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Are Paranormal Experiences Worth Listening?

Here we are, with a new topic to discuss on, and a new question to dig into to find a satisfying answer to our deep curiosities... In this post, we will take a look into the spooky pages of human experiences of paranormal issues. Is it only me finding it spooky? Or maybe most of you find it spooky too! Let me know about it down below please.

What is a paranormal experience?

It is when you believe that you have seen something, someone, some energy that is not suitable to the common sense, or when you see /hear some relevant things that are not under your control, that is not acceptable to the daily life, well informed researches, and not something understandable with your "normals".

Can We Trust Our Memory?

I don't think so. This is because we are not perfect animals, plus , we are very easily misinformed by our memories. Sometimes our memories are not even real, sometimes we mess them up as time goes by, and sometimes we make up things in order to convince ourselves even if we do not want to. This all can only be explained via the fact that we humans are not perfect machines. We have more flaws than our perfections.

Shall we be scared?

I would not advice to be so. I am always scared (anxiety disorder) but I don't find it to be acceptable. If something is not a direct threat to me, (except psychological), I should not be afraid of it or be in alert for the possibility of it harming me. This sounds logical to me and that's why I choose this as a fact to myself. If you choose to be afraid of something you have never seen before and something you will most probably never see in the future, then you need to ask yourself two things; 1. Is it worth my time? , and 2. Is it helpful to my limited journey in life? 

What Does Science Say?

As far as my research on the scientific point of view on the paranormal, I understood that science can indeed solve and understand this phenomenon that is indeed a total trick that has been made to us by ourselves. This takes us to our very important part which is our brain and as we try to understand our brains, one thing comes to surface and is a bare fact to be accepted; "We are not perfect and we are not a good memory source." 

Here I found some very proffesionally recorded YouTube content on our topic of "paranormal" and would like to share it with you as I finish my article for this time:

Don't forget to write your opinions on paranormals , down below on the comments section.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun (Blogger, Spotify Musician)

What Would Happen If You Were To Become a Living Virtual Reality?

mFirst of first, Ladies and gentleman, the V.R. (Virtual Reality) is not a simple kid's game anymore. Let's clap! Or shall we clap for it? Maybe it is not as we thought and maybe it is not a fun place where we can spend our free time? Maybe it is so powerful that maybe one day we will become a permenant part of it and maybe if the whole world collapses under the wars of humanity, it will be the only way out for our minds and souls....
File:Samsung's Virtual Reality MWC 2016 Press Conference (26666393696).jpg

Are We Already In It?

I don't think so. But... Who knows ha? Either you like it or not, there is a point of view, a hypothesis that we are indeed living in a virtual "fake" world. The idea supports that there is this huge virtual enviroment named the universe that is made by don't know who and somehow and someone is controlling our simulation and hiding the real world from us. Hmm? I'm not buying it, sorry. 

According to Ivana from, this truth about the religions might be an evidence to the hypothesis "Are we in a simulation?" : 

"Almost universally every religious tradition say that the world has a beginning and the end. That it does not continue forever. That is almost a universal truth throughout the religions."

My personal view upon this is that, I just see this statement as a historical and current truth about the belief systems but nothing more. I do not think that it can be an evidence only itself to the idea of us living in a virtual universe. But... Who knows ha?

"humans will CHOOSE to live in computer simulations, tech firm claims" - The Sun (UK)

"Chip maker company AMD, which runs Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, is banking on virtual reality taking over the world."

Ok, all right, thank you AMD, but why? Why do we need this to take over everything we have? There may be few reasons; Maybe we the humans are very stressed and tired of the real world and the obstacles it has and maybe, just maybe we don't wanna live this life anymore, rich or poor doesn't matter at all.... 

Fast Company also has an opinion on this topic we are discussing, they say this:

"Starting in 2003, graphical virtual worlds like Second Life took the technology world by storm. But while they presented fascinating social, economic, and technological innovations, worlds like Second Life were fundamentally limited–they were 2D, mostly had keyboard-only interfaces, and were often so difficult to learn to use that the vast majority of people who created accounts bailed before spending any meaningful time in-world."

According to Elon Musk, (says BBC) ; "The idea that we live in a simulation has some high-profile advocates. In June 2016, technology entrepreneur Elon Musk asserted that the odds are "a billion to one" against us living in "base reality".

Also, (so that we got into giving a space here for what other websites says...) , According to the website The Verge , someone will take this new trend into something further and will try to do this:

"Next year, artist Mark Farid wants to give up a month of his life to virtual reality. If a crowdfunding campaign succeeds, he’ll spend 28 days in a gallery, wearing a VR headset and a pair of noise-canceling headphones. For the duration of the show, all he’ll experience will be video and audio captured by a complete stranger, going about their daily life. When they eat, he’ll eat. When they sleep, he’ll sleep. As much as modern technology permits, he will let his individual identity evaporate."

-Yunus Emre Vurgun (Blogger & Spotify Artist).

Sources I used:

What Is the Meaning of Life?

To ponder too obstinately what 'the significance of life' may be marks you out as being to some degree overwhelming, abnormal or just credulous. Individuals these days frequently state – once in a while tragically, different occasions all the more forcefully and pessimistically – that 'life simply has no significance.' 640px-Caravaggio.emmaus.750pix Two reasons are regularly refered to for this. The first has to do with religion. Quite a long time ago, so the story goes, life had an unmistakable importance given to us by God: it was tied in with loving Him and living as indicated by His directs. Be that as it may, as religious conviction has declined, has god as far as anyone knows kicked the bucket, as well as alongside him, the significance he once ensured. Present day science is the second reason for the present emergency of significance. Researchers reveal to us that presence, which rose up out of an arbitrary exchange of synthetic concoctions and gases, has meaning, yet it's of a fairly disheartening, determined and restricted sort: for people – with respect to all other living things (like single adaptable cell) – the significance of life is survival and the spread of one's hereditary material. It sounds genuine and in the meantime, particularly purposeless and despairing. Here we need to contend as pursues: to ponder about the significance of life is a critical movement, life has generous importance – and there are, truth be told, a scope of down to earth steps we can take to guarantee we end up driving existences of maximal seriousness. 4611909319_a63a495586_zWe should begin by saying that there is no significance in life outside of that which we can discover independent from anyone else as an animal types. There isn't any sort of target significance written in the stars, in a blessed book or in successions of DNA. What appears to incite individuals to whine that life needs significance are
Image result for life
specific assortments of misery. We should think about some focal models: – You're seeing someone, the force you encountered toward the begin has long gone. You don't appear to discuss anything critical any more or offer powerless sentiments and thoughts. It feels, as you put it, 'pointless'. Or then again else you're single and, however you have numerous companions, each time you see them, the discussion appears to be shallow and trifling. – You are at college considering for a degree. You agreed to accept the course to some extent since you regularly feel confounded about your identity and what you need. You suspected that perusing books and going to addresses would sparkle a light on things, yet the points are dull and disengaged from your disarray. You grumble it feels good for nothing. 152850884_75933f0ef7_z– You're working in an extensive gainful organization and winning a better than average aggregate each week, however the work doesn't appear, in the more terrific plan, essential. By which you mean two things: that you don't appear to have any extraordinary effect to anybody's life and furthermore that there's no significant piece of you that you're ready to bring to, or consolidate in, your work. It should be finished by a robot. From these strands, we can begin to extrapolate a hypothesis of significance. Which means is to be found in three exercises specifically: Communication, Understanding and Service. We should take a gander at correspondence first. We are, commonly, disengaged animals and it creates the impression that a portion of our most significant minutes are to do with occasions of association: with a sweetheart, for instance, when we uncover our close physical and mental selves, or when we shape fellowships where generous certainties about our individual lives can be shared. Or on the other hand on a voyage to another nation, when we hit up a discussion with an outsider and feel an exciting feeling of triumph over semantic and social obstructions. Or on the other hand when we are contacted by books, tunes, and movies that put their fingers on feelings that are profoundly our own yet that we had never seen externalized so unmistakably or perfectly previously. 4175199668_503ba73321_z Then there's the implying that rises by means of comprehension. This is about the joy that can be felt at whatever point we right disarray and puzzlement about ourselves or the world. We may be logical scientists, or business analysts, artists or patients in psychotherapy; the delight of our exercises comes from a typical capacity to guide and understand what was once horrendously new and peculiar. Thirdly, there's administration. A standout amongst the most significant things we can do is to serve other individuals, to endeavor to enhance their lives, either by reducing wellsprings of torment or else by creating new wellsprings of delight. So we may function as heart specialists and mindful each day of the significance of our occupations or else be in an organization that is having a humble however genuine effect to individuals' lives by helping them show signs of improvement night's rest, finding their keys or exciting them tastefully with exquisite furnishings or agreeable tunes. Or then again else our administration may be to companions or our own families, or maybe the earth itself. We're frequently advised to consider ourselves naturally egotistical. In any case, the absolute most important minutes come when we rise above our inner selves and put ourselves at the administration of others – or the planet. One should include that with the goal for administration to feel important, it must be in sync with our local, true interests. Not every person will discover drug or social work, artful dance or visual computerization significant. It's an instance of thinking enough about ourselves to locate our specific way to benefit. 2948910787_45b76f1f76_zArmed with such thoughts, we can move towards characterizing nothing not exactly the significance of life. The significance of life is to seek after human prospering through correspondence, comprehension and administration. So as to have important lives, we can likewise observe that specific things should be in play. We need associations with others: not really sentimental ones (that has been route exaggerated in our general public), however associations or some likeness thereof where the essential things are shared. It may, obviously, be associations with books or tunes. We additionally need a culture helpful for cultivating a comprehension of oneself and the world. The foes of this incorporate being encompassed by broad communications that tosses out confused data or a scholastic situation that advances dead, sterile examinations. 8706928303_5d778a720b_z And in conclusion we need great work, which implies a world loaded up with organizations and associations outfitted towards benefit as well as the help and certified enhancement of mankind. Moreover, we have to assist individuals with discovering their own specific inward 'tune' that they can put into their work, so individuals aren't simply serving fundamentally, however serving such that takes advantage of their genuine advantages. There are, tragically, a great deal of snags to significant lives. In the territory of correspondence: it's things like an over-accentuation on sex, an underplaying of companionship, an absence of neighborliness or a nonappearance of feeding society. It's likewise, at an inside dimension, bugs in one's passionate programming that make one reluctant to draw near to other people. In the zone of comprehension, it's an absence of good media, a doubt of reflection and psychotherapy, and a vainglorious and disengaged scholarly world. 1037806418_1411f870ac_oAnd in the territory of administration, it's an over-overstated worry for cash in people and organizations that puts the emphasis on monetary profit over the authentic needs of others. It's excessively substantial frameworks in which the individual is lost and can't see the effect of his or her work. Furthermore, inside, it may be around an inward hesitancy, highbrow character or a pursue the-crowd attitude, which keeps one from appropriately becoming more acquainted with oneself and one's bona fide abilities. To fabricate a progressively significant world, we need to put the accentuation on enthusiastic training, on network, on a culture of reflection and on an increasingly genuine sort of free enterprise. We might not have important lives yet, but rather it's key to certify that the idea of a significant life is prominently conceivable – and that it includes components that can be unmistakably named and slowly battled for.

