarnaj v. n. 1. To writhe, to ache, to be cramped, to become stiff or rigid, to stiffen. 2. To strut affectedly, to give one’s self airs. vkru, s. m. The posture of sitting on the hams with the soles of the feet on the ground. h. akraity adj. An affected person, a swag¬ gerer, a fop. Seejbj^l akar-baz . s.n.jLKl ik-sar, adj. Alike, similar. s. JLS\ iksath ) adj. Sixty-one. s.r.^-Kl ik-sar or ak-sar (
of order, to tire, to weaiy, to be astonished. mountain) s. m. An herb smelling like frank¬ incense, rosemary. a. ikUlu-l-malik (lit. the king’s crown) s. m. Melilot. s. buKl a-kuUna (3f^c^t ? f) adj. Ignoble, of mean birth. a. JUS! ikmal (inf. iv. of JIK) s. m. Perfecting, accomplishing. a. akmaly adj. compar. (of J-«l£) More or most perfect, complete, entire, full. a. akmahy adj. Blind from birth, blind. a. uJlKl akriafy s. plur. (of<-jk adv.="" aknuriy="" borders="" confines="" environs="" now.="" p.="" parts.="" s.j="" sides="">\ akwar, s. SeejU&! ank-war. akor, s. f. A bribe. h. akor- 1 , adj. One who receives a bribe. s. aAoZ(Sans. or or s. m. A plant the oil of which is used in en¬ chantments. (Alangium hexapetalum). a. akul, adj. Great eater; glutton. ry s. Jj/l akwand (Sans. s. m. Swallow- wort. (Asclepias gigantea). See cS\ ak. ii. abba, s. m. 1. A riddle, a sieve. 2. A bag filled with grain (two such bags being car¬ ried by a bullock or camel). x.JlKl ukhar (see Ujl^l) s. f. Rooting up, extir¬ pation. s. ik la-7, s. f. Singleness, loneliness. S' LKl akalna (3?r and r. ^ Cast) v. n. To boil. s. r l s and r. Divide, tear) v. n. To be rooted up, plucked up or raised up, to slip out (as a bone, &c.). ukharna pukharna, To be plucked or rooted up. s. a-khil (or akhat) adj. All, the ; whole, entire. 5. J4\ ukhU ( or ) S. f. A wooden mortar. s. g4\ 3SR*3T (3E5T The hot season, and 3T Born) ukhmaj or uslimaj, s. Insects pro¬ duced by heat; moschettos, gnats, flies, 8cc. ^ » s. ScJs\ a-khand, adj. Unbroken, whole, entire. s. ^ \ akhai, for akshaya or akshai ( and Decay) adj. Everlasting, not liable to decay. J) akhai-bar, Name of a tree. •s “ s.^T^TTW ii-khet , s. m. The chase, hunt- ing. 5. dkhct-1 (^n^fs^i) adj. Of the chase. s. ukherna, v. a. See ukharna . $. ukherwana (caus. of UjL^) v. a. To cause to pluck up. li. ikkls, adj. Twenty-one. 5. 'L£\akela (^C^Fi One) adj. Alone. s. uhelna (3r^ and r. f^K 7 ) Cast) v. a. To turn up. 5. df\ kg (^ff^f) s. f. Fire. <*/T ag uthand , v. a. To raise disturbance, to enrage, to provoke. ag bujhana, v. a. To extinguish fire; to appease a tumult, to pacify a quarrel, to still resentment. tfg ba- rasna , v. n. To rain fire (applied to the ex¬ treme heat of the sun, or to a liot fire of cannon or musketry in battle).* bjj ^/T ag barna, v. n. 1. To be enraged. 2. To be very hun¬ gry. bXfiJ ag bhakna or U&l^ e^/T ag phdnkna , v. a. To speak idle words, to boast. I jJj ag parnd, v. n. To be enraged ; as, ^ Sr } }i ^ 1 ji ^ hfjr* mer1 baton se us par ag parti hai , He is enraged at my words: also, the same as cS 7 ag barasna . bjJ <*S \ agdena , v. a. To burn a Hindu corpse. eS T ag sulgand, v. a. To in¬ flame; to excite sedition, to foment a quarrel clandestinely. \jJ ag karna , v. a. 1. To make any thing exceedingly warm. 2. To ex¬ cite envy or anger (used among women), lilfl c/T ag lagdnd, v. a. To set on fire, to inflame ; to enrage, to cause disturbance. UjjO J tJb ^ifl ag lagdke paiu le daurnd, To pretend to appease a quarrel which one has pur¬ posely excited, to play tricks, to deceive, tggtl Ud ag lagnd, v. n. To be set on fire, to be eiv raged, to be very hungry. l£ ^ ^ \j ci^o ag lage par bilti ka mut dhundhnd yd mdngna, To put off, to delay or excuse one’s self on vain pretences. fT 1)1 ag lene ko ana, To come to get fire (is spo¬ ken of a friend who goes to visit another and leaves him quickly). USli c^/T ag mm panl dalna , same as Ul^sT <*/7 ag bujhana . ag mm km kljalr na ya lotnci, or UL>~ \ ^ ghair Id ag mmjalna, To bring reproach upon, to accuse, • to suffer for another. ^ ag men lot- na, To be afflicted with grief or melancholy. ag bond, To he enraged. 5. ifT aga ( 3T3T ) s. m. The front, the forepart; the space in front of a house, the forepart of a turband. U^l^snj if | dgdplchlid karna, v. n. To hesitate, waver, boggle, demur, stand shill-I- shall-I. s. :3 T 7 TT t r (3T and Place) a-gddh, adj. Unfathomable, bottomless, very deep. Digitized by Microsoft © 121 122 i* s. jlfT 3TFTR: agar, s. m. A house. s. $j&\ igarah ( adj. Eleven. §. igarah-an, adj. Eleventh. s. ijj&\ agarl (from The forepart, 8cc.) adv. Before, in front, fonvards, further on, onward, s. f. The ropes with which a horse’s fore feet arc tied, the front, forepart. l^U C5j^\ agarl mama , To attack in front, to defeat a hostile army in pitched battle. cfjlfxr; {Jj^\ agarl pichharl laguna, To confine (especially, a horse). agasl (from ^PT see ITT) s. m. f. 1. A turband. 2. A terrace in front of an upper room. •5. vgal ( and r. Eat) s. m. That which is spit out after chewing any thing (es¬ pecially, betel leaf), \j~* (—>! ap ka ugal merd adhar , Your worship’s leavings are my nourishment; i e. You, Sir, are my support and benefactor. p. vgal-ddn, s. m. A spitting-box. s. vgdnd (caus. of Ufl) v. a. To cause to grow, &c. £. OU-yiTl again j and , v. n. To advance to meet a person. p. a if 7 agah, adj. Informed of, acquainted (with), apprized, intelligent, vigilant, conscious, aw r are. agah-dil , adj. Vigilant, of an attentive mind. *IS \ dgdh karnd, To inform, ac¬ quaint, apprize, caution. s. Lalfl ugahna (3r^ and r. Take) v. a. To gather, to collect, to accumulate. (from slf 1) s. f. Information, intelligence, acquaintance, vigilance. -• again (from Ui>lf \ q. v.) s. f. 1. Usury. 2. The trade of lending money on interest of one fourth, the payment of which is received by in¬ stalments. s. 1 vgat, part, (from bfl q. v.) Growing, springing up; production. path) a-gati, 1. adj. Without character, dis¬ honoured, disgraced. 2. One whose funeral ceremonies are not performed. 3. s. f. Dis¬ grace, distress, inconvenienoe, damnation, con¬ demnation. p.^fl agar, conj. If. s.jfl agar (' 5 RP> ) s. m. Wood of aloes. 5. \ ag-gras (First, and A mouth¬ ful) s. m. The first morsel. s.^l/tTOST agrds , 1 First, and s. agrdsan , J r. Eat) s. m. Victuals offered in oblations, sacrifices, &c. to the gods. p. a gar chi, conj. Although, though. s. (^PT Fore, and Thought) agra - soch, s. m. Foresight, providence, precaution. s. agra-soch-i, adj. Provident, endued with foresight. ji. 1 agar-wdla, s. m. A race of merchants of the Vaisya tribe from Agroha, a place to the westward of DihU . s. agar-1, adj. Of the colour of \ agar (i. e. w^ood of aloes). u. agar hagar, s. m. Trifling employment or talk, trifles, trash, trumpery. s. 3RTl% agasti or TO agastya s. m. 1. Name of a tree (iEschynomene grandiflora). 2. Name of a sage or apostle, the regent of the star Canopus. £. Xfl agla (^P^T) adj. 1. Prior, preceding, first, foremost, former, chief, principal. 2. An¬ cestor, ancient. 3. Other, next. s . Ulfl vgalna ('S^and r. Eat) v. a. To spit out, to vomit; (metaph.) to refund pro¬ perty surreptitiously obtained. s. ^TPPT (3fT and r. Go) d-gam, s. m. 1. Futurity. 2. A Shastra containing spells and incantations dictated by Mahadeva . ^ \ dgam hdndhnd, To determine the future, to foretell, bjj dgam-bidyd, s. f. Tho TOfrT (3f and Procession, Digitized by Microsoft ® 123 124 J' art or scienee of foretelling or divining. agam-bakta, for ^TPT^T^WT (Teller, being from r. Tell) A foreteller, predic¬ tor; Siva , one who tells the doctrines of agam . ^ \ agam jam or i ag&m-gyani, for ^TPPWFTT Knowing the future ; a prognos¬ ticator, diviner, foreteller. §. ^\ a-gam ( and To be gone) adj. Impassable, inaccessible, unfathomable, fathom¬ less, unfordable, bottomless. s, 1 ^TT^T^T^T ( 3fT and r. Go) 5-ga- man , s. m. Coming, arriving, arrival. 5. agmana ( Front, and r. Go) s. m. The advanced guard, adj. Adventu¬ rous, venturesome, forward, early (as fruit). s. \ agwa . 8. agwahi, 1 (from c^fT Fire, q. v.) s. f. i. agwa 7, J Conflagration. s. Jibfl agwa-1 (from \f\ agwa) s. f. Guidance. s.^/l a-gochar, adj. Unperceived, imperceptible, invisible. h. b j£\ agorna , v. a. To watch. SeebJjfl. h. agoriya (from bu^l) s. m. Watchman, s. fj\ a-s TirJi, adj. Easy. «• ^ agori or agori (from Fore) adj. In advance, beforehand, n. bJ^l agolna , v. a. To watch. See *A s . \jj£ tj/ \ agaurCi karna, v. a. To advance to meet the bridegroom, to go to meet a visitant on the road. s. 3^ a gb, s. m. Sin, guilt. r. ^ agah, adj. See alfl agah . s. vgharna (trans. of bj^l q. v.) v. a. To uncover, discover, unveil, open, unclose, bare. s.jj\$\ ugharu (from bjbfl) s. m. One who uncovers or unveils. ii. bbfl aghana, 1 . v. n. To surfeit, to be satiated. 2. adj. Satiated. n. aghal (from bl^fl) s. f. Satiety, sur¬ feiting. s. \j v J>\ vgharna ( and r. Unite) v. n. To be uncovered, discovered, opened, pulled off. s. ^\ aghan () s. m. Name of the Hindu eighth month (during which the sun Microsoft 125 31 126 J' is in Scorpio and the moon is full near Orion’s head), November-December. s. aghor-pantk ( ^ ) s. m. A particular religious order among Hindus. See s. aghor-pantfirl s. u $jy£\ aghori ( 0 ) (used substantively) An order of religious men¬ dicants professing aghor-panth; (they eat every thing, however filthy, even human carcasses ; hence) a gross or filthy feeder. r. \ agahl, s. f. Same as T agdlii, q. v. age ( agre ) adv. Before, in front, fore, beyond, more, ago, already, formerly, for¬ wards, farther, onward, henceforward, along; in what is before or to be done, then, hence, rather, sooner. bT age ana , v. n. 1. To come forward, to advance. 2. To return, to re¬ vert. bJ jsd age dhar lend, To get be¬ fore, to outstrip, to surpass, to pass (as a horse in a race), \j"i age land, To advance (ac- tively), to bring forward. s. l/l aggyd or dggyd ( djnyd) s. f. Command, order, permission. li. \+>\ agiya, s. m aggia, j Buck.). s. (fi Unknown, and Youth) agyat-jaulana or a-jnyata-yauvana, s. f. A girl arrived at maturity and surprised at the symptoms which then appear, not knowing to what to attribute her sensations. S- a gyarl (from Fire) s. f. Kin¬ dling the fire by Hindus at the time of worship¬ ping. See |*,£> horn. 5- aggyarkari or agya-kari (for :3 *WT^TCT ajnyarkan) adj. Acting accord¬ ing to order, obedient. s - tAr ^ a-gyan or ajnyan, adj. Witless, Digitized i Name of a bird. (Alauda rom unknowing, ignorant, not knowing what to do; a simpleton. s. agyand (from Fire) v. a. To burn vessels of metal for the purpose of cleaning them. s. 11 • a-gyan-pan, s. m. Ignorance, fool¬ ishness, stupidity, simplicity. 5. a-gydnata ( ^ 1*1 I ) s. f. See a-gyan-pan . s. argydni, adj. See a-gydn. '•J* agin (used in compos.) adj. Full. h. JT al , s. f. The name of a tree, from the root of which a red colour is extracted for staining leather, dying silk, &c. (Morindacitrifolia). a. JT al, s. f. Children, family, progeny, off¬ spring, race, dynasty. s. jisrfts ali, s. m. A large black bee; See ^J\ all. s. f\ ala, 1. (for House) s. m. A small recess in a pillar or wall for holding a lamp, &c. 2. (for lj£) adj. Wet; running (as a sore). h. M ilia , s. m. A wart. a. ilia, adv. If not, if, besides, except, other¬ wise, else, but, unless. s. Uf\ (.3TT and r. Speak) 5- lap (corruptly, alap) s. f. Prelude to singing, s. m. Speaking to, address, conversation. -. <— dlap-clidri, s. f. The act of tuning the voice previous to singing. s. WT dlapnd or alapnd ( "M see c-$T alap') v. a. To tune the voice, to run over the different notes previous to singing, to catch the proper key, to sing, to time. a. dfiT alat, s. plur. (of alai) Instruments, tools, utensils. - * Hachi ( ) s. f. Cardamums. h. \jji\ uldrna (trans. of U,S1) v. a. To cause to sleep. h. ^i\ ulagh , s. m. An owl. 127 128 uUI t. j$1 ulak, s. f. A kind of small boat. a. ^j!i\ alakty s. f. (plur, of $\ p. ala'ish (from ^OjlT) s. f. Pollution, con¬ tamination, filth, nastiness. s. JUT albal ( ) s. in. A basin for water round the root of a tree. a. &d\ albatta , adv. Certainly, indeed, positively, absolutely, assuredly, really. p • )j^\ alburZy s. m. Name of a celebrated moun¬ tain between Persia and India. h. LJ1 albela , adj. Artless, simple, innocent, s. m. A fop, a beau. (fern. A belle). li. lu-i-JI albel-yanay s. m. Foppishness, spruce- ncss, airs and blandishments. s. alj) } adj. Little, small, few, short. a. ciUT alat, s. f. A tool, an instrument, appa¬ ratus ; membrum virile, veretrum animalium. s. U1 alia or alia ( ^ or ) s . m. Cotton strongly impregnated with the die of lac, ready to be used for dying, &c. (principally used by the Hindu women for staining their feet red). a. Usttl Utija (inf. vm. of U) s. f. Fleeing to any one for relief or protection; entreaty, re¬ quest, petition, refuge, protection. A. iltizam (inf. vm. of j*jJ) s. m. Being necessary or expedient, being assiduous, taking on one's self. a. iltifat (inf. vm. of Heb. He bent, inclined} s. f. Friendship, kindness, obli¬ gation, courtesy, respect, regard, attention; an apostrophe (in rhetorick). \jJ eulhll iltifat karnay To attend to, to have regard or respect. a. iltimas (inf. vm. of ^~*1) s. m. f. Be¬ seeching, petitioning, supplication, prayer, re¬ quest. by iltimas karna , To beseech, solicit, to request, to petition, supplicate, repre¬ sent humbly. t. bU^i\ altamgha or altamgha, s. m. I. The royal seal; a royal grant in perpetuity descending to posterity, royal insignia, royal diploma. 2. A tax levied on travellers. 3. ta mgh a (among the Turks signifies) A stamp on gold or silver plate to certify its being of standard purity, (il/e- ninski ). u. yaM altaniy s. f. The rope round the neck of an elephant, in which the driver puts his feet as in stirrups. h. UJ\ ulthay s. m. Translation (of a writing). a. iltihab (inf. vm. of u-^i) s.m. Burn¬ ing, heat, flaming. h . L^AI ulathnciy v. n. To undulate, to be agi¬ tated (as the ocean by storms). s. a. iltiyam (inf. vin.of ^i) s. m. Healing or closing of a wound. n. lilll ulta, part, or adj. Reversed, turned back, s. m. 1. Reverse, opposite, contrary. 2. Pease pudding, a kind of pudding made of the meal of any pulse. h. l5b l2l1 ultapulia, adj. Topsyturvy, higgledy- piggledy. h. 1)1211 ultana (caus. of 1^511) v. a. To overturn, Digitized by Microsoft ® 129 130 J c_ turn over, overset, upset, pervert, thwart, reverse, invert, return. h. nltana pultana, v. a. 1. To reverse, to modify. 2. To interchange. h, LliJj ulat pulat, 1. adj. Higgledy-pig¬ gledy, topsyturvy. 2. s. f. Confusion, inter¬ change. ii. ulcitna, v. a. To pervert, subvert, thwart, reverse, overturn, reply, v. n. To be reversed, turned over or turned back, to return. a. <^J\aljif t (Jt art. and Hunger) interj. used in complaining of hunger. h. bUJl uljliana (trans. of v. a. To en¬ tangle, to ravel (as, thread), to involve, busy or engage (in difficulties, business, &c.), to em¬ broil. n. /IfJl uljhaoy s. m. Entanglement, perplexity, intricacy, complication, involution. n.s. UU- vlajh pulajh jana , v. n. To be entangled, to ravel, &c. See L^sh ulajhna. ii. uljhan, s. f. Involution, entanglement, complication. ii. ulajhna or ilajhna y 1. v. n. To be en¬ tangled, to ravel, to be involved (in difficulties). 2. v. a. To quarrel, debate, cavil. h. uljhera or iljhera , s. m. Entanglement, intricacy: see uljhan . it. L 5 J 1 ulachna , v. a. To throw out the water from any thing, to drain. a. ^Ush ilhah (inf. iv. of '£) s. f. Solicitation, urgency, importunity, importunate entreaty. a. c\A\ ilhad (inf. iv. of As!) s. Ineligion, im¬ piety, heresy, unbelief, apostasy, atheism. a. jlsH il/iak (inf. iv. of s. m. Annexation, junction, addition, adjunction, continuity. a. Jls!l al-haly adv. Now, at present, presently, just now. a. ilhan (inf. iv. of er sl) s. ra. Note, sound, modulation, tune, an air (in musick). alhan , s. plur. (of Notes, tunes. a. al-kakk, adv. In truth, really, the truth, assuredly. a. \ alghuza , s. m. A whistle, pipe, flagelet. a. CjL*11 al-ghiyaSy s. m. Complaint, complain¬ ing, demanding justice; alas! help ! a. u_£lt alf( Heb. *]Vk) adj. Thousand. a.h.UJ \ alfoty s. m. A kind of dress resembling K ^ 132 131 jn $ a shirt without sleeves and open at the sides, worn by fakirs. A.kUJ\ aZ/as, s. m. plur. (ofliil) Words, articulate sounds, terms. p. ^ cJJl alif be, s. f. The a, b, e; the alphabet. a. ulfat, s. f. Friendship, familiarity, inti¬ macy, society, affection, attachment, kindness. a. ulfati, adj. Friendly, affectionate, de¬ rived from friendship. ulfati banda, Attached from friendship. a. alfi, 1. s. f. Sec Ull alfa . 2. adj. Co¬ vered with marks like the letter alif (cloth, 8cc.). a. ilka (inf. iv. of s. m. Inspiration. a. c-ASM alkab, s. m. plur. (of u-^) Titles, ho- norary names; forms of address, &c. in letters. a. al-kissa, adv, In short, in a word. s. iis31 (r. Adorn) alak, s. f. A ringlet or curl of hair. alakabaU s. f. A row of side curls. f See J]\ arlakh . a. alkan (from adj. Speaking barba¬ rously, stammering. $. a-lakk and To be seen) adj. Invisible, unseen: a form of salutation. s. <^J$\ a-lag (^T and Joined) adj. Sepa¬ rate, apart, distinct, loose, aloof, aside, asunder. <*J$\ alag alag, adv. Separately. alag thalag, Apart. s. alga (^T and Joined) 1. adj. Sepa¬ rate, apart, distinct, free, loose, unconfined. 2. s. m. A sandal. s. \j$\ algana (from \^\) v. a. To separate, dis¬ join, to put on one side. 5. algarl (from l^H) s. f. Separation, n. algani, s. f. A line for hanging clothes on. p. algoja , Same as alghuza, q. v. UJ1 ulalna (3rJ and r. Play, stir) v. n. To be overset, to be laid on one side. a. allah, s. m. God. jS\ allahu akbar , God is great. allah allah ! An inter¬ jection expressive of surprise and approbation. lJj j*f' aluda-gi, s. f. Contamination, stain, foulness, defilement, pollutedness. p. »<^)T uluda, part. pass, (of Defiled, stained, smeared, soiled; immersed, covered. t. ulush, s. m. Same as ^i)! ulas/i, q. v. U. ulush, s. A tribe or family. a. uluf, adj. plur. (of uJJl) Thousands. s. ulukhal, s. f. A wooden mortar. See ukhU . ?. aloly 1. (for 3fl and Shaking, moving) s. f. Gambol (generally applied to a horse). 2. (for and ) adj. Steady. 5* Jj^ a l°l kalol (see J^) s. f. Gambols, . playsomeness, wantonness. s. \j£\ a-lona ( and g^f.) a( jj ga j^ fresh, saltless, insipid. a. ululiiyat, s. f. Divinity, deity. a. ala, s. m. Same as alat, q. v. a Uah, s. m. God. ilah-a, O God! n. yT ulha, n. prop. Name of a Hindu soldier and poet, from whom a species of poetry takes its name. a. ilham (inf. tv. of ^) s. m. Inspiration, revelation. Digitized b u s. UU1 alhanu Joy, gladness) v. n. To rejoice, to be cheerful. h.J$!1 alhar, adj. Young, untaught (animal), unskilful. h. ulalina , 1. s. m. A complaint, accusation: see LfeSl ulalina . Uj J 1^31 ulalina dena, To re¬ proach, complain (to), accuse. 2. s . (3^ and r. Grow) v. n. To grow, to vegetate. A * ilhhly adj. Divine, inteij. OGod! h. Ld! alhaiya , s. f. Name of a ragirii . a. ilahlyat, s. f. The divinity, godhead. A. ^J\ ila, prep. Up to, till. ^\ ^J\ ilarl-an, Till this time. s . or 'M irit all, s. f. A female friend, a damsel. alay, s. m. House, habitation. s . aTi, 1. s. m. A large black bee, fabled to be enamoured of the lotus. 2. s. f. (for ^J\ ali ) A female friend. 5. Uj U\ alaiya balaiya ( ^ A crow, and srfes a sacrifice) s.‘ f. 1. Sacrifice, victim. 2. Lighted wisps with which the Hindus divert themselves at the season of the dewali . a. ilyas, n. prop. Elias (said to be a grand¬ son of Shem son of Noah). h. tacJl uUchna , v. a. To throw up water, to bale. H. P. al~i rang, s. m. A colour extract¬ ed from the al tree (Morinda citrifolia). a. uliin, adj. Painful, excruciating. h. ulendnu, v. a. To pour w f ater. s. uni amra ) s. m. The mango tree (Mangifera Indica) ; the mango fruit. s.fT^TFT am, adj. Raw, undressed, unripe; s. m. Provisions, victuals (undressed). A. p\ umm (Heb. dn) s. f. Mother. a. amma, conj. But, moreover, nevertheless, however, yet. s. U3 amma ( amba ) s. f. Mother. K 2 135 U 136 p. amaj, s. m. A mound or heap of earth on which a mark is fixed to shoot arrows at, a mark or butt for shooting arrows at, an instru¬ ment with which land is ploughed, a throne, the twenty-fourth part of a parasang. S&-UT amaj - gah, The place where the mark is fixed for shoot¬ ing arrows at. p . amada-gl, s. f. Readiness, alertness. p. amada , adj. Prepared, ready, alert. a. imarat, s. f. Government, lordship, of¬ fice Or dignity of j+A amir . a. xjl<\ ammara, adj. Imperious, headstrong, ob¬ stinate. p. u*X<\ amas, s. m. Swelling. amas karna 9 To swell. a. amakin, s. plur. (of ^ICo) Mansions, habitations, places. A. p\A imdm } s. in. I. A leader in religious af¬ fairs, a prelate, patriarch, priest, chief. 2. A large bead in a rosary, which remains fixed in the hand and is not turned over in counting (called by the Hindus sumeru ). a. imdmaty s. f. Office of imam . a. imdmiya, (Followers) of the Imam ; name of a Muhammadan sect, who make All the rightful imam immediately after Muhammad. a. jjW amdriy s. f. Safety, security, grace, mer- cy, protection, quarter. S.u,U ammdiiy s. f. See A amma, Mother. _ \jA amdnd (H X*\ ) v. n. To be contained, to go into. a. amdnaty s. f. 1. Deposit, charge, any thing given in trust. 2. Faith, religion. jh amdnat-ddr, Depositary, trustee, guardian, faithful, honest, trusty. amdnat - ddr-iy s. f. Guardianship, agency, trust, charge, faithfulness. I amdnat rakhnd, To deposit, to leave in charge or trust, to intrust. s. &~jA SRFRW (^ and r * Respect, worship) a-mananiya, adj. Incredible. S. JU SFTFft (3T and r. Worship, or ^TFT Pride) a-mdniy adj. I. Incredulous, in¬ attentive. 2. Without pride, humble. A. tJU! amdn-t, s. f. 1. Security. 2. Trust, charge, deposit. 3. adj. (applied to land) What is in charge of a collector on the part of government (in opposition to xJA that which is farmed). S. U ^PTT^T amdnya, adj. Not to be cre¬ dited, incredible. 5- dbjA amdwat (^Hltf Mango) s. m. The in¬ spissated juice of the mango. See (j^o\, - amurivas (^nronor^rjn^n from With, and r. Abide) s. f. The conjunction of the sun and moon, the change of the moon. s. dm-hat (^TPPTTcT) s. m. A swel¬ ling which comes without pain, and goes off as easily without medicine ; a windy tumour. s. i^wol ambat (Sans. amla ;) adj. Sour. s. ^A ambujy s. m. The lotus (Nym- phaea nelumbo). s.jA ambar , s. m. 1. The sky. 2. Clothes, apparel. s . 3rfH^T ambihdy s. f. A name of Par- vati or Bhavanl, consort of Siva . a. uz*A ummaty s. f. People, sect, a people of the same religion. S. ^ 3rf*TcT a-mit, adj. Unmeasured. a. imtilidn (inf. vm. of ^.sr 0 ) s. m. Proof, trial, examination, experiment, temptation. imtilidn karnd, To prove, experience, try, tempt. A. imtiddd (inf. vm. of ZA) 1. s. m. Pro¬ traction, prolongation, extension, prorogation. 2. adj. Protracted. % a. hA iintila (inf. vm. of Lc Heb. and Ch. He filled) s. m. Repletion; indigestion. A. imtind * (inf. vm. of j-x<) s. m. Pro¬ hibition, restraint. a. j{~A imtiydz (inf. vm. of^<) s. m. 1. Dis Digitized by Microsoft 05 137 138 .1 JT -/ —• ~ rr 1 ra f t > \ e h • 777 Is. f. Comi; l shud, \ '.craft, i Coming and ingress and intercourse. crimination, discretion, distinction, separation. 2. Preeminence. 3. Good-breeding, ceremony. imtiyaz karna , To discriminate, distin¬ guish, discern; to treat with distinction. a. imtiyaz-i , adj. 1. Having the quality of discriminating. 2. A person of distinction. s. d^e\ a-mit (^T and Wiped, effaced, from r. Cleanse) adj. Indelible, not defaced. a. amsal , s. plur. (of J^o) Equals, like¬ nesses. fN s. amchur ) s. m. Parings of the mango dried in the sun. p. x<\ amad , s. f. Arrival, income, coming. a. a\x<\ imdad (inf. iv. of «3*>) s. f. Assisting, aiding, succour, help, p. amad amad, s. f. Approach. p. eu-j; A* l amad raft , p. A-i A«7 amad p. j amad p. *x«l amad p. amdarii (from To come) s. f. 1. Coming, arrival. 2. Import, income, revenue, ways. 3. The season in which any merchan¬ dise generally arrives. 4, Perquisites, any thing gained over and above. p. amada , part. pass, (from ^*xvrJ ^ ( 3T and What dies, from r. Die) a-mar, 1. adj. Immortal, exempt from death, everlasting. 2. A God. s. \yc\ amr a (3n^TrT) s. m. The hog plum. (Spondias mangifera). ized b\ §. S. \j*\ umara , s. plur. (of j~o\) Nobles, grandees; a noble (generally). amraz, s. plur. (of Sicknesses, diseases. SRU^cff amarawatt, s. f. The ce¬ lestial city of Indra . amral ( ^ IV Mango tree, and Line or row) s. f. A garden of mango trees. p. umardri, s. f. Nobility. amar-pad, s. m. The state of an immortal, immortality. V (3T and r. Die) amrit (vulg. imrat) s. m. The food of the gods, ambrosia, nectar, the water of life, what is immortal or renders immortal, any thing sweet, water, wine, a guava. amrit-t, or vulg. imratl (from LZJ^S) adj. Nectareous. s. f. A kind of sweetmeat, a small vessel for drinking out of, a kind of cloth. a-marjad (3pnsJKT) s. f. Indignity, dishonour, slight, affront. amr ad, adj. Beardless; handsome (a youth). A^ amrad-parast, A sodomite. jj*\ amurz , part. act. in compos, (from Pardoning, pardoner, forgiving. T amurzish, s. f. Pardon, grace, forgive¬ ness of sins (by the Deity). T amurz-gar, s. m. He who pardons; pardoner (an epithet of God). am-ras ( 1^ Mango, and Taste, juice) s. m. Inspissated juice of the mango. ___ rv amarsh, s. m. 1. Anger, wrath. 2. Envy, impatience of another’s suc¬ cess, peevishness. LZJjjA amrut (Sans. ^PJcT) s. m. A guava (Psydium pyriferum). Aj yo\ amrud , s. m. A pear. im-roz (^j! This, and jjj Day) adv. To¬ day. imroz farda, To-day or to- 1icrosoft$> 139 140 cU morrow, i. e. soon* )c*ji imroz far da karna, To put off, to procrastinate. a. jj*\ amr o nahl , s. m. Commands and pro¬ hibitions, orders and counterorders, commanding and countermanding. r s. amaryad (^T^T^mT^T) s. f. Disrespect, indignity: see oUyA s. amaryadik, adj. Dis¬ respected. a. CjL^c] imsak (inf. iv„ of Heb. and Ch. "1^0 He held, drew) s. m. Holding, retention ; parsimony, abstinence, a medicine taken to pro¬ long pleasure, scarcity, want. p. J1 —<\ im-sal (for This, and JL Year) adv. This year. h. umasna, for ubasnd, q. v. S. STTto amishf s. m. Flesh. p. im-shab (^1 This, and Night) adv. To-night. A.U*t am'a, s. plur. (of U.« or ( Intestines, guts. s. £&>\ amuk, adj. Such a one, a certain person. n. ICc! arnica dhamka, s. m. Trifles, trifling; a person of little estimation. a. ^\L<\ imkan (inf. iv. of ^^Cc) s. m. Possibi¬ lity ; contingent existence (in opposition to Necessity, or necessary existence). A * imkan*, adj. Possible, contingent. a. J^el amal y s. m. Hope. h. amaly s. m. Intoxication. s. u U1 :3 T*£ amly adj. Acid, sour. s. ^armaly adj. Pure, clean, clear, bright, a-mal-patfi, A kind of stitching. s- a. Lcl imla (inf. iv. of L>)s. m. Filling up, com¬ pleting; orthography, writing correctly. a. amlaky s. f. plur. (of cliXo q. v.) Pos¬ sessions, properties (generally applied to land). U imlak (inf. iv. of lULo Heb. and Ch. qfo) s. m. Causing to possess.. h. amaltds. s.m. Cassia fistula. s. LoT amid ( "M I H ) s. m. The emblie my- robalan. (Phyllanthus emblica). S. ^TFRWf dmalakl, s. f. See LcT amid . s. imTi ( 3r§ft«hT ) s. m. A tamarind tree. (Tamarindus indica). a. ^cl umam , s. plur. (of ummat) People, sects. a. amriy s. m. Security, safety. amn amariy s. m. Quarter, crying out for quarter. s. Lljl undsi (35=mfrfu) adj. Seventy-nine. 143 144 a. blibT dnan-fa^anany adj. Every minute, con¬ stantly, incessantly* s. anakarvi from ^pT and r. Listen to) s. f. Turning a deaf ear, overlooking, winking at, purposely neglecting. a. | *\j\ anarriy s. m. Mankind. A. anamaty for amanat , q. v. a. anamily s. plur. (of <&*A) Fingers, tips of the fingers. a. dnaniyat, s. f. Egotism, boasting, at- s. wv«T dmb ( W ) s. m. Mango, mango tree, p. jIj| ambar, s. m. A heap, a stack, a stock, a magazine, a granary, a barn. A* ambari (Arab, ^Uc) s. f. A litter (used on an elephant or camel). cimbari-dar, Having or bearing a litter. p. jLM ambazy s. A partner, an associate. p. ctmbaz-iy s. f. Partnership, p. amban, s. 1. A very soft sort of hide or leather, cordovan. 2. A sack, wallet, bag or purse. p. ii. an ban, s. f. Spirit, proper pride, s. ambaty adj. Sour. Sec s, bLol ambatdna (from ^I ^ Sour) v. n. To grow sour, to be acidulated. s.^Jl \ ambar, s. m. See j~<\ ambar . $. ambara’z ( ^ 15" Mango, and TTf^T Row) s. f. A mango-orchard or - grove. a. imbisat (inf. vn. of k_j) s. f. Gladness, joy, delight, cheerfulness, recreation, mirth. s. \LiS amhxkay s. f. A name of the goddess Parvatl . an-bana’o, s. m. Discord, dissension, misunderstanding. h. JjJl am-bol (J priv. and Speech) adj. Silent, speechless, mute. p. \ ambohy s. m. A cro\Vd, multitude, mob, concourse, throng, great quantity or abundance. p. S' ajl amba , s. m. A mango (fruit or tree). See S' j%T am. amt-bhavy s. m. Apprehension, the exercise of the understanding independent of memory. A. L-Jl ambiyciy s. plur. (of s. ant (3T3f antra) s. f. Entrails, gut, intestine, tripe, bjt ant-aona, v. n. To be afflicted with the coming down of the rectum. dnt-girndy v. n. To void white glu¬ tinous stools. s. ant (for ^frf) \ m s . m. End, comple¬ tion. 2. Perdition, destruction. 3. Mind, hear t. 4. adv. After all, at last, s . 5. (for "SprTT antara ) In, within. If anat (for anyatra) Elsewhere, somewhere else. s. ant (perhaps from ^rf End, &c.) s. m. Intelligence, news, account of. S. a-nit or a-nitya, adj. Not for ever, frail, perishable. S' untalis (3 s T^r^'TlX a TrK)adj. Thir- ty-nine. Digitized by Microsc 145 146 a. c->l£a3\ intikhab (inf. vni. of <- a.="" adj.="" books="" choice.="" drawing="" election="" ex="" from="" intikhab="" karna="" lection="" m.="" making="" or="" out="" p.="" plucking="" s.="" se="" select.="" select="" selected.="" span="" sr="" to="" tracts="" u=""> s.Jj\ antar , s. m. 1. Interval, inter¬ mediate space, intermission. 2. Heart. 3. Dif¬ ference. 4. adj. Other, ju\ antar-jdmi , Acquainted with the heart. (An epithet of the deity), jv\ antar-gati, s. f. The emo¬ tions of the heart, inward sensations. \jj&> jj\ antar hona , To disappear, s. lyul 3 FrTU antar a, adv. In the middle, among: near at hand : without, except, x. \jzj\ antar a (perhaps, from ^ ) s. m. A verse, any verse of a song except the first. •_ s. antar-apatt ( from ^Trn: Within, and Child) adj. Pregnant, with child, with young, s. ^\r^\ ^rl ^3] ^ r df^J antarichh (or antariksfi), s. m. The sky or atmosphere. fv s. antardhyan mT*T) s. Disap¬ pearance. Uy& antardhyan hona , To vanish, disappear, be concealed. .s\ by5\ antriyd (4^ from ^- c fi One, anc. Interval) s. m. Intermittent, an in- tennitting fever. antarichh , s. m. The sky or atmosphere. Digitized b S. antri c^) s. f. Entrails, intestine, bowels, gut. Uj>* antriyahjalna, To be very hungry. LfcjJ J 5 antriydh fod huwadlah parhna, To be very hungry, lit . The belly repeating, there is but one God. Jj ^ antri ka bal hholna , To eat a bellyful after starving. Uf! 1 <^jr^ antriyoh men dg lagnd , To be very hungry. a. intishar (inf. vni. of jtS) s. m. Spread¬ ing abroad, divulging, scattering', dispersion, confusion, propagation, explanation. a .Jte\ intizar (inf. viii. of Jai Heb. Be¬ held, observed) s. m. Expectation, looking out for. \jj Jkzj\ intizar karna, To expect, look out for, await. jUaiil intizar-kash, adj. Expecting, looking out for. A. ij intizar-i, s. f. Same as q. v. \jj intizari karna, To expect, to look out for. A. j.lkxil intisam (inf. viii. of ^) s. m. Ar¬ rangement, disposition, order, regularity, ma¬ nagement, administration, regulation. a. ^bej! inti’ash (inf. v hi. of J*>) s. m. Rising up, recovery from a fall or sickness. a. jAcul intifa x (inf. viii. of j-B) s. m. Profit, advantage. a. Jl&il intikal (inf. vhi. of J&) s. m. Migra¬ tion, transporting, transferring, passing from one to another, translation, conveyance, travelling ; departure, decease, dying. a. iniikam (inf. viii. of ^ Heb. Dpi He took revenge) s. m. Revenge, retaliation, ftibil bJ intikam lena, To take revenge, to revenge. s. ant-kal, s. m. Dying moment, hour of death. s. ^Jcj\ (or an- taskaran, from Within and An organ) antakaran, s. m. The understand¬ ing. L 147 148 it a. \*fj\ inti/ia (inf. vm. of 1. s. f. Termi¬ nation, end, extremity, summit. 