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The Deepest Depths of the Burrow - Street Art & Graffiti

[Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] he is a part of the city something like an arrow in the matrix the chaos in the order everything to go to systems the system tries to bring order in the chaos it tries to cover graffiti to me graffiti is a mirror of the darkness of the mentality of the city and their citizens I learned to read mentalities of people through their pieces it isn't love to do this how and where they grow up you can tell someone's motivations in a zero gravity exists not against the system because as hard of the system in order to survive pretty much like rabbits living in the borrows only coming out to eat and take care of their daily business they have to be smart and always aware in the environment because the whole world is their enemy even though I didn't grow up here for freedom as the city has raised me I have learned from it I've learned how the city worse because I understand its mentality even if it took me well it simply taught me how to survive as a graffiti writer it taught me to understand how far can go and how much I can do before they actually wanted my art is what moves me and that's what keeps me motivated and I've learned to stay under the radar and to disappear into the people step to the bar oh but yeah there are still some things that we'll never understand maybe that's what keeps it interesting I personally learned to appreciate everyone's way of doing what he loves to do and I'm always happy to see some fresh paint I always wanted to see how all this work in other cities in other systems I want to experience how other rabbits live in to us one day I started to move without knowing what kind of madness was flying ahead after 15 years of being active some of my friends and me we grew into a huge Network a constantly growing network of people who have similar motivations to paint and live our lifestyle traveling has become very important in graffiti and in any other urban art movement and that's what keeps this network alive it fills it with fresh energy it's an energy that makes borders of countries and cultural commitments disappear it binds [Music] [Music] [Music] he has a big playground still because it captures very young and unique flavor compared to other cities of Europe the Viennese way that a middleweight just okay graffiti is there but it's not too big so maybe we can lacking in kind of way and if you try to not push its death hearts you can still make a lot of damage and the joint and the big city likely has always the playgrounds and we started in country yards paints country spots it was fun but a big city gives you the chance to go in every direction the tour is the way is always the easiest it's fun I can relate to it because nothing really happens if they catch you and you don't have to care about the sport contained in a week so this year your paint you care about the spot because you are painted more often sometimes people have in the mantle stories either just come hiking in every kind of spot things everything is possible music students but it's the first bullet and of course there are some real OU's where things change in a bad way but that's how life moves on that's that's part of the game ten years ago the situation was maybe predictable no I cannot really say what's going on in the yard so I have to to change my way of painting if I paint streets boats still doing it the Curtis way is the last yes that doesn't change you can easily paint some cool spots again output maybe they are gone the next day but if you have a good eye first pulse they're not yours better that's the fun thing about Thea it's also fun think all people buff here sometimes just clean the Holland he painted you know it's part of the app that funny that change and it the defense brought funny lines party needs change and it's tunnels and streets because I have to choose only one pain video it's stuck in the streets which I know wouldn't be that good for me because if I have a six-pack with cancer just gone as this expected or walk and the double do this every day it won't be that person that and for the city as well so fidelity sensation and sometimes Alice all along them why it's just stupid graffiti thing so funny for such a long time sometimes it's not so interesting to find forever because it's a fine I don't think I will disappear because I still like see my graffiti I would like to go to work and see three ticks I'm allowed to take change work if I see my line creases sometimes even talk about trends work see that's fun his wives very different compared to alcohol these pens can read and when it comes to perfidious it's also kind of weird because became in charcoal and the camper doing chain just five things that's not possible for example in Germany if you have a medal in relaxed charge you're good it's not the whole thing can really change in badly so this is to catch it and if they on the charger and user good luck Tara stream do it like one time death and one time that and the slope of this way we're going to get okay if the people say it's not I should do it anyway that's what the posture I like to grow up in myself very much because it's kind of freedom and it's kind of thought so in the city in a very unique way and here out by myself nobody is disturbing performance and DNI and that is very exciting things it's a little fun the atmosphere is great and sometimes I just go out because I know intense damn up motivated to paint that stupid sports such as hit it by myself because it's cool to be a little stupid [Music] [Music] you [Music] Detroit has you know this unbelievably rich history of culture you have Detroit techno you have Motown you have punk rock Iggy Pop and the Stooges mc5 Madonna and then you have white rappers all right musically it's rich and I think that artists pull from the same inspiration that the musicians do which is his bleak Bandhan forgotten landscape and there's something about being in that that makes you want to create something visually it's a really scary play for it you see these like skeleton buildings you see smoke coming out of the manholes all year round homeless people everywhere well you don't realize that it's not necessarily dangerous it's just other you what's so unique about