Friday, November 30, 2018

Major Rightsholders Are Not Happy With Article 13 Either 

In a plenary vote in September, the European Parliament backed the controversial Article 13 proposal, which is part of EU’s copyright reform plans. The outcome was welcomed by many copyright holders, particularly in the music industry. “This vote is great news for music fans and for anyone who values exciting and original online entertainment. It’s an important step towards creating a fairer internet that encourages and rewards creativity,” BPI’s Geoff Taylor said at the time. The vote was not the end of the process though. The final text of Article 13 will be agreed upon during the “trilogue” meetings. The second of three meetings was held earlier this week. When the text is final, the EU Parliament will vote again. It is no secret that Article 13 and the potential for “upload filters” is being met with fierce resistance from activists, scholars, academics, and many members of the public. However, it turns out that not all copyright holder organizations are happy either. A coalition of major representatives from the audiovisual and sports sectors sent a letter to members of the EU Parliament, ahead of the meeting this week. They include the Motion Picture Association, the International Union of Cinemas, the Premier League, and La Liga. The groups say that they are extremely concerned with the current version of Article 13. They fear that it will do more harm than good for their industries, as it will strengthen the position of major online content sharing service providers OCSSPs. “Unfortunately, the Value Gap provision has mutated in such a way that it now strengthens even further the role of OCSSPs to the direct detriment of right holders and completely undermines the status quo in terms of the EU liability regime,” the letter reads. The organizations warn that large Internet services will only gain more power. Article 13 will create a new safe harbor for some online services that take measures to prevent infringement, which undermines current law and weakens the position of copyright holders. “These would constitute gifts to already powerful platforms, and would de facto constitute the only real change to the current status quo in legal terms, thus improving the position of platforms, but not of right holders.” The letter points out that EU case law already makes it clear that online services themselves can communicate to the public and be held liable for infringing activity. They feel that the new proposal could undermine this. Their solution would be to draft Article 13 in such a way that existing jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice is not at risk. Alternatively, Article 13 could be framed in a way that the film industry and sports leagues are not affected. For example, by limiting it to music only, which is the sector that’s believed to be benefitting from it the most. “If, on the contrary, any new safe harbour’mitigation of liability’ would be part of a final trilogue agreement, we would respectfully urge you to disapply the entire value gap provision to our respective sectors,” the letter reads. Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda, who shared the document in public, notes that since even major rightsholders are unhappy, something must clearly change. “It can no longer reasonably be denied: Article 13 was misguided from the start. Rather than solving a specific, well-identified problem with a well-assessed solution, lawmakers attempted to use copyright law to rebalance power between several big industries, with no regard for the collateral damage they were causing. “Instead of resolving these concerns and converging on a reasonable middle ground, the negotiations have just muddied the waters further,” Reda adds. Upload filter opponents, including Reda, have an entirely different view on the matter than the film and sports sectors, of course. However, both sides clearly want Article 13 to change. The Pirate Party MEP naturally has a different solution as well. If the main goal of the music industry is to get more money from companies such as YouTube, this problem should be tackled more directly, she argues. By finding a way to ensure that collective licenses are in place, for example, without upload filters. And by legalizing modern remix and fan culture at the same time. “But if we can’t even agree that that’s what we’re trying to achieve here – that leaves only one way forward: Let’s drop Article 13 altogether and send the directive back to the drawing board,” Reda concludes. — A copy of the letter sent by representatives of the audio-visual and sports sectors is available here pdf.

Breaking: European Parliament votes for Article 13 

The European Parliament has voted to accept the Article 13 digital copyright reforms this afternoon September 12. MEPs approval of the  in the Digital Single Market proposals put forward by German member for the Rhineland Axel Voss meaning the EU's three main institutions, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the EU Council, will now begin to discuss digital copyright together. The European commissioner for for Digital Single Market, Andrus Ansip had previously urged MEPs to vote for the measure, claiming a delay today to the beginning of "trialogue negotiations" might have seen "the directive may be pushed back several years" creating a "lose, lose" situation for all parties. While the Directive covers a raft of digital issues, a sticking point within the music industry had been the adoption of Article 13 which seeks to put the responsibility on online platforms to police copyright in advance of posting user generated content on their services, either by restricting posts or by obtaining full licenses for copyrighted material. Following the vote, EU commissioners welcomed the decision with Mariya Gabriel, the European commissioner in charge of Digital Economy and Society tweeting to that she "will do my outmost to support the co-legislators to achieve a deal by the end of the year." The vote will be welcomed by artists, with Roseanne Cash among those telling Music Week why the Article 13 reforms are needed, however before the vote YouTube's chief business officer Robert Kyncl criticised its measures suggesting they could "potentially undermine the creative economy, discouraging or even prohibiting platforms from hosting user-generated content." More to follow. Reaction to the vote from across the music industry and the EU.

if you suppose you’re seeing swastikas in Google Maps, don’t panic 

Some Google Maps clients are making a perplexing and troubling discovery back aperture the app. In some cases, clients reported that they're seeing the swastika symbol on some locations, in particular inns, when aperture up Google Maps, in response to tweets. cheep user irishkokolily requested the Google Maps narrative, “are you able to tell me why the inns in Dublin on my Google maps has swastika signs for them?” A screenshot connected to the tweet shows two Dublin inns, The service provider house and Kelly’s inn, marked with a pin exhibiting the image in question, which resembles a swastika. user WizzyDizzymite shared a similar journey. based on the tweet, Google Maps also displayed the symbol to mark Walnut resort & Suites in West Covina, California. There have been just a few further sightings at inns in different cities, together with London, as neatly. besides the fact that children, this is never the assignment of a awful actor. The photo that clients are mistaking for a Nazi image is definitely an respectable Google Maps icon. The figure's supposed goal in the app is to mark Buddhist temples in definite nations where the symbol continues to be regarded as a sacred spiritual symbol.  Google lists the symbol as an legitimate Google Maps icon for Buddhist temples. The usage of the religious image as a Google Maps icon has up to now brought about confusion. Some clients, strange with its non secular utilization, accept wondered why the swastika is blanketed within the app. during the past Google has confined the use of the image in Google Maps to international locations like adorn, where there's greater common figuring out of its historic and spiritual context. it's uncertain if that restrict still holds, but Mashable staffers have been clumsy to copy any of the appearances of the image on hotels mentioned by way of the tweets, or locate the image in frequent consume to baptize Bhuddist spiritual structures. Our exams have been made within the U.S., so if the symbol is just generally obtainable in other countries, that could clarify its absence. In a statement to Mashable, Google tells us that they are engaged on acclimation a annihilate mistakingly marking hotels on its Maps app with the Buddhist temple figure.  “This photograph is not a swastika, however a Buddhist symbol of worship," referred to a corporation agent in an emailed remark. "We're aware that these religious symbols are incorrectly showing for definite motels in Dublin and are working on a repair to restore the relevant inn figure to those areas.” The non secular image that resembles a swastika in about-face orientation has lengthy been utilized in Buddhism, Hinduism, as well as different religions. It looks just a little distinct in comparison to the angled swastika the Nazis adopted in the aboriginal 20th century, however the usual symbol had been used in a lot of contexts for hundreds of years earlier. whereas Google Maps clearly uses the religious image, the Nazis' “baseborn” edition of the swastika is commonly invoked in the minds of abounding within the U.S. and Europe when seeing it.

Perak govt may still promote MAPS affair park to deepest investors to reduce losses, says Nga 

IPOH: The state executive should consider selling the loss-making movie animation park Studios MAPS affair park to deepest investors, says state DAP administrator Nga Kor Ming. He said by using doing so the present accompaniment government need not carry the luggage any further, because it is a heavy responsibility at the moment. Nga mentioned the affair esplanade may still be bought the usage of an inaugurate delicate system to organizations worried during this enterprise. “MAPS, installation beneath the Perak supplier Berhad PCB by using the outdated Barisan Nasional govt, has suffered RM474mil in losses even earlier than its legitimate aperture. “The state executive should not be operating a business, and to prevent extra losses, it's highest quality the affair park is bought,” he told a columnist convention on the sidelines of the state assembly sitting here on Monday Dec three. the new state government has been essential of the previous administration, alleging that PCB, a accessory of state agency Perak accompaniment development Corp, has been behindhand by way of racking up a enormous debt. Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu had spoke of before that the state govt would no longer shut bottomward MAPS as efforts have been being taken to revive it. Nga, who is additionally Aulong agent, noted the inner most sector had the talents to run such parks, and that the accompaniment executive may still no longer get involved in enterprise. “The top abbot has time and again been asserting that the govt ought to not get concerned in company however facilitate investments instead. “i'm privy to the latest state govt’s efforts to ‘store’ MAPS, with interesting packages, coupon codes and promotions, however I nevertheless strongly think that the park have to be bought,” he delivered. Nga referred to when the theme park is run by using a non-public company, the accompaniment govt will acquire revenue as smartly.

Perak MB: No affairs to promote MAPS 

offered with the aid of superstar Media group Berhad Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu. -filepic IPOH: The Perak govt has no affairs to sell the movie action park flat MAPS, says Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu pic. Ahmad Faizal turned into responding to Nga Kor Ming DAP-Aulong who suggested that the government should promote the state-owned theme park to deepest companies all through these days’s meeting sitting. “I welcome all suggestions from accompaniment meeting participants, however I agree with he didn't receive the newest information about MAPS. The theme park is accomplishing well. they've got an expanding variety of guests advancing in," said Ahmad Faizal. He added that the esplanade might become the main attraction in Perak if the park's management continues to promote the park and also said that the accompaniment might be interested to associate with private corporations however does not have any affairs to shut the park at any second. “because the park is accomplishing neatly, we have no affairs to close it for now. however, drastic measures can be regarded if obligatory,” said Ahmad Faizal at a press convention on Monday Dec 3. earlier, accompaniment DAP administrator Nga had said the state government may still trust selling the accident-making MAPS affair esplanade to deepest traders. Nga talked about the affair esplanade should still be sold using an commence smooth gadget to companies concerned in this enterprise. “MAPS, deploy below the Perak agency Berhad PCB via the previous Barisan Nasional govt, has suffered RM474mil in losses even earlier than its reputable aperture. “The state govt may still no longer be running a company, and to prevent further losses, it's most useful the affair esplanade is bought,” he informed a columnist conference on the sidelines of the state assembly sitting here on Monday.

