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Sunday, April 1, 2018


Ceramics are an inorganic compound, solid material that comprising metal, non-metallic, or metalloid atoms that are primarily held in covalent and ionic bonds. The products created out of ceramics are brittle, hard and porous. They are also used to create tiles, glass, pottery and cement, as well as used in places in the engines of gas turbines. Aside from that, there is a bio-ceramic that is specially designed for use as synthetic bones and for dental implants.
Types of Ceramics
There are different types of ceramics available, and they are:
·         Fire Clay and Shades
·         Faience
·         Terra-Cota
·         Fireclay
·         Stoneware
·         Earthenware
·         Porcelain
·         Vitreous China
·         Technical or Engineering Ceramics
Why Use Ceramics?
The ceramics are the common materials used in construction, created from the mixture of different minerals (silica sand) with clay binders, impurities and 30 percent water. The ceramics are fired at a high temperature so that the silica re-crystallizeswill form a glassy component, which possess a greater strength, hardness, density, dimensional stability, and resistance to frost and chemicals.
The ceramic material is environmentally stable because it doesn’t oxidize that much in the atmosphere. It is also a practical option when it comes to maintenance. The problems can only be experienced using ceramics when they are mixed with other materials, like the ones that are easily corroded and highly stressed.


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