Detroit is it's distressed environment which is these vacant building and empty plots of land and abandoned churches and theaters those are really what drives the spirit of creativity in our community people look at us and they will Detroit dead and the automotive companies have lacked well what's left there is an aesthetic that's really desirable to an artist that texture the smell the grittiness of it is awesome it's inspiring and that beauty resonates artists when you place a mural inside of a vacant theater where nobody's around and you have to go with flashlights and the fear of maybe somebody with a gun jumping out of the closet there I think it's exhilarating it's exhilarating to climb into these buildings is exhilarating to explore the urban scrawls that have been left behind the graffiti that's been there for 20 plus years and when you walk through these buildings it all will see the ghosts of the past thousands of workers making a decent living wage in building the middle class and these aesthetics in that exploration is really what art of the public domain is about the city has a history of corruption the last mayor the player mayor they call them is in jail right now and everything's in the school systems the police system is completely corrupted because if you want something you got it to getting and now the entire city's bankrupt it's you know horrible state of affairs there's so much pride in acting almost more than New York more than Boston like the fucking P is the powerful symbol there tha study in that I mean [Music] [Music] [Music] Heidelberg project was started by a black Detroit artist named Tyree Gaytan he hated the crack houses that were popping up everywhere so he started painting giant polka dots on the fucking crack houses to bring attention to them he painted like 10 city blocks covered in polka dots he basically turned this entire city area into an art project that had so much attention on it the crack dealers had to move on and he took that and went overboard and started wrapping trees with shoes houses with stuffed animals completely covered with them and all the junk discarded by the city became art and Detroit's trying to bulldoze it they don't get it they don't understand but he's like 60 so no one really considers him a street artist but it's like funny story dr. Volt told me about in the 80s in New York City when most prolific graffiti writers was a girl named pray just write this shit fucking everywhere and no one knew who it was because a little old lady yeah and it was like the craziest revelation never found out was a little old lady anyway he's kind of like that it's not the typical kind of street artist the best thing about painting graffiti internationally is that you're not the only one doing that by coincidence and artists have known for his work for quite a while so staying in an apartment next to me and I was dying to paint and collaborate with him I think it's easy you know it is easy it's a circle I think it also have a bit of a roll and knowledge to listen to each his pendant okay so right yeah sleep um yeah if you put it all in the way of it then it's a beta maybe because that way it looks like a background and we could also do a drop shadow you want like she's actually running on the block yeah and then you know you tour the can away like you yes smells like spray paint beautiful downtown I love downtown hot work everything it's marvelous doing for these guys is doing a beautiful job and I just loved it [Music] coming to Detroit for me is just kind of like a little holiday and to work with people I have it's magical it's like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity something that my entire career has led up to I've having a good time out here [Music] well in a lot of places in America especially on the west coast penalties are really harsh out here in Detroit in systems like the place that obviously has a love/hate for it but at the same time a world of opportunity for artists [Music] I think that you find in any situation in any city or any place around the world that when you have no other choice that it brings out things and you vent that you'll do or wouldn't do you know maybe some other place or situation and it breeds creativity [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] yo why are ya did you hear stuff down to carjack stuff Gigi hi please pick up surgeon no video really take this bit more more movements or more homes to fix he was corrupted a few yeah the cool thing about working with one time around was that I was able to go well with my ideas and I had full support anything I had in mind the boys tried to help me getting it done working on my show was very time-consuming it's especially hard to concentrate when there's a whole new world out there to explore but my nights were very inspiring I had a pretty good run as much as I loved working on the show I could not wait to get out there to paint as much as possible and enjoy Detroit although in bright daylight for miracle [Music] standing on the corner waiting for warning [Music] [Music] [Music] where they do not love it here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] everybody's coming up [Music] [Music] [Music] traveling through Europe especially in the german-speaking area made a lot of friends and a couple of them are very special to me not only because they are friends but also because we have similar motivations and ideas and also affinities in style but what mostly fixes the bonds between brothers is humor and some kind of weakness Agra sees some guys with spray cans in Eastern Market don't assume they're up to no good they came a long way to create new art Jason Carr gets weird for tonight's Fox focus report bearded bicycling dudes are an undeniable part of Detroit's landscape now but these particular fellows are not out for a jaunty ride they're looking for a wall to paint in our neighborhood Eastern Market there's a history of murals that have been there since the 60s and 70s so without really cool for nachos and the weird come and put their spin on what they perceived was the neighborhood and their experiences in the neighborhood and create these really wild wacky and weird murals what we didn't think was going to happen was all the media was going to show up Fox 2 News and NBC and the local papers and the weeklies and all these