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How to lie good

well well well, so here you are reading a post about LIES. How nice of you.
I'm not gonna keep you long, so let's get into the title "how to lie".
Grab a pen and a pencil. Now decide the exact sentence that is simple but that contains the lie.
For example: "I am sick, I can not go to school today."
Image result for lieAll right, now dont overthink on it and write it on the paper. After that you need to read it aloud to yourself ten times with really believing in it. The more you say the sentence, the more you agree with it. And it becomes something that you passionately believe in. It is called brainwashing. But... yea yourself.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun (Spotify/Itunes artist , blogger)

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History of India

India is a place where there is antiquated human advancement. India's social, financial, and social designs are the results of a long procedure of local development. Indian history starts with the introduction of the Indus Valley Civilization and the happening to the Aryans. These two stages are typically portrayed as the pre-Vedic and Vedic age. Hinduism emerged in the Vedic time frame.

The fifth century saw the unification of India under Ashoka, who had changed over to Buddhism, and it is in his reign that Buddhism spread in numerous parts of Asia. In the eighth century Islam came to India out of the blue and by the eleventh century had immovably settled itself in India as a political power. It came about into the development of the Delhi Sultanate, which was at long last prevailing by the Mughal Empire, under which India indeed accomplished an expansive proportion of political solidarity.

Image result for History of IndiaIt was in the seventeenth century that the Europeans came to India. This corresponded with the crumbling of the Mughal Empire, preparing for provincial states. In the challenge for matchless quality, the English developed 'victors'. The Rebellion of 1857-58, which tried to reestablish Indian matchless quality, was squashed; and with the ensuing delegated of Victoria as Empress of India, the consolidation of India into the realm was finished. It was trailed by India's battle for autonomy, which we got in the year 1947.

India Timeline

Indian course of events takes us on a voyage of the historical backdrop of the subcontinent. Directly from the old India, which included Bangladesh and Pakistan, to the free and partitioned India, this course of events covers every single viewpoint identified with the past just as present of the nation. Peruse on further to investigate the course of events of India.

Financial History of India

Indus valley development, which prospered between 2800 BC and 1800 BC, had a progressed and thriving monetary framework. The Indus valley individuals rehearsed farming, trained creatures, made instruments and weapons from copper, bronze and tin and even exchanged with some Middle East nations.

Medieval Indian History

After the passing of Harsha the Rajputs became a force to be reckoned with on the political skylines of North India. The Rajputs were known for their fortitude and valor yet family fights and solid thoughts of individual pride regularly came about into clashes. The Rajputs debilitated each other by steady wrangling.


Ruler Akbar, otherwise called Akbar the Great or Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar, was the third head of the Mughal Empire, after Babur and Humayun. He was the child of Nasiruddin Humayun and succeeded him as the head in the year 1556, when he was just 13 years of age.

Shah Jahan

Shah Jahan, otherwise called Shahbuddin Mohammed Shah Jahan, was a Mughal Emperor who controlled in the Indian Subcontinent from 1628 to 1658. He was the fifth Mughal ruler, after Babur, Humayun, Akbar and Jahangir. Shah Jahan succeeded the position of authority subsequent to rebelling against his dad, Jahangir.

Chhatrapati Shivaji

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was the originator of the Maratha Empire in western India. He is viewed as one of the best warriors of his time and even today, accounts of his adventures are described as a piece of the fables. Ruler Shivaji utilized the guerrilla strategies to catch a piece of, the at that point, overwhelming Mughal realm.

Old India

The History of India starts with the Indus Valley Civilization and the happening to the Aryans. These two stages are commonly depicted as the pre-Vedic and Vedic periods. The soonest artistic source that reveals insight into India's past is the Rig Veda. It is hard to date this work with any precision based on custom and uncertain galactic data contained in the psalms.

Present day Indian History

Amid the late sixteenth and the seventeenth Centuries, the European exchanging organizations in India contended with one another fiercely. By the last quarter of the eighteenth Century the English had beaten all others and set up themselves as the predominant power in India. The British directed India for a time of around two centuries and achieved progressive changes in the social, political and the monetary existence of the nation.


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Ge├ž Roma ─░mparatorlu─ču Tarihi M.S. 284 - 641

yeni kitap ald─▒m. 700 sayfa. Cehaletim belki biraz azal─▒r. Pek umudum yok ama olsun. Bitirince hakk─▒nda yaz─▒ yazar─▒m.

freud'a g├Âre sigara i├žmenin yararlar─▒ var. (bence de)

Bildi─činiz ├╝zere, entel dantel g├Âz├╝kmek isteyen b├╝t├╝n g*t ├╝niversite ├Â─črencilerinin belli konu┼čma konular─▒ vard─▒r. Genellikle k─▒zlar─▒ tavlamak ama├žl─▒d─▒r. Bunlardan biri de Sigmund Freud'un bizzat kendisinin surat─▒d─▒r. O surat m├╝barektir. ├ç├╝nk├╝ Freud , onu bilmeyenler i├žin bir ikondur. Bunun sebebi ise onun karizmatik kellesidir elbette.

