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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Poetry: Who Needs It?

What are poems made for? Are they made just to be part of literature?
The poem exists because they remind us that grasses are green and the water is wet. In other words, they do exist because they are meant to tell us the truth. Poetry is one of the literary works that people often love to read. The world of poetry will teach us so many things like the appreciation of all the things and people around us.
Poetry brings joy and comfort to us and it even gives us the fire and hopes to move forward in life. Poetry has come a long way. From the beginning of time, it has been one of the best ways of people in expressing their feelings and emotions. Poems are also considered as the carrier of hidden messages created by writers. These writers speak to the heart of people through their poetic message.
Poetry is not the type of literary piece that is well-loved by most audience. One of the common reasons why people are not addicted to this kind of text is that they often feel that poetry is too mysterious. The language used in poetry is not tangible. Most of the poems written by famous poets like Edgar Allan Poe and William Wordsworth are using are very cryptic and are not enthusiastic. Poetry is not the type of written work that is visible to people. Another reason why most people don’t bother to read this type of literature is that they are not interested in the idea of poetry. According to them, poetry is just an old stuff that they are forced to read during high school.
Saving Poetry
Poetry is one of the magical forms of literary works. It is equipped with deep emotions given by writers as they express themselves. There are actually different types of poetry and they all differ from the message they convey. Although most of the publishers today recognize that poems are not selling very well, they still manage to maintain the good reputation of poetry, especially for scholarly purposes.
In order to save poetry, you can also do your part as an individual just to popularize poetry. Today, there are different school events where poetry is being used like an open mic poetry contest or an open mic reading contest. In the context of school, poetry is still part of their curriculum. Most of these schools have their own school paper publication where they are encouraging their students to write and submit their own poems, essays, and other literary works. This is also a way to bring back the soul and spirit of poetry among students.
Digital Poets
Since we are living in a modern world, it is no longer difficult to express everything that we want through the internet. Today, more and more poets are saving poetry through writing poems on their own and branding themselves as digital poets. The social media is making poetry popular again by creating new and approachable poems that are widely available to poetry. Some of the poems published written by new writers are being praised by netizens especially when published in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
Social media is the key to save poetry and a channel that provides people with the opportunity to see the wonder and beauty of poetry. If you love poetry, you can also start writing your own poems and start posting them on the internet. Today, more and more poets are writing their own poems and social media is the place to promote their works. The ability to share poetry is also giving poetry the chance to prove itself and see the wonders of it.


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