Literature as a Form of Art

Literature is a very broad topic that appeals to our senses and thus, provides us with different pleasure. It even reaches the deepest feeling and emotions as well as the intelligence. Its rational and emotional appeal and sense inspire all of us in many ways. Poetry is the literature of different emotions and prose is the language of reasons. The joy, sorrow, hatred, love, fear, jealousy, anger and pity are some of the emotions accompanied by poetry and stir it in a variety of degrees.
If you love poetry, you love literature as well. However, how far do you know about literature? Do you really know what does this broad term mean? Literature can speak to all of us in many ways and this reflects on our emotions, problems, complexities, heartedness, and life.
What is Literature? 
Literature is often referred to as the body of the written piece. The name itself is derived from the Latin word littera which means handwriting or letter. The term is used to describe all the written works done and even extended and included the spoken poetry and the oral literature. Moreover, literature writing is also considered as a form of art. Any single writing which uses an intellectual value and artistic sense is also considered as an art form.
The development of literature continues to evolve and today, the print technology of the literature has allowed everyone to obtain their access to their desired written works. Literature is classified into whether they are poetry or prose and fiction or non-fiction. Some of the major forms of literature include drama, short story, and novel. And most of the work is categorized according to their historical period and their adherence to specific features or aesthetic sense. If you are going to search the internet for the definition of the word literature, you will get to find several definitions of the term. Over the years, the definitions of the word have varied. There are some who often referred literature as an imaginative writer.
It is a form of human expression. You can explain everything that you want through literature. However, you have to take note that not all of the words expressed are counted as literature. There are certain forms of literature which are universally considered as a form of art in literature.
Literature – An Art Form
As mentioned earlier, literature is a form of art. There is no argument about it. It is a form of language art and the tools used are the words. As you will notice a painter, he is using paint when painting, a sculptor uses chisel and stone and musicians use their musical instruments. Therefore, a writer will use words.
Words are made up of letters and have a certain meaning. Since literature uses the feelings and emotions of people, there is no doubt that it is considered as a form of art. The raw material of literature is the human life. The pleasures, joy, emotions, feelings, expressions, human greatness, heroism, courage, sorrows, disappointment, virtue, anger, and encouragement are the things that made up literature. Literature is also considered as the mirror of life and the language of criticism and the thing that depicts the life of human beings: their goals, targets, motives, ambitions, deeds, thoughts and the ups and downs in life. The art of writing is also a way of communicating with other people through the written works that have full of emotions and feelings.
Art and Literature
How are you going to define art? How about literature? If you need time, come to think of it. Is art something that you always see; paintings, drawings, murals, things seen in museums? Is art the photographs you captured on your camera? Or is it the music that you always love to hear? How about literature? Is this something you always think of?
Literature is indeed an art. Art is considered as a way of communication between the audience and the artist. When the poet writes, he uses words and sentences to create a story and poetry that will speak to all the readers and will communicate with them through the lessons found in the written piece. By simply reading the story written by the author, you can create pictures based on the plot of the story and create your own picture in mind. With these, you will also use your imagination that will widen your skills and creativity. Art encourages creativity and so as with literature. A written work is a way of showing art through the message implication of the story or any other written piece.
Literature and Music
Most of us are fond of listening to our favorite music bands, music, and pop star. Music has been part of our daily lives and has become one of our past time activities and to some, a form of stress reliever. Most of us have their own music type or genre or even a favorite artist. There may be some of you who adore someone because of his or her music. But, have you ever wonder what is behind the magic that music provides us? Music is a form of art and since music is poetry, music is also a form of literature. Like any other type of poems, music has its pattern, imagery, rhythm, and style. If you are fond of listening to your favorite music, try to observe the lyrics of the song. When you look at them, the chances are that they look like a poem.
Music and literature are the reflections of most of the social concerns. Most of the songs that you will hear today are derived from the present situations and trend of today’s modern world. During the renaissance period, music was deeply influenced by jazz. During that time, writers were focusing their works on oppression and racism and most of the jazz musicians are focusing their works on these themes. Today, black musicians are no longer allowing any style of music that seems to define who they are.
During the Vietnam War era, most authors are writing based on the war, everything against the war and looking for their freedom through writing. Most of the music during this time is focused on their cry for war and their longing for peace. Finally, music is obviously used in literature. We are always connected with music in every day of our lives. And since we are connected with music, we can also appreciate the themes of this music given by the authors and artist of this music. Authors are using music in literature to help them set the tone and the mood of the scene.
Visual Arts and Literature
Since music is also written, it is very obvious to see the connection of literature. Literature is connected to almost all form of arts. It is not just connected to only one written art but to the various forms of arts. Literature is also inclined to visual arts like the cinema and the photography. If you are not familiar with visual arts, these the thing you often see like the movies on cinemas and the photography on your smartphone. Today, directors are turning novels into cinemas. They often tried capturing movies and photography based on the poem and novels. There are lots of movies that are based on epics written and novels. Some of these include Dear John, Divergent, Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight, Chronicles of Narnia, World War Z, The Fault in Our Stars, Great Gatsby, The Notebook, and many more. All of these movies are based on novels written by authors. Visual arts and literature are connected in many ways and not only on movies and novels. If you are going to conduct a research about these two concepts, you will clearly see its connection.
As a whole, literature is an art. Literature can be seen in music, visual arts and on our daily living. As you go on with your life, you will get to know more about literature. You might not notice it but you are already using literature in your daily living. Literature has the ability to touch lives through encouraging people to think, imagine and be creative. It also allows them to see the freedom they are longing which could not be found in the real world. Literature is a form of art that always speaks to one’s senses, feelings, emotions, and soul.