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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Unknown students notes from a lesson

10/01/18 Unknown students notes from a lesson in university of unknown. (top secret info)
The info the student has typed is not owned by the student. It has been typed while listening to the lecture. The talker /teacher named bzzzt error 404 is the owner of this whole thing most probably.
Whatever. We do not claim any copyright at all and only the typing process and our additions etc.
Thanks.dont share this post in anyway. Forbidden. Thanks.only read here. We don’t allow u do copy this even we don’t own the stuff fully. We are the listeners and typers and note taking nerds haha lol.
Article on education system of south korea and finland. Homework was to read paragraph 6…(last week)
.Look at paragraph 7 and 8 what does the writer criticize about the education system in America? Is he optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the American Education system?
.What is the main idea of paragraph 6?
Try to express it in one sentence.
.According to paragraph 9 why hasn’t the American education system been successful?
The paragraph 6 is about finland. About teacher and teacher education.
In finland what happened?
In 1970s: they closed down a lot of the teacher colleges. 80% shut down. Only the best teacher colleges remained which is 20%.
How much do they teach in finland? 600 hours a year.
@What else do they do besides teaching?
This is less than the American teachers hours.
-@proffessional …..
What do you understand about the education system in finland?
They spend a lot of time in finland doing development. Professional development.
Do u think teacher education is important in finland?
,ok so what does it tell us? Whats the core?
Finland gives importance to professional development of the teacher.
Proffessional development of the teachers is more important. It is a prestigious job in finland. Only 20 percent of those who apply to teacher colleges get accepted. It is a very prestigious job. They also give importance to the porffessional development of the teachers.
They spend a lot of time on professional develpement.
Why did we focus on this paragraph?
What we just did , we summariezed a whole paragraph and we contracted it in one sentence.
The important idea of the paragraph.
Summarizing is an important skill in this class.
We will also learn something else.
Do you remember….?
In this course when I ask you a question in order to answer it you going to use the source.
You can not lift sentences. You need to make your own sentences.
You need to summarize , and to paraphrase.
We are going to cite those two.  R u ready for some paraphrasing?
What is special about schools in Finland?
Suppose that I ask you this kind of a question. Suppose this is your assignment.
Where do yıu find information in the text which paragraph?
Good its four.
First you have to locate the source. The first thing is to understand it.
The question tells you where to look at it.
The limits of this question.
(whats special bout it)
Now go through paragraph four. If Iı ask you a such question which part of the text would to choose?
Underline it very good…
Ok so tell me whats special in those schools?
They give allowance social services too.
There are elective courses…
Students shoose which classes they r going to take.
They can choose the chources, exams.
The school is the centre of the community.
So you know how to locate information. Ok lets suppose that in order to answer this question…
Lets say that you want to transfer this information into your own paragraph.
You have to PARAPHRASE.
What are the steps of paraphrasing? What is it actually?
It is writing it in your own words.
It is different form summarizing. No we don’t include al the info. But in this, we include the whole info.
Unnderstand it !
Underline the words you can replace (synonyms)
Also we have to change the grammar.
Decide how you can change the structure (grammar)
You need to change the grammar of the sentence.
Think about it…
How can you change the grammar?
How woud you rewrite this?
-Changing the tense is not a good idea.
If you change the tense /time the meaning would be changed.
-Utku says we can change it into a passive!
If we change the sentence into a passive sentence from an active.
Is this active sentencw? ACTIVE. Yes
Look at the word provide”.
In order to change it into a passive there has to be an object. Also beyza said that not just but also
Not only but also…
Not only Ice creambut also apple pie.
I like both. It means that
We can change it into passive if it is active or vise versa.
There is an addition here. We are adding an idea b y not just but also.
Ok everybody now rewrite it.
Bu birinci section. Cuma günü 2 ve 3 var. 2 buçuk sectionı üç. Dört buçuk da iki.
Ok so did u ike the sentence? Im gonna give you 2 more minutes all right…
Lets rewrite the sentence. … lets go
Inci says:
Schools r provided (education services and social services are provided)
