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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Why do we need to stop being obsessed with being so "clean" ? -Kimse Değil (KD)

Yes I ask you guys ,Why do we need to stop being obsessed with being so "clean" ? I'm Kimse Değil (KD).

I was just thinking in english and so I do write this note in english , that's uınderstandable.
But you may ask me of course why the heck I am asking a titled question as this.
Well, as far as I know , it is not possible to be totally free of bacteria where we are actually made of bacteria in a way as far as I heard. So you say there r good and bad bacteria and they may change positions and good turn to bad and bad turn to good in time etc, but also we poop and pee
, so how can it be possibe to be fitting to the norm of being so so clean? What is clean btw? Taking shower 2 times a day like I do??? DONT THINK SO.


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