Swastikas Are acting On Google Maps And americans have Taken notice 

Swastikas were performing on quite a lot of facets of activity on the Google Maps software for individuals worldwide. On Friday, a lady named Katie from Dublin, eire, tweeted that the symbol appeared for her in area of the common mattress figure that could populate on the app for motels. “I opened my maps and was looking for motels in the surrounding area, when i spotted the swastikas. i thought it very ordinary so I took a screenshot. That’s once I tweeted Google maps questioning it,” Katie told HuffPost via direct bulletin on cheep. “I’ve considering bankrupt the app and reopened it and it’s again to normal with the mattress. here is the simplest time I’ve ever observed it,” she noted. Katie’s not the simplest person to have noticed the symbol getting used in such a way. clients in West Covina, California; London, England; and in different places have tweeted about seeing swastikas as an figure for lodge areas.  Swastikas had been in existence for heaps of years; a edition of the symbol grew to become a ubiquitous feature of Nazi symbolism and an logo of Aryan race identification, racism, and anti-Semitism. besides the fact that children, the image has way more wonderful messaging in lots of ancient religions from the cultures of Eurasia, standing for things like divinity and spirituality. just before the Nazis appropriating the image in the Nineteen Thirties, it long intended “decent success” in the Western apple. It’s due to this that Google Maps allowed clients to search “points of hobby” by the use of the swastika icon. Google instructed HuffPost that the photograph seen on clients’ Maps app is “no longer a swastika” however reasonably a “Buddhist image of worship.” despite their being used as spiritual icons, Google said that the symbols are being used afield in some places. “We’re mindful that these religious symbols are incorrectly displaying for certain resorts, and are working on a repair to restoration the relevant inn figure to those areas,” pointed out a agent for the corporation in an email to HuffPost.

crimson lifeless on-line: how to Get treasure Maps 

red lifeless redemption 2‘s on-line multiplayer component, red useless on-line, is now obtainable to most players, giving enthusiasts of the video game an opportunity to explore the wild West with friends. lots of the activities that can be found in the distinct player tale mode for purple useless accretion 2 also seem in pink useless online in some kind, reminiscent of afterward treasure maps to discover hidden riches within the online game world. however, in a similar fashion to promoting animal pelts, discovering, following, and fixing treasure maps in pink useless online works slightly in another way than it does in myth approach. In pink lifeless accretion 2‘s single participant approach, treasure maps are gained from characters or present in the game apple, and the area of the treasure is conventional for each person playing the video game. The treasure maps in distinct participant are also a bit greater difficult to resolve, as they largely consist of sketches which are purported to lead players to certain parts of the area. In purple useless online, meanwhile, the maps will lead avid gamers to a specific enviornment, though the treasure might spawn in a single of a few distinctive spots within the accent area. accepting treasure maps in purple lifeless on-line is additionally distinctive than in legend approach. To get treasure maps in red lifeless online, avid gamers can exhaust one of two proven methods. aboriginal, they could take over assemblage hideouts, so we can now and again influence in accepting a treasure map as a accolade from the group leader. The 2nd approach to get treasure maps in pink lifeless on-line is by using rating up. each five ranks, Arthur can get a abundance map through speakme with the postman at the put up workplace. for instance, back purple lifeless on-line avid gamers reach improper 10, they can get the artist’s crossing treasure map as a accolade, and at degree 15, they are going to get the Blackbone woodland treasure map. If avid gamers have the capacity to discover the hidden treasure every abundance map is hiding, they are going to continually get some cash and gold nuggets for their troubles. It takes a whopping a hundred gold nuggets to get only one gold bar in crimson dead on-line, so players can have lots of assignment to do if they are looking to get prosperous within the game with out purchasing microtransactions. pink dead accretion 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

navigation-optimized Google abettor now are living in Google Maps for Android 

again at IO 2018, Google introduced that abettor became advancing to Google Maps. certainly, a visually compact and less confusing version would seem when accepting instructions. This navigation-optimized Google assistant is now rolling out in Google Maps for Android. Google abettor in Google Maps was billed as “having a decrease visual contour” to be sure that users are focussed on riding. that you could say the “good enough Google” hotword or faucet the multi-coloured microphone within the appropriate-appropriate corner to prompt it. this can accelerate up a compact bar that covers the panel acquainted your arrival time and distance appraisal, as well as other navigation controls. right through daylight hours, the Google assistant figure and animation is displayed in opposition t a white accomplishments, while the console conforms to navigation’s standard nighttime approach with a depressing heritage. commands will run within the historical past, and retain clients in Google Maps. One consumer on Reddit mentioned how telephone calls now simply initiate without the dialer opening. users can additionally issue commands like texting, taking part in song, and greater from abettor with no need to go away aeronautics mode. At IO, Google noted that this aeronautics-optimized assistant was rolling out this summer season. It’s uncertain when the feature precisely launched, however is now rolling out to the present stable version 10.4.1 of Google Maps for Android and the Google app. This characteristic comes amid a slew of other Google abettor launches remaining anniversary. aesthetic amuse, also announced in may additionally, formed out, along with advertisement Replies and addendumlisting app integration. in the meantime, Google Maps lately delivered business messaging and the capacity to follow shops for updates. other new features include a shuttle tab with song playback controls. greater about Google Maps: check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more information:

crimson dead online: All gang Hideouts places | abundance Maps drop book 

assemblage Hideouts, or as we like to name them, brigand Camps, are essential activities you just might stumble into whereas free roaming round in crimson useless online. They’re an easy and abounding pastime that you could tackle on my own or with a aggregation. assemblage Hideouts are places where you’ll find an adversary gang, and entering into a shootout gained’t damage your morality. These are nasty hombres, so that you’re free to battle it out and boodle the affected for elements and money. There are two large benefits for allowance out bandit camps — you’ll get a hundred and fifty~ XP for completing them, and there’s an opportunity the brigand leader within the camp will drop a treasure map. These constructive maps factor to locations with hidden lockboxes, and people lockboxes contain more than money. You could additionally get tremendous-advantageous gold bar fragments. Get sufficient bits, and also you’ll earn yourself a complete gold bar, which you can employ to release a whole lot items aboriginal. greater red useless accretion 2 courses on Gameranx: All assemblage Hideouts places | abundance Maps agriculture guide brigand Camps gang Hideouts aren’t just a very good solution to earn easy XP in the free Roam map, you could additionally seek out rare treasure Maps. Maps will bead from bandit Leaders at the middle of each cover. treasure Maps factor to random locations the place a abundance lockbox will spawn. The lockbox consists of treasures which you could fence, funds, and even fractions of a Gold Bar. be aware: To section a lockbox in a abundance coursing area, columnist R3 + L3 to spark off your particular imaginative and prescient mode. a short and very soiled map displaying the entire brigand camp sites we’ve discovered to date. Hideouts will respawn, too. so that you can shuttle across the map and hit each and every one as a way to farm for treasure maps. With a abounding aggregation, you’ll be safer — and may bright the camps faster. gang cover locations – called locations, East To West: Willard’s relaxation Mossy flats Kamassa River Lakay West bayou shady Belle Radley’s pasture The loft Bacchus station Six aspect berth Colter Ewing Basin Grizzlies Mining placing Dog ranch Cumberland avalanche castle Riggs convulsion’s anchorage bear barb San Luis River NE Pike’s Basin twin Rocks fort Mercer Solomon’s absurdity Gaptooth breach extra RDR2 publications on Gameranx:

simply promote MAPS, Perak DAP arch tells accompaniment executive 

Nga mentioned in response to the accounting acknowledge from MB Ahmad Faizal Azumu, MAPS which turned into developed through the old administering had suffered RM474 actor in losses alike before its official aperture. — photograph by using Marcus Pheong more IPOH, Dec 3 — The Perak government may still consider selling the movie animation park studio MAPS, which is owned with the aid of Perak organization Berhad, to inner most traders as the park is struggling losses, says state DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming. Perak employer Berhad, which is a subsidiary of Perak accompaniment development enterprise holds an important pale of the park. speaking to the journalists at the sideline of the state assembly right here, Nga said according to the written acknowledge from Mentri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu, MAPS which become built by the old administration had suffered RM474 actor in losses even earlier than its legit opening. “The old govt estimated that the park will get hold of about two million visitors every year. however the target has on no account been completed unless these days. We simplest receive about 10,000 friends per thirty days. “The state executive don’t accept the abilities and time to manage the esplanade. It is not their responsibility. accordingly, I suggest the accompaniment govt to promote the esplanade by means of an begin gentle,” he observed. The Aulong agent, delivered that selling the park to companies which are concerned within the business, will give revenue to the state govt. “this is also based on what the major abbot has been many times asserting that the govt should no longer contain in enterprise, but instead facilitate investment. “because, at the conclusion of the day, whether the corporations like it or no longer, they ought to pay 25 per cent tax to the govt, which is a superb income for the state,” he mentioned. Nga also stated that the accompaniment executive should promote the esplanade immediately with the intention to steer clear of further losses as a result of the financial institution mortgage repayments, with the intention to impede the accompaniment govt’s accomplishment to boost public abundance. in the past, Ahmad Faizal had spoke of that the state govt would now not shut bottomward MAPS, as efforts had been actuality taken to animate it. “I respect the effort taken through the state govt to shop the esplanade. however based on the record I get, the smart decision is to reduce the losses now. If we don’t reduce the losses now, again we will undergo massive losses sooner or later,” observed Nga.

