Sunday, April 1, 2018

Pop art exhibition revives Asian-American youth icons 

Louise Leong A pop artwork exhibition opened at the Rui Cunha basis yesterday evening, showcasing the works of California-based modern artist Louise Leong. Leong, whose family unit is from Macau, has a creative historical past in silkscreen printmaking, a strategy historically used for the business production of t-shirts. Having studied this formulation for sparkling paintings software, Leong today creates contemporary pop paintings the usage of characters, items and icons from her adolescence. “a lot of my imagery is bound in childhood recollections of play and nostalgia,” referred to Leong yesterday on the exhibition opening. “a lot of people see my work and say that they remember these items from my childhood. As we get older these recollections develop extra and further other than us, and so i admire to make artwork to don't forget these recollections, and that i believe that resonates with individuals.” among the items depicted Leong’s work are ice tea drinks and sketch characters – some recalled from her childhood, and others a manufactured from her imagination. “i'm inspired by using childhood play memories and kids’s media, like comedian books and cartoons. I adored them as a child, and that i proceed to surround myself with them,” she said. “I’ll see something and consider: oh I deserve to paint that. It’s very childlike; the manner that toddlers paint and draw what they know. It’s now not always aware for them. “part of the motive that mascots and cartoons are so particular to me is because for those who are a child, even before which you can communicate, that you could respect photographs,” she added in conversation with the times. “a lot of this just comes back to nostalgia. I draw things that hyperlink to my roots and my childhood.” Leong turned into the U.S. curator for the “Macau x San Francisco art of Illustration” exhibit, a 2016 exhibition showcasing 40 artworks from 20 artists primarily based in either Macau or the USA. based on organizers, the exhibition become designed to connect each areas with “a visible language shared with a sense of humor, surrealism and picture attraction.” Leong’s work resonates largely with other Asian-americans that have a connection to the gadgets, characters and products proven in her art. As for Macau audiences, for whom these items are somewhat commonplace, Leong thinks her art can help to revive recollections of their formative years. “at the very least it might possibly be novel to see a painting of something so standard in a gallery like this,” she talked about. DB related

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