Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How Do They Make Sculptures?

The question here is “How they make sculptures?” There are actually different types of sculptures but generally, they can be categorized into two camps. We will find out how the basics of these two sculpture forms are created by sculptors. Here they are:
Addition Sculpture
The addition sculpture is a category of sculpturing in which the materials are largely added on so the sculptor can create a formation (cardboard, clay, wax, papier-mache, etc).
·         Sketching
The sculpture process begins by sketching the form in multiple angles. For the areas that require more details, the sculptors are drawing a detailed sketch. They make this necessary because it serves as their guidance on how everything goes.
·         Creating of Base
The sculptors make a base to their sculptures if necessary. The base can either be made up of clay, stone, metal, wood or any material. Depending on the form being created, the presence of the base will depend.
·         Building the Armature
They build the armature for support. This serves as the bones of their sculpture. The sculptor can use a gauge wire, PVC pipe, plumbing pipes, sticks, lumbers, dowels, etc. They anchor the armature to the base first.
·         Filling In the Base Form
They fill in the sculpture’s basic form using different materials to create an underlayer. The most common materials used as underlayer could be a newspaper, aluminum foils, cardboard and masking tape, which are lightweight and affordable.
·         Creating the Form and Finishing the Details
They start from larger sculpting forms to the smaller ones. After finishing the form, the sculptors add the necessary particulars to finalize the work like carving, blending and creating fine details on the sculpture such as the curve of the muscles, eyes, hair, toes and much more. They even add some texture to acquire a more realistic look at the work.
·         Drying
They allow the sculpture to dry first when it is baked before applying the paint. When completely dried, they add an excitingblend of colors to beautify the sculpture.
Reduction Sculpture
Another is one is the reduction sculpture, with the materials completely taken away to create a formation (wood, stone, ice, etc.)
·         Sketching
The sculptors create a sketch using a wax, clay or other materials to create a fast version of the work. The measurements are noted and the sculpting materials are planned beforehand.
·         Carving the Basic Form
They carve the basic form. They are taking the basic measurement from the sculpture and then mark the wood/stone for cutting and creating a form.
·         Using an Appropriate Pointing Machine
The sculptors are using a pointing machine and another device for measuring. Using the device, they start to measure the sculpture on the sketch and create similar depths and location on the stone/wood.
·         Carving the Details
With the help of the appropriate tools for the specific materials, they can chip it ways and equally form the points that they need. Using a pointing machine, the sculptors can carve the materials in details.
·         Finishing
After carving the details, they sand down the sculpture to create a finer texture. They are using fine sandpapers to obtain the smooth texture needed.
·         Adding Special Details
Finally, the sculptors can add any special details in the work to make it more appealing.
So these are the process of how additions sculpture and reduction sculpture is made.
For the average people, thinking about creating a sculpture can be hard but for people with knowledge and skills about creating it, making a beautiful sculpture is easy. The steps above are commonly practiced so the sculptors can seamlessly craft a great work.

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