M├╝zik hakk─▒ndaki d├╝┼č├╝nceleriniz nedir bilmiyorum , fakat kendi bak─▒┼č a├ž─▒m sa─▒n─▒rm bir ka├ž kelimeyle anlat─▒lmaya uygun olabilir kendimce. Peki bu ne yaz─▒s─▒? Bir d├╝┼č├╝nce yaz─▒s─▒ galiba. Yoksa bir masal m─▒? Sanmam, kurgudan ├žok d├╝┼č├╝nce var. Yine sadece kafam─▒n i├žinde olup bitenler fakat durum bu. M├╝zik ne kadar kudretli? Ne kadar g├╝├žl├╝ yani? Bir adet kulakl─▒kla hipnoz edebilir miyim seni? Hm. Hay─▒r. En az─▒ndan ┼čimdilik hay─▒r, ileride teknolojinin ne kal─▒plara girece─čini v eses dalgalar─▒n─▒n neler yapabilece─čini bilmem m├╝mk├╝n de─čil. Peki m├╝zi─či g├╝├žl├╝ k─▒lan nedir? Ruha dokunuyor olmas─▒ m─▒? Peki ruh ger├žekten var m─▒? E─čer yoksa m├╝zik ne yap─▒yor bizlere, yani m├╝zikten etkilenen bizlere? Yoksa neden insanlar ┼čark─▒larla a─člay─▒p, ┼čark─▒larla kendi ya┼čam─▒na son verip, ┼čark─▒larla g├╝l├╝yor? Bunun alt─▒nda ne yat─▒yor olabilir? M├╝zik demek ki o denli kudretli de─čil herkes i├žin fakat ne olursa olsun bir ┼čark─▒ vard─▒r her insan─▒ a─člatabilece─činiz. En az─▒ndan ├Âyle tahmin ediyorum kendi ya┼čant─▒m─▒n penceresinden. ─░lgin├ž geliyor bazen b├╝t├╝n bu d├╝nya. Baksan─▒za ne kadar ├žok ├že┼čit var! Sadece insanlarda bile ├Âyle bir kaos var ki kendini adaman gerekli bu kaosa ki bir ka├ž par├ža yakalayabilesin. Peki m├╝zik neden neden ve neden bizi etkiler? Yani sonu├žta belirli ses dalgalar─▒ de─čil mi? Sa─č─▒r olsayd─▒k? Veya neden kayaya vurunca , gerdirilmi┼č naylon tel kadar g├╝zel ses ├ž─▒km─▒yor vey neden gerdirilmi┼č deriden bir davuldaki o ses ├ž─▒km─▒yor? Veya neden at k─▒l─▒n─▒ gerdirdiklerindeki ses bir plastic kutudan ├ž─▒km─▒yor ve o ses kadar etkilemiyor? Bunu nas─▒l ay─▒rt ediyoruz? Demek istedi─čim nas─▒l ve hangi kriterlere g├Âre biri zevkli, h├╝z├╝nl├╝ veya bo┼č bir kuru g├╝r├╝lt├╝ oluyor? Bilmiyorum ger├žekten bu i┼čin temeli nedir ne de─čildir. Ya sen?

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YUNUS E. V. Yaz─▒lar─▒ : 11/29/2018 11:53

La─č─▒m borular─▒ hakk─▒nda sevdi─čim bir ┼čey varsa o da ├žok k├Ât├╝ kokmalar─▒d─▒r. O kadar k├Ât├╝ kokarlar ki, tesisat├ž─▒ onlar─▒n vidalar─▒n─▒ gev┼četirken kemik eklemleriniz de ayn─▒ duyguyu ya┼čar ve bir titreme ya┼čars─▒nz. Tesisat├ž─▒lar ├Ânceden al─▒┼čk─▒n zaten. La─č─▒m borular─▒ da biz canl─▒lar gibi gurup halinde ya┼čamal─▒d─▒rlar ve ├Âzellikle canl─▒lardaki izolasyonun getirdi─či olumsuzluk ve tehlikeler onlar i├žin de ge├žerlidir. La─č─▒m borular─▒ o denli yaln─▒zd─▒r ki baz─▒ durumlarda onlarla empati kurabiliyorum. ├ľrne─čin neden bir la─č─▒m borusu izole edilebilir bunu hi├ž d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝m m├╝ Jeremy? D├╝┼č├╝nmedin mi? Bence d├╝┼č├╝nmelisin Jer! Neden mi? ├ç├╝nk├╝ insan─▒n yaln─▒zl─▒─č─▒ gibidir laz─▒m borusununki! Nas─▒l m─▒ Jerr? Hah! ┼×├Âyle mi anlatsam? Belki anlaman daha kolay olur! La─č─▒m borular─▒ yan yana olmal─▒d─▒r ├ž├╝nk├╝ her dairenin i├žerisinde yani tuvaletinde y├╝zlerce boru var! tek boru nas─▒l olabilir? Klozet yerine direct olarak boruya m─▒ d─▒┼čk─▒layacaks─▒n!!!? HAYIR. I┼čte bu sebeple diyorum Jeremy sana diyorum. Mesela bak, bir insan da o kadar aciz de─čil midir yaln─▒zken? Yaln─▒zl─▒─č─▒n taht─▒ da ho┼čtur! ASLINDA B─░R YANILGI! Asl─▒nda yaln─▒z insanlar do─čru insan─▒ bulamam─▒┼č ┼čanss─▒zlard─▒r Jer. Sadece ┼čans─▒zlar…
-          Yunus Emre Vurgun / Kimse De─čil

Sigara & Melek

K─▒z─▒m, bir bak─▒ver hele!
Buruyun Babac─▒─č─▒m.
Kahve yap da i├želim be k─▒z─▒m.
Babac─▒─č─▒m derslerim var.
*k─▒z─▒n─▒n y├╝z├╝ne t├╝k├╝r├╝r
─░┼čte bu! K─▒z─▒n orda hissetti─či utan├ž, kimlik karma┼čas─▒, etik a├ž─▒dan sorgulanan bir k├╝lt├╝rel fakt├Âr ve bu a─č─▒r d├╝┼č├╝nceler alt─▒nda ezilen bir k─▒z ca─č─▒z bu….
Neyse ki kahveyi yap─▒vermi┼čti k─▒z─▒m─▒z. Ne de olsa babad─▒r dedi. Fakat bu baba biraz de─či┼čikti. Bizim babalar─▒m─▒za hi├ž benzemiyordu. K─▒z da de─či┼čikti ger├ži adamca─č─▒za haks─▒zl─▒k etmeyin. Peki neydi bu “de─či┼čik” olan fakt├Ârler? Neden bir Pazar sabah─▒ ya┼čanan bir ┼čiddet ve bunal─▒m dolu bir s─▒k─▒nt─▒ yuvas─▒ bu denli ─▒┼č─▒k tutulas─▒ya ├Ânemsenmi┼čti yazar taraf─▒ndan? Adamca─č─▒z bir sigara yakt─▒ ve ilk duman─▒n─▒ uzun uzun ci─čerlerine ├žekerken , k─▒z da kahveyi barda─ča (cezveden) doldurmak ile me┼čguld├╝. K├Âp├╝─č├╝ tam olsun! Oras─▒ ├Âyleydi elbet. Bir kahve k├Âp├╝─č├╝n├╝n , yani bir kahvenin ├╝st tabakas─▒ , d├╝nya bar─▒┼č─▒ndan ve derin felsefi d├╝┼č├╝ncelerden daha ├žok ├Ânem arz ediyordu de─čil mi? Yoksa bu etik olmayan hayat bak─▒┼č─▒ ve uygulamalar bir perde miydi? Neler ya┼čanm─▒┼č olabilirdi orada ki b├Âylesine sert ve ac─▒mas─▒z bir perde etraf─▒ sarm─▒┼č bo─čmu┼č idi? Bu perde insanlar─▒n zihinlerindeki koruma kalkan─▒ san─▒rsam! K─▒z─▒nki nas─▒ld─▒ peki?
Asl─▒nda o sabah uyand─▒─č─▒nda yani Pazar sabah─▒n─▒n erken saatleri. Horoz ├Âncesi diyorum buna. Horozlar ├Âtmeden uyanan insanlar ve horozlar ├Âtmeden ─▒┼č─▒ldayan pencereler. Horoz ├Âtmeden, g├╝ne┼č olmadan pencere mi ─▒┼č─▒ldar be adam! I┼č─▒ldar edenfim ─▒┼č─▒ldar. K─▒z─▒n babas─▒ kahveden memnun kalmam─▒┼čt─▒. Fakat ac─▒ma veya vicdan azab─▒ndan dolay─▒d─▒r ki sesini ├ž─▒artmamay─▒ ye─člemi┼čti adam. K─▒z ise kendisine kar┼č─▒ biriken bu olumsuz havan─▒n /enerjinin fark─▒nda de─čildi ancak bunu i├žten i├že emiyordu hisleri. Adam ise bu gereksiz ├Âfkeyi i├žinde bar─▒nd─▒racakt─▒ ve bir g├╝n ba┼čka bir kahve mevzusunda bu hortlayacak ve ┼ča┼č─▒rtacakt─▒ k─▒z─▒. K─▒z o Pazar sabah─▒n─▒n ├Ânemini anlasayd─▒ bir ┼čey de─či┼čmeyecekti elbet. Lakin fark─▒ndal─▒k bir eylem de─čildir sadece bir durumdur.

-Yunus Emre Vurgun / Kimse De─čil    - 11/29/2018

Kar─▒┼č─▒k dalgalar ve kar─▒┼č─▒k d├╝men
Karma┼č─▒k kafalar ve aptal h├╝ner
Ne zamandan beri takdir g├Âr├╝r kemirgen?
Marefet de─čildir ki kafes satan evcil gaddar adam! 
*** ***
Yetti art─▒k bu sefalet!
Nedir sanki verdi─čin kefalet?
Postac─▒ gelse ingilizin armas─▒!
Postac─▒ gitse arab─▒n arsas─▒!
(himaye alt─▒nda olmak / uluslararas─▒ otorite ├╝zerine bir d├Ârtl├╝kt├╝r)
** *** * * * *
Vay Muzaffer vay! Ermi┼č olsan eylersin bir af!
Vay Haluk vay! Oluk oluk ak─▒yor halk─▒n kan─▒!
Hangi millettir bu bahsi ge├žen?
Her millettir ay─▒r─▒m yapmaz sava┼č ve sa─člam bar─▒┼č!

Mild Monday followed by cooldown, possible winter weather next weekend 

Monday will once again be mild, but temperatures will drop back below normal before possible winter weather hits the Carolinas next weekend. Lows tonight will be in the 40s to near 50 with a steady breeze and a partly cloudy sky. Expect highs to reach the lower 60s in the mountains and upper 60s in the Upstate with a mix of clouds and sun. Tuesday high temperatures will only reach the upper 40s in the mountains and lower 50s in the Upstate. Tuesday night will bring a few snow showers to the western North Carolina mountains, which could result in some light accumulations early Wednesday morning. That will set the stage for our coldest day of the week Wednesday with highs in the 40s area-wide. Thursday and Friday will be slightly warmer but still below average with highs in the 50s. Next weekend is when it gets interesting. A potent system from the southwest will bring in moisture and join forces with cold high pressure from the north next Saturday and Sunday that could bring a combination of rain, snow and sleet to the area. It will likely start as rain in the Upstate, and a mix of rainsnowsleet in the mountains Saturday evening.  Then, as temperatures cool down to the 20s and 30s Saturday night, a rainsnowsleet mix becomes possible in the Upstate especially along and north of I-85. The mountains would be cold enough to support all snow Saturday night with some multi-inch accumulations, and depending on how cold the Upstate gets, some accumulations are possible too. The precipitation will linger into Sunday morning and then move out Sunday evening. **Please note that this forecast is still almost a week away from the event, and that there's always the chance that this forecast could change, so be sure to stay up to date with the latest weather updates this week** 2018 FOX Carolina Meredith Corporation. .

