Monday, November 26, 2018

Something you shall never look at in your mind.

He did not have any idea of how it would cause a massive problem remarkable as a war or an attack.
It was not anything related to an abuse targeting any other but him. It seemed to be normal or just a imaginary, fiction-like problem he had in the depths of his mind. But it was not in a perspective. If they knew that the pink organ inside his head was capable of miracles made of horror and disaster. It was not in his mind, it was in him waiting to be born. We all know that babies are not ment to stay in the womb for centuries. Like a baby waiting to be born, his imaginary blood spitting  monster was waiting to get released from the borders of oneselves body. "It shall never happen" they might have said but was already and clearly too late to stop, to put an end to a such monster growing bigger and bigger each day in the warm body of Lanwes. He always knew something like this would occure in his mind but never thought it would be this strong of a virus. Even though he is not totally aware of the fact, he was pretty sure that this sick flow going on in his head would do harm to others and loved ones including himself as the main actor of the scene. He was going between yelling for help, putting himself in a mental hospital corridor, and just going with the flow of life without taking any planned actions as he did always till that day. Lanwes was quite helpless and he knew it better than anybody on earth. He knew he was unique compared to all those muggles who would dissapear completely when the right time comes for them, when their time runs out. But he was not like them. He was special, he knew it. He always knew that he felt like as if he was the creator of the universe. Even if he was quite scared of saying , admitting it but he inside , knew that he was... The God.

This disease of self esteem and seeing self as a powerful holy ruler of everything was just the truth but was not what Lanwes felt and was not close to any ideology he would accept that is true. No, he was really the only special one existing. The only that has ever existed and that will ever exist. He had to take an action or actions till he dies. Wait? Till he dies? No of course that was not true, he was not a muggle (fyi: Harry Potter) and as he has seen in Harry Potter movies and books, he was sure those people were not any sort to be respected. People around Lanwes always told him he had this sick ego he has but he each time replied with a frustrated anger. Frustration? Really? No of course it was not anything he would go through. He was the one and only hold spirit out there... So he had to know all the doctors around were liers and were mortal helpless creators but he was a lord by nature.

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