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Foreign Accent Syndrome – Yes, It’s Real

Apr 28, 2017

Foreign Accent Syndrome is actually a real condition but is super rare with less than 100 documented cases. It’s exactly what it sounds like: Foreign accent syndrome is when a person can’t help but speak in a foreign accent. Crazy huh?

Foreign accent syndrome usually occurs after a stroke or some form of brain trauma. Here are some interesting cases of it…

A Texan name Lisa Alamia went in for jaw surgery which does requires heavy sedation. When she woke up from the surgery, her subtle Texas drawl had been replaced with a British accent. The weirdest part is that she had never even been to England!

Things were worse for a Norwegian woman named Astrid. During WWII, Astrid suffered a brain injury from shrapnel that exploded during a bombing raid. After recovering, she woke up with a German accent! Unfortunately at the time, Germany occupied Norway so she was oftentimes treated as a German spy. She couldn’t even speak German but her new accent made local Norwegians think she was the enemy.This stuff is crazy – Imagine waking up with an entirely new accent! You might find it delightful and a good conversation starter. Or it might make you self conscious or have a negative social impact like it did for Astrid.

What are some other crazy or interesting conditions you’ve heard of? Hit reply and let me know, I always love to hear more about this kinda stuff!

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