Owls Lost (one man band) --------- Songs: Missing Note Bow for my ego No withnesses Where am I ? Living for ganges Missing Note ---- In my notebook where I write my soul There is a missing note I forgot to write. Maybe its the one I lost my mind for ------- ch; missing a note on my book---- ------- Bow for my ego - No ego bought from the market today Any idea where I can buy one? --Ch: where do they sell an ego---- --- No withnesses --- I killed a bird no one saw it I burned it with my owls Its a sin I did Ch: Its a sin but no withnesses ----- Where am I? --- At the bar drinking some milk and cookies too Where is my beer I didnt order any milk and cookie Ch: where am i? Is it a cookie shop or a bar?--- --- Living for ganges --- I burned my corpses and prayed to god by drinking the water of ashes from Ch:God I drank a corpsefull water at the ganges ------