a mening to this lyrics/rap by KIMSE DEGIL :PPP

Yo yo
Aint no battle can beat this rhythm. Aint no dog can bite this lyrics
Aint no demon can break th,s power down. Aint no one can beat this song
Everyone everybody why wont you don’t put ur hand up in the god damn sky
All the hands so that up in the sky , lets see them throwing me some badass tomato
Make sure your tomatos are soft, I don’t wanna die under some red color fake blood
Make it a big deal make it aloud, never be sure, I might swear n spit some nonsense right up here
Don’t think about it too much , it is not a footballmatch. Never kill my ego or I will knock down ur hero
Never ever tell me my music sucks. It is what I lived for my whole damn life. Stop and kick ur own ass if
If if if you wanna fight bruh don’t don’t don’t put me in this mighty little fighty right?
Yo yo
Aint nobody can put us ina cage, if there is a cagewe will put that to trash aint no doubt bout that.
Al the demons all the people all the ghosts listen to my spitting nonsense yea thisis some mighty little nonsense just laughing at ya cuz we wanna teach ya how this rubbish rap song goes on and on and forever on
Never ever underestimate this lyrics , never tell me I did it. It’s the demons who rap not me aint my mind.
All the songs all the battles they put you in, never think twice or so about some human made up worthless nothing ever people remembered in the god damn past.
Never ever cover my song never ever crackmy castle of glass ego or your ass to go to the bin to the next bin forever on
Yo this yo that yo stop I cant stand this  bullshit rap song just sing along and stop to tire your ass to find a mening to this x4


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