2. adj. Finish¬ ed, completed, prohibited. 3prT:^ (^TtX Within, and^T A town, a house) antah-pur, s. m. The inner apartments. I untls ( ^rfTOT) adj. Twenty-nine. s. 7 antna (trails, of l £'A q. v.) v. a. To fill (a well, tank, See), to come or go into, to reach. s, antwana (caus. of \£>\ q. v.) v. a. To make contain, to cram into. h. anthlana, 1. v. a. To twist, to writhe. 2. v # n. To swagger, to strut, to give one’s self airs, to walk affectedly. See itrana, and it Man a* >* ant hi (srffc Kernel or stone of fruit) s. f. 1. Stone of fruit. 2. Coagulation. S. [ \&\ anthal ( ) s. f. A tick, the louse that attacks dogs, See. ( Hunter ). s. anti (see l2U;T) s. f. A handful, a skein of thread, a bundle of grass, &c, a wisp, a small fagot. a. unsayain (or unslyain ) s. m. dual, The two testicles. Digitized by Microsoft £ s. anuj ( ^^3 After, and Bom) adj. Younger, junior. p. anjam, s. m. 1. End, termination, accom¬ plishment. 2. Accident, vexation. U f ^ anjam-karna , To accomplish. g. UWl anyama ( priv. and Birth) adj. Barren (land) in which nothing will grow. s. anjan (^1 priv. and ^TT^f Knowledge) 1. adj. Unwitting, unintentional, not knowing, ignorant. 2. s. m. A stranger. §. UUrl anyana (^1 priv. and 0U- Known) adj. Unknown, ignorant. iiW^ anyane, Ignorantly, not knowing, unwittingly. p. Xjssr\ anjira (or injara) s. m. A nettle. s. ij-sxr] anjas, s. m. Infamy. s. J^rl (3p5T Food, and 3T^5 Water) annyal, s. m. Victuals and drink. s.h*r\ anjla s. m. The cavity formed by putting the hands together and holding the palms as if to receive water; as much as can be held in both hands so dis¬ posed. s, any ala, adj. Unburnt. s. anjli , s. f. See tssr\ anjla . anjum , s. plur. (of ^r) Stars. p. { jAssr\ anjuman , s. f. An assembly, a meeting, company, banquet. anjan ,) (3TspT) s . m. A collyrium s. ^jssr] anjan,) or application to the cye-lashes to darken and improve them; antimony. _ s. I ±~s?\ anjna (from 3f3T^T see ^^srl) v. n. To have the eyes tinged with anjan . s. Lrsrj anjna (trans. of Ursri anjna) v. a. To tinge the eyes with anjan . s . Lsrl any ana, adj. Unborn. s.jL^jrsrl anjan-sar, s. in. Colly- num. 60 60 149 150 s. anjan-hari (Collyrium, and r. ^ Seize) s. f. A sty (or stithc) on the eye¬ lids. . ysA a fj u > "l< see u ns u) s . m . A tear. . anjhu,)'- ~ f S s. ' 3 T^[T< anfir, s. m. A fig. g. J+ssr\ injll (iuayyeMov) s. m. The new testa¬ ment, the gospel. n. cinch , s. f. Heat, flame of a fire (not of a candle), blaze, glare. __ s. ^\zf\unchas (^ r 1M' c llX[r^) adj. Forty-nine. $. unchas (from High) s. f. Height. s . \j\^\ unchana (from \sfj\ q. v.) v. a. To raise, to take up. s. an-chahat , adj. Not desired. $. \\sr\ nnchdrUy s. m. ) , •. \ v m \ ^ ( (from q. v.) s. iinchuhat, s. f. > 1 *. J&\ vneha-i s. f. j Hci S ht > elevation ‘ s. ^ an-uchity adj. Improper. s. an-chit (3FT priv. and Become sensible ; the mind) adv. Unawares, suddenly, unexpectedly. $. fser T (inchar,\ anchraM ^ S * ^ ThC end 0f b ° r ' der of a cloth, veil, shawl, &c. u. bj=f\ an-charhyiL&]. Not having mounted, not accustomed to riding. © s. t W’l anchal ,) , -.j-j . v f. J^T anchal, K > » > ' See \jf\ anchra . 2. The breast (of a woman or lactescent animal). » 5 . l=f\ anchla ( ) s. m. 1 . Sec an - chra . 2. A sheet used among jogls. anckhar, s. m. See jaf\ anchar . h. an-chlilla (^1 priv. and from ULg*- To pare, &c.) adj. Unparcd (as fruit, &c.); rude, unlieked, awkward, boorish. a . inhiraf (inf. vn. of uJ^) s. m. 1. Deflection, inversion, change, (met.) proving a Digitizec oo\ turn-coat. 2. Recantation, deviation, apostasy. 3. Declination (in astronomy). 4. A disease, defect, distemper. \ij inhiraf harm, To turn aside (from), to shun, avoid, abjure, apostatize, recant. a. inhisar (inf. vn. ofs. m. Sur¬ rounding, encircling; restriction, limitation. A. i-JUsrl inkhifaf (from s. m. Levity, lightness. p. andakhta, part. pass, (of Thrown. s. indara A well) s. m. A large well of masonry. andaz, 1. s. m. Measure, measurement, weighing, valuation, conjecture, guess; time in musick; propriety, symmetry, elegance, mode, manner. 2. (in compos.) part. act. (of Throwing, thrower, caster, shooter; as, j\^\ Jj) (lightning-thrower) A matchlock- man. andaz karnd, To estimate, con¬ jecture. p. xj\±j\ andaza , s. m. Measure, measurement, dimension, weighing, valuation, guess; manner, propriety; time in musick. p. andam , s. m. Body, stature, figure. andam-irnihanl , The private parts, p. jjj \ andar (Sans. ) prep. Within, in the inside, inward. s. (r. ^Have supreme powder) indr a, s. m. The regent of the visible heavens and of the inferiour divinities. s. \j*3\X indira, s. f. See lachhmi. A. indiraj (inf. vn. of ^S) s. m. 1. Being folded together. 2. Extinction of a family. s. Indra, and Seat) indr- dsan, s. m. The seat or throne of Indra . s. indra-pvrty n. prop. The city of Indra . s. ^lOft indraniy s. f. 1. The wife of Indra . 2. The name of a medicine or plant. (Vitexnegundo). L 2 151 152 jJl s. indrayan ( ) s. f. Colo cynth, wild gourd (Cucumis colocynthis, a fruit of beautiful appearance but bitter taste) ; hence, a beautiful but worthless person is called The fruit of indrayan . _ s. Trt&v ( Indra, and or A woman) indra-hadku , s. f. 1. Name of an insect (a species of acarus of a scarlet colour and like velvet). 2. The wife of Indra . S • j iSj I and nw who presides) indra-prastha, n. prop. Name of an- cient Dihti. s. indarjau ( ) s. m. Name of a medicinal seed. (Ncriumantidysentericum). p. andarz, s. m. Last will, last advice, pre¬ cepts, admonition. s. Lojjd andarsd, s. m. See adarsa. A kind of fried sweetmeat, a kind of cloth. p. andarun, adv. or adj. Within; inner apartments, interiour, internal, inside. p. andarun-a y s. m. See darnna. *. indri ( tfer ) s. f. An organ of sense, the organs of action and perception (the Hindus reckoning those of action to be the hand, the foot, the voice, the organ of generation, and the organ of excretion, and those of perception to be the mind, the eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue, and the skin ); the privities, membrum virile, vere- trum animalium. lSj^\ indri-julldb, A diuretick medicine. a. indifd x (inf. vn. of jJj) s. m. being repelled or prohibited, repulsion. p. ci. (aj\ andak, adj. Little, small, few. andak-e, A little. a. JLjd indimal (inf. vn. of J*«j) s. in. being healed (of a wound). andu (^) s. m. The chain or rope with which the feet of elephants are tied up. p. andud, part. pass, (in compos, for The The 4i\ anduda from Incrusted, plastered over, washed over (as a wall, &c). s. inclur, s. m. A rat, mouse. s. Ujjul andolna ( I ) v. n. To swing, p. andohy s. m. Grief, anxiety, trouble. ^ andoh-gln, adj. Full of grief, sad, afflicted, sorrowful. s. U>J 6 \ andha (rarely, andha ^T^T) adj. Blind, dark, UjJl andha-dhund , Blind, blindly. \jjj OJstoJ andha dhund rona, To weep ex¬ cessively. b\Sl andha dhund Inland , To squander, to spend extravagantly. andha ku y d, or c-^ b&Jdl andha kup, A well filled up with rubbish or overgrown with bushes or weeds, a dry well. s. andhdra, adj. See^L&jJl andhydrd. s. (^TV Blind, and What makes) andh-kar, s. m. Darkness. s, hb^j\ andhld (sec lfcJj1)adj, Blind, dark, dim. H * andhldrpan , s. m. Blindness ; intel¬ lectual blindness, acting as if one were blind. + s. (r. Kindle) indhan , s. m. Firewood, fuel. s. j\ an-dhan ( Victuals, and Itiches) s. m. Wealth in both grain and coin. s. an-dho-d (^ priv. and Washed. Sans. 3T^rT ) adj. Unwashed ; unclean. h. andhi, s. f. Storm, tempest, gale. dndlu hond, To engage keenly in a bad action. s. andhydrd ( ) 1. adj. Dark, blind. 2. s. m. Darkness. andher, s. m. Misfortune, calamity, in¬ justice, violence, tumult, outrage. s.j+z>sj\ andher (see IjLfcJjl) s. m. Darkness. s . andhera (see andhyara) 1. adj. Dark, blind. 2. s. m. Darkness. andheri kothrl, s. f. A dark room ; the belly, the womb. Digitized by Microso 153 154 s . andheri , s. f. Darkness* p. andesh, part. act. in compos, (from jJl) Thinking, considering, meditating, p. Ju andeskmand (for adj. Thoughtful, pensive, anxious, suspicious, p. andeshnak (for c/b adj. Thoughtful, sad. p. andeshandkd , s. f. Thoughtfulness, sadness. p. andeshciy s. m. Thought, meditation, suspicion, care, anxiety, dread, fear, concern. \jj andesha karna 9 To reflect, to think, hesitate, to fear. andesha-nak , adj. Thoughtful, anxious. 5. an-dekhd } adj. Unseen, invisible, jul and (vulgarly SS\ and , or *j\ anf) s. m. Pal¬ ma Christi (Ricinus vulgaris). See SjJ\. s. &\ and } s. m. 1. An egg. 2. A tes¬ ticle. Ail and-kos, Rupture, hernia. s. ju7 and or dnr ( ) St m . A testicle. s\ IjjI andd s. m. An egg. L>J \$}\ andd dandy To lay an egg. s. Egg, and Bom) an- daj y adj. Oviparous. s. jd'l andd (from ^ ) adj. Having large testicles. andw-baily A bull, n. \j3j\ indua, s. m. A round fold or roll used in carrying a burthen on the head. See IjfcjLd. u. induty s. f. A round ornament for the top of the head. s. and-el (from An egg) adj. 1. Oviparous: see —Jut andaj . 2. With egg (a bird). ii. U j$j\ undelndy v. a. To pour. s. anu-rag, s. m. Affection, love, passion. 5- ^\J>\ anuragna (from ^T^TT^T) v. n. To be in love with. anu-rag-iy part. act. Mak¬ ing friendship, loving, caressing. and Meaning) an-arth , adj. Absurd, unmeaning, improper, abortive. s. u ~ J j\ an-rasy s. m. Want of flavour or enjoy¬ ment; disgust, coolness or misunderstanding between friends. s. an-rit (^T*T p r ; Vr an d Usage) s. f. Unmanncrliness, ill-behaviour. a. Jjjit inzal (inf. iv. of J^p) s. m. Causing to descend ; emission, emissio seminis. a.p. anzaruty s. m. Sarcocolla (Gum re¬ sin, said to be from the Penaea mucronata). h. dnSy s. f. The fibrous part of any thing. » * s. u-A ^ or am, s. m. 1. Part, divi¬ sion, portion, share; right, possession, essence. 2. A degree of a circle, 8cc. a. ins, s. m. Men, mankind. a. jj-Jl unsy s. m. Society, companionship, fel¬ lowship, friendship, love, affection. a. c-jLj! ansdby s. plur. (of Genealogies, lineages, races. s. >J| anusar , s. m. Following; ac¬ cording to. a. insany s. m. Man, a human being, man¬ kind. a. ciLjl insand } adj. Human, relating to man. a.^^ 5 Lj\ insdmt/at, s. f. Humanity, human kindness, affability, politeness, civility. a. ansaby adj. compar. (of c_^L«) Most suitable, convenient, proper, worthy. a. anasaty s. f. Familiarity. s . un-sath ) adj. Fifty-nine. S. Part, and VTTt from r. Hold, assume) ans-dhdriy adj. I. Successful. 2. (In theology) Incarnating. s. lyJi anusarnd ( ^^^ ^ ) v.n. To follow a person, to follow upon some previous circum¬ stance. s. cl*LA ^ff^TqR ( r> 3T5J Divide) ansik, adj. (used substantively) A partner, a proprietor. s. an-sikhy adj* Unlearned. t Microsoft ® 155 15G $. an-samjha priv. and lfsr*~» Under¬ stood) adj. Not understood, not knowing. x. 1:—M an-suna ( w \ priv. and U~» suna, Heard) adj. Unheard; not noticed, disregarded. 5 « I CL71S11 (Sff) s. m. A tear* a. j inswa jinn, s. m. Men and spirits. s. an$-i, s. m. A partner. ** % a. Uj\ insha (inf. iv. of lij) s. f. Producing, creating; (common acceptation) writing, compo¬ sition, elegance of style, the belles lettres. \ZJ\ inshd-pardhzj , s. f. Writing, letter writ¬ ing, composition. j\Jb insha-tardz , An ele¬ gant writer. lSj])* insha-tardz- 7, s. f. Ele¬ gance of composition. a. ^Uj \Jt> jjt in slid alldha taala , God willing, if God pleases, please God. a. insaf (inf. iv. of ujLjJ) s. m. Decision (of a cause or question); equity, justice. uJUyl insaf-talab , Seeking justice. a. p\j*s}\ insiram (inf. vn. of Ch. He cut) s. m. The being cut or broken off; finish¬ ing, accomplishing, accomplishment, termination, conclusion. anzdr, s. plur. (of J* j) Sights, looks. A. r U3l in f am (inf. iv. of s. m. Benefac- ’ tion; a present, a gift, favour, benefit. (Plur. dA«UM). f\J>\ in'am-i-ikrdm, An honour¬ able gift. ^ an'dm, s. plur. (of fu) Gifts, fa¬ vours. a. in'ikas (inf. vii. of ^-£&) s. m. The being inverted ; inversion, reflection, representa¬ tion of appearances in a mirror. A.jUil anfdr, s. plur. (of jj) Persons, soldiers, servants. A. anfas , s. plur. (of ^h^) Breaths. a. JUA31 infisdl (inf. vn. of J-oi) s. m. Sepa¬ ration, division: settling, decision (of a cause). \jj JLdul injisal karna, -To decide, to settle. a. infi'al (inf. vn. of Jxi) s. m. Shame, modesty, the being abashed. Digitized by i A. inkibdz (inf. vn. of s - m - The being contracted ; contraction, constipation. a. inkisam (inf. vn. of s. m. The being divided ; division, partition, distribution. A. L&l inkiza (inf. vii. of 1. s. m. The being ended; the expiration of any term. 2. adj. Elapsed, ended, fulfilled, accomplished, finished. a. inkita* (inf. vn. of j-5^’) s. m. The being cut or broken off; amputation, extinction, disjunction, separation, failure, adjustment. a. inkildb (inf. vn. of s. m. Revo¬ lution, vicissitude, alteration, change, inversion, transposition, subversion. a. inkiydd (inf. vn. of Jy) s. m. Obe¬ dience, submission, compliance, fidelity. $• CJS\ ank , 1 . s. s. bl&l ankdnd (r. Mark) v. a. To cause to value, to prize, to examine (as cloth), to ap¬ prove of. s. j\&\ ankdo (from lil&l) s. m. Valuation, ap¬ praisement. s. \ ^rtl and 3p|i Told, r. Tell) an-ukt, adj. Not told. s. m. A trope. ankur , s. A sprout or shoot. A.j£j\ ankar , adj. superl. (of jSS) Most unplea¬ sant or detestable. s. ankri (^T^C ) s. f. 1. A kind of vetch (Vicia sativa). 2. Wet grain. 3. A young sprout. 157 158 s. jS\ ankn or ankrl (see l _ s — anksi) 3. f. The barb of an arrow, a hook, tenter, catch; a circle. _ s. ankusor ankas or anktts { ) s. m. Tlie hook or iron with which elephants are dri¬ ven, a goad. \jJu ^Sj\ dnkus mama , To re¬ duce to submission, to bring to obedience. a.jUj! inkisar (inf. vn. of j~£) s. m. The being broken ; contrition, humility. A* inkisur-1, s. f. Humility. SeejL*&l. » s. anksi ( ^ ) s. f. A hook, a tenter. » _ s. (r. Mark) ankak, s. m. 1 An accountant, an arithmetician. » s, ankna (r. Mark) v. n. To be valued, prized, examined, approved of. s m b&T ankna (trans. of L&l) v. a. To value, ap¬ praise, to examine, to approve of. ank-icar, s. f. Embrace, bosom, I ankwar bharnd , To embrace. s. <_>/ J Victuals, and^FT A heap) anna-hut, s. m. A festival celebrated by Hindus, on the day following the dewali , by offering a large quantity of meats to God. s. \j£j\ ankura ( ) s. m. A sprout. p. an-ki, pron. and conj. That that. 1 dnkli (Sans. f^t ) s. f. The eye. ^j I c/ssH ankh-anjanl, s. f. A sty on the eyelids. d>\ JS\ ankh dnl f To have an inflammation in the eyes, to be blear-eyed. bW* ankh la - chunuy To steal away privately and unseen. 1 ankh badalnd , To withdraw one’s fa¬ vour or affection from any one. *£S\ ankh bardbar na kar sakna (Not to be able to look steadfastly in another’s face) To be ashamed. cJJi J> ocj Jj\ ankh band kar leni y 1. To turn from another, to treat one with neglect. 2. To die. b^bj ankh bharke dekhna, To look till one’s curiosity is fully satisfied. ^S\ b5l^# ankh bhar land, To have eyes full of tears, to be ready to cry. -fOl ankh pasarnd {obsolete) To open one’s eyes, to stare, to be wise and prudent, to discriminate, to discern, to be judicious, *4^ ankh pathrdni (from jpj A stone) To become dim (the eyes) from long expectation. ^7 ankh pharaknl, To feel a pulsation in the eye. (Considered, if in the right eye of a man or the left of a woman, as an omen of some desirable event, whilst the contrary affection is regarded as unlucky), ankh phutni, To be blind, j+j ^ankhphutlplr gal. The eye is lost and the pain is gone. (Spoken of a contention which has ceased, from the object of it being lost to both parties). \Jja> ^S\ ankh phora, s. m. A midge that flies into the eyes at night. *£>7 ankh phornl, 1. To make blind. 2. To expect or watch in vain. 4^ ankh pher - t? 7, To shew aversion after friendship. *ZS\ bJ ankh pher lend. , To turn away the eyes (as, from grief, displeasure, See.). bL^j ankh phaildnd, see ankh pasarna* d>J> ankh thandd karnl , To have consola¬ tion by meeting friends, to be glad. 4 ^ ankh jornl, To look steadfastly {inelegant). I ankh jhapakna (To move the eye¬ lids quickly) To fear, 4 ~> I ankh churanl , (To steal eyes) Not to attend to, to avert the eyes through shame, to avoid the sight of any one. -s&l ankh charhanl , To be angry, to be intoxicated. ^j\ ankh charhnd , To have eyes marked by debauch. SS\ ankh chamkanl , To make the eyes dance, to roll one’s eyes in anger or as a blandishment. ^jT ankh chhipanl (To hide one’s eyes) To be ashamed of an improper act. *ZS\ b^oJ ankh chlr chtr dekhna , and 4 ^ b^b^ ankh clnrke dekhna , To look with great attention and deep meditation, or with anger. *£S\ ankh ddbni (To shut one’s eyes) To forbid by signs. tjbSb) ankh dikhdnl, or fJ^4^ -cOT ankh dikhldnl (To show one’s eyes) To frighten, to deter, to browbeat. L5 ^ r ‘^ 4^ b/ ^ ankh dekhke kaclih karnd , To do any Digitized by M 159 160 thing after consulting the inclination of another. jJbjuj ankh dabdabant , The eyes to fill with tears, I ankh dhakru {obsolete) (To have eyes shut) 1. To die. 2 , To be a- shamed. ^31 ankh rakhnl , 1. To love, to entertain friendship. 2. To have hopes. 3. To discern. -£>\ ankh surkh harm. To be angry. V**J4*> ^a *£j\ ankh se dekhke kuchh karndy To do any thing knowingly and with reflection, dnkhse girna (To fall from eyes) To become contemptible, to be disgraced or out of favour. 4 j \ ankh senknly To contemplate the beauty of any one. \jj ^ ankh kisl se roshan kar- na (To obtain a look from any one) To meet (visit) a friend or person of rank. ^ j! ankh kisl kl dekhnl (To look at one's eyes) To receive education in any one's com¬ pany. ^^4 ankh kliatahii , To have pain in the eyes. ankh hholnci, see UjL-j *$fj\ ankh pasdrnd. iSfi ankh garm harm , see \ ankh senkrii. I ankh ghurakndy To look at with anger. 1 ankh laranly To wink as a hint, to com¬ municate a secret by signs. I ankh lar - nly To meet with one’s lover unexpectedly. (JW ^j\ ankh lagdni , To contract friendship or affection for any one, to fall in love. - ankhoh me?l charbl chhandy To be wilfully blind, to pretend from pride not to know one's old ac¬ quaintance. ^^31 dnkho?ime?i khdk ddlna (To throw dust in one’s eyes) 1. To commend or puff vrares of an inferiour qua¬ lity. 2. To pilfer or snatch away any thing quickly and privately. lzj\j ankh mi me%\ rat katnd f or UlsnJ dnkho7i men rut lejdndy To pass the night awake. I ^ ankh oil meil Ithnrakna, To be seen with envy and dislike. U £ { ^ i dnkhon me?i ghar karndy 1. To be beloved .or esteemed. 2 . To persist in one's own erro¬ neous opinions. dnkhendehhndy 1 . To study one’s temper or inclination. 2. To be¬ have respectfully towards another. L J-J ( ^ r ^U 7 tj/ dnklieii nlU jnll karnl y To change the colour of the face from excess of anger. 11 . UU3l ankhandy v. n. To be angry or dis¬ pleased, to be peevish or fretful. -• ankhrly"]^ ^TT^I) s. f. An eye or glance £• ankhrly J of the eye. 5 . ankhhjaUy s. f. Eyes. + s. i*£j\ angy 1 (^T^T ) s. m. The body, a limb, s. angy J member. ang 9 A division of Hindu learning depending on the Vedas . Digitized by Microsoft 161 162 c s. ^ *3^1 ( ^ After, and Who goes) anvg, s. Follower, servant. * s. anga (3fIT Body) s. m. A coat. n. \&\ anga, s. f. A maid whose business it is to hold, watch and amuse a child ; a kind of nurse. s. fi\ an gar, i(3RTTC) s. in. A firebrand, s. \J&\ angard, f embers, sparks remaining in ashes. L angdroil par lolnd, To be agitated or tormented (particularly from jealousy). i>. angabln, s. m. Honey. (Arab. .v. angarkhd ( i. e. ^PT Body, and Protection) s. m, A coat, doublet. s. *Jj\ ^ anu-grah, s. m. Favour, grace, kindness, indulgence. s. u =p angurl, s. f. A finger, &c. See ungU. p. angrezl, adj. English. h. \j\j&\ angrdnd, v. n. To yawn, to stretch the limbs, to oscitate. n. angrdnl, )s. f. Stretching the limbs, a ii. angrdl, ) yawning. n. angarh, m. f. \ (from I priv. and n. angarha, m. > garhnd, To form) adj. ii. angarh 7, f. ) Unwrought, unform¬ ed ; uneducated, unpolished, unfinished, unset (as a ring or jewel), cu'b angarhi bat, Inconsistent or ill-arranged speech. p. angusht, s. f. A finger, c^:>- ^4j (jjr 0 angusht-i-hairat ddnton men rakhnd, To bite the finger, or place it between the teeth to express surprise, y an - gusht-i-nar, The thumb, the great toe. angusht-i-shahddat, The forefinger. p. angusht-ana, s. m. A ring (particu¬ larly the one worn on the thumb), a thimble, p. angusht-ari, s. f. A ring (particularly one worn on the finger, and not on the thumb). p. U j angiLsht nnmd , One who is pointed Digitized b at, famous (in a good or bad sense, but in India most frequently in a bad one), notorious. s. ungal, s. m. )(Sans. ^^PJPjt) A finger; 5- JSI ungli, s. f. S a finger’s breadth. h. anglet, s. f. See angeL -• artgan, 1 ( ^PlH ) s. m. A yard, area, s. L&1 angnd, ) court, inclosed space adjoining to a house. s t \&\ an-gind (^ priv. and gina, Counted. Sans. ^fairT) adj. Uncounted, number¬ less. angina mahina, The eighth month of a woman’s pregnancy. s. angnd’t, s. f. See [ J&\ angan . s. an-ganit or an-ginat, ) ..... priv. and 3TfuTrT Counted) adj. Uncounted, countless, numberless, innumerable. n. angot, s. f. Appearance, person. See and s. anguthd ( ^ ^ ) s. m. Thumb. bUiJ anguthd dikhdna, An attitude adopted by women, in blandishment, as a token of prohibi¬ tion : to brave, to defy. s. i an gut hi (3rT3jtft) s.f. A ring worn on the finger. s . \^^>\ angochhd (^PT The body, and r. Bind) s. m. A cloth which Hindus fasten round the waist when bathing, and afterwards wipe themselves with; a towel, a handkerchief. p. jJol angur, s. m. 1. A grape. 2. Granula¬ tions in a healing sore. • _ \J>\ angora ( ^PT The body* and Piti¬ less) s. m. A midge, a gnat. p. angurl, adj. Of the grape* relating to the grape. p. *j&>\ anguza, s. m. Assafoetida. s. ^j\ '^PV^an-agh, adj. Sinless, innocent. M fff 1V5 ICO 163 164 s. \&>\ angiya (from Body) s. f. m. Bodice, stays. h. anget , s. f. Appearance, person. h. angethi, s. f. A chafingdish, brasier. p. jyj\ angez, part.'act. (of in compos. Exciting, exciter, rousing, causing. p.h. angez-na, v. a. To bear, to suffer, to experience, to excite. angikar , s. m. An agree¬ ment, a promise. \jJ angikar karna , To agree to, accept, receive. s. Jil (r. 3f?T Breathe) anil, s. f. Wind, air. s. Jit ( r . 3pT Live) ana?, s. f. Fire. a. Uit inna-ma, adv. Indeed, truly. s. (3f^ and r. HT Measure) anu-man, s. f. Inference, guess, hypothesis. and Drunk, mad) un-matt, adj. Mad, insane, drunk, lustful. s. an-mil , adj. See an-mel . . an-mana, adj. mas. ? (for 3^T^TT*) , an-marii, adj. fern. ) Thoughtful, agi* tated, regretting, out of humour, sad. -• an-mol, adj. Invaluable, beyond price. s. unmesh . s. m. Winking, twin¬ kling of the eyelids. s. an-mcl, adj. Discordant, heterogeneous. s. I^T*T ( I and r. Breathe) anan , s. m. Mouth, face, visage. anan (perhaps, for I5j I ) s. f. Order. IjT anna ( ^ I *1^*1 from ^TT and r. Con¬ duct) v. a. To bring. h. anna , s. m. A male nurse, or the husband of the nurse called anni , q. v. port. anannas, s. m. A pineapple. port. h. anannas-1, adj. Made like a pine¬ apple. Digitized by y' $. U jjJ ^ anna-puma (3^-qrf) s. m. Satiety of food. s. an-ant, 1. adj. Endless, eternal. 2. s. m. The chief of the Nagas or serpent race that inhabit the infernal regions : the conch arid constant attendant of Vishnu . 3. A cord with fourteen knots, which the Hindus tie on their arm, on the fourteenth day of bhadoil , sukal pachclih, which is sacred to Vishnu, and called or y ocJI (^TT and r. Rejoice) a- nand (or a-nand) s. m. f. Happiness, joy, plea¬ sure, delight, felicity. ocJI dnandrkand, Root (or source) of happiness. s. ^*1^1 ( ^R(and 4*T Body, i. e. Bodi¬ less, because this deity was reduced to ashes by the eye of Siva for having disturbed his devo¬ tions, and rendered him enamoured of Parvaii) an-ang , s. m. Kama , the Hindu god of love. h. amxi, s. f. A nurse or female attendant on a child. s.^3| a?lv (3fR) s. m. The glutinous whitish matter or mucus voided by people afflicted with a tenesmus; affection of the bowels. aim baithna, To be afflicted with a tenesmus, or to be in the act of discharging the y \. s. y\ aim , s. m. An atom. s. ol, u \ ^ and r. Speak) anu-vad, s. m. Repetition, answer : reviling. S. anu-vad-1, s. m. A defen¬ dant, an opponent. A.^l anwar, s. plur. (of jS) Lights, splendour. H. \~Ay\ ahwasa , 1. adj. Old, stale, seasoned. 2. s. m. A handful of com or grass cut in reaping. h. \±J\y\ ahwasna , v. a. To season (a new earthen vessel by letting water remain in it some time), to rinse. A. ^\y\ anwa *, s. plur. (of <^y) Sorts, kinds, va¬ rieties. adj. Various, diverse. 5. c yy\ an-up ( from : 3pT priv. and Microsoft cp) 165 166 *i\ y Resemblance) adj. Incomparable, without compare. s. ^byl anupan ( l*T) s. m. A fluid vehicle in medicine. See ) More or very splendid, shining, resplendent. a.p. LSjy>\ anward, n. prop. Name of a celebrated Persian poet. 5 . \£y\ anokha or anukha or anauhha (see IfjyO adj. Rare, uncommon, wonderful. (Generally applied to man.) * 5 . Syl aiiola ( IH ) s. m. Name of a fruit, a kind of myrobalans. (Phyllanthus cmblica). S.jUIyt anolasar (Sans. ) s. m. A sort of brimstone so called. ( Hunter). *. JjJT anwal rial, The navel string, &c. of an infant. 5 . anu-man, s. m. See \ anu-man. s. byi a-nona (for bj!| a-lona, q. v.) adj. With¬ out salt, saltless. a. j\j\ anliar , s. plur. (of^j) Rivulets, streams. H. unhar } 1. s. f. Manner, appearance. 2. adj. Like, resembling. s. anhan ( ^ H ) s. m. Bathing. *. blyl anhana ( '^T^TT^pT ) v. n. To bathe. s. an-hit, 1. adj. Without affection, un¬ kind, unfriendly ; an enemy. 2 . s. m. Enmity, disaffection. s. un-hattar ( ) adj. Sixty-nine. a. ftayl inkidam (inf. vu. of s. m. The being demolished, demolition, abolition, s. Wjjit anhicana (tvan. of q. v.) v. a. To bathe, wash, cause to bathe. f. V' an-liona, adj. Impossible. -• an -honhary adj. Hopeless, unpromising. s. d\ 1 . srfSr or 3TDfr am, s. f. The point or edge of any thing sharp (of an arrow, spear, 8cc.). 2. 3P3T any a, adj. Other. s. jLil a-nyaw, s. m. See a-nya’e. s. sr^rrcr a-nya?e or a-nyaya , s. m. Injus¬ tice, impropriety, outrage. s. ^U (from q. v.) a-nyayl, adj. Unjust, oppressive, lawless. s. ^ 3pfrf% a-niti, s. f. Unmannerliness, rudeness, impropriety, injustice, immorality. s. \*~j\ I anyatha, adv. 1. Otherwise, in a different manner. 2. Inaccurately, untruly. 5 . \±J] untda ( 3 ^ 5 ) adj. Sleepless, unshut (eye), expanded (as a flower). s. unis ( ^5*1 l^lfcT ) adj. Nineteen. A. anis or anls-jaUs, s. m. f. A companion. g. anlsun (Gr. avi si'jT awatl (from liT To come, q. v.) s. f. Ap¬ proach, advance; the coming of an army, the approach of a friend; the season in which mer¬ chandise is expected. -• anihaun, v. fut. tense 1st pers. sing, of bJT To bring. M 2 s. c/bJy awaya! (from bl and UU-) s. f. Coming and going, intercourse, dancing after. 167 168 awakhir , s. plur. (of ^-T) Ends, latter parts. s. j\j\ awar ( ^TR ) s. f. Delay. p. awar or j\j\ awar, s. Injustice, tyranny. p. \j\ awarja or awarija, s. m. A journal, a diary. p - eC'b*'” awara-gl, s. f. Wandering, the state of a wanderer, vagrancy, profligacy. p. Xj \*I awara, adj. Vagabond, wanderer, disso¬ lute. I awara hona , To wander, to be distressed, to be oppressed, to be miserable. 0/ awara karna, To make a wanderer, to expel, to harass. lS^ awara-gard-z, s. f. Vagrancy, wandering about. (Plur. r. j\ji awaz, s. f. Voice, sound, report, fame, echo, a whisper, sentence. \j\Jj\ j\j\ awaz uthana, To raise the voice, to spread a report. bjj jljT awaz parna, 1. To be reported. 2. The voice to be suppressed (from hoarseness or otherwise). p. Xj\A awaza, s. m. Report, fame, rumour, con¬ versation, talking aloud. s. awargaman (from b \ To come, q. v. and Wf Going) s. Coming and going. awagawan (see awa-gaman) s. m. Transmigration. s. awahan ( ^TTyPT from ^TT and r. |* Call) s. m. Calling, summons. h. *4^ awa!t, s. f. Report. s. awal, 1. s. f. (from UT To come) Ap¬ proach, advance. 2. A saddlecloth adorned with fringes, &c. a. jai awa’ily s. m. f. plur. (of Jjl) Commence¬ ments, beginning. p. aubash, s. m. 1. A rake, a dissolute fellow, debauchee, vagabond, libertine. 2. A mixed crowd of various nations and of all sorts of people, but especially of the meanest; the mob, the canaille. 3. adj. Debauched, disso¬ lute, rakish. p. aubash-ana, adv. or adj. Like a rake, rakish, dissolute. p. auba$h-iy s. f. Rakishness, dissolute¬ ness, debauchery, dissipation, attending at games and spectacles. £. au-bat or ubat (perhaps, from q. v. and ^TT2" Way, or for aughat, q. v.) adj. Impassable, steep, inaccessible, devious. it. Ubjl ubalna, v. n. See ULl ubalna . ii. ubhy s. m. Oppressive heat, languor oc¬ casioned by heat. s. au-bhat, adj. See c l!Uj^ au~baL «• a'obhakti or awbhakti, ")s. f. Civil re- h. a’obhagat or a'obhagati,) ception or salutation, welcome, courteousness. n. ubhna, v. n. 1. To be abated or op¬ pressed with heat. 2. To be angry or dissatis¬ fied. n. t— op, s. f. Brilliancy, brightness, beauty, elegance, lustre, polish. 11 * l °P C '?** (fr° m s * m * A man armed with weapons or clothed in mail. opchl-khana , A guard-house or post of armed men. s.jJ upar (3*TfV) adv. Above, on, up, upon, upwards, over, outside, at, atop, past. s. m. Top, outside, exterior. ^ ^ upar se , - From above, over; as, tufan upar se chala gaya , The storm passed over, i upar-la, adj. Upper. I -• up™ (from upar, q. v.) adj. Foreign. h. ut or a’at (perhaps, for s. ) s. m. 1. One who dies without leaving issue. 2. An unmarried man. 3. (in Hindi phraseology) A stupid person, blockhead, dunce. h. ot, s. f. 1. Overplus, surplus. 2. Abate¬ ment. 3. Convalescence. h. \jj\ ota, adj. So much, so many. ote men. In the mean-time. ftp r UjjgFjtaMi uigitized by Microsoft ® 169 170 a. -'W autdd, s. plur. (of oJ,) Pegs; nobles chiefs. s.^^r^TTT (3pT and r. Cross, pass) ava-tar, vulgarly autar , s. m. Descent, espe¬ cially of a deity from heaven; incarnation. (The Hindus reckon the following ten avatars of the God Visfpiu : 1. matsya, A fish: 2. kachchhapa , A tortoise: 3. varaha, A hog: 4. nri-singha, A man- lion: 5. vamana , A dwarf: 6 . parasurama: 7. rama: 8 . ba- larama: 9. ^ luddha : 10 . kalkt). utar, s. m. Seeyl ut-tar. s. Mjj autarna, or avatarna (from 1 ^ ) v. n. To descend (as an incarnation of the Deity, &e.) on earth. otik f adj. That much, so much. 5 . ot (perhaps, from r. ^*3* Surround) s. f. m. Protection, shade, shelter, screen, covering, con¬ cealment, partition, l >£ <_i>d ot harm, To con¬ ceal, screen, See. bys c 3 j\ ot liond, To be con¬ cealed, &c. s. bjl ota (see <- .="" 1.="" 13="" 1="" 2.="" 3.="" a.="" a="" absurdity="" adj.="" also="" amp="" apsis="" as="" auj="" aujfiar="" autan="" autna="" b="" ball="" become="" boil="" boiling.="" by="" c.="" catch="" consume="" cotton.="" cutting="" de="" defend="" destitute="" diaitizedby="" dignity="" disorder.="" entrails="" eva="" evaporation="" f.="" fire.="" for="" foundation="" from="" guts.="" h.="" h="" height="" helpless="" higher="" i="" in="" inconsiderately="" ing="" is="" ju="" knife="" l3="" l="" ls="" ly="" m.="" meaning="" milk="" n.="" non="" of="" ojhy="" ojitaly="" ol="" one="" or="" otnd="" over="" partition-wall="" planet.="" poor="" porate="" preferment="" preparation="" privacy="" promotion.="" push.="" rage="" retirement:="" s.="" screen.="" screen="" see="" seed="" sense="" separate="" shelter.="" solate.="" speaks="" stomach="" substantive="" summit="" the="" thrum="" thrust="" to="" tobacco.="" top.="" ujarna="" ujj="" used="" ut-patang-1="" ut-patdng="" v.="" verbal="" vexation.