Image result for freud
Bu yaz─▒mda sizlerle "kutsal Freud'un" sigara ve t├╝t├╝n ├╝zerine ya─čd─▒rd─▒─č─▒ metiyeleri ele alaca─č─▒m. Benden daha fazla sigara i├žmiyodur zaten ama olsun (what?).

“Smoking is indispensable if one has nothing to kiss” : "Sigara i├žmet ka├ž─▒n─▒lmazd─▒r, e─čer ├Âpecek bir ┼čeyiniz yoksa." (k─▒z arkada┼č / kad─▒n ) - Freud

"My boy! Smoking is one of the greatest and cheapest enjoyments in life, and if you decide in advance not to smoke, i can only feel sorry for you." : "Evlat! Sigara i├žmek hayattaki en b├╝y├╝k ve en ucuz e─člencelerden biridir ve e─čer sen i├žmemeye karar verdiysen , sana yapabilece─čim tek ┼čey ac─▒makt─▒r."

dipnot: sigara sa─čl─▒─ča zararl─▒d─▒r. B─▒rakmak i├žin eczac─▒n─▒zla g├Âr├╝┼č├╝n├╝z. 

Capitalism is in my veins right now!!! hurrayy

 I can't believe I am this happy. I just bought a smartphone from internet and also a VR HEADSET! wooooo. I am full of happiness right now. Full of dopamine and all those hormones and adrenalin tooo! I am the happiest person I guessssss.

Edit: Unfortunately, the capitalist son of a b*tch style psychological situation I had a second ago is no longer functioning so that I came back to the hard ground of reality. According to the reality, I just went bankrupt by buying these. Anyways, they might help me kill some free time.

Note: Don't try this at home.

How to understand written ingredients in packet foods

Sometimes there is that single drink that you'd like to dig into how it is made or maybe you felt bad after eating a certain thing you bought from the market,  you may find your eyes howering on the ingredients list stamped on the can or the cover of the product.

Image result for food ingredientsThose ingredients are mostly complicated even if in some cases they are simplified in brackets, it is not enought to  understand. What you can do is basically finding reliable resources that will briefly explain you what you need to know. For example, most ingredients are written in their chemical names and you may not know or remember the background of it. It is fine. For example I found this (link below) website to understand some basic chemistry terms that may help you too.

In other cases you might need a chemistry dictionary for extra terms. 

Secret Symbolism in Disney

Image result for Secret Symbolism in disneyRelated imageImage result for Secret Symbolism in disney

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What is the truth behind Artificial Intelligence & Elon Musk?

Related imageIn one of his interviews publicly accessable on youtube, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla electric cars , PayPal , SpaceX and etc. , has been asked about A.I. and in that answer Elon warned the people working on A.I. to be careful to not lose control over it and to not be enslaved by the high intelligence of the artificial intelligence machines in the future. Also he warns that a new world war, the world war 3 may start due to the race in the industry of intelligence technologies and such high tech issues that may cause tention between countries in the first hand.

Related imageDid you know that once Elon Musk got millions of dollar support from the US government to save Tesla car company from crash?

Related imageDid you know that sending the falcon rockets to space saved both of his companies Tesla and SpaceX? He actually advertised a car by shooting it to space with a plastic astronaut sitting in it! Also his rockets returned to earth (exactly where he wanted them to land).


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roman denemesi no #009312

1. B├ľL├ťM

G├╝zel bir sonbahar ak┼čam─▒yd─▒. Hava hafif bulutlu, sokaklar ise g├╝ne┼čli yaz g├╝nlerinden biraz daha az insanla doluydu. ┼×ehirin insanlar─▒ k─▒┼ča haz─▒rl─▒k yap─▒yorlard─▒. Gerek giyim ku┼čam olsun, gerekse de ge├žim olsun. ├ťst├╝ kapal─▒ arabalar─▒n say─▒s─▒ art─▒m─▒┼čt─▒. ├ç├╝nk├╝ ya─čmur bast─▒rd─▒─č─▒nda ├╝st├╝ a├ž─▒k bir otomobil s├╝rmek pek de kullan─▒┼čl─▒ ve konforlu de─čildi ne de olsa. Vehbi i├žin de durumlar herkeste oldu─ču gibi benzer ┼čartlar─▒ gerektiriyordu. Mesela art─▒k okula giderken ince spor ayakkab─▒ giymeyecek, k─▒sa kollu ti┼č├Ârt ile a├ž─▒k havada durmayacakt─▒. Ne de olsa kimse so─čukta titremek ve ├╝┼č├╝mekten ho┼čnut de─čildir de─čil mi? Durum okulun servis ┼čof├Ârleri i├žin de benzerdi. ├ľrne─čin servis ┼čof├Âr├╝n├╝n sabah rutinine yeni bir ┼čey eklenmi┼čti. Art─▒k ├Â─črencileri evlerinden toplamaya ba┼člamadan ├Ânce klimalar─▒ ─▒s─▒tma moduna almal─▒ ve ├Â─črenciler araca bindiklerinde onlar─▒n s─▒cak hissetmelerini sa─člamal─▒yd─▒. Ayn─▒ zamanda , ├Â─črenciler indikten sonra da klimalar─▒ kapatmal─▒yd─▒ ┼čof├Ârler. Bo┼ča benzin gitmesini istememek konusunda yeterince hakl─▒yd─▒lar. ─░sraf herkes i├žin zararlara sebebiyet verirdi. Vehbi , yeni botlar─▒n─▒ silmeye ba┼člad─▒. Bu botlar onu k─▒┼č g├╝nlerinde ─▒slanmaktan koruyacakt─▒. ├çoraplar─▒ s─▒cak ve rahat olacakt─▒. Bir ├žift bot bile ne kadar k─▒ymetliydi asl─▒nda. Bu k─▒ymet, e┼čyan─▒n kendisinden daha ├žok, sahibine sundu─ču olumlu ┼čeylerden dolay─▒yd─▒ muhakkak. Her ┼čey k─▒ymetliydi. Sadece o k─▒ymeti bulabilmekti mesele.

Am I a worthless piece of sh*t? Yes.

Here we are again with this new blog post of ours ladies and gentleman. Today we will discuss the amount of uselessness I personally have as the writer of this blog. It took quite a few minutes for me to measure the very high level of worthlessness and needlessness I have / I am. I proffessionally succeeded on it and I ended up with the very conclusion that I am 99.9% worthless + not needed on earth. This took a bunch of mathematics you know. Ah, no problem at all I done that already.

Why Am I Worthless?

Because I am an 18 year old sack of sh*t and I smell of it. I am an UNSUCCESSFULL student at university and most probably will fail forever and on and if I don't succeed at getting a job and earning money with my tie and suit, I am even more worthless and not good to be respected at all (so does my mom says ). And guess what else I am? A WASTE OF RESOURCES! Also, it is not a good idea for me to commit suicide so that trying it will cause more damage to the society. No need to spend the resources of public right? A bullet is a bullet, a knife is a knife. So thats not a good idea at all. So what is? Don't know.

Two Options

For me , in this situation of mine, I have two general choices upon the future of my life. I either become a capitalist psychopath with a lot of money in my pocket and a big tall skyscraper called my company, or I will spend the rest of my life being a useless pile of bullsh*t.

If I choose to be a pile of...

This also has more possibility compared to becoming a successfull capitalist god I described above. There are a couple of ways to live as a sack of sh*t; street boy with illegal dirt and harming the society as much as I can, OR know that I am a pain in the ass for the society and do my best to hide with minimum usage of resources and minimum harm to them till I die (hopefully). OR be in middle of these two sh*t options. That's more likely to happen.

Meaning of life and my existence

Simple, meaning of life is suffering and the meaning for my existence is to be the useless sh*t my mom can spit some truth on. Whta kind of truth?  Well, that I am useless as f*ck.

only thing I do is to write this blog and produce music. nothing worthy.


Yunus Emre Vurgun ( founder and owner.)

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Nas─▒l Ya┼čanmaz? (T├╝rk├že Versiyonu)


Ya┼čad─▒─č─▒m─▒z bu hayatta bir ├žok karma┼č─▒k durum ve belirli ┼čeyler vard─▒r. Daha ├Ânce hi├ž "nas─▒l ya┼čamal─▒y─▒m?" sorusu yerine "nas─▒l ya┼čamamal─▒y─▒m?" diye sordunuz mu kendinize? Pekala, bug├╝n bunu sizler i├žin ben yapt─▒m ve baz─▒ kaynaklar─▒ , kendi d├╝┼č├╝ncelerimi sizler i├žin yazd─▒m. Sayg─▒lar─▒mla sunar─▒m: Nas─▒l Ya┼čanmaz?

