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Sunday, April 1, 2018


Architecture can have a different meaning to different people. It can both come in a form of art and science, a reality and idea, and a process and result. Depending on your context, the architecture may refer to a man-made building or any structure that is highly important, creative, carefully designed and prudently planned.
The architecture is a vocation, a passion, and a calling, or can be a business. It is defined by many as an artful science and a social art. The idea in the result of the architecture needs to be of the highestquality and should go along with the timely design. The architecture is providing to all human activity a sense of great support and place. Furthermore, it helps the man-made structure fit the ecosystem while effectively promoting well-being and health, providing the people the economic opportunities, enriching the lives spiritually and aesthetically, and creating a better legacy that truly reflects tradition and culture.
The result behind architecture should serve its purpose and then fulfill its function for which it is built. It needs to be firm and durable to stand its integrity for a long time. Also, the result has to be visually and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Architecture is already a part of us and it never fades for thecoming more years, with exceptionally timely designs and great ideas.


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