Electric Guitars: 5 Cool Facts

There is no doubt that electric guitars are one of the instruments that capture people’s attention. They have been around for a few decades and have improved as the years pass. The very first large guitar brands that exist in the music industry were Fender and Gibson Les Paul.
Compared to the Fender guitars, the Gibson instruments have quite heavy sounds. When it comes to the former, they are known for bluesy sound with a great, rounded tone.
Below are the other interesting facts about the electric guitar:
·         George Beauchamp was the one who invented the first electrically amplified guitar in 1931.
·         The Gibson Les Paul is named after Les Paul. He was a guitar experimenter and a musician in his time.
·         Every electric guitar uses electromagnetic in order to convert different vibrations of all its metal strings into signals.
·         The musical instruments can produce a variety of styles of music. To name a few, they can produce jazz, soul, rock, blues, funk and a lot more.
·         Electric guitars also utilize tremolo arms. These can be easily removed as well as fixed that can change the pitch or sound of the strings.
There you go the list of a few cool facts about electric guitars! Search the net for more!

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