Saturday, November 3, 2018


It is quite wierd though. There are teenagers who actually are dumbass stupid. I saw a teen doing so called car surfing which is quite psychopathic I say, and guess what happened after this happly safe joyful act! DIED BOOOOM!

If you are a teen and curious of breaking your body parts and surfing on top of moving cars or jumping in a ice cold water where you can freeze and die quickly , GO GET SOME HELP B*TCH!

If you are curious about all these nonsense fatal stupidity,tell your mom or dad that you are NOT OK and you are getting INSANE and tell them all your psychopathic plans and ask for their opinion and help. If they don't take you to a psychologist then go by yourself on foot. Yes im serious on this. I dont want any maniac person to hurt himself over some shit social media trends all right?
Image result for insane teen
ok now you can eat yourself with ketchup. Happy DEATHOLEEN! (after halloween this is what comes deatholeen... yea i know its quite brilliant o la la mario luici wooo!)


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