Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Connection between Dance and Modern Music

Dance and music always come together. People can’t help but dance when they heard the music.  Music is created with the beats and melody that somehow tune up the boring atmosphere. Without music, dancing can be silly!
Though some modern music is created to make us cry, laugh, fell in love, and smile, most music wasformed to let us unconsciously stump our foot on the ground, seemingly tap our fingers in our lap and effortlessly move our heads from side to side. These actions can be considered as dancing at the most basic level.
Music that we heard everywhere can inspire a feeling of movement as the listeners. Hear the beats and you will move with them! Whatever motions the music expresses, the same motion will take place in your actions.
Modern Music and Configuring Patterns
Modern music brings a variety of movement to the listeners. There are different types of modern music that can make us all dance. There are electro dance music, RNB and pop, techno and much more!
We can dance with them according to their melodies and beating. We go along with the modern music and complement to what it states on our ears. Not just dancing has a connection to the modern music, thus, we listeners also communicate with what we heard and respond to it in a form of movement.
The modern music doesn’t merely move as the outcome of having a pulse, which we recreate physically for ourselves. It is also moving through a configuring pattern of relaxation and tension, of impressions of pulling back or rushing forward, of vaulting a great distance, of growing outwards, and other large-scalepatterns, which are not just considered as the succession of the pulses. Therefore, the movements we created when the music is prompted are requiring more than just acknowledgment that people can keep time with the heard melody.
The modern music can offer its listeners an artistic perspective in dancing that cannot be seen in other forms of non-visual elements. Dancer or not, we are free to move with the modern music.
Yes, the modern music can’t be seen by the naked eye, but they bring a great influence that will make us move. This non-visual element can be considered as an art because it introduces us to another form of art – the dancing.
As a professional dancer, you are given a commitmentto an artistic vision and a skill needed to execute dancing and the dancers on stage should hold their place as a center of a dance performance. While skills and gracefulness are needed to be considered as dancers, anyone can move their body and dance without any professional training. As long as there is a modern music playing in the background, we can dance. A modern music is totally enough so we can communicate with the art of dancing.
Therefore, there is always a seamless attachment between dance and modern music. Their connection is vital so we can explore ourselves even better. And when one of them lacks, life could be boring!

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