="" what="" who="" with="" without=""> ojhal karncty To con¬ ceal, to screen, &c. ojhal hona , To be concealed, See. h. eL-o-*! aiichat, 1 adv. Suddenly, unawares, h. auchaky ) unexpectedly. h. auclih, s. m. Name of a root from which an orange colour is extracted. (Morinda ci- trifolia). h. ochha, adj. Light, of little consequence, absurd, trifling, fickle, fruitless, silly, capricious. ochha hona, v. n. To want. 5 . uchhalna, v. n. See uchhalna, » s. Jjl ud ( from r. Make wet) s. m. An otter. See . s. \6j\ oda (3tt£) adj. Wet, moist, damp, s. \i^\ uda (3T^^rT) s.m. Brown, adj. Of a brown colour. s. cj! audat ( ) adj. and subs. White. s. audan (perhaps from and r. £\ u-dhar. h. udham, s. m. Noise, impudence, rebel¬ lion, disturbance. h. udham-i, adj. Making noise, impu¬ dent, rebellious. s. udho (3v5f^T) s. m. Name of a friend and companion of Krishna . $. odhe, see adhikdr-i. s. avadtch (si< 0 - 0 ^ ) s. m. Name of a tribe of Gujrdtl Brahmans . n .jj\ or, s. f. 1. Origin. 2. Boundary, limit. 3. Way, side (ward). ^ us or, That way, on that side, thither-ward. char on or, On the four sides, on all sides. L&U jj\ or nibahna, To be constant to, to protect (for ever). h .jJ\aur, conj. And, also. adj. More, other, else. cJJol jp\ aur ek, Another, separate, dis¬ tinct, else, \y jj\ aur kyd, What else ? certain¬ ly. y j*\ aur nahin to, And if not then, and otherwise, aur hi, Quite different, extraordinary. p.j^l awar, part. act. (from ^J^T) in compos. Bringing, bearing, bringer, bearer, producing. a. aur ad, s. plur. (of Jjj tvird) Daily re¬ hearsals, commemorations, devotion. a. j \jj\ aurak, s. plur. (of Jj*) Leaves. s. \djJ\ awar da s. f. The allotted period of any one’s life, a life time, an age. p. xJjj T dwarda or dwurda, part, pass, (of Brou ght. (Sans. ^TT and Borne, from r. ^ Bear). s. urddh, adj. High, on high, above. r urddhabahu, adj. With arms aloft or raised up (a posture of Jogis ). _ rv * s. drdh-pund ( High, and ^4^ Mark or line made on the forehead with sandal, 8cc.) s. m. A perpendicular line delineated on the forehead by the worshippers of Vishnu . s. urdhrsahs ( High, and Breath) s. m. Deep inspiration, gasp. h. orma, s. m. The name of a particular kind of sewing, stitching together two breadths. p. aurang, s. m. A throne. p. aurang-zeb-i, s. m. A kind of cloth so called. p. ^1* aurang-shahd, s. m. A kind of silk so called. h. or-i (fromjjl) 1. adj. Partial; protector, patron. 2. s. f. The eaves of a house. n. \jj\ ora, s. m. A basket, a pannier. ii. oran, s. m. Shield, target. orhna (r. Cover) 1. v. a. To put on (dress). 2. s. m. A sheet, cloak, or mantle. orhni (from ls. f. A smaller sheet, a veil or woman’s cloak. a. j\jj\ auzdr, s. plur. (of jjj) 1. Sins or offences (but in Hindi not used in this sense). 2. Arms, tools, apparatus. 3. The rigging and imple¬ ments of a ship or boat. 4. Asylums, places of defence. a. ^\jj\ auzan, s. plur. (of ^jj) Weights. ii. os, s. f. Dew. os par jam, To fall in value, to be deprived of importance, splendour, 8cc., to become less in demand than formerly. h. us, pron. demon, sing, inflect. That, &c. See u~\ us. h. ausan, s. m. 1. Sensation, sense. 2. Courage. 3. Presence of mind. s . J^j\ *TM (3FT and r. Finish) ava - san, s. m. Conclusion, termination, cessation, n. os-barg, s. m. Name of a medicine, p. ustdd, s. m. See ustad . s. 3TTOTT ava-sthd, s. f. State, condition Digitized by Microsoft ® 173 174 (of humanity varying with the progress of time, as youth, age, &c.). ausuch errand gf^r Thoughtful) adj. Without consideration, heedless. (' 3 T^T and r. Go) ausar or avasar, s. m. Occasion, opportunity, time, leisure. h osar, s. f. A heifer. usar adj. Barren (land). h. \j^\ osra, s. m. Turn, vicissitude. A. k-j^ ausat (from k-aj) 1. adj. Middle, mid¬ dling, intervening. 2. s. m. The middle, me¬ dium, mean, interval. 3. Mediocrity, mode¬ ration. a. ausat-7 (from k~;d) adj. Midmost, mid¬ dling, moderate. s. ausna (r. Scent) v. n. To become musty, to rot, to putrefy. ii auser, s. f. Anxiety, solicitude. s . uslsa, s. m. See L-wj! uslsa. s . fjLj] avash (or avasliya ) adv. Cer¬ tainly, necessarily, positively, actually, really. s. lijt usha , s. f. See \J*\ usha . s. Jl£ l t»j\ usha-kala, s. m. The dawn. s. avashyak , s. Necessity. s. (from An annual plant) aushadh, s. f. A medicament, a drug, any herb, mineral, &c. used in medicine. s. ^ftWt (sffa Heat, and r.^T Have) oshadlii or okhadhl , s. f. An annual plant or herb ; an ingredient of a medicine. a. uJU *\ ausaf, s. piur. (of ujL?.) Praises, qua¬ lities, endowments, descriptions. i_jUd ausaf-i-hamlda, adj. Praiseworthy qualifica¬ tions, noble properties. a. L-9.1 s. plur. (of ^^) Executors, admi¬ nistrators (of the divine will, or of the wills of mortals). Digitized b s. H. . auza x , s. plur. (of Behaviour, man- ners, breeding, politeness, &c. oghra, s. m. A dish of food so called. . a>\3j\ aukat, s. f. (plur. of e^S.) Times, hours, circumstances. l5>H aukat-basarl, s. f. Pastime, amusement, employment, livelihood. \jJ aukat basarl karnd , To pass (one’s time). .CJf\ aumk , s. m. Insurance. . CJJi ok, s. f. 1. Sickness at the stomach, in¬ clination to vomit. 2. A draught of water from the hollow of the hand. CJ)\ ^TT^fi ok, s. m. 1. House, dwelling. 2. Asylum, place of refuge. , cJj\ uk, s. f. Errour, slip. siwsi avakash , s. m. 1. Leisure, opportunity. 2. Interval, space. , \^j\ okna, v. n. To vomit. ukna, v. n. To miss, to err, to trip, to mis¬ take. ukh (Sans. ) s. f. Sugar cane. (Sac- charum officinarum). ukharnd, v. a. See UjUSl ukharna. aukhadh , s. f. See okhtl, s. f. A mortar. See ukhU . augah, adj. Deep. ^rqTTTf avagah, 1 (^T^* and r. ^FTT^T avagahan, J Agitate) s. m. Bathing, ablution. augun ( 3f^JJUT comp, of and ^JITT Excellence) s. m. Defect, blemish, vice. au-gurii see augun ) adj. Without virtue or science, ignorant. J?*\ ogh, s. m. Multitude, aggregate (in general), a collection. aughat ( and r. Go, move) adj. Inaccessible, steep; unfrequented. augi, s. f. A whip like a waggoner’s, about seven cubits long, used in training horses. Microsoft 175 176 cW a. Jjl avowal, 1. adj. First, best, principal; pro¬ per, fit. 2. s. m. Beginning. 3. awwal or Sjt awwala, adv. At first, in the first place. s. Jd ol, s. m. 1. ( r. ^ Destroy, i. e. complaints) Name of a vegetable the root of which is eaten. (Arum campanulatum). 2. A hostage. If avail, s. f. Row. See ^Jj\ avali . s. old adj. Wet) s. m. 1. Hail. 2. The name of a kind of sweetmeat. old hojdnd , To become cold, Idio* j* hfji 3 011 s * r uiunddyd toil ole pare, I had no sooner shaved my head than a shower of hail came on. (Spoken of one who has just en¬ gaged in an enterprise which turns out unfortu¬ nate). a.X jl aula , adj. Better, best: see aula . If awwalan, adv. At first, in the first place. a. 177 l^S>\ 178 s. ^Tt\ unch ( ^ M ) adj. High, tall, lofty, unch-nich, High and low, uneven, inequality, ups and downs (of life), vicissitude ; particulars. s. \^j\ uncha (3^) adj. High, tall, lofty, above, steep, loud. Lta uneltdbol lob na, To speak with pride. uncha sunna, To be hard of hearing. uncha-kan-1, s. f. Deafness. WU ^ ^j=fJ unclie bol ka mwih nicha, The proud ones are degraded. §. ciWj' micha-i (from q. v.) s. f. Height, elevation, eminence, talness, steepness, p. jJjT awand (comp, of c-d and Jjj) s. m. A vessel, a pan. H. ondh, s. m. The cord with which-rafters or frames for thatching on are pulled into their places and fastened till the roof is finished. h. aundlia or ondha , adj. Upside down, overturned, aundlia bakht . s. m. Misfortune, adverse fortune. aun - dhl peslidnl , adj. Shortsighted, unfortunate. n. aundha-na, v. a. To turn upside down, to reverse, invert, overturn, overset, spill, n. aundlind, v. n. To lower (as the sky). h. aunda or ondd, adj. Deep. h. ungh, s. f. Nodding, sleepiness. 11 . unghds, 1 (from L^jj\) s. f. Drowsi- h. unglia'i,) ness, nodding, doze, sleepi¬ ness, drooping. H. unghna, v. n. To nod from sleepiness, to doze, to slumber, to droop. aungi, s. f. Silence, dumbness. 5 . yyj T dvcanauh (in Braj) v. n. To come. s . ^j } \ ^fwfrr una-vinshati , adj. Nine¬ teen. s. una-vinsliatitam , adj. Nineteenth. h. unliin, adv. Exactly in that manner, so. "4*44 aune paune, adv. More or less. (Jjl dn-J (from un) adj. Woollen. h. j*j\ oho, interj. Heigh ! ho ! hey! h. ^ S*; interj. Oh! dwez, part, (of Hanging. \jj> aicez karna , To hang, to suspend. p. yjjjl awez-a , s. m. An carring, drops worn in the ear, a pendant. p. dwez-7, s. f. (in compos.) Hanging. p. M dh, 1. s. f. A sigh. 2. interj. Alas ! ah ! I ah bharnd or \>J> &\ dh karna, or \3jl< «T dh mama, To sigh. jfl&W- M dh-i-jdn-kdh, A heart-rending sigh. jy >*1 dli-i-jigar-sox, A heart-burning sigh. p. *\ uh, interj. Oh ! Hah ! s. *\ alii, s. m. Snake or serpent. If ilia, pron. This. iki, This very. ihi-thdn, Here, in this very place. 11 . x\ ahi (STTf^) Is. h. jW altar, s. m. A covering, a cover of a litter or palki for women. h. j\b\ altar, s. m. Starch, glue, paste. s. jl&l and r « ^ Take) vul¬ garly altar, s. m. Aliment, food, victuals. 11 . aliar-na, v. a. To paste, to starch. a. ^J\&\ ahaU, s. plur. (of Jj^I) People, posses¬ sors, consorts, inhabitants, citizens. 11 . ahaii, interj. Do not, no, nay. A. uu-Jbd ihdnat (inf. iv. of ^y&) s. f. Contempt, disdain, affront, iasult, indignity, enmity, \jJ> ihdnat karna, To contemn. s. alidlidhd (Sans. ) interj. expres¬ sive of surprise, pain, pleasure, &c. Ah I aha! s. ^\ 1 ahl - i-dawaly Possessed of wealth, rich, ahl-irzaukj Addicted to pleasure, a voluptuary. cW ahl-i-rozgary Knowing the world, skil¬ ful. yjzij Jjbl ahl-irrish, Having a beard ; a gromi-up man. ahbirSaman, Time serving, Jjbl ahl-i-zamin, An inhabitant of the earth. tXfcj Jjfcl ahl-i-zuhdy Continent, devout, pious. ahbi-svkhan, Eloquent. ^ ahbbshar*, A legislator, a lawyer, one who observes the law of Muhammad. ahlri-safdy Pure in heart ; a Safi; a voluptuary. Jjj>\ ahl-i-ta’aty Obedient, faithful to God. ahli-tah *, Possessed of .genius, person of genius. tlLX ahbi - tabka , One who does not observe the precepts of Muhammad. Jjs>\ £'jJo ahlri-tariky An observer of the laws of Muhammad. )b ahl-bzarf, Noble. Jj&\ ahl-i-urfy The learned. Jj*\ ahl-i- zrfdn, Learned, well-informed, intelligent. J*>\ ahl-i-akly Wise. ahl-i-ilm, Seienti- tick. Jjbl ahl-i-gharazy Designing, selfish. Jj&\ ahl-i-kibla, They who direct their faces to Mecca in prayer, Muhammadans. Jjs^ ahl-i-kar, A workman, a clerk, an officer, man of business. c_A£ Jjbl ahbi-kitab, A learned man, a person of any religion revealed and con¬ tained in books. Jjs>l ahl-i-kararriy Liberal, generous, Jji>\ ahl-i-kasb, Tradesmen, tradesfolks. JU£ JW ahbi-kamdly Perfect, ex¬ cellent. Lr Xsald-i-majliSy An assistant, a member of (genteel) society, a courtier. ahl-i-ma x rifaty Possessed of the know¬ ledge of God. Jjfcl ahl-bmansaby A minis¬ ter, a person in office. Jgj Jjj>1 ahbi-nazar 9 Dis¬ cerning, clear-sighted. jUi Jjbl ahbi-nifdk , In¬ fidels, enemies. ^ alil-i-wara *, Pious, reli¬ gious. ahl-i-hajr , Separated from friends or from the beloved. 11 . ht>\ dlda or ihldy s. Inundation, deluge, flood, overflow. a. Ll/Sjbl ihlak (inf. iv. of ul^fc) s. Destruction, perdition. 11 . j^>\ dldoy s. See hs\ ahld. s. \hb\ ahalyd, n. prop. 1. Wife of Gautamay q. v. 2 Name of an Apsara . A. ahTiyat (from Jjb\) s. f. 1. Worth, worthiness, capability, skill. 2. Possession. a. ahliya, s. f. A wife. a. ahamm, adj. compar. (from c^-v) Im¬ portant, very momentous. ahamm-i-kar, Important business. a. ihmdly s. m. > (inf. iv. of u Ua>) Negli- A. ^UfcUfowaZ-7, s. f.) gence, indolence, re¬ missness, delay, carelessness. 11 . { jit\ ahaiiy adv. Do not, not, no, nay. s. { ^>\ ihiri (see A ihi ) This very (place, manner, &c.). Digitized by Microsoft <8 .="" 181="" 182="" ahan="" iron.="" m.="" p.="" p="" s.="">j dharwrubd (^7 Iron, and \>j rubd , part, of To seize) s. m. A loadstone. s. ahnik (from Day) s. m. Daily work, daily ceremonies of religion. s.JbxA ^T^TT (^Hp^ I, and ^TTT What makes) ahankar , s. m. Pride, arrogance, haughtiness, conceit, egotism. s. WfiRt (fromjl&Jbl q. v.) aliankdri , adj. Haughty, arrogant, proud, p. ahcing, s. m. Design, purpose, inten¬ tion: method, manner: sound, concord, melody: one of the Persian tunes or modulations in mu- sick. alian-gary s. m. A worker in iron, a blacksmith. p. ahan p. ahan i? s. r. ai (Sans. ) inteij. O ! used in calling to or addressing. ^\ ai hash. Would to God! I wish. s. p. lj] e (Sans. ) interj. O ! a respectful particle of address. s. Jd a r i (from 131) s. f. Coming, p. bl aytiy interj. used to interrogate or to express astonishment, ha ! whether or not, whether, O! a. C-?M ayaty s. plur. of dyat 9 q. v. t. jbl ayaZy n. prop. Name of the Turkish ser¬ vant and favourite of Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi. f t. ayughy s. m. A cup. P . n. Jbl aydly s. f. A horse’s mane. (Pers. Jb yat). a. iyalat (inf. iv. of J^) s. f. Dominion, government. a. aiydrriy s. m. (plur. of py Heb. Dv) 1. Days, times, time. 2. Season, weather. s. \j\A uyandy adj. Ignorant, &c. See . s. ^cT ayuty adj. Ten thousand, s. ^TT^TrT ayaty adj. Long, wide. h. ayaty s. m. Sunbeam, sunshine. a. I ayaty s. f. A sign, a mark; a verse or paragraph of the kur'dn contained between signs which serves as stops. e^%>! dyat-i- mutlaky A stop (in grammar) used in the kur’dn only, and equivalent nearly to a comma. h. etdy adj. So much, so, thus much. itar , part. act. (from \j\y\ itrandy q. v.) Acting affectedly, &c. airy, apish. S.^«te(3rra2-)s.f. The chase, hunting; l m. Fami- hanty, friendship, society, connexion, company, correspondence. '.-ly 1 adj. Of iron, iron, made of -hiy J iron. ahaniii- jianjay adj. Iron-handed, strong, powerful. p. dhuy s. m. 1. A deer. 2. Vice, defect, fault, xy^\ dhd bara y A fawn. y>\ dliu- glr’ly The catching of deer. s. y>\ a j l09 interj. Ah ! oh ! O! holla! ha! s. ^ l^"l*T dhva?iy s. m. Calling, summons. a he ( 3^ or ^ ) interj. O ! sign of the vocative. p. aliCy inteij. O ! holla ! s. ahir (I *4 R ) s. m. A cowherd, a cast or tribe whose business it is to attend on cows. prey, game. «. ujjhl atiran 1 ' 5. JjJt,] alarm, j ~~ s. alur-i (^rTiftTT) s. f. A female of the abreast, a cowherds wife: s eejJt>\ahir. man, a hunter. s. m. A sports- H. il&ri etiky adj. This much. h. bcj! etndy adj. So much, &c. see itna . etwdr 9 s. m. Sunday: seejl^rt itwar. s. ithy See ishL a. c->bsd tjab (inf. iv. of c-y*-j) s. m. 1. Ren¬ dering necessary. 2. (in logick) Affirmation N 2 Digitized by Microsoft ® 183 184 iHl (opposite to privation). 3. (in Muhammadan law) The first proposal made by one of the par¬ ties in negociating or concluding a bargain. a. S\ssr\ Ijad (inf. iv. of 1. s. m. Invention, contrivance. 2. adj. Invented. Ijad karna , To invent, contrive, devise. a. jW ijdz (inf. iv. ofj>-j) s. m. Abridgment, the abridging of a discourse or book, s. xsA 3TT^r dyudh , s. m. Weapon (in general). n» j&jjt Idhar, adv. Here, &c. see i-dhar . a . \ si \ iza (inf. iv. of j1) s. f. Hurting, injuring, harm, pain, trouble, vexation, distress, affliction. Izd dend, To injure, pain, trouble, vex, distress, afflict, hurt, offend. \do\ tzd - dihandi, s. f. Giving pain, tormenting. h. erapher, s. m. 1 Exchange, inter- n. erapher!, s. f. J change; barter, dancing attendance. a. j\ji\ trad (inf. iv. of 0^) s. f. Bringing, ad¬ ducing, producing, p. Iran, n. prop. Persia, p. ij]/) Tran-1, adj. Persian. S. ^FTcT airdwat, Indra’s elephant. s. Jj/T -M Age, and ^ Strength) ayur-bal, s. f. Age. s. \4j\ or t^fr trkha or trshya , s. f. Envy, emulation. h. 4 jj}\ erl , interj. O! A vocative particle for females. h. Jj\ er , s. f. Spurring ; spur. er mama, To spur. »• erl, s. f. The heel, J erl dekho, Look at your heel (look at home): a phrase used to obviate the effect of an evil eye. p. ezid, s. m. God. p. ezid-1, adj. Divine. s ‘ (r. Rule) Is, s. m. Ruler, lord; a name of Siva: Iswar. h. Lj) aisa (from ( j ~\ This, and L Like, or for Sans. Like this) adj. Such, this-like, so: resembling, like (particularly when joined to other words; as, L~d mard aisa, Like a man). L~o LA taisa, or Lj^ LA aisa waisa, So so, indifferent, indifferently. s. ^LA ( r . Rule) tsan , A name of Siva. Isaw kon, s. m. Northeast. p. *jL~A Istdda, part. Standing. s. \jj~A Isarta, s. f. See l^-~A Iswar-td. h. ayasu, s. m. Command, order. s.jJ (r. Rule) Iswar, s. m. Ruler, master, lord, chief; Siva, God. s. lswar-ta, s. f. Divinity, god¬ head, h. ^^~A aison, adv. This year. "* aiS€> )(sce UA) adv. Thus. ii. aisefi , J s. j^lA Ishwar, s. m. See Iswar . s. aishwarya, s. m. Grandeur, glory, majesty, pomp, wealth, state. A. Lid aizan, adv. Again, also, as before, item. a. LA Ifd (inf. iv. of \ij) s. f. Performing (a promise, &c.), performance, paying, satisfying, fulfilling. s. cl£A ck, adj. One ; only. JT ek ad, A half, a part, some, some few. Jo LiA ek bar or ijjo Jjo\ ek bar-! or ^/jo tl£d ek bdrgl, Once, all at once, ek dast, Alto¬ gether, entire. Jt) LiA ek dil, Unanimous, of one mind. ^L j\ Ikh ( ) s. f. Sugar-cane. -• yjQ aigun ( ^rqrpT see ^\ augun ) s. m. Unskilfulness, stupidity. t. elchly s. m. An ambassadour, envoy, agent, attorney. Uj L5 jskl elcht-pana, s. m. Ambassadourship,agency. lsJ> clcfii-garl, s. f. Office of ambassadour, embassage, em¬ bassy. \jj ls/ elchl-gafi karna , To act the ambassadour, &c., to act for another. a. tyalj or ahjaly of uyxjal (Heb. Vn) a. m. A stag, a mountain goat. 11 . UM elwcty s. m. Aloes. A * n. prop. Jerusalem. Elias. Digitized b A. \aj\ ima (inf. iy. of U>) s. f. Sign, nod, wink, hint, beck, emblem, symptom. A. zman (inf. iv. of Heb. JDK Trusted, was secure) s. m. Faith, belief, religion, con¬ science, credit. jlJ imdn-dar , Faithful, conscientious, honest, trusty, believer, lJj\a xman-dardy s. f. Faithfulness, conscien¬ tiousness, honesty, fidelity, trustiness. a. p. (JUjU iman-ty adj. Of the faith. h. ^jAj) ernan, s. m. A musical mode. a. a'imma, s. plur. of imam , q. v. jjJ ' aln, s. m. Regulation, institute, statute, rules, common law (the laws delivered by Mu¬ hammad being called sharpy and those established by princes, ^JT a-in), custom, manner. in, pron. dem. This. a. ain, adv. "Where? £. CLcjI int ( ) s. f. A brick. 11 . IldI ainta, s. m. A snail. 11 . tntayg, s. m. A kind of dove. s.v. i^J&j\int-garl, s. f. Brick-work. 11 . ainth, s. f. Tightening, twist; strut. 11 . ainthnd , v. a. To tighten, v. n. To writhe, to cramp, to twist; to strut, to stalk, to walk affectedly. h. ^CA ainch or Inch (from ^sGJ) Reserve, draw¬ ing- 11 . ainchna or tnchna, v. a. To draw, .to attract, to pull. - indur (^ C ^T) s. m. A rat, a mouse. Microsoft ® 187 v 188 p. xxJ\ ayanda or djnda, part, act (of Coming, the future, adv. In future. p. iJjjj xxA ayanda ravanda, part. act. (from To come, and To go) Coming and going, passing to and fro, comer and goer. s. indhan ( r. Kindle) s. m. Fuel (wood, grass, &e.), firewood.. h. b jL>\ aindna, v. n. To strut, to stalk. u. jjJfcJoA tndhu’a, s. m. A roll or round fold on which a burthen is earned on the head. ingur, s. m. Red-lead, minium. p. ulna, s. m. 1. A mirror, a looking-glass. 2. The kneepan. aln-basta , or ^1 basta-aln , or Jcj &j\ aTma-band, Adorned with mirrors. alna-bandl, s. f. Or¬ namenting with mirrors. j\A alna-dar, The maid who holds the mirror, alna-ru, Having a face bright as a mirror. jL alna-saz, A mirror-maker. 1 alna- $az- 7, s. f. Mirror-making. 57«a- mahal (a glazed house) An apartment the walls of which are covered with mirrors. s. jj! ayu or ayu s. Age. p. aiwan , s. m. A hall, a gallery, an open hall supported on columns. alyub (Heb. nvtf) n. prop. Job. n s. ayurbal , s. f. Age. See Jir’J. -• ayurda, s. f. Age: see b,,T. p. A. lJ\ ai wae (Pers. and Arab. «^) in- terj. Alas! alas! s. and r. ^ Fight) a-yodhya, s. f. (not to be warred against) The name of a country of which Rama was sove¬ reign. Oude. See yJjl atcadk. s\ c/i, 1 ^^) a d v . Here. . g ee f 1^1 eka, J v y u a. 4jT 5ya, s. m. A sentence of the Icur'dn. See ay at. <-r> be, called b £5 in Arabic, is the second letter of the Arabic and Persian alphabets: and, in the representation of Hindi words by the letters of these alphabets, it corresponds to the Na- gari ; or, with x (Jie) subjoined, to . When used numerically, according to the or arrangement of the Arabic alphabet to sig¬ nify numbers, it stands for two; hence, it is used to denote the second day of the week, Monday ; and, in astronomical calculations, the sign Gemini. By way of abbreviation, more¬ over, it is occasionally written for the month rajah , of which word it is the final letter. . At the middle or end of a word, this letter is sometimes changed to uJ or ^: as, tap for tab, A fever; zafan for jjbj za- ban, Language; ^ ghuzhm for ghuzkb, A grape-stone. In Persian words, too, it is occasionally interchanged with j: and in such as are borrowed or derived from the Sanskrit, it is frequently substituted for the NfigarT letter a. bi, prep, (always prefixed to another word) By, with, from, in, into, near, on, according to, for, towards. p. l-j ha, prep, (often prefixed to another word, but, when standing alone, written \ b ba asar, adj. Notable, remarkable, effectual. b ba i/chlas . Sincere. b ba anki , Although, b U LA ba tman, Faithful, religious. b ba tadblr, Prudent, with good council. J+aj b ba tamlz, Discreet, judicious. L>- b ba bay a, Modest. jytJ* b ba shu’ur, Intelligent, saga¬ cious. *4Xcb b ba fc(Ttda, Regular. Digitized by Microsoft ® 189 190 cub la muruwaty Manly, brave, generous. *y< b bd maza, Tasteful, delicious.. b bd wasf\ With the attribute or description; notwithstand¬ ing. b ba was?, Mannerly, politely, re¬ spectfully. \ij b ba wafa , Faithful. a. cub bah, s. m. 1. A door, gate. 2. A chap¬ ter, section or division of a book. 3. Subject, head, affair, business, point, matter, reason, manner, mode, species, sort. t. bb bald, s. m. Father, dad; sire! sir! child! bb babajan, Dear child ! a . cu^b babaty s. f. Account, head, article,item; business, affair, matter; on account (of). u. ^b labar 9 s. m. A kind of sweetmeat. a. Jjb 5aJwZ(Heb.^:o)n .prop. Babel or Babylon. h . babrii, s. f. A snake’s hole. See H.^b babu, s. m. 1. A child. 2. A prince. 3. Master (a title given by Hindus, equivalent to Mr. or squire). v. 4job babuna, s. m. 1. Camomile. 2. Wild- ivy. ( Richards ). h. <— >b bap, s. m. Father. b£c_>b hup karna, To consider as a father. t_>b bap re (O father!) and cub bap merd (My father!) are exclamations expressive of surprise, grief, &c. n.^jb baprau, adj. Helpless, poor, ub baph (Sans. ) s. f. Steam, vapour. s - bctpl ( ^VT\ ) s. f. A large oblong pond, a pool. s. cub bat (Sans. ^Tr.^rT Speak, be) s. f. 1. Speech, language, word, saying, report, dis¬ course. 2. Account, subject, question, cause, business, affair, matter, circumstance, particular, article. Lfcjjb cub bat bdndhna , To sophisti¬ cate, to prevaricate. bb>£ cub bat barhand, To prolong a contest, bjbj cub bat bighrna, To mar a plot, to spoil, bbj cub bat banana, To make up a story, to make excuses, cub bb bat pdndy To accomplish one’s wishes, to effect one’s purpose, b^u cub bat phernd. To Digitized by equivocate. bXc ^ i cub bat phenkna , To jeer, to mock, to speak at (but not to). U!15 cub bat talnd, To put off, to excuse one’s self, cub bi>- bat chaldnd , To converse, to start a sub¬ ject. cub bat chit, s. f. Conversation, chitchat, confabulation, discourse, talk, cub f bat chit karni, To converse, confa¬ bulate, to discourse, to talk. blybJ cub bat dhardna , To persist in making excuses, to put off, to evade. bJta cub bat dalnd , To throw away one’s words, to ask in vain, b^ cub bat rakhna , To assist, to agree, to comply, cub bat rahna , To make good one’s words, to be fulfilled or accomplished (declarations), to succeed, to overcome, to get the better in argu¬ ments, to be accepted, to preserve perfect cub b bat kd batakkar karna , To multiply words, to talk much on little. U3l£ cub bat katnd. To interrupt. by*> cub bat kursl nishln liond , To be acceptable or approved of, a word or speech, b f cub bat karna , To converse, to talk, speak, say, address, cub bdt-kahd'o, s. Conversation, chitchat, cub cub bat Ki . bat , Unmeaning orders, com¬ mands not expected to be obeyed, words of course, bat ki bat men, adv. Instantly, cub bat garhna, To speak to the purpose, to (speak so that one’s words) have effect or make impression. bU3 cub bat lagand , To calumniate, to insinuate something maliciously. b^U cub bat mama , To turn off, to evade, to divert a discourse, See. cub b^ bat meii kuchh karna , To perform a business in a short time, to lose no time in doing anything. bb~j ^‘b bdtai sunand , To abuse, to speak harshly. ^’b bdtefi sunnd. To receive abuse or harsh reproof. . cub bat ( rf Wind, from which this disease is supposed to arise) s. m. Pain in the joints, rheumatism. >. a. JjUjb ba-ittifdk , With concord or agree¬ ment. Microsoft ® 191 192 5- ijy\ batunl (from cub but) adj. Conversible, talkative, chatty, entertaining. s. batuniya (from cut bat ) s. m. A talk¬ ative, conversible, entertaining person. «. Jt Vafi ( ^fPF ) s . f. 1. A candle. 2. The wick of a lamp. 3. A tent or bougie put into a wound to keep it open. s. dbb bat , s. f. Road, highway, path. s, dL>\j bat (*T£q&) s. m. A weight or measure of weight. s . ia 3lfNiT batikd , s. m. A villa. s. ^yb baft, s. f. A habitation, dwelling- house, home, a garden-house. ^ bate ghdte (c!bb Road, and Quay, &c.). adv. Somewhere or other. p. ,_.b baj, s. m. f. A tax, duty, toll, impost, &c. tribute, jl^b bdj-ddr, A tax-gatherer, a col¬ lector of tribute or revenue. ^b bdj-guzar, One who pays taxes, duties, &c. ii. ^b baj (perhaps for Pers. jb Back, &c.) post- pos. In the separation or absence, besides. Wall says, In thy absence there is neither joy nor mirth for my soul and heart. s, U-b baja ( ^TT^T ) s. m. A musical instrument. h. b bajrd, s. m. A kind of grain so called, Indian corn, maize. (Holcus spicatus). -• baj an, s. m. plur. Musical instruments. See U-b baja. S' Up-b bdjna (from see b?~b) v. n. To sound (as a musical instrument); to be pub¬ lished, to resound. £. W ^^b baj an baja (see U-b) s. m. plur. Musical instruments. S' a>-b baja, s. m. See U~b baja. s. Jr\, ^T3ft baji, s. m, A horse. s. U-b bacha (for vacha, r. ^ Speak) s. f. 1. Speech, language, word. 2. Affirma- tion, agreement, promise. Digitized by u'V s. ^TT^i (r. ^ Speak) bdehak or vachak, part. act. 1. Speaker. 2. (in grammar) An explanatory particle. • s. ^b bacilli, 1. s. f. (THST Desire) Selection. 2. ( The mouth) The comer of the lip. 3. adj. Useless. ^ l^j-b bacliha ( ) s. m. A calf, or the young of any animal. ^ U^>*b bachhnd (r. H Desire) v. a. To choose, to select. s. £o-b (r. Speak) bachya or vachya , 1. s. m. A sentence (in grammar). 2. adj. Speakable, fit to speak. p. b>-b bakha (for 4>.b) s. m. A tortoise. p. b bdd-i-murdd, s. f. A fair or favourable wind. p. Jb JaJ (imper. of ^i^j) Let it be, so be it. s. t>b bad, s. m. 1, (for ^ r. Speak) Accusation, dispute, assertion, affirmation. 2. (for ^TTrT) Rheumatism, jb Jad karnd. To argue. p. Jb &w2Sm (Sans. ^TTrlW ) s. m. An almond. p. lijb bddshah-dna, adj. Imperial, royal, adv. Royally, princely, kingly. p. ui-oLS^b bddshdhat, s. f. Royalty, empire, kingdom, government. . r. b badsliah-i, adj. Royal, imperial, regal, s. f. Royalty, empire, reign, sovereignty, office or duty of a sovereign, kingdom. p. b badshah, s. m. See *li>jb badshah . p. ^S^jb bdd-kash, s. m. A fan, a ventilator. s. J^b bddal s. m. A cloud. h. Sob bMldyl s. m. Gold or silver thread or h. ob badhdy plur. of ob bad, Winds. S. U>ob badlid, s. f. Pain, distress: ob¬ struction, hinderance, prevention. p. ob bad-hawa-t, s. f. Fruitlessness, use¬ lessness, waste. p. ^ob adj. Flatulent, windy. s. i^jb ^1*0 (r. Speak) Jad7 or s. m. A speaker, an accuser, a plaintiff, an enemy, disputant, arguer. ^b badi-chor, An in¬ veterate thief. a. t^jb Z>a