─░lk olarak temel insani konular─▒ /ilgi alanlar─▒n─▒ ele almal─▒y─▒z.

1. Biyolojik ─░htiya├žlar

Her┼čeyden ├Ânce, ihtiyac─▒m─▒z olan zararl─▒ malzemeleri ve kansere sebep olan maddeleri ele almal─▒y─▒z. ─░lk ├Ânce onlar─▒ rutinimize eklemeliyiz de─čil mi?

Baylar ve bayanlar , i┼čte bu kendimize zarar vermek i├žin ihtiyac─▒m─▒z olan ┼čey. Asla kendimize zarar vermeniz i├žin gerekenleri k├╝├ž├╝msemeyin. K─▒zarm─▒┼č et yemek ,├žabuk ├Âlmeniz i├žin size yard─▒mc─▒ olacakt─▒r. Kimyasallardan ve zehirli maddelerden ├╝retilen ├Âiftlik sebzeleri ihtiyac─▒m─▒z olan ┼čeydir. Ayr─▒ca kendimizi daha iyi kand─▒rabilmemiz i├žin "organik" damgal─▒ yeni reklam kayna─č─▒  olan ├╝r├╝nleri t├╝ketmeliyiz. D├╝zeni olarak b*k yiyin ve tamamen organik oldu─čunuzu kan─▒tlay─▒n. ─░┼čte bunlar, nas─▒l ya┼čamaman─▒z gerekti─či konusunda b├╝y├╝k fayda sa─člayacakt─▒r.

2. Medya ve Çok Satan Kitaplar (popüler yayınlar)

Bu olduk├ža ├Ânemli. M├╝kemmel yanl─▒┼č bilgiler edinebilmeniz i├žin d├╝zenli olarak pop├╝ler haberleri dinlemeli ve pop├╝ler gazeteleri okumal─▒s─▒n─▒z. ├ťlke fark etmez yeter ki pop├╝ler olsun. Bunun sayesinde kolayca geri zekel─▒ ve cahil kalabilirsiniz! Oley! Ayr─▒ca sadece ├žok satan kitaplar─▒ okumal─▒s─▒n─▒z ve kesinlikle di─čer sa├žma kitaplara bakmamal─▒s─▒n─▒z bile! Medya peygamberinizdir. ─░┼čte bu! Evet!

3. Okulda ba┼čar─▒l─▒ olun, kutsal hocalar─▒n─▒z her ┼čeyi bilir. 

Bu bir ├╝st seviyeye ├ž─▒kman─▒z i├žin ├Ânemlidir. Okulun d─▒┼č─▒na sak─▒n ├ž─▒kmay─▒n. Asla uyumsuz olmay─▒n. H─▒zl─▒ ilerlemeyin. Ne deniyorsa itaat edin. Bu ├žok ├Ânemli.

4. Size kar┼č─▒t d├╝┼č├╝nenleri ta┼člay─▒n ve gebertin

Kar┼č─▒t g├Âr├╝┼čler yok olmal─▒d─▒r. Sizin o konu hakk─▒nda bilginiz olup olmamas─▒ ├Ânemli de─čildir. Sadece sald─▒r─▒n ve asla ama asla kendinizi sorgulamay─▒n. Siz tanr─▒s─▒n─▒z ve siz her ┼čeyi bilirsiniz!

5. Asla de─či┼čme

4. maddeyi takip et, sak─▒n de─či┼čeyim deme, sen zaten m├╝kemmelsin ve akl─▒na yatmayan bir ┼čey oldu─čunda ├╝st├╝ne kafa yorma sen zaten en ak─▒ll─▒s─▒n.

6. Nefret et

Herkesten ve her ┼čeyden nefret etmelisin. Sen tek do─črusun arkada┼č─▒m. Bunu sak─▒n ama sak─▒n unutma. ├ľzellikle daha ├Ânce de─čindi─čim insanlardan nefret et.

7. Sigara z─▒kk─▒md─▒r fakat tehlikeli ve yasak maddeler ├žok haval─▒! De─čil mi?

Sigara olduk├ža zararl─▒. Unutma ki sigara i├žen insanlar ┼čeytand─▒r ve sald─▒r─▒lmay─▒ hak ederler. Cahil k├Âpeklerdir onlar. Sen en do─črusunu bilirsin. Onlara a─č─▒zlar─▒n─▒n pay─▒n─▒ ver ve sigaradan daha tehlikeli ve ├Âl├╝mc├╝l olan pop├╝ler ve yasa d─▒┼č─▒ maddelerin reklam─▒n─▒ d├╝nyan─▒n her yerinde yap ki insanlar senin m├╝kemmel zekan─▒ fark etsin dostum. Sen her ┼čeyi en iyi biliyorsun ├ž├╝nk├╝!

-Yunus Emre Vurgun (en b├╝y├╝k d├╝┼čman─▒n─▒z)

How Not To Live (english version)

There are a lot of complex situations and certain things in this life of ours. Have you ever wondered how not to live instead of how to live this life? Well, I've done that for you today and I searched some resources and thought about it a while and here it is, my new creation; How Not To Live!

First we need to take the basic humane interests.

1. Biological Needs 

First of all, we need harmful ingredients for this such as bad eating habits and cancer causing substances. We first need to add these to our routine shall we?
Related image
This is what we really need to harm ourselves ladies and gentleman. Don't underestimate the importance of what you need to harm yourself well. Eating fried meat will help you to die faster. Eating vegetables that are made of chemicals and poisonously grown in dirty farms are all we need. Also we need to eat organic lasbeled food in order to fool ourselves with this new advertisement name "organic." So eat some sh*t to be fully organic every day. Either of these will help you how not to live your life.

2. Media and best selling books

This is very important. You will need to listen to the public news and read public newspapers to get misinformed perfectly. This will help you to get stupid and be ignorant. Other than this you ONLY need to read the best selling books and not other nonsense. This will help you to be a sheep in the flock of zombies. Don't ever worry , you will be brainwashed with nonsense and anti-intellectual issues that has no good to anyone. Be sure to follow these steps. Media is your prophet.

3. Be good at school and obey your holy teachers' words

This is also very fundemental to achive a higher level on "How Not To Live". From the beginning of your educational life, study ALL the books that your teacher gives you and obey ALL of the instructions given to you. This is very critical. Do not ever try to learn something faster, always know that your teachers and school system cares about you as a person. Don't ever doubt, ok?

4. Judge everything you can find about a person that does not think like you.

This is the new meaning of your life my dear friend. You need to be good at this mission and adapt your brain to be suitable with this command. What you need to do is basic. Just learn how to hate people you see around or on the media that are not thinking like you even if you don't know a sh*t about the topic. Don't forget this; if your school and family background and your life style are not matching with some people or a person, beat them to death. This has very high importance. For example, beat someone to death if he/she does not support your ideas and what you need to use as a wepon is the non related mistakes and little details that will hurt that person. This way, you will kill him/her with your words and win the fight.

5. Never change

As we are getting closer to the last steps of being a butth*le (how not to live) , keep in mind; you shall never change yourself or judge yourself. NEVER! You are the God, Jesus and Zeus. Follow the instructions on the 4th step for more details. This will keep you strong and your enemies (the healthy and curious/different people) will die in depression soon.

6. Cigarettes are harmful but weed and illegal sh*t are good for everyone,

Never ever forget this. One of your duties is to stop the tobacco industry by sh*tting on the face of smokers. Your second mission is to promote the most harmful sh*t around. Because know that the most harmful things in this planet are tobacco and opposite beliefs. For example , smoke the deadly weed and heroin in front of tobacco smokers and spit them with cancer photos caused by tobacco smoking. Keep this in mind, tobacco is full of deadly chemicals and the smokers are demons and idiots. They are ignorant and you need to teach them the truth about healthy (!) weed and drugs. Tobacco smokers are dying every second and this is a reason for you to hate smokers. Smokers shall be dead and you can kill them with your high self esteem. This is important my friend. Promote organic carrots and meat against the cigarettes and the demons who smoke it. Keep this in mind; the relief of the smoke and how depressed those people are not your problem. It is not a thing to think about. They are all just stupid demons. They are ignorant and dangerous. You are the one and only God.

