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How Does Capitalism Work? & Dangers

Capitalism, what we are using in most countries at the moment, is an economic system accepted and used by most of us today.
In Capitalism, the products for production are in the property of independent indivicuals and groups made of those indivicuals basically. In this system called Capitalism the action of producing takes place only /mostly for the benefit of the indivicuals who own the company or run the system of it.. (such as a pasta factory owner.). This may surprise you , but capitalism allows us to gain wealth and more money by letting us buy almost everything humans create plus almost everything the nature has already created.  You're thinking "WhAt!?" ....
Ok let's break it into pieces shall we?
First question to be asked is who let's some random people to control all the valuable stones, trees, water and etc. The answer is not that easy to answer. In this system , we can not see the whole picture that easy. The system is like a spaghetti. Yummy! No, not this time sorry...
It is like a spaghetti because we want it to be so. For example , as we said before, "who let's some random people to control all the valuable stones, trees, water and etc.?" Well all of us. We want private companies to control all the gold , diamonds and green of nature. Because we humans realised that we can not hold a system that is only controlled by one boss or a sultan. Imagine you are the king and you have to decide if someone named Jack in a village far away in the woods asks for an ice cream and you have to think for him and decide? Nope! That is not how the nature works. Thats why today we are not controlled by a king or queen. Well , there are countries ruled by a royal family but those royals don't really think for a random person wanting ice cream. They have more general and important issues to deal with. And the reason is they and us we all know we should not gather all the power in one hand. Well, yes the queen has the right to do almost everything but did you ever think why you don't see the queen walking on the streets at 1 in the morning shouting at strangers what to do? It is because there are people already deciding things other than the officials. This is a good thing, because even if there are bugs in the system and errors, we are happy with it. We are totally okay if James from Nashville controls the paper production in the area and not the government. James won't stop doing it if people are buying the product. And the government is focused on more important issues such as international aggreements and national problems. James gets his own wealth to a better level and because of that his country's value is rising. Got it? Cool!

What are the dangers?

 Well, as always we are curious about focusing on the dangers aren't we? Yes, we are. Let's see those dangers I found out.
Here is the first danger that comes to my mind, "The Chaos".
Yes the chaos is a serious danger in a free world. I mean so that it is free, everyone is free to say what they want. And if everyone says it there will be a chaos.
Capitalism is a system of minority rule and class rule based on the private ownership of means of basic needs. Which means we either are rich enough to buy or we are on the streets or paying taxes to banks or facing a theft or worst dangers. So that there is a possibility that most criminals are not wealthy and they are ugly enough to steal to cure it...

The second danger I found out is the fact it destroys freedom and individualism for everyone but itself. Which can be explained with an example of "let's kill'em communists mate!"


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