Thursday, November 8, 2018


It was the first day of 1970's summer. The weather was really hot. jack and john was thinking about how are they going to spend their summer. After a second something popped up into jack's head,
"lets make a campfire !"
john says "what?!, a campfire? are you ok dude? 
jack says , I'm hundered percent sure that it will be awsome! 
"ok then , but where are we going? "said john.
to the lake superior! (jack)
then john said , what? its in north america! and we are in europe!? man you must see a doctor...
"I dont care what you think about it but im going man ! I don't care if you want to stay at home and spend all your summer with your family " said jack
ok, ok whatever Im coming , I hope it will be good .(said john)
Of course it will be ! (said jack)
and they started to get their bags and equipment ready for the trip. after 2 days they were ready to go to USA with the 4:00A.M. Airplane. After a 23 hours airplane journey they finally arrived to the new york airport. They went to the hotel and slept all day. the next they in new york was very busy for them. The first thing that they did was to get their tickets to a place near the superior lake.  they knew that it will take so long to go to the lake and the best thing to in airplane was to get great video games and lots of books and magazines. and they spend all the day with shopping in new york.
when its time to go to the airport it was 12:00pm . they flew for 7 hours, ! they quickly went to the seaplane to go to the island called isle royale . it was a island in the superior lake. it took really long , it was so boring but finally they arrived to the isle royale! they made a campfire they opened their tents, they made a campfire and cooked some marsmallow and fish.
-PART 2- (coming soon)

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