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Friday, November 2, 2018

I wonder....

Hey folks it's me again with my english thinking personality. I wonder a lot of things and "if"'s but the one I shall start with on this text is the curiosity of mine that asks itself this, "why do I have more than one personality and/or character of dirrent modes and language?"
It asks somewhere in me,  but does it try to find the answer... well that's not a simple task to explain here.
Whatever, nevermind.
Also I do wonder something as this: "What does it mean when you are not belonging to any systematic life structure or culture?" This is in my mind for quite a while and still not answered so that I ,myself , don't know who I am really. Am a Turkish? Yes....
 Am I american/english/anglo/nordic/german? No.... Am I arabic/asian/chinese? No.... Am I african? No....
So let's break the first "yes" into titles:

Turkish: What? : Nation? Ok : Ethnicity?: Not really.... Life style?: what?!? I live like others do out here. Like a modern americanish capitalist but a bit poor compared to lords....

Does this mean anything really? I am confused. Then I start to think if racial differences are the major answer and was racist nonsense really true? Um.. nope. Melanin can not determine a truth...

So that Melanin isn't the key factor, what is?

I don't know what life is.....

-Kimse Değil (K.D.)

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