What is the Origin of Art?

Everything in the world has an origin – and art is no exception. It is said to be a range of human activities in creating performing, visual or auditory artworks. It is a form to express an artist’s imaginative or even technical skills, which has been appreciated for its emotional power as well as beauty.
Generally speaking, all these activities include the criticism of art, the dissemination of art, and the history of art. Based on history, the oldest documented forms are visual arts. These include the creation of objects images in a diverse range of films such as painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture and a lot more.
Architecture is also one of the visual arts. Decorative arts and even advertising encompass the creation of objects in which any practical consideration is indispensable. In its broader definition, theatre, dance, literature, interactive media, film, and music are other forms of art. In the 17th century, it was referred to a skill and was not differentiated from different sciences.
At present, fine arts are truly separated from acquired skills. It may be characterized as narrative, communication of emotion, expression, etc. During Romanticism, it came as a faculty of the mind that had classified with science or religion.
Today, art is more different than the ones existed 40,000 years ago. Before, there have been sculptures, rock paintings, petroglyphs, and cave paintings. The oldest piece across the globe has a series of tiny snail shells, which was discovered in a cave in South Africa.
Most known art traditions have a strong foundation in the art of various ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, China, Rome, Ancient Greece, Olmec, Maya, Ancient Egypt, etc. All of them developed a characteristic and special style. Plus, all their artworks have influenced other cultures.
Indeed, the origin and history of art are indeed wide in scope. It requires time and effort before you can understand it well. For more information, search the net and rely on useful sites!

-Samantha & Jaxer