fans and bloggers and people were just like what are these people doing here they're in Detroit why and there were like to paint a mural because we have so many different cultures people are receptive to new ideas and new cultures coming in addition to exploring that we just continue to rock out murals to rid of these big lips because the snorkel lift was wasn't really cutting it and they just Jim good I could have a trial like that you know what a lot of us put it out in the world this guy got good good potential please do all right hey I'm Josh we'll get them pay I was Catholic Angelina pilot thank you I am an old-school techno pants and this kind of music was invented in Detroit I always wanted to go there for a typical Detroit techno party was really cool to be in that city was the via screw painting these large balls and hanging out together and drinking American beer luckily I didn't have to care where to get our material so the only thing was where to paint and it's there for Detroit's it's a kind of paradise and we just came around checksums pops out three now then we are three and think there have a crazy work like a lion starting very tiny in the first days of the two weeks every our new cars came by and people stop and see me on the TV usual weird [Music] we wanted to go like two three or four different places in the u.s. we canceled every plan and just children to try it because there's so much opportunities over there there can't be more power bonus yeah wish you guys could be my boss man you know what it's called the cool boss Motor City cool bus kuba yep the cool boss I'm putting this bus in the world's largest car show people from Australia Germany China all kinds of people from all of the world comes here for that joke it's located at six mile and John are the ROTC Geller of Dakota they got German sausage German beer and I went in there and I saw German songs with Lynette and City logo that was a hard man and the sauce is great in Germany you have to discuss like for weeks to get a walk and in Detroit was like okay just talk to the owners of the shop for like two minutes or something and that's it go paint what's so cool that we have the chance live directly above the gallery stays and what we like a glass journey so once again everybody's set in one room on mattresses and every day was so funny to go and sleep together and talk bullshit all the time they didn't expect that we just do it for fun but we said okay no it's just for free we're doing a rest holiday and they were completely fascinated about the stuff which was going on there we had some bikes to go to our God and American certain yeah you can't go bye-bye huge Cupid you don't want to get shot and we just go ahh we didn't send a call I love it not at all and people they really seem to love it I'm feeling some of them they were so excited and treated us like we really renovate the buildings but we just painted a mural that was great to see that it brought so much on our light or positive energy [Music] this one they lost three-quarters of their population and the size of the city geographically is humongous it's like the size of Los Angeles but with 700,000 people don't quote me on that but it's under a million people imagine 20 square blocks with ten residents you have to get power water Fire Department police to this huge area so it believes them dry in the mean expect to provide all these services but there's only a few people in like you know five square miles it's the first failed city of this country there's no arts programming there's no funding for kids hat learn about music and culture and right now they're trying to sell our museum collection to pay corporate attorneys to run us through a bankruptcy from former corrupt policies and then you just put art in the public domain can you say that's for all of us and that's what artists do this madman you go on kayvyun with taking this with me I really had my problems to understand that city because it is a first world country but having them city run down like Troy really hard to understand there is a similarity to burdens of the whole of the world for us as painters and graffiti artists it's the interesting situation because we can find nice and interesting surfaces to paint on we're two guys who always drove us to that places speak German cars select windows I was like Navy SEALs going painting yeah what can I tell you always in really nice situation you can go to abundant Isis as you see how nature recompress their place the trees growing with its floor but there's also like a layer of the former house can see what happened 20 years ago and then you come and do a new layer of paint over these old layers the situation of the room just create the key here then we kill them a saying kill them kill them [Music] the Americans were really welcoming and for myself it was funny to see my German friend told a friend environment but America is big there's many different Americans within America no it was time to move on [Music] [Music] some male goes doesn't support female kept expanding too busy bonnet pretty much the same as the world yeah this we need a darken a twister we're going to go to the store get some paint so you need to get some down mix should be fine and you get to make sure I have a mixer food this is new for you tray patient is it dad is go to the floral platter girls I'm where am I pretty clear that's our policy at the gallery try to work smarter not harder ha ha ha reading this big pink is kind of a retro ball I'm wearing low on batteries or things to do we should do it now whatever you want so there's more black here it should be actually no it's not what is it right so these like weird hi my name is gonna take a shower and head over to this republic across the street from the bear off EPA I came to San Francisco with no plan at all and since I'm a lucky bastard I had some friends that hooked me up with the right people over there if there's a father was able to get a huge role in the Tenderloin district the only thing I had to do now was to wait for permission so what you're going to do meditate over there dear or get a haircut across the street our Christian walk we've done pretty much a year I was referred to things the reaction [Music] [Applause] you [Music] in Oh [Music] clouds around [Applause] [Music] being able to paint a huge tiger