Thursday, November 15, 2018

freaking depressed - a short story

A story we shouldn't have gotten into.....

Whenever I smell something this kind, I normally react immediately , be alerted and panic. This time, I did not really. I was calm and relaxed. I was more pleasent than ever before. Let's get into what happened yesterday and you will see the reason why.

It was an early morning and I woke up as always. It was super usual for me. I was planning to go to work but where I lived was  Windsor, Canada (42°17′N 83°00′W) and my work was at the other end of Ontario. I work at an automative factory, one of the last of it's kind. While I was brushing my teeth something got into my mind. I was questioning why the population of Windsor was 4,253 in 1871 (which is the earliest data we can get) and why is it 217 thousand today. Maybe it was because that the automative industry here and there in USA's detroit etc. was mainly located in our places...

After I finished brushing my teeth I got into my car and started to drive until I arrived at the factory where I work at. When I arrived, I realized a woman was staring at me and probably was a drug addict or a homeless. She was only half a mile away from the factory and this should've made me worry so that it would not be that easy to escape in case she got "wildly dangerous". I stopped the car and parket where I normally park at. And I went closer to the lady instead of getting to the factory with quick steps. The lady got on her knees and begged me but I wasn't really sure what she wanted. When I bowed to hold her and get her back to stand, she slapped me in the face. Well, at least that's what I thought at that second.. 

So you now know the story and what happened yesterday. And about that slap thing, I think I figured it out. It was most probably a napkin with some chemical liquid on it that would faint me when touched or smelled. That's not important anymore. That's the reason why I wasn't fainting or panicing because of the same smell which I have smelled slightly for hours now. My body got used to it I'd say. I am locked down into this basement like dark place where I can only smell the chemical and hear footsteps. I might be in a dangerous place, with dangerous people! .....

       THE END

-kd yunus

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