If you want to use both,
“both educational and social services are provided by schools in finland”
Is this a nice paraphrase? Yes. We changed the grammar we put finland at the end.. etc
Time and place can come at the beginning of the sentence or the end.
You might change the sentence into passive or active but be careful not all sentences words are able for it.
Be careful sometimes it wont wokrö
In order to find the linking word, if its and addition you can use not only both etc.
Also u can change the time and places.
If you write this sentence will u get full points?
The answer should be : ….
Is this your idea? Your words?
Not your idea but your words.
Where did you get this information from?
You used the text. So you need to cite the author.
Ok so at the beginning ,…
Ok im goınna show you different types of it
What am I gonna use.
…..I always use the last name of the author. When was thre article published? Only the year. 2014
Now this is better.
Instead of this, I could have also added …
Ok let me show you..
“both educational and social facilities are provided by schools in finland.
(Choi, 2014)
Or you can out at the beginning..
Two tyopes of citation.
Direct and in direct.
Is this direct or indirect?
the end of the sentence. So if it was in the beginning it would be direct. But in this example it is not direct.
Ok so lets carry on, this is … can u see it…:
“according to Choi (2014) both educational and social facilities are provided by schools in finland..
Before we carry on with paraphrasing I wanna show you different ways of citation.
Now I have…. Ok have u ever heard of APA? Different ways of citing. It’s a huge booklet. Im gonna show you a part of it.
Look this whole booklet. This whole booklet is for citation. Like a dictionary. When u rgoing to cite you gotta check the APA.
But here we r going to focus on common types of it.
Just have a look at it. In the break…
I have a summary of the most common citation types..
Share it…
Not enough for all.
Take one and pass it on.
There r two types of citation..
We have direct citation and we have indirect citation.
If we have one author, like our article.
We can say for direct citation,
According to jones or
As reported by jones
Or jones states that….
There r reporting words.
Jones highlights that. So these r all different reporting words… if it is an end of text citation.
When u use the surname and the date. Never the name
So if there r two authors what will happen??
Whats the rule?
Names or surnames… ok
So we say research by WEGENER AND PETTY.
So if it is indirect we use simple which is this: &
Ok what happens if there r three to five authors.
Sometimes there are 12 authors. Maybe a complicated research…
You tell me.
So first time you cite the source, to this is three to five.
, cornell, sun,I berry and harlow.
If it is 3 to 5. You cite all surnames using commas.
You do this the first time you r citing. The second time you do this, you might want to ,
You do this: Kernis et al.
Et al means all the others…
First author and for the rest you do this: et al.
You might want to use the source more than once.
This is why
Ok what about more than 5? What we gonna do?
What do u do? If you have 6 or more?
If it si more…
You use the first sirname and carry on with et al.
This is a special situation.:
Sometime in journals like the economist, or the edu… bla bla
You can see the article but you don’t see the name of the author.
Only it is not given. Sometimes in journals , the magazines don’t cite the author.
If you don’t see the name of the author what do we do?
We use quotation marks and the title of the text.
Suppose we didn’t have the name of the author.
And we say according to “title” [ex: what the best “(2014) ]
Next week I will also show you how to cite internet sources.
NOTE FROM ME: I already learned these stuff at my high school second grade. Lol lucky I am.
Lets do some citation practice. R u ready for it?
Its easy don’t worry. Ok so what you see? Opps.
This is the title. This is like umm… btw I brought u some articles… ok?
And this one , article is bout the education system of finland. Check it after the break.
We will read scientific journal articles. So this is the first page of an article and this is the what?
This is the title. And who wrote this article? “author”
Who published it? Elon University. If u r a graduate student…
Ok ok so..
When was the article published? 2011.
If u were supposed to use this article how would u cite it. Everybody write it.
According to….
Cabral.(the surname only) 2011, ….
If it is indirect citation, at the end of the sentence I say Cabral 2011.
Ok clear?
Here is another one:
Who wrote this? Can u see? Waled ..., and Mohd.
Who published it ? journal of ..ç system sbla bkla
How am I gonna cite it? Indirect. It says indirect.
I have my sentence , …. (Al-Rahmi & M..)
Ok how bout this one?
FOUR! Wow ok.
Who published this article? Journal of blab la.
Was published in 2014. Ok so how am I…. cite.. it? Direct /indirect?

Bzzzt error. 404.


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