6. Hate 

This is the last step. After applying this, you will become the award winner of The How Not To Live awards program. What you need to do is very simple. Hate everyone and everything. Believe in yourself. Remember this; you are perfect, you are not ignorant , you are right , you have the best brain, you are not a dumbass b*tch. If a demon with some not best selling books and not popular information approaches you, and if that person has a cigarette in his/her mouth, kill them with your toungue. You are the God and the system is your holy book.

Here is your certificate Sir./Madam:

-Yunus Emre Vurgun (your best enemy)

Sunday, December 16, 2018

H├╝rku┼č - G├Âklerdeki Kahraman Film Ele┼čtirisi

Vecihi balkan harbine g├Ân├╝ll├╝ asker olarak kat─▒lm─▒┼čt─▒r ve trenle harbe giderlerken bir hava sald─▒r─▒s─▒na u─črarlar. Bu onu derinden etkilemi┼čtir ve art─▒k delicesine u├žmak istemektedir. Komutanlara ─▒srar eder ve sonunda istedi─čini elde eder. Tayyare okulundan mezun olur. Ayn─▒ zamanda onun ─▒srarlar─▒n─▒ kabul eden albay─▒n k─▒z─▒na a┼č─▒k olur. Ayn─▒ havac─▒l─▒─ča oldu─ču gibi.

Film Vecihi H├╝rku┼č'un torununun g├Âz├╝nden ba┼člar. K─▒sacas─▒ ge├žmi┼če yolculuk, bir "flashback" t├╝r├╝ndedir film. Albay─▒n k─▒z─▒ ile s├Âzlenirler gizlicene. Ona y├╝z├╝─č├╝ takt─▒ktan sonra harbe gider Vecihi ve bu onun ilk ger├žek s─▒namas─▒ olacakt─▒r havac─▒l─▒k a├ž─▒s─▒ndan. S├Âzl├╝s├╝n├╝n foto─čraf─▒n─▒ ├Âper ve bombalar ya─čadursun, o u├ža─č─▒na atlar ve havalan─▒r...U├ža─č─▒n ├Ân koltu─čunda ilk siyahi pilot ve arkadaki koltukta makineli silah─▒n ba┼č─▒nda Vecihi...
Image result for H├â┬╝rku├ů┬čSava┼č esnas─▒nda ├Âl├╝mden d├Âner ve ruslar taraf─▒ndan esir al─▒narak y─▒lanl─▒ adaya s├╝rg├╝n edilir. Ama├žlar─▒ esirleri y─▒lanlara yem etmektir fakat Vecihi kafaya koymu┼čtur ka├žmay─▒. K─▒┼čk─▒rtarak onu da adan─▒n ├Âl├╝m b├Âlgesine yollamalar─▒n─▒ ister. Y─▒lanlara yem olacaklar─▒n aras─▒na girer. Burada tan─▒┼čt─▒─č─▒ arkada┼člar─▒ ile ka├žmay─▒ kafaya koyarlar. Rus askerleri aras─▒nda bir de azeri t├╝rk├╝ vard─▒r ve onun i├žine bir vatan sevgisi a┼č─▒larlar. Bunun ard─▒ndan rus ordusundaki o t├╝rk onlara ka├žmalar─▒ i├žin yard─▒m eder. ├ť├ž arkada┼čtan biri ├Âl├╝r.

Olaylar geli┼čir ve kurtulu┼č sava┼č─▒n─▒ ba┼člatacak olan i┼čgal g├╝nleri gelir. Vecihi g├Âklerde s├╝z├╝lmeye hep devam eder....


Senaryo ve oyuncular─▒n rollerini benimseyi┼či olduk├ža b├╝y├╝leyici. Film alan─▒nda b├╝y├╝k ba┼čar─▒lar elde ediyoruz ├╝lke olarak. Bu ├žok ky,─▒ymetli bana g├Âre. U├žak sahneleri filmin ba┼člar─▒nda ├žok ger├žek├ži gelmemi┼čti. Fakat filmin ileriki sahnelerindeki u├žak g├Âr├╝nt├╝leri olduk├ža etkileyiciydi. Ana karakterin rol├╝n├╝ olduk├ža ba┼čar─▒l─▒ oynay─▒┼č─▒ filmin ak─▒┼č─▒n─▒n bozulmadan ve izleyiciyi s─▒kmadan devam etmesini sa─člad─▒ bana g├Âre. ─░zleyici bir sonraki sahneyi beklemekten daha ├žok ba┼č roldekinin bir sonraki kahramanl─▒─č─▒n─▒ bekler konuma geldi ve bu olduk├ža ba┼čar─▒l─▒d─▒r.

Funny! Orchestra plays Microsoft Windows™ - the waltz

olmayacak i┼čler vard─▒r

mesela , a┼č─▒k oldu─čun bir k─▒z var ve i├žten i├že ┼čunu biliyorsun ki o k─▒z seninle beraber olmayacak ├ž├╝nk├╝ fazla g├╝zel ho┼č veya zengin veya sadece biliyorsun ki o k─▒z─▒n d─▒┼ča vurdu─ču davran─▒┼člar─▒ senin ona yapaca─č─▒n a├ž─▒l─▒m─▒ ters tepecek bir ki┼či oldu─čuna dair iou├žlar─▒na sahip.

Is Time Travel Really Possible?


Bu bir video inceleme yaz─▒s─▒d─▒r arkada┼člar─▒m. Enes Batur oldu─ču i├žin haripsemeyin hemen bende ba┼čta ├Ân yarg─▒yla yakla┼čt─▒m ve kesin g─▒rg─▒r ┼čamata videosudur dedim ama orijinal bir videoymu┼č. Bu sefer komiklik kuru kalmam─▒┼č. Bir emek var ve bunu ge├žtim , izleyene bir ho┼čnutluk veriyor. Bizim mahalle g─▒rg─▒rlar─▒n─▒n ├ž├Âle ta┼č─▒nm─▒┼č versiyonu. Ak─▒l etmi┼čler b├Âyle fantastik bir ┼čey ├ž─▒kartm─▒┼člar. Art─▒k videolar─▒n dislike say─▒lar─▒na bakm─▒yorum. Neden mi? ├ç├╝nk├╝ ├Âl├╝mle bo─ču┼čan k─▒za bile binlerce dislike ya─č─▒yor. Yuh. Neyse konudan sapmayal─▒m....

ibadette s─▒n─▒r tan─▒m─▒yoruz... ambians da misss gibi ├ž├Âl. eski zamanlara yolculuk...

Video genel olarak ┼č├Âyle, pat diye kadrajda ├ž├Âl ve bizimkiler ├ž─▒k─▒yor. Arkada g─▒rg─▒r geliyor tarz─▒ bir mistik melodi. Daha ├žok 7 nation army'nin cover versiyonu (├ž├Âl cover) gibi bir melodi. Ard─▒ndan bizimkilerden birinin aya─č─▒ kumda kayar ve "cringe" komik videomuz ba┼člar. Ho┼č video. Baz─▒ kareler yakalamaya ├žal─▒┼čaca─č─▒m bakal─▒m videodan ho┼č ve orijinal neleri dikkat edip de kaydedece─čim g├Ârece─čiz....
Mesela buraya eklemiyor olsam da bir kemik y─▒─č─▒n─▒ buluyorlar ├ž├Âlde. O da ho┼č. Amcas─▒ direkt olarak , "insan kemikleri" diye at─▒l─▒yor ger├ži ┼čakas─▒na....
Neyse bakal─▒m kamp yerine ula┼čabilecekler mi ├╝├ž├╝. Yani kameraman da var onu unutmayal─▒m de─čil mi?
500 ml su mataras─▒ ile bedevilerin kamp alan─▒na ula┼čabilecekler mi acaba? Elindeki metal matara yar─▒m litrelik fakat bu su yeterli mi sizce?
Videonun bu sahnesinden sonra ├žal─▒l─▒klara gidip bakacaklar. Neden bakacaklar ki? Ku┼č yumurtalar─▒ ar─▒yorlar. E─čer bir ├žal─▒da ku┼č yumurtas─▒ bulurlarsa bu video konsepti i├žin iyi bir izleyici kayna─č─▒ olu┼čturacak. Bakal─▒m bulabilecekler mi!
Enesin amcas─▒ iki tane b├Âcek buldu. Ate┼č yakmay─▒ deneyeceklerdi, bu esnada g├Ârd├╝kleri b├╝y├╝k kuru ├žal─▒ya elini uzatan Enes'in amcas─▒ iki tane b├Âcek fark etti. Acaba b├Âceklerin k─▒p─▒rdamam─▒┼č olmas─▒n─▒n bir nedeni var m─▒? Belki de do─čal bir savunma mekanizmalar─▒ vard─▒r ve tehlike alt─▒nda ├Âl├╝ taklidi yap─▒yorlard─▒r....

