Sexuality in Pop Music: Different Artists

Since the development of pop music in the mid-20th century, pop music has drastically changed. Nowadays, a pop singer would not be effective by talent alone. There is a need to have sex appeal. With the forte and the sexy look, creating noise would never be impossible.
The touch of sexuality in the popgenre has been the main reasons for fame and a high number of sold albums. Here are a few songs that portrayed sexuality in different forms:
It is very clear that hypersexualizing pop singers have become a pillar of the pop culture today. The majority of the songs of Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus portray different sex themes. For Miley Cyrus, it is the Wrecking Ball and for Ariana Grande, it is the Bang Bang in collaboration with Jessi J and Nicki Minaj. But they also represent a simple image of females.
This is not enough evidence to prove that female artists have been manipulated with marketing ploys. But what specific message do such songs send to girls? Let’s admit it! To be sexual in music videos may imply that success can be obtained thru body image or looks. Since people are different, it can mean an added spice to a song. Despite different perspective, sexuality makes the genre more vivacious, interesting and complete than expected.
Not only that, there are also men who portrayed sexual to gain attention and interest. The great examples are Justin Bieber, Drake, and The Weeknd. Artists who represent their wealthy and attractive side has a negative impact on viewers and listeners. They may look like a stereotypical man who only prioritizes sex as well as money.
Along with the songs that havea touch of sexuality are Talk Dirty (Jason Derulo), Jealous (Nick Jonas, and Can’t Feel My Face (The Weeknd). All of these musical icons truly represent dominance in the pop industry. They may assert masculinity by using women as a promotional tool in their videos.
Studies show that the majority of the billboard tracks include any sexual actions. Even though it is obvious that sex really sells, it should not have vulgar or inappropriate language. It may be good to some but offensive to others.
No doubt, sexuality has been the reason why pop songs or videos capture and exceed people’s interest. Despite its effectiveness to make a buzz in the industry, it should be properly presented.

-Kjax Team