Weather This Week: Cooler, with rain chances returning late week 

SAN ANTONIO - After some gorgeous weather this weekend, we'll see some changes in the weather as we begin the new work- and school week.  The first half of the week will be cooler, but rain-free. However, rain chances come back in a big way by Thursday and Friday.  Here's what to expect:  A cold front early on Monday will set us up for a cooler afternoon, with temperatures in the 60s. There will still be plenty of sunshine!  Tuesday and Wednesday will be even cooler, with afternoon temperatures only reaching the 50s.  Keep in mind that Tuesday and Wednesday mornings will be cold, with out-the-door temperatures in the 30s and 40s. Cloud cover will increase during the day Wednesday.  It will be humid and cloudy by Thursday.  Showers will also develop on Thursday. Most rain will be light.  Coverage of rain will steadily increase Thursday night through Friday morning.  By Friday afternoon, rain will be likely across South and Central Texas. This rain could be heavy at times.  Rain will continue Friday night but will end early Saturday. While there is no concern for severe weather at this time, some thunderstorms will be possible on Friday and Friday night. Localized flooding issues may also develop as a result of the heavy rainfall.  Your Weather ity meteorologists will keep you updated on the heavy rain potential this week. Catch their forecasts live on KSAT 12, and remember that you can check the forecast any time on KSATm or on the KSAT Weather app.  WATCH: The latest forecast  2018 by KSAT - .

Houston Weather: A few days of cool weather 

HOUSTON, Texas KTRK -- Another cold front has passed. We'll have cool nights and chilly days through Tuesday. The coolest night will be Monday night when temps fall to around 40.Late this week, a powerful storm system will bring the chance for heavy rain and severe weather, especially on Friday. Most of the rain will be gone by next weekend. Check the weather in your neighborhood with the free AccuWeather app for iPhone and Android today! SHARE YOUR WEATHER PHOTOS: Send us pics and video of weather in your area to newsabc13m and at #ABC13Eyewitness on social media. 2018 KTRK-TV. .

More sun Monday, cooler weather ahead 

Columbia, SC WLTX — Sunday was rainy and warm. High temperatures were in the lower 70s under cloudy skies. The clouds will move out by Monday. The first day of the workweek will be mostly sunny and mild. Highs will be in the upper 60s and lower 70s. It will be cooler Tuesday as high pressure builds into the area. High temperatures will drop into the upper 50s Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday will be sunny and chilly. High temperatures will be in the lower 50s. Low temperatures may fall into the upper 20s and lower 30s Thursday morning. Mostly sunny skies are expected Friday, but clouds will be increasing later in the day as a cold front approaches the area. Cold-air damming is expected to develop by Saturday. It will be chilly and rain is likely. Long-range forecast models indicate the chance for wintry weather across parts of the South. The odds of a winter storm impacting parts of the South have been increasing over the last few days, but a lot can change this far out. It is too early to tell if the Midlands will see any wintry weather, but this is something to monitor this week. 2018 WLTX

Northeast Ohioans react to changing weather Sunday 

Please enable Javascript to watch this video CLEVELAND — There was a severe weather threat on Sunday and many people across the northeast Ohio area experienced high wind gusts and rain, all of this following a warm, sunny afternoon. "It's terrible, I can't stand it. I wish this weather would just level out,” one Clevelander said. There were several reports of small hail and high wind gusts.  Power lines also came down. More than 2,000  FirstEnergy customers spent time in the dark. This was a stark contrast from just hours before when the sun was shining and coats were off, Sunday afternoon. “I'm glad I was able to get out here on December 2nd and get some work done because I’m sure by next week nothing will get done and I'll be locked in the house,” said one man who was raking his leaves in his Cleveland yard. Many people will tell you, they'll take what they can get this time of year. “We're just taking advantage and enjoying it,” said Trey Wallace, who brought his family to Lakewood Park. More weather stories, here.

Severe weather threat moves into Southeast 

A major storm in the central U.S. is bringing severe weather, flash flooding and heavy snow to the eastern half of the nation. This same major storm was responsible for setting off a tornado outbreak in Illinois on Saturday evening. There were 22 reported tornadoes on Saturday, all in central Illinois, near Springfield. On the colder side of the storm, heavy snow continues to fall in parts of the upper Plains and Midwest. Mullen, Nebraska, has received 14 inches of snow; Norris, South Dakota has 8.5 inches; and Hudson, Wisconsin has seen 5.6 inches. On the warmer side of the storm, parts of the south have seen over half a foot of rain, including 9.71 inches in Pace, Florida, and 6.57 inches in Lillian, Alabama. Storms stretch along the entire eastern U.S. on Sunday morning. The storm is slowly moving through the central U.S. and will gradually slide east on Sunday. Severe weather and flash flooding remain likely in the Southeast, while heavy snow will be slow to move east across parts of the Midwest. Meanwhile, an icy mix is possible ahead of the storm in parts of the Northeast on Sunday morning. The threat of tornadoes and flash flooding exists for the Florida Panhandle and southern Alabama and Georgia on Sunday. A new tornado watch was issued for parts of southern Georgia and Alabama until 11 a.m. Sunday morning. Additionally, a flash flood watch has been issued for parts of this region, as well as a large part of the Florida Panhandle, due to heavy rainfall rates up to 2 to 3 inches per hour. This could cause flash flooding this morning and some flash flood warnings have already been issued Sunday morning in parts of this region. The radar Sunday morning is showing numerous thunderstorms moving into the region, with some of the storms showing some weak rotation. This line of storms will slowly slide eastward and extend into the rest of the Southeast from Georgia to North Carolina. A slight risk for severe weather exists in the Southeast with damaging winds and brief tornadoes possible. Rain is falling from Philadelphia to Boston on Sunday morning, while inland New York and New England are seeing snow, sleet and freezing rain. Meanwhile, heavy rain has moved into the major I-95 cities in the Northeast. Away from the coast, temperatures are near freezing, especially in some of the higher elevations of New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. As a result, a mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow will fall at times through the early morning hours. This could create slick conditions in parts of the interior Northeast. The wintry weather threat will end during the day on Sunday as temperatures begin to warm up. On the back side of this storm, colder air is supporting snowfall through the remainder of Sunday from Nebraska to Michigan. However, the bulk of the snow has ended, with the heaviest accumulations to come expected in parts of Wisconsin and Michigan. A few more inches of snow are possible across the Plains and in the Great Lakes on Sunday. The bulk of this storm will wind down by Sunday night. However, a glimpse ahead does show another strong storm headed for the West Coast by midweek, which likely will become another major storm to track for parts of the central and eastern U.S. in the upcoming week.

PM Update: Showers and fog linger overnight. Unsettled weather continues Sunday. 

How fitting that December greeted us with a wet and dreary day after we just concluded the wettest November on record. I wish I could say that tomorrow’s weather will be better, but there is no guarantee that it will be. Sunday’s weather setup is reminiscent of the kind of conditions we see in early spring, when the exact position and timing of frontal systems can mean the difference between pleasant weather and temperatures in the 60s or dreary weather and temperatures in the 40s. Time will tell! Listen to our daily D.C. forecasts: Apple Podcasts | Amazon Echo | More options Through Tonight: Pockets of drizzle will linger through the evening hours. Take it easy on the roads as visibility will be reduced by fog. Steadier precipitation, in the form of rain showers, moves in after midnight. Temperatures will barely change overnight. Lows will range from the upper 30s to low 40s with a light east wind at 5 mph. View the current weather at The Washington Post. Tomorrow Sunday: Rain showers and pockets of drizzle will linger into and through Sunday morning. The rest of tomorrow’s forecast, including temperatures, remains a bit elusive at the moment. With a lingering warm front to our south combined with a cold front approaching from the west and a pool of cool air stuck overhead, we’ve got a complex weather setup on our hands. As of now, I suspect that the cool, moist air mass currently in place will be tough to dislodge. So I would plan for at least half of the day to feature temperatures in the 40s, lots of clouds and pockets of drizzle. I am somewhat optimistic that we do warm up into the 50s by late Sunday afternoon, once the cold front passes through and we get into a southerly wind. Mostly cloudy and drier tomorrow night with lows in the 40s. See Ian Livingston’s forecast through next week. And if you haven’t already, join us on and follow us on Twitter and . For related traffic news, check out Gridlock. November Rain: No, not that November Rain although this is one of my favorite songs and music videos of all time. And actually, I am not just speaking about rain in November, but in the entire three-month stretch that makes up meteorological fall. There was a lot of it, in a lot of places. Want our 5 a.m. forecast delivered to your email inbox? Subscribe here.

Wintry weather possible next Sunday & Monday (Dec 9-10)

WASHINGTON -- Another threat of wintry weather could be here next weekend, December 8-9, 2018. The week ahead looks cold enough to support snow and we may see some flurries Wednesday. But for us to have a "real" snow around here, there needs to be a storm to take advantage of that cold and that storm needs to track southeast of DC for us to get all snow. Too far southeast and the moisture misses us. Too far northwest and we see either a snow to mix to rain event or all rain. As of Sunday afternoon, December 2, 2018 the 12Z operational run of the GFS American model has a big snow for DC with snow to our northwest and more mix southeast as the main low traverses across the lower Chesapeake Bay. The GFS has the snow Sunday night through Monday afternoon. The 18z GFS was much farther south and more in-line with the ECMWF 12Z run. The 12Z operational ECMWF European Model has a much different solution with NO snow near us as the low tracks much farther south over souther North Carolina. This event is a long way off from a computer model perspective and we are likely to see the track on both models move some over the next few days. As we get closer to next weekend, look to see if we have more agreement between the models, that would be an indication of a more likely storm track. 2018 WUSA

D├╝nyadaki en ├╝rk├╝t├╝c├╝ ve en korkun├ž yer neresidir?

Diya Ayid:

san─▒r─▒m Hiro┼čima olmal─▒.
Hiro┼čima, d├╝nyan─▒n en ├╝rk├╝t├╝c├╝ yerlerinden biri olarak kolayca s─▒raya ge├žebilir.

─░┼čte ┼ču y├╝zden b├Âyle d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yorum:
Taa 1945 y─▒l─▒n─▒n 6 a─čustos'unda , ABD'ye ait bir B-29 bombard─▒man u├ža─č─▒ , uranyum f├╝zesini att─▒ ve f├╝ze yerden 1,800 ft (548 m) uzak da patlad─▒. Bu korkun├ž felaket ┼čehir merkezinin y├╝zde doksan─▒n─▒n buhar olup gitmesine sebebiyet verdi.  70 bin insan da an─▒nda yok oldu yani ├Âld├╝. Ve bu say─▒dan daha fazla insan ilerleyen g├╝nlerde radyasyondan dolay─▒ ├Âld├╝.

