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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

What is Considered as Art?

Art cannot be defined according to people. But it is said to be a process of arranging elements that appeal to emotions as well as senses. It involves human activities and different ways of expression.
Generally speaking, it is an activity done by artists with an aesthetic or communicative purpose. It is something that expresses an emotion or even an idea.
Aside from that, it reflects social or economic substrates when it comes to its designs. It conveys ideas or values in cultures across time. In terms of its role, it changes as time goes on, boosting more aesthetic component and socio-educational function.
But have you ever thought about what is considered as art? Are there things that make something a piece of artwork? Are there qualities that distinguish a sculpture or a painting? Or perhaps, does cultural difference exist? Whatever the case may be, take a look at the following to give you a concrete idea:
Any work of art is created by an artist, which is the expressive nature of the medium that makes it as an art. However, any work that captures the emotion can be considered as an art. The same thing goes when something brings you tears, laughter, anger, and other feelings.
There is a cultural aspect as well. More specifically, this could be seen on how you interpret an artwork. Some pieces can be new or foreign, affecting the transfer of the message. Sometimes, an art to a group can be insulting or offensive to another.
Furthermore, painting, sculpture, poetry, opera, photography, classical music, literature, graffiti, dance, movies, novels, pop music and comic books can be classified as an art. Indeed, if something requires the arrangement of elements that catch people’s attention, it is an artwork. If it conveys emotion, it can also be called an art.



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