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Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is a painter, inventor, architect and a student of all the scientific things. He is one of the most remembered men who bring a good impression in the art and delivered the craft for the world to see. His natural smartness had crossed a variety of discipline that epitomizes the terminology “Renaissance Man.” Up to this date, Leonardo da Vinci is still remembered for his artworks, including the two of the most admired and popular paintings – “The Last Supper” and “Mona Lisa.”
Early Life of Leonardo da Vinci
April 15, 1452, is the date when Leonardo da Vinci was born in the Tuscan hill township. His father, Messer Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci is a Florentine solicitor and his mother is Caterina, known as a laborer who might have been slaved from the Middle East.
He had spent five years in the Anchiano’s hamlet and lived in the house with his grandparents, father, and uncle in Vinci’s small town. The 16thcentury Renaissance painter biographer, Vasari had told how Leonardo’s father asked him to paint on the round plaque. He painted a snake that spits a fire as a response to his father’s request. Due to the terrifying image, his father decided to sell the painting to the art dealer in Florentine. The painting was then sold to the Milan duke later.
Professional Life of Leonardo da Vinci
In 1466, Leonardo becomes an apprentice at the age of fourteen in one of the successful artists during that time, Andrea di Cione, who is also known as Verrocchio. His workshop had exposed him to a variety of technical skills and opportunities.
In 1478, Leonardo had painted the altarpiece for the St. Bernard Chapel and in 1481, he also does “The Adoration of the Magi” for the monks. He also worked in Milan between the year 1482 and 1499. Later he painted the “Virgin of the Rocks” for the Confraternity of Immaculate Conception. It was then followed by his famous “The Last Supper” created for the Santa Maria della Grazie monastery. Some of his works include The Virgin and Child with St. Anne, The Battle of Anghiari, as well as St. John the Baptist.
Later Years of Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo had spent most of his time in Belvedere, Vatican, Rome from the years 1513 – 1516. In 1515, Leonardo was commissioned to create a mechanical lion that can walk and open its chest to show lily clusters. He also offered his service to Francois I, a king whom he created this mechanical lion and stayed with him for 3 years.
Leonardo da Vinci passed away on May 2, 1519, at the Clos Luce in France. The king and Leonardo had become good friends. Vasari had recorded that the king had held the head of Leonardo in his arms when he died. This story is beloved by the Frenchmen and portrayed it in the romantic paintings in Menageot, Ingres, as well other artists in France.
Leonardo is remembered by his companion and long-time pupils, his brothers whom he gave a land, and a serving woman who had received a black cloak with a furry edge.

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