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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Value of Classical Music

Classical music has been known to many people because of its popularity. This type of music is common in most countries from the western world. Classical music is composed by musicians that are trained in writing music and everything about music notation. All of the modern piece of music whether it is pop, jazz, rhythm, and blues can all be traced as classics. Most of the great composers of classical music are Mozart, Hayden, Beethoven, and Bach. Without them, classical music probably won’t exist today.
Classical music from the view of an artist can be seen as the epitome of the interpretation of music used. On the other hand, the audience’s point of view, classical music serves as an emotion, imagination, creativity, and feelings that occur when listening to this form of music. In terms of education, classical music is one of the most valuable assets. A recent study shows that children who are exposed to classical music on their early life attain a higher level of critical thinking that allows them to excel on academics than those who were not exposed to this kind of music. Furthermore, people whether adults and younger ones when exposed to classical music, have greater chance of success in both life and in school.
The Influence of Classical Music on the Music of Today
Classical music has come a long way. Although it is not a popular genre for most people, it is still the most inspiring one.  The most popular composers of this form of music are Beethoven and Mozart and they have successfully created countless classical music piece. The works of Mozart and Beethoven has captivated the attention of the world and has remained to be part of the world’s genuine treasure of music.
Today, the classical music has influenced most genre of today’s music. This type of music has greatly impacted today’s modern music. The chorus of the present music is being repeated all throughout the song. A wide number of songs today are structured to be having a chorus. It has been said that the best part of the song is its chorus and the best message of the song is the part of the chorus. The chorus is the part of the song we tend to always remember every time.
Many of the present modern songs imitated the complexity and intensity of the Baroque period. Usually, rock music is the one that copy the type of music on their songs today. Moreover, many of the songs today are based on sequences and handful chords that were discovered during the period of Classical. If you are familiar with Adele, she makes use of the classical music on some of her songs. Lady Gaga also made use of some of the Baroque themes on her songs. Here are some of the songs that were influenced by classical music and are considered as mainstream songs:
         Could it be Magic by Barry Manilow
         Lacrymosa by Evanescence
         It’s a Hard Life by Queen
         Because by The Beatles
         Plug in Baby by Muse
Classical music has left mark on its history and continues to grow. Learning and studying this type of music will provide people especially children with the opportunity to be exposed to classical music and to participate in the appreciation of the music. Without the appreciation of art and music, the entire education will never be complete and most of the children in school are going to miss one of the best experiences of life. Classical music just like any other music has the ability to calm the mind and bring inner joy.  


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