ob bddiya , s. m. A desert, a forest. ii. sob badhy s. f. Stubble. _P $. U&jb bddhnd ( ) v. a. To cut. p.jb bar , 1. s. m. Load, burden, heaviness, clog, pregnancy, fruit: time, once, repetition : leave, permission, admittance, access: court, tribunal, assembly, convention : sitting of a sovereign to give audience. 2. part. act. (of ^Jujb To rain, used in comp.) Raining, Jo^jb bdr-bardar. Burthen-bearing ; a porter or carrier, a beast of burthen. bar-bardar-1, s.f. The means of conveyance; transportation, carriage, bearing, burden-bearing, beasts of burthen. Jb \±-^b bdr-i- khdtir , Tiresomeness, trouble of mind, i^jb bdr-i-ildhdy or blo^-jb bar-i-khuddya. Great God ! jlj;b bar-dar, part, (used adjectively) Loaded, full of fruit, pregnant, ^Ujb bdr-i - amm, Publick court or publick audience, b j>j\> bar karnd. To load. j\j b barwar , adj. Fruit¬ ful, producing or having fruit. bys>jb bdr-hond, •To be laden. O / Microsoft 195 196 Ji v. s. Lij j\j bar derm, v. a. To load, to give charge ; to impose, to give trouble, to encum¬ ber : to give admission, to give leave. s.j\j bar , 1. (^K) s.f. Time, occasion, delay. 2. s. m. A day of the week. 3. Door. 4. (for s. m. Water. 5. ( ) s. m. Child. 6. Hair. 7. ( M ) s.f. A girl not exceed¬ ing sixteen. 8. (from U^b) s. m. Prohibition, obstacle. bU3jb bar lagand , v. a. To delay, to hesitate. s. jb bar (seejb) s. f. Verge, edge. s. l^b hard,' s. m. A boy: see ^b bald . s.p. bdra-dari, s. f. A summer house. See *,b barah-dar-i, under *>b . p ‘ haran , 1. s. m. Rain. 2. (part. act. of ^^Jjb) adj. Raining. p. iJ^jb baran-z, adj. Relating to, or depending on rain, of rain. s. f. A great coat or a cloak for keeping off the rain. 5. ^b barahy s. m. A hog. See . P. jbjb bar-bary adv. Repeatedly, often. s. 'gJ J . b& r y ( ^ Tftsr comp, of qTft Water, and 3T Bom) s. m. A lotus. ^ ^b barij - nayan, adj. Having eyes like the flower of the lotus. p. Ajb^b bar-Jchana , s. m. A warehouse. Water, and from r. Give) Jaric?, s. m. A cloud. a. 0,b ftarwZ (from J^) adj. Cold. p. ^b tarisA (from ^Jjjb To rain. Sans. ^T^T) s. f. Rain. a . Ci;b barak-allahy God prosper you! (a phrase expressive of approbation). p. b bar-hash , part. act. (used substantively) Burden-bearing or-drawing; elephants, carts, a porter, carrier, &c. p. *tf,b bar-gah 7 s. f. A court, palace, place of audience. s^b bdrgdh-i-khas, Private court, privy council chamber. *lf,b bdrgdh- Digitized by i-am, Publick court (where every body is ad- mitted). p * bar-glr, s. m.' 1. A horseman (soldier) who does not find his own horse. 2. A beast of burthen. s. j^b I (r. ^ Cover, screen) bar an or varan , s. m. 1. Forbidding, prohibiting, pre- venting. 2. An elephant. •?. b^b bdrna (^ROT) v. n. To leave off, to separate, v. a. To forbid, to prohibit. h. bjb bdrndy v. a. To light, to kindle. p * barandagi, s. f. Raining, rain, p. xSjju bdranda , part. act. (of ^Oojb) Raining. s. cijb barurii (37WT) s. f. Spirituous liquor, spirit. ( ) s. f. Sand. See jib . -'jjy bdrdy s. A child. (Perhaps, for Jb q. v.). H. . .b bdru , s. f.) ^ , _ > Gunpowder. t. C-^jb barut, s. f.J 5 . *>b bdrah (TT^SOFI^)adj. Twelve, cib *,b bj£> bdrah bat hond y To be vagabond, ruined or harassed, *b barah-dar-1 (from *;b and a door; q. d. Having twelve doors) s. f. A summer house. s. ^lfc;b barahaiiy adj. Twelfth. s. xJj bdrah-singa ( Twelve, and * _ ^PT Horn) s. m. A stag. (Cervus elaphus). p. lfc;b bar-ha, adv. Often, repeatedly. p . t^b barey adv. 1. Once, one time, all at once. 2. At last, at length. A. t^b barl (from \ji Heb. *03 Created) part, act. (used substantively) The Deity, the Crea¬ tor. ^1*7 ij$j b barl-ta’ala, The most high God. h. hdrly s. f. 1. A window. 2. The name of a cast of Hindus whose business it is to sell torches and leaves which are used as platters. 3. An ornament worn in the ear and’nose. s . ^b bdfiy s. f. 1. (for ^TT?t) A garden, an orchard, a house. 2. (^nf^FT) A girl not exceeding sixteen. 3. () Time, tour, I Vi iVi 197 198 turn, jta <_ an="" attendant="" b="" bafi-dar="" ban="" c="" fever.="" in="" intermittent="" kl="" lsju="" others="" p.="" taj="" turn="" waits="" who="" with="">bjb bdr-ydb , adj. Admitted at court or into company, obtaining admission. p, ^b ^b bar-yab-lj s. f. Admittance at court or into company. r. tl&jb bdrlk, adj. Fine, slender, minute, sub¬ tile. ^ cl£jb barthbln, adj. Intelligent, quick of apprehension, penetrating, nice. e^bjb barlk-miyan, adj. Slender waisted. r, ^bjb barlk-1 , s. f. Subtilty, minuteness, fine¬ ness, niceness. $. Jb bar (r. or Surround) s. f. Edge (of a sword, knife, See.), verge, edge, margin, a fence, a hedge, a line (of soldiers) ; name of a place near Monger, bljljb bar urana, To fire a volley. bji>A)bJb bar bandlina , To enclose a field with thorns, Jb bar pakrand , To encourage, to teach. bjU=>- Jb bar jharna, To fire a volley, bbjb Jar chirwana , or Jb barchlrnuy To sharpen. b^SjJb bardil- wdna, or bj J jfb Jar dena , To sharpen, to grind; to excite, to instigate, animate. b^Jb Jar rakhna , To sharpen. 5 . \Jb bara (r. ^*2" Surround : share out) s. m. 1. An enclosure. 2. Alms, charity. s. ajb JarA (from bjfcjb) s. f. 1. Increase, pro¬ motion. 2. A flood. . bj^b barhna , . ^J*jb barlnmUj v. n. See bjb£ barhna . $. ^c^b Jar AT (from bj^Jb) s. f. Usurious profit or interest taken on grain. -• ^arT An enclosed piece of ground, a garden, orchard, kitchen garden; a house with the garden, orchard, &c. attached to it. 5. bjb bdr-ya (from Jb Edge) s. m. A whetter (of swords, knives, See.). r. jb baz y 1 . (Sans. \*S\ or s. m. A hawk, a female falcon. bdz-ddr , s. m. A falconer. bdz-ddr-i, s. f. The keeping or charge of hawks or falcons, falconry. 2. adv. Again, back. bTjb bdz and , To decline, to leave off, to refuse, to reject, to desist, to abstain. jb bdz rakhna , To hold back, to restrain, detain, repress, refrain, debar, withhold, save, to prevent, to forbid, to dissuade, Lfcjjb bdz ralindy To decline, reject, leave off, desist, ab¬ stain, refrain, cease, forbear, shun. 3. adj. Open. 4. (in compos, part, act, of ^OJjb To play) Player. p. jljb bazar, s. m. A market. p. b bdzdr-ly adj. Belonging to the market; a market person. p. ^j^jb baz-pasin , adj. Last. p. bdz~pur$y s. f. 1 Reiterated inqui- p. bdz-khzpasty s. f. J ry, minute in¬ vestigation or examination. p. ri^*.jb baz-khwah, s. A requirer, an inves¬ tigator. p. ^lf,jb bazargdn, s. m. A merchant. p. tjb^jb bazargan-ty s. f. Merchandise, traffick, trade, commerce. p. c^-^jb baz-gasht, s. f. Returning, turning back, retreat. p. uy^b bdz gun, adj. Inverted. p.^jb i^xr-gTr, s. An historian or chronologist. p. aoujb bazanda (part. act. from ^^-b) s. m. Player. p. jjb bdzuy s. m. 1. The arm. 2. The fold of a door. 3. The side of a bedstead. 4. A friend, a companion. 5. One who repeats the chorus of the marsiya , an accompanier, second or assistant in a song. bjJ jjb bazu dena. To assist, to help, to support: see bjJ -yb . p. OGJjjb bdzu-band, s. m. An ornament worn on the arm, a bracelet. p. t^jb bdz-ly s. f. Play, sport, game, bb u^b bdzl pdndy To be victorious or prosperous, ^b bj J bdzi dena. To make game of, to trick. t_fjb lil£ bdzl khandy 1. To lose, to be cast. 2. To O 2 199 200 be cheated. b$ c£jb bazi tagdna, To wager. bb^J ^b bazi lejdna, To win, to ex!cel. p. &=s?jb bazi-cha, s. ra. 1. Pun, play, sport. 2. Wagering. 3. A toy, a plaything, a gewgaw, p. *lljjb bdzi-gdh, s. f. Place for play. p.^f>jb bazl-gar, s. m. A tumbler, one who ex¬ hibits feats of activity, ropedancer. P. i^&jb bazi-garan, *) (from^&jb) s, f. A tum- P. ci/^jb hazi-gami, J bling w r oman. p. ui^jb bazi-gar-iy s. f. The art of a tumbler, &c. s. ^b bus (or vasa, r. Dwell, or r. Scent) 1. s. ra. Abode, residence. 2. s. f. Smell, scent, odour. s. Lb Sosa ( ) s . m. Lodging, abode, dwel¬ ling, temporary residence. s t «£L>b bdsath (Sans. adj. Sixty-two. S.y>'±A> ) basudev or Vasudeva, n.prop. Name of Krishna, the son of Vasudeva . s.y-»b basar or vdsar, s. m. A day. s. u^-jb or basuri, s. f. See c^pJb s. lLXA basak, s. m. The chief s. ^^Lb basuki, j of serpents, which is fabled to support the universe, and which was used as a string to whirl the mountain Mandar in churning the ocean for the amrit, &c. g. jLA basaltic (Gr. jScwiXixu) s, f. The great vein in the arm, vena basilica. h. ^b basan , s. m. A basin, plate, dish, goblet, pot, &c. s. LA basna (or vasana WT) s. f. Desire, inclination, choice. • ^ basna ( Perfume) v. a. To scent, to perfume. s. ^b bdsi (r. Scent) adj. 1. Stale. 2. Perfumed, b ^b bdsi karna , To make stale, to vomit. s. ^b THTt (r. Dwell) basi or vast, adj. mas. (used substantively) Inhabitant; as, t'ana-vasty Inhabitant of the woods. Digitized b\ tv p. ^b bash (imper. of To be, sometimes used in comp, as a subst.) Being, living. p. Lb bdshdy s. m. A kind of falcon, a hawk. See b basha, s. m. A hawk, a sparrowhawk. h. bdsliin, s. f. The female of a. AA bi-asli-hi, By its origin or nature. a. Jbb batil (from Jiu) adj. False, vain, absurd, futile, ineffectual, ignorant, abolished. JJA bdtilu-s-sihr, Annuller of enchantment, what or who frustrates incantation. a* ^b balin (from s. m. The inward part, the inside, the internal; the heart, the mind, adj. Internal, hidden, concealed. a. hatin-i, adj. Internal; concealed. a. <-i -cha="" -shal="" -tcha="" .="" 1.="" 2.="" 201="" 202="" 3.="" 4-f-="" 4.="" 7="" a.="" a="" abounding="" abundance="" account="" act.="" agh="" amp="" and="" arrear.="" as="" author.="" b="" ba-ifrat="" baf="" bafanda="" baft="" bafta="" bagh-ban-i="" bagh-hd="" baki="" bakir-khanlj.="" bakir="" bakl-dar="" bakla="" baklj="" balance.="" balance="" bd="" bdgh-ban="" bdgh-i-sabz="" bdgh="" bdghdty="" bdghy="" bdkila="" be="" bean.="" bigsj="" bl-jjh="" blyb="" bread="" butter="" buttons="" by="" c.="" c="" cake="" cause="" cibi-="" cloth.="" cloth="" colour="" compos.="" cu="" culib="" de="" deceitful="" deeply="" delighted.="" devised="" dgh="" dikhana="" dikhldnd="" dimin.="" eternal="" excite="" expectation="" extant="" f.="" fcib="" fd="" from="" fu="" garden.="" garden="" gardener.-="" gardening.="" gardens="" gh="" gold.="" gold="" grove.="" groves="" h.="" hojand="" honayd="" i_jb="" ib="" in="" interwoven="" is="" j="" jb="" js="" jslxb="" juj="" jv="" ki-="" kind="" l="" lace.="" lace="" lagffi="" lasting="" learned="" left="" lib="" like="" lyib="" m.="" manent="" mas.="" microsoft="" milk.="" mixed="" mohair.="" motive="" mutineer="" n.="" nafi-baf="" named="" nobleman="" occasion="" of="" ooib="" or="" orchard="" orchards.="" ou="" owing="" p.="" p.a.="" pail.="" part.="" pass="" per="" perambulation="" pigeons.="" plur.="" private="" productive="" promises.="" properly="" q="" rahnd="" reason="" rebel.="" remain="" remainder="" remaining="" remnant="" robably="" s.="" saved.="" science.="" sib="" sire="" small="" some="" subject="" substan="" substantive="" t_jb="" texture="" the="" tissue="" tively="" to="" traitor="" used="" v.="" wealth="" weaver.="" weaver="" weaving="" web="" with="" woven.="" woven="" yb="" yd="" yrib="" zari-baf="">Lib bakiyat , s. plur. (of ^3b) Remainders, balances, arrears, p. d/b bah, s. m. Fear. s. dfb TRi (r. Speak) bak or vak, s. m. Language, dialect, speech. a. baldra , part. act. f. (fromused sub¬ stantively) A virgin. £« - bag hath se chhutna, The reins to have slipped from the hand, denotes the loss of choice, power or controul. H. ifb bagdy s. m. A vestment; honorary dress. H. b bag-dor, s. f. A long rein with which horses are led. . tiger. A,is A,isress - b bagh-ambar, s. m. A tiger’s skin, n. ^^ifb bdgltiy s. f. A bubo. See Jo . ii. b “g-h s. m. A horseman. s. Jb Wf&i bal, s. m. 1. Hair. 2. A boy, a child. 3. (for ^ ) s. f. A girl not exceed¬ ing sixteen. > & bal bal, Hair by hair, every hair. bjU Jb bal bandlii kauri mama , To shoot at without missing, to act with great care, not to mistake. Jb bal Vika, A bent or disordered hair, is used to ex¬ press “ the smallest harm or inconvenience;” so bul bika na howe, Let not a hair be disordered (let not the least harm be done). Jb bal-charitr , Tricks of children. Jb/ Jb bal gopal, Family. P..Jb bal, s. m. A wing, a pinion. Jb bal-fishdn, Expanding the wings. Jb bdl-afsham or Jb bal-fishdni, s. f. Ex¬ pansion or shaking of the wings. Jb bal-shikasta, Distressed, wretched. h. Jb bal, s. f. 1. An ear or spike of corn. 2. A Digitized by Microsoft 203 JV 204 crack in a cup or glass. 3. s. m. The thread on which sugar is crystallized. jljJb bal-ddr, A cracked vessel (of china, glass, &c.). a. Jb half s. m. Heart, mind: state: power. p. Jib bala, prep. Above, up, aloft, adj. High, s. m. Top, stature, Jib Jib bald bald , adv. De¬ ceitfully, fraudulently: secretly, btj Jib bald batana, or bjJ Jib bala dcna, To balk, to cir¬ cumvent, to dupe, to put off, to disappoint, to prevaricate. Jib bala-dast, adj. Upper¬ handed, victorious, superiour, more or most pre¬ cious. s. ib^W bala, 1. s. f. A female child, a girl not exceeding sixteen. 2. A medicinal and fra¬ grant plant. 3. s. m. An earring. 4. (for Sans. ) A male child, a boy. JjU-JIb bala chand, The new moon. p. ^>Jlb bald-bar , s. m. Part of the angarkha that laps over the thighs, foreskirt. p. AtJ Jib bald-band , s. m. A part of dress, a kind of turband : a coat of a particular kind. s. h. JSj£ Jib bdld-bhola, adj. Innocent, artless as a child, s. m. An artless child. s. h. ^Jlb bala-pan, s. m. Childhood, infancy. r. Jib bald-posh, s. m. A coverlet, a quilt. a. jjUJJSb bi-l-ittifdh, By chance, by or with agree¬ ment or concord or unanimity or success. p. 4}b$-jb bala-khana , s. m. An upper room, an upper story, a balcony. p. Jib bdld-nislun, part. Occupying the chief seat; a president. p. e^~jjJ!b bald o past, Above and below, i. e. the heavens above and the earth beneath. p. s. £>\j Jb bdlrdnd ( ) s. f. A widow who when very young lost her husband. p. ^b bdlish, s. m. A pillow, bolster. p. c^-iJb balisht( Sans. f^rrfFrO s. f. A span. See . a. CJ^iJb bi-z-zarurat, adv. By necessity, ne¬ cessarily. A. bi-l-aks, adv. On the contrary, on the reverse, invertedly. a. jJb bdligh, part. act. (from Reaching its end, consummate, arrived at the age of matu¬ rity ; an adult. (Fern. s. f. A snake’s hole, h. j^Jb bdmbi, ) Microsoft ® 207 208 s. ^ banaprastha , s. m. One who retires from the world with his wife and family, and passes his life in devotion in the fo¬ rests ; an anchoret or hermit. See pJ\. • * s. LH-0b bant , s. m. 1. (from ^T2"*T) Share, dis- *__ tribution. 2. (^TcT^F) A weight (i. e. the standard by which things are weighed). 3. Food given to a cow while she is milked. _ * g. Lbb bantna (^*2"*T) v. a. To share, distri¬ bute, divide, participate, dispose. * s.^srb banjar (^^TT) adj. Lying waste or fallow (land). See s. banjh (T) adj. Barren. s . Lxrb banchna (^PPT Discourse) v. a. To read. + s. Lsrb banchha (*4(3(1 ) s. f. Desire, wish. s. e^s^b banchhit (*TTfl§rT) part. Desired, wished, longed for. n. IjJb banda, The name of a place. $. Ijab banda ( *4) s. m. A parasite plant which grows on trees. (Epidendrum, particu¬ larly tesselatum. JRoxb .). $.p.j)jjb ban-dar , s. m. A rocket-thrower. * s, *Jjb bandit (^"V) s. m. 1. An embankment. 2. Confinement, imprisonment. s. u-^Jib bandhab (^TP^J^T) s. m. Kinsman, relation. §. LfcJib bandhna (^PT) v. a. To bind, tie, fasten, shut, stop water, embank ; to invent, con¬ trive, devise, stop, pack, aim, build, compose, form, put, settle. s. ^jbjJb bandhnu (r.^T Bind) s. m. 1. A mode of dying, in which the cloth is tied in different places to prevent the parts tied from receiving the die. 2. Slander, plot, plan. 3. A kind of silk cloth* 4. A kind of parrot. ii. ^Jib bandiy s. f. A female slave, bondmaid. 12L ) l£ ^Jib bandi ka beta, Obedient. s, l&b banda (^?) adj. Tail-less. s. m. A serpent which has lost its tail. h. u^Jjb bandi, s. f. A cudgel: a kind of dress. s.^ib *TPP£ banar or vdnar , s. m. A monkey. s. ^b bans ) s. m. 1. A bamboo. 2. A measure of about ten feet, used to measure tanks, ditches, and excavations in general. (A cube of one bans is called a cliauka)' ^b bd?is par charhna , v. n. To be branded with infamy. ii. Lib baiisa , s. m. The bridge of the nose. S'JyiJ b bans-phor from ivr Bamboo, and r. Break) s. m. Name of a cast who work on bamboos. s. u^-ib bansri or bansuri s. f. A flute, fife, pipe. S' b baiisTi, s. f. 1. A flute, &,c.: see u^-ib bansri. 2. A purse : see basni' s . ,^-Jb batisi ( *4^11 ) 1. s. f. Flute, fife, pipe. 2. adj. Made of bamboo. S' il £>b bank (*Pfi r. ^ Bend, curve) 1. s. m. A crook, curvature, bending. 2. A reach or turning of a river. 3. Fault, offence, wicked¬ ness. 4. s. f. A semicircular ornament worn on the arms. 5. A kind of dagger. 6. An exer¬ cise with the dagger. 7. A settee. S' lOb banka (r. Bend, be crooked) s. m. 1. A fop, a beau, a coxcomb, a buck, a bravo, a bully. 2. A knife or hook to cut bamboo with. 3. s. f. Name of a river. 4. adj. Crooked, foppish, coxcombish, arrant. S' l&b banka-chur , s. m. A fop, a beau, a coxcomb, a bully, a bravo. S' lib tl&b bank-patta, s. m. A kind of fencing with (wooden) dagger and cutlass. s. h. ^ tl&b bank-pan (&b and ^) s. m. Fop¬ pishness, debauchery, disorderly conduct. Digitized by Microsoft & 209 210 p. bang , s. f. Voice, crying out, sound; the voice of the mu’azzin calling Muhammadans to prayer; the crowing of a cock. Lo <^&b bang dena, To call Muhammadans to prayer. bjU t-Job bang marnd, To cry out, to call, n. lf)b bangdy s. m. Raw cotton, n. ^&b bang!, s. f. A pattern, a muster, p. j3b banuy s. f. A lady, a princess, ii. Ujb bdiiu’d, s. m. The name of a water-bird. ii. Lyb banusd. s. m. ) . . . , «... ' . * _ ’ [A kind of cloth. h. b bands!, s. f. ) n. uiyV banawe or banavwe, adj. Ninety-two. s. ^j\j bank ( ^T^) s. f. 1. The arm. 2. Gua¬ rantee, protector or security (as, when a per¬ son trusts himself in the power of an enemy, a third person, who engages to return him to his house or fort in security, is his bank'). ^b bank pakarnd, To protect. bank (ulna, To be destitute of friends or pro¬ tectors. boo ^jb bank dena , To assist: see bjJjjb bazu dena . V -yb bank gahnd, To protect. bb**£- batlhal charkand, To get ready, to prepare. -* banhiyan (from *^b) s * m * A patron. a. b ban 7, part. act. (from used substan¬ tively, A builder, architect, composer, author, inventor, founder. ii. tjb bnnly s. f. 1. The price paid for a work. 2. Ashes. 3. The thread with which cloth is woven. (Sans. ^ if^T Weaving). s. jb «rmfr ban 7 or van!, s. f. Speech, voice, language; name of the goddess Saraswatl. 5* s. l^b bal ha, s. m. Rheumatism. See c^b ^TrT. p.'jbj ha-bad. To the wind. s. jLj bibdd (fWK from f^T and r.^T<\ Speak) s. m. Contest or lawsuit; quarrel, altercation. s. ui^bj bibad-1, s. m. f. A disputant, a plaintiff. s. «Ui bibah ( ) S. m. Marriage. See abj. h.^j babar, s. m. One who crops the manes of horses. p . jy babar, s. m. A lion, a tiger. s. bibaran from f^r and r. ^ Cover) s. in. Interpretation, explanation. s. yyj bibarn (f^T^W from, f^T and r. Paint) adj. Faded in colour. h. babrutd, s. m. A clown, a lout, lumpkin, clumsy young man. h. babriy s. f. 1. Cropped hair, tresses. cci v:i 213 214 * • 2. The act of cropping (especially, the manes of horses). p. t babr-1, adj. Relating to the lion or tiger. Ja&wn, \ ^ The name of s. babur, \ v ° ' s babul, ) a tree Mimosa kind. (There are several species, but the commonest is Arabica. JRoxb .) The acacia tree. u. babhrii, s. f. See n. bamkrii. s t bibkau ( ) s. m. Substance, thing, property, wealth, superhuman power. - babai, s. m. 1. ( ) The seed of a sweet scented herb (Ocymum pilosum. lioxb.). 2. Name of a bird. H. ^ babbl, s. f. A kiss. H. ^ 5 ^-j babesl, s. f. The piles. h. L~~o babesiyd, 1. adj. Talking nonsense. 2. s. m. A catamite. s. uX~o from and r. fq^r Divide) s. m. Discrimination, judgment, dis¬ cretion. S' l5 L ! j bibek-1 (f^PT^lt) adj. Discreet, p.s. by& Lj ba-pahona, To be raised, established, or pitched. . Lr-~o bipat or bipati, ) ( or f^q-fPr) . b-o ) s. f. Adversity, cala¬ mity, misfortune, distress. s .j+) f^TCT bipr or vipra, s. m. A Brahman. ii. \~j bapura, m.l TT . . ^ — 1 ' fadj. Helpless, n. bapun, f. J ii. biparna, v. a. To attack, to assault. s. biparlt (fSr.qlx and r. T Go) part. Contrary, opposite ; s. f. Mischief, ruin. s, bapans ( ^ A field, and ^ Part) s. m. Patrimony, heritage, n. cJ^-j bapauti (from c-ob) s. f. Paternal estate ; patrimony, heritage. ^ baphara (°J l^M") s. m. Vapour, vapour bath. See bhaph . Digitized by s. \jjLp bipharna (perhaps from )y.n. To be perverse, refractory, disobedient, cross, obstinate, pert. s, biphai , s. m. Thursday. See s. cuo f^T or s. m. 1. Wealth, sub¬ stance, thing. 2. Ability, power, means. n. tz-o but, s. m. 1. A hazard table. 2. A blow with the fist. p. but, s. m. An idol, image, statue ; a be¬ loved object, a mistress. (Plur. (jbj). but-parast, An idolater. e^o but - parast-1, s. f. Idolatry. ^jL\y but-tarash, A sculptor, a carver of idols, tarash-1, s. f. The art of a sculptor, sculpture, statuary. *)Ls?b but-khana, s. m. An idol- temple. p. bat, s. m. A line drawn to distinguish separate names in a catalogue or articles in an account; a mark, a score. h. bat, s. m. The worm which is destructive to shipping, (Teredo). s. bat, contract, of dAj A word, affair, or of Wind, generally used in composition ; as ^^b bat-baharl, adj. External, foreign. bat-barha!o, s. m. Prolixity, talka¬ tiveness, chicanery, wrangling, bo lt-o bat-bana (e^o Word, and bo from bbo To make) An ora¬ tor, a sophist. U f (Jwj c>o bat soiiha karna (c^o Wind, and from Opposite) To ventilate, bat-kaha’o, s. m. Talk, conversation. S' bo brtta s. m. A span. ii. bo butta, s. m.' Overreaching, frnud, trick, take in. bo J bo butta dena, To overreach. ii. bo bata, s. m. 1. A bamboo lath, a thin slip of bamboo. 2. An oblong stone on which pow¬ ders are levigated. S' v 215 Ub 216 $, L bat-asd, 1 (from^PT Air) s. m. A kind ?. titj bat-asha , ) of sweetmeat, sugar-cakes (of a spongy texture, or filled with air, as the word implies); a bubble. s. \j\zj bitana (trans of Lxu or Ixuj) v. a. To pass, n. bta batana , v. a. 1. (perhaps, from Speaking, telling) To point out, to shew, indi¬ cate, signify, to explain, to teach, to tell. 2. To appear. 3. s. m. An under turband. 4. A small bracelet of metal, n. bjlsj buta’ona, v. a. To extinguish. See Y.j^i batar (contract, ofyJj) adj. compar. Very bad, worse. A'jv batar , adj. Mutilated, wanting the tail (an animal); destitute of good qualities. See ju\. s. batrana (fronl v. n. To talk, to converse, to speak. s. ,^pj bitaran or vitaran, s. m. Giving charity, donation, alms. s. Uyxj bitarna (see v. a. To bestow, li. batsd, s. m. A kind of rice. S' batsaly adj. See vatsaL p. s but-kada, s. m. An idol-temple, a pagoda. s. I bat-kaha (cx*j Word, and from To say) adj. Loquacious, conversible. s . bat-kaha’o, s. m.)(cxo Word, and s. bat-kahl, s. f. ) To say) Loquacity, conversibleness, discourse, dialogue. n.UJbj batlandy v. a. To show, explain, point out, denote, teach, inform, express, signify, ad¬ duce, account for. See bbj batana. n. bittam bittam , Little by little. s. Lu bitna (r. ^tT Pass) y. n. To pass, p. s. ba-tang hona, To be distressed. S' afjy) batauri (from Wind) s. f. A flatu¬ lent or cedematous swelling. a, JyiJ batul (Hcb. n^irn) s. f. A pure virgin, ii. batoU , s. f. Buffoonery. Ifj bit ha (^T ) s. f. Pain, affliction, distress. s. b j\fj bitharna (caus. of b^j) v. a. To cause to scatter, to cause to sprinkle. s. bithdri (from b>lfj) s. f. Cleansing the warp. s. bithrandy v. a. To scatter, to sprinkle* s. \jjgj bitharna or bithurnd (perhaps from r. Spread over, cover) v. n. To be scattered, to be sprinkled, to be spread. s, \j&j bathu’a s . m. A kind of greens or potherbs (Chenopodium album). s. batl, s. f. A word. See cx?b bat. s. ^ bat ft (Hln ) s. f. 1. A candle. 2. A wick, a match, stick (of sealingwax, &c.). 3. A tent or bougie. See cib. ii. buttly s. f. Provision (for travelling), bjuyo jL J butt! lekar chaudhtr dhundndy To search, to rummage. S' bittiyd (from lx bittd for f^rTfVcT A span) s. m. A dwarf (i. e. a span high). s. UUxj batiyana (from C->b A word) v. a. To speak, to talk, to say, to converse, discourse. S' c-wJ bitlt ) adj. Passed, gone. n. batls or battls, adj. Thirty-two. h. L-cj battls-a, s. m. A medicine composed of thirty-two ingredients, usually given to mares after foaling. h. battls-l, s. f. 1. A set of teeth. 2. Any aggregate consisting of thirty-two parts, battisi dikhandy v. a. To show teeth; to laugh, to scoff or make faces at any one. s. (Jxo bat , s. m. 1. The Indian fig tree (Ficus Indica). 2. A single cowrie (kauri). S' iJUj bat (r. or ‘^"'2" Wrap, entwine) s. m. 1. Tripe. 2. (from To twist) Twist. 3. A wrinkle or fold of tlic abdomen. 4. (in compos, a contract, of b) Road; as injb bat par, q. v. h. & batta, s. m. 1. Deficiency. 2. Exchange Digitized bymicrosoft @ 21 ? 218 ri Or discount. 3. Defect, blemish, injury, offence. 4. A ball (of wood or stone). 5. A box in which gems are kept, a casket, jb Latte - baz, A juggler. ^Jb Latte-baz-i, The per¬ formance of a juggler, juggling, sleight of hand, jho Lb battordhar and JlfcJ Lb battdrdhal , adj. Level, even. ii. bl b hit an a y v. a. To scatter, to sprinkle. s.ybb bata’u s. m. A traveller, a robber. s. LS*^b batTix (from L2b To twist) s. f. Hire paid for twisting ropes, &c. s. bitap s. m. A tree. 8. bitap or vitapa, s. m. A twig. s. hatyarA(jJb\> Road, and bjfb To throw s. Jb bat-par,} down) s. m. Highwayman, footpad, villain, cut-throat, assassin. s.h. ^Jbulbo bat-par-1, s. f. Highway-robbery. a. n. ^ battakh, s. f. See bat-ak . h. s. f. A small cup. batlolii , s. f. A brass vessel in which Hindus dress their food. s. bJb batnd (r. ^ d or Wrap round, entwine : divide, share) 1. v. a. To twist, to form by convolution (as ropes) : to divide, share : to gain, to make profit. 2. v. n. To be divided, to be twisted. 3. s. m. An instrument with which ropes are twisted. s. \jb bat'd* a (r. Surround, envelope) s. m. 1. A purse, a small bag (generally used for holding betel-nut, &c.). 2. A brass vessel in which Hindus dress their food. h. \yb bitawa (dimin. of lio) s. m. A son. s. j\jb bat-war (r. Divide) s. m. A tax ga¬ therer who collects a tax levied in kind. s. \j\jb bat-war a (r. ^ <5 -="" ...="" .="" .j="" .s.="" .s="" 1.="" 1="" 2.="" 219="" 220="" 221="" 222="" 3.="" 3bft="" 5.="" 5j="" :="" _="" a.="" a="" absence="" accom="" accumulate.="" accurate="" adj.="" adorned="" adv.="" alarm.="" alarmed.="" alarmed="" among="" amp="" an="" and="" anni="" any="" argument="" arm="" armlet.="" art="" as="" asin="" assure="" b="" ba-jan="" ba-jaz="" ba-jd-land="" bajan="" bajand="" bajd="" bajdna="" bajhana="" bajhna="" bajidd-hond="" bajins="" bajorna="" bajr-ang="" bajr-battu="" bajr="" bajrang-i="" bajrd="" bajwdnd="" batati="" bathna="" batolii="" bator="" batorna="" batta.="" batta="" batwdnd="" batya="" bay="" bbs="" be="" beast="" beat="" behind.="" believe.="" besides="" bhang="" bhsr="" bi="" bijai-dasami="" bijai="" bijayath="" bijayd="" bijayl="" bijhaknd="" bijhkdnd="" bijnd="" bijog-i="" bijog="" biju.="" bit="" bitaura="" bitawa="" bithlana="" bitiyd="" bitlidna="" bitona="" biyog-t="" bj="" bl="" boat="" bolt.="" bracelet="" brokers="" brothel.="" bujahrd="" bujhail="" bujhdnd="" bujhna="" bujnd="" burthen.="" bw="" bwsr="" by="" byb="" c.="" cakes="" caught="" caus.="" causal="" cause="" cians="" cib="" cloth="" collect="" comprehend="" conquer="" conqueror.="" cord="" cow-dung.="" crowd="" cursing="" damp="" damped="" dancers="" daughter.="" de="" deject="" dejected="" demonstrate="" detail="" diamond.="" digitized="" dimin.="" disgust.="" divide="" down="" dried="" drum="" dssr="" e.="" e="" earnest="" ebb="" effect="" effer="" entangle="" enter.="" entrap.="" erdix="" especially="" ex="" except.="" exception="" execute="" expression="" extinguish="" extinguished="" f.="" f="" fall="" famous.="" fan.="" female="" fit="" fitly.="" for="" forehead="" frighten="" fringes="" from="" fruit.="" ft="" ftot="" ga="" game="" gather-="" ghaira="" gold="" h.="" hair="" hanumdn="" hard.="" hard="" he="" heap="" heartily="" heavy="" hemp.="" him="" hindu="" i="" ii.="" ij="" il="" implying="" importunate="" in="" ing="" inhabited="" insist.="" insnare="" insnared="" instalments.="" instead="" instru="" instruct="" instrument="" intrans.="" j="" jjjb="" jpiyds="" jscr="" jsf.="" jsf="" junction="" jyb="" jzjvt="" kill.="" kind.="" kind="" l2j="" l5="" l="" laden.="" laj="" land="" larger="" larly.="" later="" lcsr="" lead="" lib="" lifsr="" lightning.="" lightning="" load="" lovers="" lrsr="" ls="" ltst="" lxp-o="" m.="" made="" make="" making="" mark="" may="" measure="" menstruous="" ment="" micro="" microsoft="" miserable="" musi="" musical="" musician="" musicians.="" musick.="" musick="" musiek="" n.="" n="" nabis="" name="" narrow="" noise="" nrofro="" o="" obey.="" of.="" of="" olivacea.="" on="" one="" opportune="" or="" out="" over="" p.="" pachh="" par="" pare="" parted.="" particu="" pas="" per="" perform="" perhaps="" persuade="" pessary.="" place="" plain="" play="" plays="" pleasure="" plish="" prep.="" press="" pro="" properly="" purse="" push="" put="" putrefying.="" q.="" quail="" quarter="" quench="" quenched="" r.="" r="" rama="" ravana="" rbajak="" rbajantari="" red="" resort.="" rf="" right="" road="" rs="" rupee="" s.="" s.jj="" s.r.="" s="" sage.="" sans="" sativa="" scare="" scatter="" scpamte="" seat="" sec="" see="" separation="" serpent.="" set="" settle.="" share.="" signify="" silken="" sit="" small="" son.="" son="" soul="" sound="" sounded="" spirits="" sprinkle.="" sr="" stick.="" strike="" suck.="" sukl="" surround="" t="" tafi-mahal="" taxes="" tease="" tenth="" the="" their="" ther="" thirst.="" thirst="" thread.="" three="" thunder="" thunderbolt:="" tib="" tie="" tire="" title="" to="" trans.="" traveller="" travelling="" triumph.="" true="" twist="" u.="" unfortunate="" up="" upon="" us="" use="" used="" uur="" uw="" v.="" vajra="" vanquisher="" versary="" vesce="" vessel="" victorious="" victory="" vijaya="" vijayl="" w="" wa="" warm="" water.="" wayfarer.="" weight.="" which="" who="" with="" without="" women="" worn="" wur="" x="" xj="" y="" yb="" yjb="" zizaz:="" zjj="">tfr ^ bach or vach y s. f. Orris root. s. ^bichy adv. In, among,between. See ^ . p. b£ bacha or bachcha (Sans, ) s. m. A child, the young of any animal. See to? bachcha . s.^f^TT (t^ and r. Go, move) bi¬ char or vi-char y s. m. Consideration, reflec¬ tion, contrivance, judgment, opinion, thought, apprehension, will. p. \Jc£ bichara , adj. See Xj\z$r bichara. s. CL2j\^r bicharat, part. Reflecting, thinking. s. d/Jbs? bicharak ( see jbs?) part, act. Investigator, judge, inspector. s. lj bicliar-na (f^TTOi) v. a. To consi¬ der, reflect, think, investigate, comprehend, ap¬ prehend, conceive, to judge, p. bichara (for Sj\>- ^ q. v.) adj. Helpless, u. bichaU , s. ft Straw. h. liW* bachana, v. a. 1. (trans.of bto) To save, to preserve, to protect, secure, to reserve, extricate, to spare, to defend, to guard, to leave, to avoid, to conceal. 2. (Perhaps, for bWr q. v.) To sound (a musical instrument), n. jUsr* bacha 9 o (from Ito?) s. m. Protection, de¬ fence, safety, security, preservation, salvation, escape. p. h. bach-pan (to? and ^^j) s. m. Child¬ hood, infancy. bichitr or vichitra, adj. Varie¬ gated, various; wonderful, n. bacliti (from Ito) s. f. Residue, remain¬ der, surplus. h. Uy^r bicharna y v. a. To separate, detail. bichar bichar kar bolna , To speak distinctly. h. l ; l£as? bichkana (trans. of l^*?) v. a. To balk, to disappoint, to break one’s promise, p. n. b\£qsr bach-kana (perhaps, from tor bachcha , q. v.) 1. adj. Small (generally applied to shoes and clothes). 2. s. m. A dancing boy. tor y • p. h. bach-kani (perhaps, from tor;) s. f. A girl adopted by an old prostitute. ii. U&x? bichahia, v. n. To be disappointed, to be balked : to sprain: to run away, to retreat: to withdraw a consent which has been given. s. U&x? bich-kanna (^r? Within, and ^ Ear) s. m. An ornament worn in the anteriour lobe of the ear. p. <0t -="" .="" 0="" 1.="" 1="" 1wt="" 2.="" 223="" 224="" 225="" 226="" 3.="" 5="" a.="" a.h.="" a.ysr="" a="" abide="" absence.="" accord="" act.="" adj.="" affirm.="" agent="" agree.="" agree="" agreed="" agreement.="" alterca="" altered="" ambassadour.="" amp="" an="" and="" another="" ans.="" any="" arbitrator="" argue="" arguer.="" argument.="" argumenta="" argumentation.="" as="" ask="" authority="" avoid="" away="" b="" ba-hadd-e="" ba-hdl="" ba-hukm="" ba-lidl-i="" bachan="" bachcha-dan="" bachcha-gan-a="" bachcha-gi="" bachcha="" bachche-wdli="" bachchl="" bachherd="" bachheri="" bachhiyd="" bachhra="" bachhru="" baclichhnag="" baclina="" badiasb="" bahasnd="" bahfty="" bahhds="" bahr-i="" bahr="" bahs-d-hahs-l="" bakhra="" bakhrait="" bakhsh-na="" bakhsh="" bakhshana="" bakhshish="" bakht-aicctr="" bakht-azma-="" bakht-bau="" bakht-i-siyah="" bakht-i-tlra="" bakht-yar-i="" bakht-yar="" bakht="" bancl-="" bandh="" bay="" bcikht-baz-i="" be="" become="" bed-clothes="" bed="" bedding="" being="" belonging="" bend="" benetieenee="" bestow="" bestowing="" bhana="" bich-auliya="" bich-wam.="" bichchhu="" bichharat="" bichharna="" bichhaund="" bichhdnd="" bichhdtd="" bichhnd="" bichhohdy="" bichhond="" bichhornd="" bichhu="" bichhurana="" bichhurnd="" bichhvudy="" bichka="" bichlioh="" bichliu="" bichlnvand="" bickhalnd="" bicli-wam="" bihbr="" bind="" bj="" bjb="" bjf="" bjfy="" bjl="" bl="" bli="" bo="" boj="" boon="" break="" bslrkr="" bukhdr="" bukht-jalna="" bukhtlj="" burthens="" buxr="" bvhaira="" bvhrdiiy="" by="" c.="" calf.="" calf="" camel="" carpctt="" caus.="" cause="" chance.="" chhorna="" child="" childhood.="" children="" cj="" colt.="" command="" compos.="" conclude="" condition="" controversy="" controvertist="" creature.="" crisis="" csjtfbahfiy="" csr="" cussion="" cut="" d="" dagger.="" dciia="" dcilna="" debate="" degree.="" den="" dena="" dend="" digitized="" dil="" dimin.="" dis="" discourse="" discussion="" disease.="" dispute="" disputer="" do="" donation="" down="" drub.="" e="" enmity="" entertain="" eruption="" escape="" ex="" expression="" extend.="" extreme="" f.="" f="" face.="" falcon="" favour.="" fe="" felicity.="" felt="" female="" fever="" ff="" filly.="" fit="" fleet.="" flourishing="" foal="" for="" forgiv="" forgive.="" forgive="" forgiveness.="" forgiveness="" forgiver.="" fortunate.="" fortunate="" fortune.="" fortune="" from="" g="" gbichalna="" gene="" gift="" give="" giver="" giving="" glowing="" go="" good="" grant="" great="" ground="" gulph.="" halation.="" hania="" happy="" heart.="" heat="" hona="" i="" ii="" iic="" ij="" ijj="" imparting="" in="" infancy="" infant="" infringe.="" ing.="" ing="" inquire.="" inquiry="" instatement="" interposer="" interrupta="" is="" ito="" ix="" j="" jcj="" jij="" jjcj="" jtee="" kar="" karna="" knock="" kr="" l3l="" l5="" l="" lake.="" lena="" lenci="" liberality="" lj="" ll="" lose="" lot="" luck="" lucky="" lur.="" lyx="" m.="" m="" male="" malice="" manna="" maritime="" marna="" mediator="" men="" metonim.="" metre="" microsoft="" mise="" misfortune.="" move="" mu="" n.="" name="" native="" naval.="" nettle.="" ni="" nikalnd="" not="" o="" obey.="" of="" office="" on="" one.="" one="" or="" ord="" ornament="" out="" p.="" p.a.="" p.jk="" p.n.="" p="" palna="" parate.="" pardon.="" pardon="" part.="" partner="" perhaps="" place="" play="" pledge="" pleiades.="" plight="" plur.="" poison.="" portion="" pro="" procure="" promise.="" promise="" proportion="" prosperity="" puerile.="" q.="" question="" quick-paced="" r.="" r.u.="" r="" rakhndy="" rally="" rba-hal="" re="" receive="" recover.="" reestablish="" reinstated="" remain="" replace="" restoration="" restore.="" restored="" reward.="" reward="" rgk="" ride="" rosity.="" rtica="" s.="" s.f.="" s="" saved="" scorpio="" scorpion.="" scorpion="" scr="" se-.="" se="" sea="" seas.="" see="" separate="" separated.="" separated="" separation.="" separation="" share="" sharer.="" sign="" skin="" slide="" slip="" small="" sort="" spared="" speak="" speech="" sprain="" spread.="" spread="" sr:="" sr="" ssr="" ssz="" sszr="" state="" steam="" stinging="" such="" superl.="" t:="" talk.="" talk="" te="" teg="" the="" tion="" to.="" to.reinstate="" to="" toes.="" torna="" tot="" tr="" trans.="" trial="" trying="" turn="" u.="" u1u="" u="" ufsr="" ui="" uio="" ujj="" un="" unexpended="" unfortunate="" upon.="" used="" ust="" uuj="" v.="" v="" vapour="" vegetable="" verse.="" w="" with="" womb.="" word="" worn="" wra="" x="" y="" ykr="" young="" yx="" zodiack.=""> sjo.l^k; bakhshanda y part. act. (from ^J^kr) Giving, giver, bestower, pardoner, donor, p. bakhshly s. m. A general, a commander in chief. ^t.risr bakhsli-ahnamalik , A title or rank equivalent to commander-in-chief. 