that's far in the scent of San Francisco of what would fit high visibility in such a short time of ornamentation but probably the best thing that [Music] the most weak thing I feel about artists working on such a large scale in the public domain for free these murals not paper and they're pretty much done on the dime of the offices they have to put up the money to fly there they have to put up the money to get paint they have to find a way to get to the location [Music] you're not painting my window if you've none I might have been selected what we get is there okay oh okay but you're not pinning my window no no doing this operating and all-you-can-eat like fried chicken French is everything a bunch of girl [Music] coming down [Music] coming around the bay area is magical that someone would grow up in stereo to our soulful Vienna I feel very connected to this kind of landscape the hills and the mountains I would almost say it looks like home only with a couple palm trees here and there the bay and the ocean this place stole my heart immediately the fact that the Lord's my other crew is based in the bay and the strong connection I felt standing up there cause this would probably be the only other place I ever could call my home Los Angeles that city has all these different other cultures it's got lowrider gangster culture it's got a surf culture skate culture all that shit for me growing up as a kid the skate graphics of powell-peralta skateboards vision streetwear and all these companies helped form my influence on art as a really young kid [Music] thinking the background for the lights like going to get more motivated blood bank okay white background the press pillion shit again ray okay there was a crazy opportunity waiting for me in Los Angeles the second spongebob for Nickelodeon blew my mind I always thought of myself as a character designer and I always wanted to do cartoons or animation when I was younger unfortunately living in Austria you don't have much possibilities working as a cartoonist only for my abilities Johanna but since life goes hard shell ago I became an artist which was probably the only way as an Austrian to get to this point where I am right now and there couldn't believe to stand in the collodion backyard painting in artwork for them we took to the ultimate I can't stay we are artists to go I can't split it or bottle and cap that be they already love people like you build it make you bar [Music] you know the la Vega thriving city right so you have to drive around and traffic sucks so if you want to go see things just like a mission right but it's not even just like going to look at art it's like oh and you could go like buy like a CD player you know and it's like even after living there I live there for 15 years like yeah I know where to get certain things but some things are just like weird can I get this cat tag day he's bad [Music] turn your back yes what rubbish [Music] ah [Music] laughter [Applause] [Music] damn it was like I'll give you that defender for his death you know he's not gonna arrest us so you took my IP and you know what I saw him on my way my name is dressed one CBS crew Lords crew Lords crew a lot like CBS all-around punk rock skateboarder we have DJs we have like metal like everything mixed hip-hop emcees and we're all just down to smash destroyed graffiti no legal and legal well the CBS Lords Los Angeles San Francisco connection came about in late 90s so it's kind of like a mutual of north south west coast family type thing the scenes are a little bit different up north it seems a lot more carefree like in San Francisco when I was tagging up there a long time ago you know get caught tagging during the day with a guy in a briefcase he didn't jump on a cell phone or like you know try and like grab me or anything he just created me like oh good morning I was just like holy shit you know this is weird but you know two different worlds two different mentalities but it's kind of like a blend like a mixture I actually grew up in Canada right across the border from Detroit a little town called Windsor Ontario yeah never really got into graffiti till I moved to California in 1990 driving around on the freeways I'd see like the letters and stuff and the tags and the scribbling and just related to like gang writing like what the normal you know quote-unquote basic population would think and then a Nuttall actually met some of them like at a metal show these white guys with long hair and some skinheads and stuff like that and we're just slammed around the pit and I look over and like the alley were drinking the guy had a mean streak and he's like writing his name in that squiggly writing I was like you're not a gangster he's like now that's 50 Dino tagging stuff and trying to get up and I was just like whoa like the different types of people and then I meet like other guys that do it from different demographics different styles and like different mentalities just down to like destroy and like smash and just like get their names up in color and stuff like that and that was like the attraction to me if it wasn't just like gangsters that were it's a gang thing you know just kids letting off steam like fuck society fuck everybody this is myself you know just because I don't have any money you know if I would express myself it's all about expression so beautifully so mark important [Music] some northern combat violence sessions are taken in different various values of the end written little place of pique interest in the side [Music] yeah [Music] as soon as I go to New York I realized that's a ten year anniversary show of the booster collective had it opening at the same way the booster connected from the famous ice block which means everyone was in town so many artists have always looked up to for a very long time most of them have been blocked by boost of the last ten years today most turn out to be well grown urban artists some of them I knew already personally some have never met before [Music] there was one artist from my younger generation I've been watching and it turned out that we kept missing each other in other cities and on other continents at that time we made pretty much last minute he's a Mexican artist named meter and he was more than down to collaborate the only problem was rather held Mexican and an Austrian find a wall to paint in Brooklyn