hello guys how yall doing?
In today's article im gonna be talking about a very serious topic (lol).
this is about why you should NEVER EVER smoke. Number one reason is it is bad for your lungs and bad for your breahing therefore. Also it may harm your vocal chords and make you sound like a dying pig from on to rest of ur life. (sad)
even though these are bad, it kinda gets me high so I still smoke. (THUG LIFE ) :ooo
Image result for smoking killsAlso if u are a musician like I am, dont smoke. Beatles were smoking yes, but LOOK they are ALL DEAD hahahah. lol (wish they were alive all). Of course its nothing to do with cigarettes just messin with you nevermind.
So and also don't eat cigarettes because as you know they contain highly addictive and harmful deathfull killing poisionous shit in them and this is legit. So if you were to chew it or eat it well you would eat some real true shit and harm yourself very well. But if you are not a dumb ass asshole, im sure you will be cautious and never eat tobacco at all. I know you are clever!



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