4}bk bakhshl-khana, The pay-office, the general’s office. 2. (in compos.) s. f. Giving, forgiving. r. bakhshl-garly s. f. Office or duty of a general or commander-in-chief, generalship. a. s. m. Avarice, stinginess, parsi- , Digitized by Jo p. ba-khab-i, With goodness, well, in a good manner. r. ba-khnd, In self, by self, of self. UT Jykr ba-khud ana , To come to (one’s) self. a . ,»-k: bakhur, s. m. Perfume, odour, frankin- cense. A.p.^k: ba-khairy With good, for good, See. a . Juk? (from J^) ad J- Miser, niggard. 4. baktiil’i (from J-jk;) s. f. Stinginess, niggardliness, patrimony, avarice, p. bakhiya, s. m. A kind of stitching, a strong quilting, stitching, p. Jo bad y adj. Evil, bad. Jo bad-akhtar , adj. Unfortunate, under a bad star. Jo bad-akhlak, adj. Of bad habits. Jj bad-usluby adj. Ill-shaped, ill-made, inelegant, of bad conduct. J^ bad-asl, adj. Low¬ born. Jo bad-usul 7, s. f. Bad breeding. jo bad-atwar , Ill-mannered. Jo andeshy adj. Evil-minded, malicious, malevo¬ lent, inimical. ^^jA ^ bad-andcsh-1 , s. f. Malevolence, malice, malignity, ill will. ^ T Jo bad-aln, adj. Of bad manners, observing no religious precepts. bad-bat in, adj. Ill- natured, evilminded, false-hearted. ^ bad-batin-i, s. f. Malice, illnaturc. Jo bad-bakht, adj. Unlucky, unfortunate, wretched, rascally, bad-bakht-1, s. f. Misfor¬ tune, bad luck, adversity, y bad-bar , adj. Evilminded. y Jo bad-bu, 1. adj. Fetid. 2. s. f. Stink. Jo bad-parhcZy adj. Not controuling one’s inclinations and passions, in¬ temperate. bad-pashmly s. f. Bad¬ ness of hair or wool, bad coat (of a horse, Sec.). jo bad-chashmy adj. Malignant, envious, coveting other men’s goods (particularly, wives). JU- jo bad-haly adj. In bad circumstances, ill- conditioned. . Jb>- Jo bad-hal-iy s. f. Badness of condition or of circumstances, ^ bad - haw ass, adj. Senseless, stupified, in consterna¬ tion. Jo bad-ha was s-1 , s. f. Stupidity, Q " 227 228 jo Jo senselessness. Jo bad-khisal, or Jo bad-khaslaty adj. Bad in disposition, ill-dis¬ posed. Jo bad-khatt , Writing ill, scrawlcr. jo bad-khulki , s. f. Bad disposition, evil nature. ^ Jo bad-kho % adj. Of bad habits, ill-disposed, evilminded. Jo bad-khzodh , adj. Wishing evil, malevolent, disaffected, ma¬ licious, malignant, ill-wisher. JJ bad- khwah-1 , s. f. Ill will, disaffection, malevolence, enmity, hatred. Jo bad-kho-1 , s. f. Un¬ mannerliness, badness of disposition, illnature. Uj jo bad-du’a, s. f. A curse, imprecation. Jj Jo bad-dil , adj. Suspicious, evilminded. £Uo Jo bad-dama gh , adj. Dissatisfied, dis¬ pleased with every thing, ^Lj Jo bad-da - m agh -i, s. f. Ill will, displeasure. Jo Jacf- daul, adj. Ill-shaped, ungi*aceful, clumsy. Jo bad-zat y adj. Low-born, of bad disposi¬ tion, of bad breed, base, unprincipled, wicked, vitious, evilminded, unprincipled, villain. Jo ^13 bad-zat-iy s. f. Baseness, wickedness, vitiousness, villainy, Jo badrziliUy adj. Stu¬ pid, slow of apprehension. *\j Jo bad-rdh , adj. Taking a bad or wrong course; wicked, sinful. <—j> badrrikaby adj. Ill-paced, difficult to mount (a horse). Jo bad-rangy adj. Of bad colour, of bad kind. Jo bad-rau y adj. Ill-paccd (a horse), ^bj Jo bad-zaban, 1. adj. Indecent (speaker), abusive. 2. s. f. Indecent language, abuse. *jbj Jo bad-zaban-l } s. f. Abuse, Jo bad-zeb, adj. Ungraceful. Jj bad-sa'at, s. f. An unlucky moment. Jo bad-sajy adj. Ungraceful, ill-looking. Jo bad-sirishty Ill-disposed, illnatured. jo bad-sar-anjam-ly s. f. Badness of end or conclusion. JbL> Jo bad-sigal , adj. Evil- minded, malevolent, malignant. Jo Jtfd- suluk-iy s. f. Misbehaviour, maltreatment, abuse. Jo bad-slraty adj. Ill-tempered, ill-dis¬ posed. Jo bad-sharaby adj. Drunk, jo bad-sharab-ly s. f. Drunkenness. Jo bad-shugun-ly s. f. Bad omen. Jo saratf, adj. Ugly, ill-conditioned. d>jya S: bad- surat-ly s. f. Ugliness. Jjjb Jo bad-tarlky s. m. Bad habit (in a religious sense), jo bad-Cinaty adj. Malevolent, iniquitous. ^^j-Ljo bad-finat-ly s. f. Malevolence, iniquity. ^ Jo bad-zamiy adj. Suspicious. s^z Jo bad-ahd } adj. Faithless, treacherous. ^jS^z Jo bad-ahddy s. f. Neglect of agreement or promise, faithlessness, breach of promise. JUi Jo bad-jialy 1. s. m. Evil deeds. 2. adj. Of bad habits (particularly, in a religious sense), xj'y Jo bad-kaicdra 9 Ill- formed, ill-mannered. Jo bad-kdr or J\ jo bad-kirdaTy adj. Evildoer, sinful, wicked. Jo lsJS bad-hardy or Jo bad-hirdar-i, s. f. Wickedness, misdeed. jo bad-kesh , adj. Impious, irreligious. Jo bad-guman, adj. Suspicious, mistrustful, disaffected. Jo bad-guman-iy s. f. Suspicion, mistrust, disaffec¬ tion. j^jo bad-go, adj. Evil-speaking, slan¬ derous, evil-speaker, slanderer, calumniator. Jo bad-go-ly s. f. Slander, evil-speaking. Jo bad-guhar } adj. Of bad origin, bad by na¬ ture, unprincipled. bis) jo bad-lihaz, adj. Un¬ mannerly, disrespectful. Jo bad-lagam, adj. Not obedient to the reins (a horse), hard- mouthed. Jo bad-mizaj, adj. Ill-tem¬ pered. ^ bad-mizajd, s. f. Ill temper. jo bad-maza-gl, s. f. 1. Tastelessness. 2. Coolness between friends, Jo bad-mast , adj. Intoxicated, dead drunk, Jo bad- mazinna, adj. Suspicious. Jj bad-ma"ash, adj. Of a bad profession or way of life, of an infamous trade, immoral. 229 230 U a> ju bad-nasib, adj. Unfortunate. ^ bad-na*l, adj. Tripping (ahorse). If'J^ bad- numa, or Jo bad-namud, adj. Ill-looking, ungraceful, inelegant, unsightly, unbecoming. jo bad-numa-i, s. f. Ungracefulness, in¬ elegance. jLo Jo bad-mUid, adj. Ill-disposed. ,_jjLj Jo bad-nikad-t, s. f. Badness of disposi¬ tion, ill nature, Jo bad-niyat, adj. Ill-dis¬ posed, of bad intentions, malevolent. Jo bad-riiyat-!, s. f. Badness of intention, ill will, ma¬ levolence. Jo bad-wa^, adj. Evil-disposed. jtJj Jo bad-icafl, s. f. Bad disposition. Jo bad-hai'at, adj. Ill-formed, ugly. Jo ^ bad-yumn, adj. IU-omencd, unpropitious. jo bad-yumn-i, s. f. Bad omen; bad luck. h. Jo bad, s. f. A bubo. s. jo bid (fTO A hole) s. f. A little pit into which children in play endeavour to throw balls or marbles. s. Jo badi, s. f. The wane of the moon See s. ^Jo. 5 . JO bud, s. See sJo buddhi or s. or A. Ijo bidci (f^RT or J.) s. f. Dismis¬ sion, taking leave, farewell, adieu. \>J> Ijo bidd karnd, To bid farewell, to dismiss. h. 1 Jo badu, adj. Predestined. h. ^joIjo badabadi, adv. With emulation or ri- valship, contentiously. (Pers. c?^)- s. jo biddran (^1 from f^r and r. Tear) s. m. Tearing, rending, breaking, cleav¬ ing, splitting, severing, dividing. s. \jj \JJ bidarna (ft s. ybJj badliuy s. f. A wife, daughter-in-law, woman, lady. s . bidhawa, s. m. The deity. Seeb'l^oj. s .^ fwn bidliwd or vidhava , s. f. A wi- 233 234 \Sj s . luddhi-rcan, adj. m. s> ff^Tcft buddki-watl, adj. f. intelligent. s. Udhwans ) s. m. Non-exis- tence, annihilation, slaughter. s. ^ybJo bade!hi C^nft or ) s. f. An orna¬ ment worn round the neck, hanging down to the waist and crossing behind and before; a belt, a sash, brace (of a carriage, &c.). s. Li Jj badhhjd (r. Bind, injure) s. f. A bullock, any castrated animal. s. o'Jo bad! (^f<) s. f. The dark half of the lunar month from full moon to new moon. lad-1 (from Jo) s. f. Badness, wickedness, I evil, ill, mischief, injury, misfortune. s. bjJ f^?n(r.f^: Know) bidya or vidya, s.f. j Science, knowledge, intellect. bidyddhar or vidya-dkara, | s. m. A sort of demi-god or attendant in the celestial courts. (The Vidyddharas dance be¬ fore the assembled deities in Indra's heaven). too 1%?nsff(fw Science, and 3jSff j Desirous) bidydrthl or vidyarthl, s. m. A stu¬ dent. s. u ^bjj bidya-wan or vidya-vdn, adj. I Wise, ( Learned, scientifick. s. ^jj bides or vi-des , s. m. A foreign country, another country. s. ^~jJo bides-1 (from ^-j^o) adj. Foreigner. a. bad !* (from ^Jj) adj. Novel, wonderful, rare, curious, strange. A. badlka, s. m. 1. An extempore, an im¬ promptu, any thing done without meditation, an unexpected event. 2. An axiom. a. ^JJ badTih-ly 1. adj. Unpremeditated, appa¬ rent, self-evident. 2. s. f. An axiom. .s'. \jo baddy adj. Great. See VjJ hard . Dig he :* by s. bj^Jo biddrna (f^:m from and r. Run, flee) v. a. 1. To drive away, to turn away. 2. To efface. .s. buddhdy adj. Old. See a. bi-zdti-hiy adv. By its own essence, of itself, of himself, in person, personally, essen¬ tially, independently, intrinsically. a. jjj bazr y s. m. Seed. bazr-gar , A hus¬ bandman. a. Jjo bazly s. m. Expense, gift, munificence. Jjo bazl hondy To be expended. a. *]jj bizlciy s. m. A garment for daily use of which no care is taken. a. bazla y s. m. A jest, raillery. p. a . jjjo ba-zauky With taste or pleasure. a.j) barr y s. m. Dry land, a desert. h.^ bur } s. f. Pudenda feeminse. s, ji bar or var , 1. s. m. A choice, a boon, a blessing, a good. 2. A bridegroom. (Lat. Vir). 3. adj. Excellent. 4. (^’2 r ) s. m. The In¬ dian fig tree. 5. (*T\^)conj. But, more¬ over, even. bar~dd’l> Giver of a choice or blessing. ii .j bary s. m. Breadth (of cloth), n. j harry s. f. A wasp. See birnl . r.^j bar , s. f. 1. Bosom. bar-mdrnd 7 and bar hankna, To boast. 2. Fruit. 3. prep. On, up, above, upon, at, in. 4. part, (from ^J^) Bearing, bearer, carrier, taking away. bar dnd 9 v. n. To come up, to come forth, to be successful, to succeed, to be obtained, to be accomplished, to abstain. US bar land, v. n. To extract, get out, produce, fulfil, accomplish, yield. bar khilaf or J, bar aks , On the contrary, in spite (of), in opposition. bar mahall or bar maltha* or bar waki , Opportune, opportunely, seasonable, seasonably, apropos, apposite, 8tc. $. \ji bard , 1. (for^"2"^fl) s. m. Cakes made of PJicrosoft ® 235 236 ground pulse fried in butter or ghT. 2. (for Ijj) adj. Large, great. h. burd , adj. Bad, worse. bur a lagnd , v. n. To be unpleasant. LiU \j> bur a manna, v. a. To take amiss or ill or as an affront, to be displeased or affronted, hurra, s. See jauf. v.ji\j* bar-drbar, adj. Abreast, even, level, plain, uniform, smooth, like, alike, up to, opposite, over against, equal, on a par, adequate, exact, accurate, straight. 131 j}\jf bar-a-bar ana, To overtake. jAj* bar-a-bar sarabar, adj. Equal, alike. j\j* bar-a-bar karna , To smooth, compose, adjust, accord, assimilate, le¬ vel, match. l3y& j>\j) bar-a-bar bond, To termi¬ nate, allow, equal, suit, agree. p. bar-arbar-z, s. f. Equality, exactness, emulation, rivalry, competition. I )J> ^SjA£ bar- d-bar-i karna, To resist, oppose, vie, withstand, emulate, rival, equal. s. C^\j) bar at (5TTrr)s.f. The marriage pro¬ cession. a. bar at, s. f. A commission, a warrant, as¬ signment, letter. p. clAj> bar at, s. f. The fourteenth day of the month Sha x ban, which is appropriated to the commemoration of ancestors. See C 'j\j> shab-i-barat (which name the day more common¬ ly bears). s. barat-i (^TTcft) s. m. The company and attendants at a marriage. s. birat , s. m. i. (.&TK) The em¬ bodied spirit. 2. (f%W) A sovereign. s. birajna (f* and r. Shine) v. n. To be conspicuous or splendid; to enjoy one’s self; to live in health, ease, content and inde¬ pendence. biradar , s. m. Brother, biradar- jiarwar, Kind to friends and relations. p. birddar-ana, adj. or adv. Brotherly, like a brother. Digitized by p. biradar-zdda , s. m. A brother’s son, a nephew. p. birddar-i (from jjl^) 1. s. f. Brother¬ hood, fraternity, relationship, company. 2. adj. Brotherly, fraternal. a. burdda, s. m. Filings. p.^ly bar-ar (jj Up, and part. aet. of T To bring) Bringing or bearing up ; aecomplisher, performer, producer, raiser up, bearer up, taker, hearer. s. \j\j) bardrd ( T ) s. f. A thong, a rope (particularly, of a swing). See s. a. j\ji baraz, properly biraz, s. m. 1. Stool, mo¬ tion, excrement, fceees. 2. Fighting. h. (jAj burds, s. Anger, displeasure, p. bar-dshufta, adj. See teJLM ashufta . p. bar-uftdd, part. pass, (for sjlx^) Fallen off or away. p. bar-afrokhta (part, pass.) adj. In¬ flamed, set on fire. a. burdk , n. prop. The ass on which Mu¬ hammad is said to have passed from Jerusalem to heaven. a. j \jS barrak (from ^J) adj. Flashing, shining, brilliant, resplendent. A, ^jAj, barrdk-i, s. f. Brilliancy, splendour. s. | *\j> bi-rdm and r. Be quiet or at rest) adj. Uneasy, unquiet, agitated, p. bar-dmad, 1. s. f. Coming up, coming or going out or forth, egress, out-going, exit, erup¬ tion, source, issue, expenditure. 2. Informing (more particularly, of bribery), accusation, im¬ peachment. 3. part, (for Come up, come out. p. bar-dmada, s. m. A verandah, balcony, porch, gallery. h. ul/J barrdn, s. See birana, v. a. To mock, p. bar-andaz, part. act. (of Over¬ turning, destroying. p.s. \\j bar-d'o (from bly.*) s. Abstinence, p. Jjj\j bar-award, s. f. Calculating, estimating, considering before hand what may be necessary for a feast, &c. b^£ bar-dwurd karna , 1. To strike out (of a muster roll). 2. To calcu¬ late, to estimate, to carry to account. n.OjU blraona, v. a. To vex. See b\^ birana . s. baruh (or varaha for^TT^) s. m. 1. A boar. 2. The third avatar or incarnation of Vishnu in the form of a boar. ii. barrahat (from b^j barrana) s. f. Chat¬ tering, prate, rant. s. brahman, s. m. A Brahman. s. STOOfT brdhmaiyi, s. f. The wife of a Brahman, a female of the brahman cast. n. df\j> burd-i (from bura) s. f. Mischief, bad¬ ness, evil, wickedness. k>jJbb yS \j buraTt par uthna yd kamar bandhna, To resolve on mischief. p. /. bara'e, adv. By reason of, on account of, for. p. bar-bad, adj. (Given) to the winds ; thrown away, misapplied, lost, wasted, destroyed, laid waste, ruined. bjJ o\jp bar-bad dena or ob^ b/ bar-bad karna, To give to the winds, to throw away, to lose, to waste, misapply, to ruin, des¬ troy, &c. bj£ Svy bar-bad hond, To be thrown away, misapplied, or lost. s. \j>burburd (see Lb) s. m. A bubble, n. cfjij barbar-1, s. f. A large kind of goat (from Barbary). p. ky barbat, s. f. A kind of harp or lute. h. burbhasiyd , adj. Affected, an old person who affects the manners of youth. h. bur-bold (from \j* Bad, and Ujj To speak) adj. Scurrilous. Digitized by C JjJ 238 p.n.bjb, b^ bar-pa rahna, To continue firm or standing. p.s. \>J by bar-pd karna, v. a. To raise, to pitch, to establish, to produce, to set on foot, to cause, to occasion, to introduce. p. s. by> bar-pd hond, v. n. To be raised, set on foot, pitched, established, produced, occa¬ sioned. s. CJy barat, 1. (or brat, for ) s. m. A me¬ ritorious act, a fast, a vow, a religious rite or pe¬ nance. 2. (sec bJ^j) Use. 3. (for *T^^T) s. f. A thong, leathern girth, rope : see s. U,j barhd . 4. (H.prcs. part, of b^) Flaming, blazing. s. iZJp briti or vriti, s. m. Appointing; a proxy in the performance of religious duties. s. LZJj) britti or vritti, s. f. Livelihood, sti¬ pend, pension, income, estate. s. birtd (f^r ) s. m. Substance, ability, pow¬ er. Sec bitt . H. \> j ) barta, part.pass. (ofbJ^ q. v.) That which has been used. ii. bb^j bartdnd, 1. v. a. To distribute. 2. s. m. Old clothes. s. e^Jb^ ^TTcT britant or brittant or vrittdnt, s. m. Intelligence, tidings, narration, story, his¬ tory, topick, inode, circumstance. p . J»j> bar-tar, adj. High, higher, superiour, excel¬ lent. p. LSpp, bar-tar-i, s. f. Excellence, superiority. s. ^ M (r. Exist, be current) bar- tamdn or vartaman, adj. Present, existent; the present tense. h. ^j) bartan, s. m. A dish, plate, basin, &c. ves¬ sel, utensil. ii. b Jj> baratna, v. a. To consider, to reflect. ii. bartna, v. a. To use. s. I £j> ^TT brithd or brathd or vnthd, adj. Abor¬ tive, vain, in vain. brat-1 or vrat-i, adi. Engaged in the ‘239 240 C* observance of a fast, penance or vow. s. m. One who fasts. n.J^j birtl, s. m. Name of a plant. (A species of Panicum). m. bmj, s. m. A large track rope (a small one being called ^gun). n • burj, s. m. A cable. a. burj , s. m. 1. A bastion, tower, bulwark. 2. A sign of the zodiack. s. braj, s. in. Name of a district, com taining the several villages of Mathura, Gokul, Brindavan, See. being about 168 miles in circum¬ ference. i\ bar-jd, In place; accurate, right, true. h. barjatiyd, s. m. An innocent kind of snake. (Perhaps, from s. r. Leave). ii. £. bur-jari , s. f. A term of abuse (applied to a woman). i\ bar-jasta (from ^ Up, and To leap) adj. Opportune, apropos, right, proper, exact, prompt. n. barajnd, v. a. To forbid, to prohibit. A. burj-1, s. f. A small tower, a turret. n. birchan , s. m. Flour made from the fruit of the ber (Rhamnus jujuba). s. briclichh or vriksha , s. m. A tree in general, a plant. n. 1 ^-^j barchha, s. m.l A (long slender) spear, n. bar chilly s. f. J a javelin, dart. ovJiAjj speannan. birchhik , s. m. see brischik. n. barchhait (from c5 £>- / j) s. m. A speannan. p. A. bar-hakk, In truth, by right, rightful. p. bar-khast (from s. f. Rising up, recalling or removing from office, recall. \jy> bar-khast hona , v. n. To rise or break up (as an assembly). p. bar-khurdy s. f. Success, the obtaining one’s desires. p. bar-khur-dar, adj. Happy, enjoying long life and prosperity. (Male children are thus called, q. d. enjoying the fruits of life). p . barklie , s. A little, somewhat, a small part. __- r\ s. bar ad ( ) S . m. A bull, a bullock. h. burdy s. f. A term used at chess when the king only, on one side, remains on the board ; (hence, also) an opportunity of making some acquisition. n. Jj) birad, s. m. Fame, reputation, panegyrick. a. ^ bard, s. m. Cold, frigidity. n.p.jb^ bar-dar Breadth, and j\j Having) adj. Wide, broad (cloth). bar-dar , part, in compos, (from Taker up, carrier, bearer, holding or raising up. SoClub-bearer, See. p. 4 bar-dar-t, s. f. (in compos.) The act of bearing, carrying, &c. p. bar-dasht (from s. f. En¬ durance, patience. \jj£ bar-dasht karna. To endure, to bear with patience, bar-dasht hona , To be tolerable. p. bar-dashta, part. pass, (from ^^Vy) Raised up, elevated; removed. s. barddn or vara-dan ( A bridegroom, a blessing, and *CT*T A gift) s. m. 1. A wed¬ ding gift (to a bride). 2. The answer to a prayer addressed to God or to a saint. burd-bar, adj. Burthen-bearing; forbear¬ ing, patient, mild. p * burd-bar-ly s. f. Bearing of burthen ; forbearance, patience. ii. ^ 5 ^*^ birdangi, s. (jL^> u-£d) A kind of tool or weapon (?). v.jy^y bar-khur, adj. See bar-khnrddr . tJignized by . sJy barda, s. in. and f. A captive, a slave, uhf barda-farosh, A slave merchant. S. bridd/t, or vriddha, adj. Old. uicfoso 241 242 u~y. s. ^ Gl (r. Increase) briddhi or r riddhi t s. f. Increase; vegetation. s. iJj} biruddha (1%^) adj. Opposite, opposed to, contrary to, against. s. baradhna (from A bull) v. n. To bull a cow. $* l bardl ( ) s. A drove of cattle loaded. a. ijJj) bardl , s. f. Papyrus. H. bardait, s. m. A panegyrist, a bard. a. j barzakh , s. m. Interval, partition, separa¬ tion ; the time and state of man from death till the resurrection. p. ujj. barzan, s. A street or quarter of a town, a desert or plain. s. vy, bris (^T)s . m. A bull; Taurus (the sign of the zodiack). r 5. baras ( ^T) s. m. Rain; a year, baras-gantli, s. f. The ceremony of tying a knot on the anniversary birthday of a child ; birthday. ii. baras, s. m. An intoxicating drug made of opium. s. Uj barsa, s. m. See or l. ? c^'Ly bar sat ( ^ ^*3 ) s. f. The rainy season, the rains. s. barsat-i (from e^L^) s. f. The name of a disorder in horses, the farcy. p. bar-sam (Breast, and j*Li Swelling) s. m. The pleurisy or an inflammation of the diaphragm. UL sj) barsana (causal of q. v.) v. a. To cause to rain, to shower down. s. barsa’u (from UL^) part. act. Raining. s. barasta (from L-^j) s. m. Rain. S. brischik or vriscliik , s. m. A scorpion; Scorpio (the sign of the zodiack). h. birasna, v. n. To stay, to remain. s. L^j barasna (R ^1 ) v< n# To rain. k* $• barasr-wan , adj. Annual, anniversary. barasavfi ( ) s. f. An annual tax or rent. s barsi ) s. m. Annual ceremony in commemoration of deceased relations. (J.j3 brisk ( ) s. m. A bull; Taurus (the sign of the zodiack). bar ash or harsh (for s. m. Rain; a year. p. tjy) bnrrish (from ^J^j) s. f. Sharpness, n s. \Aj) • barslia or varsha, s. f. 1. The rains, the third season (of the six) comprising Sawan and Bhadon . 2. Rain. r o n s. or Rains, and^J Sea¬ son) barsha-or barkha- or varsha-ntu, s. f. The rainy season. r s. Rains, and Season, time) barsha- or barkha- or varsha-kal, s. m. The rainy season. 5. barshdna ( from ^fl)v.a. To rain. s. *$*£>j* brishabh or brasliabh (for vrishabti) s. m. A bull. p. birishta-gl, s. f. Frying, broiling. p. birislita , part. pass, (of Fried, broiled. s. (from Rain, and ( bar-taraf karna, v. a. To dismiss, discharge, turn off, cashier. \jys bar - taraf hona, v. n. To be dismissed, discharged, turned off, or cast aside. p* a. Jsjsj* bartarfl (from <_s .="" by="" digitized="" discharge.="" dismission="" f.="" microsoft=""> 243 244 p. a. ^-Jy ba-ra gh baU With avidity, eagerly, p. barf, s, m. f. Ice, snow. uJy barf parward , adj. Iced, cooled in ice. p. Jy barf-d, s.f. A kind of sweetmeat, adj. Icy, snowy. a . jy bark, s. f. (Heb. p"D ) Lightning. j jy bark-zada, Struck with lightning. j\ from the root Be in love) 1. s. m. A kind of fakir who has relinquished the world. 2. adj. Wearied, disgusted. a. ^Sy barakat, s. f. Blessing, abundance, pros¬ perity, auspiciousness, an inherent prosperity which produces success or abundance, UjJ barakat dena, To bless, to prosper. s. \j£y briksh or vriksha, s. m. A tree. A. &£y birka, s. m. A pond, a well. s. ^y ^ N barakh or barkh or varkha or varsha, s. m. Rain ; a year. See s . ^y haras . s. «£y brikh or vrikha , s. m. A bull; Tau¬ rus (the sign of the Zodiack). s. \£y barkha or varkha, s. f. Sec . s. (^Ycar, and ^FT Eat- ing) barkhasan or varkhasan, s. m. Yearly pay or subsistence. Digitized by Micros e ji AWL s . larakhna , v. n. To rain. See s. \z~y. s. c tSy barg (^f) s.- m. 1. An assembly of people of one class, a multitude of similar things. 2. A class of letters pronounced on the same part of the mouth (as the gutturals, palatals, &c.). 3. The square of a number. p. barg , s. m. 1. A leaf. 2. Warlike appa¬ ratus, provision or necessaries for a journey. 3. A musical instrument. 4. Melody. (Plur. l^j). jfc tJy barg-i-gul, Leaf of a rose: met. the lip of a mistress. h. ^y barga , s. m. A rafter. p. ayj^y bar-guzida, part. pass. Chosen, select¬ ed, elect. p. bar-gash ta-gl, s. f. Retrocession, inver¬ sion, turning back, apostasy, abjuration. p. tzdsy bar-gashta, part. pass. Turned, changed, inverted, turned back, apostatized, rebelled. rv A s- yjj. haT &- ( ) s. m. The Maharattas are so called. h. bar gel, s. m. An ortolan. (Alauda). ii. ly bur Id, s. m. A wasp. s. ]y birla ( f^T) adj. 1. Scarce, uncommon, rare, wonderful. 2. Delicate, fine. n. barmd , s. in. A kind of gimlet or borer worked with a string. n. bUr> barmdna, v. a. To bore. s. bUji birmand (causal of \u*y q. v.) v. a. To stop ; to tame, to reduce to obedience, to allure. n. boy barmaid , adj. Publick, conspicuous. s. \^ baran karna (from Sans. ^ T^T ) To hire a priest for the performance of a sacrifice or any religious ceremony. s. I barana (^TT^lT ) n. prop. A rivulet run¬ ning past the north of Benares. S* \jj) barna, 1. (for ) s. m. Name of a fruit tree (Crataeva tapia): see ^ barun . 2. (from A bridegroom) v. a. To marry, p. by barna, s. m. A youth, r. t barna-1, s. f. Youth. h. I )j3 barna, v. n. To burn. See Lb balna . p * p? birinj, s. m. 1. Rice. 2. Brass. p * birinj-ari Rice, andJT Bringing) s. m. One who follows a camp with grain. p * birinj-i, adj. Brazen, of brass. s * biranch (for f\ P^l virinchi, or viranchi, or virancha) s. m. A name of Brahma . s - brind or vrind, s. m. A heap, a multi¬ tude, a quantity, an aggregation. S. \^j) ^<\l brinda or vrinda, s. f. A plant wor¬ shipped by the Hindus, commonly called Tulsl . (Ocymum sanctum). -• brinda-ban, s. m. Name of a place in the vicinity of Mathura, , and the scene of Krish¬ na* 8 sports with the Gopls. . r\ barn-sankar (or varna-sankara ^^1 TOT) s. m. A person of a tribe originating in the intercourse of a man of one tribe with a woman of another. p. ba-rang, In the manner. - -niuiUzedb It £. SU ^ barna-mala (^T^TI^T) s. f. An alphabet. r s. Jp ^"0T*T barnan or varnan, s. m. Descrip¬ tion, recital, explanation, praise. ^j>p bar- nan karna, To explain, describe, extol, praise. s. \^jy baranna (r. Paint, celebrate) v. a. To explain, to describe, to praise. 4ji bararn or barurvi (3WT) s. f. An eye¬ lash. n. birnl, s. f. 1. A wasp. 2. A small grain, ii. \jj) birwa, s. m. A plant, a tree. ii. barwa, s. f. Name of a ragini, in musick, by which deer and serpents are said to be tamed. n. birwahi, s. f. An orchard, p birwahi karna, 1. To make an orchard. 2. To enclose with a hedge. P>pjp barobar, adj. See p\p barHL-bar . s. t— )jj) bi-rup (f^r and Form) adj. Dis¬ figured, deformed, ugly. Uyb p birup-hona, To be disgraced. p. burnt, s. f. Whiskers, mustaches. II. iZJjp barwat, s. f. A kind of snake. ii. barwat , s. m. A tumour in the belly. ii. L5 )j) barotha, s. m. 1. A washerman. 2. A vestibule. a. ^p buruj , s. plur. (of ^>) Bastions, towers, signs of the zodiack. a. burndat, s. f. Coldness, coolness. s. j birodh ( frdu) s. m. Enmity, quar¬ rel, contention, dispute, contrariety, opposition, s. birodh-i, adj. Quarrelsome. p. a. bar wakt, At the (proper) time, op¬ portune, opportunely, timely. §• tZfjp birog ( f^T and Junction) s. m. Separation, absence. birogan (f^T^ft^T^ff) adj. f. Sepa¬ rated, distressed from separation. R 2 247 248 y s. ^y birogi ( ) adj. Separated, ab¬ sent (from the beloved), p. baru-mand , adj. Fortunate, happy, p. ^y birun , adv. (contract, of Without; the outside. H. Xjy barwa 9 s. m. The name of a bird that feeds on fish. p. bara 9 s. m. A lamb, a kid. ^ ba-rah 9 In or on the way. s. y birah from *f^T and r. Leave, quit) s. m. Separation, parting, absence, espe¬ cially the separation of lovers. h. \&y barha 9 s. m. A field where cows feed. s t b^ barha ( ) s. m. A rope, a thong. h. b^ burha 9 adj. Wicked, bad. S' by birha , s. m. 1. See y birah. 2. A kind of song peculiar to washermen. a . ^\y burhan 9 s. m. Demonstration, proof. s. brihaspati or vrihaspati , s. m, 1. The regent of the planet Jupiter identi¬ fied astronomically with the planet: in mytho¬ logy he is the preceptor of the gods. 2. Thurs- day ‘ f=r s. juy~zy brihaspatibdr ( ) s. m. Thursday. s. brahm or brahma 9 God, the cause and essence of the world from which all things are supposed to proceed and to which they return. yJ\ brahm-astra 9 s. m. A fabled weapon, which, consecrated by a formula addressed to Brahma , deals infallible destruction to those against whom it is discharged. ~y*AJy brahm- bJioj 9 Feeding of Brahmam . fy. brahma- daitya 9 An apparition, Satan, ghost. y\yjy srsmf^r brahma-ratri 9 s. f. A night of Brah¬ ma, comprising a thousand ages of the gods, or 216,000,000 of those of mortals. Sec halpa 9 sign. 2. brahmorrakhas , A kind of demon, ^y brahm-sesh , The leavings of Brahmans . ^y bralma-Jiatya, The mur¬ der of a Brahman ; sacrilege. brahma- hatya-rd 9 s. m. A murderer of a Brahman. |*sy brahmarhatyd-fi 9 s, f. A murderess of a Brahman. p. bar-ham , adj. 1. Confused, entangled, spoiled. 2. Angry, vexed, sullen. ^y bar- ham darham 9 adj. Entangled, confused, topsy¬ turvy. £&y barham-zadan, s. m. Confusing, mixing together, striking together, xdj ^zy bar- bam-zada 9 Confused, eonvulsed, turned topsy¬ turvy. fy barham-zan 9 An exciter of quar¬ rels, an embroiler. d>j ^zy barham-san-i 9 s. f. 1. Embroiling, confusing. 2. Interference, pre¬ vention, putting a stop to. s. Uj y 5T5TT brahma , s. m. The Deity in the character of Creator, or matter personified. • _ 5 . Brahm , and an egg, to which the world is likened) brahmand , s.m. 1. The globe, the world. (In creation there are said to have been innumerable Brah- mandas ). . 2. The top of the head. S' ^b^Jb^ brahma-ban, s. m. See y~*\ ^y brahm- astra under brahm. s . u sM^y wrarcr brahmachari, s. m. A re¬ ligious student, a Brahman from the time of his investiture with the sacerdotal thread till he beeomes a householder, a person who continues with his spiritual teacher studying the Veda, a Pandit learned in the Veda 9 an ascetick. s. ^.y^y bralimacharj (for brahmacharya ^ V fN ^T^T) s. m. The profession or way of life of a Brahmachari. s. (jJjL+zy brahma-lok , s. m. The re¬ gion or heaven of Brahma. s, brahman or barahman or birahman , n. prop. A Brahman. See s. tA^y braliman-i, s. f. Sec brahmaiyi. ftCrOSOTT vfy 249 250 >y p. s. p. p. s. 5. S. S. n, 5. barliam-z , s. f. Confusion, convulsion, trouble, anarchy. birhan from v) ad i- f. (A woman) suffering the pangs of absence in love, (a female lover) separated from the object of her affection. y barahna-gl, s. f. Nakedness. djjby baralinci , adj. Naked.b^J^J barahnapd, Bare-footed. l5 £ / j fqr^T (from Xji) birlii or vira/u, adj. m. Suffering the pangs of absence in love, separated from one’s love. 'Lzy barhela ( ^^T^) s. m. A wild hog. See H-JbJj barhela . barltl (^T) s. m. A peacock. birhiya (from f*r^ *y) adj. Amorous, sensual, suffering the pangs of absent love. . barl , s. f. Quicklime. barl , 1 . (for ) s. f. A dish made of pulse. 2 . (from ^ ^ ) Wedding garment. 3 . (for ) adj. Strong, powerful. * ^ ari (from \y) adj. Acquitted, free, clear, guiltless, innocent. bariyu-z-zimma , Free from charge or obligation, justified. * ^ arr ^> a< ^j* Belonging to the dry land, to the forest or desert; wild. • bared, s. m. A seller of betel leaf, a culti¬ vator of betel. Jyy baryar (^Tcft^T^) adj. Strong, violent. baryara (^*^TT*T) 1 . adj. Strong, violent.2. s. m. A medicinal herb so called : see Sb . • biriyan, s. f. Time. birycin , adj. Fried, roasted, broiled, parched, grilled ; burning, consuming. \y bariyal (from \y . Sans. ) s. f. Boast, exultation. y baretha , s. in. A washerman, ^ izea D H. barethan , s. f. A washerwoman. h. ^ry barej, s. m. A betel-garden, p. J>^y buridan-i, adj. Fit or deserving to be cut. p. xdjy bufida , part. pass, (from Cut, am¬ putated, clipped. ^•yy y.y birez hires (from Overcome by and yielding to misfortune or an enemy, -• Lriy barls , s. m. A year. See u~y bar as. h. yy barain , s. f. A (female) seller of betel- leaf, or rather cultivator of betel, p. yy barln , adj. High, sublime. s.y bar , 1 . (for ^* 2 ") s. m. The Bengal fig-tree- (Ficus Bengalensis or Indica). 2. in compos, a contraction of \y Great; as, ^y y bar-bold, A noisy talkative person; bar-bhahu'd , A blockhead; bar-peta , adj. Big-bellied; a great eater ; greedy, avaricious. n.y bur , s. f. Pudenda feeminse, s. \y hard, (^S*) adj. Large, great, big, greater, senior, elder, eldest, principal, &c. bj Cj b \y bapa rasta pakarnd, To die. b^ \y bard kar- nd , 1 . To enlarge, to exalt, to promote. 2 . To extinguish, to put out (a lamp, &c. as to use the direct phrase is deemed unlucky). ^y by* Slj bare pel zcald hond , To be patient, s. h. b|^ bard-pd (from \y) s. m. Grandeur, dig¬ nity, elevation. n. \j\y> burand, v. a. To cause to sink. s. bh^ bardna , v. a. To talk in one’s sleep, &c. See \i\y barrand . s. is'ty bard-1 (^rTT) s. f. 1 . Greatness, largeness, excellence, bulk, bulkiness, bigness. 2 . Magnifying, boasting. b,L b b^ ^y bara-1 karnd or mama , To extol, to magnify, to boast, to vaunt. bjJ iSty. bara-i dend , To honour. r s .yy barbar ( ^"^TTnTi ) s. f. Muttering, the light-headed talk of a person in a delirium. s \yy barburd (see JUlj) s. m. A bubble. $. barbardna (from yy ) v. a. To mutter, 251 9 j2 252 grumble, chatter nonsense, talk light-headedly, rave. s. bjjjj barbariya, part. act. (from A chat¬ terer, a mutterer, a grumbler, s. bar-bhagl, adj. Very fortunate. §' .^y bar-pan, } (from J^) s. m. Greatness, s. bjJj bar-pana, ) grandeur, dignity. h. bur-chod, A term of abuse, scoundrel. h. (jjy bvrak, s. A sort of sound or voice, u. I barka, adj. See \y Great. h. pjj bttram, s. Sound of water. h. \jy barna, v. n. To enter. -• barotl, s. f. See barlitl. S' barunkha (Great, and^*J A sugar¬ cane) s. m. A kind of sugar-cane with long joints. s.n. bUj; burha-pa (from Ifcjfjj) s. m. Old age. ^ Wkjj barhd-lana, v. a. To bring forward, to lead on (an army). S' barhana (trans. of Uj^) v. a. 1. To in* crease, augment, enlarge, to lengthen, to make advance, to forward, to exalt, elevate, to raise, to promote, aggrandize, rear up, extend, stretch out, amplify, dilate. 2. To extinguish. 3. To shut up (a shop). 