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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Group Show ‘Neon Wonderland’ by Women Artists at Imitate Modern, London

Gathering Show 'Neon Wonderland' by Women Artists at Imitate Modern, London

"A large portion of a Roast Chicken - Stop Showing Your Boobs" by Lauren Baker at Imitate Modern, London

Mirror Modern is facilitating "Neon Wonderland", a gathering show by London-based female craftsmen to observe March, the ladies' month. The partaking specialists are: Lauren Baker, Eve De Haan, Illuminati Neon and Rebecca Mason. The presentation features ability of British craftsmen in a medium which is both a making of craftsmanship and a logical creation.

Lauren Baker, the contemporary craftsman who works in multidisciplinary subjects, through her work shows the delicacy of life. Her work is roused by her life – changing encounters in the Peruvian Amazon. Dough puncher's work is displayed at 10 universal exhibitions and her establishments are displayed at the V&A and Tate Britain.

Eve De Haan is a London-based craftsman whose work has been displayed comprehensively in Europe and America. Her establishment work depends on ideas of progress and the impact of innovation on youth culture. De Haan investigates the balances inside the general public through the delicacy of neon.

Illuminati Neon's work mirrors the social air of West London flanking in punk. She utilizes vintage signals and rotted wood with the glinting neon to make a wonderful delicate picture, with punk messages composed under the neon, which delights watchers making at the same time a genuine idea.

English craftsman Rebecca Mason utilizes light to exhibit the obscurity inside human presence with a dry comical inclination and quiet acknowledgment of our defects.

"Neon Wonderland" will gone through April 12, 2018, at Imitate Modern, 19 Shepherd Market, W1J 7PJ, London.


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