        - buradan a┼ča─č─▒s─▒ otomatik ├ževirilmi┼čtir....-
Sonras─▒nda, enkazlar aras─▒nda, binalar─▒n ve kald─▒r─▒mlar─▒n (┼čimdi Hiro┼čima g├Âlgeleri olarak da bilinir) duvarlar─▒na yaz─▒lan insanlar─▒n ve nesnelerin deh┼čet verici ana hatlar─▒ vard─▒, bunlar d├╝nyadaki son anlar─▒n─▒ resmederek, daha ├Ânce d├╝zenli rutinlerini yap─▒yorlard─▒. atom bombas─▒ onlar─▒n ├╝zerine yay─▒lm─▒┼čt─▒. Bu ana hatlar, g├Âlgelerin hareketin ortas─▒nda oldu─ču, kap─▒lara ula┼čt─▒─č─▒ veya hatta hayatlar─▒ boyunca ko┼čtu─ču i├žin h├╝cumun h├╝cum etti─či h─▒z─▒ belirliyor.

Peki, bunun a├ž─▒klamas─▒ nedir?

Bomba ┼čehir merkezinden 2,000 ft (609,6 m) fazla bir alana yay─▒ld─▒─č─▒nda, patlama bir termal radyasyon dalgas─▒n─▒ d─▒┼čar─▒ya itmi┼č gibi g├Âr├╝n├╝yordu.

Hiro┼čima Bar─▒┼č An─▒t─▒ M├╝zesi'ne g├Âre, ─▒s─▒ o kadar yo─čundu ki, binalar─▒n ve patlama b├Âlgesindeki zeminin a─čart─▒lmas─▒na neden oldu, arka planda, tam anlam─▒yla bir ┼čeyden olu┼čan bir iz b─▒rakt─▒.

Yukar─▒da da belirtildi─či gibi, Hiro┼čima g├Âlgeleri yaln─▒zca insanlar taraf─▒ndan geride b─▒rak─▒lmad─▒. Radyasyon, vurdu─ču hemen hemen her nesneyi a─čartmaya ba┼člad─▒ ve nesnenin an─▒nda buharla┼čmas─▒na neden olarak a─čartma etkisinden arta kalan her ┼čeyi etkili bir ┼čekilde koruyordu. Ve yolunda herhangi bir ┼čey olmad─▒─č─▒ zaman, radyasyonun kendisi iz b─▒rakt─▒, b├Âylece duvarlar─▒n kenarlar─▒nda bu dalgalarla bir desen yapt─▒.

Basit bir ifadeyle, termal radyasyonun t─▒pk─▒ ─▒┼č─▒k gibi d├╝z bir ├žizgi halinde yay─▒ld─▒─č─▒n─▒ bildi─čimiz gibi, bu ┼čekilde gelen nesneler, arka planda yer alan "g├Âlgeler" ile sonu├žlanan bir radyasyon blo─ču olarak hareket eder.

Yakla┼č─▒k 8: 15'te, bir ki┼činin Japonya'n─▒n Hiro┼čima kentindeki bir bankan─▒n merdivenlerinde oturmas─▒ ve muhtemelen a├ž─▒lmas─▒n─▒ bekledi─či s├Âyleniyor. Sa─č elleri, g├Â─čs├╝nde dinlenip, ikiy├╝zl├╝n├╝n y├Ân├╝ne bakan bir bastonunu, sollar─▒n─▒ t─▒kad─▒. Aniden, bir saniyede, 1000 derecenin ├╝zerinde santigrat derecelerde veya hatta 2000 santigrat derecedeki ─▒s─▒ ─▒┼č─▒nlar─▒ ile, o ki┼či, ne oldu─čunu anlayamadan ├Ânce ta┼č basamaklar ├╝zerinde yak─▒ld─▒. Onlar─▒n yerine, olaydan saniyeler ├Ânce basamaklarda uzanarak ge├žirdikleri son anlar─▒n─▒n korkun├ž bir tasviri olarak hizmet eden bir g├Âlge vard─▒.

Felaketten yakla┼č─▒k on y─▒l sonra, g├Âlge a├ž─▒k bir ┼čekilde ta┼člarda kald─▒, ama yava┼č yava┼č sert havalara maruz kalmak onu a┼č─▒nd─▒rd─▒. B├Âylece, bankan─▒n yenilenmesi planland─▒─č─▒nda, ta┼č basamaklar kald─▒r─▒ld─▒ ve ┼čimdi Hiro┼čima Bar─▒┼č An─▒t─▒ M├╝zesinde korunur. ┼×imdi, ziyaret├žiler korkun├ž Hiro┼čima'n─▒n n├╝kleer silahlar─▒n deh┼četine olan an─▒tlar─▒n─▒ yak─▒ndan g├Ârebiliyor.

Hiro┼čima, Japonya'da bankan─▒n ayak izlerini b─▒rakt─▒.

Bug├╝n, korkun├ž olaydan yakla┼č─▒k 7 y─▒l sonra, Hiro┼čima Japonya'n─▒n en pop├╝ler turistik yerlerinden biri olarak kal─▒yor. Moto-Sui Nehri'nin kar┼č─▒s─▒nda, A-Bomb Kubbesinin yan─▒nda, Hiro┼čima Bar─▒┼č An─▒t─▒ M├╝zesi, g├Âsteri┼čli sergiler, foto─čraflar, belgesel filmler, hayatta kalanlar taraf─▒ndan sanat, patlaman─▒n arkas─▒ndaki bilimsel ak─▒l y├╝r├╝tme ve ayr─▒ca erimi┼č cam ve k├Âm├╝rle┼čmi┼č par├žalar gibi ipu├žlar─▒n─▒ da i├žeren di─čer eserler sergiliyor. hayal edilemez.

Hiro┼čima Bar─▒┼č An─▒t─▒ M├╝zesi'nde sergilenen eserler, Hiro┼čima, Japonya.

Hiro┼čima Bar─▒┼č An─▒t─▒ M├╝zesi direkt├Âr├╝ Kenji Shiga CNN'ye verdi─či deme├žte, "Bu m├╝ze, Hiro┼čima kenti taraf─▒ndan atom bombas─▒n─▒n d├╝nyaya ta┼č─▒nmas─▒ ve n├╝kleer silahlar─▒n tamamen ortadan kald─▒r─▒lmas─▒ ve kal─▒c─▒ d├╝nya bar─▒┼č─▒n─▒n ger├žekle┼čmesine katk─▒da bulunmak amac─▒yla kuruldu." .

Hiro┼čima felaketten kurtuldu. Hiro┼čima g├Âlgeleri ┼čehrin etraf─▒nda bulunabilir. Buharla┼čan insanlar g├Âlgelerin ard─▒nda kald─▒lar, b├Âylece Hiro┼čima'n─▒n miras─▒ sonsuza dek hat─▒rlanacakt─▒.

─░┼čte bug├╝n nas─▒l g├Âr├╝nd├╝─č├╝n├╝n bir foto─čraf─▒:

Puf! Bu cevap yaz─▒s─▒n─▒n yaz─▒lmas─▒ i├žimi titretti!


Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Title: Walking Sticks - A Money Making Hobby Word Count: 504 Summary: Walking sticks became a money making hobby for me one summer. Here's how I made them and sold them. Keywords: money making hobby, unusual ways to make money, walking sticks Article Body: Carving walking sticks wasn't meant to be a money-making hobby for me. I sometimes made them when backpacking, and I had always enjoyed taking my pocket knife to a piece of wood to see what I could make. I just hadn't thought of doing anything more with the hobby. One summer, when my wife Ana and I briefly got into the flea market business, I noticed the occasional vendor selling walking sticks. If the event was more of an arts and crafts show than a flea market, they sold for as much as $50 each. Ana suggested that we could sell them too, so I went to work. I could cut 20 or young poplars in an hour with my "shortcut" saw, and get two sticks out of half of them. My favorite wood, however, was white cedar. In the Cedar swamps near home, it grew straight and died young from overcrowding. Cedar wood remains solid for many years after dying, so I could quickly cut many straight and perfectly dried sticks. There was soon a pile of wood shavings behind the house, as I cut the bark off and carved each stick into various forms. Many were just rounded off on top. Others I cut into a spiral, or pyramidal shape. I put padding and leather covers on some, and drilled out the tops to inset nice stones on others. This is a hobby that lets you really exercise your imagination. I wrapped the walking sticks with leather near the bottom, to prevent splitting, and most also had leather handgrips. The leather came from old leather coats I bought at thrift stores for $5 each and cut into strips. It was attached with glue and small nails. Each stick had about fifty cents in materials in it at most. A Money Making Hobby They sold for as little as $6 each to as much as $24. This was less than others sold walking sticks for, but then we were mostly selling them at flea markets, rather than arts and crafts shows, where they would get a higher price. I also wholesaled them to a vendor who sold them at gun-and-knife shows, and to a friend who sold them at Native American pow-wows. How much could you make selling walking sticks? Who knows. I sold about $1200 in walking sticks that summer, before we moved on to try an internet business. They were a nice addition to our other crafts and the stuffed animals we sold at various flea markets. My advantage was that I was very efficient in making them, spending less than an hour even on the most elaborate ones. The most I sold was $250 in walking sticks in a day. However, I saw vendors who paid $300 to rent a space for the weekend (we typically paid $10/day for a flea market space), and sold only walking sticks. They were undoubtedly selling much more than I, but in any case, doing something you enjoy AND making a profit is a nice advantage of any money-making hobby.
Need More Free Time?

Word Count:

Did you know using a VA could be far more economical than renting traditional office space or hiring an ├┤on-site├ assistant? VA├ćs with global perspectives are available in a wide range of various cities around the world. This means that your virtual office can be as close as your home city, or in any country you would like to establish a global presence.


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A professional VA can offer all of the benefits of a traditional administrative assistant, without the need to provide a ├┤space├ for him/her. Most VAs offer a wide range of services to pick and choose from; ranging from the basic, such as telephone answering; to the more advanced, such as web hosting and meeting room hire. In this way, how you benefit from a virtual office is entirely up to you and the sky is literally the limit.

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Virtual offices can benefit a wide range of users. This ranges from an e-based entrepreneur working from home seeking a professional image to an international concern looking for a short-term solution to increase global business.