4. To remove the tablecloth. S'j[z>y bar ha’o (from k&«j) s. m. Prolongation, advancement, increase, enlargement. St barhciwa (from UkjJ s. m. 1. Population. 2. Excitement, flattery. h. ^*4) y burh-bhas, adj. Affecting in old age the manners of youth. s, \z&y barh-ta , s. m.1 (from Sans. *f^fcTT) S' barh-tl, s. f. J Increase, augmentation, enhancement, overplus, more, promotion, ag¬ grandizement, elevation. h. barhaly s. Name of a small round fruit. x, barhan, s. f. A carpenter’s wife. See barhaJi . ^ Ly barhna ( ^ r. Increase) v. n. To increase, enlarge, go on, proceed, advance, ex- Digitized by aggerate, grow, rise, swell, to be promoted, to amount, lengthen. §. bar//ant .(from 8. f. Increase. barhni, 6. f. 1. A broom. 2. Advance made for cultivation or manufacture or a con¬ tract. 5. Jiyy barhotar, s. m.l (from kfc>^) Interest, s. LSjtyy barhotarl, s. f. J profit, advantage. S' Ja y barha’i s. m. A carpenter. s, Ljbjj barhiya (from k^)adj. High-priced, s. Lajj burhiya (from k^j) s. f. An old woman. §' IL&Jj barhela, s. m. A wild hog. See L^. s. csy ban ( ) &. f . A dish made of pulse. §' ii. ijy bare miyan, s. m. An old man: Sir ! (applied to an elderly man). s, ULo baryann men milna, To be grown up. p.Jj buz, s. m. A hc-goat Jo y buz-dil, A cow¬ ard. Jo y buz-dil-1, s. f. Cowardice. ^jfy buz-koh-i, s. m. The mountain goat. y buz-glr-i, s. f. Goat-taking. A.y bazz (Heb. ?u) s. m. Fine linen. h. \y baza, s. m. Name of a bird. A .j\y bazzaz, adj. (superl. of y used substan¬ tively) A cloth-merchant, draper, mercer. a . p . ^j\y bazzaz j, s. f. The business of a cloth merchant. a . J \y buzak, s. Spittle. h. fjy bazan ( U T j\ Ojo) After that, afterwards, p. j\y bazbazy s. m. Mace (the spice so called). See k~j . p. <*J\y buzurgy adj. Great; reverend, venerable; (used substantively) a grandee, a great man, no¬ ble, a saint, an elder, an ancestor. (Pers. plur. iJ^jyy p. J'^fjy buzurg-zada-giy s. f. High birth, p. xd\j Lj bisat , s. f. Means, capital stock, estate. h. ^Lj bisat-i, One who sells every kind of things, a pedler, haberdasher. s. bjLj bisarna (trans. of by*j) v. a. To forget. a . LLj bisat (from Iw) s. f. What is spread out ; carpeting, bedding, a chess-board, dice-board, expanse, surface, expansion, 8cc. This word is, also, adopted for it. cjLj bisat, q. v. 5f basat, An extensive plain. 1 ] igit;?e^ t u. ^Lj bisabi. See ^Lj bisat-7, s. I^Lj bisakha (f^OFsTT) The name of the 16th mansion of the moon. s. JLj bisal (f^rroy) adj. Great, large. s. ^Lj bisan (*TRT Smell) s. f. An offensive smell (as of fish, onions, &c.). See ^Lj . p. ba-san, In the likeness, like. s . liLj basana (trans. of L~j) v. a. To people, to colonize, to cause to dwell, to bring into culti¬ vation, to settle a country. h. ULj bisana, v. a. To purchase. See Lj&Lj . n. sLj bisah, s. f. Purchase. n. L&Lj bisahna, v. a. To buy, to purchase. s. ^Lj bisahan, *) (^TRT Smell) s. f. Fetid- s. ocJ5>Lj bisahind, ) ness, stink. S' IjofcLj bisahind-a, adj. Fetid, stinking. s. ^ bas bas ( r. Dwell) s. m. Abode, residence. a. bis-kkapra, s. m. The name of a me¬ dicinal plant. (Trianthema pentandra). -• L bis-khopra , s. m. The name of an animal of the lizard kind, about a yard long, and said to be venomous. (Lacerta iguana). $. basgit ( r. Dwell) s. f. Residence. A. U~j basma (Arab. L*j) adj. Stinking. S. ^ bisk ( f%Ef ) s> m. Poison. Sec > bis. S 259 260 A. A. A. S. basharaty s. f. Glad tidings, good news. . bashshdsh (from lC-j) adj. supcrl. In good spirits, pleased, delighted, cheerful. bashashaty s. f. Cheerfulness, alacrity. bishtha (t^T) s. f. Ordure. Rain. a. ba-shiddaty With violence, excessively, violently. . jLj bashary s. m. Man, mankind, a human being, mortals. . ba-sharte-kiy On condition that, provided that. . SjLj bashara y s. m. The countenance. bashr-ly adj. Human, relating to man. V, bashrlyaty s. f. Humanity, human na¬ ture. in a bisham (fWT) adj. Unequalled (i bad sense), difficult, bad, afflictive. bi¬ sham-jar (or bisham jwary s.m. An inflammatory fever, a high fever. bishan (for vishnit) n. prop, (in Hindu mythology) The deity in the character of Preserver. bishan-pad (f^apsr) A particular song in the name of Vishnu . bishnly s. m. A rake, &c. See bisni. bishai ( ) s. m. See bikhau bisha’l (IWfT)adj. Sensual, worldly. J!& bashlr y s. m. A messenger of good tidings. basarat (from j^S) s. f. Sight, seeing, perceiving. ha-sad. With a hundred. j^sj basar } s. m. Seeing, discerning, vision, sight, the eye, understanding, knowledge. basaly s. f. An onion. a. cDjmd ba-suraty In the manner, by the way. uigitfzea hy J A. baslr, part. act. (from j^j) Seeing. Met . Blind. a. baslr at (from s. f. Sight, insight, circumspection, prudence. a. biza’aty s. f. Capital stock in trade. a. L) bat, s. f. A goose, a duck, battj- maiy A kind of goblet in the form of a goose or duck. A . batahhy s. Sec batak . p. A. ba-tarafy Aside, apart. p. a. jnJaj ba-tarlky By the way. a. p. uL&a bat-ak (dimin. of laj) s. f. 1. A duck. 2. A vessel formed in imitation of a duck. a. Jio batly s. m. Rendering vain, abortive or of no effect. a. bat Ian, s. f. Abortion, falseness, vanity, the becoming of no effect. a. ( Jizj batn (Heb. pa) s. m. The belly. p. a.jjLj ba-laury By the way, in the manner. a. batuuy 1. s. m. Interiour part. 2. Heart, mind. 3. adj. Concealed. a. bittlkh . s. m. A muskmelon. p. A.jjAi^ ba-zahiry In appearance, on the outside, externally. a. ba*Sy s.m. 1. Excitement, motive, cause. 2. Resurrection. ba x so nas/iTy s.m. The resurrection. a. adj. Some, certain ones, several. A, ba x ze 7 ' a. uiClo ba’albaky n. prop. Balbek in Syria. a. <_ 1.="" 2.="" 261="" 262="" a.="" a="" absent="" absurd="" adj.="" adv.="" agh="" alzabuby="" assistance.="" awat="" b="" ba-aun="" ba="" baghbaghdad="" belzcbub.="" bi-aini-hi="" bi-aini="" bluster.="" boast="" breach="" bughdr="" by="" cz="" deep="" distant="" exactly.="" f.="" far="" fd="" foolisli="" frf="" from="" gash.="" h.="" i="" ia="" iju-aj="" improbable.="" in="" is.="" j="" jcc="" jib="" ju="" juj="" m.="" n.="" o="" or="" p.="" rebellion.="" remote="" s.="" sa="" se="" sonable.="" strange="" t="" the="" to="" unrea="" v.="" wall="" wise="" wound="">. baghcha , See Asfb baghcha . p. bnghdb , s. m. A cleaver used by cooks or butchers, a knife, chopping-knife. p . h . Ulo ba glM ana , v. To make away, to get out of the way. p. baghabband, s. in. A kind of robe tied under the armpits. p. baghl-1 (from Jxj) l.adj. Relating to the armpit, axillary. 2. s. f. A disorder in camels when they rub the thigh against the belly. 3. A purse. 4. A kind of dumb bell used in exer¬ cise. 5. A sort of dress, the bottom of which is under the armpits. 6. The action of a bird putting its head under its wing. baghU takiya, A bolster for the sides. H. ba gh ola, s. m. See ^ bagla or baguld. a. ba gh l , adj. Rebellious, mutinous. p. bughdl, s. m. A kind of camel (of hi°;h cost). p. \jXS bughrn , s. m. Macaroni. (Called also and Ji w). a. bughz, s. m. Malice, spite, resentment, revenge, hatred, hate. r. Jw baghal, s.f. 1. The armpit. 2. Embrace. Jjo baghal bajund, To be highly pleased, to be in triumph, to jeer, jest, chuckle. JUo baghal parwarda, Brought up in the arms; a darling or favourite child. UU-,* h UU- Jjb baghal jana yd hojdria, To go out of the way. uj ) v. a. To sell. s. yi$J (from bl$j) bikd'o, s. m. Sale, vent, bika'u adj. Saleable, for sale. p. bakawaly s. m. 1. A cupbearer, a steward. 2. A head cook, superintend ant of the kitchen. h. bukayan, s. f. The name of a tree. (Melia sempervirens. Sans. S. clG lJj bak bak (see s. dG) s . f. Prattle, foolish talk, babble, clack, gabble. dG dG 0/ bak bak karna, To prattle, to chatter, to gab¬ ble. (Arab. (J> ja). s. U1GG balibakand (see s. dG) v. n. To prattle, chatter, clack. s. \z£j bakta (3fRT r.^ Speak) 1. s. m. A speaker in general. 2. adj. Eloquent, loqua- cious, talkative. p. baktar, s. m. Iron armour, a coat of mail, a cuirass. baktar-posh, A man in ar¬ mour, a cuirassier, aimed. baktar-iy s. m. An armourer, one who makes coats of mail. ii. c bukkat or \&> buktd } s. m. A claw. s. bikat ( ) adj. Difficult: terrible. p.a. ba-kasrat. In abundance. bakcld ( ) s. f. Name of a plant the seed of which is used to cure the itch. (Co- nyza or Serratula anthelmintica). a.^j bikr, s. f. Virginity. \jjy Jj bikr-torna, v.a. To deflower. fN s. \Jj bakrd ( ) s. m. A he goat. S. j\Jj bikrar,\( ) adj. Terrifick, s. Jl^j bikralyj ugly. s. ijJj bakri ( ) A goat (generally), a female goat. £. ijfj bikri (f^BRJT) s. f. Sale. h. \~£j baksa, adj. Astringent. ii . baksa-haty s. f. Astringency. s. bikasit (f^if^PT ) adj. 1. Expand¬ ed, blown (as a flower). 2. Delighted. s, bikasna (f^R) v. n. 1. To blow or expand (as a flower). 2. To be delighted, to smile. ii . baksu’a, s. m. The tongue of a buckle. bakdwal-ni, s. f. A female J.IG q. v. n. 31—G baksaild, adj. Astringent. Digitized by Microsoft ® 265 266 v. bu-kush (imper. of Kill, slay, p, a. i—iio ba-kaff, In the hand, s. J£j bakul () s. m. Name of a tree. (Same as Mimusops elengi). s. JL bikal adj. Restless, uneasy, troubled. See under ^ . s. JG ) s. m. Bark, skin, rind, *. K) bakla, J shell (of a fruit), husk. h. LSG buklana, v. n. To talk incoherently to one’s self, to act or talk foolishly. a. bukm, adj. Dumb. p. ^jG barkun, imper. 2d pers. sing, (of Do. U barkan (from ^xT) Dig. s. LG bak-nd (from ^ Speech) v. n. To prate, chatter, chat, jabber, babble, cackle. s . LG biknd (from to Sale, or f^r and r. Buy) v. n. To be sold, to sell. bb>- clG bik-jana (met.) To be dependant on, to be obliged. n. ^G buhni, s. f. Powder. See s. pak-wad ( c-G Prattle, and^T^C Dispute) s. f. Prattle, foolish talk. s. ^j^G bak-wad-1 (from l>LG) One who talks foolishly, an idle talker, prater, cackler. s. bak-was (r. Speak and r. De¬ sire) s. f. Talkativeness. See bagrdy s. m. 1. Trouble. 2. Cheat, deceit. \jj> lagrd karna , To avoid the payment of one’s debts or the performance of a promise. 11 . l3*pj liga/fidy v. n. To be spoiled, damaged or marred, to fail of success, miscarry, to quarrel, to disagree, to be at variance, to be enraged. h. bigri (from bjfj s. f. Spoil, damage; mis¬ understanding between friends, war, battle. h. bagriyd (frombf£>) A deceitful person. s. b~X bigasndy v. a. See IxX bikasnd . s. 5X bagla or baguldy s. m. A crane or heron. (Ardeatorra and putea. Buch.). Sec uX lak. X bagla bhagaty A hypocrite. s. *jX bigandh () s. f. Stink, fetor, n. SX baguld, s. m. A whirlwind. n.^lX laghaTy s. m. The spices which are mixed with food to give it relish ; seasoning, condiment. H.bjU& baglidrna (from j\£) v. a. To season. s. ^jX lighan ( ) s. m. Hinderance, stop, prevention, interruption. g. baghna ( s. m. The teeth and nails of a tiger which are hung round the neck of a child. 5 . baglinahd (^T^^f^) s. m. Name of a medicinal herb with a fragrant root. s . bag-hans ( ) s. m. The name of a bird, a grey goose. 11 . ^^X baghly s. f. A horsefly. s. J*X laghcl (from -XV) s> m. Name of a tribe of Rajputs. s. LX lagheldy s. m. 1. See J-X AngAeZ. 2. A tiger’s whelp, young tiger. 11 . Jj bal, s. m. 1. A coil, twist, crook, convolu¬ tion. 2. Side, direction. See 11 . lhal. jWj laUldry adj. Crooked, twisted, coiled, convo¬ luted. bjJ Jj "bal dendy v. a. To twist. \j\£ Jj AaZ khdndy To be twisted, s. Jj lal, s. m. 1. (^F ) A name of tbe elder brother of Krishna . 2. Power, strength. ^ Jj lal bey interj. Bravo! 3. or ball () Name of the king of Pdtdla or the infernal re- © gions. 4. A sacrifice, an offering. bU- Jj lal jdnd or Jj Jj lal baljdna, To be sacrificed. wf'CrOSOn vi 270 269 Jb UjO Jj bal dend, or U f Jj bal harnd, To sacri¬ fice. S * ^ 7 ^!- \ ( ) s. m « A hole, burrow. 5. bda ,) u. Jj Ja/, s. f. See bur . ii. ia/Zrt, s. m. A pole or boat-hook. Ji7/a, s. See girda. s.Uj inZa, s. m. A medicinal plant. (Sida rhombifolia, rhomboidea and cordifolia). a. L bald, s. f. Trial, calamity, misfortune, acci¬ dent, vengeance, evil, ill. L bald-zada, adj. Overwhelmed with misfortune. bald-hash, Afflicted, sufferer, bald-gardan , s. m. What averts evil; expiation, sacrifice, L bala-nafib, adj. Unfortunate. s . L JaZZa, s. m. A bubble. See Lb bulbuld . 5. L KZZ5 s. m. A male cat. a. h bi-ld, prep. Without. CiJyh bild taraddud, Without hesitation. cjSjj h bild tawakkuf, Without delay, speedily, u^) L bild nasib, Unfortunate (plur. ^ ii. L ZmZa bkejna , v. a. To send for. a. jL ZdZatZ, s. m. plur. (of jJj) Countries, cities, an inhabited country. s.jb UUSr (f^T3T?S) s. m. A male cat. s. ^Jj bilas (t^^rar)s. m. Pleasure, delight. s. bilas-i (fwtfV) adj. Voluptuous, ad¬ dicted to pleasure. a balla*, adj. superl. (from jJj) used substan¬ tively, A glutton. a. balaghat, s. f. 1. Eloquence. 2. Ma¬ turity. ii. jL bulah, s. m. An ornament .worn on the nose. a. JL Midi, n. prop. Name of the man who in Muhammad's time called the people to prayers. n.s. UHL bula land , v. a. To summon, ii. UL buldnd (caus. of Uy) v. a. To call, invite, bid. s. UL bildnd (from fqwr Destruction) 1. v. n. c-Jj To vanish, to retire, to be lost. 2. v. a. To cause to vanish, to dissipate, to dispose of, to distribute. n. UL billdna , v. n. To weep or complain from grief or pain. See ULb bilbildnd . ii. OoL bildnd, s. f. A span. s. J&j bild'o, s. m. A cat. See L Mila. ii. buldwd, s. Calling: see (JUfcL. h. J.L bildwal, s. f. Name of a ragirii. ii. bulahat (from UL) s. f. Calling, call, a summons, bidding. s . tj’L bilai ( K^T) s. f. 1. A she cat. 2. A grater for scraping pumpions, 8cc. see u^- s. bilaH-kand, s. m. Name of a medicine. A. 5. UJ bald'rn lend, To draw the hands over the head of another in token of taking all his misfortunes upon one’s self. (Generally practised by women). s. bilb (f^T) s. m. A fruit tree, com¬ monly called beL (iEgle marmelos). p. l-Jj ba-lab, In or on the lip. s. \Jj Jj babbahra A goat for sacrifice) s. m. A person who dies in a battle,^ &c. without doing any thing, p. JJj bulbul, s. f. 1. A nightingale. 2. (in India) A shrike. (Lanius boulboul. Lath .). s. Lb bulbuld ) s. m. A bubble. h. ULb balbalana, v. n. 1. To ferment (as, sour milk, curds, &c.). 2. To be inflamed with lust. 3. To make a noise (a camel) from lust. % bib bildnd, v. n. To be restless, to be tormented with pain, to complain from pain or grief, to lament, to blubber. s. ballalh (3WT) 1. adj. Dear, beloved. 2. s. m. A favourite, a friend. 3. A superin- tendant, a master. s. UlfcJj balbhdnd (from -g-Jj ^ ) v. a. To allure. See UUb bilmana . 271 ^^fflfcbal-bkadr, ^ s . m . Names of Iia- s. jAi bal-bir ( )/ lardma, elderbro- ther of Krishna. s. h.^-Jj bal-bir ( and ^-j bir, Brother) s. m. A name of Krishna. s. jfb* Jj bal-tar, s. m. The male palm or toddy tree. (Borassus flabelliformis). s.Jcb bailor (from A hair^ and r. ^2" Dissect) s. m. A pimple, a sore, a small bile. (Supposed to be caused by the break¬ ing or pulling out of a hair, as the word imports). $. Ixilj bilatna (fa and r. Act childishly) v. n. To become bad. s. \>Ji bilachna ( and r. Mark) v. a. To extract, to select (as, passages from books), to pick. p. balldiri , adj. Of or from Balkh. a. Jj balady s. A city, town, country. h. i\ JJj bal-dar , adj. See under Jj bal. s. ^ J? balirddn , s. m. Act of sacri¬ ficing, or offering a sacrifice to God. • 5 .y\Jj bal-dd'a, s. m. 1. A name of Balarama . 2. See b Jj baldlya. a. *Jj balda , s. in. A city, a town. a\ b Jj baldiya (See -5. m. A cow-herd, a bullock-driver, a drover, a grain-merchant. s. ^b Jj baldiyan, s. m. Sec b Jj baldiya. s. y ; Jj bala-deva , s. m. A name of Ba - larafna. .s. 5z7ra ( ) s. m. 1. A he-cat: sce^ib. 2. A kind of cloth. s. JJj bal-rdm or balardma y n. prop. The elder brother of Krishna. s. Jj batodnd ( s. f. A widow who lost her husband while very young. a. Jj lalasan , s. m. Balsam. s-. b~Jj bilasmi (f^r and r. Play) v. n. To bo pleased, to be satisfied, to be delighted. bigitized by fb 272 I p. eu-wij bilisht (Sans. pTcTffcT) s. f. A span. a. ^*5j balgham, s. m. 1. Phlegm. 2. A running at the nose from cold. a. ^*Jj balgham-i , adj. Phlegmatick. p. lUSj balkiy adv. see j balld. *[f buluk , s. A large prominent eye. ^ bilak, s. A present, gift: fresh fruit or new dress, See. with the sight of which one is pleased. If bilik, s. Seiz¬ ing any thing with the hand or claws, ^f bilk , s. Fire or a spark of tire. s. U3j balakna (r. Move) v. a. 1. To open. 2. To speak indistinctly from excessive joy or intoxication. li. \^Sj bilakndy v. n. 1. To sob, to cry violently (as a child). 2. To long for, to desire eagerly. p. <*£Jj balld, adv. Moreover, but, nay. §. 1^3j bilakhna 1. v. a. To sec, to look at, to perceive, to behold. 2. (perhaps h.) v. n. To be displeased. g. bilag ( facVH ) 1. adj. Separate. 2. s. m. Separation, disunion, difference. bJbc bilag marina , v. n. To be displeased, to be angry or offended. 5. lil^J bilg ana (trans. of b&j bilagna ) v. a. To separate, disjoin. s.yi^j bilgd y o (from U3 j) s. m. Separation. §. bfb bilagna ( 1 % andr. Come in contact) v. n. To separate, be separated; to curdle, to turn (as milk). s . bfb balgana s. m. A sob. See UL balakna. ii. ^Jj bilalluy adj. Foolish, simple, silly. n. b^Ib bilalandy v. n. To lament. See biLb bil- bilana . s, bilam (f^^T ) s. m. Delay, long stay. ii. jJb ballaniy s. m. A spear. j\aj ^ ballam . bardary A spearman. 5. balaniy ) (^wr) s. m. A lover, a hus- s. UL balmdy ) band. ' soft ® 273 * ¬ tination, tardiness. s. bilamb~na ("f^T and r. Hang from) v. n. To stay, to tarry, to delay. s, bilambh, s. m. Delay. Seet—^ib . L*b bilamna , for biramna , q. v. h. Lb balnd, v. n. To burn. p. Jcb inland, adj. High, elevated, lofty, exalted, sublime, tall, loud. <0b -="" adj.="" ambitious="" aspiring.="" b="" buland-hausila="" buland-pdya="" buland="" bys="" dignity="" elevate="" high="" in="" j="" jjb="" job="" karna="" lift="" martaba="" of="" or="" raise="" rank="" to="" up.=""> job buland hona , To mount, rise up, be¬ come high, ascend, Job bidand-nazar, adj. Aspiring. Job buland-lrimmat, adj. Am¬ bitions, high-minded. Jcb buland-him - wwM, s. f. High-mindedness, ambition. p. u£jbj buland-1, s. f. Height, elevation, emi¬ nence, loftiness, exaltation, loudness. 11 . b&b bilangnd , v. a. To climb, to ascend. h. bilnl, s. f. A sty or stithe, the disorder in the eyelids. h. l^b baltva, s. m. A tumult, riot, sedition, in¬ surrection, mutiny, alarm. s. Lb (from Jb or ^TT^^fiT ) adj. Sandy. 5 . S^b (from Jj ^T^) adj. Strong, s. ^hb balican , J powerful, able-bodied. h. O^b bulwdna (causal of bib buldna) v. a. To cause to call or to send for. billaur (Pers. hilur) s. m. LA kind of stone, crystal. 2. Glass. n. b^b baliirnd, v. a. To scratch, to tear with the nails. p. c/^b billavr-1 , J\ ^j^b billaur-ln, P- utjj b bilor’ln, ) |adj. Made of crystal or j glass. n# a. bb or prop, ballut, s. m. An acorn, an oak, a chesnut-tree. a. £^b bul ugh , s. m. Puberty, adolescence. a. c^-^b bulughat , s. f. Puberty, adolescence. 5 . b^b biloknd <« and r. Look) v. a. To see, to look at, to behold. $. ^b balula s. m. A bubble. 5. bjb bilona or bilowana (fq^tpr) v. a. To chum. s. u^Ojb bal-icant (Sans. plur. • ) adj. Powerful, strong, able-bodied. See ^'^b . s. JUjb bal-wand , adj. Powerful. a. - Jj baljana , To be sacrificed. h. billiard , s. m. A kind of basket (long and narrow) generally used for holding 11 . u^ifb bilahri, s. f. 1. A ladle for taking out oil. 2. A small basket for holding betel leaf, n. ^b balhl, s. f. A fagot. adj. Strong, powerful. s. Jj JaZ/Z ( ) s. f. A climber, a vine. h. ^jb balli , s. f. A prop, a pole, a long pole or bamboo to steer or move a boat with. b;L ^ bait! mama , To steer, The bolt of a door, a bar. s. Jj urn () s. f. A she cat. p. ^b bale , adv. Yes, true, so, well, right. A.s. bJ Lb balaiya lend , To draw one’s hands over the head of another in token of taking his mis¬ fortunes on one’s self. See bJ . A. CjLb ianydt, s. plur. (of u^lb) Evils, cala¬ mities, misfortunes. a. fcxJj baUd, adj. Stupid, a dunce, a simpleton.* digitized by Mfcrcso 279 280 AAJ •s\ ^yy bind ( or f^TfrT or f^T) s. f. An apology, submission, solicitation, s, lilibo bantdna (r. Share out) v. a. To share, to divide, to participate. s. bantwana (r, Share out) v. a. To distribute, to cause to be shared. s, bantait (r. Share out) s. m. Divi¬ der, distributer. s, banij or banaj (cnffir33-) s . m. Trade, ments of an opponent. \az>j Ay band rahnd , To be engaged in a business. \)J> Ay band kama , To fasten, bind, imprison, confine, captivate, close, shut, stop, prevent. UT ^° Ay band mm and or l jjj Ay band mm jiarnd, To become a captive. s. \au) banda (^T<\T) s. m. Mistletoe, a kind of epidcndron. (Epidendrum tesselatuni). See \aj[>. s . \Ay bunda ) s. m. A point, a dot. trafiick, merchandise, commerce. a . banj , s. f. Henbane. Sec p. {*£y . S' or p. banjara ( or Pers. Rice, and J\ CaiTying) s. m. A grain-merchant, a carrier of grain. S' or p. banj art (see ^U=nj) s. f. A kind of tent used by banjdras. 2. adj.f. Half-boiled (grain). banjar (^T^TT Barren) s. f. Waste land. S' binjan ( ^I3pT ) s. m. 1. Sauce, condi¬ ments, particularly vegetables dressed with but¬ ter, &c. and added to flesh or fish. 2. (in gram¬ mar) A consonant. S' banjhofi (from ^T^TT Barren) s. f. A medicine taken to produce barrenness. s.^sdj ban-char (^PT^X ) s. m. A monkey. S' \xsy banchnd Discourse) v. n. To be read or perused. p. Ay band (Sans. ^) s. m. f. A fastening, a knot, a bond, imprisonment, arrest, captivity, a bandage, belt, roll, string, joint, knuckle; a sort of poetical composition or ode. adj. Fast¬ ened, bound; shut, stopped. (in compos.) Bound, armed, or part. act. (of ^y-y) Binding, binder. Ay band-khdna , s. m. A prison. LbJJb Ay band bdndhna , To restrain an inunda¬ tion with dykes. Ay Ay band band jiakar - nd, To seize (as rheumatism, 8cc.) all one’s joints. | \yjy Ay band baithnd , To succeed in an affair. jcj band pakarnd , To object to the argu- p. \Ay banda (for sAy q. v.) s. m. A slave. h, JIjcj bindal, s. f. A medicinal herb. s.jAy bandar (^PHC) s. m. A monkey, p. jAy bandar , s. m. A city, an emporium, a port, harbour, a trading town to which numbers of foreign merchants resort. s, \jAy bandrd , s. m. See s. \Ay banda . S' is^jAy bandarkhat (*HWT) s. m. A sore that does not heal; a running sore, an is¬ sue. I S' uJjAy bandri c^mt) s. f. A female mon- | key. ii. ±$jAy ba?idarl, s. f. 1. A sort of chintz from MachhUbandar . 2. A sword from Rdjbandarl . 3. Name of a grass. ^ bjAy bandar-iya , s. f. A female monkey. r. [J^aa) bandish (from s. f. 1. The act or state of tying, binding. 2. Construction, inven¬ tion, contrivance, artifice, preparing a false story, collusion, making up a false account of a trans¬ action ; cabal, intrigue, conspiracy. 3. Elegance (of style). IxbOOb bandish bdndhna , v. a. To contrive, plot together, cabal, conspire. h.p. Ay bind-kusluid , s. m. Semen cito emit- tens morbo affectus. p. banda-gdn, s. plur. Slaves, servants, p. Ay banda-giy s. f. Slavery, service, devotion, compliment. kj* l/\a±- bandagi men khuda-1 kama, To affect authority while in servitude. icrosort ® 281 8 JCJ 282 •J?** ’“‘ndanlir, Vfrora W Binding, and s, j\y>XJ bandanwar , 3 *TTX Door-way, gate) s. f. A wreath or garland of leaves and flowers suspended across gateways on marriages or publiek festivals. pAjXj bandu’ctyS. m. A prisoner, a captive. p. bandro-bast (from s. m. Set¬ tlement, regulation, disposition, arrangement, economy, management, government. p. Xj band-o-bast-1, s. f. Arrangement, eco nomy. S'jtXj bandor (r. Bind) s. f. A female slave. t. banduky s. f. A musket, firelock. t. banduk-chl, s. m. A musketeer. ** s. JjtJoj bandol (r. Bind) s. m. The child of a slave. h. bsXJ banduha , s. m. A whirlwind. s. bandh, s. m. f. Binding, bandage, bondage, imprisonment. Ul b Lrj bandh mwiparna yd and, To become a captive. p. hxj banda , s. m. A slave, a servant, bonds¬ man. xxj banda-parwar , Cherisher of ser¬ vants (a respectful expression used in addressing a superiour; as, your honour!). xxj dan- da-parwar-ly s. f. Cherishing of servants. **jcj J banda-i-dargahy The slave of (your) thresh¬ old. 2iS\j *jcj banda-zada, Son of (your) slave, 1. e. my son. j\y banda-nawaz, Cherisher of servants or dependants, patron. (Pers. plur. u \Tjoj or bxj). s. xj bandhan (WT or f^f) s. m. j Pension, a fixed allowance made to any one. ^ bbjcj bandhdna (caus. ofLfeJco) v. a. To bind, fasten, shut, &c. s. bandkan-ty s. m. 1. One whose business it is to cany stone, timber, &e. over his shoulder. 2. A pensioner. 3. A gunner, artilleryman. S' bandhaTi (froml3Uxj) s. f. Bond, bind- ing, fastening. s. JJojcj bandh ah, s. m. A pledge, a pawn. s. bandhciiiy s. m. Fastening, band¬ age, bondage, bond, imprisonment,* obstacle, hinderance. S' bandhna (WT)v. n. To be tied, to be fastened, to be bound, to be continuous or unin¬ terrupted, to be kept, to be enclosed, to be laid, to be formed or composed. bandht mutKiy An undisclosed intention. s. Lao cj bindhna ( ^ ) v. a. To sting, to bite, v. n. To be bored or pierced. « s, W bandhu or bandhu,! . . p . - \ ' 7 JT-,- x n (s.m. 1. Afriend, s. \jZ>XJ bandhu a or bandhu a, 3 relative, kinsman. 2. A prisoner, one bound, a captive. s, bandhwana (eaus. of bandhna ) v. a. To cause to be bound, tied, constructed, &c. s. ^TT bandhya, adj. Barren. s, bandhej (r. Bind) s. m. 1. Parsi¬ mony. 2. Stability, steadiness, persistence. s. s. m. A prisoner, captive. H. ljXj bandly s. f. 1. Name of an ornament w'orn on the forehead. 2. A dress shorter than the - jama : see L jxj* 3. s. m. Name of a tribe ealled <31 1.="" 2.="" 283="" 284="" a="" amp="" are="" banda="" bandi-khana="" bandljan="" bandly="" bandt-icdn="" bard="" bards="" bhdt="" binding="" bjcj="" bundiya="" c.="" compos.="" construction="" dron.="" drops="" epiden="" f.="" female="" from="" gaol.="" gene="" h.="" ijcj="" in="" ing="" j="" kind="" like="" m.="" mistletoe="" of="" or="" ornament.="" p.="" panegyrists="" prison="" prisoner="" q.="" rally="" s.="" s="" see.="" see="" servant="" shutting="" slave="" sort="" stopping="" sweetmeat="" ty="" ufxj="" usxj="" v.="" who="" xj="" xs="">cj bunda, s. m. A kind of ornament worn on the ears. u. Ja7?d7, s. f. A short robe, a short full \ s. bans-lochan (^tJ^r 7 3 r 1 ) s. m. The manna or sugar of the bamboo. Arab.^--S>lir. (it has been found by analysis to contain much siliceous earth). .s. binasna ( f^T and r. Become destroy¬ ed) v. n. To spoil, to deteriorate, to perish. s. bans!, s. f. 1. ( ^ flute. bans! bat , The fig tree under which Krishna was accustomed to play the flute. 2. (^ffv^l) A fishing hook. 3. (in compos, from (_^) Of the race or lineage. p. banafsha , s. f. A violet. s. CS^> bank (r. Bend, be crooked) s. m. A bending, a curvature, the reach or bend of a river. banik s . m. A mer¬ chant, a trader. _ _ 5. banka 9 ! ( ^^Fr^TT ) s. f. A bending, cur¬ vature, reach or bend of a river. s. ^ ban-khand ( ) s. m. A forest. n - ban-khand-i, s. m. Name of a wood or forest. * p. bang, s. f. ]. Hemp. (Cannabis sativa). Digitized by 2. An intoxicating potion made from the leaves of hemp. s. bang, s. f. (^PT ) 1. Calx of tin given internally as an aphrodisiack. 2. Name of Bangala (Bengal). h. l&o bangd, s. m. A joint of bamboo root. ' s. v J\£j bang-ala , n. p. Name of Bengal. p. al£j bungah, s. f. Baggage, equipage of an army. h. bangrl, s. f. An ornament worn on the w rist (properly, made of grass), a bangle. h. ft&o bangld, s. m. 1. A kind of thatched house, a summerhouse. 2. A sort of betel leaf or pan so called. h. bang!, s. f. A humming top. p. l5 ^j bang-!, s. m. One who intoxicates himself with bang . s. ban-mdl (*FT A forest, and *TT?JT A garland) s. f. A garland of various flowers reaching to the feet: usually of the flowers of the tulsl (Ocymum sanctum), kunda (Jasminum multiflorum), mandar (Asclepias gigantea), pd- rijdta (Erythrina fulgens), and lotus. s. ban-mat! () s . 1IU ^ name of Krishna . s. ban-manus (^T A forest, and A man) s. m. A man of the w'oods, a w r ild man, an orang-utan. §, LsJ'yi ban-war! ( ^T^TT^T ) s. m. A name of Krishna . s. banwas ( ) s. m. 1. Living in a wood, separated from one's family. 2. (met.) Disinherited (a son). h. bhij banwdnd (caus. of bbj) v. a. To cause to make or to prepare or to build, &c. m* banwd 9 ! (from Ubj) s. f. Price paid for making any thing. h. binwa 9 ! (from bo binnd ) s. f. Price paid for weaving. s. jju j banwar ( ) s. f. A creeper, a vine. Microsoft * 8 ) 285 y CO oo - ^yy bant jan, Beings who inhabited the world before Adam ; genii, fairies. s. \yy baniya (^f^T^) s. m. A shopkeeper, a merchant (usually, a corn-chandler). p. jLjj bunyad, s. f. Foundation, basis, origin. Ub> oUj bunyad ddlnd , To lay the foundation, to found. s. \yy banaya kanda , s. m. Cow-dung dried for fuel (not made up). See under s. ^ ban . s . jjLjj baniydn, s. m. See 1 ~j baniya . a . banyan , s. f. Foundation. See oLiJ . 5 . banyayan or banyu 9 in, s. f. Wife of a (shopkeeper, 8 cc.) q. v. n. banaitl, s. f. A torch lighted at both ends and whirled round so as to form a double circle of fire. s. lyy banela (from Wood) adj. Wild. s. ^yyy banainl, s. f. Wife of a \yy (shopkeeper, &c.) q. v. See ^yy . a. y bu (for Heb. 3tt) Father; possessed of, en- dowed with. jj a£7 find or y bu all, Avicenna. p. y bu (in India, bo) s. f. Smell, scent, odour. y burkash, Smelling, smeller. y bu - kash-i, s. f. Taking a smell, inhaling odour. a. y bavv, adj. mas. and try bavva, adj. fem. Fool¬ ish, silly. h. \y bTCa, s. f. 1. Sister. 2. (in Hindaw! ) An aunt by the father’s side. h. \J\y bo 9 dr a (from bji) s. m. Seedtime. \.j>~Ay bawastr, s. plur. (of j~*y) The piles or r hemorrhoids. A. bu-l-djab (y Endowed with, and Wonder) adj. Wonderful. a. J y ba-wajk , In the mode or manner. ii. ^>-y bojh, s. m. A load, burthen. \j€j ~?ry bojh pakarnd, To affect consequence or to give one's self airs (generally spoken in raillery). *F?y bojh sir par hona , is applied to a task the performance of which is become in¬ dispensable. s. ^>-y bujh ( or ifa) s. f. Understand¬ ing, comprehension, thought. a. J^i bu-jahl, 1. n. prop. See y\ abu jahL 2. adj. Foolish. n. bojh-al (from ^y) adj. Loaded, heavy. s. \^>y bujhnd (r. Understand) v. a. To un¬ derstand, to comprehend, to think. bJ *$>-y bujh lend (at cards) To settle the account of gain and loss. ^J^y bujh-ke, Wittingly. ii.L^^j bojhna (from ^ry) v‘. a. 1. To load. 2. To scald or parch rice. h. bojh-el (from -i^) adj. Loaded. ii. ~y bochy s. m. An alligator. See . n. \j>.y bochd , s. m. A kind of sedan, a chair palkl. Digitized by js. buchd, adj. m. Ear-cropt, without ears. h. L >-y buclindy v. n. To sit in a confined pos¬ ture, to crouch. H. bauchhaTyl s. f. Driving rain, wind and h. bauchhdr, ) rain, drift. ii. \^yyy bdehl, adj. f. Without ears, ear-cropt. p. dy bud (from ^J^j) s. f. Being, existence. h. bodd, adj. Weak, fainthearted, low-spirited. p. j\4 boriya , s. m. A mat. h. bora , s. m. A kind of bean (Dolichos cat¬ sang). See \j$ bora . u. l^o Jo Jur mama, v. n. To be drowned, to drown. h. borna , v. a. To cause to dive, to immerse, drown, sink. h. Ujy iwmz, v. n. 1. To dive. 2. To be im- merged, to drown, to dip. $. l&Jjj &5r£5 ( ) adj. Old ; an old man. \z>j\ burha arhu, Old man, eldest man. s. burha-pan ( ) s . m . Old age. h. burl, s. f. 1. A point of a spear. 2. A spike in the end of a staff. h. t fa buriya (from bjy) s. m. A diver. boz, s. m. A cream-coloured horse, white tinged with red or brown horse. p. \jy t boza, s. m. Beer. p.^> \j£ bozargar, s. m. A maker of \jf> boza, a brewer. Digitized b . bozdrgar-1, s. f. The brewing of . . *3ji^ bozna, s. m. A monkey. . boznina, s. m. A monkey. . zjj j boza, s. m. The name of a bird, (ibis denudata ? Buck .). ^ buza, s. m. Beer. . tyjy buzlna, s. m. A monkey. , Jos, 1. pai*t. act. (of in compos. Kissing. 2. s. for Josa, q. v. • bchstan, s. m. A flower-garden. bos o kinar, s. m. Kissing and toy¬ ing, dalliance. . bosa, s. m. A kiss, bosa-bazl, s. f. Kissing and toying. . bos-i, s. f. in compos. Kissing. . ^x^y boslda-gi, s. f. Rottenness, corruption. . bosida, part. pass, (of &^y) Rotten, stale. . bogh-band, s. m. The cloth in which any thing (particularly, a saddle) is wrapped up. !r~ boghra, s. m. A dish made of boiled meat, flour, &c. Lix) \jiy bo gh ra nihalna, To be well beaten. . boghma, 1. s. m. Trumpery, trifles, scraps, rags, &c. the stores of a wallet. 