my family came here from Sicily to get a better wife when they moved here the movie that changed other words and when I was about 11 or 12 my father was murdered by a drug addict who was trying to mug him 2008 my mother got diagnosed with a brain tumor and she ended up passing away this neighborhood here I grew up and was raised everything reminded me of my mother it couldn't get away from it I went on a lot of trips outside the country and the first Mother's Day I just could so I painted the rules white prior to it and somebody had came along within six hours and repeated it when I saw that I got really upset and I said you can't really have anything nice clean I went on the computer and I googled street art I liked what they did and I got in contact with them and I told them what I wanted to do and we did we painted five roles we had a block party and it was really great putting apart over the graffiti one by one it felt good and then it's also good that within a year we had 65 murals now those are the best fucking Dennison thank God this neighborhood started to vacate when the factories started emptying out some other areas outside of the district started to overpopulate and push some of the people out into Bushwick now they're living in the factory they're living in these buildings I didn't realize what I've done by doing this program it's brought my community together I think more so than change the neighborhood because the neighborhood was already here regardless of whether we put Bart up on it or not I was a little kid and like my earliest memory of graffiti was basically taking the train into the city and every time the doors would open up it would be like those big chalkboards you know you would see like Keith Haring pieces those are the ones that kind of like stood out for me visually because they were so far apart from like everything else that graffiti was you know it's almost like graffiti was just like accepted and you didn't even look at it as an art but when you saw something like Keith Haring it made you kind of like pay attention to that this is real art this is something that's you know could possibly progress into something else and inspire something else here in New York City you're always working with other artists and it's a good kind of like community scene where everyone's kind of like getting each other involved I moved to New York in a five-year plan thinking if I'm broke and I hate being here after five years I'll just move on go somewhere else four years of fucking hell later you start Kidrobot and everything change for me after that yeah those four years at Edison my favorite years because I was living in Crown Heights I wouldn't have any money so we just walk around and paint I had no money I don't come from a family with money so I knew I had to do it if someone was going to happen and New York City can be a beast you know there's times when I hear a rooster looking at New York City and I would see it as my enemy fighting against me then other times I'd see it as this woman that just fucking the shit out of me lovely yeah everything about this times when the city is so good to you put it to rip that shit away really fast - yeah I mean I I was in New York for 15 years and you know maybe Who I am I lived here longer than anywhere else so crazy we went through a lot of pain today yeah possible great surprise a picture of a wall like this was actually brought me to New York was my second solo show in the United States I was really lucky because my other works are right just a day before the opening I'm used to never be on schedule but always on time but what was even more awesome than my stupid luck was welcoming my parents on the very first trip to America [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh the famous fellas responses [Music] Oh and I drowned all [Music] there with first brush is ours [Music] [Applause] No [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] traveling keeps my ideas fresh keeps me scared in a way but I think being scared is good or failing is good because it allows you to do something new so I feel like every two years I've kind of been refreshing myself by moving I when I was 25 I lived in Kenya for a year and a half and for me that was the first big place I moved to everything was foreign and that to me was so exhilarating that I've been chasing that feeling ever since after Kenya I went to Melbourne and then from Melbourne I moved to Bangkok for a year and a half and a similar thing happened Bangkok is like maybe a Brooklyn of Asia it's kind of really rough really creative has really awesome underground scenes so I felt like New York has the similar grittiness craziness and adventure moving to Brooklyn from Bangkok seemed the right thing to do I ran into Sheree oh by accident I missed a flight to Indonesia and she was in Singapore doing job we hung out for one day she gave me a masturbating zombie sticker I think it was and I was just in love straight away so it's like this girl's route I want to take her out for dinner so I asked her out for dinner and we went out to get it she gave me a tour of Singapore showed me her first piece and then invited me to Cambodia where she was staying so long story short I kidnapped her and brought her to Brooklyn so we've been hanging out in Brooklyn for a year and a half two years now and painting it which we collected a lot the first year she arrived we painted 40 walls in one year because coming from Singapore she was like what do you mean I can just paint on any wall and there's really good spray paint readily available and cheap so she was like an animal just super motivated to let me out the walls which was great for me I was already wanting to pay walls but now having someone going with you just pushes you even harder and further and her ideas were so bonkers it just pushed my subject matter into a different area as well like I would look in a sketchbook and I'll be afraid what was going on in her head system scary nightmarish googly eyed fucking hot hugs dude so I started borrowing from her style and and she would steal stuff of me and we kind of formed this weird more style that we're running with because we we love doing it and it keeps both of us fresh and I think keeping this travel painting life going as long as we can is is our goal if we can keep that paying for