Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Blast - Light shall be upon those who withness its miracle

Upon every disaster of humanity, the light shall never abandone us....

A true disaster could not be simplified as this very singular one. A horrifying occurence on a lovely humane day like this. A disaster upon, shining like an armageddon upon Coningsby. Mike and Elzoi of Coningsby were truely shocked and out of behavioral steadiness. Were , both of these gentleman having a blasting nightmare randomly appeared on a normal day of Coningsby. The people of Coningsby were called Conins. The Connins were all really equal in every aspect. Were the same height same weight , same color and same appearence. Almost like the angels in paradise where they are described in the religious texts of various beliefs. There was of course a slight difference between a theological angel and a Conin. As said , it is what seperated them from a miracle. It is the very single difference which is the character. Yes the character, the never ending list of different characteristics of Conins each one is perfectly unique. Miracly (because of a miracle) the Conins were not that much capable of creating chaos where the sapiens of earth were highly prone to be part or a cause of chaos. Conins ,in case of a population, were not much in numbers. Most probably less than a thousand single Conins. When considered, death and birth were not systematic. It was not certain how new Conins were born or made. Every Conin had a job to do. When the dissastering blast (dissaster named blast) took place ,the Conins and most importantly the two of them whom are the only withnesses of the exact starting point, were Mike and Elzoi, felt the order breaking (chaos making) energy of it in the first place.This was something that would change the Coningsby Town forever and into the eternity. What sort of an honor could it be for mike and elzoi,seeing it first moment?
The preperation for a secure shelter and completing the research team (to investigate the blast) had started. The Conins were in a rush. This rush was necessary as it can for the future legacy of theirs. In the preperation for security (The S.F.E. = shelter for eternity) , there was Mike.
And in the research team (ROB= RESEARCH OF BLAST) there was Elzoi. (a male, Elzoi is not a female). This differentiation was because that Mike was trained by the Coningsby Central Protection (CCP), to be one of the conins to act in case of an emergency. Therefore, Mike would not be in panic that much in a scenario like this very "blast."
On the other hand Elzoi was professionally trained by the Lab  Of Improvement (LOI) in chemical reactions in the first place. Even though they were quite professional ,were not the only trained personale . A colony of a number less than a thousand , regardless of their population and work division, had two more of Mike's kind and four more of Elzoi's kind in the teams where all the necessary people were in. (note: Same Kind= same job capability, not clones)
Mike was working hard in the second day of the order given by the parlement. (SFE). He has dealt with a lot of paniced elderly the day before (pastiday) and was still dealing with. The Conins had different language terms compared to the homo sapiens way of speaking english language. Cconing didn't have any usage of the word "yesterday". Indeed, they had a very wierd way to say "the day before". They used "pastiday". Yesterday = Pastiday.
Mike was tired as well as the rest of the team but they could not stop this work. The blast was taking control more and more.  It was not a virus , not a chemical (not hundered percent chemical) issue. It was a natural life energy based form ,life sucking demonic energy.


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