Neyse kampa vard─▒lar.


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Dr. Frankl'e ├Âzg├╝ yorumlar

Victor Frankl, alman 2. d├╝nya sava┼č─▒ toplama kamplar─▒ndan sa─č olarak kurtulabilmi┼č ve bunun ├╝zerine insan─▒n anlam aray─▒┼č─▒ ad─▒nda bir kitap kaleme alm─▒┼č ├╝nl├╝ psikiyatristtir. Bu yaz─▒mda onun bu kitab─▒ndan al─▒nt─▒lar bulacaks─▒n─▒z.

─░nsanl─▒kd─▒┼č─▒ toplama kamplar─▒nda uzun s├╝re kalan bir tutuklu olarak, kendini, ├ž─▒plak varolu┼ča soyunmu┼č olarak bulmu┼čtur Frankl.
"ya┼čad─▒─č─▒m ┼čeyleri yazma sorumlulu─čunu hissettim, ├ž├╝nk├╝ umutsuzlu─ča yatk─▒n olan insanlara yararl─▒ olabilece─čini d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝m. "
"bana hi├žbir zaman ├╝n sa─člamayacak ┼čekilde isimsiz olarak yay─▒nlanmas─▒n─▒ ama├žlad─▒─č─▒m bu kitab─▒n b├Âylesine bir ba┼čan kazanmas─▒ benim a├ž─▒mdan garip ve dikkate de─čer bir olay."
Image result for Dr. Franklbug├╝n bestseller (en ├žok satan kitap) konumundaki kitab─▒m─▒, kendi a├ž─▒mdan bir ba┼čar─▒ olarak de─čil, daha ├žok, ├ža─č─▒m─▒z─▒n i├žinde bulundu─ču ac─▒nas─▒ durumun bir d─▒┼čavurumu olarak g├Ârd├╝─č├╝m├╝ s├Âylemekten ibarettir;
 “Ba┼čany─▒ ama├žlamay─▒n. Bunu ne kadar ama├ž haline getirip bir hedefe d├Ân├╝┼čt├╝r├╝rseniz, ka├ž─▒rma olas─▒l─▒─č─▒n─▒z da o kadar artar. ├ç├╝nk├╝ mutluluk gibi ba┼čann─▒n da pe┼činden ko┼ča- mazs─▒n─▒z; kendisi ortaya ├ž─▒kmal─▒, kendisi olu┼čmal─▒"

- Aram─▒zda t─▒p mesle─činden olanlar─▒n ilk ├Â─črendi─či ┼čey buydu: "Kitaplar yalan s├Âyl├╝yor!" ─░nsan─▒n, ┼ču kadar saat uyumaks─▒z─▒n ya┼čayamayaca─č─▒ s├Âylenirdi. Kesinlikle yanl─▒┼č! Kesinlikle yapamayaca─č─▒m ┼čevler oldu─čuna inan─▒rd─▒m: ┼×unsuz uyuyamam ya da ┼čununla veya bununla ya┼čayamam....-

"Victor Frank ,Avusturyal─▒ n├Ârolog ve psikiyatr. Varolu┼č├žu psikolojinin bir ┼čekli olan ve "Psikoterapinin ├ť├ž├╝nc├╝ Viyana Okulu" olarak da bilinen logoterapinin kurucusudur". -Wiki

-Yunus Emre Vurgun

Joe Hadsall: 'tourists,' '12 Monkeys' demonstrate how time travel is done smartly

No influence discovered, are attempting new keyword!I actually have a adulation-hate relationship with time go back and forth in sci-fi tv suggests, principally since the possibility-accolade aspect is so excessive. back executed neatly, a time-travel artifice will also be brilliant, mystifying and deeply satisfyi...

Scientists try to shop woolly Monkeys from afterlife … by way of practising Them to Be agrarian once again 

 Colombia's Andes Mountains was loaded with flora and fauna, together with South america's sole endure breed, the spectacle undergo, and the abundance tapir, which lives simplest in the world's maximum altitudes. 
 You couldn't stroll a mile in the jungle with out seeing a woolly monkey – huge, agile and absorbing primates with effective lengthy cape. 
 Now, the breed is complicated to passage. over the last 50 years, habitat accident, poaching and smuggling for adoption as pets accept all decimated Colombia's woolly monkey populations. Andean bristling monkeys are liable to extinction within the next aeon, scientists say. they have got already abolished entirely in some ingredients of Colombia. 
 abating Colombia's jungles 
 To keep the woolly monkey, Colombian natural world and environmental companies teamed up with scientists like us from the class of close wooded area anatomy and Primatology at Colombia's institution of the Andes. 
 In baronial 2017, we released six bound woolly monkeys into the forests of southern Huila, a few 12-hour force south of Bogota, the capital. This jungle-lined region became once home to many troops of these resplendent primates. Now they are clearly absent. 
 We wanted to peer if animals built-in in the wild, captured through traffickers and confiscated by means of Colombian authorities might be trained to are living there once again. 
 releasing animals who've hung out in captivity is harmful. commonly, they lack the behaviors necessary to live to tell the tale within the agrarian, reminiscent of cocky-defense and bonding innovations. 
 according to a complete evaluation of natural world reintroduction courses worldwide, only 26 percent are a hit. most either abort absolute – the animals die – or do not remaining satisfactory to consider the fate of the released animals. 
 To aid us improve a practising plan for promoting natural behaviors, we aboriginal spent over a 12 months staring at dozens of bound bristling monkeys at zoos and sanctuaries throughout Colombia. 
 We saw that abounding woolly monkeys had develop into comparatively clumsy climbers, and as opposed to are seeking out meals they tended to wait for his or her caretakers to augment them. they had additionally lost the capability to passage and abscond predators. 
 hope for woolly monkeys 
 after a year of assessing their conduct, we chose 11 candidates for viable reintegration into the wild in keeping with their changeable viability, strength, fitness and non-attachment to people. 
 all the way through the six-month rehabilitation system, we acclimated what we name,environmental accessory" to instill survival skills among these bristling monkeys. 
 To in the reduction of time spent lolling on the ground and motivate mountaineering, we placed the monkeys' food high up on platforms apish bushes. We also promoted bonding with the aid of placing pairs of bristling monkeys together in,socialization cages," which inspires them to groom each and every other and interact one-on-one. A scientist from the institution of the Andes looking at captive woolly monkeys as a part of Colombia's wildlife reintegration software. credit score: M├│nica Ramirez 
 To boost predator acknowledgment, we played sounds made by means of predators like eagles and jaguars, followed by using other monkeys' alarm cries, so that the bound bristling monkeys would study to recognize them as a risk. 
 afterwards the training period, the six fittest monkeys have been launched into the Huila woodland reserve, an area with plentiful food and insurance policy from hunters. Two have been juveniles. 4 were adults. 
 All wore collars that tracked their place and recorded their behavior to evaluate the monkeys' adaptation manner. 
 at the start, we provided some food for the newly reintroduced monkeys. after five months they had been weaned off fully. 
 cautious optimism 
 A yr afterwards the six monkeys have been launched, two had been recaptured as a result of they were struggling to adapt, spending too tons time on the wooded area floor and afraid to band with their troopmates. 
 Two had long past missing. And two died inside months – one afterwards falling from a timberline and one other of abstruse explanations. 
 admittedly, these don't seem to be brilliant consequences. 
 We feel the difficulty may additionally have been the area. The Huila attributes assets has sufficient fruit to feed the monkeys, but it receives fairly bloodless there. In low temperatures, your body uses a lot of power to warmth itself. possibly their self-feeding expertise weren't sufficiently developed for them to eat ample energy. 
 neighborhood concord changed into also low in this cohort, inflicting some individuals to break free from their group – a deadly aspect to do in the jungle. The forests of Huila, Colmbia, the place the primary accomplice of rehabilitated bristling monkeys have been launched into the wild in 2017. credit: Jaime Hernando Duarte, CC by means of 
 value the hassle 
 Our undertaking shows how difficult it's to restoration endangered abbey populations. 
 however we should hold trying. Over half of all Colombia's 30 or so primates species are in hazard of going extinct, based on Diana Guzman, admiral of the Colombian Primatology association. 
 Their death would accept severe ecology consequences. South American primates had been shown to devour, abstract and banish everyday about 2 million seeds per square mile of abode – a crucial ecological provider for Colombia's close forests. 
 Colombia does not accept adequate animal sanctuaries and zoos to condominium the thousands of primates recaptured from smugglers each year. many are euthanized, "reintroduced" into heinous habitats and even again to the atramentous market. The lucky few that are taken into bondage commonly suffer from coronary heart sickness, weight problems, behavioral disruptions and cerebral damage – issues linked to a desk subculture and insufficient weight loss plan. 
 finished, lengthy-time period abbey rehabilitation and reintroduction courses like ours – which is adjourned via the Colombian executive and the nonprofit primate conservation, . – are expensive. We spend about $5,000 per monkey resettled. 
 but rehabilitating and absolution bedeviled animals is much more cost-effective, and approach extra environmentally appropriate, than preserving them in the back of bars for a lifetime. And ours is among the few abbey reintegration classes of its type in Latin the usa. 
 The next technology of bristling monkeys 
 In November 2018, we launched our second accomplice of six rehabilitated monkeys, together with one female monkey recaptured final time. 
 This time, we chose the Rey Zamuro nature assets, within the Meta Colombia location. The jungle there has hotter weather and certain a superior meals give, and we're hopeful they could establish themselves there. 
 to this point, the Meta Colombia troop seems to be accomplishing well, mainly in group bonding. 
 we will preserve checking in on all of them year, researching from their experiences to support ancestors of rewilded bristling monkeys to come back. 
 M├│nica Alejandra Ram├şrez, PhD applicant on abbey ecology, Universidad de los Andes ; Manuel Lequerica Tamara, Doctoral applicant, tuition of Sydney, and Pablo Stevenson, associate assistant, branch of ecology Sciences, Universidad de los Andes 
 this text is republished from The dialog under a creative aliment authorization. read the common commodity. observe all the expert voices considerations and debates — and become part of the discussion — on facebook, cheep and Google +. The views expressed are these of the writer and don't necessarily reflect the views of the writer. This version of the article turned into originally published on live Science.