itself which currently is then it will be spoke to keep that alive yeah we're trying to chase the endless summer I guess when it starts getting cold we start looking to do festivals in warmer places I wish my plan would go as well as the York's plan I met up with text in Copenhagen for a street festival and some of us just not existent in Europe at the time Marissa Garvin daughter elementary with food in season kind of almost nice into the [Music] a hostile company selection fairy and to more completely dismantle you go fella busy dough becomes an eigenvalue long long long it on top the rain duct but it couldn't really stop us collaboration mural with my crew members are always fun and the good thing is I mostly don't have to explain much because we understand each other very well even drunk haha the mixture of ourselves always makes it funky laughs or effective Lao this particular a way of life to more presenting them to any fucking thing I hope you hear one of them of local house near often you give me a section here follow me it's a custom they have also we are my dimensional puppet [Music] only later I ago your son [Music] holy father my I see don't run [Music] holy crow my I said [Music] when later you all we fold our yard [Music] Duncan smart Oh oh I try [Music] the world [Music] [Applause] [Music] Berlin is something like the hometown of our crew so every time I go there I feel like I come home to Vienna and I guess this is only because of those people both involved are barely in problems because my crew members have set it all up in it [Music] your power door Oh [Music] me [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and we have been [Applause] [Music] and [Music] you know all three all since I know so many great people there that's barely a night which turns out to be boring [Music] [Music] with all this traveling and painting and eating and drinking and enjoying life money goes first and of course you have to live off something in Berlin we had the opportunity to produce a screen print a lot of the odds are produced on the road next to painting of course it's digital and I have my computer always with me in this case I left the rest of the job to the printer because I just suck in screen printing well I had to dissect a wild boar the fact that Berlin is full of those wild boars what turns out to be a pain in the ass for the citizens it's probably one reason why I decided to paint once these animals have similar problems to graffiti writers in the link they are not needed and the city is full of them so the poor kind of faces the same destiny hunted down till Judgment Day another reason why I painted it is that loads of my artists somehow connected to my childhood and there's a kid I got bitten by one when I was seven studying and painting is anatomy kind of see faces it as an enemy to me it feels more like honoring the animal than destroying a life-form intellipedia month marc bolan oh this is much much more efficient yeah we are Neiman gotta tell me much good it was looking to me father [Music] [Music] yeah we are some kind of urban illustrator crew from Germany in Austria and we are 10 people a few of us have been very good friends for a long time now some of us met in 2012 and in event in Berlin we painted a big wall with Flying Fortress and others when there was a festival in general and nitrous took care of the artists and I'm that's what we started touring the first walls and then the next gathering and we're in Germany to Tulane was invented in a drug night session next day we painted the weird there I'm not going to start ignoring for all of us the crew was born out of fun because we wanted to have fun at that point it made sense because we were all character changes so we thought ok let's start a crew which only concentrates on characters and the world behind these characters I think the most important thing of the weird is we completely have different styles me for example I really like bold and very clean and almost like a computer graphic graffiti designing or something someone like rookie is painting more like real painting with oil paint and stuff like this and it's somehow melting together and that's what we had crews all about aha something about become a cruel was one of the most important steps in my life because it was at the moment where I really was thinking for myself Claire really wants to continue that way I took so I always miss people who work with together with all the weird members there was a very special mood when we matched the first time and perfect for working and it really fit a lot with my philosophy about anger [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] if you [Music] hmmm file version hospital Eclair Sofia on trauma didn't embalm the foreign philosophies dynamic on teachers garden come out the shiny she forgot all cinema cool definition even on because I'm hanging it son Oh a step-over times technology is affecting complied with those sudden violent profiling people if you get I need you yeah I'm inspired organic food affiliates on our planet also join because I already mentioned explain cause I don't I think Occidental among its it held the wind instead move on I haven't minded that was nice floors come on computer assumable mushrooms and item Italian on the Oklahoma of this content our implement even one to decide which possibly the third notation is positive here nearly five man with a Chanel horse for all X comma T mention of him condoms common Saddam's Allah widen that is not village of when you having this consists he bought Isis here also long as a desiccator added for uncertainty got again scripts nice often nervous at least seen mention nature in the war was the our target regret of my regular exchanges [Laughter] [Music] almost there there she is I think all of us are coming from an era where you learned through really old-school graffiti the roots where it all comes from so starting in the middle late 90s it was a quite different thing than all painting right now is one thing that's very obvious it became much more the straightest so people very often start already with painting characters and figurative stuff [Music] haha copy is bit-by-bit my name is Louie [Music] it is for God trip is my Stabler so he's dead - babe [Music] so in Silent One blue dog check it out my memory core go when in your life migas name