2. adj. f. Ugly and fat (woman). • jy buk, s. m. A trumpet, a clarion. • bukalamun, s. m. 1. A chameleon; hence, 2. Any thing of various hues. 3. adj. Various, variegated, changeable. . <&sy bokla (corrup. from aUu) s. m. Pot-herb. h cJybok(^X) s. m. A he goat, a ram. , \£y buka, s. m. 1. Powder. 2. Small pearls. \fy bokra ( ) s. m. A he goat. ±sfy bokrl ( ) s. f. A she goat. ^y bukna, v. a. To reduce to powder, to powder, pulverize, grind. Jj.^5 u boh s. m. Myrrh. 291 292 4) h. Jy bol (fromUJ^) s. m. 1. Word, speech, talk, conversation. 2. Words of a song. a. ^y haul , s. m. Urine. h . Jta baulcLy adj. Toothless. h. ^J^iy lola-chali , s. f. Conversation, s. bSjj baulana (from^TI^^ ) v. n. To be mad, to madden. See bl^j baurana . h. p. 3b bol-bala (Jy Speech, and 3b High) s. m. A kind of benediction. byb3b Jy bol- bala liona , To prosper. h. bolta, part. act. (from Uy used substan¬ tively) The faculty of speech; soul, life. ii. (Jl>- fjy bol s. f. Jeering, speaking a/ but not to a person, bb bU~> ^Jy boU thoU sunana or Jo/7 /Jo/7 mama , To reproach, to blame. p. Jam, s. m. 1. An owl. 2. Land, ground (Sans. *[f*r ). H * "i (dakh.) See 3 j < L tea waila . h. bomrl,j 5. b^> Jona ( r. ) v. a. To sow. s. \jy bauna ( ^T*T*T ) 1. adj. Dwarfish. 2. s.m. A dwarf ; the fifth ( avatar ) incarnation of the deity. Seejl7j\ . j Jon/, s. m. A stalk, Jorif (dakh.) See jar.' n. Jim/, s. m. 1. A kind of pulse when green (Cicer arietinum): see y Jw/. 2. The II. Digitized by Microsoft ® plant of Jim/. 3. adj. Little, compact and firm (epithet applied to a pony, and sometimes used substantively). baha-dena (l^J part, of bl^ and bjj) v. a. To demolish, to destroy, to ruin, to empo- verish, to deprive of felicity or fortune. a. b^jl# bhaphnd, v. a. To conceive, to guess, to comprehend. See h. bjb tarna. s. bhat(^) s. m. Boiled rice. h. b’l# bhata, s. m. An extra allowance to troops on service. See . h. bhaty s. m. Name of a tribe, abard. See and *o^Lj. h. # bhataUy s. f. The wife of a bhat . ii. bhatha, s. m. A current or stream, the ebb¬ tide. s. bliatlii (HWT) s. f. Bellows. h. bhathl, s. f. Down the river, with the current. h. bhathiyaly adj. Down, below, down the river, with the stream. See . H.jp4£ bhajar (from n. L=^l#) s. f. Flight See bhagar. s. crT^ HT3I*T bhajan, s. m. A plate, a dish,8cc. h. bhajndy v. n. To flee, to run away. r 5. bliajna (H^TH) v. a. To fry. s. bhajiy s. f. 1. (HT^ft) Greens. (for Hlf-sl*T r. HT3T Divide) A portion share of food. V 294 H.^l# bhachar (dakh. for adj. Very erect(?). bahadur, 1. adj. Brave, bold, valiant, courageous. 2. s. m. A hero, a champion, a knight. (Plur. p. lSj*^ bahadur-i, s. f. Bravery, heroism. s. bhadoii (HT{£) s. m. Name of the fifth solar month, August (in which the full moon is near Purvabhadrapada ). bihar s. m. Diversion, amuse¬ ment, sport. bihar-asthaly Place of amusement. p. j\^j bahar, s. f. Spring, prime, bloom, beauty, elegance, delight, enjoyment. bahar - istan, s. m. A place adorned with the bloom of spring. n .jltf bihar, n. prop. Name of a province. s. j\# HTT bhar , s. m. A load or burthen, a great weight of gold, weight, gravity, fagot. (Pers. jb). % bhar (dakh.) See^&b . s. \j\a bhara ( *TTT ) s. m. A load, burthen. p. bahar an, s. The spring. s. HTT^T bhar at , s. m. 1. The heroick poem which contains the account of Judhishthir’s war. 2. One of the nine divisions of the world, India. s. bharja (HT^hT ) s. f. 1. A wife. 2. The wife of a rag or deity presiding over a musical mode. See bj\# bharya . ii. buharajiy s. f. Sweepings. h. bjl^ buharna , v. a. To sweep. h. siAv? buharnly s. f. A broom. ii.^jI^j buharu, s. m. A sweeper. ii. buhari, s. f. A broom. s. bhariy 1. (Hitt) adj . Heavy, weighty; of importance, valuable big, great, fat, large; grave, steady, patient; strong, loud, thick ; bur¬ in. (for HTR^ ) bliari 2 . or Die -"^d by densome, troublesome. 2. s, A porter, earner of burthens. U 2 " ® 295 4 ? 296 bharkam (dakh. i. q. Patience, jfJ bj*i£5- bhari patthar chumkar clihornd, To withdraw from a difficult or impracticable undertaking. p. lahar’i, adj. Vernal, of the spring. s. ) 1. adj. Sportive. 2. n. prop. A name of Krishna, also name of a Hindi poet. rv s. bjl# *TF3TT bharya, s. f. A wife, married wo¬ man ; a musical mode, the wife of a rag or deity presiding over a musical mode. 5. bhar ( ) s. m. A furnace, kiln (parti¬ cularly, for parching grain), bhar, s. m. The price of fornication. jte bhar khana, v. a. To live on the wages of prostitution (not the woman, but her depen¬ dants). ii. Ijl# bliara, s. m. Hire, fare. s, jJ*} bhdsur ( ) s. m. A husband's elder brother. s.jLAg HTWlT (from HTH, Light, and r. Make) bhaskar, s. m. 1. The sun. 2. Name of a Hindu astronomer, author of the Siddhanta Shiromani and other works. 5, bhasna (r. Shine) v. n. To be known, to appear. s. ^T^TT bliasha, s. f. See bhakha . s. bhaksl, s. f. A kiln. See $.Jl# . s. HT^TT bhakha, s. f. Speech, language, dialect. See li>l#. s. bhakhnd ( ) v. a. To speak, say, tell, to call. n. bihag, s. m. Name of a ragim . s. bhag (>TT X3 T ) s. m. Fortune, destiny. s. {*f[z) bhag, s. m. 1. Share, part, portion. 2. (or HF2T) Destiny, fate, fortune, lot. Lj* j*j bhag-bharosa, Consolation. h. if l # blidga-bhdg, s. m. Flight, running away. Digitized by ii. l3b>- <^/l# bhag-jana, v. n. To run away, to flee, to abscond. H.Jjfl^ bhagar (from Ufl#) s. f. Flight, a gene¬ ral emigration, escape, immediate danger, n. bihagard, s. m. See bihag. H.^j-Afl# bhagalpur-i, s. m. A kind of cloth from Bhagalpur. 5. ^Ufl$j bhdg-man ( ) adj. Fortu¬ nate. £, iJUfl# bhdg-man-i, s. f. Good fortune, pros¬ perity. h. Ufl# bhdgnd, v. n. To flee, to run away. s. ^jjf Uj bliag-wan adj. Fortu¬ nate, rich. bhag-l, 1. s. m. A partner, sharer, participate!’. 2. adj. Fortunate. s. ^-fl^ bhagirath (for H^TT^T) s. m. Name of a pious king at whose intercession the river Ganges first descended from heaven. s. \z> bhaglrath-i, s. f. The Ganges. h. bhdl, s. f. The point of an arrow, s. JUj Hltf bhdl, s. f. The forehead; fortune. s , Jl^j J/mZ ( or ) s. m. A bear. s. iSl# bhdla (^T^*) s. m. A spear (about seven cubits long). *• ^ hh ' ahk l(HT^)s. m. A bear. S' ^ bhdlu J V ° s. bhdlait (from 51#) s. m. A spearman, s. ^l# ^1*5 bhanu, s. m. The sun. h. bihdn, s.m. Morrow, morning. h. bl^ bhana, v. n. To be approved of, to please, to suit, to fit. S' Ukyj bahana (trans. of Uy) v. a. To make flow, set afloat or adrift, float, launch, swim away. h. bl^> bihana, v. n. To spend or pass (the time). h. bhant or bhdnti, s. f. Manner, mode, method, kind, sort, u^l# eu^l# bhant-bhdnt or bhanti-bhanti, adj. Various. Microsoft <§> 297 298 s. * bhant (>rf^T) s. m. A medicinal plant. (Clerodendron infortunatum : Lin . Vol- kameria infortunata : Iloxb.). buU) bhantd (MTOlt ) s. m. The egg plant. (Solanum melongena). blianj (from s. m. Twist, twisting. Urb bhanja (or MI'-Sl ) s. m. A sister’s son, a nephew. « _ LrsrUj bhanjna (^3T^T) v. a. 1. To put into circular motion, to twist, to turn on a lathe, to wave, to brandish. 2. To break, destroy. bhanji , s. f. 1. ( ) A sisters daughter, a niece. 2. (^^fT) Interruption, hinderancc. 3. Talebearing, bhanji- khor, s. m. An interrupter, a talebearer. bb£ bhanji khand, v. a. To give malicious in- telligence. bjtc b bjJ bhanji-dena or -i mama , v. a. To interrupt, to put a stop to, to break in upon. bhdn-chara (dakh. i. q. s. m. Quality or property of a sister (?). bhand , s. m. 1. ( H ) An earthen pot. 2. (for ) A mimick, an actor. bhanda (^TT^T) s. m. 1. A large earthen pot. 2. Estate, equipage. loul£ bhanda- phutnd , v. n. To lose ones character. bhandiny s. f. An actress. UjJl# bhandna () v. a. To abuse. bhandir , s. m. The Indian fig tree. bhang (^PTT) s. f. Hemp (Cannabis sativa) of which an intoxicating liquor is made. See bijay a. bhdnmati s. f. A female juggler, an actress. . LiU> bhanna , v. a. See b^Lj bhanjna . * J frz~*d by bhiinica?', )(r. Move about) s. f. ijjy) bhanwriy ) Revolution, circulation, b^j b \jj\jjy\z) bhdivwar parna or phirna , or b^i bhanwri’phirna y v. n. 1. To circle, to circumambulate. 2. To be sacrificed. <0b .="" 2.="" 3.="" 4.="" 5.="" 6.="" 9="" a.="" a="" about="" act-="" adj.="" affectation.="" afflux="" alarmed.="" amiable="" anxiety="" anxious="" apprehension="" apprehensive="" b="" baha="" bahana="" bahdnajo="" bbj="" be="" being.="" beloved="" bha="" bhand="" bhati="" bhav="" bhavit="" bhavna="" bhawah="" bhawak="" bhawal="" bhawen.="" bhawen="" bhd="" bhdvana="" bhdwaj="" bihane="" bj="" bjl="" bjlj="" bl="" blandishment.="" bro="" brother="" by="" c:l="" choice="" comrade.="" concern.="" consider="" consideration="" contem="" contri="" dear="" disposition="" doubt="" early="" effusion="" emotion="" evasion="" excuse="" existence="" expressing="" f.="" f="" feint="" flood="" flow="" fluidity.="" flux="" friend="" friendship.="" from="" ft="" future="" gesticulate.="" gesticulation="" ht="" idea.="" idea="" in="" ing="" iy="" j="" jb="" jl="" jlyj="" liking="" living="" lj="" love.="" lover.="" m.="" mas.="" meaning="" mind.="" mind="" mlftct="" n.="" notion="" ntt="" o-batdna="" o="" of="" or="" ota="" pantomime="" passion="" perception="" plation="" postpos.="" predestined.="" pretence.="" pretence="" pretext="" price="" r.="" rate:="" s.="" s="" see="" seeking="" sentiment="" signs.="" soon="" span="" sudden="" t.="" the="" ther="" thing="" think="" thought="" thoughtful="" to="" udv.="" v.="" value="" vance="" wife.="" will="" younger=""> s. bliai'hand ( ) s. m. Bro¬ thers, relations, kindred, friends, comrades. Iwfil 57 s. s. 11 299 300 s. bhal-chara, s. m. Brotherhood, fra¬ ternity, quality or property of brother. §. bhal-charT (HFJ^K't)s.f. The I relationship of brothers, brotherhood. h. bihal, s. f. A spirit, supposed to tease infants by whispering alternately sad and plea¬ sing things in their ears, which is the cause of their laughing and crying when asleep or awake. a. baha’im, s. plur. (of Heb. noro) Beasts. £. bha y m 9 adv. See bhawm . £. bhaln (r. Fear) adj. Terrible, awful. s. cr?}lr? bahn-bachan , adj. Plural. s. ICg bkabJca, s. m. 1. (from Sans. ) An alembick, a still. 2. A kind of drinking vessel with a large mouth. 11 . Ul£+# bkabkana (caus. of b^j) v. a. 1. To kindle, to light. 2 . To provoke, to exasperate, to enrage. 3. To spur a horse. 11 . bhabakna, v. n. 1 . To be enraged, to rush on with rage. 2. To catch fire. 3. To run with great rapidity (a horse). h. bhabkl, s. f. Threat. s. bilibal ( f^T|W ) adj. Agitated, alarmed, overcome with fear or agitation, beside one’s self, unable to restrain one’s self. p. bih-bud, s. f. *) Health, vigour, well be- p. bih-bud-i, s. f.J ing, welfare. $. bahbalia (r. Flow) adj. 1. Flowing, gliding along. 2 . Brave, bold. 3. Publick, notorious. bliabhar (WR) s. m. Solicitude, alarm, bhabhar-parna , v. n. To be alarmed, to be frightened. 5. bhablirdna, v. n. To swell (particularly, the face). See bharbliarana. s. bhabharna (from jui j) v. n. To be solici¬ tous, to be alarmed, to be frightened. h. bhabhak , s. f. of flame. 2 . Forcible expulsion of water from a fountain or pipe. 3. Smell arising suddenly. h. b^£ bhabhakna, v. n. 1. To simmer, to bub¬ ble. 2. To emit steam, to fume, to boil. h. tJtr# bhabbhal, adj. Fat. s. bhabhut or bliabhuti ( f^fcT) s . f. Ashes of cow-dung which fakirs rub over their bodies. h. bhabhuka , 1. s. m. Blaze, flame, explo¬ sion. 2. adj. Red (as a coal, sometimes ap¬ plied to the splendour of a beloved person’s countenance); splendid, beautiful. n. UL# bhapakna (dakh.) v n. See bi^j bha¬ bhakna . s. Xwj bhapola (sSte’) s. m. A blister. s. bhaphara (from Sans. ^ I^M ) s. m. Steam, vapour. s. bihphai m. Thursday. 5. bahut (®rjjj ) adj. Much, many, more, most. b^bjb bahut yar hona, To become more intimate than formerly. s . b^ bahta (from L^>) part. act. Running (wa¬ ter), afloat. by&J ^‘bb Jb bahte pant mm hath dhona , To pay attention to one’s friends, or to attend to one’s own duty or affairs while the opportunity is favourable; to make hay while the sun shines. h. b^j bhutta, s. m. See 15# bhutta. s. j bahutat (^§>cTT) s. f. Excess, abun¬ dance. See u^-ob^j baliutayat . V s. bliatar ( HHT ) s. m. A husband. a. ^b^J buhtan , s. m. Calumny, false imputation, aspersion, defamation. s. bbb# bhutaha (from C^) adj. Devilish, pee¬ vish, fieice. 5 . baliutayat ( ^ ^ ) s. f. Abundance, plenty, multitude. p.^j bili-tar, adj. compar. Better, good, excel¬ lent, well, very good, preferable. 1. Sudden bursting forth Digitized by Microsoft ® 301 302 & p, bihtar-i, s. f. Welfare, improvement, ad¬ vantage, the better. v. bih-tar-ln, adj. sup. Best, most excellent. s.jijtf bahattar (flpfFcTf^T) adj. Seventy-two. s. bahutard adj. See balm - tera . s. bhutna (from *JrT s. m. A small devil, an imp, a demon, a ghost. . 5 . bhutrii ( ^(fT c s. f. Wife of a devil, a female demon. h. bhatta , s. m. See bhata. s. bU# bhutiyana (from v. n. To be like a devil. . 5 . bkatlja (HTrpT) s. m. Nephew, bro¬ ther's son. S' bhatiji ( M ) s. f. A niece, bro¬ ther's daughter. s. bahuter, )(^*pTT) adj. Many, very s. bahutcra, j much, abundant. S' bhat ( ) s. f. 1. An oven, a furnace, a kiln. 2 . Curse, misfortune. JAat- parna , v. n. To be cursed, to be unfortunate, to be lost {lit. to fall into the fire). s. bhaty s. m. A warriour, a hero, s. < 2 U# b/iatt, s. m. 1. A learned man. 2. A title of Maharatta Brahmans. 11 . I bhutta, s. m. Indian com. (Zea mays). r v S' 15# bhattacharj ( ) s. m. The most learned of the learned. 11 . bhatka , adj. Astray. 11 . bl£% bhatkana , v. a. To mislead, bewilder, deceive, scare, cause to wander. S' bhat kata 7, Is. f. The name of a s. kataiya,) prickly plant. (Sola- numjacquini, Willd.). h. bhatakndy v. n. To go astray, to stray, wander, miss the right path, lose (the way). s.^bhaUhaiM T^)s. m. A furnace, kiln, oven, brick-kiln. ^ bhatlii ( ) s. f. A furnace, a kiln. S' bhathiyara (from An oven) s. m. A sutler, an innkeeper, one who prepares victuals for travellers in a sard. s, p. bhathiyar-khana , s. m. An inn, a caravansary, an eatinghouse. s, h. bhathiyar-pan, s. m. The business of a bhathiyara. H. bhathiyaly 1. adj. With the current, i.e. down the river and not with the flood tide. 2 . s. m. A kind of or elegiack verses sung in praise, of Hasan and Husain. h. 1 bhalhiyanciy v. n. To go down* the river; to ebb (the tide). h. bhata’iy s. f. Praise, panegyrick, the en¬ comiums of a bhat, which see. I . JteMflfiCVTy)*.* A furnace, a kiln. s. bhatiyafiy s. f. A female bhathiyara or sutler. s. bhujy s. m. f. 1. The arm (above the elbow). 2. The perpendicular or shortest side of a right angled triangle. bhuj-banclh, s. m. An ornament worn on the arm, an armlet. bhuj-muly The upper part of the aim near the shoulder. ^ bhuj bharndy To embrace. s. I s& bhuja, s. f. The arm (above the el¬ bow). S' bis- bah-jana or bahijana (from U^) v. n. 1 . To flow, pass. 2. To go or swim with the stream. 3 . To be ruined, to be destroyed. 11 . bLr# bhijana (trans. of L^i#) v. a. 1. To cause to be wet, to wet, to moisten. 2. To cause to send. <[[ bhajdnd (trans. of Ls#) v. a. To cause to flee. h. bhitniy s. f. h . j!U) bhatiiy interj. A nipple. O sister! A. bahjaty s. f. r! cheerfulness, alacrity, Digitized b] Joy, pleasure, gladness, beauty, grace, excellence. 303 304 s. bkajan, s. m. Adoration, worship; a hymn. bhcijan-karna, v. a. To say prayers, to worship. h. Ls# bhajna , v. n. To flee, to run away. Ma/i jandy To flee, to run away. £. bhajna (^T3T*T r. H^T Worship) v. a. To worship, to eount one’s beads, to adore, r s. Ls# bliujnd (*T3pT r. Parch, fry) s. m. Parched or scorched grain. _ _ s. (from A curve, and r. T^T Go) bhvjangj s. m. A serpent. S' [bhvjangdy s. m. A kind of shrike. (Lanius eaerulescens. Sans. ). \j\j\ bhvjange- nrdnd, I. To be in great distress and poverty. 2. To spread false reports. . bhajnih r . Serve, worship) s. m. A singer, an adorer. h. \}\ys& bhijwand (causal of Ursa#) v. a. To cause to send. S' bhujiyd , s. f. Greens. See . n. ^ bhuchy adj. Barbarous, ignorant. S' bhadiak or bhidiak (W^RrT ) adj. Alarmed, aghast, starting. Ii&j bhadiak rahndy To be amazed or astonished at a sudden or unexpected event. ft, IjICk# bhachkand (caus. of l£f#) v. a. To astonish, to amaze. •v. s& bliadiak-nciy v. n. To be astonished or “ V amazed. ^ bhadian ( ) &; m. Food, eating. S' bhu-champd ) s. m. 1. The name of a tree. See . 2. A fire-work like the flower of that tree. S' t bhudiang ( ) s. m. Name of a bird. (Lanius eaerulescens). See . 5 . bhadih (or bhaksh forH^T ) 1. adj. Eat¬ able. 2. s. m. Food. Digitized by s. (r. Eat) bhachchhak (or bhakshak ) part. act. A gormandizer. bhidichhuky s. in. A beggar. $• bhachhna ( ) v. a. To eat, to take food. s. wr (r. Sat) bhadtchlfi (or bhak - shf) adj. m. Eater, eating, devouring. n. bhacly s. f. A slap, a crash. See . h. bhadddy adj. Stupid, senseless, dull. h. bhaddky s. A crash, the noise made by any tiling falling ; as \jjj> ^ d/'jcJ L bhad or bhadak se gir para, It fell with a crash. ii. bhaddkdy s. m. A sound. n. Jcj bhad bhad 9 s. Sound made by the fall of a fruit or by the walking of a person, See. n. bhadbhaddndy v. a. I. To make iu sound by striking two bodies together. 2. To strike repeatedly. h. bhad bhaddhat , s. f. Sound made by the fall of fruits. S' bhadra ( ) s. in. Name of a bird, a lark. s. bhadra, s .f. 1. An unlucky moment. 2 . The 2d, 7th, and 12th days of the lunar month. s. Li/}**# bhadraky s. f. 1. Advantage, pro¬ duce. 2. Nature, genius, reason. 3. Beauty, goodness, pleasantness. S. bhadrakaliy s. f. One of the names of a Hindu goddess. £. UjJfc bliadr hondy v. n. To be clean or pu¬ rified by shaving one’s head and beard after mourning or in a holy place. S' bliadriy s. m. An astrologer, a palmister. s. ^T^TT bahudhdy adv. In many ways, usually, generally, mostly, often. 5 , bahdlia (^TTVT) s. f. Pain, distress : ob¬ struction, hinderance, prevention. h/licrosoft <§) 305 306 j* 11 . bhadesal, adj. 111-shaped, ugly, awk¬ ward, clumsy. bahr, prep. For, on account of. If ba-har, In every, to every, £ce. A.jjtf bahar (corruption of jzsr) s. f. A fleet. s. bhar , adj. Full, as much as, as far as, up to, whole, all, bulk, size, every, eaeh. As, jjSsU j# bhar makdar , or 'jii malcddr bhar, To the best of one’s power, with all one’s might; ji) bans bhar, The height or length of a bamboo ; ^ set bhar , A ser ; umr bhar, All lifetime. kos bhar, A kos ; whereas j* bhar kos would mean a full kos . h .jjiJ bahuri, adv. Again. ii. bharra , s. m. A paniek. \jj ^ fauj mat bharra para, The army was seized with a paniek. s. \j? bhard (*T^) adj. Full, replete. \j$ bhard purd, Filled, full. “• W bahr a, adj. Deaf. s. bl^ ^FTT bhrdtd, s. m. Brother. See c/^ • s . bahraru (fromy^b) s. m. An upstart, a stranger. p. bahrdm , s. m. The planet Mars. n. bhurdna, v. a. To wheedle. See .s. b^j bahir-dnd (^Tf^T^Out, and l)\ To come) v. n. To issue, come out. ii. bL^ bahirdnd , v. a. See bL^ bahldnd. u. b^ bahurdnd (trails, of b^j) v. a. To bring back, to cause to return. h. bl bhurbhurdnd, v. a. To throw or sprinkle sugar or salt upon meat. s . b bharbhardnd (r. Fill) v. n. To swell and be glossy (particularly the face, as in fever). -* bharbhafi (from bl^^j) s. f. A swelling, a sore. s. bb^y bhar puna, v. a. 1. To be paid, to receive the full amount. 2. (i!fe£.) It is used when a person is disappointed ; as, bb^j c t r « main ne bhar pdyd, I am paid. s.jjjyg bhar-pur, adj. See bhar-puran . s. (H^and^ff) bhar-puran, adj. Brim¬ ful, overflowing, quite full, replete, s. ^ bharat, n. prop. Name of the son of Dasaratha and Kaikeyl, and younger bro¬ ther of Rumachandra. cx^j bharat-khand, s. m. One of the nine divisions of the world, be¬ tween Lanka and Sumeru ; India. ii. bhart, s. m. A mixed metal composed of copper and lead. s. bhart (for ) s. m. The name of a bird (a species of lark), a skylark, ^f bhrit (or bhritya for ) s. m. A servant. s. b^ *T^ft bhartd, s. m. A husband. h. b^j bhartd or bhurta, s. ra. Vegetables boiled or fried and broken in the hand. 5. iJjzJ bharfi (from b^j) s. f. 1. Completion. 2. Filling. 3. Loading, lading, cargo, burden (of a ship, &c.). 4. (vulgarly used for) Promotion. \jJ d>jp bharti karna, To recruit, to load. h. L jjg bhart-iyd, s. m. A brasier, a worker in the metal ealled cx^j bhart . -• bhardnd (r. Fill) v. a. 1. To fill, to s. bb>-^j bharjand, v. n. 1. To be filled. 2. To cause to fill. 2. To cover (a mare). $. bharawat (r. Fill) s. f. Filling, stuf¬ fing. h. bharbhdnd, s. m. The name of a prickly poppy. (Argemone Mexicana). ii. bhurbhurd, adj. Dry and in the state of powder. be lined (a bitch). 3. To be broken winded (a horse from severe exercise). s. bl>-^ bhar-jana (dakh.) v. n. To be proud. p.a. ba-har dial, adv. By all means, at all events, at any rate, some how or other. s. bjj jp bhar dend, v. a. 1. To pay. 2. To fill. Digitized by ^ ^ dam* 307 308 s. (r. Fall down) bliraslit (im- prop. bhrisht) adj. Fallen, debased, polluted, abominable, vitious, dissolute. 1) & bkrasht harm , v. a. To pollute, to seduce. bjJ& hhrasht honJij v. n. 1. To be pol¬ luted. 2. To calcine. v.A.jib^ ba-hardaur, adv. By all means, at all events, somehow or other. p.a. lu^ la-har-surat , In every condition ; at all events, at any rate, in every point of view, by all means. u. bharha , s. m. Slaked lime. h. bl£^ bharkund, v. a. To slake (lime). s. blurkutl or bhrikutl (Wt)s.r. l. The eyebrow. 2. A frown, a contraction of the brows. p.a. ba-liar-kaify adv. By any means. if. fj# bluiraniy s. m. 1. (for^T^T) Errour, mis¬ take, suspicion, apprehension, perplexity, doubt. 2 . (for s. m. Credit, character, reputa¬ tion. bl^ bharam-gcoiiccimiy v. a. To lose chamcter. s. bharmdnd (from bharam ) v. a. 1. To deceive. 2. To excite by throwing out tempta¬ tion. 3. To perplex, to alarm. s . bhramaVy s. m. A large black bee. s. Uj j bharosa ( from Good, and to undergo, to suffer. 2. v. n. To be filled, to abound, to heal (a wound). s. \biJiarnu ) 1. v. n. To rejoice, to take pleasure. 2. v. a. To enjoy, to take plea¬ sure in, to rejoice, to delight. li.b-j balnirna , v. n. To return, to come back. s. bhring, s. ra. A large black bee, fabled to be enamoured of the lotus. _ s. bhring-rajy s. m. 1. Name of a kind of shrike (Lanius malabarieus). 2. Name of a medicinal herb. (Eclipta or Verbe- sina prostrata, or Verbesina scandens). s. bliringi (Sans. ^PT) s. f. 1. A kind of wasp, called also kumharl, q. v. (Vespa solitaria). 2. A large black bee, a humble bee. £. bharnl (from j$) s. f. Weft, woof. s. Oja) bharanly s. f. The name of tlie se¬ cond lunar mansion. (Three stars in Musca). s. t—Jjbahu-rup ( ^ I ) s. m. Mimickry. s. b j yjj bahu-rupa s. m. A chame¬ leon. See . -• VriJLrV? bahu-rupiyu ( s. m. An actor, a mimiek. s. bahir-mukh (from Out, and Face) s. m. Tiie neglect or violation of any moral or religious duty; impious. s. bliramany s. m. Wandering, going about, perambulation. •v. bharm- 7 (from ) adj. Suspicious. s, bharm-lld (from K^T) adj. Ambiguous, doubtful, confounded, scrupulous. s. bharan (from ) 1. adv. Up to, to, till. 2. (HT°T ) s. Filling, satisfying. s b^i> bharnd ( r. Fill) 1. v. a. To fill; to load, to charge, satisfy, perform, daub, to pay, liquidate or discharge (a debt, fine, 8cc.), ^TTOT Hope, desire), s. m. Hope, dependence, reliance, faith, assurance, confidence, b bharosa karnuy To confide, to hope, to rely (on). s. bharosau (in Braj) See L \*jss bharosa . baharami, adv. Again. s. ^jpT bhruny s. m. A foetus ; pregnancy. p. y^j bahra, s. m. 1. Property, fortune. 2. Quota, share, portion. 3. Profit, gain, advan¬ tage. Xjjj bahra-mand or j* y^j bahra-war , Blessed, prosperous, fortunate, enjoying one's wish, contented, happy, profited, gainer, c_?b bahra-ydby Partaking, profited, gainer. p. yjjp bahra-mand-i , s. f. Prosperity, hap¬ piness. Digitized by Microsoft (R) 309 310 & A * LTV? s. Mar* (from j$) s. f. The weight of one sicca rupee. ii. biliri , s. f. A subscription to raise a cer¬ tain sum, assessment, quota, rate, share. n. bultrl , s. f. Fried or parched barley. n. i jjfti balirl , s. f. A falcon, a female hawk. (Falco calidus: Lath .). n. balivl-bacha, s. m. The male of L j ^j hahrif q. v. baliriya (from jJ&b Out, q. v.) adj. A stranger. s. I bahuriya ( ®T\() s. f. A daughter-in-law. h. Jzs bhar , s. m. A large boat, a lighter. n.jrsj s. f. A hole through which water runs out. ii. bka blrirana (caus. of bj#) v. a. 1. To join, to • place close to, to close. 2. To cause to fight. ii. bharbliariyoy adj. Simple, candid, with¬ out guile. s. bharbhunja s. m. A man who parches grain. -• bharbhunjan , s. f. A woman who parches grain. ii. V.jJ# bharariya , s. m. A conjurer. ii. bharak (from ls. f. 1 . Splendour, blaze, flash, glare, show. 2. Perturbation, agitation, alarm, starting, shiness (in animals). n. bharkanciy v. a. 1. To frighten, to scare. 2 . To blow up into a flame, to kindle (a fire). h. bharkal (dakh.) s. A great gate or door. n. bharakna, v. n. 1 . To start, to shrink, to be scared, to be alarmed. 2 . To be blown up into a flame, to blaze forth (fire). n. J Jsjii bliark-el (from adj. Shy, skittish, coy, wild, untamed. u. bhark-lla (from ci&j) adj. Splendid, glittering, flashy, gaudy. h. bkirna, v. n. To close (as two armies), to join battle, to come together, to be joined, to DigtfTzeal shoulder, to join, to be placed together touching each other, to be continuous. jJjj bharangy adj. Simple, undesigning, sil- H. ly, artless, having the quality of telling secrets without reserve. h. bhariia , s. m. A pimp, one who lives on what a prostitute earns. n. bharu’u-1 (from 1«J#) s. f. 1. Pandarism, pimping. 2. The wages of prostitution. •s s. bhirha ( ) s. m. A wolf, ii. bharaitl (from Ijflg Hire) s. m. A tenant, a lessee. p. ^ bilizady Name of Isfandiyar son of Gush- tasp. s. blius (1*0 s. m. Bran, husk, chaff. bltus par bardt y yAn assignment on chaff: i. e. that from which nothing can be obtained. s. bhas ( ) s. m. Ashes. s. bL^ bhasana (causal of L«^) v. a. To launch, to set afloat. it. bhasbhasa , adj. Flabby, loose (as meat). ii. bhas-tikka , s. m. A steak, chop, collop. h. b bhuskarna , v. n. To hiss (a snake). ii. bhuskara , s. m. Hissing of a snake. h. bhasakna , v. n. To fall. s. bhus-vl (Sans. ^ ) See . s. bliasam or bhasma (HF^T) s . £ Ashes, s. £ bhasmant (^T^T ) s. m. Ashes. s. bhasna (r. ^TT Shine) v. n. To float. _ s . b^j bihasna ( r^^T) v. n. To smile, to laugh. s. bhusaunda, s. m. A hole or place to put chaff in, a large hole or receptacle. s. \jr~n bhus-erd, 1 (^[^IIW ) s. m. A place s. bhus-ela , J where com or e w luL; bihisht , s. f. Paradise. X 2 • chaff is kept. 311 312 p. biliisht-iy 1. adj. Paradisiacal, celestial. 2. s. m. A water-carrier. li. bhishtal, s. f. A foolish or stupid woman. li. bahkana (trans. of U£^j) v. a. To balk, disappoint, mislead, deceive, beguile. s. HRi (r. Serve) bhakt, 1. s. m. An adorer, a devotee, a votary, a zealot. 2. A J7/«- performer for entertainment, a dancer, a player. 3. adj. Pious. 4; Desirous. ^TT^T bhakt-ruj , s. m. King or lord of the devout, an epithet of the deity. s.u^>Tl%(r.H3T Sene) bhakti , s. f. Re¬ ligion, faith, devotedness, attachment, desire. bhakti-want , adj. Devoted, religious, pious. h. bhaksl , s. f. A dungeon, a dark room. s. U-Cgj bhiksha, s. f. 1. Begging. 2. Alms. s. bhikshuk , s. m. A beggar. See bhikharl . n. bahakna, v. n. To be balked, to be dis¬ appointed, to be deceived, to stray, to be in¬ toxicated. ii. bhaku’a , adj. Foolish, li. bhaku'ana , v. n. To bestupified. n. bhakosjia, v. a. To devour, to stuff, to eat. 5 . bhikharl ( from fw Alms, and r, Take) s. m. A beggar, n. bhiklirl , s. f. An unfilled grain, a shri¬ velled grain. s. bhakhna ( ) v, a, To cat, to de¬ vour. s. *PT bhagj s. f. Vulva, ii. bhugga, adj. Simple, foolish. ii. blfcj bhag ana (trans. of U^#) v. a. To cause to flee or escape, to cause to run away, to drive away. If bhiganfi (trans, of U£»cj) v * a ’ To wet, moisten, steep, <-4 .="" 1.="" 2="" 5="" 7="" a.="" a="" act="" adj.="" affi="" after="" and="" as="" be="" beads="" bhagat-hona="" bhagat-khclna="" bhagat="" bhagta="" bhagtaity="" bhakt.="" bhngatman="" blmgtlma="" bound="" caus.="" cause="" circle="" consists="" deserving="" devo="" devotee="" distribute="" e="" enjoy="" f.="" fit="" flesh="" forehead.="" from="" hhvgatna="" his="" hrft="" imitate="" in="" ing="" initiated="" initiation="" ironically="" is="" l="" lewd="" liated="" liquors="" low="" m.="" mark="" mimick.="" n.="" neck="" necklace="" of="" on="" order.="" peculiar="" person="" piety="" play="" prostitute="" punishment.="" putting="" refrain="" religious="" religiousness.="" requite.="" round="" s.="" see.="" seeoxi.="" spirituous="" the="" tion="" to="" tribes.="" use="" v.="" which="" whore.="" wife="" woman="">TfrT) v. a. To en¬ joy, to suffer, to receive the reward of virtue or the punishment of crime, to be requited. s. hhagtiya (from c^j.*) s. m, A dancing hoy. ii. bhagal 9 s.m. Affectation, hypocrisy, trick, deception. Ul Cj bhagal-nikalna , v. a. To affect, to play a trick, to pretend poverty. n, bhagliyay s. m. Impostor, cheat. i|. bhagti-gahnay s, m. False jewels, trinkets. s.jJc^jj bhagandavy s. m. A fistula (in ano). S. jZs bhaginty s. f. A sister. h. bhagghy part. act. (from A deserter, a runaway, a fugitive, s. bhagicaUy adj. Divine, glo¬ rious. s. m. God, the deity, the Supreme being. h. bhagwaiiy s. m. Cloth dyed with (a kind of red chalk or ochre). s, ^{^\W^bhagatDat 9 adj. Divine, Digitized'hy Microsoft ® 313 314 J* ii. \*£j bhagora (from bjflg) s. m. A runaway, a deserter, a fugitive. h. bjft> bhigond (trans. of v. a. To wet, to steep, to bedew, drench. s. bliagicant (MTT^frT ) adj. Divine; s. in. God, the deity. See s. ^b£j. 4 . h. bJj&j hhagoiihciy s. m. The reddish colour ex¬ tracted from %g^ru, q. v. h. J-f# bhagel (from LfU) 1. s. f. Overthrow, defeat. 2. s. m. A runaway, a deserter. n. bahal , s. f. A two-wheeled ear (for riding in, not for baggage), a coach, a carriage. r. bi-hil, imper. (of ^jJjb) Let go, let or leave alone. a. Juj bahly adj. Little, easy. s. Malediction. J bhal ( ^1 {*() adj. Good, well. S ee^ bhala. J# bhal-ghoriya , Having a good horse; ^ a cavalier. h. J# bhaly s. m. Side, direction. J# ^ sir he bhaly Head-foremost, head-long. s. Lj bhalci (Sans. ) adj. 1. Good, excellent, benevolent, kind, healthy, well, virtuous, right¬ eous, sound. 2. Strange, wonderful, admirable, comical, droll, ^^*0] % bhalci adnu y s. m. A person of respectability, a gentleman; (iron.) a silly fellow, boL> bhala mdnndy To take well. s. ^ bhala changd y adj. In good order, in health, perfect, hale, well. h. bahilay adj. f. Barren. (Generally applied to cattle). s. bhulat (see lJ*.y) s. Forgetfulness. s. bhulana (caus. of bJ^j) v. a. 1. To cause to forget, to cause to be forgotten. 2. To invei¬ gle, mislead, bewilder, deceive, fascinate, coax, amuse. «. bahldnd (trans. of bl^) v. a. To divert, to amuse, to recreate. £• bhuldwa (from b^ bhulana) ^. m. Decep- uiyTirz&u 1 / rtf tion, fraud, cheat, deceit, feint. bhu- law a denay To deceive, to play a trick. $. bhilawaiiy) ( ) s. m. A nut -• bhilawany) used for marking clothes, See. (Semicarpus anacardium), s. bhald-iy s. f. Goodness, good health, wel¬ fare. s. Sb>-1 J# bhal bhal ujala , s. m. Dawn or break of day. s. n. bhal-pany s. m. Goodness. n. b — bhulasnay v. n. To be singed or scorched. H. bhalkciy s. m. 1. A gold patch fixed on the nose-ring. 2. A kind of bamboo. 3. Dawn of day. s. c^b^o J# bhal-mansdt ( ) s. f. Humanity, benignity, civility. s m J# bhal-mansi ( Good, and ^TT^^T Manhood) s. f. Good-nature, benevolence. ii. bJ^i bahalndy v. n. To be diverted, to be amused. a. bahluly s. m. 1. A prince endowed with every virtue. 2. Name of a celebrated Dervis. 3. A man much addicted to laughter. £. bhilaunji s. f. The seed of the ^blg bhildwaiiy q. v. ii.LLj bahaliydy s. m. A kind of servant armed with bow, arrow, &c., a huntsman. See . p. ba-ham (for ^b q. v.) adv. Together, one with another, one against another. liT ^ ba- Jiam-andy To be procured, to be acquired. ^ blsd^j baham pahunchdndy v. a. To get, ac¬ quire, procure, ^ baham pahunchnd , v. n. To be procured. ^ baham-digary Together, one with another. ii. bhambheriy s. f. A butterfly. 