Alexis & Kon

It was far beyond any imaginable galaxy in the universe. It was way before the dinosaurs existed on planet earth where it is galaxies away....

Alexis: One shall never believe any sort of existence of a not seen or not scientificly evidenced ideology.

Kon: O Mighty Alexis my lord, we shall not believe of course. Indeed, if we were to believe so, we would not be here my lord.

Alexis: Yes, Kon you are perfectly and truely correct.

Kon: Thank You my lord, it is all because of your will.

Alexis: Would you obey me if I were to tell you a secret that has been kept for over a century Kon?

Kon: Oh my lord, why would you question this, I am and will be your obedient servant from etrnity to eternity!

Alexis: Kon!

Kon: I would not want to get you angry my mighty lord, but I think this questioning of yours is not very realistic and perhaps it is (I'm afraid to say but) sceptical.

Alexis: How dare you Kon! How dare you!

Kon: Condone my wrong words, forgive my ignorance my lord!

Alexis: This shall not be repeated. If it were to be repeated again, I would not be certain on what should've be done and applied to you Kon.

Kon: I understand my lord , I understand.

Alexis: Let's give this harsh conversation a stop Kon.

Kon: I agree my mighty lord.

Alexis: If a more powerful lord would come and would want to replace me, would you obey the more powerful lord or would you insist on obeying me Kon?

Kon: I would for sure my lord, I would only obey you.

Alexis: What if I made you the owner and leader of this galaxy, would you still insist?

Kon: My lord, this question is (I fear) far beyond my capacity. Accept my apologies my lord.

Alexis: I will tell you the answer then Kon. The answer to my question is that you would be conceited and wild towards me.

Kon: If you say so, yes my lord , I would.

Alexis: (to the two men guard standing next to the throne on each side) "Cut his head off and cut his lips. I want the lips to be red, and my wine to be black!"

the end

-kd yunus


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