Monday, November 5, 2018


Once upon a time where the time was unknown and not important, there lived a young boy. He lived in a big crowded city with his family and friends. One day while he was waiting for the school bus , he saw a new shop that he had never realized before. Maybe it was a new one or how would it be possible for him to not recognize such a beautiful and attractive toy shop? He forgot that he was waiting for the school bus and as if he was hypnotized he walked to the beautiful toy shop by taking quick and fast steps. He stared at the window and later on stared at the door with amazment. After some seconds passed he knocked the door softly and curiously, still not concious at all. An old man opened the with a smile on his face. He was such a good and a wise man. He told the boy to come in and take a look at the toys he has got in his shop. Surely, It was what the boy was dying for. The boy didn't even answered and directly walked into the toy shop. The old man told him that he would be back in a few minutes. The shop owner told him to not touch anything and just look because that he might accidently hurt himself while he was away. The boy forgot about his school bus and also didn't even hear what the old man said. Boy started to discover this unknown, mysterious and heaven alike shop with his eyes wide open. He went to the second floor,third floor and till the 10th floor without any doubt or fear. He didn't question why the shop had this many floors. From the outside, the shop didn't have any extra floors which is totally opposite to the toy shop that you see inside which has ten huge floors and an elevator. The boy didn't realize it even after he walked down the staires and came back to the first floor. The old man was still not there, because he forgot that the boy was inside the shop when he left and also forgot that it would be dangerous to leave a little boy alone in a huge shop like that one. The thing was that, the owner of the shop , which is the old man didn't know that his shop had ten floors somehow. The boy pulled a big box from one of the shelfs where the legos where stored. The box was looking just like a regular big lego set that he would love to have. The boy heard the school bus coming but didn't care about it and didn't want to go to school at all. He tried to open the big lego box that he had pulled just a minute ago. The lego box was even bigger than he was but it was not that heavy. The school bus left while he was trying to open the box. The time he opened the box was also the time he fell into it. No, he didn't fall into it, a scary arm of a creature grabbed him from his neck even before he could realize or see the scary arm. The boy was gone now and there was silence all around the shop. Just silence...

The shop owner eventually came back and got shocked when he couldn't see the boy inside the shop. He realized the box that was wide open and lying on the floor with blood drops around. He looked inside of it thinking that maybe the boy cut his finger so bad and sitting inside of it but no, there were only plastic lego pieces inside the box. ...and of course blood...




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