woolly Monkeys Are at risk of afterlife — How Scientists Plan to retailer Them 

Colombia’s Andes Mountains was once loaded with natural world, including South america’s sole endure breed, the comedy bear, and the abundance tapir, which lives most effective on earth’s highest altitudes. You couldn’t stroll a mile in the jungle with out seeing a bristling monkey — massive, active, and charismatic primates with potent lengthy tails. Now the species is hard to chapter. over the last 50 years, abode accident, poaching and smuggling for acceptance as pets have all decimated Colombia’s bristling monkey populations. Andean bristling monkeys are liable to extinction in the subsequent aeon, scientists say. they have already abolished absolutely in some ingredients of Colombia. See additionally: smooth Monkey Video suggests That humans Aren’t by myself in admiring ASMR restoring Colombia’s Jungles To store the woolly monkey, Colombian natural world and ecology companies teamed up with scientists like us from the class of close forest anatomy and Primatology at Colombia’s institution of the Andes. In august 2017, we launched six captive woolly monkeys into the forests of southern Huila, a couple of 12-hour pressure south of Bogota, the basic. This jungle-coated area changed into once domestic to abounding troops of these resplendent primates. Now they’re clearly absent. We desired to peer if animals built-in within the wild, captured by traffickers, and confiscated by Colombian authorities may be taught to are living there once again. A Colombian woolly monkey in captivity. absolution animals who’ve frolicked in bondage is dangerous. commonly, they abridgement the behaviors essential to live to tell the tale within the agrarian, reminiscent of self-defense and bonding suggestions. in response to a complete review of natural world reintroduction courses global, simplest 26 percent are a success. most either fail outright — the animals die — or don't closing satisfactory to evaluate the destiny of the released animals. To assist us improve a training plan for advertising natural behaviors, we aboriginal spent over a year gazing dozens of captive woolly monkeys at zoos and sanctuaries throughout Colombia. We noticed that abounding bristling monkeys had turn into analogously clumsy climbers, and rather than are seeking for out food, they tended to attend for their caretakers to augment them. that they had also misplaced the capacity to spot and flee predators. hope for bristling Monkeys after a 12 months of assessing their habits, we selected eleven candidates for possible reintegration into the wild based on their reproductive activity, power, health, and non-adapter to humans. throughout the six-month rehabilitation manner, we used what we call “environmental enrichment” to brainwash adaptation talents amongst these woolly monkeys. To reduce time spent lolling on the ground and inspire hiking, we positioned the monkeys’ food high up on structures apish timber. We additionally answer bonding by using placing pairs of bristling monkeys collectively in “socialization cages,” which inspires them to groom each and every different and interact one-on-one. A scientist from the college of the Andes watching captive bristling monkeys as part of Colombia’s flora and fauna reintegration program. To boost predator acknowledgment, we performed sounds made by way of predators like eagles and jaguars, followed by means of different monkeys’ alarm cries, so that the bound bristling monkeys would study to respect them as a risk. afterwards the training length, the six fittest monkeys were released into the Huila wooded area assets, a local with ample meals and coverage from hunters. Two were juveniles. 4 have been adults. All wore collars that tracked their place and recorded their behavior to consider the monkeys’ adjustment process. originally, we offered some food for the newly reintroduced monkeys. after five months they had been weaned off totally. alert Optimism A yr afterwards the six monkeys have been launched, two had been recaptured because they have been struggling to adapt, spending too an awful lot time on the woodland ground and unwilling to band with their troopmates. Two had long past lacking. And two died within months — one after falling from a timberline and one more of mysterious motives. admittedly, these aren’t superb outcomes. We think the problem may additionally had been the region. The Huila nature assets has ample bake-apple to augment the monkeys, nonetheless it gets fairly cold there. In low temperatures, your body makes use of loads of energy to warmth itself. perhaps their cocky-agriculture advantage weren’t abundantly developed for them to eat satisfactory energy. community brotherly love become also low in this accomplice, inflicting some people to break free from their community — a deadly aspect to do within the jungle. The forests of Huila, Colombia, the place the primary accomplice of rehabilitated bristling monkeys had been released into the wild in 2017.price the trouble Our assignment shows how difficult it is to repair endangered primate populations. however we need to keep making an attempt. Over bisected of all Colombia’s 30 or so primates breed are in danger of activity abolished, in line with Diana Guzman, president of the Colombian Primatology affiliation. Their death would have severe environmental penalties. South American primates have been proven to devour, abstract, and banish day to day about 2 million seeds per rectangular mile of habitat — a vital ecological provider for Colombia’s tropical forests. Colombia doesn't have enough animal sanctuaries and zoos to condo the thousands of primates recaptured from smugglers every year. abounding are euthanized, “reintroduced” into unfriendly habitats, or even again to the atramentous bazaar. The lucky few which are taken into bondage commonly suffer from coronary heart ailment, obesity, behavioral disruptions, and psychological harm — disorders affiliated to a desk tradition and insufficient diet. complete, lengthy-term primate rehabilitation and reintroduction programs like ours — which is adjourned by the Colombian government and the nonprofit primate conservation, . — are expensive. We consume about $5,000 per monkey resettled. however rehabilitating and releasing bedeviled animals is much more affordable, and way more environmentally appropriate, than keeping them in the back of bars for a lifetime. And ours is without doubt one of the few primate reintegration courses of its form in Latin the usa. The next era of bristling Monkeys In November 2018, we launched our second cohort of six active monkeys, including one female monkey recaptured remaining time. See also: Monkeys That accomplish Eye contact unexpectedly aspect to Roots of animal speech This time, we selected the Rey Zamuro nature assets, within the Meta Colombia vicinity. The boscage there has hotter weather and likely a stronger food supply, and we're hopeful they can establish themselves there. to this point, the Meta Colombia troop appears to be doing smartly, particularly in group bonding. We’ll keep checking in on them all 12 months, discovering from their adventures to help generations of rewilded woolly monkeys to come. this text turned into in the beginning posted on The conversation with the aid of M├│nica Alejandra Ram├şrez, Manuel Lequerica Tamara, and Pablo Stevenson. study the normal commodity here.