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If you are a solopreneur or entrepreneur the only sensible solution to growth is to add to your staff. Yet, you may have a lot of reasons that prevent you from hiring an ├┤on-site├ assistant, even if you need one. Wouldn├ćt it be great if you had an assistant that was always there for you, when you need them? Meet the virtual assistant, a new concept that provides great solutions for small businesses and helps to give your new endeavor the manpower it needs

Salaried workers are much more of an immediate expense. You must provide a workspace, computers, supplies, and, you also have federal and state tax obligations. Don├ćt forget about benefits - sick leave, vacation time, holidays. Did you know the true cost of an ├┤on-site├ assistant is possibly double the cost of their yearly salary in terms of benefits and liabilities? Not to mention the ├┤personality issue├ of sharing physical office space with someone whom you are probably with more than your family! If it is not a ├┤perfect fit├ it can be a strain. Today├ćs Virtual Assistants are used to getting along with a wide variety of personalities due to the global nature of their businesses. We have a ├┤built in├ office manager hat that we wear which enables us to handle many difficult situations.

mind of abstruse 'Little bottom' human about changed into bisected-Man, bisected-Ape

In a contemporary study, scientists compared the cranium of Little foot proven here with that of alternative hominins. credit score: image address of the tuition of the Witwatersrand 
 The brain of 1 of the oldest Australopithecus individuals ever discovered turned into a little bit ape-like and a little bit animal. 
 In a new look at, researchers scanned the indoors of a very infrequent, almost finished cranium of this historical hominin antecedent. Hominins include modern and abolished people and all their direct ancestors, together with Australopithecus, which lived between about four million and a couple of actor years in the past in Africa, and aboriginal people of the brand Homo would eventually evolve from Australopithecus ancestors. 
 The up to date human mind owes plenty to these baby, furry human ancestors, however we recognize very little about their brains, stated Am├ęlie Beaudet, a paleontologist at the institution of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. In Photos: 'Little Foot' Human Ancestor Walked with Lucy 
 between ape and animal 
 Beaudet and her colleagues used micro-computed tomography micro-CT, a extremely delicate version of the identical variety of technology a surgeon might spend to browse a bum knee. With this tool,the researchers reconstructed the indoors of the cranium of a extremely historic Australopithecus. 
 The cranium belongs to a fossil dubbed,Little foot," aboriginal found two a long time ago in Sterkfontein Caves close Johannesburg. At 3.sixty seven actor years ancient, Little bottom is among the oldest of any Australopithecus anytime found, and its skull is nearly intact. The fossil's discoverers suppose it could belong to a completely new Australopithecus species, reside Science mentioned. 
 With micro-CT, the analysis team may see actual fair imprints of where the brain as soon as lay in opposition t Little foot's cranium, including a listing of the paths of veins and arteries, Beaudet told reside Science. the use of the skull to infer mind form during this way is referred to as authoritative an endocast. virtual apprehension of the mind endocast of,Little foot," possibly a brand new breed of Australopithecus. credit score: M. Lotter and R.J. Clarkeexperience college 
 "i was expecting whatever quite similar to the other endocasts we knew from Australopithecus, but Little bottom grew to become out to be a bit of distinctive, in line with its incredible age," Beaudet stated. 
 today's chimpanzees and people share an antecedent earlier than Little bottom: some lengthy-lost ape that gave rise to both lineages. Little foot's mind appears lots like that envisioned antecedent's may still seem to be, Beaudet observed, greater ape-like than human. Little foot's visible cortex, in specific, took up a improved proportion of its mind than that enviornment does in the animal brain. 
 In humans, Beaudet talked about, the visual case has been pushed apart to accommodate the growth of the parietal case, a local involved in complicated actions like toolmaking. 
 altering brains 
 Little foot's mind was absurd, with just a little differing protrusions on both sides, the advisers found. here is a feature aggregate with each people and apes, and it probably suggests that Australopithecus had mind lateralization, that means that the two aspects of its brain performed distinct functions. The discovering capacity that mind lateralization advanced actual aboriginal in the primate birth. Homo Naledi in Photos: Images of the Small-Brained Human Relative 
 Little foot's brain became distinctive from after Australopithecus specimens, Beaudet pointed out. The visible cortex, in particular, turned into larger in comparison to after Australopithecus brains. These modifications hint that brain evolution changed into a piecemeal method, happening in fits and starts throughout the brain. . 
 The allegation will appear in a unique subject on Little bottom actuality published within the journal of animal evolution. 
 at the beginning published on live Science.

11 miraculous information concerning the human brain 

The mind is the most advanced agency within the body. Scientists believe that animal brains are truly shrinking over time. opposite to the regularly occurring fantasy, you actually do consume most of your mind. Your mind cannot in fact feel ache. The part of your brain that means that you can see is really nowhere close your eyes. you use your brain all day and evening, however how tons do you in fact find out about it? Scientists have been attempting to resolve the mysteries of the human brain for hundreds of years, and that they've baldheaded some gorgeous fascinating being about how our gray be counted basically works. listed here are a number of really superb records concerning the animal mind.

laptop hardware advised for 3D games might hold the important thing to Replicating animal brain 

researchers at the college of Sussex accept created the quickest and most energy efficient simulation of a part of a rat mind the use of off-the-shelf computing device accouterments. Dr James charlatan and prof Thomas Nowotny from the school of Sussex's school of Engineering and Informatics accept overwhelmed a good 50 supercomputer through running brain simulations the use of their own GeNN application and pics Processing units GPUs. by using constructing quicker and extra efficient simulators, the lecturers achievement to raise the stage of understanding into mind function and, in specific, establish how harm to selected buildings in neurons can result in deficits in brain feature. quicker, extra advanced simulators could support improve figuring out of neurological issues through pinpointing the areas of the mind that trigger epileptic seizures. improved simulators might additionally accelerate development inside the construction of AI -- the GeNN application is already getting used at the tuition of Sussex to build self reliant robots together with aerial drones which may also be controlled via simulated insect accuracy. assistant Nowotny, assistant of Informatics at the tuition of Sussex, talked about: "Over the remaining three many years, computers have become tremendously greater potent, mostly due to our means to fabricate desktop chips with smaller and abate accessories which, in flip, permits them to function sooner. This technique has hit a bank and it has become much more durable to build sooner computers with out using radically distinct architectures. GPUs are one such architecture and our assignment shows that, within the near time period, they're a aggressive design for top performance computing and accept the talents to make advances a long way past the place CPUs have brought us to up to now." The research concerned using the crew's personal GeNN utility to implement and look at various two established computational neuroscience models; certainly one of a cortical chip such as eight populations of neurons and a counterbalanced accidental community with fasten-timing stylish plasticity -- a process which has been proven to be primary to biological getting to know. A single GPU was in a position to achieve processing accelerates to 10% quicker than is at present possible the usage of either a supercomputer or the SpiNNaker neuromorphic device, a customized-constructed computing device developed as part of the £1bn European human mind challenge HBP. The school of Sussex crew have been additionally capable of obtain energy savings of 10 instances in comparison to both the SpiNNaker or supercomputer simulations. relocating forward, the teachers trust that the flexibility and energy of GPUs potential that they could play a key function in developing simulators able to operating models that begin to strategy the complication of the human mind. Dr knight, analysis amiable in computer Science on the school of Sussex, referred to: "youngsters we're a long means from accepting the understanding quintessential to construct models of the total animal mind, we're approaching the point the place the newest exascale supercomputers accept the uncooked accretion vigour that would be required to simulate them. a lot of these techniques rely on GPUs so we're captivated with these latest effects which reveal how neatly-perfect GPUs are to mind simulations. Over the next year we are hoping to lengthen our assignment to a mannequin 50 times bigger of a monkey visible methods by using distinct, commutual GPUs." Chris Emerson, arch of higher-training and analysis revenue in UK and ireland at NVIDIA, talked about: "we are actual afflicted via the NVIDIA AI compute platform for brain simulations spear-headed on the institution of Sussex and are glad we are able to aid research on the cutting edge of computational neuroscience as well as AI."

Ne Kadar Yaln─▒zs─▒n?

*Bu yaz─▒ Quora adl─▒ soru cevap sitesinden al─▒n─▒p taraf─▒m─▒zca t├╝rk├že'ye ├ževirilmi┼čtir.