5 . b**£ bhamna ( ^ M d[ ) v. n. To revolve. p. bahmany s. The eleventh solar month, when the sun is in Aquarius. bahmany s. m. A Brahman . See ^^Lj. 315 316 err bahmaneta , s, ni. A young Brahman . $. bharrti (Vf*T) s. f. Revolution, whirling, going round, wandering. s. bhumydn from Land) s. m. Land-holder. S' baltin or baltan s. f. A sister. s * bhinny adj. Separate, apart, distinct, other, different. ^ ^ bhinn bhinn> Various, one by one, severally. ii. biliin or bihan y s. m. A seed. t-K> bahna (r. Run, flow) v. n. 1. To flow, to glide. 2. To float. 3. To blow. 4. To pass, drive. ii. bb^ bhinndndy v. n. 1. To have a singing in the ears, to be giddy. 2. To sound (as shot, brass pots, See.). s. Ub.^ bhundnd (caus. of bj^j) v. a. To change (money). n. bhimbhindna or bhambhanandy v. n. To buzz (as a fly), to hum (a bee, &c.). bkimbhinahaty s. f. Buzzing (of a fly), buzz, hum (of a bee). h. bhambhu’d, s. m. A fakir who is pressed by hunger to rob. ii. bhambhornay v. a. To bite and mumble (as a dog), to worry. ii. bhamberly s. f. See ii. bkintwaSy s. m. A sort of pulse. ii. bhantwas, s. m. Name of a grain, the fruit of the ho*! or water lilly. ______ s, bUo# bhanjdnd (^T3T*T r. Break) v. n. To change money. s. bhanjan{y. H^sf Break) 1. part, act. Breaking, destroying, demolishing, sepa¬ rating. 2. s. m. Breaking, &c. ii. bliandy s. m. Confusion, spoiling. JLgj bhand bond , v. n. To be destroyed, to be spoiled. earthen pot. LSjfJ lib# bhanddphutnd y To be disclosed (a secret). * bhanddr (TOFITT) s. m. A place where household goods are kept, a storehouse. ii. bhanddrd, s. m. A feast of Jogls f Sann - ycislSy &c. s. bhandarl (TOPTTf?3i) s. m. A house-steward, one who has charge of the store¬ house, a treasurer, purveyor. s, jL bhandsdry £ ( ) s. f. The s, JUjLjj bhandsdly i provision which is pre¬ viously reserved for years. S' bhandsaU (JTfesnsft) s. m. One who reserves provision for years. «• bhundUy s. f. A kind of worm covered with hair, the palmer worm. % S' h JL# bhandauwd ( ) s. m. Satire, ribaldry^ S' bhandoU (see lob# and ^JjY) s. f. (dakh. i. q. jj t-ffrf) Water-pot on water-pot. ii. blandly s. f. The name of a vegetable. (Hibiscus esculentus). ii. p. bliinde-khana . s. m. The room appropriated to the apparatus of the hukka . _ S' 5b jL# bhandeld (Sans. ) s. m. An actor. S' bhandelan (from ibjb^j) s. f. An actress. h. bhinsdry s. m. Dawn of day. S' b — Xtfj bhaimid (r. Shine) v. n. To float. s. lL<^ *P7TcR (r. W Sound) blianak, s. f. A low sound, a distant sound, hum. ii. bib^ bhinakndy v. n. 1. To buzz (as a fly). 2. To be covered with flies, to swarm. S' bhang (*PTT ) s. f. Hemp. See . * * _ s. bliangy 1. (for r. Break) s. m. Breaking, splitting ; defeat, discomfiture. 2. (for*P*T) adj. Broken, tom, overcome, de¬ feated. s. bhandd () s. m. A vessel, a large Digitized by Microsoft h. bhanga, s. m. Name of a bird. 317 318 rd s. \JLzj bhangrd ( ^TTT3T ) s. m. Name of an herb. (Eclipta or Verbesina prostrata).- n. [z p^ m bhangan, s. f. The wife of a halfil-khor . s. bhangan ( HfrR't) s. f. A female drink¬ er of bhang. ii. bhangna , s. f. A kind of fish, ii. bhang! , s. m. A cast of sweepers or halal-khors . s. bahang 7 ( f^Ttor f^fW)s.f. A stick with ropes hanging from each end for slinging baggage to, which is carried on the shoulder. s. ^PTT bhang-!, s. m. A drinker of bhang §. bhang-era, s. m. One who sells bhang. bhang-eran, s. f. A female seller of 'o * s. Ijjcj bhunna ( r. >T3T Parch, fry) v. n. To be parched, grilled, fried, broiled. IKH^FT) v. n. To be changed (money). bhauwan, s. f. Eyebrow or eyebrows. See bhaun. »• bihnanr (from ^ Z>i/m«) s. f. A seed-plot, nursery (for plants). 5 . bliauwar (r. Turn round) s. m. A whirlpool, eddy, vortex. -• Mffttwar,") (K*T^)s. m. 1. A large black -• bhatlwra, J bee. 2. A climbing plant, creeper. 11 * bhauwar kali, s. f. A collar or halter (for a dog, goat, &c.). See . ter’s husband, a brother-in-law. 11 • bu/int , s. f. Handsel, first sale. -• bahaneU, s. f. An adopted sister. v. baJiu ( WV A woman, a female) s. f. 1. A daughter-in-law, a son’s wife. 2. A wife. Digitized b s.ft) bhau (for s.m. Fear. If bhuv (for^HI.) s. m. Heaven, ether, sky or atmosphere. bhu, s. f. The earth. or bhava, s. m. 1 . Existence, the world. 2. A name of Siva. j* L ^ bhava-sagar, The ocean of the world or of exis¬ tence. h. bhu'a, s. f. 1. Father’s sister. 2. A worm, a caterpillar. bah liar ( I ^ ) s. m. Name of a fruit. (Cordia myxa). See \jyJ lasora. £. uW bhau’ail, s. f. Eyebrow or eyebrows. See bhaun. s. cjl*# bhawani, s. f. Name of a Hindu goddess, wife of Siva or Mahudeva. 11 . bhubhal, s. m. Hot ashes, embers. s. £/*£/>, s. m. A king, a sovereign. h. bhopdy s. m. A kind of fakir, a magician. s - (^[ Earth, and r. ^TTp*) Pre¬ serve) bhupal, s. m. A landlord, a king, a raja. -* bliupat ( Earth, and ^fcT Lord) s. ni. A sovereign, a prince. bhut, s. m. 1, A demon, goblin, fiend, ghost, apparition. 2 . The past, preterite tense. 3. An element. (The Hindus reckon five elements: see y^k^pancha-tatxva). bhut hona, v. n. To be distracted with rage. bahot, adj. (dakh.) for < 1 * v * 11 . bhota, adj. Blunt, dull. s. Abahutad, adj. (dakh.) Sec bahut. s - Jo# ^ The earth, and rTc^ Essential nature; q. d. the earth itself, the very earth) bhxital, s. m. The earth. -• bhut a! (from c^j) s. f. A female demon or goblin. s * '&?. bhoj, s. m. 1 . (for >ft^D Eating, fenst. 2 . (for ) n. prop. Name of a celebrated raja. / / 319 320 & S-M&t! bho j-2>u r (Htergr) n. prop. Name of a place. o bhojpattar ( ) s. in. The bark of a tree, said to be a kind of birch, used in making kukka snakes. o • • • s. lhaujal (UlrTsTRI) s. f. Brother’s wife. s. bhojan, s. m. Eating, food, vic¬ tuals. X>J> ^^j# bhojan karna , To eat, to feed. S. ^ bhauji (HFJ3TPTT) s . f A brother’s wife. s. uLS^*# bhaucliak ( ) adj. Aghast. (.Inelegant ) See il£s£? bhachak. 11 . jj# Wtar, s. f. Dawn of day. Mor /jorca, v. n. To be finished, to be terminated. n . bhur, s. f. 1 . Charity given to poor people, alms. L&b j^# bhur bantna , v. a. To give alms to a numerous assembly of the poor. 2. A spring, a fountain. tf.j^# bhur «[ft) adj. Much, many. h. bhora , adj. Simple, artless. See Sj# . H » V ;•# bhur a , adj. Fair, auburne or brownish (as hair). - 4 l&JFJ bahurangi (^|> Much, many, and Colour) adj. Various or variable (in co¬ lour), many coloured; changeable. n.J*# bhur, s. f. Sandy ground, soil in which much sand is mixed. h. J \**$ bhural, s. m. Talk, mica. h. L«# bhosa , s. m. \ h. bhosra, s. m. > Vulva magna. n. bhosrl, s. f. ) bhusi ( or ) s . f. Chaff, bran. s. bhavishya adj. Future; what will be, the future (time). MuAr, s. (dakh.) See bhukh . •5* bhukar, adj. (dakh.) Hungry, needy, 4. Eating, victuals. Digitized uy Microsoft ® n. bhokas, s. m. A w izard, sorcerer, magi¬ cian. s. l-^*# Earth, and r. Trem¬ ble) bhukamp, s. m. An earthquake, ii. L£»# bhoknu, v. a. (dakh.) See L&*# bhonknd , and chubhana . s. ,j£j# bhukh (^J^T) s. f. Hunger, appetite. Ly« bhukh oil mama , To die with hunger, to famish, to starve. s. bhukh-u, adj. Hungry, s. ^bhukhan, s. m. Ornament, em¬ bellishment, decoration, an ornament, a jewel, dress. s. bhokhna ( r# Bark) v. a. To bark. SeeL& bhaunkna . s. ^jj# (r. Eat, enjoy) bliog , s. m. 1. Enjoyment, suffering. 2. Pleasure, satisfac¬ tion. 3. Possession. \jj bhog karna , To enjoy, to suffer. h. t-J*# bhog, s. m. Abuse, rudeness, n. l^# bhogu (inelegant) s. m. Fraud, trick, de¬ ceit, illusion, deception, imposition, treachery, roguery, cheat. s, Lil# bhogna (from iz£*p>) v. n. To enjoy, to suffer. s. Jje iftxft bhogi, adj. Jovial, jolly. man bhogi harm daridfi, By nature fond of pleasure, but condemned by fate to poverty. s. bhul (perhaps, from r. Err) s. f. For¬ getfulness, errour, mistake, miss, blunder. wA^bhola, adj. Simple, artless, undesigning, innocent, harmless, meek. s. \ r j Sj# bhulu-bisra, ladj. Missing the road, s. to# bhula-bhatka, J (generally, a person) calling on another in consequence of some ac¬ cident, See. not intentionally to pay a visit. s . ^.# bhola-nath, s. m. A name of Maliadeva . s . bhulat (*[ Earth) s. Earth, ground. 321 322 & s . bhulna (perhaps from r. Err) v. n. To forget, err, go astray, be misled or deceived, mistake, blunder, miss, omit, stray, to be for¬ gotten. bhoUy adj. f. (of^ q. v.) Innocent, art¬ less. bholl batm, Innocent prattle. bhum or bhumi s. f. Land, earth, the earth, bhaum ( hV) s. m. The planet Mars. ji CJi! bhaum-bar , s. m. Tuesday. , bhompu , s. m. A horn, wind instrument. blmviyld, s. (dakh.) 1. Inha¬ bitant. 2. jjbj Native place. , bhumTal (dakh.) See. bliaun (for ^ ) s. f. The eyebrow. bhaun terlii harm, v. a. To scowl, to frown, to browbeat, to look angrily raising the eyebrows. bhmceti tanm , To knit the eyebrows, bhmi (for ) s. f. Ground, land, earth. bkaxvan , s. m. A house. bliuwan , s. m. 1. A world. 2. Water. bhauna (OTJT)v.n. To revolve. bhaunasy s. m. A post driven into the ground for chaining an elephant to. .^2*^ bhonpu, s. m. A horn, wind instrument. • Wh# bhontha , 1 Blunt, obtuse. . Lcjo bhonthriiy J J JU- bhavn-chul or bliuu-chal ( from Earth, and r. Move) s. m. An earthquake. bliun-champa s. m. The name of a plant. (Kcempferia rotunda). . L bhondna (dakh.) v. a. To deceive, 8cc. See under fareb. . bhonduy adj. Silly, quiet, mild, artless, simple. . n2*# bhonda, adj. Ill-shaped, uncouth, mis¬ shapen, useless, bad, ugly, unlucky. -- u i .j* ^ h. Wwflrf pair ay adj. Unlucky, ill- omened. s. bhampar or bhaunr (r. Hff Turn round) s. m. A whirlpool. s. bhannrd (WT^) s. m. A large black bee enamoured of the lotus. See Ji alu s. \jjjg bhannrd (^J^I^T) s. m. A cavern, vault, cellar. h. bhaunar kali , s, f. A kind of halter (for horses or dogs). See §• bhauAri (wtt ) s. f. Female of ^3^ bhaunra, q. v. A large black bee. s. lSJ*# bhaunriy s. f. 1. Feathered hair. 2. Name of a defect in horses. £. bhaunriyana ( r. Turn round) v. a. To whirl, to turn. s. LJjij bhuiisa (dakh.) s. See bhusi. s. U— >jz> bhuiisna (r. m Bark) v. n. To bark. h. bhonkrciy adj. Very fat. h. bhonkas, s. m. A wizard who preys upon children (or men or women) till he brings them to the grave. bhaunknd (r. Bark) v. n. 1. To bark. 2. ( met .) To talk foolishly. H. Lfc. # bhonknay v. a. To thrust, to drive (as a nail). s. bhuwang , s. m. A snake. See . .5. bhmghara (from Earth, and House) s. m. A vault, a cavern, a cellar. r\ s. bhunna ( or Parch, fry) v. a. To parch, to grill, to broil, to toast, to fry, to inflame. s. bhoiih or lhaunh ( ^ ) s. f. Eyebrow. Seej^ abru. 5 . bhunyara , s. m. (dakh.) See un¬ der <2 .="" 1.="" 2.="" 323="" 324="" 5="" a="" amp="" an="" and="" aneir="" b="" bearer.="" bearer="" being="" better.="" bhai-khand="" bhawaiya="" bhuln="" bhunihy="" bhvfm="" bihl-ddna="" bling="" blurt="" called="" caterpillar="" chair-porter="" chdmpd="" commonly="" covered="" dakh.="" dancer.="" destructive="" dol="" earth="" earthquake.="" eat.="" f.="" fear="" fire-works="" flower="" from="" good="" goodness="" ground.="" guava.="" h.="" h="" hair="" her="" hhahrandy="" hhai="" hhicin="" hr="" i="" in="" india="" itjrf="" j.="" j="" jbl="" jjj="" jn.="" kind="" like="" m.="" n.="" of="" or="" pot="" pulkt-="" quince-seed.="" quince="" resem="" s.="" s="" see="" shiver="" stagger.="" ta="" terrour.="" the="" those="" to="" totter="" trees.="" tremble="" tultl="" uhl="" v.="" well="" white="" with="" y=""> To be afraid, to be frightened. n. ^ bhl } conj. Also, too, even, and. ii, bajily s. f. A book not stitched at the sides l/ ochlie klprlt jo7i balu Id bhity The friendship of the mean is like a wall of sand (i. e. unstable). §' bhltar ( ^ ) adj. Within. ^ bliltrl (fromadj. Inward, inside, internal, inner, inferiour. S' bhltariyd (^rr^Prrf^) adj. used substantively, 1. The people who live in a house, not strangers, domestiek. 2. Men who preside at a temple (i. e. A steward ; A priest; raso'iyd, A cook). 3. Those among the guests at a w r edding feast who eat in company with the relations of the bride (those, who partake of the feast without, being ealled l s', balietu (from U^j) s. m. A vagabond, va¬ grant, wanderer, rambler. h. l Mety s. f. 1. Meeting, interview'. 2. A present to a superiour. u. bhltdy s. m. An old house, a former resi¬ dence (provided some vestige remain). n. bhctaiiy verbal s. To meet, meeting, See. See . but at the ends ; a register, book of accounts, ledger. I , . r (r. Be) past tense or part, of the verb subs., Was, be- s. bhcCly fem s, \^3 bhaydy mas came, become. S' bej bhaiya ( HTrTT ) s. m. Brother. 2, bhaya-pd, 1 ( ) s. m. Brother¬ 's, bhciya-pat ,J hood, friendship. s.^jL# bliay-atury adj. Distressed or distracted with fear, terrified, s. uioL# WFT3I bhdyanak (from Fear) adj. Frightful, terrible, formidable, fearful, dread¬ ful, alarming, dismal. s. IhLfi bliaydwnd (from Fear) adj. Terri¬ ble, frightful. See il&b# « s. hint, 1. (for fHffT) s. f. A wall, or breadth of-a wall. 2. (for HtrT) adj. Fearful gnizedoy Micros* h. biL^ blietndy v. a. 1. To meet, to join. 2. To make a present (to a superiour). h. bhetdy s. m. A stalk, a stem. Sec . h. bhetly s. f. A stalk, stem. See . h. bhejdy s. m. The brain. h. Lsn# bhejna, v. a. To send, transmit; utter, ejaculate. it. LssXzj bhljndy v. n. 1. To be wet. 2. To be affeeted (with grief). s , bhaichak adj. Alarmed, aghast, starting. See bhachak . h. bhlchna , v. a. To squeeze, to compress, to crush; s. Hied, s. m. 1. A secret, sccreey, mys¬ tery. 2. Separation, difference. bJ bhed - lendy v. a. To spy, to pry into, to w r ork one's self into confidence, to sound. 325 326 lj€? s. bhedakiya (from s. m. A scout, a spy. bhed-u (from ) s. A secret-keeper, a confidant. s. jJuJ bhcd-i, “1 , vr-^A- s f. bhcd-iya, }^ T ) L ad J- Intcll, S ent - 2. s. m. A scout, a secret-keeper. •S bhcr (HTT) s. f. A kind of pipe, a mu¬ sical instrument, a kettledrum. i i. bcthir, s- f* k The baggage. See. of an army: see j^j &a/*7r. 2. Sec JA7r. bhairav , s. m. A name of but more especially of an inferiour form or mani¬ festation of that deity. u. p. fcjbcihlr o buna, The baggage of an army. -• UJjtH bhairen ) s. m. 1. The name of a rag or musical mode sung at dawn in autumn, (it is represented by Mahadeva with the Ganges flowing from his head and the rag issuing from that deity’s mouth). 2. A name of Siva ; see bhairav . s. itee bhairav!, s. f. The name of a raginl, the wife of bhairoh rag. bher-1 s. m. A piper. bhlr, s. f. Multitude, crowd, mob, throng; a press of work, trouble, difficulty. N._ V 5* Jhit bhcr ( ^3* or ) s. f. A sheep, an ewe. bher ha gosht, Mutton. bahlr, s. f. Baggage, See. in an army. -* \fad baker a ( ) s. m. Beleric myro- balan. (Terminalia belerica). v bhcr a (Hj) s. m. A ram. 11 • bhlr-bhar , s. f. Crowd, mob, bustle. n. x Lg bhlr-bharakka, s. See ?W bhlr-bhur . h. bherna , v. a. To shut, to close. bhefi ( H^T ) s. f. An ewe. » L n or ^ or ) s. m. s. s. s. s. L5# s. V.Jr^ blieriya («5T) s. m. A wolf, J bheriya clhasan , s. m. A multitude crowd¬ ed together like sheep in a pen, the act of fol¬ lowing the example of another. L 7* ff}(^r bhesh,) v Disguise, assumed likeness, counterfeit dress, semblance, guise, garb. •s iUL# b/tek, s. m. A toad, a frog. lUwj bhek, s. m. See bhekh. bhikarly s. m. (dakh.) See bhi - khari. •s W MeM, s. m. Disguise, assumed ap¬ pearance, semblance. See bhekhdharl, adj. Putting on the dress, assum¬ ing the appearance. bhikh () s . f. Begging, charity, alms. bhikh mangna , To ask alms, to beg. > bhigna or bhlngnti, v. n. To be wet. See bhijna . rctf bhigna, is applied to the night passing in mirth and musical enter¬ tainment. bhll, s. m. The name of a race of mountaineers. Ly bhela ( iMTrfcR ) s . m. Semicarpus ana- card ium. See bhilawan. bheli, s. f. A lump of coarse sugar (or g«r)« , LL^ baheliya , s. m. 1. A fowler. 2. The name of a tribe of Hindus. i/uwi, 1. n.prop. The second brother of Yudhishthira. 2. adj. Dreadful, terrible, terri¬ fic k. bhaiman (from Fear) adj. Frighten¬ ed, alarmed, terrified, afraid. >frwr bhim sen, See sign. 1. bhimseni, s. f. A kind of eamphire. . bhena, s. f. Sister. Y 2 327 328 h. U- 4 J bJanu, 1. adj. Wet. 2. s. m. Sister’s hus¬ band ; brother-in-law. i. ui ~wi Hunt ( for ) s. f. A wall h. bhent, s. f. 1. Interview, visit. 2. A present. See Met. h. bhent na , v. a. To meet with, to visit. See Lie.' bhetnu. h. bhmchna , v. a. To compress. See Lacjjj. 5. bhaifis ( ) s. f. A female buf¬ falo. s. 1 —bliainsa s. m. A male buffalo. bhainsa-dad, *) , Tj-fpr ii j 1 v ^bkainsiya-dad, J H J s ‘ m * A kind of ringworm. (from Fear, and r. ^Make) bhayankar , adj. Horrible, terrifick. H.lfxfiJ bhenga , adj. Squinteyed. 11 . MTflgna, v. n. To be wet. See s. Mey (perhaps, for ^TT^T ) s. m. A state or condition of being, innate property, nature, dis¬ position. bhayau (in Braj, for bhaya , q. v.) Was, became, become. s. bhaihu s. f. Sister-in-law, younger brother’s 'wife. 11 . ^js hi, 1. A vocative particle used in speaking to SvOmen. 2. (contract, of ^ Lady. 3. (in Braj, for ^ q. v.) conj. Also, even. 11 . be, A vocative particle used contemptuously, you fellow ! you i-ascal! sirrah ! 0 ! p. ^ be, a priv. particle or pvepos. (Sans. f^T) Without, out of. (When prefixed to words, it is equivalent to the English in, un, im, ir, dis, less, &c). c-M ^ be-ab , Without water, lustre, temper, dignity, &c. (see <--jt -="" .="" 1="" 329="" 330="" 7="" ab="" abru="" adj.="" affection="" agreement="" ajal="" at="" attachment.="" b="" bc-anddza="" bc-insuf="" be-="" be-ab-7="" be-ada-1="" be-adab="" be-adabd="" be-amr="" be-ardmd="" be-asar-l="" be-asbab-="" be-axdad-7="" be-i="" be-idfat="" be-ihtl="" be-ikhtiyar="" be-ikhtiyard="" be-iltifat-7="" be-imtiyaz="" be-imtiydz-7="" be-insqf-7="" be-intihd="" be-ittifakl="" be-lman="" be-ubru="" be-ulfat-l="" be-uram="" be="" being="" boundless="" c="" childless="" choice="" conscience="" creditor="" creet="" death="" digitized="" dis="" disbelief.="" disbelieving="" discord.="" discredit="" disease.="" disgrace="" dishonesty.="" dishonour.="" dishonourable="" dishonoured="" disquiet="" disregard="" disrespect="" disrespectful.="" effect="" election="" endless.="" estimation="" f.="" faithless="" friendship="" goods="" graced.="" helplessness.="" i3="" i="" im="" impertinent="" impression="" improvident="" imprudent="" impudent="" inattention.="" incautious="" incivility="" incredulity="" incredulous="" indis="" indiscre="" ineffectual.="" inefficacy.="" inequality.="" infidel="" infinite="" ini="" iniquity.="" injustice="" involuntary.="" j="" jlwcl="" jw="" kindness="" l="" lustre="" ly="" microsoft="" mistrust="" moderate.="" necessaries.="" ness.="" no="" non-performance="" not="" of="" on.="" or="" pre-="" pre="" presump="" presumptuous="" quitous.="" rash.="" regard="" relied="" religion="" restlesness="" restless="" rude="" rudeness="" s.="" see.="" sumption.="" sumptuousness.="" t="" tachment.="" temper="" tention="" ter="" the="" tibar-l="" tibcir="" tidal-7="" tijcud="" tikad-l="" tion="" to="" treacherous.="" tuous.="" ujlrd="" undistinguishing="" uneasiness="" uneasy.="" unevenness="" unjust="" unmanner="" unmannerliness="" unmannerly="" untimely="" void="" wa-="" want="" without="" y="" yat=""> b ^ be-ba% y adj. Without reason, jb ^ be-baky adj. Complete. 4 ^ be-bak-1, s. f. Completion, d/b ^ be-bak y adj. Fearless, ^b ^ be-bak-1 , s. f. Fearlesness, temerity. ^ be-bal-o-par y adj. Without power, im¬ potent, helpless. Jb be-bal-o-par-1 , s. f. Weakness, helplessness, jj ^ be-bad , adj. Without blemish. Jjy be-badal y adj. In¬ comparable, inestimable. y b e-bar y adj. Fruitless, barren, y * be-barg-o-bar y adj. Fruitless, barren ; poor. ^ be-barg-l y s. f. Destitution, want, ^ be-bas y adj. Without power, without authority or command ; helpless. ^ be-bas-l y s. f. Helplessness, lib be-baka y adj. Frail, perishable, not eter¬ nal. Jb ^ be»ba! y adj. Without power, weak; wretched, poor, Joj be-baml-o-bast , adj. UnaiTanged, without order, unsettled (as, a country). ^ be-baha y adj. Invaluable, be¬ yond price, jby be-bahar y adj. Out of sea¬ son. Xjp be-bahra y In want, without profit or portion, unfortunate. ^ * b bc-j)a-(h$ar y adj. Very wretched, ^bb ^ be-payan y adj. Boundless, yj! b e-par da-gl y s. f. Open¬ ness, immodesty. aJy ^ be-parda y adj. Un¬ veiled, immodest, openly, ^ be-parwa y adj. Fearless, intrepid, careless, unconcerned, without reflection, thoughtless, at ease, in¬ dependent. adv. Boldly, fearlesly. ^ be-parwa-l y s. f, Carelesness, thoughtles- ness, inattention, unconcern, independence, tran¬ quillity, indifference. ^b^ yj} be-par-o-bal-l y s. f. Weakness, helplessness, bc-par - hez y adj. Incontinent. yj> be-parhez-l y s. f. Incontinence. be-par-1, s. f. The being without wings; helplessness. c-ybj be- phab y adj. Shapeless. ^ be-pir y adj. Hav¬ ing no spiritual guide; vicious, be-pir y adj. Cruel, merciless. <_ 9="" absurd.="" absurdity="" adj.="" alluk-l="" ammid-l="" ammri="" amp="" aslr="" b="" bb="" bc-ta="" bc-tamlz-l="" be-="" be-sabat-l="" be-sabat="" be-samar-="" be-samar="" be-ta="" be-tab-ana="" be-tab-l="" be-tab="" be-tadblr="" be-tah="" be-tahasha="" be-takallaf="" be-takalluf-l="" be-tal="" be-tala="" be-tali-i="" be-tamanna-l="" be-tamlz="" be-tan="" be-tawajju="" be-tawakku="" be-thaur="" being="" blameless="" bot="" bottomless="" cb="" ceremonv="" ceremony="" con="" concern="" considerateness="" contentment.="" cretion.="" de="" discrimination="" extemporary.="" f.="" f="" faint="" faintness="" famt="" faultless.="" frank.="" frankness.="" freedom="" from="" fruitless-="" fruitless.="" groundless="" hopeless.="" ill-timed.="" impa="" impatience.="" impatient.="" improperly="" imprudent="" in="" inatten="" incautious="" inconsiderate="" inconsiderately.="" inconsistent="" inconstancy="" inconstant.="" independence.="" indis="" indiscreet="" indiscretion="" ineffectual.="" innocent="" instability="" j-cb="" j="" jb="" jjb="" jjj="" jlj="" l="" lj="" meaning="" musick="" ness.="" nexion="" of="" or="" out="" powerless="" rash.="" rash="" rashness.="" remonious="" restlesness="" restless="" restlessly="" s.="" silly.="" sire="" sr="" t="" takslr="" the="" tiently="" time="" tion="" tjrikanc="" tomlessness="" tune="" un="" unce="" uneasiness="" uneasy="" unkindness="" unstable="" unwitting.="" void="" want="" without="" y="">- ^ be-ja, adj. Ill-placed, misplaced, ill-timed, improper, inaccurate; adv. Inoppor¬ tunely, improperly. be-jada y Varie¬ gated coral. ^b>- ^ be-jan y adj. 1. Lifeless, inanimate, faint, dead. 2. Valiant, brave. ^ be-jur’at-i, s. f. Want of courage, pusil¬ lanimity. be-jurm y adj. Faultless, inno- 331 332 L5? cent. be-jurm-i, s. f. Innocence. pj>- ^ bc-jirm , adj. Without blemish, spotless (a jewel). ( y. be-jigar-z, s. f. Want of courage. bc-jatcab, adj. Without answer, unable to answer. be-jawdb-1 , s. f. The being without answer. ^jf^bsy be-chdra-gl, s. f. Help¬ lessness, necessity. y>bsy bc-chara, adj. With¬ out remedy, without choice, helpless, poor. Jbsy be-chdl and be-ehdU , 1. adj. Unprincipled. 2. s. f. Misdemeanour, ill-behaviour. c|y=y be- chard gh , adj. 1. Lampless. 2. Desolate, child¬ less. be-chashm f adj. Eyeless, bc-chun y adj. Incomparable, inscrutable. ^ be-ckain , adj. Uneasy, be-chain-i , s. f. Uneasiness. JU- ^ be-hal, adj. Out of condition, ill-circumstanced, indisposed. ^Jbsy be-hal-1 , s. f. Badness of circumstances or condition, bc-hfjab, adj. Unveiled. be-hijab-andy adv. Without a veil, open¬ ly, shamelessly. be-hijabd , s. f. Ap¬ pearing unveiled; immodesty. V l5^ be-zar 7 Without money or the means of getting it; helpless. ^ be-zar-fdiarld, adj. (taking or getting) Without purchase, free cost. ^Sjj be-zar-ly s. f. The being without money, indigence, poverty. ^ be- zan-o-farzandy adj. Without wife or children. Jbj ^ be-zawaly Imperishable, unchangeable. jjj ^ be-zor, adj. Weak, impotent, xyzj ^ be-zahrety adj. Without gall or bile; patient, good-tempered, forbearing; indefatigable: shame¬ less. ^ be-zeb-o-zlnaty adj. Ug¬ ly and awkward, inelegant in dress and person. ^ be-ziUy adj. Unsaddled. be-sukhta-gl , s. f. Artlessness, simplicity, undis¬ guised or unstudied conduct. be-sakh- fa, adj. Undisguised, unaffected, plain, artless. jLi ^ be-saZy adj. Without apparatus, tools, &c. unaccoutred. ^ be-saman-i 7 s. f. Want of apparatus or necessaries, ^ ^ be - sababy adj. Causeless. ^ be-satr-i 7 s. f. Unveiling, exposure; dishonour. ^ ^ be-saj 7 adj. Shapeless, ill-made, ^ be-sukhan , adj. Taciturn. ^ be-sudh 7 adj. Senseless, beside one’s self; enraptured, entranced; in a swoon. j~> be-sar, adj. Peerless, unequalled. ^ be-surt , adj. Stupid, ^ be-sar - o-pa, Impotent, destitute, very wretched. ^ j^s be-sar-o-samany adj. Without appa¬ ratus, destitute of necessaries, unprovided, help less.. ^ be-salVca-giy s. f. Inexpertness, awkwardness. 4LL: ^ be-saUkciy adj. Without method, inexpert, awkward. ^ be-$ll 7 adj. Shameless, ^ be-shcirmy adj. Shameless, 335 336 J. impudent, immodest. ^ be-sharm-1, s.f. Shamelesness, impudence, immodesty. beshu’iir, adj. Ignorant, uninformed, a block¬ head. iji be-$hu’iir-i, s. f. Ignorance, stupidity. ^ beshafakat , adj. Unkind, unmerciful, harsh. ^ be-shakk or j be-shakk-oraib, or j l^ ie- shakk-o-shabh , adj. Doubtless, indubitable, cer¬ tain. jU-i ^ be-s/nmiar, adj. Countless, num¬ berless, much. be-sabr, adj. Impatient, restless. ^ be-sabr-1 , s. f. Impatience. be-sarfa, adj. Unprofitable. ^ be-salah , adj. Ill-advised, headstrong, k-* ^ be-zabt , adj. Irregular, unrestrained ; wanton. k*i be-zabt-rabt , adj. Without order or connexion. be-takat, adj. Powerless, weak. ^^Ikj be-takat-1, s. f. Weakness, j^xllkj bc-talii, s. f. Bad luck, misfortune, ^^kj b e-tar ah orjjjkj be-taur, adj. Ill-manner¬ ed, unmannerly, uncivil, rude, awkward, badly. ^ be-tama *, adj. Free from covetousness, disinterested. ^ be-tama- 7, s. f. Freedom from covetousness; disinterestedness, t^^kj be-taur-i , s. f. Incivility, rudeness. ^ be-ibraty adj. Unawed ; not warned by example. Jjc- ^ be-adly adj. Unjust, lawless. ^ be-izzat, Without honour, disgraced, be-izzat-i, s. f. Dishonour, disgrace, ignominy. Jik ^ be-ak:l, adj. Stupid, be-akl-l, s. f._ Stupidity, be-aib, adj. Faultless, without blemish. cu-yk ^ be- gh ayat , adj. Boundless. be -gh araz , adj. Disinterest¬ ed, without selfishness, impartial, independent, indifferent. be-gharaz-ana , adv. Dis¬ interestedly. ^ be-gharaz-i . s. f. Disin¬ terestedness, impartiality, indifference. ^ be- gh ill-o- gh ishsh % adj. Without trouble or anxiety, without fraud or hatred. be- gh amm . adj. Without anxiety, jf- ^ be -gh aar , adj. Without consideration, c^-i ^ be- gh ai- rat, adj. Without pride or emulation, spiritless ; w f anton, impudent, infamous, rude. d^-i- be -gh airat-1 . s. f. Want of pride or emulation or spirit; disgrace, &c. be-fa-tda, Unpro¬ fitable, useless, vain.^i ^ 5c^/zkr,adj. Thought¬ less, contented, tranquil, be-fikr-1, s. f. Thoughtlessness, contented ness. ^ Z>e- fahmld, adj. Slow in comprehending, stupid. ^ be-faiz, adj. Unprofitable, possessing but not bestowing (as, a learned man w ho does not communicate his knowledge, or a rich man from w'hose wealth no person receives advan¬ tage). ^ be-kabu, adj. I. Unable. 2. Without restraint, out of one’s pow T er, secure against surprise or attack. aszXs ^ be-ka**da, adj. Irregular, ungrammatical, unarranged. ^ jS: be-kadr, adj. Worthless, unimportant, JjX* be-kadr-ly s. f. Worthlessness, low* estima¬ tion, disrepute. j\J> ^ be-karar , adj. Incon¬ stant, unsettled, restless, variable, out of pa¬ tience, uneasy, anxious, distracted. lJj]/ ^ be-karar-ly s.f. Instability, inconstancy, variable¬ ness, restlesness, uneasiness, anxiety. ^ be-kysur, adj. Faultless, innocent, without fail, completely, entirely. ^ be-kala’ f, adj. Untinned (a pot, 8cc.). J J be-kaul, adj. Faithless, perfidious. be-kiyds , adj. Inconceivable,* contrary to the common order of things, incomprehensible, immense, exorbitant. ‘V ^ be-kaid, adj. Unrestrained; irregular, dissolute, licentious. ^ be-kaj, adj. Use¬ less, unemployed. j& ^ be-kur 9 adj. Unemploy¬ ed. be-kar-l, s. f. Want of employment, idleness. Lj be-kam y adj. Disappointed, be-karctriy adj. Shoreless, boundless, u~< be-kasy adj. Friendless, forlorn. <*JL£ , j be-kas-ana, adj. Friendless, destitute. ^ be-kas-1, s.f. Forlorn, friendless state, (Jestitulion. be-kafan-1, s. f. The being buried with- Digitized by MicroSi 337 338 L5» out a shroud. be-kal, adj. Restless, un¬ easy, out of order. ^ be-kal-7, s. f. Rest- lesness, perturbation, uneasiness. ^ be-kam-o-kast y adj. Without omission, accurate. be-gahy Untimely, unseasonably. be-gumdn , adj. Without doubt or suspicion, doubtless. be-gundh , adj. Innocent, guilt¬ less. ^ bc-gunah-1, s. f. Innocence, guilt¬ lessness. cbUf be-ghat, adj. Inaccessible (a river, &c.), without steps or a quay to it. J} be-ldj, adj. Shameless, impudent. ^ ^•LS be-libas-ly s. f. Nakedness. ^ be - liliazy adj. Inattentive, indiscreet; unmannerly, impertinent. ujiW ^ be-lntf, adj. Unkind, inelegant. ^ be-lutf-7 , s. f. Unkindness. ^ be-lagamy adj. Unbridled, licentious, in¬ temperate. jl>3 ^ be-lag(i y Oy adj. Unconnected, independent, inaccessible, candid, categorical, without reserve. ^ be-mun , adj. Dis¬ graced, dishonoured, dishonourable. ocjL ^ be-mdnand , adj. Incomparable, unparalleled. ^ be-mavsim , Out of season, un- seasonably. ^ be-mauki* or be-mauka *, adj. Out of place; unseasonable, unapt, inop¬ portune, inconvenient, o ^ be-mikr, adj. Unkind, unfriendly. lSjy° ^ be-mihr* 9 s. f. Unkindness. ^ be-ndm y adj. Without cha¬ racter or reputation, inglorious. j ^\j ^ be-ndm-o-nishdn, adj. Without name or eharac- ter. ^ be-ndmus-ly s. f, Disgrace, dis¬ honour. be-naslby adj. Without lot or portion ; unfortunate, frustrated. L cr^ 3 ^ ^ be-naslb-ly s. f. Misfortune. ^ be-nazir , adj. Incomparable. LlXr ^ be-namaky adj. Saltless; insipid ; ugly, ordinary. ^ be- nangy adj. Shameless. < j-yk j && ^ be - nang-o-namus, adj. Without name or character, hi ^ be-naw(iy adj. Without provisions or fur¬ niture, without prosperity or splendour in condi¬ tion, indigent, destitute ; s. m. A kind of dervis who shaves his eyebrows and beard. ij\y> ^ be-nawd-1, s. f. Indigence, beggary. ±$jy be-nur-7, s. f. Absence of light, ^ be - nihayaty adj. Without bounds, endless. jLi ^ be-niyaZy adj. Wanting and asking nothing, not in need ; independent. ^ be-niyaz-l y s. f. Independence. ^ be-wafiy adj. With¬ out a ruler, without a protector. be-icajh, adj. Without cause or reason. ^ be-watan, Without a home, an exile. ^ be-watan-7, s. f. Exile, banishment. be) s. m. The principal or bycin (from UU, q. v.) s. m, Birth, act of parturition. Js if jU- or ukk A cow that has calved four times. C£>\ lLCA>- Having produced two calves at a birth. s. ULj bydna ( r. Generate) v. n. To be delivered of young (applied to animals onlyj, to calve, foal, farrow, litter, pup, yean. s. cuOIj by ant . See by an. •rr capital sum put out at interest. . i'jLj byadh or byadhi (SJTfa) s. m. Disease, sickness, ail, ailment, pain, anguish. . ajU byadh , } (^TT^T) s. m. A hunter, a . I&jLj byadha , ) fowler. . byadhi, 1. (for ^TT^ft) adj. Ill, sick. 2.(forW) s. m. A hunter, a fowler. . baydr (Sans. ) s. f. Wind, air. j s. 4 U hyah ( ) s. m. Marriage. iL.’ UigV’ZOi by 341 342 byah rachand, To celebrate a marriage. \jJ> byah karna, To marry. bil *Ij byah-lana, To take in marriage, to bring home a wife, to marry. UU by aha, m. ( Iwf^cT)) UjbL.» bydhnd, 1. (from f^n^) v. a. To give or take in marriage, to marry. 2. v. n. See bbj byana. s. byahan (fq’q’T^r ) s. m. Marrying, marriage, to marry. izS&r bydhan-jog, adj. Fit for marriage, marriageable. s. by ay am ( ) s. m. Exertion, la¬ bour, exercising, practising. beb , s. f. Name of a grass. . ^ ^ blbl, s. f. A lady, (vulgarly) a wife. jLj baijwr ( ) s. m. Traffick, trade, business, labour. baipar-1 (5nms L^bet(^) s.f. A cane, a ratan. (Cala¬ mus rotang). •s _ JLjj betid or baital (^T^TH??) s. m. 1. A dead body occupied and animated by an evil spirit. 2. Name