Hello folks! Hope y'all good. This articles topic is as you can guess the secret formula that never exist of making original content and being unique when doing your homeworks or writing or content of what so ever.

Image result for original contentFirst of all, it is a bit complicated when it comes to the world original content. My ideology is that you can never ever create a %100 original content on a topic that is non personal and not your opinion. This is because we learn the details and overall information on a certain objective area. If you are going for subjective , then it is fine no porblem. But if you are going for an objective content such as the organisms that live inside a blue whale found in north carolina etc...
You are most probably going to CITE sources of a newspaper or a reasearch paper. This is because you were not there when the whale was ashore. (i know it reminded you of asshole I know i know....)

So you shall not be a copy paster on a serious content job and cite sources all the time and never ever think that you can get away without using other sources or without citing sources. also if you think on it it is a paradox. who do we cite for the things we learned in life? hmmm citation : mom?? uh no.
amp;bg_color=FFFFFF" style="height: 240px; width: 120px;"> so you see every citation itself is from a citation of other and it goes on like that until someone doesnt cite you and the reader cites him and it goes on like that and your work vanishes away from your copyright etc... sad...