Tuesday, November 6, 2018

well, am I getting trolled/ virus attacked by spam email?

Hello folks! Hope y'all doing well. Today I want to share a quick stroy and not take much of your time :) - KD (kimse değil / YUNUS)

As you can guess, we're talking about spam emails that do or may cause harm to your computer or emailing system.

emails floating to head
Let's break it down what happened to me today :

1. As always I went to outlook.com to check my hotmail emails. I logged in to my account.

2. I saw a new email at the top and it was from so called "Apple Store".

3. I clicked on it and wondered why I got a mail from apple even if I haven't used an iphone or mac for years.

4. When I clicked the mail, it was exactly the same as an apple receipt you would normally receive.

5. it was written that I just bought a 100$ apple store gift card from my apple account.

6. interestingly, even if the email was sent to my main hotmail account, the receipt had my other hotmail account address! most probably they found my linked outlook accounts somehow hacking

7. I realized that this is impossible to be legit.

8. I searched with my eyes the screen to find a clue of what was happening and if I really bought a 100 dollar worth gift card from whatever money source I have I don't know...

9. I realized the blue text button bottom in the mail. It was looking not so proffessional and was underlined, bold, blue, and stupidly big.

Image result for spam mail
spam folder is full in mailbox

10. I did not click on it because it was written click to see transiction and I knew apple wouldnt do it. Thanks to my previous life with apple products and apple store (good old days....)

11.  I searched the screen again and saw a very shocking detail!

12. It was written something loooong and stupidly wierd address. It was from someone named "Apple Store" but with an email address of bla bla bla apple and dot bla bla dot bla bla.

13. I understood it was spam and would do serious harm to my online life or worst more.

14. I immediately deleted the mail and blocked the user from sending me any further emails or spams.

15. I am still thinking if clicking the mail did any harm to my pc? I have no idea



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