History of Gay / Homosexual Art

As we all know, the term art isn't only about painting and drawing. There is a misconseption on the definition of this term in the modern society and in the public /street language. Art is a broad topic that almost includes everything in this planet. Because of the broadness of the term "art", it becomes impossible to put information and history in the boundaries of a term. Literature is an art form as we have written in a previous post. Homosexuality is a sexual choice that some people choose in varieties of societies and cultures. It has a long history itself, but it's connection with art is also aging back to the very first creations of literature and other art forms as painting and scultures.
It would be very ignorant to claim that homosexual art is not aging back to the history or would also be very ignorant to claim homosexuality is a new things that the society made-up. It is not about supporting this sexual choice or not. Many religions like Islam and many forms of Christianity forbits other sexual choices and tendencies other than heterosexuality which is also known as"straight / common sexual intercourse." Though, many religious art creations contain forbidden content for the religion which shows us the fact that the human nature and human intelligence is not always the same as the religious statements. I personally do not support any of the LGBT advertisements and anything related to child transgenderism. This means I am against "under 18" sexual transformations. Homophobia (homoerotophobia) is not an ideology to support so that it is containing hatred in some points. Art has always been beyond the boundaries of political ideologies and religious choices and any other ideologies that we human beings have. Art is always purified from the junk, and strictly realistic rutines. Art shall not be made for a goal as political expectacions or ambition. Art can be sold, art can be bought, art can be capitalisimised but art shall not be made for a goal of trade. Art is for art but can be used for everything even if it not always ethical. As I noticed, there are no outstanding art creations of transgenderism and LGBT. It is because the transgenderism and other LGBT ideologies are not natural for the basic human reason and basic thinking art. Art shall not be about sexual choices, sexual perversity and gender as a whole, it shall be about the aesthetic of creation. LGBT citizens must have all the rights. It is not acceptable to ban people's choices that are older than 18. Even something as disgusting as perversity may be used in art to historically archive the inappropriate results of human psychology and beliefs. I personally support an utophia where the human beings are genderless (no gender, no trans, nothing) and be like ghosts, spirits or piles of bones in the graves. Gender causes a lot of problems. Maybe the existance of the world itself causes too. History of homosexual art dates back to the old civilizations such as Ancient Greece , Romans , Inca and Mayans. Nativre American societies used to have beliefs containing homosexuality. It can even be found in the Ancient Chinese art and Aftican art creations.
When we take a look at the Greek Mythology, we see that it can clearly be seen that there are evidences of Hercules being gay. I want to finish my words with the art work dating back to the ancient rome, vatican; "Ancient statue of Laocoon and his Sons". I tried to explain how broad the art is even if it sometimes contains pervert. But don't forget, we shall never know and shall never fix if we do not see the history, and for me the history of art. People like me, who are the protectors of human rights and have an opinion that finds LGBT advertisement open to non supporters inappropriate and pervert, shall also be brave enough to see the art works. According to the human rights every human being has the right to defend their ideology verbally. LGBT has this right and Anti- LGBT verbal expression has it also if not containing hate. But when it comes to art, we shall put all of these aside and try to see and understand the creation, the art of us humans. Verbal hatred or any other kinds of hatred shall be forbidden. We can express our anger, our ideology but we shall never hate, we shall never close our senses to the opposite ideologies. LGBT citizens must have all the rights. It is not acceptable to ban people's choices that are older than 18. Thank You.

One of the Sources: http://www.gay-art-history.org/