though [Music] dr. sleepwalking No [Music] might be it is more god she is my dress my name is OBC Luxembourger thing was pretty nice the whole we're crew came together and that's not really often like we try to do on pants you we always enjoyed this super large painting like painting a whole whole supermarket inside it's difficult because you're ten people and very very huge and you have to really make compromises we painted the weird dreams and every one of us yeah painted some dreams they had before so it was a nice mixture of very serious stuff and mary cartoony and funny things that happen yeah we had another funny concept this time like the islands of dreams flying around involved I really enjoyed this really a nice concept because you could do your own stuff but it just works together the crew is growing together now we are getting one person [Music] [Music] August Vecchio [Music] Miami during Art Basel is off the hook hundreds of urban artists and graffiti writers from all around the world are coming to town which means you're going to be fast and hung for your walls but if this is said you are ready to rock [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] when will District is kind of like that during the year but in December it has a crazy amount of businesses that mainly go to art fairs and watch people paint in the street it turns into complete mayhem and all the murals functional advertisement or our eyes when you walk through streets billboard and lawyer to this person is we create zero people what is that I don't know what that but I don't get it I mean I'm not liking but because we're so programmed with commercial advertisements you know all these things that are forced into our site and then pulled you break the mold and you probe this wild hero that you can't necessarily decipher you don't even know why it's there and most people can't even comprehend why somebody would do that and then finally we do it for free I mean it's just like blows people away [Music] [Music] I mean my parents came here from the Philippines and they knew that they couldn't provide the opportunities for their kids and they settled in the Bronx and you know that's where I was born and raised knowing like what they gave up to come here to like a foreign country like I wouldn't be an artist if I was living in the Philippines just growing up I traveled the world a lot and I felt really lucky to do that I was a new kid went to a lot different schools and my art was kind of all I had so it was something I clung to really tightly to understand who I was as a person and around ten years ago started a toy company called kid robot and that's the first time I really started to get connected to artists everywhere and they're all doing the same thing you're doing so any city you go to you know someone who knows someone who can take you to paint somewhere it's like the graffiti underground railroad you know not everyone kind of gets what your lifestyle is like so it's kind of nice to be around those people to understand it and it's cool you get to travel paint for living you know we're lucky thing hands down Oh good eye on everybody got it trio category involving hat he can move in as we got this it's dark gold in not beatable there are also craters it almost looks as if the atmosphere is frozen shall we send a probe captain no I was thinking of landing on the planet Jackson if the landing module in working condition module is working perfectly captain it will be much easier to repair that faulty generator and we're on firm ground all crew members to your stations prepare for landing let's go play regular innocent reports knitting up supplies basic Poulos it's in the flower pot and here's Michael time for select was refined based Ascott me des écoles today - he is talking about the greatest brain ever made by man I just got back how can system back animala special dreams on Spanish if you want to know the treatment is asking other things no go no I'll stay exactly so please he attacked me to know how to take his proper procedure it's my to prevent this situation laugh at me we have to cry we do with a puppy and you kept me don't entertain arrogance was well known an attack for Mattel Art Basel appears to be the biggest birthday party you can imagine and the best recovery is actually to fly straight to Hawaii a few weeks later with gave the European vendor and again do nothing else than painting walls with my friends from all over the world we like to do this tour called the whole whole of Hawaii obviously what that is we want to expose people to the history of way and more about the place that they're painting in we also hope that it can help to inspire some of the artists to sort of think about how their art may affect Hawaii people or affect local people here Prime and Estrella really do a lot of goodwill by taking us out into these areas showing us and telling us and teaching us about with these rocks me they say don't touch the rocks please state your intentions and really what that comes to is what our intentions they teach you about how ancient Hawaiian love the land and saw that there was energy and power and every object inanimate or alive it really shows you that when you're going to approach your wall state your intention and execute your intention and that's the silent onyx [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I would go to that somewhere over the rainbow yeah found it here it is in a cup Hawaii has always been a very strategic military spot for the American government and during that time they also built a lot of lookout points bunkers and military facilities to be prepared for any sort of attack their second life has been as painting spots for people what's amazing is that a lot of them are in jungles or up hikes or up mountains and they made for some amazing views and some amazing opportunity to paint on walls that you would never get anywhere else in the world so they're more or less like secrets but whenever people come to I we try to take them to these places because they're just amazing to paint in roll of control I got roll of control mosquitoes are now here it's like I'm on a new chapter in my life I've just turned you know 40 years old and I've been painting consistently for a long time and for years actually for decades I worked in the skateboard industry I always