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(we do not own any rights on this article we wrote by listening to the lecture) CLASSICAL SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION

(we do not own any rights on this article we wrote by listening to the lecture) 
(we do not own any rights on this article we wrote by listening to the lecture) 
(we do not own any rights on this article we wrote by listening to the lecture) 
(we do not own any rights on this article we wrote by listening to the lecture) 
we do not know what resorces the teacher used in the lecture. we only took notes from the lecture of teacher Mr. (name) and the sources he used (respective source owners). we only listened and took notes of whatever has been said by the teacher and shown on the screen. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THE RESPECTIVE TEACHER AND THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS OF THE INFORMATION. WE DO NOT CLAIM ANY RIGHTS WE DO NOT CLAIM ANYTHING WE ONLY SHARE IT WITH YOU. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE, SAVE, COPY THIS ARTICLE AND ONLY READ IF YOU WANT TO. THIS IS BECAUSE THAT WE DON'T HAVE ANY RIGHTS.
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1.       Classical sociology of education was founded primarily on modernist ideologies such as liberalism, socialism etc. focusing primarily on issues such as development , social class, training of a new human resource, etc.
2.       Main focus was trying to find a way to understand and integrate diversities in a society organized under a nation-state. So there was mainly macro (societal) perspective to sociological issues rather than a micro perspective (group-based)
When the church got weaker and the state got more powerful, their presponsibilities for the people got bigger. Services in terms of education.
That’s when systematic form of education started to rise.
The main focus with this whole migration ,to understand this diversity in the nation states. Turkey is a nation state. When atatürk founded the republic , that’s when he emphasized being a turk, Turkish history, Turkish organzations etc. he wanted to create a Turkish identity.
Turkey still not a country with an official religion. We are secular. The idea came from a nation state not a religion state.
The main idea is that they are united. Such as UK, USA etc.
So this whole organizations, they r form a macro perspective. Cuz it focuses on the society as a whole mechanism.
The macro perspectives focuses on..
The mciro perspectives focuses on…
If we focus on classroom, or a within a school, we would talk about a smaller perspective. A micro.
If we talk about a country or a system or muslims or turks or white people, etc.
We talk about a more macro perspective.
Educational sociologists, try to use school as a tool for….
A lot of purposes. Two different aims. Modern society right now. Post industrialism is the time for modernity , reliance to science etc.
In the sense the education and schools serve as a…
Migrate from a country to another one. For example
The country would want to u to participate in certain courses. Where you learn about the system etc. of the country.
When Germany, Holland ,swiss etc, invited turks and that was a imigrations.
Around 1960s after the war, the majority of Europe was broken into pieces. The lack of man power was needed. They invited ppl from different countries and especially from low income countries. The turks said yes we need money economy etc. we knew that when our workers come back we would gain a better economy when they bring foreign money to turkey.
It was after that a couple of decades we faced problems.
They only cared about the man power. These ppl become a large population. And the germans said aaa new have a problem now. Some of them become Germanized but some didn’t.
I have seen Korean and Chinese women in new York living. Some turks in Germany don’t even speak german but Turkish.
They turned into a colony. Integration is a big issue today.
The first elements were how to integrate non city ppl to the cities.
We know how education is a tool to manupilate ppl in capitalism and systems.
Yet the mission state idea ..
Thr fascism in Germany and Italy only brought sorrow to Europe.

  1. Educational sociologists tried to use school and education as a means to provide societal integration or a tool for capitalism….
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  3. 19th century classical sociologi.....

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