What is art? The meaning of this three letter word could be very difficult to say. However, it is of the general consensus that art is a creation of something meaningful and beautiful, from imagination and using one’s skill. The fact is the word’s definition is subjective. Throughout the history, the definition of art has changed. Different cultures have their own definition of what art is.
This is especially so as each time a new art movement developed, a new definition of art is presented as well. This is true in any forms of art, whether music, literature, dance, visual arts, and theater. For a more clear exploration of the meaning of art, this article pertains more to visual arts. If based on the word’s etymology, you can define the word as “skill” or “craft” from the Latin word “ars.”
For centuries debated the question of “what art is” or “how do we determine what can be defined as art?” These questions suggest two implications – about art’s essential nature and its social importance or the lack thereof. To discuss the meaning of art here would be long and generally uninteresting unless you are a philosopher. Personally, art is all about feeling.
The definition of art differs from each person because we all have different perspectives. For some, art if symmetry. Art is geometric figures. To them, art is perfection – the perfect alignment of things and how each complements each other. On the other hand, to some people art is chaos. The messiness may not look pretty to others but to them, it is beautiful in every which way. It is beautiful because of the feelings it evokes from them.
This is because art was not really supposed to look nice. It is supposed to be weird, messy, and complicated just life is. It’s supposed to make you feel. If a dance, music, visual art, theater or any form of art made you feel something, then the artist accomplished something very few ever did. It made you feel something.