Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Am I a worthless piece of sh*t? Yes.

Here we are again with this new blog post of ours ladies and gentleman. Today we will discuss the amount of uselessness I personally have as the writer of this blog. It took quite a few minutes for me to measure the very high level of worthlessness and needlessness I have / I am. I proffessionally succeeded on it and I ended up with the very conclusion that I am 99.9% worthless + not needed on earth. This took a bunch of mathematics you know. Ah, no problem at all I done that already.

Why Am I Worthless?

Because I am an 18 year old sack of sh*t and I smell of it. I am an UNSUCCESSFULL student at university and most probably will fail forever and on and if I don't succeed at getting a job and earning money with my tie and suit, I am even more worthless and not good to be respected at all (so does my mom says ). And guess what else I am? A WASTE OF RESOURCES! Also, it is not a good idea for me to commit suicide so that trying it will cause more damage to the society. No need to spend the resources of public right? A bullet is a bullet, a knife is a knife. So thats not a good idea at all. So what is? Don't know.

Two Options

For me , in this situation of mine, I have two general choices upon the future of my life. I either become a capitalist psychopath with a lot of money in my pocket and a big tall skyscraper called my company, or I will spend the rest of my life being a useless pile of bullsh*t.

If I choose to be a pile of...

This also has more possibility compared to becoming a successfull capitalist god I described above. There are a couple of ways to live as a sack of sh*t; street boy with illegal dirt and harming the society as much as I can, OR know that I am a pain in the ass for the society and do my best to hide with minimum usage of resources and minimum harm to them till I die (hopefully). OR be in middle of these two sh*t options. That's more likely to happen.

Meaning of life and my existence

Simple, meaning of life is suffering and the meaning for my existence is to be the useless sh*t my mom can spit some truth on. Whta kind of truth?  Well, that I am useless as f*ck.

only thing I do is to write this blog and produce music. nothing worthy.


Yunus Emre Vurgun ( founder and owner.)


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