Wednesday, November 14, 2018

People that don't mind - short story

Would you mind it Gary? No I would never.
Ask me the same question Gary.
Ok, what about you Jeremy?
Well, you got to ask in a more serious way I fear.
Ok, would you mind that Jeremy?
Perfect, you asked it correct Gary. My answer for it is simple, Yes.
But Jeremy, (interrupted by jeremy)
Jeremy: shut the f* up.
What was the difference between a minder and not minder? Nothing much though. nothing serious...
What ws that "non serious" slight difference? If you are a minder, you will see the crime and cruelty and suffer as much as them. But if you are a non minder, than you must ignore the starvation.

Announcement:" The decision has to be made in forty two minutes and nine seconds."

The participants started to panic as a farm being burnt with gas oil and flame.

not to be continued...

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