Things to Know About Piano

The piano has contributed a lot to the classical or even modern music. It was created in the 1700s. Before it was a harpsichord. As time goes by, there have been different forms such as grand piano, digital piano, upright piano, keyboards, synthesizers as well as hybrid pianos.
Without a doubt, it has become one of the most popular instruments across the globe. With its beautiful and aesthetic look, it is great in any residential property.
Before keyboards and other modern pianos, it was invented in Italy. The first piano in the world was created by Bartolome di Francesco Cristofori, a harpsichord maker. His creation was named as gravicembalo dol piano e forte or a harpsichord with soft or loud sound in Engish.
Compared to the pianos at present, it was very expensive. Even you belong to an average rich family, you could not afford to buy one for sure. You could find it in the homes of aristocrats or royalties in Italy. Unlike the modern instrument, it was really different when it comes to its looks.
Over the years, there are lots of pianos ever created, including the largest one. This is held by Adrian Mann, an amazing piano tuner in New Zealand. He was able to finish it within 4 years. Its size is 5.7 meters long and its weight is about 1.4 tons. He finished it at the age of 25.

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