The Power and Magic of Literature

Literature is often referred to as a form of art. The term literature gets its name from the Latin word littera which means letter or handwriting. It has been said that all written works are considered as literature. Literature has the ability to appeal to our senses and touches our lives in so many ways. Literature can be seen everywhere, and if you are fond of reading poetry and prose, you probably love literature as well.
Literature teaches us so many things about life. It can even take you to places you have never been before. You can meet people, experience events, visit places, listen to people, talk to them and feel their feelings and emotions. Each of the books that you read is part of the wonders of literature. Literature mirrors every people, the society, and the mannerism. It is also called the foundation of life. Literature places an emphasis on the different topics of human from tales, tragedies and even the search for love. While most of the works are written in words, these words do not only remain as words. In fact, every person has their own representation of all the word written. Words coming from the different literary works come alive in terms of imagination that comes from the ability to imagine and comprehend the complexity of the text.
The Paybacks of Literature
Nowadays, many people believe that literature is simply not that important at all. They even underestimate the ability of literature to stand the test of technology and time. There is beliefs that people who stick to math and science will be more successful than those people who chose their passion for literature. Along the line, people tend to believe that literature is no longer important. However, you can never get away from the fact that literature is the gateway to learn the past, understand the world and expand your knowledge. Here are the reasons why literature is significant.
A Leap to the past
Literature and history are always tangled with each other. History does not only focuses on the dates, names of people, wars, and struggles. History is all about the people and the product of time and their way of living. Today, people have completely changed. And without literature, you could not learn about the past, the origin of life, people during those times and the reason for the amazing inventions of today. All the written records about history are considered as literature.
Expanding Horizons
Literature has the ability to open your eyes and see more about the world. It also helps us realize that the world is a wide world and there are so many things to learn. With literature, you start to learn, build intuitions, ask more questions about life, and expand your minds.
Build Critical Thinking
During your language class, you tend to learn about critical thinking and how literature benefits you in so many ways. When you read, you learn new insights about the text, the characters and the lesson of the text. You are taught to find connections, make symbols, expand your reading skills and begin to look at a larger picture. Literature makes you realize the hidden meanings and come up with a conclusion about life.
It Addresses Humanity
Literature comes in many forms such ass novels, poems, short stories, and essays. All of these has the ability to address human nature and affects people. You can also learn about success, failure, empathy, trust, and imperfection. Through literature, you can learn that life is all about living life to the fullest. Therefore, we need literature just to realize these things and to connect with our humanity.
Literature is an important part of our lives and it is very necessary to study and learn literature. It provides us the ability to ponder outside the box and strengthens the mind.


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