Sunday, December 30, 2018

Are Paranormal Experiences Worth Listening?

Here we are, with a new topic to discuss on, and a new question to dig into to find a satisfying answer to our deep curiosities... In this post, we will take a look into the spooky pages of human experiences of paranormal issues. Is it only me finding it spooky? Or maybe most of you find it spooky too! Let me know about it down below please.

What is a paranormal experience?

It is when you believe that you have seen something, someone, some energy that is not suitable to the common sense, or when you see /hear some relevant things that are not under your control, that is not acceptable to the daily life, well informed researches, and not something understandable with your "normals".

Can We Trust Our Memory?

I don't think so. This is because we are not perfect animals, plus , we are very easily misinformed by our memories. Sometimes our memories are not even real, sometimes we mess them up as time goes by, and sometimes we make up things in order to convince ourselves even if we do not want to. This all can only be explained via the fact that we humans are not perfect machines. We have more flaws than our perfections.

Shall we be scared?

I would not advice to be so. I am always scared (anxiety disorder) but I don't find it to be acceptable. If something is not a direct threat to me, (except psychological), I should not be afraid of it or be in alert for the possibility of it harming me. This sounds logical to me and that's why I choose this as a fact to myself. If you choose to be afraid of something you have never seen before and something you will most probably never see in the future, then you need to ask yourself two things; 1. Is it worth my time? , and 2. Is it helpful to my limited journey in life? 

What Does Science Say?

As far as my research on the scientific point of view on the paranormal, I understood that science can indeed solve and understand this phenomenon that is indeed a total trick that has been made to us by ourselves. This takes us to our very important part which is our brain and as we try to understand our brains, one thing comes to surface and is a bare fact to be accepted; "We are not perfect and we are not a good memory source." 

Here I found some very proffesionally recorded YouTube content on our topic of "paranormal" and would like to share it with you as I finish my article for this time:

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-Yunus Emre Vurgun (Blogger, Spotify Musician)


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