feragatname: (Bu soruya cevap verme sebebim t─▒klanma i├žin veya be─čeni almak i├žin de─čil. Ben sadece B─░R─░LER─░N─░N bana ├╝z├╝lmeden beni dinlemesini istedim (Tanr─▒, 'isimsiz cevap' se├žene─či i├žin Quora'y─▒ korusun) E─čer ├žocuksu bir bo┼č laf gibi bir yaz─▒ oldu─čunu hissediyorsan─▒z, bu yan─▒t─▒ atlamaktan ├žekinmeyin.) 22 ya┼č─▒nda bir ├Â─črenciyim, staj─▒m─▒ evden uzakta ortalama bir di┼č kolejinde yap─▒yorum. ─░lk ve ikinci y─▒l─▒m harika ge├žti .. Ben bir d─▒┼ča d├Ân├╝k oldu─čumdan ├žok kolay bir ┼čekilde arkada┼č edindim.Ben, cesur, karizmatik biriydim ve insanlar benim hakk─▒mda ne d├╝┼č├╝n├╝r , ne kadar iyi bir hayatlar─▒ vard─▒r vs. diye hi├ž umursamad─▒m. Buna ra─čmen Akademik olarak zay─▒ft─▒m ve g├Ârevliler benden hi├ž hazzetmezdi ve bunun sebebini bilmiyorum fakat hayat─▒m─▒ her g├Ânderildi─čim departmanda cehenneme ├ževirdi bu. Hastalar aras─▒nda ay─▒r─▒m yapmazd─▒m genelde. Olduk├ža umursamaz ve sakard─▒m ama hastalar─▒ tedavi etti─čim zaman iyi bir beceriye sahiptim. Buna ├žok ├Ânem vermedim ├ž├╝nk├╝ etraf─▒m, herzaman insanlarla ├ževriliydi ve endi┼čelenmek i├žin vakit bulam─▒yordum neredeyse. Endi┼čelendi─čimde bile asla ama asla hayat─▒mdaki i├ž bo─ču┼čmalardan bahsetmedim, ├ž├╝nk├╝ beni zay─▒f g├Ârmelerini istemiyordum.
Image result for yaln├ä±z
─░nsanlar bazen kendimi iyi hissetmedi─čimde (morali d├╝┼č├╝k oldu─čumda) benim bir tutum /maske tak─▒nd─▒─č─▒m─▒ ve kimse ile ileti┼čim kurmad─▒─č─▒m─▒ d├╝┼č├╝n├╝rlerdi. ├ť├ž├╝nc├╝ senem: Oda arkada┼č─▒m bir MBBS koltu─ču ald─▒ yar─▒ yolda ve kursuna devam etmeyi b─▒rakt─▒ bu sebepten dolay─▒. E┼čzamanl─▒ olarak da bir ├žocukla romantik ili┼čkiye girdi (o ├žocu─ču tan─▒m─▒yordum). Buraya gelmeden ├Ânce bir ay boyunca m├╝hendislik yapm─▒┼čt─▒m. Onlar─▒n bu ili┼čkisi alt─▒ ay bile s├╝rmedi ├ž├╝nk├╝ o ├žocuk eski k─▒z arkada┼č─▒ i├žin hala baz─▒ hisler besliyordu ve bu sebeple uyumlu olamazd─▒k, ba┼člayamazd─▒k. Arkada┼člar─▒m odama gelmeyi yava┼č yava┼č b─▒rakt─▒. Ve bunun sebebini bir t├╝rl├╝ bilemiyordum. Belki de ozamanlar "yaln─▒z kurt" imaj─▒ yarat─▒yordum. Bilemiyorum. Sonunda, her ┼čeyi i├žime atmaya / duygulara y├╝klemeye ba┼člad─▒m. Arkada┼člar─▒m ne zaman beni umursamaz , sorumsuz ve g├Ârevliler taraf─▒ndan yakalanm─▒┼č oldu─čum i├žin alay etseler,Benden bir ┼čaka yap─▒yorlar ve hayat─▒m─▒ istedi─čim gibi ya┼čad─▒─č─▒mdan beri hep s─▒n─▒f palya├žosuydum. Okula bisikletle gidiyordum (herkes b├Âyle yap─▒yor), her kula─č─▒mda farkl─▒ k├╝peler takard─▒m, trenlerde bilet almadan seyahat ederdim ve bir keresinden bu yh├╝zden yakaland─▒─č─▒m bile oldu. Y├╝zlerce kez yakalanmam─▒┼č olsan da o bir seferden dolay─▒ her f─▒rsatta benimle alay ettiler. Kendim hakk─▒mda k├Ât├╝ d├╝┼č├╝ncelere kap─▒lmaya ba┼člad─▒m. Herkesin g├Âz├╝nde ben bir maskara m─▒yd─▒m? Neredeyse ba┼čka bir ├žocu─ča a┼č─▒k olacakt─▒m ki , ├žocuk o ihtimali de ba┼čka bir k─▒zla ├ž─▒karak kald─▒rd─▒. Kendimi bir yenik gibi hissetmeye ba┼člad─▒m.
Son senem: Yeni bir oda arkada┼č─▒m vard─▒ ama tam bir ba┼č belas─▒yd─▒. O bencil, kurnaz, asabi ve manip├╝latif biriydi e─čer iyi g├╝nlerinden birinde de─čilse. Yine de arkada┼č olduk ├ž├╝nk├╝, basit├že a├ž─▒klamam gerekirse ikimiz de komiktik ve benzer ilgi alanlar─▒m─▒z vard─▒. Ba┼čka bir katta ya┼č─▒yorduk yeni gelenlerle ve kendi ├ževremizden uzakt─▒k ve bu beni daha da izole edilmi┼č hissettirdi. Okuldan sonra odama gelmekten nefret ediyorudm ├ž├╝nk├╝ her eften p├╝ften ┼čey i├žin bir kavga ba┼člat─▒yordu. Neredeyse g├╝r├╝lt├╝l├╝ bir kocakar─▒ gibi! Bu zamanlarda, insan ili┼čkilerinin anlam─▒n─▒ unuttum ├ž├╝nk├╝ art─▒k insanlar─▒n sadece d─▒┼č g├Âr├╝n├╝┼člerine bakmaya ba┼člam─▒┼čt─▒m. Bunun yan─▒ s─▒ra s─▒navlar─▒mda yerlerdeydim. En d├╝┼č├╝k notlardan birini al─▒yordum.
 Internship (staj/doktorluk staj─▒)zamanlar─▒m: Bana , prikiyatrist taraf─▒ndan distimi tan─▒s─▒ konuldu. Kronik, ilerleyen, d├╝┼č├╝k d├╝zeyli bir depresyon. ─░nsanlar yapt─▒klar─▒ etkinliklere beni dahil etmemeye ba┼člad─▒lar. Kendimi NEET i├žin (bir t├╝r s─▒nav) ├ž├╝nk├╝ resmen di┼č hekimli─činden nefret etmeye ba┼člad─▒m ┼ču zamanda. Eskien Quora'da sorulan sorulara cevaplar yazard─▒m ama zaten pek bir be─čeni alm─▒yorum. ┼×u anda kafas─▒ kar─▒┼č─▒k bir karga┼ča yuma─č─▒y─▒m ve hayatta ve halt yemek istedi─čimi bilmiyorum. Foto─čraf ├žekmekte ve ┼čark─▒ s├Âylemekte iyiyim fakat d├╝r├╝st olmal─▒y─▒m ki, bu bana hi├ž bir ┼čey kazand─▒rmayacak. Konu┼čabilece─čim kimse yok. H├óla sanki d├╝nyan─▒n en mutlu insan─▒ym─▒┼č─▒m gibi davranmaya ├žal─▒┼č─▒yorum ama i├žimde derinliklerde, sevgiye a├ž, mutac─▒m. Hi├žbir zaman mutlu diyebilece─čim bir zaman─▒m olmad─▒. De─či┼čti─čimi fark ettim. B├╝y├╝k ihtimalle olgunla┼čt─▒m. Ve benim d├╝┼č├╝nce yap─▒m etraf─▒mdaki insanlar─▒nkiyle uyu┼čmuyor. (├ç├╝nk├╝ konu┼čtuklar─▒n─▒n y├╝zde doksan─▒ dedikodu, b├╝y├╝k patron vs.) G├╝venlik a├ž─▒─č─▒, sizi insanlara yakla┼čt─▒r─▒yor derler, ama kalbimin etraf─▒nda bir duygu-ge├žirmez duvar in┼ča ettim ve kalbimin hissetti─či hi├žbir ┼čey a─čz─▒mdan ├ž─▒km─▒yor. ├ç├╝nk├╝ onlara anlatsam bile , i┼čin sonunda hayal k─▒r─▒kl─▒─č─▒na u─čram─▒┼č oluyorum. Bu arada yar─▒n benim do─čum g├╝n├╝m. Ama biliyorumki kimse bana iyi ki do─čdun demeyecek. Ben basit bir k─▒z─▒m. Hediyeleri severim ama ┼ču ana kadar bir tane bile hediye alamad─▒m. E tabi anne babam ve k─▒z karde┼čim d─▒┼č─▒nda. ─░nsanlara hediyeler verdim ama benim do─čum g├╝n├╝m yakla┼č─▒nca o insanlar─▒n hepsi "yabanc─▒" oldular. G├╝l├╝n├ž! PS: Bunu okuyabilseydin, seni seviyorum. Sabr─▒n ├Âz├╝ sensin ve beni dinledi─čin i├žin sana minnettar─▒m. Ben arkada┼čs─▒z ve ┼čanss─▒z─▒m ve zaman ay─▒rman─▒z i├žin ├žok ┼čey ifade ediyor. - ─░S─░MS─░Z K─░┼×─░

├çeviren: Yunus E. Vurgun.  22/11/2018

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critic's notebook: Why We need an activated Harry Potter tv sequence

