Difference between Ancient Art and Modern Art

Ever since art has been considered a result of man’s intellectual as well as emotional connection with the world. Its main aim is to convey a message which provokes different emotions and incite wisdom to viewers. Because of its role for people, art has captured the people’s interest to study it in various ways. As a matter of fact, there are scholars that adapted the point of aesthetics. Plus, some focused on the comparative analyses.
Ancient art is a far different compared to the ones at present. The former concerns about the types of art that existed in the ancient societies. From the word itself, it refers to the earliest recording of history to the middle ages. Most of the works during the period were about creation. In every form of artistry, a ruler, an event or a deity played a huge part.
With the emphasis of religion in Ancient Egypt, most pieces depicted gods, goddesses, and pharaohs. All those works were considered divine. For that reason, there had been a set of symbols, heightening ruler’s powers.
For instance, giving Pharaohs animal-like characteristics, they were painted on walls and pottery. Sometimes, ancient people even made miniature sculptures. In other words, they had bestowed god-like prestige.
When it comes to China, they had produced terracotta soldiers as a tribute to their army, which is very famous across the globe. With that, cultural as well as religious factors have provided a great impact on the development of art. With the use of art, significant events had portrayed in pottery or painting. It immortalized or preserved the history without literature.
Ancient art was produced by early Christian societies, early humans or ancient civilizations. It can be described as a historical archive. Most artistic products that had existed long ago represent historic events. They also show how early human societies live.
Ancient civilizations such as Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Central America, China, Greece, India, Greece, Korea, Japan, and Rome had produced unique and distinctive art. All of them had contributed to the growth of art up to these days.
The artworks during that time do not have uniformity, effect, or appeal. Plus, there is no worldwide approach. Its emphasis is on history, which had influences by origin and political climate aside from religion. It is considered as a direct or stiff representation of life.
But have you ever wondered about what is the difference between the ancient art and the modern one? Just like the former, modern art are results of experimentation. However, it is not an honor to higher beings. All of them are more personal, with a touch of human emotion and nature. These play a huge part for world-renowned artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Seurat as well.
During the modern era, the wholeness of art is separated into to various artistic thoughts. To name a few, there are cubism, surrealism, realism, Dadaism and many more. This is the beginning wherein different artists joined forces to take their notion of all their favorite styles. For example, Dadaism is said to be a cultural movement that disagrees with the standards of realism as well as impressionism. As a result, there are more styles that take place. Maybe, the number of artistic thoughts would double in the future.
Modern art is also the result of abandoning or questioning all traditional ideas or subjects. There has been an emphasis on changing perceptions and fresh ideas. It is more expressive with the influence of the people around artists.
Indeed, the innate creativity of people during the ancient times resulted in a rich history of art. Without them, every piece of artwork we see will never be as polished and amazing as possible.


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