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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Common Misconceptions about Metal Music

People are always fond of listening to music and each one has their own favorite. Music is a universal thing that offers you with different benefits, relief, and joy. Just as everyone loves music, most of the top choices are rock, pop and country music.
Metal music is less popular type of music but still a very prominent genre. If you are already familiar with this type of music, you probably know that this type is described as a massive sound, thick, and uses amplified distortion, guitar solos; complex beats and has an overall loudness. The common instruments used in metal music are drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, and vocals. While most of the bands focus on the lead guitarist, more often groups focus on the vocalist.
In heavy metal music performances, the guitarist is the secret weapon.  The guitarist is commonly performing extended riffs and most of the time leads the group. In some instances, the band uses their guitarist as the main power chords of their song. Some of the common techniques in a metal music legato, picking, alternate picking, economy picking and tapping. While many people love the type of music, there are some who tend to judge and criticize this form of music. Here are the reasons and misconceptions about the metal music.
Metal Music is NOT a satanic music
This issue is such a nonsense one. There is no specific form of music that is satanic. If the lyrics of the music is about Satan and all about evil, then that’s the only time that you can brand it as a satanic song or music. Though the song used an evil creature; it doesn’t necessarily mean that the song is also evil. Because if it is, then this will also mean that gospel songs are also evil since hell and evil are also mentioned in many gospel songs. This is the number one misconception about the metal music. There may be some bands that are considered Satanist but only a few of them make up mainly about 5% of the total number of metal bands.
Metal Music is NOT based on one genre
It is not true that metal music is based only in one genre. There are some historians who explained that metal music is based on different subgenres and does not only come from one genre.
Listeners of this genre are NOT always “emo”
Many individuals often considered the listeners of this genre as depressed or emo. Well, the truth is that heavy metal music fans are happy and jolly. Although a recent study shows that 57% of the metal music fans are proven to have depression and anxiety, still the remaining 43% are enjoying the metal music. Not all fans of this genre are stressed and depressed.
Metal Music singers don’t ALWAYS use makeup
You might probably notice that most of the metal music singers and vocalist has tattoos in different parts of their bodies. This is because of the nature of the music and also a way of expressing themselves. Most of the singers of metal music wear makeups, especially during concerts. However, there are some instances that the singer is no longer wearing makeup for they still look incredible even without the makeup and also their makeup doesn’t  really affect their performance and the quality of their music.
Despite all the popularity gained by the heavy metal music, the above misconceptions are still part of the picture and there are still some misunderstandings about this genre, the fans, and the bands. Since metal music is still a type of music allowing us to express ourselves, it is very vital to respect the singers, the fans and the value of the metal music.


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