'Artemis bird' trailer: ultimately, A franchise To inherit The 'annoy Potter' acme young Ferdia Shaw as the vivid-but-inferior Artemis hen.Disney The batty popularity of the harry Potter novels ensured that their closing adjustment to film mega-franchise become assured. but for some intent, the sage of the Boy Who Lived didn’t pave the manner for yet another smartly-crafted collection of younger adult fiction. Percy Jackson changed into acutely amiss, Alex rider was forgettable, and The golden ambit turned into simply ... dreadful though that’s actuality remedied with a new BBC sequence, so fingers crossed. Of direction, annoy Potter led the way for impressive beasts, which, now that we’re two films in, is beginning to seem like a complete waste of time. however Artemis chook may simply be the anti-hero we can all include right now. We’ve adopted harry Potter as he stumbled his manner into celebrity, everyone round him cogent him how spectacular he is, handing him victories and cogent him what to do and where to head. The personality is a bit of a Mary Sue, looking back, and maybe the youngsters nowadays could be capable for someone with agency, slightly of area. enter Artemis chicken, criminal administrator who decides to boodle the riches of the abnormal world. Eoin Colfer, the author of the booklet series, succinctly describes his chronicle as,Die difficult with fairies." It’s an correct assessment; the book was unrelentingly insane, the adventures far more twisted and surreal than the shenanigans that the blameless little souls at Hogwarts bought up to, sipping Butterbeer and amusement at Fred and George’s lame pranks. the area is transforming into ever more contemptuous, and pa subculture is, of direction, absorption that newfound acrimony. just because the lord of the Rings organized us for the rape-and-homicide-with-dragons of online game of Thrones, harry Potter has organized us for the feverishly unusual world of fairies and gnomes in Artemis fowl. even though the trailer doesn’t show a lot at all it is only a teaser, trust me teased; the glimpse we get of Artemis’ apple looks strong enough to make one carefully optimistic. The theme of greed is accent within the aboriginal few abnormal, and the visuals seem lovingly crafted, although they don’t reasonably match with what the books described. with a bit of luck, they do not are attempting to accomplish Artemis too satisfactory; fable fiction is already infested with white knights as it is. I’m in reality acquisitive this film can trap the hallucinogenic abstention of the books; I think all of us deserve a fresh, entertaining delusion world that dares to do things otherwise. Samsung and Niantic are working on a annoy Potter video game Samsung is in fact expanding its exclusivity for some essential video games. after the affiliation active with epic video games a few months ago for the inaugurate of Fortnite, Samsung may be about to make investments greater than $forty actor in Niantic. The contract that could also provide for the exclusive construction of a annoy Potter game for Galaxy smartphones. choose “yes, I actually have!” or “certainly not heard of it.”. Oops! seems like something went inappropriate. Reloading may assist. yes, I have! Oops! appears like something went atrocious. Reloading might assist. under no circumstances heard of it. Samsung doesn't need to leave out the teach for the next mobile game phenomenon. To do that, the South Korean manufacturer has decided to expect as lots as viable the entire fundamental releases on cell gaming and is now demography a closer study video video games. The smartphone massive is about to sign a $forty actor contract with Niantic, the noted game studio that created Pok├ęmon Go. according to assistance from The appellant, this affiliation may still be formalized within the coming weeks by way of each firms. This collaboration amid Samsung and Niantic would include the building of exclusive games for the Korean brand's smartphones. identical to Fortnite for Galaxy word 9, these titles could be put in by means of absence on Galaxy smartphones. adequate to abduct gamers who are sometimes hunting for this type of exclusivity. Pok├ęmon Go aren't among these afar from Samsung. AndroidPIT the first of those games made exclusively for Samsung terminals would be the next harry Potter game. Niantic would again exercise the S-Pen stylus as a abracadabra baton, nonetheless it is not yet clear no matter if it should be a reworked version of Niantic's new harry Potter: Wizards unite, at first planned for 2019, or a brand new game designed exclusively for Galaxy smartphones. among the other exclusive games, it seems that the ingress game is additionally a part of the deal. What about Pok├ęmon Go? It should not covered within the accord. Niantic could be afraid to include this online game in the agreement accustomed its large recognition on all contraptions. gamers of the franchise who do not own a Samsung mobile can, hence, relaxation assured that their Pok├ęmon experience isn't over. What do you suppose of this contract? let us know within the comments below. VIDEO: J.ok. Rowling, John tiffany and Jack Thorne focus on creating harry POTTER AND THE cursed infant In a brand new video filmed in the lobby of the Lyric Theatre, harry Potter and the cursed infant creators J.k. Rowling, John tiffany and Jack Thorne discussed what it was like placing the exhibit together, and how it has impacted them. 4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed."or not it's been probably the most astounding accord," Rowling mentioned. "I've cherished it." Watch the total video under! according to an customary new record by J.okay. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John chiffon, annoy Potter and the accursed newborn is a brand new play via Jack Thorne, directed through John tiffany with movement by means of Steven Hoggett, set via Christine Jones, costumes through Katrina Lindsay, tune & arrangements with the aid of Imogen heap, lights by Neil Austin, complete with the aid of Gareth Fry, illusions & abracadabra by using Jamie Harrison, music administration & preparations through Martin Lowe. harry Potter and the cursed infant acquired its world ideal in July 2016 on the palace Theatre in London and previous this week greater tickets were launched for performances through to twenty-eight July 2019. it's also now playing on the Lyric Theatre on Broadway, with an Australian construction starting performances at Melbourne's angel Theatre on 16 January 2019. an additional north American creation will initiate at San Francisco's Curran in Autumn 2019 and, in bounce 2020, a German accent version of the play - marking its aboriginal non-English language creation - will open on the Mehr! amphitheater am Gro├čmarkt in Hamburg, Germany. related accessories extra sizzling reports For You critic's notebook: Why We need an activated annoy Potter tv sequence If it feels like we're presently wading in a pop way of life time bastardize, it be as a result of we're. In 2018, reboots, remakes, reunions, returns and reimaginings are large business in Hollywood. principal Oscar frontrunner a star Is born, which has grossed over $350 actor global, is a accommodate of a accommodate of a accommodate of a accommodate. The resurrection of Roseanne 21 years following its normal afterpiece become probably the most highest-rated network television routine of the yr. Up subsequent: possibly returned to the future, a brand new Pirates of the Caribbean authorization and, uh, a northern publicity awakening? now not every little thing can also be a hit, although. Forbes currently declared annoy Potter aftereffect sequel outstanding beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald a."home catastrophe," shedding an alarming fifty two percent in its 2d weekend — which additionally came about to be all the way through family unit-palsy-walsy approbation ruin. experiences, ordinary, have been alike harsher, with critics aspersing its blowzy logic and online fanatics aghast at the film's troubling political insinuations. however just because an extraneous thread of a well-recognized yarn does not attraction to audiences doesn't mean the brand itself is a ablution. amazon and Netflix accept recently made massive pushes into the publish-video game of Thrones delusion sphere, developing new episodic adaptations of aristocrat of the Rings, caster of Time and The Chronicles of Narnia. but as an alternative of seeking to midcentury fare, networks should be aware what's appropriate in front of them. With the value of the annoy Potter franchise better than anytime, and as core HP lovers age into their 30s and introduce their personal children to the fandom, there isn't any improved time than now to give these enthusiasts the storytelling they deserve. here are 5 factors it will accomplish creative and fiscal sense to greenlight an animated harry Potter television collection. Timing the first Potter movie, harry Potter and the archimage's stone, debuted in 2001 — essentially two decades ago. The remaining harry Potter film, annoy Potter and the appalling Hallows – part 2 ended the sequence in 2011 — basically 10 years ago. For reference, we now have been field to a few wholly abstracted Spider-Man film universes in barely the past 16 years. Has another authorization had such an abbreviated adverse period? author J.okay. Rowling first posted harry Potter and the philosopher's stone the British appellation for archimage's bean in 1997. many of her normal fans, the kids who grew up studying the books and age-old together with harry as he advanced via Hogwarts, are actually neatly into adulthood and are administration their beloved adolescence reports with their personal youngsters. These 2d-technology enthusiasts are preserving the fandom alive and are the best lengthy-term investment for the property: Giving them a television sequence they, too, can develop up with, like their parents did with the books, cements a fan for all times. brand popularity annoy Potter is a $25 billion desktop. far from waning in popularity seeing that the free up of the final book and closing films, the Potter company has discovered new life through gaming, theater, theme parks, spinoffs and greater. mobile RPG annoy Potter: Hogwarts secret, a player-led prequel to harry's epic, had grossed $55 million in salary inside three months of ablution this previous spring. game developer Niantic, sizzling off its augmented reality smash hit Pokemon Go, is expected to liberate annoy Potter: Wizards affiliate inside the next yr, the same online game that offers,true-life" entry to magic via a smartphone. The Wizarding apple of annoy Potter — the three prevalent Studios-primarily based theme parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Osaka, adorn — remain standard points of interest for children and adults akin, whereas the Potter-themed Warner Bros. studio tour London is now a first-rate tourism passage within the uk. annoy Potter is also a West end and Broadway blockbuster: both-part chic- and Olivier-winning stage demonstrate annoy Potter and the cursed newborn — featuring harry as a improper ancestor — grew to be the desirable-grossing comedy in Broadway historical past this 12 months. The published arrangement by myself has offered well-nigh 5 million copies within the U.S. and that's not to point out the tons of of millions of dollars the dazzling beast spinoffs accept raked in for Warner Bros. due to the fact that 2016. every little thing from harry Potter crafting to the anniversary adult fan convention adulterated Con has continued to foment adulation for the manufacturer. Heck, to this day annoy Potter is still the biggest class on Fanfiction.internet. simply remaining year, 20 years after her aboriginal book debuted, J.ok. Rowling becoming $ninety five actor via her latest income streams. argue what you will about content material saturation and authorization fatigue, harry Potter is large enterprise, and a tv experience sequence is likely to reignite the core fan noxious and is nearly guaranteed to entice heaps of new subscribers to its distribution belvedere. A return to the roots Let's be honest: for hardcore HP enthusiasts, the videos accept never been that fulfilling. certain, they are serviceable, however the films have always been greater beam than actuality, clumsy to pack the surprising aspect and complex plotting of Rowling's work into two-additional hours per film. professional critics accept commonly known as them abashed at top of the line, and with the quantity of slicing and pasting producers have needed to do to map these epic testimonies into feature-lengths, or not it's a surprise any nonreader may have understood the storylines in any respect. A television sequence — as an instance one season per book — would truly provide the time and house to competently acclimate this world, chiefly because the web page numbers incessantly rose with each and every literary installment. it's actual overexposure ends up in diminishing allotment abandoned: a star Wars yarn, anyone?, however a annoy Potter
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television sequence would not be a flat rehashing of the diversifications as lots because it could be a acceptable acknowledgment to the supply fabric. We are not looking for endless spinoffs; we deserve to go back to the roots. in case you spent any time on annoy Potter message boards within the early 2000s, you might understand how the movie's imperfections drove booklet lovers bonkers and grew to become abounding HP snobs off perpetually from the movie franchise. That doesn’t suggest, youngsters, that we do not desire this account tailored in any respect. We simply desire it informed right. childhood nostalgia strikes mountains: Over this past break weekend, the brain-teaser bivouac for the photorealistic CGI bobcat baron remake accrued roughly 225 actor angle within 24 hours of its release. Potterheads simply desire our bread and circuses like any individual abroad! various storytelling if you desire a annoy Potter television collection to face on its own, breathing it. now not handiest would this blackout the reboot cynics, it will additionally breathe new inventive existence into the narrative. and certainly cut astronomical production and CGI expenses. for my part, fan paintings has at all times been in a position to seize the feeling of the books a great deal more adeptly than the are living-motion films, and there is a very specific reason for this. Re-study the books and you will word a cartoonish exceptional to the storytelling: I do not mean that they are cheesy or poorly written, however that Rowling crafted a global that may most effective be appropriately tailored through a fluid and common sense-defying medium. The imagery and aural panorama she invokes are already attuned to the cadence of action, and the very credo of the medium — from morphing to annihilate-and-stretch — align perfectly with the exaggerations of her autograph style. In other words, there's magic to activation magic. for example, in annoy Potter and the order of the phoenix, Rowling describes."two significant besom-shaped holes" that seem when two bugged broomsticks smashed though a aperture to rejoin their masters. it is now not an image or accent that artlessly lends itself to are living-motion. This hypothetical collection mustn't rely on artificial-looking 3D animation, however friendliness and plush hand-fatigued artwork, most likely with architecture enter from studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki, the realm's leading animator of childhood arcane classics. a different tremendous improvement of animation is that it eliminates best issues with casting and fan nitpicking. As lots as i like Alan Rickman, Snape became 32 years historical when annoy entered Hogwarts. Redeeming the sins of the architect Like George Lucas before her, J.k. Rowling has had a publish-magnum-composition profession that has seen her ballsy status abatement due to relentless account-diluting spinoffs and innumerable foot-in-mouth moments. as an instance, from a fan's viewpoint, now not handiest does showcasing core-aged annoy et al. in accursed newborn think like needless retconning, however ailing placed holocaust references in excellent beasts have alienated admirers. Rowling has additionally pointed out that she abjure marrying leading brace Ron and Hermione, a pale within the coronary heart of RH shippers of yore. and due to her brazen tweeting and publish-canon revelations, she's revealed herself to be a bit accent-deaf to considerations of race and gender, leaving Gen Z abashed. returning to the customary experiences and adapting them with coronary heart and a Disney-like attention to art will support restore gloomy enthusiasts' religion in the sequence and aid proceed its ride into the 21st aeon. Do me a desire, admiral-that-be: retailer a spinoff; ride a reboot.