Digital Arts

The popularity of the digital arts continuous to increase every year. As the technology rapidly increased, it has becomingly easy for people to have access to this kind of art. With the development of modern technology, it has become possible for people to have the freedom to use of all the digital art tools and be creative in their own way.
Digital arts are practices of an artistic works which use digital technology in making creative presentations. Since the year 1970, the name digital arts have been an integral part of creating impressive designs. Various names are also used to describe some of the major process related to digital arts such as multimedia art and computer arts. Digital arts are also under the umbrella of a much bigger concept, new media art.
After some several resistance, the digital arts has changed most of the digital activities like sculpture, drawing, painting, music, virtual reality, and digital installation. The people who make use of the digital technology are also called as digital artists. Digital arts use mass production and digital media.
Scaling new Heights and Progress
Today, the world of digital arts is rapidly increasing and it has been one of the trends when it comes to businesses. The entire concept of the digital arts is booming with more complex work and creative talents. Each of the types has its own unique features and functions. If you are new to the term or new to the world of digital arts, you will get to hear some of the commonly used terms such as the mixed media, pixels, and vector. Digital arts are also divided into 5 main styles.
         Vector Art – it is one of the highly recognized digital art techniques and is often referred to as the “vector-based art”. This means that this style of art is created with the help of a vector program just like an Illustrator or a Corel Draw. A digital artist is using a vector drawing software in creating an image. This style also makes use of different patterns and colors.
         Mixed Media – mixed media is also called as the integrated media. As what the name suggest, it continues to merge with other related mediums like photography, painting, digital and drawing. If you are familiar with the Adobe Photoshop, most of the artists are using this software in creating amazing images and results. This style can also be seen in digital abstract arts.
         Digital Painting – this style is a form of art that changes the traditional painting into modern and helps digital marketers in scaling new height on their businesses. This style is far different to other forms for it is made without the use of templates and any model generated on a computer. With this form of art, the digital artist uses a technique in creating digital paintings directly on the PC.
         Pixel Art – pixel art is also one of the styles that continue to invade the world of computer arts. This is a style that has made its comeback with the help of the retro style art. Most of the games and videos are also using the pixel technology. Pixel art is an art drawn with the help of computer graphic tools and color palette. If you are familiar with the Microsoft Paint, it is one of the programs in creating pixel arts.
The Paybacks of Digital Arts
Whether you are a traditional or a modern artist, you can have the numerous benefits of digital arts. It has come a long way after its humble beginnings and today it continues to compete with the usual traditional art. Like any other types of media, it has its advantages and disadvantages. It is very important to keep all these things in mind especially when looking for a perfect art. Here are the advantages of digital arts.
         Faster than the traditional – when compared to the traditional painting, digital painting is faster and more efficient. With the traditional way, it will take too much of your time to prepare for the tools such as the paintbrush, paper, tissues, paint, and water. On the other hand, digital painting has made it easier, faster and more reliable.
         Provides Unlimited Possibilities – with digital arts, you can have the chance to explore new things, new designs and be creative in your own way. You can also try them all if you want. You can easily create things in just a single click of the mouse and with the help of the most reliable software programs.
         Ability to duplicate – digital art is suitable for publishing companies especially in duplicating their projects. The traditional art cannot be duplicated nor deleted because everything you put on the canvass or on the paper will stay there. When working with the traditional painting, there is no room for any single mistake.
         Very promising – once you commit any sudden mistake, you can easily hit the undo button or the Ctrl + Z and then try it again. When doing a painting the traditional way, a single mistake can ruin the entire canvass. As mentioned a while ago, there is no room for any mistake.
Digital art has come a long way. From its humble beginnings, it is now considered as one of the largest sources of investment in most industrialized countries all over the world. Using the tools made with the help of digital arts, you can now create any painting using your computer. Everything was indeed made possible with the help of man’s intelligence and creativity.