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arjantin el calafate buzullar─▒ (yunus emre vurgun ve enrique torres)

Thursday, December 13, 2018

├╝retmek - hikaye

Baz─▒ konularda fikir ├╝retememek ne kadar k├Ât├╝ hissettirdiyse de , rezil olmadan d├╝elloyu b─▒rakmak hayr─▒na oldu.
Aksi takdirde son enerjisi ve son bilgi birikimini de heba edecekti. Heba olmas─▒ gerekir miydi bilemeyiz. Zaten
bir geri d├Ân├╝┼č s├Âz konusu olamayaca─č─▒ndan dolay─▒ bunun ├╝zerine kafa yormak akla kaar de─čildi. ┼×├╝k├╝rler olsundu ki
eski ├ža─člarda ya┼čam─▒yor ve d├╝ello kelimesinin ger├žekten v├╝cut buldu─ču zamanlarda arenalarda aslanlara yem
edilmiyordu. Kelimelerin d├╝ellosunu kaybetmek de az bir darbe say─▒lmazd─▒ do─črusu. Ceketindeki delik (tam da
d├╝─čmenin yan─▒nda g├Âze batacak ┼čekilde konumlanm─▒┼čt─▒) bu gidi┼čle yama gerektirecekti. Bu devirde yama ha! Ne hallere
d├╝┼čt├╝k A.! A.'ya g├Âre bu sa├žma dertler yersizdi fakat onun b├Âyle ufak tefe bir delikten bu denli b├╝y├╝k bir sorun
yaratabilece─či, do─črusu A. taraf─▒ndan garipsenmi┼čti.  O kimdi? Onun ad─▒ 500T. Evet evet bir rakamla ba┼čl─▒yor ismi.
Bir robot veyahut bir oyun karakteri gibi do─črusu. Fakat bunun bir ├Ânemi yoktu. Lakin buna bir ├Ânem atfedebilmemiz
i├žin bunun ya bir aptal ├žocuk roman─▒ olmas─▒ gerekir ya da bir delinin z─▒rvalar─▒...
500T d├╝─čmesinin kenar─▒ndaki kusurlu delik konusunu d├╝┼č├╝nedursun, A. bu s─▒rada en olmad─▒k u├žuk ka├ž─▒k i┼čler ├╝zerine felsefe
├╝retiyordu. Olmak ya da olmamak, d├╝┼č├╝nmek d├╝┼č├╝nebilmemek veya d├╝┼č├╝nebildi─čini d├╝┼č├╝nebilmeyi d├╝┼č├╝nmek.....
Yeterince u├žuk ka├ž─▒k gelmedi mi? 500T'nin ceketindeki deli─če olan tak─▒nt─▒s─▒ ve A.'n─▒n k─▒s─▒r d├Âng├╝ ve paradoks dolu
kafa kurcalay─▒c─▒ d├╝┼č├╝nceleri e─čer size yeterince garip gelmediyse, biraz da bu adamlar─▒n ge├žmi┼člerine bir el atal─▒m,
daha do─črusu eski defterleri a├žal─▒m bir yahudi t├╝ccar misali... ne dersiniz?
A. ve 500T aras─▒nda bir akrabal─▒k veya bir ├žocukluk ba─č─▒ yoktu. Fakat uzun y─▒llard─▒r beraber ge├žirdikleri zorunlu ortakl─▒klar─▒
onlar─▒ bir arada bir yar─▒ ├Âm├╝r ge├žirmeye itmi┼čti ne kadar istemeseler de. Asl─▒nda belki de ikisi de ayr─▒ gayr─▒ ─▒ss─▒z
adalarda varolsalard─▒ farkl─▒ haritalar ├žizeceklerdi hayat gidi┼čatlar─▒ a├ž─▒s─▒ndan.

Acoustic Jamming


J. fakir bir ailede ya┼č─▒yordu ve elbette bu ekonomik darl─▒─č─▒n onun ve ailesinin ├╝zerindeki etkileri ka├ž─▒n─▒lmazd─▒. Do─čdu─ču g├╝nden son durumuna kadar bu ├Ânemli bir karar verici fakt├Âr olmu┼čtu. Fakirlik hakk─▒nda bildi─či bir ┼čey varsa o da ne denli can yak─▒c─▒ sonu├žlar do─čurabildi─čiydi. ├ľyle anlar gelirdi ki J, hayatta bu kadar ┼čanss─▒zl─▒─ča katlanmas─▒n─▒ sorgulamaya bile ba┼člard─▒. Fakir olmak sadece filimlerde g├Âr├╝len bir oldu san─▒l─▒yordu galiba! Asl─▒nda bir g├╝n biri ,bir ┼čekilde ona derdini soracak olsayd─▒ ne ho┼č olacakt─▒ de─čil mi? Ama nerede! Kimse k─▒l─▒n─▒ k─▒p─▒rdatmazd─▒. J. gibileri i├žin hayat d├Ârt duvar aras─▒nda bilgisayar ba┼č─▒na ge├žip e─člence d├╝nyas─▒na dalmak , orada kendinden ge├žmek kadar ho┼č ve kolay de─čildi. Hayat─▒ daha ├žok arka mahallelerde, eski model arabalarla edilen ucuz klimas─▒z seyahatlerde ge├žiyordu. Seyahat derken akl─▒n─▒zdan sak─▒n bir keyif arac─▒ olan─▒ kastetti─čini d├╝┼č├╝nmeyin ├ž├╝nk├╝ J. i├žin hi├žbir ┼čey o kadar "keyifli" ge├žmemi┼č ve ge├žmiyordu hayat─▒nda. Zorunlu i┼čler kavram─▒n─▒ duyan─▒n─▒z var m─▒d─▒r? Elbette! Hele bir de a┼ča─č─▒l─▒k bir zorunluluk gibisi yoktur. ├ľylesine pis ve ezici bir zorunluluktur kar─▒n toklu─čuna ├žal─▒┼čmak. Asl─▒nda belki de epimiz kar─▒n toklu─čuna ├žal─▒┼č─▒yoruzdur? Yalansa s├Âyleyin l├╝tfen. O biraz daha ac─▒mas─▒z ko┼čullar i├žerisindeydi ve en ho┼članmad─▒─č─▒ insan t├╝r├╝ de ┼č─▒mar─▒k m├╝┼čterileriydi. ┼×─▒mark m├╝┼čteri ne alaka, sanki l├╝ks bir ma─čaza veya restorantta m─▒ ├žal─▒┼č─▒yordu? Pek say─▒lmaz fakat ┼č─▒mar─▒k olmak her m├╝┼čterinin do─čas─▒nda vard─▒. ├ľyle ki , J. gibi bir yedek par├ža d├╝kkan─▒nda yar─▒ zamanl─▒ olarak gelip gidenlere , ma─čaza sahibinin yak─▒nda gelece─čini s├Âylemekle g├Ârevli biri i├žin bir i┼čte ├žal─▒┼č─▒yor demek bile g├╝├žt├╝. ┼×ayet e─čer bir i┼či olsayd─▒, nereye ve neye hizmet etti─či kesin ├žizgilerle belirli olurdu. Bir yedek par├ža d├╝kkan─▒nda dikilmek, veya otopark yaz─▒s─▒ alt─▒nda ok ├žizilmi┼č bir karton tabelay─▒ yol kav┼ča─č─▒nda tutmak bir amaca hizmet de─čildi. Olduk├ža a┼ča─č─▒lay─▒c─▒yd─▒ ayn─▒ zamanda bu i┼čler ona g├Âre.