seem to be working for someone else but at the same time it allowed me to moonlight as an artist one's a graffiti artist traveling and painting and networking magic they got to a point where probably had done it too long and dedicated too much energy into it but because of it I've been able to experience so much and now I'm at a point where I feel like I'm really hitting a stride my own art career so it's exciting it was my second time on Oahu Hawaii and I really enjoyed it the year before but I didn't get to explore the island much I always wanted to paint in places not many people get to but if someone does he might find my piece in those three weeks I was fully dedicated to leave my mark [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] is the and [Music] gunshot [Music] yeah [Music] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] staying in the house directly on the beach together with all the other artists and our home is from Detroit was pretty much the pole position to exchange and work on some ideas for the upcoming event anyone interested in a square hole or space or some like there if you're making it out [Music] we're in both t25 my ninja when a group of artists converge on one location it's actually a really beautiful and amazing experience because you get these two weeks to spend an intimate amount of time every day good morning good night Wow your mural is progressing you know there'll be groups of people doing murals and different cities around the world but there's not a cohesive festival that brought this many artists together until powwow Hawaii came together really what's happening with Pow Wow is so intense I've never seen anything quite like it fucking kid wait [Music] I've always been a fan of nitrous work but at the same time I know that his work could be controversial because it could be perceived differently during powwow 2013 nachos did a collaborative mural with Jeff Soto and he paint a shark and the shark was dissected and there was nothing negative about it and Hawaiian people see sharks as Sakura diamonds I found of course and they thought that we were painting a mural with like they're scary animal being killed when in fact it wasn't it was being honored and so it was just that it was really an expensive communication [Music] but it was also great because we're trying to open people's eyes to shark finning to a degree and also having people think about how different things are being perceived offend us in parts of the world those margins across the device and no one had any bad intentions at the only day [Music] I really like that idea at the power of the image more than like the thing itself so that's what I've been painting I scream a lot you know because professional photos of ice cream are amazing you know they call it food porn that these photos are so awesome and the experience of looking at the photo is actually better than the experience of eating the ice cream [Music] possible bubble letter style my name told I did this like all over the subways and all over the streets of New York so they got old and older uck something trying to like pop art symbol in town afraid to say I do this legal in the streets of the kid but now I make a living off this so all in all what we did is we did something that was very positive in the community we did something that fulfilled ourselves internally and we're able to have a good time and that was really what is at the core of what we do as independently minded beings that don't really have day jobs but we work our ass off and have an opportunity to go anywhere we want the world at anytime and meet people that have the same belief system and freedom and not walk around with the chain of the corporate world which says that you need a bank account and you need two point five cars and you need three point five kids and you wipe the defense that me is what really embodies the fear of the army when you walk through the streets of Kakaako and you see me hub buff monster inside if you stab milah you know it's like wow it's like so my boy Ronny wish could be around the corner and then they're all together but who would think that when guys were reading graffiti bags but they would be sitting at dinner with Martin Cooper really it's Martha Cooper didn't catch the subway train and koch2 didn't pay no and guys like per se didn't touch that on the west coast there's a full debrief of artists that are now emerging from that core under their own culture and I would say that across the board why all these partners are able to get along like old friends because they also for their state Sir Percy tattooed punk rock everybody comes from counterparty that's why we are funneling that into this creative spirit that now lives in the public domain and thing is walked in Kakaako and you're like these are all people that puppet sister the voice of an artist is really only allowed to exist in a gallery and that no longer existed because we've broken all the rules and we've said we're going to do it our way and that's what how awful is really all about [Music] suddenly you find yourself back home after all this traveling filter craze memories and a year has gone and it's winter again and loves quiet I couldn't even go back to the squad for taking a photo of that speech like I've chased of the year before I'm praying that it's still there in its full shine that's the poncherello intent your year has been and how much has actually happened and you're fucking grateful for that experience but it's not over another year has just begun and that will keep going as long as I can because I love what I do I guess this is what my life is developed there will be more journey more cities more systems to explore all I have to do is to follow the White Rabbit and you can follow me into the steepest sq Laboral me there at me they can what it is a job there oh my yeah like jump out and while in [Music] got evil [Music] [Music] they are sorry away forget it I know [Music] why [Music] neither the Sun it open you know these are the kind of areas clear tell us when we can accomplish anything that person functional try and Kane attacked me chills I see me shirt when I took a look it was all reverie nothing [Music] Oh No [Applause] thank you [Music] Oh God to be [Music] your name [Music] [Music]


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