Sexuality in Pop Music: The Pros and Cons

“There is nothing permanent in this world but change,” people say. In pop music, listeners and artists have seen how it grows as the years pass. It aims to appeal to an audience of all ages before. It is not intended for a specific sub-culture or even ideology. There is also an emphasis when it comes to craftsmanship.
It emphasizes recording, technology, and production. It reflects more on the trends than the so-called progressive developments. It is packed with dance-oriented rhythms to encourage people to dance.
Generally, rhythmic element, a traditional structure, and a mainstream style have been associated with the kind of music. There are also variants that encompass of two forms such as the thirty-two bar and the verse-chorus.
It has a focus on engaging hooks and melodies. In terms of beat, it is considered simple because it only has limited harmonic accompaniment. Aside from that, the lyrics have a touch of love and other interesting themes.
At present, pop music is far different. Sexuality has been integrated into most modern songs. Singers do sexual acts, resulting in a buzz among listeners and viewers around the world. Maybe its main aim is to catch attention, which serves as an effective promotional technique.
Have you been wondering why pop singers incorporate sexuality into their music? Below are some of the pros:
·         The use of the human body as an alluring tool may be empowering to those people who use it the appropriate way. But, it may be degrading to some.

·         Sexuality may be a wonderful thing. But how does this happen? It is thru eliminating vulgar language. Though it looks seductive and sexy, it does not appeardirty.

·         Keeping sexuality out of pop music will never happen. Over the past years, there has been a drastic change in pop songs. From simple melodies, sexuality has been given an emphasis. It has been a part of the genre and it would be impossible for it not to have this feature.
Apart from that, it also has downsides. Here is the list:
·         It is inappropriate for kids. Since technology has been a necessity for everyone, there are more chances wherein children will be exposed to inappropriate or sexual language.

·         There is a vulgar language. Let’s admit it, most pop songs of today have a vulgar language. It is easy to come up with lyrics but it is hard to overcome the aftermath.
Despite the downside, sexuality has improved pop genre. It makes every song alive, catchy and exciting without a doubt!



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