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Things You Do Not Know About Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is known as the bard of Avon. He is a versatile playwright and a poet. Despite the test of time, people are aware of who he is and what he contributed to literature. Because of his talent, most of what he had written are being loved by different readers around the world.
Apart from that, there are other things you do not know about him. Keep reading and realize that there are other cool facts about Shakespeare you are unaware of.
He married an older woman
Based on history, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18. This girl was a daughter of a farmer who was eight years older than him. The union was arranged because of Anne’s condition. After the wedding, he had a daughter named Susanna. In 1585, he had twins namely Hamnet and Judith.
His parents were illiterate
For sure nobody knows that his parents were unable to read or write. This was often the case for those people during the Elizabethan era. Despite that, he had given the opportunity to have municipal positions. He only signed with a mark.
Compared to his siblings and parents, Shakespeare was very fortunate because he was able to attend at a local grammar school in Stratford. This is where he mastered Latin, reading, andwriting. Some thought that his two children, Susana and Judith have been illiterate.
Hundreds of familiar words are featured in his plays
It is said that Shakespeare has greatly influenced the English language. Because of his write-ups, he coined or popularized lots of terms as well as phrases. To name a few, there are fashionable (Troilus and Cressida), lackluster (As you like it), foregone conclusion (Othello), wild goose chase (Romeo and Juliet), one fell swoop (Macbeth), and a lot more. Historians also credited him with inventing names such as Miranda, Cordelia, Olivia, Jessica, and Nerissa. These names have become common over the past few years.
He wore a gold earring
Our idea about Shakespeare’s appearance came from the 17th-century portraits. One of the most famous depictions is the Chandos portrait. It shows that William has a beard, loosened shirt-ties, and a gold hoop earring in his left ear. Before his time, male earrings were a fad. As a matter of fact, they were part of a bohemian lifestyle based on the images of many Elizabethan artists. Nevertheless, there is a big possibility that it is not painted, which is still being debated by many.
Many people think that Shakespeare was just a result of imagination
Have you ever thought how a commoner became one of the most eloquent writers throughout history? At a young age, Shakespeare was able to spin tales in wide knowledge about international affairs. He was also familiar with the royal court as well as high society. For that reason, many theorists have suggested that one or various authors used the name to conceal their own identity. The proposed candidates are Christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon, Edward De Vere and Mary Sidney Herbert.
However, other scholars remain skeptical about the hypothesis. Though Shakespeare’s collaboration with other playwrights is a bit questionable, historians believe that he existed and not a fraud.
His father held different jobs
John Shakespeare, the father of William, began engaging in several trades. He sold leather goods, corn, wool, or malt. In 1556, he was given the responsibility to inspect bread or malt liquors. Later, he became a moneylender and experienced municipal positions. He worked as a mayor of Stratford for years. In the 1570s, he ran away because of debts. The reason is not clear that even scholars do not know.

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